Creepshow (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Mums ; Queen Bee

Okay, who's hungry?
The little ones first. Whoa, boy.
BLOOM: You understand me?!
Mornin' you.
Do you wanna meet
your great-great-great
You know she's gonna
turn 100 this summer.
- That isn't true.
- She gets so old,
she was born before TV.
No one was born before TV.
Mm-hmm, before cars. Before horses.
Maybe even before the trees themselves.
You wanna ask her yourself?
I was aimin' for it to be a surprise.
You and I have never
taken a trip together.
So, we'll get the bus in Cordia
and we'll zip on over to Joplin,
and then we'll catch a Greyhound
to Minnesota from there.
How long does the bus take
to get to Minnesota from here?
I don't know, nearly
14 hours. Maybe longer.
Everything just takes longer on the bus.
But, it is past time that
you met your up north people.
What about Dad?
Do you think anything can
happen in this house that
he doesn't already know about?
- Don't have to pack?
- Already done.
I packed for both of us. So, come on!
Let's get a hurry up shoes!
- What about your garden?
- Don't you worry about it.
Mother Earth has a way of
takin' care of her own kind.
So let's get to gettin'!
Connor, you the reinforcements?
Impartial observer.
Where you off to, Bloom? Hm?
You can't take him.
That's my boy.
I'm doing things my way now.
Jack doesn't have to go anywhere
he doesn't already wanna go.
Oh my god, I am sick to death of
your hippy-dippy tree-huggin' bullshit.
Well, you You wanna take him up
to meet the rest of
your fucked-up family?
No, absolutely not. He's
staying here with me.
You wanna go? Go right ahead.
But I thought I got you away
from that goddamn nonsense.
Obviously my first mistake.
Oh, Bloom. Jack is never
gonna become a man
Oh, you are some kind of man?
With all the separatist
survival bullshit?
You are nothing but a two-bit terrorist.
[LAUGHS] Did you hear her?
- Mm-hmm.
- Fucking terrorist?
Oh, I get it! I get it!
This is the part where
you call me a Nazi again.
Get out of my way.
Go ahead, Bloom. You
just keep pushing me.
Keep it up, 'cuz I'm all the$ way
done takin' it, you hear me?
What do we have here? What?
- I didn't do any
- HANK: I was halfway to Wichita
when I realized I didn't have this.
- That's why I turned around.
- That is a lie.
You planted it along
with that fuckin' bottle.
- Well played!
- Come on, save it for Rudy Spaulding.
The chief is waitin' for you!
I'm makin' a citizen's
arrest, you hear me?
- JACK: Dad.
- Huh?
You better stay out of this, kid.
Honey, don't. It's okay.
- Come on.
- BLOOM: Beth.
Beth, you see to it that
Jack is taken care of.
Don't leave him alone
and I will be back soon!
I will get a lawyer
and I'm gonna give
Who the fuck do you think
they're gonna listen to?!
You? A fuckin' drunk
with an arrest record
and a history of mental illness?
Or me, a decorated former Marine, huh?
You come now, Jack.
We're gonna get your
mom the help she needs.
You know how this goes, sweetie.
This ain't the first time nor the last.
You've got to wait out the storm.
Your mom's tough.
It ain't no thing to her.
I haven't seen her touch a
bottle in God knows how long.
Why don't we just find something
to take your mind off things? Hm?
I'm sure it'll all work out.
Beth, you don't understand.
He was gonna hit her. Again!
And I just stood there.
You're saying wait out the storm
and then things will go back to normal.
But then there's just gonna
be another storm, and another.
It's just who he is!
Your dad, he's complicated.
Let's just say that.
Once your mom's better,
you'll be a family again.
You got a plan as to how
you're gonna explain this
to young Jack, I presume.
There was a a struggle in the car.
And she pulled away from
me and the door was open.
The next thing I knew,
she was going end
over end in the street.
The damn woman jumped.
That's the story?
It didn't have to go this way.
What's right is right.
It's too late to sing
that song, ain't it?
- Any word?
- BETH: Not yet.
I think I'll just stay here
'til your dad gets back.
Okay. I just hope Mom's okay.
- Mom!
- No, Jack. Jack, it's me.
It's just a bad dream.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Go back to sleep, all right?
Aw, fuck.
She really did love this garden of hers.
Yeah. But you know what?
It's completely legal
to keep her on my land.
Another thing I love about Kansas.
Save the planet, fertilize it.
BETH: What do you got there?
Seeds. I think Mom wanted
to take them to Meemaw.
Oh, yeah?
Let's see.
I wanna plant them.
Give her something nice to come home to.
Aww. You are a darlin'.
