Creepshow (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

Twenty Minutes with Cassandra ; Smile

Pizza Beats, this is
Okwe. May I take your order?
Hi, I'd like to order a large
cheese pizza with pineapple.
Ah, cheese and pineapple. Sure.
Lorna Snell, 27 Neibolt Street.
And yeah, just run my card on file.
Here are all the reasons why ♪
I am feeling like I do ♪
Thinking of you and only you ♪
That look you give
for that is why I live ♪
When I feel your tender
touch so smooth ♪
- Hello?
- Please let me in!
I'm sorry, do I know you?
only you
Thank you! Thank you! It's outside.
Ok. Ok. what's your name?
Cassandra. Cassie.
Ok, Cassie, look at me.
Who is outside?
Is it a boyfriend? Is it your husband?
Someone you don't know?
It's it's outside.
Ok. Alright, you know what?
We are gonna call the police.
- No!
- Yeah, yeah.
It's ok, I'm gonna put it
on speaker phone.
It's fine. It's gonna be ok.
Please don't.
911, what's your emergency?
Yes, hi, this is Lorna Snell.
I would like to report
a woman in distress.
I I I'm just, I'm gonna
put her on, ok?
Ma'am, what's your address?
Uh, um, Lorna Snell, 27
What the fuck?!
I'm trying to help you!
You can't!
I, I mean, you did.
By, by letting me in.
It's all I could do,
I'm, I'm so I'm sorry.
- What?
- I'm so sorry.
Ok, this is gonna sound crazy
and you probably won't believe me,
but I hope you do because
we don't have much time.
There There's a monster.
- A monster?
- Yes, a monster.
And in about 20 minutes,
no matter what you do,
it's gonna come in.
And it's going to kill you.
Yes, yes, it's gonna come in
and it's gonna kill you.
If you run, it'll kill
whoever tries to help.
Oh, will it?
If you call for help,
it'll kill whoever comes.
This is it for you.
These are the last moments
of your life
and I want so much for them
to be meaningful.
But if you walk out,
I can't give that to you.
If you walk out,
this'll all be for nothing.
Ok. What did you say your name was?
- Cassandra.
- Cassandra.
- Yeah, Cassie.
- Cassie.
I'm gonna need you to step away
from my front door.
You're not listening.
I don't want to lay hands
on you, Cassandra, but I will.
Shh. Just listen.
I'm done listening!
Not, not to me. The record player?
Could you? Please.
What do you want? ♪
No no
- No.
- Stay.
- Lorna Snell?
- Yep.
Just need your signature.
You didn't happen to see
a cellphone out there,
by any chance, did you?
Uh Yeah, I got you.
or a monster?
Yeah, I know.
What did it What?!
Just breathe.
Oh, my god!
I know, right?!
So yeah, that's the monster.
What the hell was that?!
It's kind of like a big mouse
covered in glue.
But we don't need to think like that.
Now you've seen it, you know.
This is a really cool house.
Your house
It's really nice.
Most people can't
afford one, these days.
Especially one as nice as this.
Ok. I've got to, um
How much does something
like this go for?
If you don't mind me asking.
Uh, I don't know. I didn't
I didn't buy it.
Oh, your parents bought it for you?
They left it to me.
This you in the photo?
Got any siblings?
I wouldn't do that.
I mean it.
You got a little, uh
Mind if I?
Help yourself.
Thank you.
So, do you?
Do I what?
Have any siblings?
Me neither.
Always wanted a sister, though.
Tough being the only. Right?
Yeah, yeah, it can be
a lot of pressure.
So, what do you do?
I'm a game journalist.
Oh cool, like sports, or?
Video games.
Ah! Brilliant. You write reviews?
They're video reviews.
Yeah, it's a wider audience
with streaming, so.
Yeah, for sure.
You keep it light, make lots of jokes?
No. It's more about venting
and catharsis
drawing unexpected parallels
and big reactions.
Honest, but big and if
I can sneak some heart,
some substance, some pathos
in at the end, then I do.
How do you manage that?
These are the things
that people can relate to.
You talk about the developers'
struggles and triumphs.
Little failures, frustrations,
What would you say is
your biggest triumph?
I don't know.
Ah, biggest triumphs.
