Creature (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Bir Can Doğacak Ölüden

The machine.
It was completely intact.
It was standing there
in perfect condition, taunting me.
It seemed like it was shielded
by a strange armor
or a power beyond my comprehension.
As though it had eyes
and was grinning at me from afar.
That was the first time
I felt the devil right next to me.
It seemed to be hidden
somewhere in the room,
whispering in my ear,
"The game is far from over."
"Your suffering has just begun."
The book contains 81 pages.
Page 81 is blank.
It has nothing on it. What does that mean?
Open your right palm,
and take a close look
at the lines up there.
What do you see? 18.
Now, open your left palm.
What do you see?
It's 81.
Now put them together. What does it make?
Good job!
The book says God has 99 names.
Now you understand while we pray,
while we perform our sacred ritual,
we open our palms.
The Creator engraved
his 99 names on our palms.
He did that when we were all born.
There is no exception.
Do you understand
what I'm trying to convey to you, Ziya?
Engraved in our palms.
Engraved in our palms.
Engraved in our palms.
Engraved in our palms.
Engraved in our palms.
He finished the book at page 80.
However, page 81 is empty, nothing on it!
He left it blank on purpose,
because when added together,
They make 99!
So an empty page means
A newly born!
It means new life!
"When the healing comes from the palms,
the palms giveth, and the palms taketh."
"The palms of your hands."
"The palms of your hands."
"And a light that comes from the heavens
will strike the machine
to give life to the dead,
a life stronger than before."
"It is because this light
outshines all other lights
since the beginning of time immemorial."
It's because this light outshines
all other lights before it.
I had to put him back
in his place with a slap.
Even at birth, that boy was unruly.
It was a breech birth.
His father had to rip her open
to get him out,
He was covered in blood.
That's why my poor Gülfem
was unable to have another child.
And she never will.
It's a light that has succeeded
in blocking all other light
since time immemorial.
I was the one that cut through
my mother's womb.
I was the one who blocked
the way for the ones after me!
I'm the one! I'm unique!
Love me! See me as I am:
I will create,
I will bring you back into existence!
You'll be born from your ashes.
Like the phoenix.
Like the phoenix.
Good day to you.
You, too, thank you.
Asiye. Who was it, dear?
Gü Gülnihal. She came by
to invite me over for coffee.
Have it here. She's already here.
Tell her to come in.
She's gone. She spoke to me, and left.
Does she feel uncomfortable here?
Fine, you go then.
You can have a chat.
You've neglected your friends anyway.
Yeah, you are right.
I'm not gonna tell my folks
that I've received a letter.
Girl start talking.
Tell me what he says in the letter.
I'd like to know how the male species
acts when they're in love.
I mean, you know, it's the usual stuff.
He calls me a piece of his soul,
And also tells me that his left side,
where his heart is, is empty,
that without me his lungs burn,
and there isn't any air to breathe,
and his stomach churns
like grinding meat
Whoa, wait, girl, that's disgusting!
Like he's a sausage maker
trying to sell you links.
What can I do? I guess he's just
combusting at the thought of having me.
You should tell the fire squad
to shoot some water on Ziya.
Palms giveth, and then taketh.
Isn't this enough? Make it happen!
What more do you need? Is it my life, huh?
Well then, what happened?
Captain, take me out into the sun.
Why, God?!
Tell me why?!
What fanned the flames in me?!
Why did I give up on this world?
This beauty.
On this life?
Why so gloomy, son?
You are still young.
What is it that's over? What's gone?
Everything's within your control.
Aside from death.
Professor. Professor.
Let go.
Can you hear me?
It hurts, I know.
Listen, first, I'll get you some ointment.
Come on, let go of me, please.
Come on!
After the intoxication,
and the sense of victory subsided,
I tried to recover.
What I resurrected,
Where I brought it back from,
I had no idea what I had given life to.
And then I realized,
my mouth was way ahead of me.
It had stopped calling it İhsan.
Stay still. This should feel better.
Here. It's all good.
W Wait! What's wrong with you?
