Creepshow (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Pipe Screams ; Within the Walls of Madness

Those rattling pipes
are driving me mad.
There's black gunk
coming out of the faucet!
Those leaks you won't fix
gave my grandpa pneumonia
and now he might die,
you reprehensible bitch!
- Carruthers Brothers Plumbing?
- Meet out there now
or you won't be in
the plumbing game much longer.
This is gonna be fun.
That's what you think it is? Animals?
Please. The folks in this
building are the animals.
Do you know what these people
flush down their drains?
I've seen it all, ma'am.
Grease, first of all,
from their greasy foreign food.
And hair, you wouldn't believe the hair.
Ugh, these people!
People who aren't from around here.
Their hair just clogs differently.
Ugh, will you look at this?
There's water everywhere!
Stupid leaky pipes,
getting everything all wet!
And that smell, ugh!
Mold and God knows what else.
Even the animals here have animals.
Yeah, this isn't good.
I'm sorry.
Did I purchase the deluxe
plumber's commentary package?
Just tell me how much it's going to run!
Okay, well, truth is, ma'am,
even if I could repair
these pipes, they look like lead to me.
You have children living here?
Of course there's children living here!
Animals breed, don't they?
Okay, lead is toxic to kids.
Gives them brain damage,
learning deficiencies,
behavioral disorders.
They got laws now.
I cannot repair lead pipes,
I can only gut them.
You listen to me.
- Oh, Linus.
- Linus.
This pillar of shit is
the worst building I own.
Do you think I'm going
to spring for 20 miles of
state-of-the-art copper pipe
just so these animals can ruin it?
Yeah, just telling you
your legal options here.
Do you know
why I called you, Linus?
It wasn't because you had the
biggest billboard in town,
if you catch my drift.
It was because your plumbing outfit
had the most complaints
filed at City Hall.
That was my brother.
He passed away, and I've spent my
Contractors will nickel-and-dime
a woman to death if she lets them.
My little trick is combing through those
public complaint files
and finding businesses
that can't afford one more bad review.
So, you report these lead
pipes to Health and Safety,
it'll be the last report you ever make.
You won't be cleaning sewers.
You'll be living in one!
Now, I'm afraid I must leave you to it.
My Chardonnay won't
enjoy itself, will it?
I don't want to regret
pulling you out of the gutter
for this one last job, Linus.
Call me when you finish!
Fucking Karen.
I think you ate
the wrong rat, cat.
Yeah, I think I'm on
the side of the animals.
What the hell?
No, no, I don't think I
need this job that badly.
Out of here.
Fucking racist-ass lady.
Can find her own damn plumber, okay,
'cause I am done.
Okay, yep,
we don't need that shit today.
Just a second.
Coming, coming.
Can I help you?
Wait a second.
I got this.
The tool belt, the bucket.
The slime.
You're a plumber.
I yes, I'm a plumber.
I traced the problem to your unit here.
I know it's late,
but your landlord, Victoria,
she's just really wanting
this job done tonight.
I'd watch my ass if I were you.
She loves to take contractors
to court before she pays up.
Have a good shift, Miss Ingersoll.
- Come on.
- Thank you.
Behold, the presidential suite.
You would not believe what
she charges for this place.
And you're the first
repairman I've seen in years.
And I'm not the first one to complain.
The other neighbors have issues too.
Can we hurry this up?
I just got off my shift and I have
to go pick up my daughter.
Mr. Wasserman, he lives down the hall.
He told me that he felt something hairy
in the shower under his toes.
And Mrs. Chen, she lives upstairs,
she said that her kitchen sink stops up
and she heard some chirping noise?
And then there's Leila, that's my girl.
She said that she saw
something furry in the toilet.
I told her it was just
her imagination, but
Uh, it was a rat.
- What?
- Ugh.
Don't tell me that.
No, no, no, tell me that.
Nah, you've got a bunch
of sludge in your pipes.
Rats are smart.
They find a smorgasbord like this,
they just move right in,
start getting big and fat and mean.
Now you sound like Victoria.
She talks about us.
Look, I have to pick up Leila.
It's gonna take me about 30 minutes,
so I am going to leave you here.
Please don't make me regret that, okay?
I got this.
Oh, I got you now, you rat bastard.
Jesus Christ.
What is that?
Oh, I got you now.
Come on.
Oh, I got you now, rat.
Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, shit!
I got you now, motherfucker!
Slimy piece of shit!
Take off my hand.
Hey, you see that, bro?
Carruthers Brothers Plumbing
always gets the job done,
or my name ain't Linus Carruthers!
Oh, oh, get it off!
Oh, oh, where are my tools?
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, get it off!
I can't see!
Oh, god, it stings my skin!
Get it off, get it off!
Come at me, clog!
What the hell is that?
You had
a drain clog.
What happened to rats?
No rats.
The clog probably ate the rats.
Who are you calling?
Animal control? CDC?
I have a better idea.
Hi, Ms. Smoot?
- Are you finished?
- Well, not really?
