Creepshow (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

The Right Snuff ; Sibling Rivalry

This is Mission Control Houston.
This is Mission Control Houston.
Space Station Ocula, do you copy?
Oh, we copy, Houston.
Major Toomey heading to the bridge.
Let's spin the gravity well test, Ocula.
We want to initiate the correction burn
- coming up at 12:21.
- 12:21.
Roger that.
Nice of you to join us, Captain.
I was gonna go for a stroll,
but it's about
- minus 450 degrees outside.
- Ah, summertime.
Roger that, Houston.
Locking NAB orbital
track in the computer.
This is Houston.
You are a go for correction burn.
Initiating direction burn
in three, two
Master alarm. Where's your malfunction?
Beats the hell out of me.
I'm looking at all green lights.
Now, Houston, I'm reading a debris field
directly in our flight path.
Ocula, Joint Space Ops
has picked up an object
on a collision course.
Advise initiating course
correction immediately.
Ahead of you, Houston.
Counting down in five, four,
three, two, one, mark.
Object is still closing, Houston.
It's increasing speed and
appears to have matched
our course correction.
- It's not possible.
- Russian?
Okay, initiating a second burn
and making a two-degree
course correction.
Trying to shake it off.
- Time to impact?
- 35 seconds.
Impact critical here, Captain.
The gravity wave.
Can you widen the impact for me?
Give it a try. Good idea.
- Stand by, detaching.
- Hustle.
Twenty seconds to impact.
Initiating wave pulse.
Brace for impact! Hold on tight!
Impact in 15, 14, 13,
12, 11, 10,
9, 8, 7, 6,
- 5, 4, 3, 2
- Ah!
Shut down!
Roger that. Gravity wave shut down.
Ocula, this is Houston,
do you copy?
Ocula, this is Houston, do you copy?
Yeah, Houston, we're still breathing.
Used Ted's gravity wave to
deflect incoming object.
- Any idea of what that was?
- Negative, Ocula.
Joint Space Ops are still
tracking and we'll update you.
All right, Ocula,
stand by up for uplink
- to JBN Cable News.
- Standing by, Houston.
Even better.
This is Ann Poole
for HNN Global News.
We have two astronauts making
history 250 miles above us,
Major Ted Lockwood
and Captain Alex Toomey.
Now, Ted, unless
you've been living under a rock
for the past few months,
is the mastermind
behind a device that
creates a gravity wave
eliminating weightlessness in space.
Uh, not just space, Ann.
We've recently determined that
we can control and now direct gravity
in space, on the surface, anywhere.
Amazing. Can you tell us any more?
What else have you learned
since entering Moon's orbit?
Well, I don't bump my head so much.
Well, that's a plus.
Well, the applications
are limitless, Ann.
In space, loss of bone
density and muscle mass
for long-range space missions
could be a thing of the past.
It means trips to places
like Titan and Pluto
could become a reality. Now, back home,
controlling gravity fields
would be a revolution.
- Revolution.
- In every industry.
Skyscrapers could be built
in weeks versus years.
And on the other side of the dial,
demolition work could
be achieved in minutes
using gravity-based directional pressure
to level anything from a pile of rocks
to 10 city blocks. That rhymed.
The applications are boundless, Ann.
Amazing, amazing.
Well, Ted, we are all wishing
you luck down here
and looking forward to hearing
the results of the final trials.
You know, Ann, I have to say,
the entire thing has been
a team effort.
I couldn't have done any
of this without Alex here.
His down-to-the-wire
application for the wave
averted a near disaster yesterday.
Well, Captain Alex Toomey,
the highly-decorated
son of space pioneer
General Michael Toomey,
your dad would be proud
to know you're following
- in his footsteps.
- I'm sure.
Well, knowing your father
is the first man on Mars, huh,
must cast a long shadow.
No, not at all.
Just proud of my dad and
what we're doing up here.
Well, keep up the good work,
and don't bump your head, Alex.
This is Ann Pool talking to
the astronauts on Ocula Station
for HNN Global News.
- That was fun.
- Hmm.
Hey, I could use a hand
running through these relays.
- Alex?
- Always living in his shadow.
Ah, it's okay, Teddy.
It's okay, I'll get it.
You're the big shot.
You invented the gravity wave.
I'm just along for the ride.
Is that really how you feel?
No one will ever look
at anything I ever do.
Now you heard that dig
she got in about my father.
What was that?
