Criminal Minds s03e02 Episode Script

In Birth and Death

Previously on Criminal Minds He came after me.
He came to my home.
Sarah's dead.
He butchered her, Hotch.
Your team is in trouble.
Did you allow A disturbed college student To meet with a man You believed to be A serial killer? It was my decision.
Give me your badge.
You're suspended For 2 weeks Pending An investigation.
I've searched For a satisfactory Explanation For what i'm doing.
I just don't understand Any of it anymore.
Reid? What are you doing here? Ha.
Gideon didn't Answer his phone.
I called him twice.
Have you been here All night? We were supposed To play chess.
Here? Yeah.
Uh, he hasn't been Back to his apartment Since, um Right.
I need to brief The team, so Is hotch here? Uh, he's not due For a half hour.
Thanks, honey.
Are you sure you're ok? Yeah, i'm fine.
Jack: mmm Mm.
You're doing The right thing.
I know.
Getting suspended Was a blessing in disguise.
We deserve a normal life.
I love you.
I love you, too.
What, no hotch, Now no gideon? No, not yet.
These guys have been out You'd think the least They could do is be on time.
Yeah, 'cause You're never late.
So where's prentiss? Her phone keeps going Straight to voicemail.
Well, this room just keeps Getting smaller and smaller, Doesn't it? Should we wait We can just brief them On the plane.
Right now the police Taskforce in milwaukee Needs our help.
They've had 4 murders Over the past 3 weeks, And in addition, Another woman has been Missing the last 2 days.
They've all been women In their thirties, All married with children.
Any connection Between these victims? Just that they've all Been abducted from the area Of wauwatosa, All from very Public places, But there's no witnesses.
How are we even certain It's the same killer? Well, for starters All of the bodies Have been dumped In the city's third ward.
And there's this.
Is that what I think it is? All the hearts have been Cut from their bodies.
Hotch: George washington said, "let your heart feel For the affliction And distress of everyone.
" Ok, i'll take care Of that for you.
Man, am i glad to see you.
Where you headed? Milwaukee.
Looks like an ugly one.
I'll catch you up On the flight.
I'm meeting With the section chief.
Ok, so i'll wait.
I'm just glad You're back.
Trust me when i tell you Things have been A little bit shaky Around here.
Morgan, i'm requesting A transfer.
Is that a joke? No, it's not a joke.
Strauss has suspended me Once already.
The writing's on the wall.
Hotch, we both know That suspension was bogus.
You'll get A new unit chief.
What if we don't want A new unit chief? Well, maybe the next one Won't be such A drill sergeant.
Look, man, are you A pain in my ass? Yes, sir.
But wanting to hang out With you and needing you To lead this team Are two very different things.
It's been a privilege.
I was hoping You'd do the right thing.
Have you given any thought To what department You'll request? I was under the impression That if i left the b.
I'd have my choice of posts.
Well, i'll consider it After i fully complete My investigation.
You were a prosecutor.
What about heading up A white collar crime Taskforce? That'll get you home At nights At a reasonable hour.
Sorry to interrupt.
Sir, i've decided To resign from the fbi, Effective immediately.
I don't understand.
I'm taking the foreign Service exam.
With my connections, I stand a good chance Of landing in The state department.
Prentiss, i think That's a mistake.
Well, don't try To talk me out of it.
Garcia saw my name On the list And she already tried.
If she can't talk Someone out of doing Something, no one can.
Sorry for the interruption.
But, sir, it's good To see you back.
The team needs you.
I'll be overseeing This case Until i can assign Your replacement.
You don't have Any field experience, Do you? My job is to protect The bureau.
If i have to hold The team's hand For one case, So be it.
Ma'am, in order To function effectively, This team needs stability.
The b.
Has some very Talented people And they're Bureau assets.
And i believe it's time That they were out From underneath you And jason gideon.
You know, From this angle, She almost looks human.
Has anyone talked to emily yet? She was gone Before i heard the news.
Now we're down 2 agents And gideon's m.
Doesn't strauss Ever do any- Correct me if i'm wrong, But i believe it's protocol To brief everyone Before we arrive At the crime scene.
Yes, ma'am.
This unsub Is abducting women from Very public places, With no witnesses.
He holds them 48 hours, With no sexual assault, And then he dumps Their bodies With their hearts Carved out of their chests.
There's an obvious dichotomy In the skill The unsub exhibits In abducting these women And the fact that He cuts their hearts out So crudely.
