Creepshow (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

Time Out ; The Things in Oakwood's Past

WOMAN: I didn't even know he was sick.
MAN: I don't think he was.
He was really
They were the same age.
I think he was 70.
I think he was closer to 170.
We're here today to
celebrate Joseph's life.
Soldier, husband and father.
He burned bright.
Dedicated man who found the time
to not only devote his attention
But remain a devoted man to Catherine.
Tim, no.
What have I told you about this closet?
Not until I'm older.
That's right.
Do you have any idea
how dangerous it would be
if you got locked in this closet?
Grandpa went in.
He thought I didn't see.
He went in with a book,
then came back out.
Well, your grandfather
forgot that even if you
can play tricks with
time, you can't cheat it.
You'll understand when you're older.
Go find your mother.
She's looking for you.
Oh, have you seen kitty?
Oh, that's okay, I'll find him.
You run along now.
Come on, man.
The test isn't until Friday at 8.
Yeah, that's exactly why
I'm not gonna smoke any.
I gotta study twice as hard
to do half as well as you.
Well, that is true.
I am the smart one, don't forget.
I didn't forget.
- Do you know what you need?
- Noise-canceling headphones?
Nah, man, none of that.
What you need is to relax.
Whoa. Hey, look, man.
It's that girl you never talk to.
- What's her name?
- Lauren?
- Lauren.
- Shut up.
Look, come on.
Hurry up, man.
Look, see them right there.
- Dang, I like her friend.
- I like her.
Yeah, I know you do, lover boy.
Hey, look, got an idea.
You got an idea?
Yeah, just wait up here, man.
- Timothy Denbrough?
- Uh, yeah.
We're delivering from the estate of a
Catherine Denbrough?
- My grandmother?
- Sign here.
Whoa, um
Oh, and here's a letter
from your grandma.
All right, thank you, guys.
Come on, Tim.
The party's startin' now, man.
Lauren, this is my friend,
Tim, I was talkin' about.
He's supposed to be
studying for an exam, but
- I am.
- I told him it could wait
because he's actually had
a crush on you all semester.
- Really?
- Oh, oh.
Hey, I didn't know that
was gonna come out, hi.
Hey, listen, you wanna go grab a drink?
- So.
- So.
Why is your heart set
on law if it's so hard?
Well, my parents had me
when they were really young
just like fresh outta college.
And my dad was plannin'
on going to law school,
but he died in a car accident.
- I'm sorry.
- No, thank you, it's uh
So I don't know, I figure if I become
a successful lawyer and a good dad,
that I'll be doing what
he never got the chance to.
Oh, okay, a lawyer and a dad.
I know, I, uh
You've got it all planned out, don't ya?
No, I uh, I think that's nice.
You're nice.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're not forgetting
about the exam, are you?
Oh, I gotta go, sorry.
Hey, hey, uh, I would
love to see you again.
Don't be late.
I am not gonna pass the Bar.
Shit, I am not ready for this.
I don't have time.
Okay, thank you, Grandma.
No way.
Ah, thank you.
Right on time.
- What?
- Nothin'.
GROUP: Cheers.
- All right.
- And cheers to you.
And you.
- Let's see the ring again.
- Yes.
Ah, it's so pretty.
Thank you.
So when is the big day, guys?
Ah, November right after
we pass the Bar, right?
Okay, I like the confidence, man.
Do you wanna go look
at bridesmaid dresses?
- I would love to.
- Thank you.
- I beg to differ.
- Have fun.
- Bye.
- We'll see you later.
All right, listen.
So I haven't told Lauren
yet, but guess what?
- What's up?
- I got a house.
- Dope, man.
- Yeah, it's a mile
from Wells and Brown.
It's a fixer upper.
- It's perfect.
- Whoa, hang on.
You know that Wells and
Brown offer is only good
- if you pass the Bar?
- I know.
I'm not worried, man. I've
been putting in the time.
Well, I hope you been puttin'
in the time when you're sleeping
because you're looking a little raggedy.
I think maybe you're
just a little worried
- about me doing better than you.
- Nah, man, come on.
You come on.
- All right, maybe. Maybe.
- Maybe.
But a wedding, the Bar and now a house.
There's only so many hours in a day.
That's just the excuse people use.
I'm just kiddin', man.
Listen, I appreciate the concern,
but I kinda got it under control.
Are you sure?
Hmm, top of your class.
Editor of your law review.
Good reviews with your
clerkship with Judge Meyers.
What is your trick?
I am very good at time management.
Well, keep it up.
Here at Wells and Brown,
we like to be continually impressed.
And I plan on continually
impressing you.
In fact, I think that one day
my name is gonna be
on that sign out front.
A little soon to be
making bold statements
like that, don't you think?
I don't like to waste time, sir.
Especially yours.
