Creepshow (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

The Last Tsuburaya ; Okay, I'll Bite

MAI: The work of Ishido Tsuburaya,
a contemporary of such
Meiji era horror masteries,
as Beguwa and Yoshi-Doshi.
Tsuburaya's renderings of
Japanese ghosts and monsters
made all other artists
look tame by comparison.
BOBBY: Oh, that's nasty.
MAI: Some say Tsuburaya's demons
depict man's inner cruelty.
Or, perhaps his own.
BOBBY: Whoa, ew.
Your ancestor was not known
for being a pleasant man.
Hmm, your reaction is much
like the people of his time.
They were horrified, but
they couldn't look away.
Tsuburaya actually reveled
in their discomfort.
No kidding.
I'm assuming you're
unfamiliar with his work.
I think I'd remember seeing that before.
And I'm supposed to
be related to this guy?
Took some research,
on the part of Mr. Duclon
and his legal team,
but they have determined that
you are the last descendant
of Ishido Tsuburaya.
And as the last descendant,
Bobby, you are heir to
an intriguing legacy.
Now the bulk of Tsuburaya's artwork
has been carefully catalogued.
Thanks largely, to
Dr. Sato, and her team
at Tokyo's Ota Museum of Art.
However, there is one notable exception.
This final piece,
discovered in a monastery
at the base of Mount Fuji.
MAI: Inside this crate is
the fabled last Tsuburaya.
A painting never seen by anyone,
except for the artist himself.
We consider this
a lost jewel of Japanese culture.
We've been able to decipher most
of this ancient text, only recently.
And in accordance to
the artist's wishes,
on the hundredth
anniversary of his death,
the painting is to pass to
members of his surviving family.
- If any.
- Me?
Recent interest in the last
Tsuburaya has been global.
Even from a certain notorious
art collector in Moscow.
- Wow.
- Bottom line,
some wealthy people will pay
handsomely for this piece.
Well, my museum is very
interested in acquiring it.
I hope we can come to terms.
This is crazy.
One second, I'm some guy
working at a Best Buy
in Fullerton, then,
suddenly, I've got a pot
of gold in front of me.
WADE: Chicken feed.
I can do much better, then that.
DUCLON: Excuse me, this
is a private meeting.
Wade Cruise.
Mr. Cruise has a penchant
for absconding with artwork
the museum had hoped to acquire.
- Hello, Mai.
- Oh Gisa,
I heard you were Mr. Cruise's
newest acquisition.
I mean your paintings, of course.
Well, you're lookin' good Mai.
I'm sorry you lost out on the Tsuburaya.
Oh, I haven't made my offer, yet.
Won't matter.
Whatever Wade.
Wait a minute, the Wade Cruise,
the tech mega-billionaire?
And for today only, the genie
who's about to make your life
so much richer.
Probably want to thank me in advance.
No, seriously.
Gonna wanna do that.
Thank you?
You're welcome.
If you know anything about the
contemporary art scene, which,
I find unlikely.
You know the ground-breaking
artist, Gisa.
Her pieces have sold
for hundreds of thousands
of dollars until,
until I gave her a chance
to create exclusively for me.
Good deal.
- The man knows what he likes.
- WADE: Yeah, well.
- But let's talk about you.
- Bobby.
Now uh, you could auction
off this precious windfall.
Watch the auctioneers and the lawyers
gobble up chunks of your good fortune.
But, why? Y'know, you seem like a,
[CLEARS THROAT] smart guy.
I mean we can, we can
handle this right now.
Cut out the middleman
and all the rewards
go to you.
Gisa, if you please.
[SIGHS] 1-1-3-3-4 dash 1-8-2-4.
Wait, that's my bank account number.
WADE: Yes, it is. And with one click,
20 million, poof,
magically appears in your bank account.
And it's all yours.
- Just for this?
- One provision.
You hand over the Tsuburaya,
sight unseen.
Still in the crate.
- I don't get to see it?
- Not a peek.
It belongs in a museum,
for all to see it.
Well that's, that's certainly,
certainly an option, Mai.
I'm sure your museum could
scrape together enough to make
old Bobby here a decent profit.
If it's a painting
the people want to see.
- What do you mean?
- Tsuburaya was
renowned for the vivid
monsters he captured on canvas.
