Creature (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


- [heartfelt music playing]
- [distant people shouting]
[shouting continues more loudly]
- [panting]
- [muted shouting]
- [İhsan moaning]
- [man 1] Pull it tight, go, go, go!
Don't let him go!
[people continue shouting]
- [man 1] Don't let him go!
- [long moan]
- [stops moaning]
- Leave! Be on your way!
Back up, back up a little.
Get out of here, go, go!
- Go! Get out of here! Stay away!
- [music ends]
- [ship horn blows]
- [seagulls calling]
- [man 3] Fresh fish.
- [man 4] Get them while they're hot.
Hot simit! They're hot! They're hot!
Sir, I need to go to Mudanya, quickly.
When's the next boat?
Tomorrow morning.
That one's not gonna come back?
Yes, of course, Your Majesty.
I'll turn that ship around,
right now, not to upset you.
Let me snap my fingers,
Your Highness. [chuckling]
Psst. Young man.
Down the road, there are sailboats.
Just walk along the coast.
You can't miss them.
If anyone sails now, it'd be them, though
if you sail alone, it won't be cheap.
- Okay, thanks.
- [man] Yeah.
[tense music playing]
Good day to you, mister.
Sorry to disturb you.
Good day to you as well.
[groans faintly]
That sailboat? Is it yours, mate?
Yeah. What do you want with it?
[music fades out]
- I'd like to go to Mudanya.
- Well, that's difficult.
- How difficult?
- Very.
[Ziya groans]
I have money. If you'd take me.
I would like to take you.
Even though shortly
it will be completely dark.
[clicks teeth]
Would you help me?
I wish it wasn't
so complicated, I really do,
but it's hard, mate, real hard.
What about now?
I'm in trouble.
For God's sake, I need your help now.
[faint, tense music playing]
I must leave, please.
We will have to sail
close to the coast, in the dead of night.
We can't reach Mudanya before dawn.
If need be,
you'll have to hold up the lantern.
You'll give a hand
with the oars and the sails.
This won't be a walk in the park for you.
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
- Understood.
- Good.
Come on.
[quiet, moody music playing]
[Ziya groans]
[music intensifies]
[music becomes dramatic]
[music stops]
[Muzaffer] We barely made it.
I'm glad we didn't go to the hotel first.
Come on, then.
I can take that for you.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Good afternoon, gentlemen. How are you?
- I'm Muzaffer.
- Have a good day.
Your Excellency, I seem to remember you.
Likewise, I think so too.
Right, you look familiar.
Well, sir,
I'm Dr. Muzaffer, Ziya's father.
We'd like to see him, he's a student here.
Well, if you see him,
could you let us know?
Uh, what do you mean?
We haven't seen him in a while.
I don't get what these students want.
Wait. I believe you heard the news.
What happened here?
- Has something happened to my son?
- [Süleyman] No.
I'm talking about the fire
at İhsan's house.
İhsan? You said fire?
Well, İhsan took Ziya under his wing.
Has something happened to Ziya?!
They were both cast from the same mold.
İhsan is no more.
Yeah. [chuckling]
He's burned to a crisp,
and they found his bones.
What are you talking about, mister?
Tell us what happened exactly,
what happened to Ziya?
That's enough, Professor, please.
I beg you, let me talk to them.
Let me help.
Mr. Muzaffer
He's all right, Ziya is fine.
He's a good friend of mine.
He's gone to visit you in Bursa.
[Asiye] Thank you, sir.
Have a seat, ma'am.
Make yourself comfortable.
Hope you're all right.
Ah. Thank you, sir. I am.
God bless you.
How are you?
You're all right, aren't you? Here.
I'm all right, sweetheart.
What happened, son? Tell me.
What was that stupid nonsense
that ridiculous fucking bastard
Forgive me, honey.
That man is a hatemonger.
All those lies about us being
up to no good, that's absurd.
He always exaggerates.
He's a morphine addict, and plus,
being mean is in his blood.
Sir, I'll tell you all the truth,
don't worry about it.
Ziya's okay,
and he's really gone to visit you guys.
What about İhsan?
That part was true, right?
Did you know him?
- How'd it happen? Do you know?
- Well, I'll tell you everything,
But what do we do now?
Do you need a place to stay,
or what are you up to?
We were planning on staying at a hotel
for a couple of nights, but now
You're Asiye, if I'm not mistaken.
