Creepshow (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Stranger Sings ; Meter Reader

Oh, the door.
Uh, I just I don't
want to offend you.
Ah, I'm I'm holding
a hot cup of coffee
and 20 pounds of books.
Offend me, please.
Thank you.
Hey, sorry about the door thing.
It's just I was married for nine years
and then apparently
everything I did offended her.
She sounds very difficult to please.
Yeah, my lawyer would agree.
Well, can I make it up to you?
Can I help you with
Maybe carry something?
I don't see why not.
I only live a couple of blocks down.
What's the worst that could happen?
You steal a lot of books,
some nesting bowls, a robe.
- Here.
- All right.
Thank you. It's not
your size by the way.
So, you like to shop, huh?
You know my ex-wife actually
No, we're not gonna do that.
Uh, how
How's your latte, Sarah?
It's on your cup. Sarah with an H.
It's actually Sara without an H.
But ya know after telling
the barista guy a dozen times
and him not getting it, I gave up.
Because you know what?
Macchiatos still taste the
same with or without an H.
I thought I saw you there before.
You noticed me?
I did.
Did you notice me?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
Well, um, you know, it
was your smile actually,
that I first noticed.
I'm a I'm an OBGYN, so,
I do see a lot of women.
I'm just not usually
looking at their faces,
which that sounds super creepy.
Can we just start over, take this back?
And I'll go open the door
for you the right away.
That's okay, Doctor Barry.
- Without an H.
- Without an H.
So, tell me just so I know for when I
When I do start dating again,
what was it that gave me away?
Was it the awkward conversation?
Or the failed attempt at a compliment?
Or just constantly
referencing my ex-wife?
I'm gonna go with all of the above.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Dating's going to be a
lot harder than I thought.
Dating is a nightmare.
My friend Miranda says
that if I don't put myself
back out there soon,
I'm likely to snap
from extreme loneliness
and start murdering
random men for sport.
I mean, who am I to judge, you know?
- This is me.
- Oh, wow, it's a nice place.
I don't usually invite strangers in,
but you seem nice and normalish.
And I have a bottle of wine
in this bag that I can open.
Wine, wow.
- I don't know if I sh sh uh
- Oh uh, yeah, okay.
Well, I just, ya know,
I thought I would ask.
And thanks so much for your help.
Maybe, maybe later if you
That's how you'll stay single.
That was amazing.
That was so good.
Aw, thanks.
You know I still have
that bottle of wine in here
- if you change your
- On my way up.
You got this, Bar.
It's interesting decorating.
Yeah, I like weird things.
Lucky for me.
You know, you have an amazing voice.
Do you ever hope to share it?
No, no, no, no.
Oh my God, I can't even imagine like
getting up in front of
a whole bunch of people
and like just sing oh!
- Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
- Oh, oh, oh.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- Oh, shoot.
Ah, this is my favorite dress.
I-I-I'll be right back.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
- It's totally fine.
- Sorry.
Um, I do kinda like these pants.
Do you mind if I use your bathroom?
Ah, you just made it worse, Barry.
You're such an idiot. No
wonder your wife left you.
What the hell?
Holy shit. Holy shit.
What's the hurry, Bar?
Hey, we have to call
the cops, I found a
Shit, I was hoping to
have a glass of wine first.
Oh, hey. This is my friend, Miranda.
Hi, Barry.
Sara's told me so much about you.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Yeah, well, I met your
other friend in the shower.
Only he wasn't looking so good.
Get out of my way, both of you.
Oh, you're threatening us.
Oh, that's really good, Doc.
Yeah, we're in control, Barry, not you.
There was something telling me
that I shouldn't have come in here.
And I should've listened to
that voice, instead of yours.
What is happening?
I can control you any way that I want.
You'd be surprised how many
men secretly crave that.
Until I devour them.
What are you, a cannibal?
She's a siren, Barry.
A siren? A siren?
That was you singing, not Sara?
Okay, you two are crazy.
Oh Barry, don't be so closed-minded.
What, you expect me to believe
you're a mythical, singing mermaid?
I'm not that type of siren.
Oh, oh, oh. Can I womansplain it to him?
- Please?
