Creature (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Kan Sıcak Akmalı

[quiet, heartfelt music playing]
[woman] Now look.
This is how you pull it.
- [Asiye] Okay.
- [woman] Okay? [chuckling]
[Asiye] And then we go like this,
and like this?
[woman] Exactly, sweetheart.
- Then come the roses.
- [opens drawer]
[moving objects]
[closes drawer]
[music becomes quiet]
"Stories for Children."
[music becomes playfully suspenseful]
"The story of the lost
Book of Resurrection."
"By Şahram Amir."
[music becomes dramatic]
- [church bell rings]
- [gasps]
[horses whinny]
[metallic clicking]
[electrical zapping]
[distant screams]
- [sword slashing]
- [man groans]
[music stops]
[woman] Half is for beef bread
and the other half is for naan, Gülümser.
They can have whichever they like.
[Ziya] Now, I will breathe you
into a piece of my own life.
Even though you won't be able to walk
or talk, I still know that you're alive.
- [playfully suspenseful music playing]
- [blowing]
Arise! Wake up!
- [gasps]
- [Muzaffer] Ziya?
What are you doing here?
I told you not to enter this room,
remember? Hm?
Don't you keep an eye on the kid, Gülfem?
[Gülfem] Muzaffer, what's going on?
What's wrong, why are you yelling?
My God, look at that,
he used a key to open it.
- Like a burglar!
- [Gülfem] What's going on?
He discovered Şahram's book.
But the cover said it was for children.
Ziya, why are you sneaking around?
Did you read it?
I was looking at the pictures
when you came in.
So, you've read it.
[music becomes dramatic]
[Hamdi] Ziya!
- Yes, Hamdi?
- Don't you see how he is?
Rats have bitten him.
Grab some alcohol, hurry! Don't touch it!
[Şaban] I bleed a lot!
Is my ear in its place? Is it still there?
Please, Hamdi, tell me.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[groaning faintly]
[groaning faintly]
[Şaban] Where the hell
is that damn creature, huh?
I'm going to fucking destroy it!
[Hamdi] Wait!
Stop it, you lunatic, stop it!
- [gunfire]
- [Hamdi continues shouting]
[music fades out]
Come on, kid.
Stop playing with that thing.
Just go to your school or go see a doctor
so they can give you some medicine.
Yes Hamdi, I will,
but first I need to do this.
I really hope the inspectors
don't close down the market.
That would ruin us.
You You're still
- Ziya, I told you to leave that!
- Mmm.
Mr. Hamdi, Mr. Hamdi, don't you worry.
Do not worry.
Kid, what are you gonna do with the flour?
Gather around, all.
What you all see here are balls
of sugary dough filled with plaster!
Everybody, I urge you
to take what you need,
And then place them, every nook
and cranny inside your stores.
And then, when the rat eats this,
the plaster inside them
hardens, and the vermin will die!
You hear me? You understand me?
[men chatter indistinctly]
Take as much as you need, gentlemen.
I'll make a new batch
once there are no more.
Go ahead, please.
- [men chatter indistinctly]
- You too. Have a blessed day.
My God, you have
the makings of a commander.
That was some great speech.
I swear, if you told the guys to pack
their belongings and march to Vienna,
they would do it in a heartbeat.
Commanders and doctors
are related, in some ways.
Hmm, so you have a knack
for drawing attention to yourself.
What happened to your ear?
Yunus, today we're going to skip school.
Oh, why is that?
- [man shouting]
- You must follow my lead.
I'm going to cause a commotion.
I'll exaggerate everything. You'll shriek
while standing nervously next to me.
Listen, you have to make it look real
and do not try to fake it.
All right, so you want me
to pretend to be Kavuklu Hamdi.
I don't know how
you live up to your moniker.
All you've done since we met
is pull me from one adventure to the next.
The excitement is too much
for my little heart.
[faint, tense music playing]
[melancholic music playing]
Hi there, sir!
What's going on here?
Mrs. Ofelya is no longer?
You're too late, she's gone.
God absolve her sins.
Will there be a funeral?
At the churchyard?
