Creepshow (2019) s04e03 Episode Script

Parent Death Trap ; To Grandmother's House We Go

My name is Lyle VelJohnson
and I was born alone.
Sure, I have a mother, and a father,
but they are more interested
in anything else than me.
I played alone, ate dinner alone,
got tortured at school
and realized that it wasn't me
all of those years.
It was my parents.
You ungrateful little shit!
We go out of our way to find
a date for you for the prom
and this is how you behave?
Violet Meyers? Violet Meyers!
She's the most popular girl in school.
Then you should be thanking us.
Learn to accept
a little charity, Lyle.
- Hmm.
- Or at least pity.
I don't want to have
to get you a hooker.
Why do you always do this to me?
You always try to control my life.
Well, if we thought you had the
guts to talk to her instead of
just spying on her with that
telescope in your bedroom
maybe we wouldn't have
to get involved.
Why do you even care?
No son of mine is gonna be
stuck at home on prom night!
You're a VelJohnson, dammit!
We're men of action.
Men of action.
Ever since the first, VelJohnson
bought his way onto the Mayflower.
We settle for nothing but the best.
And I'll be damned if our family
bloodline dies with you.
At this rate we may as well
give your inheritance to the cat.
Isn't that right, Churchill?
You love that stupid cat
more than you love me.
It earned our love.
What have you ever done?
I hate you. I hate this family.
Are you pissing on my
Get out of here, Churchill! Out!
Ah! You little shit!
Churchill, oh, Churchill dear!
Lyle, have you seen Churchy?
Uh, no. Not since last night.
What on earth are you wearing?
It's my outfit for prom.
- You look like a serial killer.
- Hmm.
I look cool.
Not wearing that you don't.
What have you gotten into?
Please don't touch me.
Or what?
Please. He hasn't got the guts.
You don't know what
I'm capable of doing.
You better be capable of
going back to your room
and getting changed.
Your mother already picked out
your clothes.
This is what I'm wearing.
You don't want to keep Violet waiting.
Meow, meow, meow. Churchy!
Psst, psst, psst.
There, don't you look handsome?
Now, that's a VelJohnson.
You and Violet might even
win prom king and queen.
Oh, they already voted on that.
Then demand a recount, dammit.
That's what a man would do.
Oh, it's 7:00.
She'll be here any minute.
Places, everyone!
Stand up straight.
Don't slouch, boy.
This is Viviane
Voicemail, again.
The Meyers are avoiding us, Archibald.
No, darling.
They're not avoiding us,
they're avoiding him.
- Hello.
- Gloria.
Viviane, how lovely to hear from you.
I wish I could say the same.
We are wondering when Violet might
Oh, she's gone.
Oh, she's already left?
Two hours ago.
Two hours ago?
But we had a deal.
Archibald and I made
a very sizable investment
to your husbands company.
Stood up.
No one has ever stood up a VelJohnson.
Of course.
What else did I expect from my son.
Who would ever want to go out
with such a weak, stupid,
sniveling little weirdo like you?
Oh really?
What are you gonna do? Hit me?
You don't have the guts.
I've had enough!
You idiot!
It was your job to sharpen the sword!
You can't even kill me right!
What on earth have you done?
You've ruined my entire
living room set!
You little shit!
Shut up. Shut up!
Who's there?
Don't think you're gonna
get away with this, do you?
You were always an emotionally
stunted, spoiled brat.
You're a screw-up.
How dare you kill us?
Out of bed boy!
That's no way to seize the day.
Your snoring's getting worse.
When my father built this
fortune on 15 minutes
I think you might have sleep
apnea like your great uncle, Roy.
Oh, really?
You're never gonna get anywhere
doing that kind of stuff.
Oh god, you are a fat slob.
Don't forget the whitener.
Women, they notice a smile.
What are you doing?
You're making a mess.
Look at the mess you're making.
Ew. Lyle, your teeth
are just disgusting.
It's a waste of the water bill!
Oh, you're never gonna find
a girlfriend
when you're dressed like that.
Wolf shirt again?
Not really a chick magnet, boy.
How about a nice button up?
We can go shopping.
Feel free to use the card.
As if he doesn't already.
- Don't we know it.
- Really.
Carbs, carbs, more carbs.
Oh, you're never gonna get
a woman with that beer belly.
Oh, look. She's pretty.
Quick, go and talk to her!
Dammit boy, you killed me and
now you're killing my gene pool!
Honey, did you just
Patrick Swayze that box?
