Creepshow (2019) s04e02 Episode Script

The Hat ; Grieving Process


[ASTRID] What the fuck?!
Relax. It's not loaded.
Oh, so you're just trying
to give me a heart attack?
It's this damn deadline.
I I I stare at the
screen and yet nothing comes.
- You know
- Please don't say it.
Stephen Bachman never had
writer's block, not once.
He wrote two books a year, every year.
Sometimes three and
they were fucking genius.
And look at me.
Can you explain it,
Astrid? How do you do it?
You're not Stephen Bachman, Jay.
- You're better.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
Uh, enough about me.
How was your meeting?
Tell me they made you lead architect.
Might have a little of this first.
Maybe we should just drown our misery
in some meaningless sex and booze.
- What do you say?
- Uh, yeah.
Oh, you've got it bad, darlin'.
A writer's greatest fear that
one day it'll all just stop.
- You know what you need?
- No idea.
Something to inspire confidence.
Like what? What are you getting at?
Have you ever had a good luck charm?
Little rabbit's foot?
I'm not the superstitious type, Nicole.
Here, darling. Let
me show you something.
You see this civil war bullet?
H. P. Lovecraft never
wrote a single word
without it in his pocket.
And here? Ray Bradbury's typewriter.
- He could only write on this one.
- Hm.
Ah, Richard Matheson's pipe.
His place stunk of cherry tobacco.
Without it he was lost.
Sometimes what you need
is a a good luck charm
to help you through the muddle and the-
[INTERCOM] Mrs. Swanson, Mr. Klein
needs you to sign the contracts.
Ah, excuse me for a moment, darling.
Deals to be made.
- Oh, good.
- Jay.
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry. I just, uh, um
No, no, it's just very valuable.
Yeah, yeah.
It actually fits you, darling.
Can't say that about everyone.
I'm really sorry. I
No, no, darling, please.
It's, uh, Stevie's rabbit's foot.
It's what he used to get
himself through the dry spells.
Stephen Bachman had writer's block?
Of course he did.
Stevie was just as
human as the next guy.
He called it his "golden
ticket to success."
A fedora?
- Well, a homburg, actually.
- Oh.
- They were very popular in the '40s.
- Hm.
- I hear Churchill wore one.
- Hm.
Oh, Stevie. All those stories
that just poured out of you.
Those brilliant dark fantasies.
Every single word you
typed, this hat was there.
I'll never know why he just
walked away from it all.
Hm. Anyway.
Unfortunately, none of
this helps me, Nicole.
Do you really want to
be the next Bachman?
Are you willing to make the sacrifices?
Take the risks?
Whatcha got there?
Oh, um, Nicole's attempt
at cognitive therapy.
Let me see.
- Ah, a hat box.
- An astute observation.
A fedora. Nice.
A Homburg, actually.
- Homburg?
- Mm.
It belonged to, uh, Stephen Bachman.
And Nicole gave it to you?
It's on loan. She thinks
it will inspire me, so
Eh eh eh
It looks good on you.
Like, really good.
Hold that pose. And don't take it off.
Hold it!
- Oh.
- Come on! Come on! They go together.
But you're not gonna post that, right?
- Oh, too late.
- Ok.
- Ok.
- Mmhm.
What are you looking at?
Come on.
Come on!
Let's go.
Why won't you work?!
You worked for Bachman! Not me?
Come on! Come on! Work! Work!
Work, work, work!
Jay Stratton, you are a fuckin
- Genius!
- Ha!
Didn't I tell you you'd come through?
- Didn't I?
- That you did.
We are putting everything
behind this one.
Mark my words.
New York Times Bestseller.
Hollywood bidding war.
Tom Holland canoodling
with Zendaya at the premier.
This is a dream come
true. I, I can't tell you.
Isn't it, darling? Isn't it?
Oh. But
But what?
Well, the great Stephen
Bachman was all about panache.
That epic series that hooks
you and never lets you go.
That's what readers
really want these days.
One-offs are somewhat
a thing of the past.
You think you have it in you
or are you just like so many others?
Just a brief candle in the wind.
[NICOLE READING] "Stratton's
new chiller had me up at night
praying for the dawn",
The Chicago Tribune.
gloriously fitting finale.
Stratton's imagination is
vast, dark and terrifying",
The New York Times.
[JAY READING] "Stratton
writes like one possessed.
Gather around the pages
of his literary campfire
and he'll weave you a damn good yarn.
For not since Bachman have we
been this frightened out of our wits.
This full of existential dread.
God, he's a full on
genius." Houston Chronicle.
Did you hear that
hon? Not since Bachman!
Everything alright?
- [ASTRID] Jay, open up.
The ideas flowing. It was incredible.
You have no idea.