Collectors have paid
fortunes to own them.
Kappa, of Kappa-Buchi Pool,
sold to a Russian investor
in 2018 for uh, 9,
9.3 millio-9.3 million.
But what you didn't know
is that Tsuburaya was also
renowned for painting
butterflies, trees,
and glorious landscapes. Now, lovely.
But worthless to the
hardcore Tsuburaya fan base.
Now, what you got here could be
a bloodcurdling demon,
hello early retirement,
or a pagoda at sunset,
$100 tax write-off
from Dr. Sato's museum.
Yeah, it's a, oof, it's a crap-shoot.
The only sure way you win
is to sell to Wade.
Fine. Good luck findin' someone else
to give you 10 million
for your mystery box.
Didn't you say 20 million?
Ask me again, and it's five.
I know the good doctor's museum
couldn't come close to that sum.
Last chance, Best Buy.
Yes, yes take it.
Domo arigato. It's Japanese
for thank you.
- Oh, go to hell.
- Aw, come on, Mai.
No hard feelings. Yeah?
You know, I uh, I'm having
a private unveiling tonight,
and I would
very much like for you to attend.
You know, first and only chance
for you to see the Tsuburaya
before I lock her away, huh?
Think about it.
Pleasure's been all yours.
GISA: See ya tonight, Mai.
Quiet, please! Shh!
The master's work, revealed.
Private moment.
Magnificent. The power.
The daring.
The ultimate fusion of
passion and of nightmare.
Without question.
Tsuburaya's masterpiece,
the world has never,
ever, seen its like before.
- WADE: Nor will it ever again.
What have you done?
Uh, blow torch.
- It's irreplaceable.
- That's kinda the point.
I've waited my entire life
to see the final Tsuburaya.
Well, you uh, you missed a good one.
Um, I think
Yeah, I-I think you can
still see just a little bit
of the foot there, or,
maybe that's not a foot.
- But why?
- To have an experience,
only I can buy.
To be the one and only person
to ever see the last Tsuburaya.
It now exists in the most
exclusive gallery of all
my mind.
You know, for all your money,
for all the good that you can do,
how sad is it that you find
joy through destruction, huh?
Your inhumanity rivals
that of Tsuburaya himself.
Well, I had a great time.
Thank you for comin'.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
All right people, time
to leave, let's go.
Let's go, party's over.
Thanks for coming.
You guys were all wonderful,
thank you so much.
Had a really great time.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, door's that way.
That's some patron you have.
Can't wait to see your face,
when he starts burning your artwork.
Get outta here.
Oh, so good.
The look on those slack-jawed faces
were worth more than that painting.
Yea-almost, almost.
Woo, feel alive!
You had to do it again, didn't you?
Buy something unique to destroy,
just so no one else could have it?
So, what's the masterpiece tonight?
I'm trying to recreate the Tsuburaya
based on your vague description.
Good luck with that one.
Did I ever tell you,
about my first sale?
Thrill me.
I was three, it was a drawing of a cat.
My dad liked it and so,
he bought it for a quarter.
Up until then, I doubt he
even knew he had a daughter.
Hard to be seen in a family
of, four loud, older brothers.
Only child, can't relate.
I grew up believing
that no one saw me unless
- I created something they valued.
- Hmm.
What happened to you?
Well, folks gave me whatever I wanted,
and when they died, I got their fortune.
And then, then something funny happened.
I realized that simply buying things
because of their money
left me feeling empty.
You know? No joy, no thrill.
So I could buy whatever
I wanted, big deal.
- Poor baby.
- I know, right?
And then it hit me.
It was so clear.
And so simple.
I was looking, I was
looking for this rare vase.
Found one, valued at 300k.
The owner was grateful to sell, as
his daughter needed a
new heart or some shit.
And that was the moment,
I discovered the true pleasure of money.
I declined the sale, and the look of,
of desperation on his
face was a revelation.
The pain in his eyes,
that his daughter might
die because of my money,
was like, fucking crack to me.
You're a monster.
I go back with 100k and he
snaps at it, anything
to give the doctor.
There's a good ending to it.
Six months later, I
sell that exact vase,
at an auction, for 1.3 million.
What happened to the little girl?
Not my worry.
I'm done listening.
