Creature (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Kimim Ben?

[wind howling faintly]
Why did you climb here?
You haven't told me yet.
Because of love.
What love?
You want to know how the story ends,
Captain. Should I skip to the end?
No. No, but
[chuckles faintly]
- I guess you're saying
- [quiet, dramatic music playing]
"You're better now, since he'll be back
tomorrow to pick you up, get on with it."
But I can't neglect the best parts.
It wouldn't be a story if it was
half told, it would be forgotten.
Maybe I would be forgotten,
And even left out.
But don't worry captain,
Because you're going
to listen till the end.
[music intensifies]
[music ends]
[approaching footfalls]
His fever's down.
He'll be up soon.
Tell the maid to make some chicken soup.
[man in distant voice] Water guy's here!
Wake up.
I know you're not sleeping, Ziya.
Open your eyes.
Asiye, don't ask me anything, all right?
Just know I'm back
and have given up on everything.
Let's get married and have children.
Why would you think that I'd marry a man
whom I can't even ask anything?
You're telling me we should get married,
but you're acting on your own.
You're not even asking me what I think.
Where's that arrogance coming from?
- Asiye, please, I
- Yes, you.
Everything's always about you.
You don't give a damn about others,
but what about me?
You think you can fool everyone,
Ziya, but you can't fool me.
Until you are able
to explain to me what happened
and make it seem convincing enough,
I do not want to see your face,
let alone marry you.
If you're looking for a pretty wife who
will never ask questions, that's not me.
I'm more than just
a child-bearer, understand?
[sighs] That, my friend,
is what I call a shirt of chain.
Every night I'll wrap this
around you in front of the audience,
and lock you with this key.
The lock and the key are just props.
They're just for show, you know.
[coughing and gasping]
Using your arms
[continues coughing]
you will apply force in there
to make them believe
that the chain has really cracked.
Bless his soul, it requires
strength like Big Yusuf's.
Big Yusuf.
Yeah. Now, show us what you're made of.
[inhales deeply]
[İhsan grunts]
Uh, that's not the way it's done.
If you're just free of everything
without a struggle,
it won't make any sense at all.
Son, with your face and your body,
you must grunt and strain.
[mock groaning]
[distant horse whinnies]
[sighs] Yeah!
[upbeat, mysterious music playing]
Your body is okay, but, uh
You're going to need a better countenance.
Don't worry Mr. Hüseyin.
No one's going to see his face.
I made a great mask for him last night.
Here you go, Hercules,
try this on for size.
- Hm?
- Nice.
Here, you should hold it like this, okay?
[woman and Hüseyin laugh]
you look really great, sweetheart!
Wow, I'm good at this. [giggling]
Come on, people, you're still
not done with the morning workout?
Let's grab a bite before we pack up
and hit the road, come on.
- [Aliki chuckles]
- [woman] Mmmm?
Look at my jughead Hercules.
I can see that Marika
made you some goodies.
Wow, you actually look great,
really great.
[Aliki chuckles]
[upbeat, mysterious music continues]
[Fadime] There are no forget-me-nots
left around here.
I think it's time we leave.
[Hüseyin coughing]
[Grandma] We've all been very lucky.
When you walked through
that door, I thought you were a dead man.
Thank God for sparing your life, Ziya.
I can't ask for more, right, Muzaffer?
- As long as he's healthy
- Oh, spare me, mother.
Of course I'm happy that he's well,
however it's not easy to process
when you hear from a total stranger
that your son's
decided to drop out of medical school!
Dad, who told you?
I'm sorry, darling, I didn't tell you
because I didn't want to get you upset.
How was I supposed to tell you? Even
express mail takes three days to arrive.
How'd you expect me to send notification
Ever since you were a kid, whenever you're
in trouble, you either make fun of it
or you try to shift the blame
in the most inappropriate way!
Dad, that's exactly why
I made this trip to come home.
Who told you?
Mr. Hamdi told me.
It was Mr. Hamdi?
I don't understand.
Yunus introduced us to him.