[man] There will be no funeral.
They buried Ofelya in the forgotten
cemetery, and that was it.
She didn't die because it was her time.
She took her life.
And it's your fault!
How could you say that?
You reminded her of her youth.
Your visits made her unhappy.
People like you never help us.
You just come here to see us
so you can be thankful for your lives.
Your mercy's just words,
and your heart is completely dark.
To hell with your mercy.
[melancholic music continues]
[music stops]
- He's got a dog.
- [dog barking]
You again, Ziya?
[dog growling]
And you are?
He can tell you.
Whoa! Kid, are you out of your mind?
What do you think you're doing?
The market is infested by rats
and a drunken bum, he fell asleep,
and they nibbled at his mouth and nose.
The poor guy is writhing in agony.
There, they also nibbled my ear.
Yeah, that's what happened.
I saw them. Those gnawing rats
I've placed poison everywhere.
Even Hamdi's shop is at risk.
- Poor man has no other means of income.
- [growling]
The bubonic plague will spread everywhere!
I can see that, but why are you
pulling off your clothes?
Because of this!
I have a fever, and I'm throwing up.
[gasps] See my tongue? Huh?
It's the rats.
The fleas on them spread the disease
and that's unimaginable.
We have to do something right now.
I can't trust anybody.
I came straight here.
Someone should do something.
Iodine, phenol,
antiseptic, give me something.
As if I don't know.
Be quiet! Stop lecturing me!
What about you? Anything wrong with you?
Did you touch him?
No. Not at all. Why would I touch him?
[Ziya] You have to do something.
The Hippocratic Oath! You can't
refuse a patient at your doorstep!
I didn't say,
"Get out of here"! Be silent!
How are things at the market
and with Hamdi?
To my knowledge,
I was the first person to get infected
because I sleep there at night.
I told everybody to stay out of the area,
to avoid coming into contact with me.
Then I placed poison everywhere.
Fine then. You stay right there.
I'll let you in in a moment. Stay there!
[dog barking]
Yunus, take this letter to my dear Asiye!
With all my love, so she knows my heart
in case I don't make it!
[breathing fast]
This is for real.
You have to mail this for me. Take this.
Come on.
Yunus, leave!
O Okay. The letter.
All right, I'll mail it.
I'll kill you if you read it.
Or infect you. Understand?
[whimsical music playing]
- Wow.
- Fantastic.
The mask is from Europe. [chuckling]
Oh, my joints are killing me.
- Drink this. Here.
- [music stops]
Take your clothes off. All of them!
Your pants, too. Take everything off.
I don't want any lice
or fleas in the house.
We'll burn them.
I'll get you something to wear.
Curly, run back to the market
and keep an eye on Mr. Hamdi.
In case anything happens,
tell them to come running here. Okay?
You know the symptoms, don't you?
Off you go then! Go!
Take this. Rub it
all over yourself, okay? Wait there.
Take them off, take them off!
Off with your underwear, hurry up!
There goes my best jacket.
Tampering with pain and despair
Will only lead to you getting hurt.
I deal with life
and death every single day.
But in order to keep myself sane,
I forget all about it at night.
I have to forget.
You're too young,
too naive to be dealing with all this.
Plus, you went there
all by yourself, without telling me.
Do you actually mean
as a woman all by myself?
Asiye, my dear, why would you bring up
the man-and-woman issue, right now?
I'd tell Ziya the same thing
if he'd gone there.
Ziya doesn't care anymore more
about us. He's too busy.
You were the one who said he could be
nervous because he had courses, hmm?
Asiye, if you truly want
to set your mind at ease,
come with me to Istanbul.
So what, you think
we need to remind him again?
Don't you think it's better
if he remembers us on his own?
But we shouldn't have
to remind him. It's just maybe
Should we perhaps ask Ziya
to show us some affection once in a while?
Always pampering him,
Because Ziya is very smart,
a future doctor, and he's swamped.
Dad, Ziya is not the center of the world.
Don't you think that's a little unfair?
I'm sure he has very good reasons.