I can handle anything you send me.
Well, I don't want to keep you too late.
Get home to your new bride.
LAUREN: Honey, can you bring
the other Phillips head?
This one's too big for the switch cover.
Yes, ma'am. I'll be right in.
Hey, you're the man.
On Tim's first day here,
he told me he doesn't
like to waste time.
- Me?
- Yeah, you. You cocky bastard.
But I guess it's true
because he just made
senior associate in under four years.
And that is faster than anyone
in the history of this firm.
Congratulations, Tim.
- Here, here. All right.
- Cheers.
Yeah, thanks.
I, uh I really appreciate it, Bob.
I couldn't have done
it without any of you.
And I'm lookin' forward to the future.
Thank you very much.
Wow, this looks good.
Dig in.
LAUREN: When are you going
to see the eye doctor?
- You having trouble, old man?
- No.
WOMAN: Congratulations, it's a boy.
I got him.
All right, here you go. Come on.
Throw it. Come on, buddy.
Oh, oh.
LAUREN: Wow, good throw, Henry.
Tim, what are you doing?
All right, you guys. Food's ready.
Is he wearing you out?
- Hello.
- BOB: Hey, Tim,
I'm gonna need you to close
that Halford account by Monday.
- Monday?
- BOB: Yeah, Monday.
I just got off the phone
with the client.
You couldn't get a continuance?
BOB: No, I put you on
this because you said
you had the time.
You'll get it done if you
wanna make junior partner.
Uh, yeah, I can do
it. I have the files.
BOB: Good, I'll see you in the morning.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah, okay.
No problem. Bye.
- Do you have to leave?
- No, I get to stay.
I don't know how you do it.
You're amazing.
You guys do love your cakes.
- It looks good.
- Yeah.
- You deserve it.
- Thanks, bud.
Crossing the finish line
first as always, man.
I don't know how you do
it. You love it, don't you?
You know, I do love it.
Yeah, I know you do.
Congratulations, man. You deserve it.
Whoa, are you all right?
Whoa, whoa. Take it easy.
Whoa, Tim. Are you okay?
Guys, I don't
Oh, come on.
You're lucky this was
just a mini stroke.
You'll recover.
We'll give you some medication
for your hypertension.
I'm sorry, did you say stroke?
I don't understand.
I workout.
I mean, I eat well. And
I don't know, I think
I'm in pretty good shape.
You are in good shape
for someone about ten
years older than you are.
My advice would be to
cut back on the long hours
and make sure you're sleeping.
A young man shouldn't
be having these issues.
He will.
Do you remember what you
said to me when we first met?
You wanted to be the lawyer and dad
your father didn't get a chance to be.
You've done that.
You've won, but if you want
to keep what you've won,
you have to stop working
yourself into an early grave.
Can you do that?
HENRY: Come on, Dad, it's your turn.
LAUREN: Hey, Tim.
We're ready.
Where are you?
LAUREN: Your turn.
- You get to get to the ladder.
- You're so good at this game.
Next time you can roll for me.
All right, my turn.
- LAUREN: Oh, you can't do that.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought I was supposed
to go right to the end.
So it'll be announced soon,
but I wanted you to hear it from me.
There's a short list for senior partner.
All right.
Senior partner, about time, man.
- Tim.
- Yeah.
What, I'm not on it?
Who is?
- Well, Winston.
- Winston.
Avery, of course.
And me.
And you?
And me.
- I see.
- Look, I'm really sorry, man.
No, you earned it, buddy.
Mia told me about the
senior partner list.
I talked to Bob.
And I'm gonna fix it, I promise.
No, that's not what I'm saying.
I don't care about senior partner.
I know it's more money
and more prestige.
But I don't care about that.
Henry doesn't care about that.
What is important to us is
the time we have together.
Do you understand that?
- Yeah, I do.
- Good.
BOB: Hey, Tim, Mako Terra accounts
need discovery by next week.
TIM: They want discovery by when?
BOB: Wednesday, latest.
TIM: I'm sorry, that is just not
That's not possible.
BOB: You know there's a
perception that you've lost
- your drive.
- TIM: That's not true.
I am the same guy that I've always been.
And I have the same, exact
drive that I've always had.
BOB: Well, then show me, Tim.
Are you gonna get this done on time?
TIM: Um, yeah.
BOB: Good, and you know what?
Don't bother coming in tomorrow
unless you get this done.
You got that?
- Hey, buddy.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
It's 3:30 in the morning.
You should be in bed.
- I'm thirsty.
- Okay, well, go in the kitchen.
I'll be right in.
Go on.
I'll be right after you.
I love you.
HENRY: Love you too.
LAUREN: What is important to
us is the time we have together.
Do you understand that?
GRANDMA: Your grandfather
forgot that even if you
can play tricks with time,
- you can't cheat it.