I knew it was you.
Ziya Told me a lot about you.
Well, Asiye, ma'am, uh
So here's what we should do, maybe.
I could take you to Hamdi's house.
He can tell you about İhsan,
and, I'm sure
he can fill you in
on the rest, but anyway
If Mr. Hamdi hears about you both
coming here, and I haven't let him know,
he'll be very mad.
I've never heard of him.
You know, Ziya's new boss., the soup guy.
The soup guy?
I knew he didn't tell you about how he was
robbed when he first arrived in Istanbul.
You have raised a son
with high self-esteem.
I wouldn't be angry, or take offense.
We had no idea what he'd been through.
I'm glad he ran into you, Mr. Hamdi.
I'm very grateful. God bless you.
[Asiye] Thanks.
I'm sad about İhsan.
How could he do this to himself?
His funeral [sighs] I'd have wanted
to be there when he was buried.
There was nothing left
to bury except his bones.
Forgive me if I've scared you, young lady.
We buried him earlier.
I pray that his wounded soul
finds some peace.
May he rest his soul.
[distant whistle blowing]
[distant bird hooting]
[man singing in Turkish]
[quiet, ominous music playing]
[continues singing]
Oh, God! It's a ghoul!
[music becomes very faint]
[melancholic music playing]
[transitional noise]
[exhales deeply]
- [dog barking]
- [gasp]
[transitional noise]
[barking continues]
[moans quietly]
[Darwin whimpers]
- [İhsan sobbing]
- [Darwin whimpers]
[melancholic music fades out]
Captain, what's your name?
- You didn't tell me.
- Why do you want my name?
No reason.
So that
we'd get acquainted, maybe.
Harun is my name.
[chuckles faintly]
Why the grin?
Like Charon, mate.
It speaks about a legend in mythology.
He works as a ferryman, like you.
I'm Halil.
Yeah, right, Halil.
[faint, tense music playing]
Who knows if that is even your real name.
Why do you say that?
Forget about it.
Just tell me whom
or what you're running from?
You think I'm running?
Do I appear that desperate to you?
Yeah, you do.
On this ferry,
I have never had a passenger
who wasn't guilty of something,
or without sin.
They always get on this boat,
running across to the other side.
Some uh
Someone I know is sick, on his deathbed.
Fuck you and your sick guy, you bastard!
[music intensifies and fades]
I apologize, okay?
Uh I'm a physician.
I swear to God, I am.
Look, if you want, I can heal your leg.
Shut your mouth!
If I see one wrong move from you,
see, I swear,
I will shoot you between the eyes!
Then I'll throw you overboard.
Stay there and be good, and I won't have
to have blood on my hands.
[music fades out]
- [İhsan groans faintly]
- [bird hooting]
[gentle heartfelt music playing]
[Darwin barking]
[Darwin panting]
[woman] Muzaffer, you can have
that room over there.
Asiye, darling, I made the bed for you,
you can sleep with me tonight.
[Asiye] We're being
a burden to you, Binnur.
[Binnur] What burden?
You entered our home like the moonlight.
We're blessed to see someone
so beautiful in the middle of the night.
I'm humbled by your kindness.
God keep an eye on you.
- God keep an eye on you, child.
- Have a pleasant night.
All right, then. I should take my leave.
Mr. Hamdi, I'm very grateful.
It was my pleasure.
I wish you could stay,
but our guests are exhausted.
Of course.
Yunus, thank you, son.
You've been most helpful today.
It was nothing at all.
Let's shake off the sorrow.
I'm sure it will be okay.
Maybe Ziya will decide
to come back To school next year.
The things that happened
obviously terrified him.
What do you mean,
next year? I don't get it.
Ziya told us he'd dropped out of school.
Didn't Yunus tell you that?
He said something like that.
He was furious with the faculty.
But, I mean,
I didn't make much of what he said.
You can talk to him
when you two are together.
Have a good night.
[door shuts]
[wind howling faintly]
[ominous music playing]
[chuckling faintly]
[man 1] Are there even any here?
[man 2] This is a back alley.
There should be plenty.
- [clicking teeth and whistling]
- [music fades out]
[faint, tense music playing]
[Darwin panting]
[Darwin grunts]
[music becomes ominous]
[man] Come on. Come on.
[Darwin whimpers]
[man groans]
Sorry sir, why are we
gathering these dogs?
They're gonna send them to the islands.