It's a new day.
I always loved working in the soil.
Something your mom and I shared.
The fact that you can plant
anything a seed, an idea.
Heck, you can even plant evidence
to throw someone off the track.
- Jack.
- Dad.
Everything okay?
Look here, it's
It's really unfortunate
that you had to see that yesterday.
But you need to understand
it it's probably for the best.
Is she coming back?
No. No, not anytime soon.
Jack, do you understand why
your mother wanted to leave?
She wanted to go someplace
that she could drink and take her pills.
And you need to
understand look at me.
You need to understand that
she would've eventually
chosen those things over you.
Yes, yes, you need to
understand that, Jack.
You at the police station,
she she had a complete breakdown.
I mean, it was it was heartbreaking.
I mean, it was heartbreaking.
But, you know, thank the Lord Jesus
she's in the halfway house right now.
She's getting the help that she needs.
So all that we can do is wait
and and and see
what happens, okay?
But you gotta stand tall. Stand tall.
There you go. Good, be strong.
BETH: What are you doing, Jack?
You wanna water 'em,
not bleed all over 'em.
JACK: How long until
you think they'll sprout?
BETH: I don't know.
"Lettuce" consider.
Do you "carrot" on how long?
I guess "weed" better
get a move on, then.
Now you're just beatin' around the bush.
All right, so, easiest way
to get in and get a pass,
you come in on first. You park on A1.
You leave your keys
in it. Then you walk.
ATF is on the top floor.
Yeah, and there's also an IRS
office on four, same building.
It's small, but you know,
it's like a little
extra somethin' special.
Like a cherry on top
of a sundae tasty.
Oh, man. Can you imagine this, Hank?
It's gonna be just pieces
fallin' three states away.
It's gonna be rainin'
chunks, man. Chunks.
HANK: There'll be
chunks of them in orbit.
CONNOR: Has Jack read the book yet?
- HANK: He will.
- CONNOR: It's important.
HANK: I know it is.
I shit you not, he will.
What we're what we're
doin', this isn't new.
Secessionism is not new.
Confederacy ain't new. No.
We're in the vanguard, man.
- CONNOR: I'm an American.
- Damn straight, man.
How is this possible?
Mom, your garden.
It's it's grown.
JACK: I wish you could see this.
The flowers remind me of you.
HANK: Jack is never gonna become a man.
Who the fuck do you think
they're gonna listen to?
You or me?
You better stay out of this, kid.
JACK: Is she coming back?
HANK: I'm sorry, Mom.
I miss you.
BETH: She doesn't just love you.
She loves me, too. More
than I ever deserved.
- No, that isn't true.
- [CRYING] It is.
I was afraid she couldn't
be out there on her own.
Not with all that rotten stuff
bangin' around inside her head.
Don't be sad, Beth.
She'll be back soon.
[SNIFFS] Besides, you
helped with the flowers.
You've shown her just
how much you love her,
just by planting them with me.
Nothing says I love
you better than flowers.
Quit your fucking daydreaming.
You got chores to do.
The pigs need their dinner.
Don't wait up for me.
I don't know how late I'll be back.
Yes, sir.
BETH: I wish it was happening tomorrow.
The ATF is saying the
meeting is in October.
It's plenty soon enough.
CONNOR: If we still have 'til October.
If she hadn't told anybody
HANK: She didn't tell anyone, Connor.
CONNOR: You can't be sure about that.
But I am. I am sure.
Because Beth got everything
that she knew out of her
when she called and told
me she was taking Jack away.
Damn good on you, Beth. No, Bloom knew.
She knew exactly what would happen
if we ever got raided by the feds.
She knew that would be like
puttin' a gun against her head.
Because I told her.
I told her myself that I
would put her in the ground
if the law ever came on my land.
No, she was crazy, Connor.
But she wasn't fucking stupid.
HANK: Tomorrow.
- Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.
- HANK: All right.
Thank the good maker
for women like you, Beth.
Beth. [SNIFFS]
Take good care of my boy, all right?
- BETH: All right, I will.
I know you will.
It's okay, it's okay. Calm down.
Come on! Come on!
Aah! Ow! Aah!
Beth! Beth! Come quick!
I need you to help. I
did something stupid.
BETH: Jack, you're bleedin'.
We gotta do something about that arm.
No, no, no. Beth, I need your help.
- Please, come quick, please!
- Okay, okay, of course I will.
Come on.
Jack, I don't see anything.
What are you playing?
What the crap is all this horse pockey?
Hey, Jack!
Jack, you in there? You asleep?
What, you ran away,
you little shaved tail?
JACK: I'm right here.