I really have to learn
how to type faster.
Three days.
You haven't come out for three days.
Sorry, I just, uh Wait, three days?
But the awards, they were last night.
No. That was three days ago.
You know, you're not the
only one with a deadline.
I, I haven't been able
to get anything done.
If it wasn't for that
constant noise you make typing
I would have called 911.
I'm starting to think you love
that stupid hat more than me.
Astrid, don't be ridiculous.
I'm sorry.
No, really. Um, I'll try to be better.
I've just been on a real
flow but that's no excuse.
It's ok, I understand.
Just don't scare me again.
I feel like I'm entering
one of your novels.
[SOBBING] I just
Jay, are you ok?
Had an idea hit me. So
beautiful and so brilliant.
I gotta go write.
Ah, yep.
Number one though.
What the hell?
Where's the hat? Where's the hat?
I don't need it. Jay,
you can write without it.
It was just Dumbo's feather.
It was all me after all.
It was, uh
- Jay?
- I'm famished.
I have to eat quickly.
More ideas, can't stop.
Aren't you going to take a break?
And risk losing all my ideas?
Hey, what's with the balloons?
Don't you know what day it is?
Oh my god, I forgot. It's your birthday.
I'm so sorry. Happy birthday, honey!
It's not my birthday,
Jay. It's your birthday.
That's not possible.
It's not even November.
Check a calendar, Jay.
It's your birthday.
Uh, well, happy birthday to me then.
What is this?
You're holed up for days on
end. You don't sleep anymore.
You can't think straight.
You don't talk to me
and to be honest, you
You smell.
That's right. You reek.
Would it kill you to take
a shower once in a while?
Can't shower, the hat would get wet.
- What did you say?
- I said I can't shower, it would get wet.
The hat would get wet.
How about just taking it off?
- I can't take it off.
- And why not?
Because I have to finish the book.
It stays on until I finish the book.
- Don't you get it?
- No! I don't!
I don't get anything that's
been going on in this house.
It's the big one, Astrid. An epic.
The one I'm gonna be
remembered for, like Bachman.
I can't take off my hat!
Take off the hat.
- I told you I can't.
- I said take off the hat!!!
- No!
- Give it to me!
- It belongs to Stephen Bachman!
I can't take it off!
You don't have to leave.
You need your space, I need mine.
Jay, you need to choose
between me and this obsession.
Ah, ah, ah
Don't go.
- Hello?
- [MAY] Mr. Stratton?
Who is this?
[MAY] This is May Johnson
calling on behalf of
Mr. Stephen Bachman.
Oh. The Stephen Bachman?
[MAY] The same.
Mr. Bachman was quite
taken with your last novel.
In fact, if it's not too much to ask,
he would very much
like to meet with you.
I'd like that.
[MAY] Excellent. Would
tomorrow work for you?
- We can send a car.
- Tomorrow's great.
Ok. Bye. Ok, hung up.
I'm ok, thanks.
Mr. Stratton, thank you for coming.
Mr. Bachman,
- I can't tell you
- [READING] The hat.
My property stolen.
Well, it's mine now.
Nicole gave it to me.
Bitch. Took my hat.
Can't exist without.
Longing. Empty. Life meaningless.
Return to owner, to me, what is mine.
I think I better go.
Without the hat,
you are nothing more
than a second-rate hack.
You are an amateur
unworthy of writing dime
store greeting cards.
You are not worthy of it.
Do you understand that?
I need the hat.
You cannot do this to me.
I need the hat! That is my hat! Stolen!
Give me my hat! My hat!
[VOICEMAIL] Jay's not here. Please
leave me a message after the tone.
These are some of your
best pages yet, darling!
Keep 'em coming.
[VOICEMAIL] Jay's not here. Please
leave me a message after the tone.
They're incredible, darling!
I can hardly keep up with you.
We're going to split
it into three books.
And I hope you don't mind,
but I slipped a few thousand
pages to Stephen Spielberg.
[NICOLE] And he's making an offer!
Just keep 'em coming.
[VOICEMAIL] Jay's not here. Please
leave me a message after the tone.
[ASTRID] Hey, just checking
in to see how you're doing.
I got good news, I landed
the Oppenheimer account.
They're using my design
for that skyscraper.
- I'm so excited.
[VOICEMAIL] Jay's not here. Please
leave me a message after the tone.
Well, well, well.
Darling, we're gonna have
to split it into seven books.
[NICOLE] You're almost there!
[VOICEMAIL] Jay's not here. Please
leave me a message after the tone.
[ASTRID] Look, I've been
away from you for too long.
I can't take it anymore.
I know the creative
process can sometimes
feel like it's killing you,
but you'll get through it.
Finish that book and
come to my place. Please.
I love you.