- I didn't hear any
- It was a dig.
Trying to get a reaction out of me.
Houston, I've got a 1202 alarm.
Copy you, Ocula. We read you.
The team advises 1202 is not critical
and they are working on the problem.
Procedures should follow shortly.
Copy that, Houston.
We'll just sit tight.
Flight director
suggests you continue
- currently-scheduled tests.
- Suggest.
Let's go put your ass back to work.
Look at me, boy.
You'll never measure up.
You'll never measure up.
Measure up, Alex. Measure up.
This is Mission Control, Ocula.
- Ocula, do you copy?
- Hey, Sandra, morning.
That's weird.
I was dreaming I was in Fiji.
Sorry, Ocula,
Flight Director Barlow
has given me new mission parameters.
- We're all ears.
- Stand by, Ocula.
I want to go live for this.
- Hey, fellas.
- What's up?
There's been a development.
What I'm going to
say is highly classified.
There are six other people
on the planet that know
what I'm about to tell you.
Our government has been in communication
with an alien race.
Uh, Flight, could you repeat?
The near-miss yesterday was not debris.
Data concludes it was an alien
probe sending us a message.
Mission parameters have been revised.
Gravity wave experiments and
data collection is on hold.
Your mission is now first contact.
One of you will be the first to
communicate with the species.
- Copy?
- One person, Houston?
Who's going?
Ted is.
Major Lockwood, you should know
this came down from
the president himself.
They want you suited up and ready
for transport at 11:25 GMT.
That soon?
Copy. We've been able
to decipher coordinates
for some type of molecular transport.
Decipher? Transport?
How long have these
discussions been going?
Let's just say the probe contained
a wealth of information,
including translation instructions
which we are still analyzing.
Once the Ocula is in
the proper rendezvous position
on the dark side of
the Moon as instructed,
the transport beam will
appear inside of the station,
and Major Lockwood,
you will step into it.
Copy that, Houston.
What does he say when he meets him?
You shake hands.
Do they even have hands?
The Gorangi have confirmed
they are similar to us in many ways.
State Department is sending up
a list of questions for you
to ask them, Ted.
They're sending Ted?
That's your seat, boy, not him!
If I can be number one, so can you.
Measure up, Alex!
Measure up!
You okay?
I'm good.
I know this sucks.
You're making your mark.
Major Theodore Lockwood.
Everyone's gonna know that name.
And more than that, it's immortality
'cause you're first.
They made a judgment call.
Yeah, based on what?
Come here.
What is this?
Hi, something in Gorangi.
Will you give a little speech?
I'm supposed to hand it to them.
What's it say?
It's my introduction.
That's fucking unbelievable.
I know you want to do this
- Really?
- I understand.
Since I was a kid,
I had a dream. We both.
We had the same dream of
traveling to the stars
and meeting beings from other worlds,
and now it's happening.
This is history.
It's happening right here, right now,
and you will be a part of it.
- You will be in the history books, too.
- No, you don't get it.
Try me.
You don't know what it was like.
To be his son,
you had to be one step beyond.
Now you had to be first,
and he was relentless.
You wanna know what he said
to me after I busted my ass
to get into the Astronaut Corps?
Well, you'd think
you'd hear something like,
"Congratulations, son,
You make me proud."
No, no, it was,
"Boy, you're just another
nameless Spam in a can."
Wouldn't even shake my hand
'til I actually impressed him.
Made my mark.
And now it's too late for me,
for him, and your history books.
I know.
I've spent my entire
life prepping for this.
Trust me,
I didn't get a lot of "attaboys" either.
But we have the same dream.
Well, at least you're living yours.
I guess I'm fucked,
and that's the end of it.
This is Mission Control, Ocula.
Do you copy?
We copy, Houston.
Control got back to
us on that 1202 alarm glitch.
Procedures heading to you now.
Copy that, Houston.
We'll get into it right away.
Yeah, we will.
Ocula, this is Houston.
We advise there will be a loss of signal
as you go around
the dark side of the Moon.
Catch you on the other side, fellas.
Mission Control, out.
Oh, we copy, Houston.
We'll have 1202 fixed
by the time you hear from us again.
Paragraph six, checking CRM-112.
Checking CRM-112.
Checking CRM-113.
Checking CRM-113.
We're good on 113.
Check CRM-114.
Checking CRM-114.
The door release shorted out in here.
Come on, man, open up.
Alex! Alex!
Alex, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Alex, Alex.