The French asked for those dogs.
None of your business. Just pick them up.
You have some nerve
to question your orders.
[faint, melancholic music playing]
[music stops]
[Ziya grunts]
Throw me the bag.
Now we are even.
I lied to you, ferryman.
Your leg, already has gangrenous tissue.
There is no saving it.
They'll cut it off while you're screaming.
Though, that won't save you.
Your skin color shows it.
The pus is already in your system,
it's been poisoning you.
They'll tear this boat apart so they
can use the wood to create a casket.
You're gonna rot in a dark pit, you crook.
Now we are even.
[man] Mister, let it loose, come on!
I'll let you know
when I'm about to finish.
[woman] Good luck, neighbor.
[man] Have a good one.
- [chimes jingling]
- [goat bleating]
- Good luck, neighbor.
- Thanks.
[woman] Good luck, neighbor.
God bless you.
You're asking too much for this.
I don't need the expensive one.
I just need to kill the pain.
Oh, I have another favor to ask of you.
There's this friend, I'd say, who gets
headaches every once in a while, you know?
Just between me and you, maybe
you have something out-of-the-box,
Something nice, huh? You know what I mean?
That one's too expensive.
What you have there is cheap.
Let your friend have that
and they'll be feeling fine.
There's no need for rudeness.
How much is that?
- That enough?
- [loud crash]
- [boy] Help!
- [woman] My boy!
- Somebody help! Okkes!
- Mom! Help me! [screaming]
[woman] Oh, my boy!
- Help us, for God's sake!
- Mom, it's too heavy! Mom!
[woman] Help us!
- Help us! Help us! Please, for God's sake!
- Mom!
[woman] And lift it up! Lift it up!
What the hell is so heavy
in these sacks, for God's sake?
[Okkes] Get me out, Mom!
- [woman] Help my boy!
- [dramatic action music playing]
Help my [gasps]
My boy!
- My boy! Help us, please!
- [Okkes] Mom!
[Okkes] Mom, get me out!
Get me out, Mom!
[loud thud]
[music stops]
Thank you. God bless you.
God bless you.
God bless you, sir.
[lively, mysterious music playing]
[music stops]
I bet Grandma's worried about us
if Ziya came home last night.
What happens if he returns
to Istanbul to meet up with us?
We are like a trio of ships
passing each other in the night
even while following the same North Star.
You can tell me,
are you grieving for İhsan?
Your Istanbul trip
ended up being a disaster.
We were going to buy fabrics
for robes, go sightseeing.
I'm good. It doesn't matter.
To hell with the robes.
My contented Asiye.
I promise you, I will take you back
the first chance I get.
No, that's okay, you don't have to.
I've seen more than enough.
And once I see Ziya at home,
safe and sound,
I'll be all right.
[Muzaffer sighs]
So I take that you're a survivor.
Those scars are from a fire.
Your house burned?
Poor guy.
What's your name, sir?
Talk to me, come on. Did the fire
get your tongue, too or something?
He's been here
only since yesterday, mister.
He caused chaos in the market yesterday.
He's got a few screws loose.
[snickering] Nice.
I was asking him about the soup.
Is the soup nice? Do you like it?
Thanks, Jamshid. You're free to go now.
How is everything?
- [man] Are you the owner of this place?
- Yes, I am.
How much do we owe you, Mr. shop owner?
It's free for those who help the poor.
- You have an amazing heart.
- [contemplative music playing]
This kind of generosity
is much appreciated. Thank you.
İhsan, son, welcome.
[man] I wish you wealth, and prosperity.
Come along, young man, come on, let's go.
We'll find you a home now. Come on.
Come on. Up you go.
[man groans]
[whispering] Here we go.
Eyes in front.
[man moaning painfully]
[continues moaning]
[music fades out]
[whimsical music playing]
I really wish I could bring you a red
flower, but I can't. It's okay, though.
Do you know what your name is?
Your name is forget-me-nots.
Do you like it?
And I am Fadime. [gasps]
Princess Fadime! [giggling]
And my palace is right over there.
- [man] Come on, get off.
- Is that my prince?
- Come. Come on.
- [Fadime] He's gone to fight in the war.
- Come on, get up.
- He sent me a message, promised to return.
[man] Come on.
Down there.
Go on, we'll climb
down these stairs. Go on.
Yeah, yeah.
Watch your step, all right?
[Fadime] Papa Vasili has arrived!