Get the fuck off me! Fuck you!
That's right, you
just make sure he knows
he owes me for this one.
I gotta go, darling.
Why Jay, what happened?
You know exactly what
happened! You knew all along.
Darling, darling, please.
Let's not get carried away.
Don't fucking "darling" me, ok?
I asked you if you were
willing to make sacrifices.
To take the risks, remember?
I gave you a choice.
I thought you were talking
creative risks not
a fucking monster eating my brains!
Well, let's not act hastily
We're done, Nicole.
But what about the manuscript?
The deal with Spielberg?
You can't just walk away. You can't.
Watch me.
You wanted to be one of the greats.
You wanted to be another Bachman.
But there's a price
to pay. A price, Jay!
You're right. I almost forgot.
Everyone has a price to pay.
[ASTRID] Hey, hon.
I'll be right with you.
Wow. Astrid, these
designs are incredible.
Astrid, I'm so sorry.
I was such an ass hole.
Hello, honey. I've never
been more productive.
The ideas they just keep coming.
I can't stop.
They just keep coming.
No. No!
Oh, shit. You caught me.
No, no. This is too sweet.
Your table, madam. Breakfast for one.
You spoil me.
Well, that's my job. Plus,
I love to watch you eat.
Oh, is that some weird
kink I should know about?
Oh, it's just one of
life's simple pleasures.
Mm. It's amazing.
That's just the warm up.
Tonight's the real celebration.
We have 8:00 reservations
at Chez Jacques.
Well, what do I need Chez Jacques for
when I have a Michelin
star chef of my own?
Let's stay in, hm?
A glass a vino by the
fire and who knows?
- You might even get lucky.
- Hm. Just you
- Hm.
- Me
- Mmhm.
- And Jeanie?
- Oh!
- Sounds kinky.
Watch it. She's my baby sister!
Uh he wishes.
Good morning.
W-w-wow! I have never
seen you up this early.
Eggs Benedict?
No thanks, I'm just
gonna go back to bed.
But, I wanted to wish the
boss lady a great first day.
Thanks, kid.
Alright, later.
Oh, and knock them on their ass.
Your baby sister.
You know, speaking of
babies, I've been thinking
Don't you think we should try again?
Your first day of your new promotion
and you're already angling
for maternity leave?
I'll tell you what.
Why don't we talk about it tonight-
- Mm.
- over a bottle of Bordeaux, hm?
Congratulations, boss lady.
Where the hell are you?
Oh! Sweetheart, thank god.
[KIERNAN] Mr. Nance?
Who is this?
Detective Kiernan, special victims unit.
I'm calling from your wife's phone.
We have a situation.
Excuse me. Excuse me, sorry.
Excuse me.
Oh, Jesus. That's my wife!
It's ok, officer.
I'll take it from here.
- Mr. Nance? I'm Detective Kiernan.
- What happened?
Your wife was attacked going to her car.
- Is she..
- Take a breath.
She's a fighter, Mr.
Nance. She survived.
- Well, did you catch the bastard?
- No. A janitor scared him off,
saw his shadow darting across the wall.
The hospital will run some tests.
And when she's ready to talk
we'll see how much she remembers.
Thank you. Can I can I ride with her?
Of course.
I'll have someone follow in your car.
Welcome home!
Mm! Oh my god, you're
freezing. Let's get you inside.
Hey, babe
Alright, open up. One bite.
Come on, Richard made it just for you.
Oh, good job.
- I'm so sorry.
- Don't touch me!
[RICHARD] She's only trying to help.
You need to top off?
She just needs time.
Yeah. It's all I've heard.
Thanks, Jean.
I wouldn't have gotten
through these past few days
if it wasn't for you.
Well we're family,
that's what family does.
Not my family.
My family runs at the
first sign of trouble.
You thinking about running?
No. I just want my old wife back.
I don't know if April ever told
you about what happened to me
back in Georgetown, but
I was attacked on my way home
from class and it broke me.
It truly broke me.
I was shitty to a lot
of people back then,
but April never gave up on me.
And believe me, Richard, I
gave her ample opportunity.
Something like this,
it it changes you.
It changes your DNA.
You know, I changed
and I'm stronger now.
So April will come back.
Stronger than before.
[JEAN] Jesus, it's
like a morgue in here.
Yeah, she likes it dark.
You know it isn't
healthy. She hasn't eaten.
We need to get her up on her feet.
She's refusing to walk.
Goddamn hospital. They
sent her home too early.
She needs a doctor's care.
You have no fucking idea what I need.
Yeah, that's right,
bitch. Earn your keep.
"Oh, Richard. I was attacked
and it broke me. It truly broke me."
It made you a fucking
freeloader is what it did!
- April, please.
- Charity ends now!