We're both the same.
We both want to travel to the stars.
This is Houston.
We've uplinked with the TDRSS.
We are coming up
on the time to transfer.
Do you copy?
Ocula, did you complete
the 1202 procedure?
Copy, Ocula?
This is Mission Control, do you copy?
Ocula, do you copy?
We have lost camera link.
Ocula, do you copy?
Ted, you need to be
standing by for transport.
Alex? Ted?
Do you read?
This is Mission Control.
I don't know what you're saying.
I can't understand you.
Not ambassador.
Ambassador? Yes, I am.
My name is Alex Toomey.
Earth sent me.
Where is Ambassador Seven?
Ambassador Seven?
Terrestrial name, Ted Lockwood.
Ambassador Seven?
He is Gorangi.
He must make his report.
That noise.
He was one of yours?
Where is he?
Where is the ambassador?
Scan him!
You terminated him.
I didn't know.
How could I know?
Wait a second.
The gravity wave.
That wasn't Ted, that was you!
Yes, our first exchange of
technological information.
- First.
- There will be no more.
You wanted to be the first.
it's clear you terminated him.
The data proves this
to be a selfish and murderous act.
I didn't know.
Listen, I'm sorry, so sorry.
It was supposed to be me!
I was supposed to be the one.
Ambassador Seven was on a mission
to prove humankind's worth.
Well, I don't understand.
Many insisted
humankind was too primitive,
too war-like.
We sent Ambassador Seven
to prove the others wrong.
We needed the truth!
The truth about what?
About humans.
Captain Toomey,
you have terminated our ambassador,
and in doing so,
your actions have doomed
your own species to extinction.
No, no, no, you're making a mistake!
Don't do this!
You wanted your world to know your name.
Now they will.
A shame they won't remember for long.
What are you gonna do?
We did nothing, captain, you did.
Your abuse of the gravity waves
created a seismic lunar shift,
and now your moon
is on a collision course
with your planet.
No, wait!
This is Ann Pool
for HNN Global News
for this historic moment
as astronaut Alex Toomey
has made first contact
with an alien race.
I believe we're getting
a video feed now.
I, uh, oh my god.
I don't know what
I'm so sorry, ladies and gentlemen.
That footage was clearly not
meant for public broadcast.
What is that?
George, are you getting this?
Oh my god, the Moon is
The Moon!
Boy, you will never be the one.
You'll never be the one.
You'll never be the one.
Mr. Smith, can you
please send Lola Pierce
to the counselor's office?
My brother is trying to kill me.
I know you probably think
I'm crazy, but I promise you,
I'm telling the truth.
You have to believe me.
I think you think
you're telling the truth.
I'm not making this up.
He really is trying to kill me,
and I can prove it.
Where do I where do I start?
At the beginning!
I'll start at the beginning.
Grace has this new thing
where she doesn't eat dairy,
so I ate all the ice cream I wanted.
Dude, her older brother is so hot.
Like, he walked in
the kitchen with his shirt off,
and his abs were, like,
boom, boom, bump.
Like, you know, abs.
And I kinda just
wanted to touch him a little.
- Off-track, Lola.
- Sorry, right.
Uh, Grace and I snuck
out and rolled this girl
at Ainsley's house because
she is the worst, the absolute
most evil person on the planet.
You don't know her.
She goes to a private school.
- And your brother is trying to kill
- He is!
So, anyway,
Grace and I had a sleepover,
rolled Ainsley's yard,
and then farted on
the hood of her dad's car.
What? She's awful!
Anyway, we got back to Grace's house,
and in the middle of the night,
I woke up and she was kissing me,
and I shoved her off and I was,
like, I mean, "Grace,
"I'm flattered, and I kind of liked it,
but I'm saving myself
for Jacob Elordi."
You know the guy from
"The Kissing Booth"?
So you were sexually assaulted
by your friend at a sleepover?
No, gosh, no, not, not assaulted.
It was just a misunderstanding.
Stand down, Miss P!
Anyway, I got home the next morning
and was a total zombie
because we were up so late
and I slept the whole day.
- And your brother?
- And my brother, yes.
I know, I'm getting into it,
but, hello, backstory.
I caught him peeking in
my room, creeper.
And then on Monday,
he wouldn't give me a ride,
so I had to take the bus.
The bus.
I don't see how being
forced to take the bus
is the same as an attempted homicide,
but you really need
to get to class, so
Let me finish!