- Go for it, Sara.
She's more of
a bird-like descendent
from ancient Greek times.
She seeks out those who take
delight in worldly pleasures.
For they will become
the devil's prey.
Nice dramatic ending, Sara.
Aw, thanks.
So, you see, we're not all half mermaids
luring sailors in for a good time.
Right, just a half-bird lady
whose friend lured a doctor in
for a good time.
Look, what is going on here?
- We need you.
- Me?
Well, we needed a doctor.
So, I followed you
and Miranda seduced you to come up here.
Oh, okay. So, you're a stalker.
And you're a man-eater.
Wow, how convenient.
I would've brought you
up here myself, but Sara,
she plays damsel in distress
so much better than me.
Ah, no, no, no.
Any woman could've
brought up this loser fish.
I mean, you know, he's just a pathetic,
desperate divorcee who
hasn't been laid in years.
That's a pretty accurate
picture, right, Barry?
We brought you up here
for a very specific reason.
I need to die.
Die? Well, then jump out of a window.
Look, there's a window right there.
What do you need me for?
I need you to perform an operation.
I want you to swap my
voice box with Sara's,
so that I'm no longer a siren.
And then I can live out my
life just like any other mortal.
You wanna swap voice boxes?
Okay, first of all,
not that kind of doctor.
Second of all, I'm not a fool.
So, whatever you both
are, you are fucking nuts.
Okay, what is happening?
Will you do the operation?
- I'm losing my mind.
- And I'm losing my patience.
Look, you don't want me to
do this kind of operation.
I'm just a nervous,
twitchy gynecologist.
She can make you plunge this
dagger deep into your brain
if you don't do what we ask you.
Not like anyone's gonna miss ya.
- Okay, I'll do it.
- See, was that so hard?
I've been thinking about this ritual
- for a very long time.
- Yeah, I bet you have.
Look, what you need is an otologist.
I just do pelvic exams
and routine pap smears.
My expertise is in a
very, well, different
part of the body.
I trust you more with my neck.
But neither one of you can trust me
when you're under anesthesia.
Well, that's why you'll
put us out one at a time.
That way, we can keep an eye on you.
Okay, so are there any more questions?
Because my expertise
is with all the delicious
parts of a man's body.
If Miranda's not
completely full of shit,
you could turn into some sort of
maneating siren-bird thing.
Is that really what you want?
I can't believe you just asked that.
Just shut the fuck up.
Do what she tells you
and don't make her angry.
Don't worry.
All right, are we all
set and ready to go?
Miranda, look out!
If you would simply do what I asked,
I might consider letting you live.
Believe me when I say, I
am done being a man-eater.
And Sara here wants to be a siren.
Have you ever been ghosted, Barry?
Been told you'd be really cute
if you just lost a few pounds?
I'm gonna be able to sing
and have any man, anywhere come running.
And then I get everything I want after
for an eternity.
Holy shit, could you
think of anything better?
Yes, leaving. This is fucking insane.
Insane enough to cause
you to plunge that dagger
right through your brain?
While Sara writes your suicide note
tracing your own signature
off that coffee shop receipt?
You're sick.
You're the doctor who's gonna cure me.
Don't even think about it, Bar.
I want this as much as
she does. Maybe even more.
So, don't think I won't take you out
if something happens to her.
Look, my day started
with a refreshing drink
and a pleasant walk.
And I am now contemplating
murdering a siren.
Cut me a little slack, Sar.
Oh okay, you are alive.
That's good, I hope.
Oh, oh, no, no, I would
maybe wait a little bit
before you try to speak.
I sound horrible.
Thank you, Barry.
I'm really sorry I put
you through all of this.
I just really wanted
to live a normal life.
Please forgive me. I didn't know
what else to do.
Sara, you sound amazing
like a true siren.
You'll never forget your first.
How did you do that?
This was the only way.
This dagger's been dipped in
the blood of a former victim.
You saved my life.
I told you if you did what
I asked, I'll let you live.
Actually, you said
you might let me live.
I remember that "might"
quite distinctly.
Barry, I really am sorry.
I never wanted to live a selfish life
full of greed and gluttony.
I had no choice.