- You wanted to be the lawyer and dad
your father didn't get the chance to be.
MAN: Well, I hope you've
been putting in the time
in your sleep because you're
lookin' a little raggedy.
- DOCTOR: You are in good shape.
- LAUREN: But if you want
DOCTOR: Someone about ten
years older than you are.
- LAUREN: to stop working.
- HENRY: Do you have to leave?
TIM: No, no, no, no.
Oh, shit.
- TIM: Oh, shit.
- Dad?
Henry. Henry.
Henry! Henry!
Dad. Where are you?
- Aah.
MAN: All right, everybody.
We're goin' live at five, four, three
Thanks, Jennifer.
Horlex University
officials also confirmed
the rediscovery of what they're calling
the carpenter Arctic
exploration collection.
I don't know what that is,
but it sure sounds exciting.
Don't you think, Murph?
Sure does. If it were me,
I'd have opened those crates yesterday.
Moving onto our final story.
Now this is a fun one, Serese.
The little town of Oakwood
at the north end of Castle County
is gearing up for a
big event this Friday.
Mac Kamen has the report.
MAC: If you're up on your Maine myths,
you know that the town of Oakwood
has quite the mysterious history.
It's well known around these parts
that back in 1821, 200 years ago,
the entire town of
Oakwood up and vanished.
Every single resident.
A real mystery for
the ages you might say.
Here in Oakwood every
citizen has a theory.
Smallpox wiped the whole
kit and kaboodle off the map.
That or bubonic plague,
possibly leprosy.
It had to be the Indian raids,
the Maliseet, the Mi'kmaq.
Personally, I still
don't trust none of them.
Aliens, what else makes sense?
They aliened down in their alien saucer.
Tractor beamed the whole village.
Then aliened them off to do
their probing and whatnot.
MAC: The truth behind the mystery
might finally be revealed this Friday.
MARNIE: I like to think
finding the journals
was pure serendipity.
MAC: Marnie Wrightson's not
just the mayor's daughter.
She's Oakwood's librarian
and president of the Historical Society.
While cleaning the library basement,
Marnie Rightson found her holy grail
A stack of Oakwood
journals from the 1800s
written by a man named Eli Lester.
MARNIE: I must've moved
those boxes 100 times,
but something drew me in this time.
And I hear you've barely
put the journals down
over the last few days.
It's like a crash course
in Oakwood's history.
I understand the icing on the cake
was the discovery of
the etched coordinates
on the back of Eli
Lester's final journal.
Where did that lead?
We dug up a section of Flag's
Park next to the school.
And wouldn't you know it?
We found a time capsule.
The people of this town are
electric with anticipation.
You're a veritable Sherlock Holmes.
Well, I mean, my dad wanted me
to go into politics like him,
but there's three things that I love.
I mean, I love books. I love history.
And I love a good mystery.
And Oakwood's got all three.
All clear.
Oh, God.
I sounded so cheesy.
A big, stupid bowl of liquid cheese.
Can I try again?
Oh, our viewers love their
kickers doused in cheese.
- Trust me.
- What's a kicker?
Oh, that's the fluff story at
the end of a news broadcast.
It leaves people feeling good, you know?
One-legged ostrich befriends
acne-ridden crocodile.
Local boy sets Guinness record
for wearing 300 pairs of pants.
Three hundred at once?
Yeah, talented kid.
Uh, anyway, I'll be doin'
kickers here all week
before goin' live for
Friday's big reveal.
- You'll be here all week?
- Yeah.
I'm stayin' at the Oakwood B&B.
All right, one-legged ostrich.
Quit befriending the
acne-ridden crocodile.
So you wanna show us the dig site?
How'd you find it anyway?
Oh, easy. I called a cartographer.
The back of Eli Lester's
final journal has coordinates.
- Uh.
- Ah.
MAC: That's the same year
the town vanished, right?
I'm having trouble deciphering
Eli Lester's final entry.
But I'm gonna crack it.
I've got a hunch the townsfolk
back in 1821, left a record
of why they abandoned Oakwood.
And left it in that box.
We'll find out on Friday.
You don't think there's a chance
it could be a bust, do you?
Like Al Capone's vault.
Well, if that happens,
absolutely blast it with cheese.
- All right?
- [LAUGHS] Okay.
MARNIE: Okay, kids.
I know Mrs. Gomez gave
you all assignments
to guess what's in the time capsule.
What do you think is in the box?
If I had a box, I'd put toys in it.
I think they put in lists of friends
in order of how they liked
them with Jackie at the bottom.
My dad has a box
and there's lady pictures in it.
And none of them are Mommy.
Well, I think that this is a mystery.
And we will learn more and
more about our ancestors
once we open up the box.
What's that?