Ugh, why? What now?
I think you better
just see this for yourself.
You're gonna
make me drive all the way
down there at this hour?
Middle of the night,
rolling around in the dark.
Plumber, where are you?
You know what time it is, plumber?
If you think I'm paying
you for a five-hour job
that should've taken you one,
you're in for a big surprise.
Where are you,
you little son of
a giant towering bitch?
Hey, what is this?
I thought I made myself clear.
There's not going to
be any unionizing here.
No co-ops!
My building has one woman in charge: me.
He didn't fix it?
He didn't fix it!
Ugh, that backstabbing
wrench monkey didn't do shit!
Have any of you seen the plumber?
I thought you told me on the phone
you'd found the problem!
Oh, I found it.
Well, what is it?
It's you. You're the problem.
Hold on a second. Just hold on.
Lead pipes, Victoria.
You weren't gonna tell us?
We have children that live here.
You listen to me, 236!
All of you people,
you listen to what I say!
Where else are you gonna go, huh?
What other place can
any of you even afford?
All right, all right.
How does a month's free rent
sound for all of you, huh?
Two months' rent?
No, three months?
Come on,
this is the deal of the century!
Oh, I didn't know about the lead pipes!
I'm sorry, I didn't know!
Please! Ah!
Somebody help me!
I just want to go home!
I've got news for you, ma'am.
You are home.
Hurry up, Leila!
We gotta go.
Come on, Leila!
You'll be late for school.
Good afternoon, Mr. Zeller.
My name's Tara Cartwright.
With your permission,
I'll be replacing that
rotund little fellow
from the Public Defender's office.
Cartwright, mm-hmm.
I've seen you on some shows.
Do you specialize in defending monsters?
I don't believe in monsters,
only poor choices.
Tell me your story.
If I like what I hear,
I'll take your case on pro bono.
Provided you get the movie rights?
Something like that.
I understand you had an event,
a containment breach?
That is a cover story.
Do you have any idea
what we do up there?
Install-511 is a biotech
research facility,
but based on its remote location,
I'm guessing it's a whole lot more.
Good guess.
We are in the business of lies,
Our real objective is the Wait.
the study of unusual phenomenon
for military purposes,
everything from ESP
to parallel universes.
Our principal investigator
She's been the leading
pioneer in quantum physics
for over 30-plus years.
Six months ago,
she led a team into the mountains.
Rumors came back that
Trollenberg had uncovered
a terrestrial wormhole,
and something crawled back out.
Red alert.
Breach on Sub-Level Four.
Choppers inbound.
Red alert. Breach on Sub-Level Four.
Choppers inbound.
Red alert. Breach on Sub-Level Four.
Choppers inbound.
Conditions are stable. The air's fine.
Red alert. Breach on
The hell's taking
that EVAC chopper so long?
We are on top of a mountain.
It's not like calling a fucking Uber.
- Yeah, thanks, Captain Obvious!
- Okay, hey.
You think you two can hold
off on killing each other?
- Ask your lover.
- Fuck off.
What about Trollenberg?
She's down in her dungeon still
collating, whatever that means.
We can't just leave her here to die.
For all we know, she's already dead.
The alert went off in her sector.
Wait, this isn't a quarantine,
it's an EVAC.
I got an idea. You're head of security.
Why don't you go find out.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'll keep an eye on
things until you get back.
He's just scared.
He should be.
Professor Trollenberg, are you there?
Do you copy?
That isn't a voice, that's a frequency.
The walls.
Red alert.
Breach on Sub-Level Four.
Choppers inbound.
What's happening?
The walls.
Stay away from the walls.
This is a Level Three emergency.
Why are you still here?
- I'm handling the EVAC.
- Who's left?
Two of the grad students,
Mallory and Zeller.
- Zeller.
- Back this way.
Red alert. Breach on Sub-Level Four.
Choppers inbound.
What did you do?
I saw something.
It grabbed her.
- Red alert.
- I couldn't stop it.
It came in
It came in through the walls.
Oh, Mallory, oh, God.
Oh, God.
It came in through the walls.
Are you working up my insanity plea?
Something like that.
Except for one thing.
I am not crazy.
Then you're a cold-blooded killer.
Demons exist. Counselor,
they're on the way.
There's nothing we can do to stop them.
They come in through the walls.
You're gonna fry, motherfucker,
and I'm gonna be there front and center
to watch it happen.
You've got bigger
fish to fry, ma'am.
This thing, whatever it is,
it's out there.
It's pissed.
So am I.
Control yourself!
He killed Mallory!
I didn't kill her.
Look at her body!
An axe didn't do that.
She was torn apart.
The security cams.
Take a look at the feed. It'll show you.
It'll show you what I'm saying is true.
It may be the only way to know for sure.
Yeah, I know for sure
that he chopped her up
into itty-bitty pieces.
Professor. Please.
My life is on the line.
Would it hurt just to look?
I'll be back in under five minutes.
Shit. Look, do you know how to use this?