What, you runnin' a spook house in here
tonight or somethin', Jack?
What happened?
I I did something bad.
I did something really, really bad.
What did you do?
I need help. I need your help, Dad!
Goddamn it all to hell. What?
You have to come see.
- I didn't mean to find it.
- What?
In the bushes. I I didn't mean it.
Okay, Jack. Jack, listen to me.
Whatever it is that you
think you saw out here,
it's not I can explain, okay?
Oh my god. Beth. Hey, hey.
Jack, no, no, no! Oh!
Oh, you stupid fucking kid.
HANK: What the fuck is this? Let go!
Fuck you, you fucking bitch!
Hey, Connor.
Yeah. Dad says get over
here double quick.
- CONNOR: What's this about?
- About a bag, I don't know what.
He said you know. And hurry, okay?
CONNOR: All right,
all right, I'm comin'.
JACK: Mom said Meemaw's
going to turn 100 this summer.
I'm glad I'm going to finally meet her.
Never met someone older than TV.
REGINA: What to do ♪
It's a Saturday night ♪
Lookin' to cause
some trouble, trouble ♪
What to play ♪
Do whatever we like ♪
Have fun and keep it subtle, subtle ♪
Time to get a little too crazy ♪
And we're good for
going all out tonight ♪
- Earth to Trinice!
REGINA: Someone's gotta ♪
Regina's voice is just
like so hypnotic.
You're actually watching
that video again?
You're, like, fucking obsessed.
Hey! I gotta support my queen.
Oh God, can you even
hear yourself right now?
Look, it's hard work being
Regina's number-one fan.
Are you kidding? Alright, get in line.
You haven't even seen her
live. I am her number-one fan.
[SCOFFS] I would have seen her live
if you would've gotten
me an extra ticket.
Mm, that sounds like something
Regina's number-two fan would say.
Whatever. You were sitting
in the nosebleeds, anyway.
Um, uh, you just don't
get it, all right?
Seeing her in concert, it changes you.
Like, recordings don't
even do her justice.
Hearing her live, it's
like on a whole other level.
That booty's on a whole
'nother level, goddamn.
Those curves are, like, inhuman.
You know she's like nine
months pregnant, right?
Yeah, I'd still hit that.
DEBORAH: Oh my gosh, gross!
Can you try to blow that out the window?
What if my mom smells it?
- Isn't she at work?
- DEBORAH'S MOM: Deborah?
Why didn't you tell us
your mom was home?
Her shift got canceled last minute.
It's not my fault that
Regina went into labor.
BOTH: What?
Hey, hon.
Smells like you guys might be hungry.
Want me to make some dinner?
Um, no, that's okay.
We're we're good.
I'm gonna go to bed soon.
- Oh, we can have leftovers.
- Yeah.
Come on, no one likes a cold meal.
Well, here's my wallet if
you wanna order some pizzas.
Okay, what did you say about Regina?
- Nothing.
- No.
You said she was having
her baby tonight.
My mom will kill me if
anybody else finds out.
- Oh, come on!
- Tell us everything.
Or, I'll post a rumor and
I'll tag your mom, too.
Okay, fine! All right?
My mom had to go home
because Regina's, like,
shutting down the entire
fourth floor of the hospital.
She's bringing in her
own doctors and stuff.
CARLOS: Hey, why would she do all that?
Privacy, duh!
Everyone on planet Earth
wants to see Regina's baby.
Wait, can you imagine
how much money we'd get
for a picture of that kid?
If she wants to take a
picture, she'll do it herself.
We should respect her privacy.
Oh, please. She's a superstar.
That basically makes
her public property,
like a national park or Denny's.
[LAUGHS] No, Deborah's right.
This is a beautiful moment
between a mother and her child.
It should be private. Just
Regina and her staff
and her three biggest fans!
Are you insane?
Debs, we should be there
to share this moment.
Come on, I thought you were Regina's
number-one fan!
Don't ever question my
loyalty to Team Regina.
All right! But, how are we gonna get in?
Backstage pass!
And we can split the money
from the pictures three ways.
BOTH: No pictures!
Okay, fine.
Time to remind them who you are ♪
Deborah's mom is totally fine
with us spending the night.
MOM: Well, are you gonna be good?
Yeah, don't worry. We'll be fine.
MOM: Yeah, that's what you always say.
I gotta go, Mom.
- MOM: You better be good.
- Yeah.
- MOM: Love you, sweetie.
- Love you too!
- Bye!
- MOM: Bye!
God, it's like she
doesn't even trust me.
Did you mention you were
breaking into a hospital?
Okay, we're not breaking in.
We have a key. [LAUGHS]
Oh my God, I will totally bug
out if I get to meet Regina!