Come on, Lorna. Lorna, come on!
Uh, did building a life, I guess.
What would you say is
your biggest failure?
I don't know. What about you?
What do you do?
I always wanted to be an actor.
Or a singer. Somebody famous
Somebody I guess.
Having fans and followers.
Being loved by so many people.
But at a distance, you know?
That sounds sad.
It's not sad.
Anyway, I'm feeling a bit peckish.
Have you got anything to eat?
Oh fuck!
Can't you just cancel the pizza guy?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Let me just grab my phone.
Right, yeah.
- Do you have yours on you?
- Mmhmm.
Maybe we should wait
in the living room,
listen to some music?
What are some of your favorite albums?
No, the visibility
is better from here.
So how did it start,
you and this thing?
Uh let's not get into that.
What about mm Pe pets! Pets!
Have you got any pets?
Dogs, cats maybe?
Personally, I'm a cat person.
I don't want to talk about cats.
Listen, I get it. You're upset.
Monster outside,
pizza guy on his way
I just don't want to talk
about cats, period!
Full stop.
Right. I did not expect you
to hate cats so much.
But you know what, Lorna?
I accept you as you are.
How did it start?
I was new to the city.
Living alone.
Worse when you're alone, right?
Uh, my building had a mouse problem
and I'd come home in the morning
and, I worked at night, bartended,
slept during the day.
And there was this line of mouse
droppings between the
the stove and the toaster oven.
So I laid out some traps,
glue traps for it.
And, uh, one morning I came home
and there was this
little tiny paw stuck in the glue
But no mouse,
so I checked the other trap
and there it was,
covered in glue.
It had gnawed its own paw off
and made its way right onto
the other trap.
And I caused that. That suffering.
I tried to put it out of
its misery but I just couldn't.
Well it died, eventually.
So that's it?
It's just revenge of the mouse?
You asked.
Yeah, I just didn't expect it
to be so banal.
Lame, I guess?
It is not lame!
It's very sad, in fact.
So sad that it made an entire
monster, manifested it, so
Maybe let's not talk
for a few minutes.
Hm. Yeah. Yeah. Banal.
I wouldn't talk to him.
It won't change anything.
You said the mouse was missing a paw.
Can this thing climb?
Don't know. Maybe, maybe not.
- Hey, hey!
- Hey.
That, that's for Lorna, right?
Lorna Snell.
Hi. Yeah. I don't want it anymore.
You don't want it?
No. So you can go.
I will leave it on the porch.
No, no, no.
Don't leave it on the porch.
Just get in your car and go.
You may want it later.
It'll get cold.
Cold pizza is still good.
No, it isn't.
Yes, it is. Many people agree.
Then I'm, I'm not gonna pay you.
You already paid.
Yes, we get credit card when we spoke.
It's yours.
Uh What, what if I give it to you?
The pizza. I'm giving it to you.
You can, you can eat it after work.
But it will be cold.
You just said that people
like cold pizza.
I am the rare exception.
Oh my god. Fine. Sell it.
You want me to sell it?
Like on the second-hand pizza market?
I don't know. Is that a thing?
Then why did you bring it up?
That was sarcasm.
You have like the most earnest,
trustworthy voice.
How am I supposed to tell
if you're being sarcastic?
Uh, it is a flaw in my character.
Is that sarcasm?
Go away.
Do you know what I have to deal
with working at Pizza Beats?
No, man. Just go.
Have you ever had to call
Child Protective Services
due to the choice and arrangements
of toppings ordered by a customer?
- Seriously?
- Yes.
- You're kidding.
- No.
Like, what kind of toppings
and arranged how?
Uh, I will not say.
But, it was quite alarming.
Look, you seem like a really
nice guy but you have got to go.
Your life is in danger. Look at me.
I am covered in blood
and the porch, also, blood.
From what?
The last delivery guy.
You had me. That was good.
And I'm serious. You know what? Fine.
If you come to the door I am
gonna hit you with this.
That is an empty threat.
You don't know me. I am fucking crazy.
You are on the second floor,
and besides, you don't seem
like the type.
No, but
Enjoy the pizza and thank you
for the conversation.
Though, it was a little strange
at times.
Just talking to someone,
even a stranger,
sometimes is good.