Jean's not charity. She's family.
I want you gone.
She doesn't know what she's saying.
She's starving out of her mind.
Really? It sounds pretty on point to me.
Where will you go?
I I still have one or two friends.
I'm so sorry, Richard.
Yeah. Uh-huh.
Um, I'm just on the
corner of Ridge and Maple.
Alright, thanks.
Mr. Nance?
Ah, you must be Dr. Spence. Come on in.
How are you holding up?
Oh, you know
Just taking it a day at a time.
It's all we can do.
And your wife?
Oh, my wife is gone.
Excuse me?
The women who I fell in
love with is no longer here.
I see.
I'd like to check in on her, alone,
if you wouldn't mind.
I'll go get some air.
Oh, straight up those stairs.
Last door on the right.
Mrs. Nance? My name is Dr. Spence.
I came to see if there's
anything you need.
Mrs. Nance?
Dr. Spence?
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, my god.
Ok. Hey, come on. Come on.
It's ok. It's ok. It's ok, sweetie.
It's ok. It's ok. I'll call for help.
I'll call 911.
There's not much there, sweetie.
She's drained. Fini.
You go wait over there.
I'll see what I can do
with these leftovers.
No, no, Detective. No one's been by.
Been at the house 24/7.
Oh, April's doing very well. Thank you.
Her appetite's come back.
She is healthier than ever.
In fact, she's got me
running all over town,
shopping for ingredients.
[RICHARD] It's a very specialized diet.
[RICHARD] Acquiring the correct
elements has been a bit of a challenge,
but I don't mind putting in the work.
[RICHARD] I'm a Michelin
star chef, after all.
I was so worried I wouldn't
be able to get through to her
but we've reconnected and
we're doing better than ever.
Yeah. Who's hungry? Look at that.
Next week's our anniversary.
In sickness and in health.
I've got something special planned.
If if I can pull it
off. It's a real delicacy.
And then, after dinner,
we can get back to work on that family
that we've always dreamed of.
It's ok, it's ok. I
better see who it is.
Who knows?
Possibly dessert.
You gonna let me in or what?
This isn't a good time. You
should have called first.
I did call and text
like 100 goddamn times.
Oh, my god.
Where is that smell coming from?
The basement. My freezer crapped out.
All my meats went to shit.
It's kind of a sin.
How's April?
She's coming along.
Has she been eating?
Christ. More than ever.
Well, I was hoping that
she'd want to see me.
I've been having
nightmares that she died.
What the fuck is going on, Richard?!
April sleeps in the basement now.
She likes it down there.
It's quieter less light.
Oh my god! Alright, move Richard.
Get out of my way or I swear
April? It's Jean.
- I'm so sorry.
- What's that supposed to mean?
Guess who stopped by to see you.
April? oh god, April. Let me help you.
If you really want to help
you'll be a good
sister and let her feed.
- Ow! Help, please! Help me!
Woah, woah, woah. Are you ok?
Is there someone I can call?
A friend or a family member?
I don't have a family.
Well, lucky for you, I'm a doctor.
I'll take you back to my office
and we'll fix you up, lickety-split.
Do you like ice cream?
We've got a whole freezer full.
Every flavor you can imagine.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[RICHARD] You'll have to
check in with the nurse first.
She's right downstairs.
Go on. I'll go get my medical bag.
And the ice cream?
And the ice cream.
Happy anniversary, sweetheart.
Detective [STUTTERING] This
this isn't a good time.
I was in the neighborhood.
Thought I'd drop by and see
how the wife's coming along.
You left your car door open.
I found this in the back seat.
That Dr. Spence, we
found her car abandoned
on the other side of town.
That's where you left it, isn't it?
You want to tell me
what's going on, Mr. Nance?
- [DAISY] Let me out! Let me out!
- Get away from the door!
- [DAISY] Please! Help!
- Detective
- [DAISY] Help!
- You've got the wrong idea.
- Now!
- [DAISY] Help me! Help! Let me out!
Where the hell is she?
[KIERNAN] Hello? Hello?
Let's see what you got cooking
down in the basement, Mr. Nance.
You lead.
[KIERNAN] Oh! Jesus.
What have you been up to?
Just looking after the missus.
[KIERNAN] What is all this?
What is all this?!
Special ingredients, picked fresh.
My wife subscribes to a very
particular diet these days.
Meats, mostly, with a few additives.
Where the hell is the child?!
I I I I believe
that would be her over there.
It's ok. Don't be scared.
I'm a police officer.
Oh, my god.
I lost her that night. I was so sad.
Oh, oh my god, honey. Are you ok?
But you brought me back home.
And now, we can be a family.
Always and forever.
[DAISY] Hungry.
[APRIL] Hungry.
[APRIL] Hungry.


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