I wonder who the father is.
Do you think that he'll be there?
Oh my God, if we get a photo of him,
- we'd make so much more money.
- We said no pictures, remember?
No, Deborah said no
pictures of the baby.
But the daddy's fair game.
You know what? I bet
there isn't even a father.
I bet Regina is, like, the
Virgin Mary or something, like,
- totally divine.
- Hell yeah.
She's just like us.
She don't need no man!
[LAUGHS] Yeah, girl!
Okay, there's a difference between
"don't need" and "can't get."
MALE DJ: Breaking news.
- This one's for Regina.
- Shut up. Hey, listen, listen!
DJ: Rumors are buzzing online
that Regina is about to go into
labor and has been rushed
to an undisclosed location.
That's right!
The queen is about to give
birth, if only we knew where.
Oh, we know.
Hell yeah. We're comin' Regina!
DJ: Wishing her the best.
Here is Regina's latest
hit, "Hungry for You."
REGINA: Time is running out ♪
Oh ♪
How are we supposed to
get past that camera?
Trinice, do you have your selfie stick?
- Ding! Duh!
- Cool.
Come on, come on, come on! Hurry!
- [BEEP]
- Come on.
CARLOS: This must be it.
Swipe your card, Deborah.
I don't know, guys.
Maybe we should give her her privacy.
Sounds like a certain fan is
getting bumped to number two.
Oh my God, it's Regina!
MAN: Hey!
You guys shouldn't be in here.
This floor's off limits.
Um, we we were lost.
Oh, really?
Where'd you guys get this key card?
Stop, you're hurting her!
- Stop it! Just
- Stop!
Oh, shit.
Is he dead?
I'm not waiting to find out.
Come on, Deborah, let's go!
Hey, guys, do you hear that?
Hear what?
You dork, you still have your earbuds.
Oh. Duh.
Probably just like an
electrical hum or something.
Then why are all the lights turned off?
Maybe they're going green.
The elevator!
Shit. Shit.
Come on, Trinice. We gotta bail.
Deborah? Deborah?
Shh! You wanna get us busted?
Something's wrong with these people.
Maybe Deborah was right.
We shouldn't be here.
- I can't even find Deborah.
- What do you mean, you can't?
- I can't.
- Guys. Guys.
TRINICE: Oh right here, I found her!
Whoa, check this out.
Okay. I'm ready to leave now.
DEBORAH: Look! There she is!
TRINICE: My God, it's really her!
She's having the baby right now!
CARLOS: Oh, guys, this is crazy!
DEBORAH: Oh, my God.
We're gonna be the first
people in the world to see this!
CARLOS: This is so cool.
They're hurting her!
No. It's like an epidural, right?
It's supposed to help with the pain?
Yeah, that doesn't
look like it's helping.
What's wrong with their eyes?
I told you. Something weird is going on.
Guys, is is that supposed to happen?
- Carlos, you idiot!
- We said no pictures!
Maybe she didn't see us.
I think she saw us!
- That was her.
- What what the hell?
Come on, guys, we gotta run!
Deborah, we gotta run!
Snap out of it!
No! Damn it!
- Don't listen to it!
- What's happening?
They're controlling you with that sound.
Keep the cotton in your ears.
Where's Carlos?
No. No.
My queen.
No! No!
Oh, no!
Come on, we have to get into it!
- Help! Trinice!
- No!
Trinice! Help! Help!
The elevator! It's the only way out!
Trinice, come on!
Fuck that.
Come on, come on!
There's no time. We gotta hide.
It's almost here! Come on!
Come on!
No! Help!
We made it.
We can use this picture to expose Regina
for the monster she is.
And destroy her career?
What the hell are you doing?
Let's get the hell out of here!
No! I bought tickets to her next tour.
Are you crazy?
We have to tell the police.
She hasn't even finished her new album.
Didn't you see what that thing did?
It killed Carlos!
She was protecting her privacy.
She's a monster!
She's Regina!
I thought you were her number-one fan.
I guess this just proves
that you're number two.
Help! Help!
Oh, God!
Deborah, please!
DEBORAH: I feel really
bad about this, Trinice.
Really, I do, but
I just have to protect Regina's image.
She promised me
backstage passes for life.
You'd understand if you'd seen her live.
It changes you.
Do you wanna meet her babies?
Regina says I get to be
their nanny after school.
Aren't they just the cutest?
I just have to remember
to feed them one time!
They've already had their feeding,
but there's just so many of them.
Oh, and I told Regina that
we could start with you.
It's like my mom always says
no one likes a cold meal.
TRINICE: No! No! No!
No! No!
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