[Muzaffer sighing]
He said you'd been robbed
of all your money,
- and were working at the soup place.
- [gasps]
Was it so hard to send me a wire?
I would have sent you money. But no, sir!
You're too proud to even pick up
your own nose if it was on the ground!
Just be thankful to that man,
or we'd be having
a lot of problems right now.
It's hard to believe how highly
he regarded you despite all you did wrong.
Ziya, I don't recognize you anymore.
I don't even know where to start.
You're all closed up, tight as a drum.
No matter what I do,
I can't seem to get through to you.
[Muzaffer breathing deeply]
The cuts you have
on your hands, what are they?
They're not cuts. They're burst blisters.
I think that's enough,
Muzaffer, I really do.
Please, don't you see what the boy's
been through? That's enough.
[Muzaffer sighs]
[Vasili] Now, listen to me very carefully.
The ship we're going to take
tonight is not a regular ship.
It's a freight ship, not one
of those normal people take.
What do you mean? That we're not normal?
- [all laugh boisterously]
- [whimsical music playing]
To hell with those normal people,
we're fine just the way we are!
You Aliki, Ejder, and I have tickets.
We'll be close to the horses all the way.
Nobody will leave their carriages.
And make sure that snake
is covered up properly,
because we'll be crossing the sea.
I just want you all not to forget
it'll be a little uncomfortable.
Oh, no, we'll be having
great conversations with Hercules,
[all laugh]
We will.
- Oh!
- [Hüseyin] Wow! [chuckling]
See how helpful our family is for him?
My baby is chirping
like a nightingale. [chuckling]
[whimsical music continues]
- Vasili?
- Hmm.
Did you pay the rental
fee for those chairs?
[Vasili] I did, yeah.
We owe no money to anyone.
[horses whinny]
Until I see you again!
[no audible dialogue]
- [music fades out]
- [ship engine rumbling faintly]
[horse whinnies]
Where does it hurt?
[heart beating]
[İhsan] Here?
[Marika] Don't worry, Hercules.
I'm used to this.
I don't care if I ache everywhere.
It still beats
being a prostitute in a brothel.
[groaning painfully]
[horse whinnies]
Yeah, Mr. Hercules.
I was 12 when I first
saw a man on top of me.
I had to keep my eyes closed.
And when I opened them,
I was already 16 years old.
I put this knife in my belt
and got away from there one night.
Since then, I carry it everywhere I go.
[groans faintly]
I was lost and took refuge
in Vasili's company.
The theater, songs,
and cabaret,
melodies all helped me survive.
But still, I get scared easily sometimes.
Especially at night.
I keep this dagger in my belt
even when I sleep.
Should something happen to this company,
this dagger will pierce their flesh.
Or the flesh of someone else.
That won't happen.
That won't happen.
[Marika groans]
Marika, here you go.
I stole it from Hüseyin.
Have some. Not too much.
This is good. It's harmless.
I can't believe it, he knows how to read.
Is Hercules just pretending,
or is he cleverer than all of us?
I lied to you.
In fact,
ever since my first letter to you.
I wrote like everything
was completely normal.
I didn't want to make
you nervous or afraid.
That's why you're suspicious, I know.
But Asiye, you and I were spoiled
when we were growing up in this house.
I know that now
after going through so much.
I don't want you to pity me.
If I let you know,
you'd be crying your eyes out
before I got through telling you
all the things that happened to me.
I'd have stayed, and kept fighting,
but I know now that this is not a world
where you can fight to win.
There's only one thing
I can't win any battles against.
That's what defeated me.
I won't try to change the world anymore.
If I become a physician,
I'll keep fighting and I won't stop.
I can't help it, I know I wouldn't stop.
I'll make you miserable.
I would cast a shadow
on our future together.
[heartfelt piano music playing]
You matter more.
But only if you say yes.
[Asiye breathes deeply]
Ziya. I know you.
You never stop or give up.
One day, years from now,
if I hear one "I wish" from you,
or even see a regretful look
that says, "I wish I hadn't stopped,"
that's when I'll take offense.