I can't say the same for Sara, though.
Yeah, she had her issues.
Well I I must admit,
I'm pretty excited about
my new, mortal life.
I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian.
Oh yeah, there's a great
vegan place around the corner.
- Oh well, it's a date.
- A date?
Yeah, why not?
I mean after you getting to know me
and me getting to know you.
Me operating on you.
You killing a supernatural being.
See, we bonded for life.
Well, as long as you're okay
with dating a much older woman.
Wait, how much older?
Um, I stopped counting
after like 500 years.
- After you.
- Oh, such a gentleman.
Bring out your heads.
Attention citizens!
Bring out your heads!
Hey, you. Go back.
You're in the red zone.
I'm on my way to Celestial Falls.
Well, we just come from
there. I'm sorry to say,
the devil beat ya to it.
Let's go, come on.
The plague came without warning,
placing humanity itself on trial.
It came for those we love
and those we hate in equal measure.
The relative and the stranger,
the prophet and the pauper.
Theologians believed the
gates of hell had collapsed
unleashing its demons upon the earth.
It is the mission of a sacred few,
those with proven immunity
to identify the contagion
before it spreads.
They've been called
humanity's last hope.
They are the meter readers.
Mrs. Jones?
Thanks for coming, Father.
Can I fix you something to eat?
No thanks.
I'm on a schedule.
Is this Mercy?
- Yes, Father.
- I'm not a priest.
Let's get started.
I'd like to review some of her symptoms.
Well, she ain't been herself
if that's what you're gettin' at.
She spits at me
and talks in words I don't understand.
In a language she's never studied?
Yes, Father. Sir.
Can you help her?
I'll need to administer a test
before final determination.
Let's just pray
she hasn't entered the final stage.
Where is she?
Back there.
Mercy, my name is Dalton.
- Please help me.
- That's why I'm here.
How are you feeling today?
Not of me, I hope.
No. You have kind eyes.
Who are you afraid of?
If you can identify the intruder
I might be able to make him go away.
It doesn't like to say its name.
No, they usually don't.
- What's that?
- It's a mirror.
It'll help me find what's ailing you.
Demon, I command thee
in the name of God!
I cast thee out!
In the name of the Holy,
leave this mortal vessel.
Let's look at the numbers.
- I have.
- Very good.
And where is that?
- Hawaii.
- Excellent.
Maybe we can go there one day.
Would you like that?
- Mm-hmm.
- Me, too.
It would be nice.
Well, we need to fill-in
up here and it looks like
you've got green pieces.
What do you think?
We're going bonkers
because you're suggesting
this is some sort of mental virus.
- Let's look at the numbers.
- I have.
Then you know the
world has been overrun.
I mean, come on. When
a patient moves past
the point of expulsion
By expulsion I take
it you mean an exorcism.
Well, call it what you'd like.
But all I know is that
when expulsion fails,
the only known method of containment
The only known method is decapitation.
To preserve their immortal soul?
If that makes
you sleep at night, yes.
Yes, now that's a picture.
Got it? Yeah, all right.
Pete Roseman says we'll be going
back to school in the fall.
Without a doubt.
Everything will be
back to normal by then.
That's wishful thinking, Mikey.
Nothing's coming back,
not until this passes.
It is passing. Maybe
you haven't heard.
Some of the salons are
opening up next week.
Because that's essential?
Well, yeah, it is to
me. I mean, look at this.
Come on, guys. Let's set the table.
Your father will be wanting his supper
when he gets home.
We haven't heard from him in days.
Well, the storm has knocked
out a lot of the towers.
- We still have power.
- Yeah, thank goodness, right?
Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
Your father will message us when he can.
Well, what if he can't?
I just saw the report
from Celestial Falls.
The infection rate is off the chart.
Go wash up, Michael. I-I'll get that.
I wish you would watch what you say
- in front of your brother.
- Why?
- Shouldn't he know the truth?
- What truth, Theresa?
That daddy might not be coming home.
Maybe you forgot.
Your father has immunity.
I didn't forget.
Immunity needs to be
reevaluated every 72 hours.
He could be dead, mother.
Or worse. What if he's turned?
- Stop saying that.