Well, you weren't saying that
when I became your patron.
Lot more enriching,
than a quarter from daddy.
had more scales than that.
And uh, he had two horns.
Or did he? [LAUGHS]
Oh, what a night.
Yeah, to Tsuburaya.
And our eternal bond.
No, no.
Hey, what happened?
Uh, I
Louis the XIII.
It's got a, a hell of a kick.
[SIGHS] Mop it up, and
pour yourself into bed.
Oh, Wade, Wade, Wade.
Hey, did
Did you see something?
The storm's gotten louder.
I've been reading up on Tsuburaya.
You two would've been best buds.
His imagery displayed
a deep disdain and
contempt for humanity too.
Huh, sounds like my kinda guy.
Well, good night.
- Aah!
GISA: Wade?
What happened?
What are you doing? Where are you going?
Wade, Wade!
What's going on?
There's something here.
In the penthouse.
The creature from the painting.
I saw it.
Have to take your word for that.
It's here. It's here!
I know exactly what this is.
The guilt from burning the painting.
The guilt from all the terrible things
that you've done has finally built up.
[SCOFFS] Guilt is for losers.
It's called being human!
Well, then being human is overrated!
I'm sleeping, at my place tonight.
Maybe, every night.
Really, really? Your place?
You mean my place?
Cause I'm the one that paid for it.
Ah, what are you gonna do?
Send your monster over to evict me?
Don't bother.
I'll find some place to go.
Hey, what are you doin' here?
You, you fucked me
over with that painting.
Why? Why, you got what you wanted.
Oh, what, it turned out
to be Lotus blossoms?
No, it-t-there's
something wrong with it.
You did something to it.
Fuck you, get the hell outta my office.
What no, listen, you have
to do something, please.
Oh, I will.
I'm callin' security.
It's alive, I saw it.
Get him outta here.
No, no. No, no, no, no, no.
No hol-hold, wait hold
on. I c-can hurt it.
I can kill it. Wait.
- Come on out.
I'm ready for you. Hi-yaa, hi-yaa.
Huh, you afraid of a little sword?
You know what that is?
First thing tomorrow,
you fucked-up freak
We're visiting the taxidermist.
Your ugly carcass
is hangin' over my f
What is this?
- You've released me.
- Tsuburaya?
On my death, my hatred
trapped me between worlds.
Becoming the image of my
most monstrous creation.
Imprisoned, until you released me.
My curse is broken.
Now, yours begins.
Son of a bitch.
How ya doin', darlin'?
Here ya go.
What am I gonna call you?
What's the right name for
somethin' as special as you?
GUARD: Okay, Strick.
It's time.
Yes, boss.
Dropped my book.
Mr. Elmer Strick,
since you have declined
to have anyone present
to speak on your behalf,
do you have anything
you would like to say?
No. What I did was wrong.
In the eyes of the law, that is.
You were a licensed pharmacist.
You had the knowledge
and understanding that
the right combination of
drugs would lead to death,
did you not?
- I knew what I was doing.
- Out of some,
fanciful conviction
that it was merciful?
There was no other way.
I just couldn't watch
her suffer anymore.
A-apparently, you have
been a model prisoner,
here, Mr. Strick.
And ordinarily, this
board would be sympathetic
to an appeal for parole, however,
it has come to our attention
that after a confrontation
with another inmate
named Frank Kowalski,
you contaminated his medication
causing a life-threatening
episode of increased heart
rate and drop in blood pressure?
No, I never had any
beef with Polish Frank.
- There must be some
- I have here a signed affidavit
from corrections officer
Butcher "Bunk" Dill,
stating that you, Mr. Strick,
said you were, quote,
"Gonna get even with Polish Frank",
right after said confrontation.
You had motive and opportunity,
since you work in the prison clinic,
where medications are dispensed.
I'm sorry Mr. Strick, but
given this new information,
parole is declined.
GUARD: Open up cell block C, main door.
What kind of mama's boy,
does such a thing anyway, Strick?
You some kind of deranged prevert?
Get in there.
Never woulda done something
like that to my Ma.
Even though she was nothin'
but a drunk whore, who
beat me all the time.
FRANK: [WHISTLES] Hey, spider boy.
Thought you were just
gonna skate outta here, huh.
Hey, shut your hole, Frank.