That's the moment you will lose me.
Do not lay the burden
of your decision on me. Don't.
You're right.
I'll never stop fighting.
It's just going to return in new ways.
remember when you first came
into this house,
we went to the farmhouse with you?
And you were angry at the earth,
because your mother didn't emerge from it.
I just hope that
if you agreed with it
we could make the place blossom, together.
Let's start our family.
Let's move to the farmhouse.
Will we plant weeping willows, as well?
We will. I swear.
And hibiscus?
[chuckles faintly]
And hibiscus.
They're the prettiest.
[Asiye chuckles]
[folksy accordion music playing]
[Vasili] Oi, townsfolk!
Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!
Stay a while and listen all!
For the next few days,
the most famous company of Vasili
has arrived in your town!
With her heart-throbbing
cabaret and songs,
the criminally beautiful Marika.
And for the first time ever,
tonight we'll present to you,
the strongest, the mightiest man on Earth,
aka Mr. Hercules in person!
[music continues]
You're free to test the might
of Mr. Hercules.
Money back guarantee,
unless you're satisfied!
[music stops]
- [Aliki chuckles]
- [everyone applauds]
[dog barking]
[man 1] Let's go inside
before Hercules' act. Come on.
[man 2] Thanks, brother!
- [man 1] Come on, people!
- Wonderful. Wonderful!
See, I told you Anatolia was hungry
for improvised theater.
It's as though
they're going to destroy the place.
Come on, boy, do your best tonight.
Come on, people, to your seats,
the performance is about to begin!
Hurry! Hurry!
- [playing lively folksy music]
- [audience clapping and whistling]
[singing in Turkish]
[music continues]
All right now, Hercules, we're almost up.
Remember what I told you.
Your strength doesn't come from here,
but from here and here, all right?
When you go up there,
you should constantly remember
the people who angered you the most.
That's where your strength,
your genuine strength,
actually lies, my friend.
Trust me.
I speak from many years of experience.
- [song ends]
- [audience applauds]
People of Anatolia, did you like
the gorgeously sultry moves of Marika?
Hold on to your seats now, people.
Because I present to you,
the strongest man you've ever seen
in your entire life, by far.
Aka Mr. Hercules!
Give him a round of applause.
- [applause]
- [haunting, music box-like music playing]
- [man] What the heck?
- [Vasili] He doesn't talk much.
Because unlike liars, his strength
is not in what he says at all,
- but in that magical mask on his face.
- [music becomes whimsical]
This mask is one
which an Egyptian sorcerer enchanted.
Anyone who wears it
becomes the strongest man in the world,
Now, ladies, gentlemen, and children,
watch to see if he can break free
of these chains like a mad mustang!
[man 1] Let's see how
he'll break those chains!
- [man 2] Yeah, break those chains!
- [man 3] Break them!
Well, what are you waiting for?
A little encouraging applause, please!
[audience applauds]
[music becomes playfully suspenseful]
[groaning faintly]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[music becomes whimsical]
[man] Lies!
They loosened the chains at the back!
- He's a liar!
- [people gasp]
Well, sir, if that's really
what you think it is,
then please, come up on stage.
[people chattering indistinctly]
[Vasili] Those tin cans you see down there
Are filled with solid concrete.
Young man, with your two hands,
please lift only one of them,
only one tin can,
And see for yourself
how many pounds it weighs.
[audience chatters indistinctly]
[inhales deeply]
[inhales deeply]
[groaning faintly]
[audience cheering]
Bless you, young man, bless you.
I see you are pretty mighty
and strong, without a doubt.
But as the saying goes,
those who have never eaten a fist
believe it to be a sledgehammer.
Now, listen up, dear audience,
Mr. Hercules right here,
what if I told you
that he can pick up a can
filled with concrete with just one hand,
and the second can
with his other hand at the same time?
[audience muttering indistinctly]
In fact, we should all bet on it.
Ejder, please take a walk
among the guests.
Those who says he can't,
feel free to put one of your coins
into the hat.