Besides, just earlier today, I sent
a couple of express wires to Istanbul,
[inhaling deeply]
And unless he has good reasons for it,
I'll be the first one
to give him a piece of my mind.
You'll see.
So, his majesty needs a good scolding
to be reminded of his love.
[glass clinking]
Looks to me, you had your armpit nicked.
- [dog growling]
- Really?
Hm. Yeah, really.
[dog barking]
- Did you shave, Ziya?
- Like a lot of people do.
Well, I have a fever, I'm aching all over.
So, you're not getting jittery
because you saw a couple of rats?
- Maybe it's just common cold.
- Even if it's just that, I'm still sick.
What if it's the plague?
I need to be under
You need to be under observation.
I know that. Come on, Ziya.
You're still a new student
at the medical school.
Don't tell me how to be a doctor.
Of course, Professor.
I learned that from my father, that's all.
It looks like you know a little too much.
I'm honored.
I'm just a little more well-versed
than Professor Süleyman.
You're pretty annoying also. Like a rash.
It's true. But see,
that could be it. I mean, rash.
So, tell me,
do you really love your father?
Of course I love him.
Who doesn't love their father?
Why? Is it a law
that every dad should be loved?
Think there aren't dads
who don't deserve love?
I'm sure there are.
But mine's not like that.
If it's not too personal, well, Professor,
Were you not on good terms
with your father?
Didn't you tell me
you hadn't slept since yesterday?
Why do you keep talking like that?
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!
Finish up, and sleep. Hurry up.
Just like my father.
He called me a talkative kid.
I said go to sleep, Ziya.
- What was that?
- Darwin, I guess.
Knocking something over down there.
I said go to sleep now.
[ominous music playing]
[door shuts]
[music tension builds]
- "Darwin, I guess."
- [music stops]
"Go to sleep now."
[Captain] Come on, my boy.
You really should get some sleep.
I'm curious to hear all your story,
but you need to get some rest.
I promised him. I will heal you.
I feel fine. I'm prepared.
- Whatever comes.
- Whatever comes?
All right, fine.
Let's get some rest.
I must have your assurance that you
won't hate me after the rest of my story.
Why, what did you do?
Did you murder someone?
Promise me first.
How can we promise on something we
don't even know yet? God would smite us.
Don't worry about that.
He won't do that now that I'm here.
Heaven help us.
Drink this.
Go on. Get some rest.
[transitional noise]
[quiet, tense music playing]
[musical tension builds]
- Wake up.
- [music stops]
They don't want anything
to do with the treasure.
Therefore, you can all relax.
They're monks on the path to the Almighty.
On this mountain to suffer.
After 40 days and 40 nights,
they'll climb back down.
That's why he's insanely strong.
Well, that one inside,
is a novice who went astray.
They're people of faith.
God will help us, if we help them.
Get on with it then!
Enough with your suspicions.
You want to hear the rest.
You've even lied for it.
Would you prefer a mutiny?
Would a little peace kill you?
So, tell me,
why are you so eager to tell this story?
Down to the last detail even.
Because someone should listen to it.
[faint, ominous music playing]
My heart can't accept silence.
So that someone would remember,
and know about us.
Maybe it's because I would like
to also convince myself
that it actually happened.
[transitional noise]
Wake up.
[music fades out]
[moans faintly]
Wake up!
[shuddering faintly]
Oh, my head.
Have some water.
You need to stay hydrated.
[Darwin barking]
Don't worry about him. I fed Darwin.
He's outside.
[distant faint howling]
What happened to me?
- How long have I been like this?
- Since last evening.
[groaning faintly]
[Darwin barking]
Don't look there.
I know your secret.
- [ominous music playing]
- I know what you're doing.
I know everything.
I sedated you.
The affect will last a little longer.
Listen to me. Look at me.
You'll agree to what I'm about to say.
To everything.
Or I'll go out there, and tell everybody.
Everything you've built in here
will crumble. Understand me?
You little piece of shit
We are exactly the same!
Do you still not get it, huh?
We're alike, you and me.
What you need is me.
It's me, all right! [echoing]
[transitional noise]
[Ziya] That room, it's obvious
that it isn't supposed to be here.