So that later when
I lay down and sleep,
I will feel safe instead of sad.
But wait! What's your name?
Okwe. We spoke on the phone.
Sorry, I forgot.
Thank you, Okwe.
You don't deserve this.
It's alright, Miss Snell.
Keep ordering from Pizza Beats
and we might speak again.
Pizza is comfort food
and everyone deserves
a little comfort.
Sorry, couldn't resist.
Look at you! Queen.
That chubby, sweaty kid
behind you though, oh!
- Don't.
- It's fine. It's eating.
Oh, you're a star!
Mind if I put on some music?
Uh, sure. Yeah, I I
I'll be right back, I gotta pee.
What are you?
I don't have a name.
- What do you want?
- To talk.
I overheard your conversation
with the pizza delivery guy
and I feel a little bad, to be honest.
You tried.
Why am I doing this?
It's complicated.
Cassie says that you're
the ghost of a vengeful mouse?
Well, Cassie is a monster, so
What do you mean?
She keeps involving people
and then when it's done,
she just moves on to the next.
Well, I'm sure you'll catch
her eventually.
I'm not trying to catch her, just you.
Why me?
Her monster, her rules.
Well, I won't waste
any more of your time.
I'll make it meaningful, because
Oh, there you are.
I was just making my way from the top.
Birth pics, baby photos.
You look super cute in a onesie,
by the way.
I'm currently at your,
oh 11th birthday.
This card from your dad? Super sweet.
"A gift for Lorna." May sound
like a sad turn of phrase.
For Lor duh.
"But you've brought
nothing but sunshine.
"Love your big goof, Dad."
How sweet? Bittersweet,
because he's dead.
♪ You cast your spell on me ♪
You ok?
It isn't after you.
It isn't after you!
And you brought it here to me.
I didn't bring it here.
It chased me.
You helped, now it's after you.
Those are just the rules.
Who made those?
Who made the rules, Cassie?!
Listen, you're upset.
I'll make us some coffee.
Do you want some?
I remember you.
I, I recognized you
but I couldn't place it
until it just clicked coffee.
You were behind me in line at the café
before I came home tonight.
Sorry, what?
No, that was it was you.
Did you did you follow me?
'Cause if you, if you followed
me home
knowing what was following you,
then it was you?
Wasn't it?
You killed me.
Why? Was I cruel to you?
Was I careless in line?
Did I say something? Did I do
did I do something?
Did I look at you funny?
Do I look like someone who hurt you,
like somebody you don't like?
Why? Why me, Cassie?!
I deserve to know.
I would be, uh, be
It would be a comfort.
Everyone deserves that, in the end.
Are you crying? How are you crying?
I'm the one who is about to die.
Because we had this time together!
This short, precious time
and you wasted it!
We could have shared something.
But you were too busy worrying
about knives and weapons.
And the fucking pizza guy.
You cared more about all of
that than you cared about me!
I just met you!
Yeah and you could have
gotten to know me a lot better.
But now you never will.
And that's on you.
That's your fault.
Because I I'm a good,
I'm a good person.
I am a good person! I am!
And I am worth getting to know!
And I I have to go.
What? Now?!
Yes! Now!
Because it's chasing me
and I can't stop it
and nobody understands!
And you stand there
and you say mean things
because it's my fault?
All I wanted was to get to know you.
And now
You know what you are?
You are just as bad
as the rest of them.
How many have you killed?
Cassie, how many people?
This could have meant something!
And now it's just
A parting gift.
Goodbye Lorna.
I said no!
I need a minute!
You've had 20. More, actually.
Yeah, but that was spent
dealing with her bullshit!
Can I just reclaim this space
for like five goddamn seconds?!
No, you're right.
Just waiting outside can be
frustrating, is all.
Uh Just just have a seat.
- I know this song.
- Everybody knows this song.
So, do you do this a lot,
you and Cassie?
All because of a mouse?
It's, it's ok. You can use your words.
Anyone you want to call?
Say goodbye proper.
There's no one left to call.
After the
mouse, she had trouble sleeping.
Trouble eating.
Started losing time at work, at home.
It was grief.
Her father had died
about a month before.
After the mouse thing,
she tried calling her mom,
but her mom didn't pick up because
because she died. Alone.