If he can't, I'll pay you double.
No, he's not actually doing that.
If the constable should find out,
we will get a fine!
Come on, boss!
He can't do it with one hand!
- [audience chuckles]
- [ominous music playing]
[music becomes quiet and suspenseful]
When you go up there,
you should constantly remember
the people who angered
you the most in your life.
[chuckling] Do you want to be a doctor?
You wish to take care
of rural patients for chicken feed?
A high hat who has become a doctor using
their father's money shouldn't be allowed
to teach us new ways or techniques.
[groaning loudly]
[dramatic, adventurous music playing]
[anguished groaning]
Sir, could you lift me up
to show how strong you are?
Of course he'll lift you, kid.
Come, my boy.
Come on, big boy, come!
God bless you, God bless you!
You look like a wrestler.
What exactly do your parents feed you?
A camel every evening
or something like that?
[audience laughs]
Okay, come on, Hercules, lift this child
up, and let's be done with the show.
Okay, here we go!
Don't worry. This will not hurt at all.
[anguished groaning]
[crowd chattering]
- [man 1] Good job! Bravo! Good job!
- [man 2] Bravo!
You're strong! Show us your face!
Give me the mask!
- [gasps]
- [audience gasps]
[audience chattering excitedly]
Put me down! Put me down!
- [person screaming]
- He's a ghoul!
That's why he's strong like that!
They tricked us!
He's leprous! He's gonna infect us all!
[ominous music playing]
Hey, take it easy, everyone! Easy!
Easy! Take it easy, people!
Come on, calm down!
[man] Let's go, let's get out of here!
Humans are bad!
Humans are bad!
Easy, Hercules, come on. Take it easy.
My name is
Not Hercules.
Not human
[ominous music continues]
[music fades out]
Herc İhsan
İhsan, don't do this. Come on, please.
Don't beat yourself up. It's not worth it.
İhsan, I told you, didn't I?
That's what we do. We sell lies.
would like the truth.
You want the truth?
Truth is the ugliness
of the human heart, İhsan.
[moody, contemplative music playing]
Outside, this whole wide world
holds only lies.
Yeah, baby, this is the only truth
for people like us.
Those who are pushed around
to discover truth in one another.
From our hometowns, throughout our lands,
those spaces are as vast as our hearts.
The more we can understand each other,
the more we are able
to expand those lands.
You do not have to go back on that stage
if your heart doesn't desire it.
Don't forget that I love you, İhsan.
This is the honest truth.
[moody, contemplative music continues]
[music becomes ominous]
Anybody home?
Come on out here!
What is it? What do you need?
[man sighs]
Come closer and we'll tell you.
[scoffs] Oh, not again.
I know what you want.
You're young and brave,
obviously, so speak,
and let everyone hear it.
Come on then. You heard him, didn't you?
You have the audacity to come all the way
out here, so tell us what you want.
Forgive us lady, but we want you.
[chuckles faintly] Okay, we heard you.
Now hear me out.
You won't have any of this!
You perv, go do each other!
Now, that's impolite.
You were more than inviting
with that instrument in your hand earlier.
And you really think
we invited you over to fuck us?
And what did you invite us for then?
I thought this was a cat house!
It's not.
[gasps] Wha Wha Wha Wha
[both gasps]
What's is this thing?!
[both wailing]
- [men] Let go!
- Apologize to the lady.
Let go! Let go!
- Apologize to Marika!
- [man] Ow!
[man] Let go!
- Forgive me, ma'am!
- Forgive me, ma'am!
A minute ago you wanted
to rip off my dress and now I'm 'ma'am',
you motherfuckers?
Get the fuck out of here!
[both gasp]
- [thud]
- [both grunt]
Damn you! You'll see! I'll tell my uncle,
and he'll give you fucking hell!
[ominous music intensifies]
[music fades out]
- [distant dog barking]
- [bird hooting]
Get some sleep, son.
They won't dare come back.
Their bark is worse than their bite.
But they're human, aren't they?
[contemplative music playing]
[Aliki] Go on, yeah.