I think I did!
Will you shut up?!
Scared another woman away.
I'm here to shop, not talk to women.
You never talk to women.
Because you're always talking to me.
Well, maybe we could finally move on
if you could just find
a girl and settle down.
Oh, look. There's another one.
Is that Violet Meyers?
Oh, she's got a lot of nerve-
I'd like to give her
a piece of my mind.
shopping here.
I thought she moved to New York.
Wow. Even more beautiful
now than in high school.
I wonder if she remembers me.
Don't even think about it!
What? You're always saying
how I need to talk to girls.
Not this one.
It's her fault we're dead!
No, it's my fault you're dead.
Uh, she saw me.
- Oh
- Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm ok.
Oh my god! Lyle?
It's me, Violet Meyers.
I used to live across the lake
from your family.
Oh, I, uh, I know. Hi.
Came to mock our family more?
- We remember you, harlot.
- Mmmhmm.
I well, I just wanted to
- Drop dead.
- Go to hell!
Apologize for standing you up
at prom in high school.
Oh, please. That was like
four years, three months,
two days ago.
Really, it was no big deal, actually.
- No big deal?
- Unbelievable!
Your mom gave my mom an earful.
Said that you were devastated.
Did she?
God, your parents must just hate me.
How are they?
Don't tell her we're dead!
They're dead.
- Oh!
- Agh!
Oh. I'm so sorry.
Not as much as me.
I can't believe you're going
on a date with that snake.
She's poison, boy.
- Hm.
- Hm.
We're only looking out
for your best interest.
You mean your best interest?
I've been waiting for this date
my entire life
and all you care about
is the VelJohnson name.
Oh, that's a good look.
Yes, wear that one.
I really need this, ok?
I've never you know.
Oh, we know.
So then leave me alone for once.
It's not like women just come
knocking on my front door.
I'm Special Agent Ella,
this is Special Agent Mann.
Is this the VelJohnson residence?
Uh, yes. That's me. I live here.
Anyone else?
- Who is it?
- This better not be a charity.
Uh, no. No one.
What about Gloria and Archibald
Oh, my parents?
Yes, they live here too.
But they're on vacation.
In Switzerland.
Do you happen to know
if they invested in Midwich Financial?
Who are you, the tax man!
Well, that is none of your business!
Lyle, tell her to leave!
They don't really talk to me.
Have your parents give me a call
when they're back from vacation.
Will do.
Have yourself a good day.
You too.
How long do you think you can
keep up this vacation charade
before the IRS gets wise?
I told you boy, you need to get smart.
You need to cover your tracks.
You need to move our money
into your name.
I need to go on a date.
I'm surprised you came out with me.
Did you think I was
gonna stand you up?
Ouch. Ok. I deserve that. Fair.
I was just some spoiled rich kid
back in high school.
But, I've done a lot of
growing up since then.
I guess losing everything
will do that to you.
So, you didn't win prom queen?
You really don't know, do you?
It was like the gossip of the town.
I don't really talk to anyone.
My dad turned out to be a con man.
I knew it! I knew he was a fraud!
He ran a ponzi scheme.
Midwich Financial or something stupid.
Oh, right. Yeah, I think
my parents were investors.
Everyone's parents were investors.
He scammed this whole town
out of millions.
We lost everything in court.
I came back from New York
to try and help him, but
He was a wreck.
He just disappeared.
Presumed dead by suicide.
My mother drank herself to death
shortly after.
Well, if I had a family like
hers I'd kill myself too.
Moms are so tough to lose.
I know.
Not like this.
I've never told anyone this before,
but my parents were murdered.
- Are you out of your mind?
- Do you want to go to jail?
By each other.
They caught each other cheating.
They were both real big sluts.
It was just one orgy.
I don't like talking about it
because it hurts.
Lyle, I'm so sorry.
It's hard for people like us.
Walking through life
with that kind of pain.
But if you find the right person,
it can make it feel like
a walk in the park.
You know, it was really nice
talking to you.
Usually my past scares guys off.
Well, I'm not a guy who scares easily.
Oh, my god.
Psst! Now, go. Come on, get!
Get up! Come here. Come on!
So, this is where it all happened?
Where what happened? Nothing happened!
Where I stood you up for prom.
Oh. Right.
Well, hopefully you think of
something else
that happened here.
Even if it was four years too late.
It was worth the wait.
Lyle, that investigator is back!
Run for the hills, boy.
Are you expecting someone?
Uh Just wait here a sec.