[transitional noise]
I got suspicious when you didn't
invite me in when I knocked on your door.
It was suspicious that
the windows were high up there.
I got suspicious that night
when you came in wasted.
I thought, there was no
need for all that, though.
You alone were enough
to raise my suspicions.
A mind like yours never stops!
You just can't sit idly by
and rot in here by yourself!
People like us can never stop!
Our minds never let us rest! Never!
We were born to place our spokes
into the great wheel of the universe!
I'm aware of
what's going on in your home.
[transitional noise]
Hey, kid, come on, have some soup.
Then you can sleep some more.
Are you feeling better?
I'll grab a bite downstairs.
Be sure to eat everything then.
I'm okay, don't worry about me.
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
[Ziya] You thought I'd go to sleep
after I finished my soup.
This is how people like us are.
We think everyone is like us. But no.
No, I know better now, Professor.
[rollicking dramatic music playing]
- Ahhh.
- [loud clattering]
[Darwin barks quietly and whimpers]
[Darwin whimpers]
[rollicking dramatic music continues]
[Darwin growls]
- Shhh.
- [growling]
Look. Look!
[rollicking dramatic music continues]
[Ziya] I didn't come into this world
to listen to incompetent professors
telling me things I already know!
I didn't come into this world
to become a physician like my father,
and live in fear at the same time!
I am not here to be thankful
for my fate, like that dog
when you throw him a bone to fetch!
That is not me at all,
Professor, that can't be me!
We human beings, we human beings
need to have adventures in this life!
We need to leave a mark in this life!
We need to shine like a beacon
in what we have achieved!
Not say, "That's all folks, sorry,
I bid you farewell," and then just die!
In fact
In fact no one should ever die.
[music fades out]
Do you understand me?
I know you do.
No one should die
before revealing the meaning of life.
Professor, please take me in.
Let me learn from you.
Be your apprentice. I could even
be your slave, I wouldn't mind.
Everyone would remember us.
No one will forget about us.
We shall be a beacon
of light for everyone!
[Darwin barking]
You must have lost your marbles.
You don't mean that, I'm sure.
You're just
You're scared of yourself!
You're scared because you can do it!
Don't be scared!
Don't be scared, Professor, please.
I'm here with you.
Without me, you can't make it work.
I know about The Book of Resurrection.
[match strikes]
[rumbling sound]
[hauntingly melodramatic music playing]
- [oinks]
- [gasps]
[hauntingly melodramatic music continues]
[chuckling faintly]
It's complete!
He built the machine.
[muttering indistinctly]
- This is what happens to the book, huh?!
- [Gülfem] Muzaffer.
Do you see the consequences
of your impertinence!
Muzaffer, that's enough now.
Stop screaming!
You're just like
those wicked kings in that book.
Tear it to pieces if you want.
I already memorized it all.
Why was it in our house
if it was so forbidden?
[music fades out]
He would not even tolerate
a storybook
mentioning the resurrection book,
let alone the book itself.
In fact, nobody would.
The author was murdered in Iran.
It first appeared
to be a mysterious disappearance,
but the true cause was obvious.
They wanted to destroy the story.
Just like
they wanted to destroy
- The Book of Resurrection.
- [faint animal howling]
- You read that, too?
- I read it until the morning.
That's not the original.
Just a handwritten copy.
The original is impossible to get.
I've figured that much. [breathing deeply]
Some pages are missing.
And some have errors and omissions.
The figures, diagrams, um,
the plans to build the machine
We have to partner up,
to work, you and I, together.
We have to collaborate. It's
Th There must be a riddle,
I'm sure there's a riddle.
You can't achieve anything with an animal.
Professor, there's a riddle.
We need to try to figure it out as a team.
And what if I told you, "No"?
[distant animal howling]
You wouldn't.
I'm certain.
[faint, ominous music playing]
I hid the book away.
[music intensifies]
Far away from here.
While you were asleep.
You won't be able to find it.
Listen to me.
Don't make me threaten you, Professor.
I will tell everybody.
I will burn all the bridges.