Come on, eat, go ahead.
You're getting thinner.
Marika. You should eat, too, Marika.
[Vasili] Mm.
[horse whinnies]
[twin chuckles]
[bird cawing]
[Vasili] Everyone inside, go.
- [Aliki] Come on.
- Keep yourself calm. Come on.
Go hide inside with them, and don't
come out. These people mean business.
- Go.
- [Aliki] Come on, Marika.
[horse whinnies]
Are you the one in charge here?
First of all, very good morning to you.
How are you, sir?
Save your breath. I asked if it was you.
Yes, this is my troupe.
We've received reports on you.
[Vasili] What reports?
We have a permit from the city.
I can show it to you if you'd like, sir.
We suspect you to be
employing Muslim women.
No, sir, that's absolutely not true,
they're non-Muslims.
We can show you
our identification papers, huh?
Ejder, get them
from the chest inside, my boy.
[whispering] Fadime.
Get in, Fadime. Fadime, get in that.
No, I can't. I'm too
scared to go in there, Nedret.
It looks like a coffin!
[Fadime gasps]
Don't worry.
Look, I'll protect you.
[Hüseyin] Inspector,
you've clearly been misinformed.
I've been working here for years.
These are all good and decent people.
[tense music playing]
I'm here.
Don't be afraid.
[breathing deeply]
[inspector] Aliki!
That's me.
Lost your tongue?!
What? I'm Marika.
You should stop showing off.
- [inspector] And that broad?
- She's actually mute, Inspector.
And it's mentioned
on her identification papers.
She's Stanbol
What do you mean, Istanbul?
Are you using the word "mute"
to disparage Istanbul, huh?!
[Vasili] Not at all, Inspector,
that is just her name.
What's that got to do with what you say?
It's all in there, see for yourself.
Which one of you is the whore?
You're running a brothel here!
I'm gonna shut this place down!
It'll be on your heads, I promise!
Are you the whore or not?
- You are!
- [Vasili] Marika!
- [Aliki] Marika! Inspector!
- [Vasili] Easy!
[Aliki] Wait, Inspector!
- [Aliki] Marika! Marika! Marika!
- [Vasili] Marika, wait!
You needn't bother yourself.
I'll cut my own jugular!
But promise me,
swear on your kids' and your mother's life
that you'll leave these people
alone once you have my blood.
Give me your word! Do it!
Cut your damn throat! The world
will be free of another whore!
Let's go together then, you bastard!
- [Aliki] Wait!
- [inspector] Stop!
[music becomes dramatic]
- [gun blast]
- [echoing scream]
[music becomes melancholic]
[Aliki screaming]
Drop the gun!
[Aliki] Nooo!
Drop it, now!
Get the fuck out of here!
Prison's too good for you!
You'll both be hanged publicly!
[horse whinnies]
[melancholic music continues]
İhsan, you have to run.
I can't.
İhsan must run.
His mind is like a child's.
They'll torture him.
İhsan. İhsan, please, listen.
They'll take us in
but we'll be released right away.
We've been through a lot.
We're used to it.
You and Hüseyin, you can't endure that.
You have to run, İhsan. You have to run.
No. You have to run too.
We can't run together.
We'd be too slow. We can't escape.
[Ejder] At least lay low
somewhere for a while.
You can find us again in Istanbul,
all right? Come on, just run.
[İhsan sighs]
Hüseyin will come with me.
I will carry him.
İhsan leave.
But I can't. I won't leave you.
I said no.
I'll carry you.
Last night back there,
I was proud of you, really proud.
Remember what I told you.
Pray for me.
- [echoing gun blast]
- [Vasili] Mr. Hüseyin!
It's okay! It's okay!
You'll be okay, Mr. Hüseyin!
- Wait.
- [Vasili] Mr. Hüseyin!
[sorrowful music playing]
[Ejder] It's okay! It's okay! It's okay!
You're okay! You're okay! It's okay!
- [sobbing continues]
- [Ejder] Hüseyin.