That's not for eating, it's an ointment.
Gosh. You're hungry.
I guess I am too.
We need to get through this,
understand me? Not edible. Hear me?
I don't have time for you.
Come. Come, come, come, come,
come, come. Look, there it is.
- Thank you, my boy.
- Thank you.
God bless you.
Here, drink this.
No, no, don't touch that. Don't touch it.
I know you're in pain, I know that.
But it's okay.
You're going to be just fine.
What's wrong? Why are you staring at me?
You recognize me?
I'm It's me, Ziya.
Go on. Come on.
Come on, talk to me, go ahead.
Say something.
Tell me your name.
Please stop looking at me
like a fool! Speak!
See? Yeah.
Come on. There you go. You remember.
I'm sure you still have memories.
Hidden in your brain, in your mind.
You will remember, gradually.
No, come.
Come on.
Remembering will be painful.
But you were behind the machine
when it happened.
It provided you cover.
It will
cause you pain.
And you'll be scared of yourself,
but look, your body's unharmed.
Come on.
Look, you built this machine.
You built it with me.
I helped you, too, Professor.
Yeah, take a look. Remember.
Think hard.
Well I'll be damned.
Is this real?
What's wrong?
Why are you scared?
Why are you scared?
Let Let go!
No. It can't be.
That's impossible. That's impossible!
Asiye, dear, I'm wonder how many of those
bags you're going to pack before we leave.
Well, it's just some clean shirts,
underwear, and other stuff for Ziya.
We'll unpack them
once we get there anyway.
Yeah, and we're gonna
bring back the dirty ones.
Yeah, if he can't do his laundry there
Well, I'm sure he has a woman
doing his cleaning.
An arrangement with a laundry lady.
It's fine.
Please don't even worry about it.
I understood what you were saying.
Who is Yunus, anyway?
He's a tenant here.
You should've said so.
This is a bachelors' inn.
We're never short of tenants.
Mmm Curly hair.
- He He's a student.
- Ah, the one going to school.
Yeah, that's his room there.
But try not to come again
at this hour, young man.
We normally don't allow visitors
in the evening.
Best you come during the day.
Finally, man. I was worried sick.
Where have you been?
I wanted to come visit you,
but I thought you didn't want that.
You felt the earthquake
last night, didn't you?
The ground was shaking violently,
we thought that was it.
Since nothing's collapsed here,
I thought you were safe.
I didn't sleep a wink, though.
My mind was reeling.
What the hell are you up to with that man?
I'm out of excuses to tell the faculty.
You can stop.
It's all over.
I won't go back there, Yunus.
What the hell are you talking about?
Listen, Ziya, you can tell me
if something's immoral. You know that?
Look, I'm trustworthy.
I won't tell anyone, don't worry.
Your secret will be safe with me.
You'll really keep my secret?
Will you help me?
What happened to your hands?
Yunus, I did something really horrible.
Did you kill the guy? Is that it?
What's that?
Ziya. Ziya!
Ziya, what's that, Ziya?
Yunus. Yunus!
Yunus. Get a grip on yourself.
Are you with me?
We'll be fine if we convince Hamdi I've
been with you for the last couple nights.
And what about the landlord? He saw you.
Just tell him
that I snuck in or something.
And you hid me in your room.
Tell him I'd been there
for two nights when he saw me.
That's really what
you're worried about, Yunus?
I don't think they'll dig that deep.
We'll be okay
if Hamdi thinks I wasn't here.
But with you at the time of the explosion.
He's the only witness.
What if he doesn't believe us?
He'll believe me.
This house is very secluded.
Late at night,
no one will see, or notice the fire.
Yes. A fire.
It's the perfect cover for everything.
There won't be any trace left.
Of İhsan, or the machine.
Don't tell me you're gonna burn him.
Leave me out of this.
I will report you myself.
Even with the state he's in
Have you lost your mind?!
What do you think of me?!
I'm not a murderer, Yunus!
That's not who I am. That won't be me.
You think the police won't look
for the scorched İhsan?
- They won't wonder where his bones are?
- They won't.