Dare to say no to me, and I will
get out of here and report you!
They'll come here to capture you
and I alone will create the new human.
All by myself.
- [İhsan] Where is it?
- [music fades out]
Where did you hide the book? Speak!
Where is it?
In here.
I hid it in my brain.
I stayed up all night
memorizing the entire book.
Don't play games! I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you right here, right now.
And no one will ever find your body!
You can't kill me.
Kill me and the book
is going to be lost forever.
Don't you see that?
I'm precisely the book!
[quiet, tense music playing]
Look, Ziya,
it means the whole world to me.
You know, I even faced
being killed for it.
Tongues were cut out,
voices were silenced,
people were left speechless.
- So nobody would speak. Eyes were blinded.
- [pig oinking]
- So not a single line could be read.
- Could be read.
Even if an ignorant man
lays a hand on that book,
- they would cut them off.
- Cut them off.
Each ruler ascending
to the throne did this
to keep their subjects away
from this taboo forever.
Even without the town criers,
or without the trumpets blowing,
the people were bowing their heads,
reminding each other
about this book in whispers.
[music becomes more dramatic]
the sultans, they only wanted
the book all for themselves.
And because it would make
their reign last for all time.
But anyone who read it,
didn't know anything about what to do,
and failed to understand
what the book said.
"Then, they had to ignore it
to avoid decapitation."
- "But I knew in my heart that it's real."
- It was real.
They wouldn't ban it if it wasn't real.
I'm sure if the original had gone lost
somewhere or was even banned,
some able hand did find it
and made a copy of it to keep for himself.
- That's for sure. [breathing fast]
- [music ends]
And, um,
that's what I was searching after.
Oh, wait, do you remember that putrid
woman hanging around the faculty?
You gave her some medication.
- I saw you through the window.
- Look here.
Her late husband
had connections and let it slip
that a copy of the book
was located right there in Damascus.
[pig oinks]
The missing parts in the book, I drew
this diagram from half-torn pages.
It's imaginary, all in my head.
But I'm sure it must be this!
This is what will make this whole.
I told you, Professor,
that from now on, I will be your book.
First, I need your word.
Promise me,
we're going to do this together.
Yunus must have come back.
İhsan, my boy, uh, forgive us
for bothering you.
You're not bothering, Hamdi.
What's going on?
I'm worried about Ziya.
I did tell Mr. Hamdi that there was
nothing to worry about, but
[İhsan] He's fine.
He just had a little fever.
- Ziya, thank goodness you're all right.
- Sir, don't get any closer.
İhsan thinks it could be the plague.
I might need to stay for a while longer.
I couldn't come back, forgive me.
Forget about the restaurant.
You should focus on getting better.
Uh That's a shame.
You look good, though.
He does.
He's fine.
With God's help, he will be even better.
I'd like to keep him here under my care.
Sure, sure. Uh I've seen him at least.
Go ahead, son, get some rest.
- Yunus, the letter?
- Yes, I mailed it.
God bless you.
[Hamdi] If you need anything,
anything at all, send me word, İhsan.
God bless you.
Please, if you can, heal the boy.
Poor kid is far away
from his family and has no one here.
Don't worry about him, Hamdi, it's fine.
Phew, I'm relieved now. We'll have a week
without interruption. No one will come
Why are you staring at me?
What's a little lie
compared to our great cause?
First of all, you should definitely know
That I didn't build that machine
to revive the dead.
Far from it!
I did it to be able to cure bad diseases
and repair distressed organs
where medicine falls short of it.
Yeah. That is a fiction,
Professor İhsan, and you know it.
Why do you think they named it
The Book of Resurrection?
Doesn't it mean arising,
resurrecting, getting up?
This is one of the riddles,
though it's not clearly stated.
Whatever it means,
that's not our goal here. It shouldn't be.
You said "we."
Thanks, Professor, for accepting me.
The book's figures, shapes, and lines
look so much like the ones
by the Master Ismail al-Jazari.
But these are just far more
complex and glorious.
You know what's missing, though?
The water vapor coming up will warm
the blood to body temperature,
so that it doesn't cool down
in the process.