- It's been three days.
If he's not back by 7 o'clock,
you know we can't let him in.
Uh, ah.
He'll be back by then, all right?
You'll see.
He's here, he's here. Daddy's home.
Michael, wait. It's too late.
Open up.
Open the door, that's your father.
We don't know that.
I'm all right, let me in.
Daddy, we can't.
You gave us direct orders
not to let you in after 7.
I am giving the orders
now. Get away from the door.
Let me in, trust me.
If you let him in, I swear,
I'll chop his head off.
- You you'll what?
- You heard me.
- I swear I'll do it.
- Trust me.
- He could die out there.
- Or we could die in here.
- Let me in.
- Michael, just go to your room.
- But Mom
- Go!
- I hate you!
- Let me in.
Trust me.
Let me in.
Dalton, honey.
We need to get you retested, okay?
Just spend the night in the cellar
and we'll bring the doctor
first thing in the morning
to take a good, long look.
Okay, honey?
Why won't you let me in? Please.
When the first wave hit,
the world wasn't ready to believe.
They called it a hoax,
a mass hallucination.
But the truth became
impossible to ignore.
Entire families were
infected. Including our own.
My baby sister, Madeline,
was the first to show signs.
My father did what was necessary.
The meter was designed by holy disciples
and used to identify
the forces of darkness.
Its powers of detection
came from the meter reader,
not from the instrument itself.
Less than 10% of the
population has this gift.
Some call them saints,
but my father doesn't buy all that.
He says they're just regular Joes
doing the work of heroes.
Don't go, please.
I don't have a choice.
This is bigger than us.
Come on, honey.
Trust no one. Not even me.
Remember, the devil
is the master of lies.
Trust no one.
What are you doing?
What's it look like, dumplin'?
Check the fridge for some
come back sauce, would ya?
All that traveling
Your father's gonna be famished.
- You can't go down there.
- Yeah, I know that, honey.
I'm just gonna leave a
tray by the cellar door.
Not if he's reached the final stage.
He'll be hungry, yeah, but not for your
fried green tomatoes. Those
things eat human beings.
They devour entire families
starting with their own.
Baby, you're confused.
No, he's he's not a thing.
- He's your father and my husband.
- You can't go down there.
No, no. No, Michael.
Michael, oh my God, Michael!
Dalton, give him back!
Give me back our son,
Dalton! Oh my God, no.
Theresa, Theresa, Theresa,
where are you going?
Oh my God, where are you?
You can't do this. You can't do this.
Okay, listen. Listen to me, Theresa.
We have to do something together, okay?
- Theresa, what are you gonna do?
- What he taught me to do.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
You'll see.
Remember, the devil
is the master of lies.
Lord, grant me strength in this.
My family's darkest hour.
Mom, Dad? Mikey?
In the name of God,
demon, I command you,
reveal yourself.
Michael. Where's Mom and Dad?
They. Were. Hungry.
- Oh, God, Daddy.
- Three days, the delay
has cost me. It cost me dearly.
Dad, just just don't
move. I'll get you out of here.
No, there's no time.
They're not like us.
Michael, your mom
I couldn't save them.
They're carriers. They're like Madeline.
Sweet, sweet Maddy.
- You know what to do.
- I can't. I can't.
You have to.
This is bigger than us.
Ah, my dumplin'.
The salons are open in hell.
How do you like my nails?
Come, come look.
- Mom.
- Take a good look, honey.
Lord have mercy on my soul.
That's my girl.
Bring out your heads!
Attention, Citizens!
Bring out your heads!
As the crisis surges
across the global community,
the debate between science and religion
has been rendered moot.
Whatever side you fall
on, whether you consider
this scourge a disease or
a spiritual comeuppance,
there seems to be little
debate that the tracing
and containing the spread
is our number one priority.
In local news, Castle County
is reporting a disturbing
new spike in cases.
Officials strongly urge
those with immunity to join the fight.
The world needs you
now more than ever.
My father used to say
that what he did was a public service.
And that someday history
will sanctify our duties.
Just regular Joes, he'd say,
doing the work of heroes.
I guess that makes me
a regular Josephine.
Either way, my work is just beginning.
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