Oh my God, no. What did they do?
Are you okay, my darling?
What have they done to you?
We didn't find nothin', boss.
Except the stupid pets.
ELMER: Oh, my darlings, look at you.
Get over here. Okay, Strick,
I'm sick and tired of your excuses.
Where is it?
I told you, Boss.
You're gonna have to
wait a little longer.
Listen here, Strick,
you're the only one in
this god-forsaken place
who can make opium from that shit.
Those animals in the
yard are gettin' twitchy.
Makes me nervous when they get twitchy.
We can't keep enough supply
on the shelves as it is,
let alone do a cook.
- I really don't give a shit.
- End of the week, Boss.
Dr. Carnaby says he's getting
his shipment in tomorrow.
He leaves early on Fridays.
I'll start a cook as soon as he does.
You better, if you know
what's good for you.
Remember what happened
last time you were late?
You piece of crap.
Get out of here, let's go.
Is everyone okay in here?
Sorry for the upset.
Yeah, hope they didn't
frighten you too much.
Those boys have no respect for nature.
Don't those things creep you out, Elmer?
Spiders don't bite unless
they're threatened, Willis.
Did you know, that there
are over 25 million tons
of spiders in the world, Willis?
Yeah well, my old
lady, probably say that,
at least a ton of them in our barn.
Always after me to get the pest guy out.
Oh, you shouldn't do that, Willis.
Spiders are essential workers.
They consume over 800
tons of prey each year.
They've survived every extinction event
since time began.
And they're intelligent
too, did you know that?
Yeah well, never really
gave it much thought, Elmer.
This one's a lover, not a fighter.
Aint you, Min?
I named him Min, after the
Egyptian God of fertility.
They worshipped spiders,
the ancient Egyptians did.
Believed they possessed
the means for eternal life.
These are Min's harem.
I call that one Grace,
because of her delicate web.
This one next to her, I call Azrael,
after the Hebrew angel of death.
And then there's Izunami,
after the Japanese
goddess of the underworld.
And Hecate, the goddess
of witchcraft and magic.
Are they poisonous?
Only if you're their prey.
I've been collecting spiders
since I was a boy, Willis.
They were the only
friends I had, growing up.
I've always been fascinated by them.
I've written several
articles about them,
for the arachnophile annual.
I'm kind of a celebrity in that world.
I know everything, about how they hunt,
how they mate, how they kill.
Their venom contains
thousands of peptides
that paralyze and disable their prey.
I was researching a way to produce
super concentrated venom,
which I could synthesize
to relieve someone's pain.
Unfortunately, I ran out of time.
Well, I heard about the parole hearin',
I'm sorry, Elmer. Listen, I'm not blind.
Now, I know you're not like
the rest of the guys in here, Elmer.
Okay, life can be rough
for someone like you.
Let's just say, I'm
painfully aware, Willis.
You'd let me know, if there was uh,
if there was anything
hinky goin' on, right?
Of course.
All right, yep, I almost,
I almost forgot,
mailroom said this came for you today.
Yeah, watch your back, Elmer.
Eyes wide open, boss.
WOMAN: Dear Mr. Strick,
I have admired your work for some time.
The ancients would have been
most impressed with your research.
I found the enclosed in an old library
in Cairo, Egypt.
I hope it's what
you've been looking for.
Open the road, no, wait.
Path, yes, path not road.
Open the path,
oh great majestic,
with your wondrous
Wondrous? No, no, no.
Precious, yes precious, not wondrous.
With your precious nature.
Goodness, I've forgotten, haven't I.
Apologies, my little friend.
Don't slide on the parchment.
Okay everyone,
supper time, nice and fresh.
Collected from the yard,
just this morning.
There you are.
Yes. Ah, yes.
For you, my friend.
And for you, my darlin',
something special.
In you go.
I've got it.
Sakhmet. That's who you are.
Sakhmet, mistress of dread,
she whom none can escape.
That's your name.
Come to me, oh great majestic,
fill me with your precious nature.
Transform my soul.
Oh, it won't be long now.
WOMAN: We're sorry, Mr. Strick,
there's nothing we can do.
The cancer has spread throughout
your mother's entire body.
Stopped on the way home from work.
Look, your favorites. Gardenias, roses.