I made it through my morning classes,
sat with Grace at lunch,
and, oh, I did not feel great.
Like, a little pukey.
Am I pregnant?
I kinda started worrying
that I was pregnant.
Can you become pregnant from
giving someone a handie,
because that's, like,
as far as I've gone,
but I was just wondering if,
like, you know,
sperm were to go, like, airborne,
and then land on me
and crawl down my body
- and up my va-jay-jay
- Lola.
Yeah, yeah.
No, probably not, I didn't think so.
Anyway, I stayed after school
because of Homecoming Committee,
and our float's gonna be so epic,
by the way,
and when I got home,
my brother was making dinner.
He never cooks.
My dad cooks, or my mom
picks up something
on the way home from work.
So that's good.
You mean he made spaghetti.
It's not that hard.
I mean, way to suck up
to Mom and Dad, Andrew.
Also, he made it super-gross.
Like, I think the cheese
had gone bad because
it made my throat close
up and I totally barfed.
Oh, shit. I am pregnant.
That's what that means, doesn't it?
Not if you haven't had sex.
You haven't had sex yet, have you, Lola?
No, no, but that hand thing.
That was super gross.
It was like a horror movie.
His penis exploded every
Why do you think
your brother's trying to kill you?
- You're mad.
- I'm not mad.
'Cause you shouted.
Please continue about your brother.
Well, he stared at me
while I ate his moldy cheese,
and he just kept staring at me,
like without blinking.
And his eyes were, like, lasers.
Like, they went right through me, zing!
And Dolores Claiborne was scared of him.
And Dolores Claiborne is?
Our wiener dog.
She usually loves Andrew,
but she went into the kitchen,
and she started getting all growly.
She backed out with her
tail between her legs.
That's weird, right?
And then I caught him
online researching weapons.
- Maybe I'm lactose intolerant.
- Weapons?
We take that very
seriously. As you know,
we had an active
shooter drill yesterday.
Do you parents keep
weapons in the house?
Do you think he's planning something?
I mean, definitely.
I think he's trying to kill me, so.
Do you think he's planning on
bringing weapons to school?
Only if he plans on killing me here.
What kind of weapons was he researching?
Uh, old-fashioned ones.
Not guns, no.
Others, like swords and axes.
Like, he was into King
Arthur cosplay or something.
Okay, so maybe he was
researching for a school assignment.
That's what I thought,
but then he tied me up in the basement.
He tied you up?
Why didn't you start with that?
You have no appreciation
for storytelling, Miss Porter.
Did you parents intervene?
How did you get away?
They weren't home,
so when he left,
I ripped through the ties
and I ran to Grace's house,
spent the night, and now I'm here,
telling you all this.
You ripped through the ties?
What did he tie you up with?
I don't know,
it was this kind of plastic cord thing?
And you ripped through
it with your bare hands?
It wasn't that strong.
Oh, well, I'm glad you're okay.
You're safe.
Thank you.
Thanks for believing in me.
Hashtag, relief!
Yeah, right, you've been through a lot.
- So where are the marks?
- Excuse, what?
On your wrists?
You say that you were
tied up by your brother
and struggled to get free,
and yet you look fine.
You don't believe me.
A world of no.
You need to get back to class,
Lola, and I'm going to recommend
that you talk to your parents,
and maybe see a therapist.
This need for attention
I can't believe you don't believe me!
It's true,
my brother is trying to kill me!
Here's a note for your
sixth period teacher.
Oh, and Lola?
Hang in there, sweetie.
High school's a big transition.
Being a freshman is hard.
Andrew, we
We gotta talk.
He definitely wants me dead.
My brother. Ugh.
You wanna go eat later?
I don't know.
I'm feeling really kerfluffy,
and Andrew
Oh, fuck Andrew!
Hey, girl, let me get some of that!
I bet she's a freak!
Yeah, I see you looking. Call me.
- The guys here suck.
- Yeah.
You wanna go eat later?
- Fine, after homework?
- Yeah, good.
Uh, I have lacrosse,
but meet me after, my house?
Uh, where do ya wanna eat?
Mm, I have some ideas.
You up here?
What is your actual problem, Andrew?
Shut up, Lola!
Okay. What the hell are you doing?
I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad!
- You can't.
- Can't I?
I mean, I don't know if
you're going through
some type of hormonal teen
boy puberty 2.0 or whatever,
but you're not gonna get away with this.
You can't tell Mom and Dad.