Good morning, Mr. VelJohnson.
Parents back from vacation yet?
Vacation? What the hell are you
In Switzerland, as I recall.
Right. Switzerland.
Yes. My parents extended their stay.
They probably won't be back
until next year.
At the earliest.
Nice property. Beautiful lake.
Yeah? Never really noticed it much.
I get seasick, so just looking
at the lake makes me sick.
Well, let me know
when your parents pop up.
Of course.
So your parents are on vacation?
You told me they were dead.
Was that a lie just so
you could get close to me?
No. Not exactly.
What does that mean?
You wouldn't understand.
So now you think I'm stupid?
Yes. I mean, no.
Ok. Well what exactly happened
to your parents then, Lyle?
It's complicated.
Violet, wait!
We certainly don't need to worry
about her anymore.
It's for the best, my boy.
She wasn't good enough for you.
- Wasn't good enough for me?
- Hm.
My entire life,
you kept telling me how I wasn't
good enough for anything.
I wasn't good enough for school.
I wasn't good enough for sports.
I wasn't a good enough son.
But now I finally meet someone
who makes me happy
and she isn't good enough for me?
What's even the point anymore?
What is he doing?
I should have done this
a long time ago.
Lyle, please don't.
We're so sorry.
We don't want you to end up like us.
We only ever cared about
our reputation,
even when it made us unhappy.
We never even thought about
what you wanted.
All I ever wanted was for you
to be proud of who I was.
Not who you wanted me to be.
We are proud of you, son.
You know, I always wanted
to kill my old man.
But I never had the guts.
I wasn't a man of action.
Not like you.
Now, go.
Talk to her.
You mean it?
When you love someone,
you don't let them go.
You hold onto them.
When I was a kid, I hated my parents.
I used to wish they were dead.
And when it finally happened,
I didn't feel the sense
of relief, joy and sadness.
I just felt dead.
Cause it was never really them
I hated, it was me.
I guess sometimes I say they're
still alive to protect myself
um, emotionally.
But what I should be
protecting is this.
What I'm trying to say is,
when I'm with you,
I don't feel dead.
The office of the Castlerock
County registrar recorder
hereby grants the license of marriage
to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle
and Violet VelJohnson.
I love the sound of that name.
Now, Gloria, we agreed to leave
Lyle alone on his wedding night.
Oh, alright.
There better be grandchildren
when come back.
Did you ever think about
having a second child?
Oh! Not after Lyle.
The little bastard nearly gnawed
my tits off.
Oh. That wine sure packs a punch.
It's a family vintage.
Special just for this occasion.
Come on, let's party like
we're in high school.
I never went to any parties
in high school.
Well that's because you were
a creepy fucking loser.
Everybody hated you in high school.
You can understand why I stood you up.
I had a reputation to uphold.
I'm a Meyers.
I still have a reputation to uphold.
I don't feel too good.
You'll never understand
how hard it was
when my dad lost everything.
How could you?
You never had to downgrade
your lifestyle.
You kept your money.
You know, it got so bad for us
that in the end,
my parents life insurance policy
was the only money we had left.
They were worth more dead
than they were alive.
Oh! Archibald, they found us.
Well, if that's us, then who's that?
Faking Dad's disappearance was easy.
Everyone already expected him
to take the cowards way out.
Mom was a little more difficult.
She always insisted on
pouring her own drink.
Of course, the money
from their insurance pay out
was bound to dry out
and what was I gonna do?
Get a job?
What? No.
Being wealthy, there's no fun
in working for it.
No hard feelings.
It's just business.
He should be dead by now.
Are you sure poison doesn't expire?
Nonsense. It ages, like a cognac.
Cognac doesn't age, you putz.
What are you two doing here?
I told you to leave me alone
until the job was done.
In a minute the VelJohnson
fortune is going to be ours.
What's so funny?
I killed my parents.
Aw, how sweet.
I guess we do have something
in common.
The IRS doesn't know.
Everything is in their name.
Oh, dear.
What does that mean, Daddy?
Well, sweetie, if he hasn't
inherited anything that means
You get nothing.
Lyle, run! Violet killed her
Daddy, what's happening?
Your in-laws are here.
I think we should be going now.
Uh, what about the money?
I didn't marry this worm
to leave empty-handed.
You killed my baby!!!
We almost had her dead to rights.
Now she's just dead.
Sir, I think the other suspect's
coming around.
Mr. VelJohnson, can you speak?
Can you tell us what happened?
Just a few more minutes, Mom.