Careful now.
- [music becomes tense]
- [panting]
[music intensifies]
[gasps] Oh, Ziya! Come in.
What's wrong?
- Ziya, what's wrong, son?
- [Gülümser] What's wrong?
- [Grandma] Muzaffer, where are you?
- [panting]
Why weren't you with them?
[Gülümser] Where's Asiye? Ziya?
There's something wrong with Ziya!
- [gasping]
- [music becomes very tense]
[Gülümser] God, what's wrong?
- [Grandma] What's wrong?
- [gasping]
[music stops abruptly]
[seagulls calling]
If he's sick, and isn't able to do
anything, it is because of all of us.
For years, Vasili, you forced
the poor guy to break those chains.
- Eventually his veins gave in.
- Oh, come on now!
As if they were real.
Like you don't know that.
We paid him, we fed him,
and accepted him as family.
[scoffs] You said it yourself,
he's family, for God's sake!
Hüseyin has been with us for many years,
and now you want us to tell him
he's too old and needs to be gone,
to replace him with that jughead
over there, and this is goodbye?
[dog barking]
He doesn't understand me, I hope?
No. His head's like mush,
he can't understand anything.
If this is the way he is, how will
he learn the art of improvisation?
He'll break what we tell him to break,
and spill what we tell him to spill.
You don't need to be a genius
for that, do you?
He's gonna make us a lot of money.
He's strong like crazy,
I've never seen that before.
- Don't you get what I'm saying, Aliki?
- I don't give a damn about that.
But you should know,
I won't be the one kicking Hüseyin out.
He can stay on one condition, all right?
He's going to teach his art to him,
pro bono, then no one's kicked out.
Everyone's happy, now?
End of story, okay?
You're not going to kick him out.
[chuckling] As if you'd dare
to kick the poor guy.
Hey, champ, take this, come on.
Here. Take this.
Break the log in half.
Go ahead, and show it to Aliki over here.
[gentle, melodic music playing]
Wow. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Is he Hercules, or what?
[music fades out]
Mr. Hüseyin,
I'm here to speak with you
about something important.
And I have your medicine.
What about my medicine?
Did you bring mine?
[seagulls calling]
[Fadime] These are forget-me-nots.
I just picked them for you.
Welcome home, my prince.
Here you go then, Mr. Prince.
You should eat to get stronger.
Since you're the savior of this company,
you have to be our Hercules.
You do know Hercules?
A well-known and attractive man.
He's well-known across Athens.
Hey. Hi. Welcome, Ejder.
Look, I took it out for you
because it's warm today.
- You were right.
- How are things?
Well, 30 or 35.
That's all? 30 for our final night?
Istanbul has no respect
for theater anymore.
Shame on them.
[Ejder] Who's that?
We can barely feed ourselves,
now we're giving food to the poor?
Whatever. Vasili does what Vasili wants.
Forget it, it's not important.
I'll tell you about it later.
[chuckling] At least someone
in the family has a full stomach.
- [humming]
- [squeaking]
The streets of Istanbul
are crawling with these.
- Eww! Keep it away from me, Ejder.
- [chuckling]
- [clicking teeth] Psst.
- [Aliki] Gosh.
Pretty thing.
Ahhh. All right.
[faint, tense music playing]
Is he going to be able to eat
if I cook some soup?
Ziya? Ziya, can you please open
your eyes, my child? Come on.
In the name of God, where are you?
The kid's burning up! He's burning up!
Let's put him under cold water.
This fever will make him sterile!
He won't be able to have children!
[music fades out]
Hüseyin will be unable
to take the stage tonight.
How about we try to play Othello
half an hour longer. What do you say?
You were the one who squeezed
the great tragedy into half an hour
because people went to sleep.
Do you want it shorter or longer?
You're making a shitshow
out of the great play Othello!
The great Shakespeare's bones
must be rattling in his grave as we speak.
Hey! That's enough!
You're giving me a headache!
I'll sing two more songs,
and be done with it.
Hey, brother!
Don't you find it hard eating like that?
Get your face out.
We get it, it's scorched,
but we're not afraid of that.
If you only knew the things we've seen.
[both] Who's that?
[Vasili] Again? Didn't I tell you
not to go wandering around together?
How can the customers believe you when
they see you on stage if you get caught?
Never forget the saying:
[all] This is show business.
- [chuckling]
- Shut your traps!