Well, if you believe Eli Lester,
the 1821 disappearance
is only part of the story.
This part of Eli's journal says
that another 200 years back,
around 1621, there was
a different vanishing.
What happened to those people?
Oh, probably nothing.
That seemed to me like you
were holding somethin' back.
Well, they're kids.
I don't want them having
nightmares about
- About what?
- In his last entry,
Lester writes how he begged
town's folk to open that box.
He says it was their only hope for
something that I can't make
out. It's not just that.
The symbols in that last slide,
I feel like I've seen
them somewhere before.
You're sayin' there's some
kind of protection in that box?
From what?
Hey, where are you goin'?
What is it?
MAC: Hey, is everything okay?
I don't know.
Friday's 200 years to the day
since the capsule was buried.
And I don't think we can wait that long.
Where are you going?
MARNIE: Mac, Carmella, good?
- CARMELLA: Rolling.
- MAC: Uh-huh.
MARNIE: Look, I know you
can't put this on air.
MAC: Well, don't worry,
there's other routes.
Viral videos.
We'll get the truth out there.
Everyone needs to see this.
I took this from the Historical Society.
I never understood
what it meant until now.
Well, I'll be.
Mi'kmaq art, circa guess when?
Yet another 200 years back.
We're talking 600 years of
Oakwood getting wiped out.
There comes a point when things
can't just be coincidence anymore, Mac.
On Friday, it will come again.
And this thing, it doesn't
just scare us from town.
It doesn't just infect us with some bug.
I mean, it slaughters us.
Do you understand?
It is going to kill
every fucking one of us.
I found those journals.
It is up to me to save this town.
Hey, it's not just up to you.
I'm with you every step,
my acne-ridden crocodile.
My one-legged ostrich.
code 6, 105 North Avenue 52.
MARNIE: Something is
coming from the woods,
Eli Lester writes, that our only hope
at fighting back is inside that box.
He buried it, so we could use it.
I mean, I don't know
if it's some spell or
Darlin', a spell?
- I raised you better than that.
- Don't darlin' me, Dad.
Everyone here is in danger
if we don't do something.
I'm sorry about this, Marnie,
but I have a celebration to plan.
- Really?
- Hey, take your hands off her.
She has a right to speak.
Because WGON is right
here in Castle County.
And because folks in my
town like being on TV,
I've decided to extend to you
some of our famous Oakwood hospitality.
Is that how you treat your own daughter?
You do your story today,
your live shot tomorrow.
Then high tail it out, ya hear?
No more of my daughter's
creative theories.
She just needs a minute to
get her head on straight.
Nabbing artifacts from
the Historical Society.
Diggin' up private property
in the middle of the night.
There's only so much
a father can tolerate.
And what about the people of this town?
- They are your responsibility.
- What?
You're worried about a
200-year old boogeyman?
I care about these people, okay?
I care about my daughter.
All you need to know, Romeo,
is everything is on schedule
for a good, wholesome event on Friday.
And both of y'all are invited.
So, Mac, tonight's the big night.
What's the vibe there?
Well, Serese, with just hours left
before Oakwood opens its
very own time capsule,
excitement is at a fever pitch.
Everyone, and I mean everyone
is lined up for this
evening's festivities.
Most of us are excited.
We're really excited
to see what's in there
and to come home.
Really looking forward
to coming home, guys.
Welcome all.
What a joy it is to see all
these beautiful Oakwood faces.
Now because this is being carried live,
I'm gonna dispense with
my usual blah, blah, blah
and get right down to it.
Let's see what our
forefathers left us, shall we?
Stop. Dad, stop!
I figured it out.
Oh, girl. What are you doin'?
I translated the last entry.
Eli Lester, he was a
historian just like me.
He adored Oakwood. He
raised his family here.
He knew everything about its history.
But when his daughter was
murdered by a town elder,
they let him go free.
He decided to use what he knew
about Oakwood's past against it.
He convinced the town
council that they needed
what was inside that ancient box
in order to keep the
200-year curse at bay
when it was quite the opposite.
Eli tricked them, Dad.
Now he's tricked me too.
There's nothing in the
woods coming to get us.
Get her out of here. Out of town.
Dad! No!
We have to get away.
Get my daughter out of town, now!
Everyone, get away!
- Mac!
- MAC: Marnie.
It's not a time capsule.
It's a gate!
Everyone run, run!
Dad, wah!
I told you it was aliens!
Carmella, get to the news van.
Open the door! Open the door!
Open the hey.
Carmella. Uh, ah!
MARNIE: Faster, go, go faster.
Get out of my town.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. Please, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean
I didn't know.
Thanks for that report, Mac.
That's all for the WGON 5 p.m. newscast.
Join us at 10 when Jennifer Lunt
will tell us exactly what's been found
at the bottom of Rider's Quarry.
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