Hey. What's with the cuffs?
It was Violet. She poisoned me.
Is that why you killed her?
She tried to double-cross you
after you helped her
bump off her parents?
What? No.
I only killed my parents.
They forgave me.
It's all good.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say will be used
against you in a court of law.
Lyle Lyle can you hear me?
Violet, you came back!
Yes, I did.
And I'm gonna make the rest
of your life a living hell,
you little worm!
I told you
Look at the mess you
got yourself into, boy.
He should be grateful that
she let him go past first base.
How dare you insult
my sweet little Violet?
No! No!!!!!!
I now pronounce you man and wife.
You lucky dog, you.
Ok. Alright. Thanks.
I present Mr. and Mrs. David Higgins.
You're a fool for marrying
this grifter.
You should have stuck
with your own kind.
You better get used to me, sweetie.
You heard what the preacher said.
It's till death do us part, hm?
We sadly lay to rest, David Higgins.
Generous husband, loving father.
Successful entrepreneur with a
tremendous passion for hunting.
I will not read Isaiah 57.
You know, he left you everything.
Sweet David.
I don't care about the money.
That's lovely to hear because
I'm his state administrator
and as long as I'm around,
you won't see a penny.
Beyond caring for my granddaughter,
you no good gold-digging hussy.
What in the hell are you
breaking up with me for?
I didn't say I was breaking up
with you, Benny.
I said I'm dumping you.
Thanks, Carla.
Do you mind? This is
a private conversation.
Honey, I've heard it all before.
Meh. Go back to slinging hash.
She's doing you a favor, pal.
Can you believe this?
What in the hell are you
dumping me for?
Mommy, I have to go potty.
Ruby, I told you like a hundred
times to call me Marcia.
Never forget.
I'm only your step-mother.
I'm really much more of a
slightly older sister figure.
Yes, Marcia.
Yeah, see? There you go.
Hey! Hey, Carla
Can you show her to
the powder room please?
Right this way, baby.
Ok, look.
I I mean, what is with
the sudden change of heart?
Hm, let's see.
Uh, maybe since the lumber
tycoon I thought I was dating
turned out to be a broke
Christmas tree farmer.
Sugar daddy my ass.
You could barely afford
that sandwich, let alone me.
Ok. Alright.
So, I exaggerated my dating
profile a little bit.
I still spoil you best I can.
You and I clearly have two
very different definitions
of spoiling, hm?
Look, I am stuck with this brat
since my old man expired.
I need a partner who can
provide for me
the lifestyle that I'm accustomed to.
You know what?
I'll get a second job, baby.
And where would you find
the time, "baby", huh?
When you're not wasting
your life playing pine trees,
you're out all night doing
god only knows what, Benny
So, no, no.
You want me? Stop chasing your tail.
Aim higher and
Get yourself a bigger
bank account, hm?
You know, that greedy disposition
is gonna bite you in the ass
one day, Marcia.
Right in the ass.
You're better off, Benny.
That one there's a real black widow.
Took my brother Earl
for every penny he had
then just up and left him.
He died of a broken heart
thanks to you!
Oh, don't give yourself
a heart attack.
You don't want to join your
brother before your time, hm?
Come on, let's go!
Hey, hey, Carla.
Bye, Benny.
Eyes forward.
Don't worry.
She'll get what she has coming to her.
Mrs. Higgins?
Yeah. Yeah, who's this?
This is Mrs. Brown
from Enliven credit.
I'm calling in regards to your
revolving card payment.
According to our records
you're three months behind
Oh, Christ! What?!
There's no more cereal.
- Eat the left overs!
- Ok, mommy
Hello? This is Wilfred Byrn,
the caretaker for Ms. Belinda Higgins.
I'm looking for Marcia Higgins.
Yeah? This is she.
Ms. Higgins, I'm afraid I have
some bad news.
Yeah, yeah, I bet you do.
Listen, will you kindly tell
that old hag that
Excuse me, miss, I'm sorry to report
that Madame's health has taken a turn.
I'm afraid it's cancer.
She's currently getting treatment,
but her long-term outlook
is looking a bit grim.
Like she's not gonna get better?
Well, there's always the hope.
Sadly, the doctor tells us
that it's only a matter
of months before
She's dead?
I mean, that's so heartbreaking.
She's requested to spend time
with her granddaughter
while she convalesces.
Would it be possible for you
to bring young Ruby
up to Madame's Lake View Estate?
Oh, yeah, hell yeah it would!