Of heart disease, they'd say,
but but Cassie knew.
She knew it was loneliness.
Cassie promised herself that
she wouldn't go like that
but she still needed
some kind of connection,
so she started getting to know
people for a few days.
And then vanish.
And the sadness she would leave
behind made her feel monstrous.
So, she made me, not knowing or trying
to put the mice she captured
out of their misery.
Can't be a monster if you're
running from one, right?
Why me?
She saw you at
the open mic night, in the café.
Uh, you read a poem
and she thought to herself
"there's someone who's sad."
"There's someone who's just like me."
She thinks that people
would rather be dead
than sad that she's gone
after 20 minutes?
It began with longer relationships.
Y'all are wild.
Why the locks?
It's where I keep mine
Your what?
My monster.
Oh. Locked up,
like a like a prisoner?
No, no, we're we're good.
It likes the locks.
It makes it feel safe.
Who do you kill together?
No one!
Ye yes. We just
Why a cat?
Oh, I get it. Too personal.
Well, you know you could let it out.
And we could fight.
Have a big monster fight.
Like a couple kaiju.
Oh god.
You're too small to be a kaiju.
I said "like" a kaiju.
Yeah, good, cause you're too small.
Well, kaiju
translates as "strange beast."
Strange giant beast.
Well, in contemporary media, maybe.
And traditional.
Oh, come on.
Well, a kaijin maybe.
Well, what's
that? What's, uh, what's a kai-
A kaijin?
Well, there's the traditional
which is that it's a strange
human-ish creature,
like a, a distorted humanlike thing
and then there's the
contemporary translation.
Oh, what's
the contemporary translation?
It's a whiny little bitch
too small to be a kaiju.
Oh. Oh, oh really?
Well, all I'm saying is
if you let your monster out
we can fight like,
like a couple of kaiju
regardless of size,
then you might have a chance.
No. No, my monster is my own.
I shouldn't twist it up
with someone else's.
Do you think that she'll
ever stop running?
Well, maybe
if she burns out or takes a look back,
I mean like a real look back
at the body count. But
Not any time soon.
It didn't it didn't have
to be like this.
She could have found a,
a place for you.
She could have put in the work.
So, should we do this?
Uh, we could,
or sit here a little longer.
You never answered her question.
Which one?
Biggest failure.
There was a boy in high school, uh
Nobody liked him much.
I didn't either.
I couldn't tell you why.
He was a chubby, sweaty kid.
He lived with his grandma.
He reeked of cats.
And one day between periods I
saw him crying in the hallway.
I passed him by, he was
just looking at the floor,
drowning on dry land.
Did he do something to himself?
No, no, we all made it through,
him too.
But, sometimes when
it's not busy and it's quiet
I remember that.
I remember I kept walking.
You remember the pizza guy? Okwe?
He seemed nice.
Yeah. Yeah, he did.
God, I'm tired.
I'm really, really tired.
I know. I know.
Wow, that was a nice touch.
- Uh-huh.
- Thank you for thanking me first.
Well, you did add that line for me.
I did add that line.
I am very proud-oh, hold on a sec.
I want to check on Max.
Why? He's fine. We'll be home soon.
Mr. Harris
- Hi.
- Hi.
What do you want, old lady?
Are you having a party at my house?
Mom, don't be old.
We're just watching a movie.
Sorry kiddo, just checking
in on my Pooh Bear.
Mom! My friends Shut up!
- Yup.
- Sweet!
Your dad's famous.
- Wow, superstar!
- Right?
You're a photographer?
- I'm a student.
- Oh.
I just want to thank you for
giving a voice to the voiceless
all all around the world.
It's so inspiring.
Thank you, I, uh, I appreciate that.
Can I please have a selfie?
Uh, actually no.
I prefer to be the one taking
the photos,
not the one in them.
But I'd be happy to sign, yeah
- Sure.
- Yeah, ok.
Excuse me, everyone,
but your hero has an urgent
phone call.
- Ok. Here we are.
- Thank you.
- Yes. Ok.
- Thank you.
- Check out Dad's award, Max.
- Cool.
I received an honor,
it's not an award.
- Congratulations, pop.
- Thanks, bud.
Ok, I gotta go, Pooh Bear.
Don't stay up too late.