[faint, tense music playing]
İhsan, the blood should flow warm.
[music becomes dramatic]
Okay, let's open the roof.
[İhsan groans]
And these here, are for pumping blood.
When everything's in order
Okay, this first.
[İhsan groans]
[İhsan groans]
[crank clicking]
And the book talks about three moons.
Midwinter, April, November.
And a light from the heavens
will hit the machine for reanimation.
It would be one
with the most lightning strikes,
when it's really storming.
Sending us through a pinwheel
that repeats itself thrice a year.
Uh, no, professor, no.
We We need some conducting
Cut it. Could be a sign of life.
[dramatic music continues]
The book says the first snow of midwinter
will fall on the machine, first.
We're in midwinter.
Then let's really put our backs into it.
We need to focus that light
on our brains and our hearts.
Telegram for you.
I can read it to you if you can't, sir.
I can. And you already know it,
so why ask?
[dramatic music plays faintly]
Who was it?
No one, just the mailman.
Just a carcass with twitching muscles.
We won't achieve anything with an animal.
The book says something dead.
Not necessarily human.
[music stops]
[inhaling deeply]
We created humans from a clinging clot.
Surah Al-Alaq, second verse.
For crying out loud
How could I have skipped that?
You've solved the great mystery.
Is your brain even working?
You think I didn't think about that?
You must believe I'm stupid, or something.
- [pig oinks]
- What you said is the word of God, right?
But it's not in this book.
I think you've got your lessons confused.
[distant animal and insect sounds]
Careful, you idiot,
there's gunpowder on the floor.
I'm sorry, professor.
The page numbers in the book.
[İhsan] What about the page numbers?
[Ziya] The page number on page 18.
It's larger than all
the other page numbers.
Well, it's handwritten, no?
It wasn't printed with a machine.
It's probably the copier's fault.
The book is 81 pages.
- [pig oinks]
- And it's only bigger on that page?
Maybe he's trying to tell us something.
Why wouldn't he just tell us, my friend?
Why would he play games with us?
The book's 81 pages.
Page 81 is blank. Nothing on it.
Why is that?
Also, about the light
that will hit the machine,
it says that the light is going to block
all other lights that come after it.
I'm still hung up on that.
Whoa, if you're taken down that path,
we're gonna be stuck
with interpreting every single sentence.
We need a fresh dead body, Professor.
That hasn't started to decompose.
[faint, tense music playing]
[Ziya] Although at first everything
that I told him put great fear into him
or left him in dilemmas,
deep down he knew I was right.
Because my words were true.
Like the voices inside his head,
or what he was too scared to hear.
Fortunately, I was able to convince him.
And it wasn't that hard.
The fire of science
was burning inside him, too.
And it had started long before mine.
[music becomes more dramatic]
The only difference
was that he had morals,
but I did not.
[men chattering]
[man] God rest his soul.
- Please, sir.
- God rest his soul.
Born a forlorn, died a forlorn.
He was so young. And had no one.
This way.
[music become quiet]
[rollicking, dramatic music playing]
[clicking teeth]
Ya! Ya!
Oh, God. Ziya, what do we do now?
Just keep quiet.
[music fades out]
- Whoa!
- Shhhh.
What were you doing?
Why the hell are you in such a hurry?
Didn't you notice the constable's
blocking your way?
It's my grandmother,
she's very sick, and getting worse.
Just let us be on our way,
I'm begging you.
[constable] Can't do that. We have orders.
Harlotry has been reported
in the region. Some whore
Come on, sir. Watch your words,
there's an old lady here.
We have the description of the harlot.
We have to check her coattail,
as well as her eye color.
In the name of the law.
Please don't do this to her, sir.
She's a lovely person.
Well, I'm a man of the law.
Checking her eyes isn't a transgression.
[tense music playing]
Look, you need to see me as your son.
I have no ill intentions.
I actually have kids of my own, Nana.
Now obey the law, and open your veil.
The woman is unable
to lift a finger. I'll do it. It's fine.
Oh, my poor grandma.
Oh, I'd die
for your cottony hands, Grandma.