I mean I mean, why yes, of course.
I am sure that the little
dickens would just be thrilled
to spend time with her dear
old granny, yeah.
Perfect. How soon can you be here?
Uh, we could leave as early
as tomorrow afternoon?
Splendid. We'll expect to see
you sometime in the evening.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
Hey, Wilfred, she does know
that I'm gonna be with
darling Ruby, yeah?
The maid is preparing
the guest house as we speak.
Maid? Ok. Yeah, great, perfect.
Alright, I'll see you tomorrow.
She's gonna inherit it all.
We're gonna get it all!
I'm gonna be rich!
Oh, thank you god,
thank you! Yes! Yes!
Oh! Kid! Kid!
Come here, pack your bags.
To grandmother's house we go!
I got bread and jelly and I even
made Granny some cookies.
- You know how to bake cookies?
- Yeah.
Alright then.
Alright, pick up your doll there.
Alright. Let's go.
I gotta do everything.
Why are we going to Granny's?
Uh, well, the truth is, Ruby,
your granny isn't doing so well.
She's sick?
Yeah, you could say that.
Is she gonna die?
How would I know?
First Mommy died, then Daddy.
If Granny goes to heaven,
you'll be the only family I have.
Yeah. Yeah, don't remind me.
Oh, don't get all weepy.
You have Ethel, huh.
Can you be Ethel's
slightly older sister?
Uh, if you promise to shut up. Yeah.
Don't push it.
I know I'm not supposed to say,
but I wish you were my mommy.
Well, I'm not. So, sorry kid.
I'm just not the motherly type,
you know?
It's a beautiful Friday
night up here in Coyote Canyon.
A terrific break from all that
heavy rain we've been having.
Tomorrow's highs will be in the 70s,
lows in the 50s.
Let's get back to the music.
Ruby, listen.
Did, did you see that?
Ok. It's Coyote Canyon.
It's a coyote, that's all.
It's a coyote. Ok.
I hate this day.
Ok, come on. Oh, this
is not happening!
Oh! Ok.
Sh! Hold on!
- Marcia!
- Yes, yes!
Marcia, behind you!
- Um
- Marcia!
Not tonight, pal!
Come here.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Where did he go?
What is it?
I don't know. I don't know.
Shh. I can assure you
that was no coyote.
Oh god. Okay.
Don't cry, we're gonna be ok, alright?
Because you know why?
Cause you and I,
we're tough broads, right?
Oh, my god!
Help! Help me!
Help me!
- Marcia!
- Benny? Benny!
Oh, Benny, you have to help me!
Radio the, radio the Sheriff!
What in the hell are you doing
out here, girl?
We have to find Ruby!
We gotta get outta here!
What are you talking about?
There was a thing, it ran out
in front of the car!
And it tried to rip us to shreds!
Us? Who's us?
Ruby! He yanked her right
out of the goddamn car!
Woah, where is she?
It took her! Call the police.
We, we ought to get out of here.
What did you do to her?
I didn't do anything to her!
Look at my car!
I'm telling you, there is
some "thing" out here!
Listen to me, numb-nuts, her
grandmother's about to croak.
We were on our way up
to Lakeview to see her
and this beast, it just, it ran
in front of the car
and I got stuck and it attacked
us and it took her.
And then, I don't even know
what would have happened if
Wait a minute.
Ok, so not only am I not
rich enough for you,
I'm now a monster? Just calm down.
Ok, look. Why don't you
get in your car,
lock your door
and I'll radio the Sheriff and
then I'll pull you out of this.
You better!
Hurry up.
I'm not a monster.
Hey Marge, might need a hand out here.
10-4. We'll send a unit
right up, Benny.
Hey, uh, thanks Marge.
Just around the bend.
About a mile south of the farm.
Copy. That full moon
sure is wreaking havoc tonight.
Y'all stay safe.
Uh-huh. You too, gorgeous.
Monster. I'll give you a monster.
I heard that!
Alright, hold on now.
Just need to back up the truck.
Come on.
Ah, you moron!
Hey Benny, Earl is on
the way and he's got the chains.
Benny, come on!
What are you waiting for?
I said not tonight!
This is for screwing up our trip
to grandmother's house
and this is for trying
to kill my fucking kid!
Are you hurt?
Don't worry.
Mommy's here for you, ok?
Alright, come on.
Let's get in the car. Come on.
Carla? From the diner?
Your brother was a limp dick.
Why mommy, what big eyes you have.
Now, we can be together forever.
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