[twins chuckle]
You must obey the rules.
Don't forget that this circle
of us is just like a family.
- [both] Who's that?
- [Aliki] I'll tell you.
Finish your meal.
This will be the fifth time so far today.
I'm starting to get sick of it.
[Muzaffer] This will reduce his fever.
His clothes are all soaking wet.
It's dried mud.
That outfit is not even his.
Who knows how long he had to wear it.
When did he arrive, Mother?
It was around midday.
He couldn't even say a single word.
[mumbling indistinctly]
You should go to bed, dear.
I'll be by his bedside till morning.
Do you think
I'll be able to sleep tonight?
[continues mumbling]
He's mumbling here.
It's the fever.
He'll be delirious for a while.
[quiet, mysterious music playing]
[Vasili] All right, my dear family!
Are we ready
for our final evening in Istanbul?
[all] We're ready!
[all laugh]
[Vasili] On with the show then!
- [Aliki] Exactly!
- [whimsical music playing]
[Aliki] Come on,
pothead Hercules, look and learn.
Those who denigrate the performing arts
can put on their sunny best
and walk the plank.
The theater, as the world's light,
and sun, it is our strength.
Our family's most joyous moment.
That's right, every time we perform,
the happiest moment in our circle happens.
when we step onto the stage!
[whimsical music continues]
[music becomes faint]
[music resumes playing normally]
[music fades out]
[melancholic music box music playing]
[music fades out]
- [lively folksy music playing]
- people clapping]
[singing in Turkish]
Salam alaikum!
[audience, chuckling] Alaikum salam.
Do you happen to know who I am?
You're a midget!
I'm princess Fadime!
[all laughing]
- Yeah, I'm a king.
- If you're a princess, we're all kings!
- Some princess you are!
- You can't be a princess!
- [gasps]
- [audience laughs]
You can't get mad.
Fadime is used to that.
It's part of the improvisation.
[Fadime] For the longest time, I've been
waiting in our palace for my prince.
A prince wouldn't even look at you!
You're a fright!
[audience shouting]
[transitional noise]
You've all been hearing rumors about them.
Now is your chance
to see with your own eyes.
And so, without further ado,
I give you, the real Siamese Twins!
- [dramatic music playing]
- [audience gasps]
[audience booing]
Since the day she was born,
this broad has been this way.
- She was this way as a baby.
- [music becomes whimsical]
Her mother wet her pants in horror
and tossed her out on the street
like a nasty object when she saw her.
I give you, now,
the one and only bearded woman!
[chattering loudly]
She's got more hair than I do.
[makes retching sound]
- [continue chattering]
- [music stops]
[muttering indistinctly]
Don't give up on us now.
It's a bunch of lies.
And we're fine with that.
This is how we feed each other.
By humiliating ourselves.
But do you know why
I'm the final one on stage?
To exact retaliation for the laughing,
ridiculing, and abuse.
Don't be sad.
They won't sleep through the night
after seeing my friend. Trust me.
Tonight, I will be in their nightmares.
So, I'm the bad guy now? No, no!
This is exactly how the religion
and faith from hell is!
[all chattering]
You bunch of demons!
They try to fool you,
and they try to trick you
when they put in motion
their darkest and most horrible sins.
Just like I do, as a matter of fact.
- [Ejder chuckles]
- [audience chatters]
Demons in disguise!
Demons in disguise,
they whisper in your ears
that you should do it
because it's good luck.
Although, that is a great sin.
[ominous music playing]
Professor, there's a riddle,
We need to try to figure it out as a team.
[electrical zapping]
[Ejder] Demons whisper in your ears!
[exotic, adventurous music playing]
[all chattering]
[Ejder chuckling]
[screaming continues]
This is how the religion
and faith from hell is!
- [anguished screaming]
- [exotic, adventurous music playing]
[creatures shrieking]
[anguished screaming continues]
[music stops]
[fire crackling]
He asked for something.
Satan's kingdom,
[faint tense music playing]
[Muzaffer] What did he say?
He said "Satan's kingdom, arise."
[muffled screaming]
- [screaming]
- [İhsan gasps]
[music intensifies]
[dramatic action music playing]
[continues panting]
[gasps faintly]
[music becomes faint and tense]
[exhales deeply]
[groans faintly]
[music intensifies]
[exotic, adventurous music playing]
[music ends]
[dramatic action music playing]
[music fades out]
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