I'd die for those hands
that you raised me with, Grandma.
Look what we have to deal with
while you're dying.
Oh, my! Your grandma is as good as gone.
Open the way, now!
Move along, come on! Quickly!
You even looked
at my grandmother's underwear!
You should be ashamed, Constable!
It's on you, should something happen!
All right, all right! Um
You're a handful, you know that?
Move along, quickly! Move!
Ziya, let's go.
[whimsical music playing]
You had to have
your fun there, didn't you?
[music fades out]
Asiye, have you lost your mind?
Why do you want to go to Istanbul,
out of the blue?
What do you mean, out of the blue?
Grandma, did you forget how long
it's been since we last heard from Ziya?
Am I the only one
in this house who's worried?
My late husband,
when he went off to fight in the war,
I didn't hear from him for almost a year.
I was just as young as you are right now.
I was newly wed.
Goodness sakes, you can't live full
of anxiety and worry all the time.
It will only make you sick.
I'll pack a bag for Muzaffer, too.
- [groaning]
- I have to buy tickets for the ferry.
I can't force him to come along.
If he doesn't, I'll go on my own. [sighs]
- I'll go and see if he found another girl.
- [chuckling]
If so, I'll go to my father's ranch.
- Oh, I see what's going on now.
- [Muzaffer] Ah.
Did you figure it out or did you have
a feeling we'd travel to Istanbul?
Here are tickets for Thursday.
[Grandma] What a lucky girl.
I guess so.
I was hoping to leave before then.
I planned it around the school vacations
To be able to go sightseeing
with Ziya in Istanbul.
Asiye, you're actually
worried for nothing.
Listen, I have a friend there.
I asked him to keep an eye on Ziya for me.
And that was months ago,
even before Ziya started school.
- Fine, then.
- I also sent a telegram. I bet he got it.
Why didn't you tell me
you sent a telegram?
Asiye, Ziya doesn't know about it, though.
I don't want him to know that
someone's watching out for him.
And please,
I'd like this to stay between us.
Okay, sweetheart? You know how Ziya is.
I know him quite well.
And who is that friend of yours?
[distant thunder rumbling]
[gasps faintly]
[thunder rumbling more loudly]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[music becomes more dramatic]
Now, all we need is some extraordinary
lightning from the heavens!
[chuckles faintly]
And we need fresh blood.
[music stops]
[knife slashes]
Wait, wait!
Don't be silly, Ziya. It can't be ours.
What if we pass out? Or we lose ourselves?
Are you wanting it to fail?
We need a clear head. And we haven't
eaten a thing since this morning.
No, we can't. Not our blood.
Could you give me money then?
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
[music becomes more dramatic]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder crackling]
[dramatic action music playing]
[metallic creaking]
- [thunder crackling]
- [horse whinnies]
[Darwin barking]
[distant thunder rumbling]
Hurry, Ziya! Hurry.
[dramatic music becomes quiet]
Please, hold the horse!
[music becomes more dramatic]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder crackling]
[distant thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music becomes quiet]
Keep going, you bastard!
Keep going! Get closer! Get closer!
- [Darwin whimpers]
- Darwin, get out of here!
[distant thunder rumbling]
Make it strike, God! Make it strike!
- [electrical zapping]
- [cackling]
Make it strike!
Rain your anger on us!
- [electrical zapping]
- [wood creaks]
[music becomes tense and dramatic]
- [electrical zapping]
- [wood creaks]
- [thunder crackling]
- [electrical zapping]
[dramatic action music playing]
- [loud blast]
- [horse whinnies]
[music stops]
[high-pitched ringing]
[muted noise]
No, İhsan!
Professor İhsan!
[ominous music playing]
Professor İhsan! Professor İhsan!
Professor İhsan!
Professor İhsan!
[music becomes sorrowful]
- [bawling]
- [distant thunder rumbling]
[wood creaking]
- [distant thunder rumbling]
- [wood creaking]
Professor İhsaaaaaaaan!
Professor İhsan!
[distant thunder rumbling]
[sorrowful music continues]
[music stops]
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