[music fades out]
[whimpering] My prince
don't you ever forget about me.
[melancholic music playing]
[Aliki] You should go.
I'm begging you, the constables
will be here soon. Go and hide.
Come on.
Give me the dagger.
You will live.
And no
No more death.
This is for you.
[voice wavering]
Now, go and find your own truth, okay?
Your family will never forget you.
You'll always be in our
- prayers.
- [sobbing]
[Aliki] Go now.
[music becomes tense]
[moody, dramatic music playing]
[sobbing continues]
[music fades out]
Thanks, Mother.
Dad, if you have a minute,
I'd like to have a word with you.
But I'm listening.
Earlier, Asiye and I were talking
and we made a decision.
What is it, son?
Asiye, do the honors, please.
If you're okay with it, of course,
we would want to work together
to restore the farmhouse completely, so
We'd like to turn it into our house.
Uh That is, of course,
if it's okay with you as well.
Yeah, of course.
Of course, it is. Whatever you'd like.
So, now, by the will of God,
we'll have to ask your father's blessing.
[Asiye giggles]
[Muzaffer chuckles]
- Good luck to you both, my son.
- Inshallah.
Oh, you don't need my permission.
I'm fine with it!
[Grandma] Wow.
[gentle, melodic music playing]
[horses whinny]
- [Asiye] Dad.
- My baby.
[gentle, melodic music continues]
[birds calling]
[bird hooting]
[music fades out]
- [groans faintly]
- [distant animal sound]
[bird hooting]
- [rustling]
- [faint chittering]
[faint growling]
[various animal sounds]
[guttural growling]
[creatures growling]
[monstrous breathing]
[various bird sounds]
[rooster crowing]
[goat bleating]
[dog barking]
[boy 1] Cafer! Cafer!
Cafer! Cafer!
- [boy 2] Wait!
- [boy 1] Cafer!
Cafer, you've been captured, Cafer!
[Cafer] Don't do this!
Release me, and I'll be on my way!
You can't get out of that, Cafer.
Release me, I want to go!
Stop it, or I'll fucking kill you!
Show us your willy! [snickering]
No way.
Show us, and we'll undo that.
[boy snickers] Undo! Undo!
We won't unless you show us.
[Cafer] Release me, I want to go!
It's this big, like a donkey's.
[boy chuckles]
- Ow!
- Who the hell threw that rock?
[growling angrily]
[boys gasping]
[boy 1] Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run!
- [boy 2] Ow!
- [boy 1] Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run!
[breathing heavily]
- [quiet, contemplative music playing]
- [Cafer gasps faintly]
It's undone. You may go.
Thanks, my friend.
God bless you, my friend.
Thanks, my friend, thank you.
Thanks, my friend.
Thanks, thank you.
Thanks, my friend, thank you.
[geese honking]
- [water running]
- [goat bleating]
Thanks, my friend.
Thanks, my friend.
[dogs barking]
[music fades out]
Who goes there?
Is that you, Cafer?
- Yeah.
- What did I tell you, Cafer?
There's nothing left.
Come back tomorrow morning
and I'll give you eggs
with some bread to go with them.
[sighing] All right.
We'll go to bed and sleep.
Go on then.
[door shuts]
Who were you talking to, Nana Seher?
Ah, it was Cafer, baby, just Cafer.
You've become really jumpy lately.
[goat bleating]
[Seher sighs]
[Seher] You know how he used to drop by.
But I told him to stop that
and I would go to him,
and call out to him,
but the poor soul doesn't get it.
Baby, who would believe him anyway,
even if he shouted out in the main street?
The poor guy is a half-wit.
You shouldn't be so scared.
You're ruining your life.
I wish God would take my life and save me.
[Seher] Shut up, girl.
Don't curse yourself.
Even uttering those words is a sin.
My baby.
My pretty girl, my Esma.
[contemplative music playing]
[tense note plays]
- [quiet, dramatic music playing]
- [gasping faintly]
[music intensifies]
Who is that?
[music intensifies further]
Who are you?
[dramatic action music playing]
[music ends]
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