- I'm gonna.
- Shit.
How can you have no idea?
Lola, you can't tell
Mom and Dad because
because they're dead.
Really funny, asshole.
I'm not joking.
You killed them?
What the hell?
Andrew, oh my God!
Oh my God, no!
I didn't kill them.
You did.
Stop lying.
Oh my gosh,
just stop whatever you're doing
and just put down the axe!
All right.
On Saturday, you came home
from Grace's and then
What do you remember?
I came home hungry,
got a snack, and went to bed.
You got a snack.
Do you remember what you ate?
I don't know,
but something from the pantry.
No, Lola, Mom opened the
door and you gave her a hug.
Then you walked into the kitchen
and Dad was making pancakes
and he offered you some.
I remember I spilled the syrup
and I had to clean it up.
It wasn't syrup that you spilled.
Yes, it was.
No, Lola.
It was blood.
They're not dead.
They're still at work.
When was
the last time you saw them?
It's been days!
You're a monster.
Nuh-uh, you're the monster!
Your skin is on fire.
My skin feels hot to you
because yours is cold and dead.
You put something
weird in the spaghetti!
I loaded it up with garlic.
I was trying to figure
out what happened to you.
When I read online that
vampires don't like it.
Vampires? You're nuts.
I'm lactose intolerant.
Or pregnant.
You tied me up!
You broke through the cords anyway!
Vampires have super strength, right?
Last week you couldn't
even do a girl push-up,
and I tied you up to keep you
from hurting anyone else.
Did you have fun?
Too much fun.
Did you get any sleep?
A little.
Well, Dad's making pancakes,
so come grab some before
Andrew gets down
here and scarfs them all.
Thanks, Mom.
I've been
- Hi, Daddy.
- Morning, honey.
I made your favorite.
You were feral.
I snuck back to my room and waited until
you went upstairs and fell asleep.
What did you do with their bodies?
Why didn't you call the cops?
I wanted to protect you,
so I cleaned up what was left.
You threw them away?
You threw away Mom and Dad?
You ate Mom and Dad!
I did some research.
Seems beheading is
the only way to stop you.
But I'm your big brother.
I'm supposed to protect you, Lola.
I'm sorry I can't.
Wait! Wait, wait!
Just how did this happen?
How did I become a
You tell me.
The sleepover. She bit me.
Holy shit, I'm a vampire!
I killed Mom and Dad!
I didn't do it on purpose!
I know, but, I can't let you
kill anybody else next
time you're hungry.
I'll drink pig's blood!
I'll rob a blood bank
with my super strength!
Please, I'll figure
something out, Andrew!
I don't wanna die!
I have to do the right thing, Lola.
Now hold still.
Hold still?
While you chop my head off?
Uh, yeah?
So, just to be clear,
you want me to stand here,
like compliantly,
while you decapitate me?
Well, when you put it like that
What the hell's wrong with us?
You busted out the SAT words!
"Don't decapitate me compliantly!"
Are you seriously making fun of me
for begging for my life?
Does this surprise you?
Ha-ha, very funny.
After you kill me,
you should do a comedy tour.
I don't know what to do.
This is too much.
Mom and Dad are dead,
and we're all we have left.
I won't hurt you.
I don't know what
happened with Mom and Dad,
but I have control of it now.
I went to school this week.
I didn't attack anybody.
Yeah, that's true.
Grace is the one who should die.
She did this to you on purpose.
I thought we were friends.
Doesn't eat dairy, my ass.
We can't let her hurt anyone else.
Wait! Stop!
You can't do this alone.
You're not strong enough.
I need super strength.
You need me.
Let me help, big brother.
We can stop her together.
Wait, wait, wait.
Does it hurt?
You literally won't even remember.
I love you.
Well, duh.
Do you know why
I called you here, Lola?
Your friend Grace has gone missing.
Now you two were as thick as thieves.
Good grief, you told me
what happened the other night,
how she assaulted you,
and now she's gone?
I know you know something.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Lola, you two were seen
together after school,
and then she told the girls at lacrosse
that you two were having dinner.
What happened to Grace, Lola?
Did something happen at dinner?
Well, think it over.
Let me know when you're ready.
Whatever's going on,
I'm gonna figure it out.
Andrew, you startled me.
So, Lola, I take it
your brother's not trying to kill you?
Oh, no, he totally was, Miss Porter,
but I killed him first.
Uh, okay.
You kids can just, um
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