Mom, I'm not a baby. Bye.
I thought we were going home?
Shut up, bud. We're celebrating.
It will be just a few more moments.
Would you mind just
Well, well Remember this place?
We are fully booked.
- Ah, giving me ideas.
- Naughty boy.
- We'll never get a table.
- Hmm.
Good evening.
- Uh, yeah, we don't have a
- Harris.
Ah, yes. Everything is ready.
- Please.
- Ok.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
After you. M'lady.
- Ok.
- Pass me this.
Thank you.
So, go ahead and ask me.
How did you manage this?
I blew the owner.
Hm. Did you?
Ok, well, and I made a few
hundred phone calls
and I spent a few hundred bucks.
Do you know how fuckable
you are right now?
Hi, my name is-
Do you have a storage closet
or a coat room
we could use real quick?
Leave her alone, dummy.
Thank you.
That's great, thank you.
Could you give us a minute, please?
- Keep those coming.
- Mmmhmm.
A toast.
To us.
To us.
- That was lovely.
- Mmmhmm.
- Mmmhmm.
- It was, yeah.
Oh, wow, look at that.
That is a dessert.
Anything else I can get for
the award-winning couple?
No. Everything was perfect.
I'm speechless.
In life you have to celebrate
the wins.
Otherwise, what's the point?
Well, this award belongs
to you as much as me.
I mean, if you hadn't
published that photo
when you worked for Vanity Fair
We might have never met.
Right place, right time.
I mean it, Sarah.
You've always had my back.
That bad, huh?
He was a lot closer than this.
Was this your idea?
Ok. How did he do this?
Let's go see.
See? Here.
The photo must have been
taken from here.
Ok, he's a magician, I admit it.
And you hired him, right?
What? No.
It's probably just
one of your groupies
just fucking with you.
Smoke and mirrors.
No, it's It's not possible.
It's probably some sort of a trick.
This this doesn't make any sense.
It's probably some sort
of street magic
like David Blaine or something.
Or a hidden camera show.
Come on, let's go see.
It'll be fun.
Wait. Don't look at it yet.
It's just a prank.
I'll prove it to you.
My shoes will still be
on my feet, right?
It's not magic. Someone is just
messing with us.
Fuck me.
Ok, Sarah, stop fucking around.
You set this up.
How could I have planned
something like this?
It wasn't me.
Ok, wait here.
Oh, no, hell no. I'm going with you.
I don't see anything.
I think I know what's happening.
Sarah, there's something
I never told you.
Something I never told anyone.
James, what is it?
You're scaring me.
- It's because of the photo.
- What photo?
The photograph that got me this.
It was at the border,
outside San Miguel.
I had to make a choice and I did.
And when I looked back?
He was gone. Just disappeared.
It wasn't your fault.
I could have saved him.
You don't know that.
Your life was in danger too.
"And I heard a man's voice call out
"from the banks of the river."
That's just a coincidence.
I mean, someone is fucking with us,
that's all that this is.
Oh, my god, Max.
Oh, my god.
Please, please, please pick up.
Come on, Max.
Please pick up. He's not answering.
In South America I heard stories.
It's just bullshit superstition.
What if it's not?
- Max?
- Max?
Max! Max!
Max! Max!
Mom? What the fuck?!
Why weren't you answering your phone?
Who's in here?
Nobody. Everybody went home
after you called.
Is there someone else in this house?
No, nobody's here.
Why y'all freaking out?
Ok, who took this?
Hey! Who took this picture?!
I I don't know.
There's something in here.
James? What's happening?
Don't touch it.
I'm gonna call the police.
911. What's your emergency?
Hang up.
Hang up the phone.
911. What's your emergency?
Where's Max?
James, James wait!
Dad! Dad, I'm right here.
Dad, what are you doing?
Dad, I'm right here.
Dad, I'm right here, Dad.
I'm right here, Dad.
Die you son of a bitch!
Stop! Stop it!
James! Stop! Stop it please!
Please James! James!
Please stop!
James! James! Please stop!
Stop it. please!
James you're going to kill him!
Please, James! Stop!!!
Max? Max?
- Max?
- Noooooo!!!!
- Max?
- Nooooooo!!!!!
No! What did you do?!
Max! Max!
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