We scorched İhsan.
We have a corpse.
He's out back.
Yunus, snap out of it.
All right, but what about Professor İhsan,
th that thing inside?
He's somebody else now.
No one can recognize him. You saw him.
We'll abandon him on the street.
Let fate take its course.
I know, Yunus, that this is cruel,
but this was never my intention.
He kinda chose this path for himself.
I was just a pawn on the chessboard.
We can't help him. We can't.
I'm unable to do anything, Yunus.
If I could do something
I'm exhausted, Yunus.
I will pay the price for whatever
sins I committed. I will leave school.
I'll go back home.
All my hopes, my future,
and everything will be burned
with this house.
Give me your foot.
A leprous man living on the streets.
He's He's just a madman now.
I'm sure someone will step up to help him.
A hospital, a philanthropist,
or a lazer house.
I won't be able to become a physician.
Half my heart will stop beating.
This is how
I will pay the price of my sin.
If there really is a hell,
Then this fire will be my personal hell.
There will be two hells for me, Yunus.
I will burn twice.
With the flames of this fire,
and the one on the other side.
It's okay.
Maybe he was just scared
of the pain the fire left on his flesh.
Or maybe, in those flames
he caught a glimpse of the place
from which he had just returned,
a place that we know nothing about.
In short, İhsan was no more.
His heart stopped beating anyway.
Did you ask him?
What hell was like, I mean?
Tell us. What should we do
to avoid being burned down there?
We should know, so that we Yeah.
Even if you asked him his own name,
He wouldn't respond.
He had even forgotten his own name.
The world he saw, what he experienced
was all inside his head.
Brother, I mean no disrespect,
but I may be able to explain
what you've been telling us
with reason and logic.
Maybe his heart really stopped.
The lightning then gave it a boost.
I think that's possible, huh?
My uncle experienced that.
We thought he had died.
Even gathered for his wake meal.
But then the grave started to move.
Everyone was scared shitless.
He even stuffed his face
at his own funeral.
It is possible.
My father had cases like that.
Then, one day though,
I sat down and listened to him.
Like I listened to İhsan.
A few years ago, there was
an explosion in his backyard, see?
He acquired some gunpowder.
- Gunpowder?
- Yeah. And barrels of it.
Anyway, rumor had it
that he was trying to kill himself.
Let's stop.
We'll continue on foot from here.
Come. Come, İhsan.
Forgive me.
Forgive me!
Don't look back, Yunus.
Don't look back!
Don't! Don't look back!
We can go back inside,
if you're cold, Asiye.
No, this is just fine.
Well, aren't you hungry, dear?
I'm offended now, because
we are finally on our Istanbul trip,
and you have me here, so feel free to ask,
"Father can you buy me something?"
Let's buy a couple
of poppy simit, shall we?
Hey, young man!
The poppy simit sounds amazing.
It's been a while since I had one.
- Here, enjoy, good sir.
- Thank you.
If I come across some nice fabric
in the window displays,
I will have you purchase
me a few ells of them.
Since you're generously offering.
My God. All right then.
Nothing's too good for you, dear one.
Bless you.
I will explain everything to Hamdi.
He's the only loose end in this.
If we get our stories straight,
and make him believe us
I mean, you just have to nod
at anything I say. That's it.
- What do you say, Yunus!
- Of course I will, what do you think?
That's my only job, to be your witness.
Besides, I'm sure you've figured out
what to say, what lies you'll fabricate,
and how your speech would be.
Yunus, for God's sake.
We don't have time for this. Hm?
Yunus, please.
I only need this one last favor from you.
After that, I'll be on my way!
I told you everything. It wasn't my fault.
Of course not.
It's never your misdeed or your fault.
It's his fault, that poor madman's fault
we abandoned on the road
like a lost puppy.
It's always someone else's fault.
It's this whole wide world's fault.
It never got you, never could
keep up with you. Your hands are clean.
Okay, if it's my fault,
then you helped me with it.
We got into this together.
Remember, if I'm going down
"You're also going down"? Am I right?
There's no need for threats, man.