A cattle prod. Fuck.
Anything happens to Mr. Zeller
while I'm gone,
you'll be the one that fries.
Get away from the walls!
Get away from the walls!
Hey, buddy, what you thinking about?
I'm thinking about how many bullets
I can pump into your
face before you die,
you son of a bitch.
Carson, ask yourself.
What I would get out of killing her?
'Cause you wanted her from
the moment you saw her.
All your Ivy League bullshit,
and you couldn't stand that it was me.
She was gonna tell you, all right?
We both were.
If you wanna blow my head off, go ahead.
At least now you got a reason.
No, it's not like it matters anyway.
We're all fucked.
You saw it, didn't you?
Tell him, Trollenberg,
tell him what you saw.
A monster, just like you said.
An all-too-human one.
He killed her.
- What?
- I watched him do it.
The footage doesn't lie.
- No, no, no no, no, no, no, no!
- Carson!
Jammed it.
T-minus four minutes.
It was self-defense.
That will be for a jury to decide.
You're on Candid Camera, son.
- He blamed me
- For what, Mr. Zeller?
For the atrocity you committed?
What are you talking about?
- You saw the feed.
- I did.
- Then you know.
- Oh, indeed, I do.
Why are you doing this? Orders?
You know I can't say.
You don't have to.
We're gonna look at
the footage together,
you and me, Professor!
And if I'm wrong, I'm crazy,
I'm gonna go quietly,
but if I'm not,
may the Lord help us all.
You better pray that thing
never gets off the mountain.
EVAC team inbound,
T-minus three minutes.
EVAC team inbound, HQ.
We are unable to make
contact with Install 511.
Repeat, unable to make
contact with Install 511.
Their comms appear to be
turned off or damaged.
Repeat, their comms appear
to be turned off or damaged.
Hard to tell what
we're walking into here.
Arrival imminent.
You're just about out of time.
Time is an aversion.
Isn't that what you always say,
Play it.
There you are, Mr. Zeller,
along with the most
unfortunate Mr. Carson.
Play the other footage.
What other footage?
In here, it was fucking here.
I'll show you, where is it?
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, you didn't come to watch it.
You came to delete it. Why?
Why are you protecting that thing?
Did it look like it
needed my protection?
The end days are here, Mr. Zeller.
Mankind's little folly
here on Earth has reached
its pitiful conclusion.
What did you really
find on that expedition?
The truth, son.
A truth mankind isn't ready to bear.
Six months ago,
a spy satellite detected
an anomaly deep inside
the Arctic landscape.
I led a team of scientists
into the mountains to investigate.
Out of six,
just one of us made it back alive.
I knew this strange discovery
would one day change the world.
My colleagues back home called me crazy,
just like they'll call
you crazy, Mr. Zeller,
but I was destined to find it,
and maybe, just maybe,
it was destined to find me.
Time is an illusion, Mr. Zeller.
The Old Ones, as I like to call them,
gifted us with the land,
the sea, the air,
and we pillaged it.
They despise us for what we've done,
but soon, very soon,
what we are will be obsolete
and the Earth will be
a raging sea once more.
What is that thing?
It's a gift left over by the Old Ones.
It emits a sound that bends time,
opens doorways.
I looked through one of those doorways.
What did you see?
Tell me!
The wrath of God.
That thing I saw was not a god.
Well, that's a matter of semantics.
But if you insist on clinging
to your Sunday School mascot,
now is a most excellent time to pray.
Stop it, Trollenberg.
You need to stop!
Make it stop!
Trollenberg, stop it!
Make it stop!
That's quite a tale, Mr. Zeller.
It would make a hell of a movie.
Maybe even a franchise.
Oh, I don't know,
I'm not wild about the ending.
- Ending hasn't happened yet.
- Hmm.
You'll want to get
those details right
for your next best-seller.
So let me see if I have this straight.
Trollenberg summons a race of creatures
from the ancient past
through a wormhole by
way of a flute-like instrument
no human being can hear?
Geez, it sounds nuts
when you say it like that.
I'm counting on it, Mr. Zeller.
Except you got it backwards.
Counselor, Trollenberg
wasn't looking into the past.
She was looking to see
what happens in the future!
God, we are so screwed.
So much for your new best-seller.
We're so screwed!
Put a fork in us, we're done!
They come in through the walls,
and when they do,
no one will be able to stop them!
Not even you!
We just heard from the governor.
It's going ahead as scheduled.
If I may be so bold,
why didn't you push
for the insanity plea?
I can't disobey a client's wishes.
Of course, counselor,
not at the risk of losing
those ancillary rights.
Mr. Zeller,
in lieu of a final statement,
the governor has agreed to
grant you this last request,
however unorthodox it may be.
Thanks, warden, I'll be quick.
Now, here's an oldie but a goodie
something for the fans
in the cheap seats
to remember me by.
Time is an illusion, Mr. Zeller.
I warned you.
I'm warning all of you.
They come in through the walls.
They come in through the walls!
They come in through the walls.
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