You know how much I love you,
don't you, Mom?
You're the smartest,
most beautiful woman, I've ever seen.
You are, still.
It's the light inside you, Mom.
Your body's failed you, but
your spirit still shines.
I'm gonna take away
your pain. Okay, Mom?
I know it's uh, how you want to go.
It's time to end the suffering.
I'm gonna set your spirit free. Okay?
FRANK: Hey Strick.
How did you get in here?
It's good to have
friends in high places.
The dispensary got more
supply this morning.
Your supervisor, Dr. Carnaby,
he told us himself.
Bunk thinks you're playin' him.
Do a little distributing
on your own, huh?
Tryin' to make a little side cash?
I told Officer Dill, end of the week.
You have to have patience.
I am so tired,
of being fuckin' patient with you.
So, Dill sent me here to
give you a little incentive.
Stay focused.
You got 24 hours.
You cryin'?
They're just fuckin' bugs.
You shouldn't be allowed
to have shit like that, in here anyway.
Bullet, hold him tight.
I'ma go do the rest of them.
These things give me the creeps.
They're all
fat and hairy.
Jesus, they stink.
[MUFFLED] Stop, don't!
Fuck, I think it fucking blinded me.
The damn thing blinded me.
BUNK: Hey, what's goin on over there?
What in the glorious
fuck is going on here?
One of his spiders bit me, boss.
God damn thing grab me right in the eye.
I'm fuckin' blind, Strick.
He was gonna kill her, she
was just defending herself.
- He had no right.
- You got no right.
You got no right to have
them god damn things in here.
They're poisonous.
What in the hell is goin' on in here?
One of Strick's god
damned spiders got loose.
Bit Polish Frank in the
eye while he was sleepin'.
I came upon the scene and ordered Strick
to tell me what happened.
That's a lie. He tried to kill them all.
For no reason. They're
just innocent spiders.
- They wouldn't hurt anyone.
- Oh yeah?
Well, I'm here to tell ya.
This man needs to get to
the infirmary, right away.
Let's go. Come on.
Keep your fuckin' mouth shut
or I'll blind the other eye.
That goes for you too, asshole.
Fuck off.
Everybody, shut the fuck up.
You didn't die in vain, Min.
They'll find out.
They'll find out.
You wanna tell me what really
just went down in here, Elmer?
I told you, boss.
Bullet and Polish Frank,
wanted to kill my spiders.
I tried to fight them off.
Okay, come on, let's go
get that finger bandaged up.
I'm sorry to have to say it,
but I think we've indulged
your hobby long enough, Elmer.
I'm convinced after
last night's episode,
morale has been, adversely affected.
I have no choice.
Tomorrow, first thing,
cell block C is to be evacuated
until the pest control company
can complete their fumigation services.
Move the inmates to A and D block,
where they can double
and triple up if need be,
until I deem it safe to return.
Is that understood?
Sir, A and D block
are dangerously overcrowded as it is.
Would you prefer
poisonous spiders
roamin' C block instead?
Officer Willis?
I'm sorry, Elmer.
If there's anything
left, after they get done
gassin' the joint, I'll make you
get down on your knees
and eat what's left.
Spider boy.
Is everyone all right in there?
Look, we don't have much time,
they're coming for you tomorrow.
I won't let them hurt you, I promise.
But we're gonna have to act fast.
Come to me, oh great majestic.
Fill me with your precious nature.
Transform my soul.
Open the path to my resurrection.
Open the path to my perfection.
Hail to thee, oh great majestic.
Come to me and consume my soul.
Hail to thee, oh great majestic.
Come to me and consume my soul.
Hail to thee, oh great majestic.
Come to me
and consume my soul.
Strick, you little shit.
It's just you and me, now.
I'm gonna remind you who
runs the show around here.
And you're gonna get down
on those boney knees of yours
and let me do it for as long as I want.
What in the shit?
Where the hell is he?
What the
Are you frigging kiddin' me? Shit.
What's goin' on?
Oh my. Oh, my God.
No! No!
No, get back! Stop! Stop!
I don't want it, no Ma, Ma, don't do it.
[PANICKED SCREAMING] Leave me alone!
Oh my God, oh my God.
Look like something literally,
sucked his insides out.
Where's Elmer?
No sign of him.
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