I'm not one to break promises.
Don't worry too much.
Though it's good
that you've threatened me.
At least now I'm sure
what kind of a person you are.
All right, according to my watch,
We left home at five in the morning.
Right now, it is quarter past nine a.m.
So with another six hours or so,
what does that make it?
Quarter past three in the afternoon.
We'll take the train in Eminönü.
We'll be at the faculty gates
just as Ziya is about to leave.
Though, even if we can't, we can
find him at the address on the letter.
By the way, I sent a wire
to his school, to his professors.
They must have told him that we're
on our way. He'll wait for us at the gate.
I'm sure he will.
So, I'm leaving this town, Mr. Hamdi.
I'm here to get your blessing.
Of course, of course.
You certainly have my blessing.
Though, I don't get it,
why the sudden change?
You were once adamant
about getting an education.
- You look like you regained your health.
- Like an ox, I must add.
He stayed at my place for two days.
Stuffed his face with food.
What about İhsan? What does he say?
I really wish you'd talk to him.
He wouldn't approve of you leaving school.
If he could speak,
surely it would be great.
That's part of the reason.
I was scared to turn into him.
I wasn't on good terms
with the instructors anyway.
We never seemed to agree on anything.
- And once I saw him like that
- Like what?
- Lately, he was doing better.
- No, he was back
In that, you know
Remember when you came
to see me with Yusuf?
After you left, I saw
the barrels of gunpowder.
Lots of them.
They looked recent too.
I just got scared.
That night, I went to Yunus'.
Yeah, exactly like that.
Oh, my.
I can't believe he's still
having problems. God, save his soul.
I should go over there and see how he is,
but I have to close up the shop first.
Son, come inside and pack your stuff.
I can never repay you, Hamdi.
Release me. I need your blessing.
Don't mention it, son.
I'm not okay with this, that's all.
I got used to having you around.
If you think this is for the best
Maybe you'll think this through, and come
back next year to restart your education.
Remember, you'll always have a home,
and your friend Hamdi here.
Fare thee well.
You too, son. Write to me.
Jamshid, customers.
- A lamb bone broth.
- Right away, sir.
Well, if you're done with me,
I'd better get back to the faculty.
- Yunus
- All right man, I get it.
You're gonna recite
the same things all over again.
You talk a good talk,
but with that suspicion in my heart,
I have no way of knowing
if your heart's in the right place.
Therefore, man,
anything you say
is gonna fall on deaf ears here.
Go on, better be on your way. Godspeed.
Move! Move! Move!
Out of the way!
Oi, townsfolk! Oyez, oyez, oyez!
Ladies and gentlemen,
stay a while and listen!
The most famous of the famous,
the company of Vasili
have arrived in your wonderful town!
Get ready, folks!
You won't believe the things you'll
witness in this extraordinary troupe,
which is well-known
and making waves across Europe!
I see that you're in deep grief.
But I'm very confident
that we can cheer you up
with the magnificent numbers
that our company has in store for you!
Please, sir, how about a little smile, eh?
Oi, townsfolk!
Oyez, oyez, oyez!
Ladies and gentlemen!
Stay a while and listen!
The most famous of the famous,
the company of Vasili
have arrived in your wonderful town!
Captain Ömer, have you
ever wondered why people
are afraid of ghouls?
I don't know.
Because they're afraid of death, maybe.
They aren't afraid of death
because they're aware of its existence.
People are afraid of the possibility
that the ghouls might start talking.
Because then, they will know for certain
that there is naught beyond death.
Oh, my!
- Don't look, child, don't look!
- Leper!
He's leprous! Hurry!
He's leprous! Run!
It's a ghoul!
Risen from the grave!
Demon, go away!
Please, stop!
Leprous! Run!
- Stop right there! Stop, stay away!
- Stay away, stop!
It's a ghoul from beyond the grave!
Back from the grave!
Stop it. Stop, please.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop!
Let him go! Stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Don't do this!
Move! Move!
Move! Make way! Make way! Move!
Move! Let him go! Let him go!
Got him!
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