We're probably Looking at somebody In a psychotic break.
Could be a butcher.
Might be a hunter.
Somebody who's very Comfortable being around blood, But as you can see, He obviously doesn't Have the skills of a surgeon.
So do we have A working theory? Hmm.
Sure we do.
Somebody really Doesn't like women.
Is it appropriate to ask Whether i could Talk you out of it? Heard you got A bigger office.
A swanky new map And everything.
It's the milwaukee file.
Wanted me To give it to you.
I'm not working it.
I'm just following orders.
They found a new body This morning.
The others are headed Straight to the scene.
You the fbi? Derek morgan.
Spencer reid, Jennifer jareau, And section chief strauss.
Vic wolynski, Milwaukee pd.
You worked The jeffrey dahmer case.
I've studied it.
And you remember my name? He remembers everything.
It's what he does.
What can you tell us? Uh, local merchant Noticed her a few hours ago.
Uh, but considering He didn't see her When he first came to work, Uh, we figure She was dumped there Between 7:50 and 8:05.
Same window As the others.
All the bodies were found In this area, right? Uh, wauwatosa is an Upper-middle-class suburb Approximately All the women Were abducted from there In the afternoon And turned up here In the morning All this foot traffic And no one saw anything.
Well, he, up, wraps The bodies, uh, loosely So they're not Immediately recognizable.
Eventually the, uh, Wrapping comes open.
My guess is he, uh, Has a van or a truck, Something he can back up So he's shielded When he makes the drop.
No prints on whatever He wraps them in? There have been traces Of paint and wood stain, But most of it's Just common stuff You'd get At any hardware store.
He's trying to demean them, Putting them out Like trash.
This guy might work Or live around here.
Gets off on the reaction To his handiwork.
What can you tell us About the victim? She was taken From a supermarket.
Her husband says That most days She would have been Picking up her son At school, But he was spending The afternoon At a friend's.
This is your fifth Victim, right? Yes.
You should have Called us sooner.
I thought we had A handle on it.
Apparently not.
: ma'am.
Excuse me, sir.
We need to work with These detectives.
I'm sorry? We don't generally Criticize them.
It just really doesn't Get us anything.
Are you saying It wouldn't be helpful If he had contacted us Sooner? Well, of course.
It's always, you know, The sooner the better.
And agent jareau Don't question me again.
Is jack still napping? I thought this was over.
It is.
I'm just curious.
Hello? Hello? What did The section chief say? She suggested that i transfer To a white collar crime Taskforce.
Would you have to travel? No, i'd have A 9:00 to 5:00 life.
Then it's a no-brainer.
How's it going? Well, strauss just offended The lead detective Her first crime scene.
I'm not surprised.
This isn't about to get Any better, is it? I doubt it.
Morgan, listen, I've been looking At the file.
Milwaukee schools Start at 8:10 And they get out at 3:10.
Every abduction Has taken place Within 15 minutes Of school getting out.
And each body was dumped Within 15 minutes Of the first bell.
We could easily be looking At somebody who works In the school system.
Thanks, man.
Any idea how's he's getting Control of these women? Is he blitzing them Or coercing them? So far We're coming up blank.
All right.
Keep me posted.
You scared me.
I'm looking for my dad.
Are you lost? I'm not lost.
I'm just not sure Where i am.
Maybe i can help you? Are you sure this is What your dad said? He said if anything happened, To meet him on the side Because it wouldn't be So crowded.
Uh- Hey.
Hey, There you are.
Thank god, I was worried.
I'm sorry i tricked you.
My dad's just shy.
I want you to smile And ask if you can Come home with us, Or i'm gonna gut the boy Like a deer.
Would you mind If i came home with you? I'd like that.
Well, then.
What do we know? Woman's name Was claire thompson.
Husband tried to reach her On the cell phone.
When she didn't pick up, He drove to The department store.
Car's in the parking lot, But she's not inside.
Is that the husband? Yeah.
, take strauss with you.
I had the department store Uplink the security footage To your analyst in quantico.
My desk is over here.
Garcia, baby girl, Please tell me Something i want to hear.
You're a statuesque god Of sculpted chocolate thunder.
How about something I don't already know? I have a sweet tooth? Did you locate The missing girl On the security footage? On it.
It's coming Your way in 5, 4, 3, 2 I got it.
Keep me on speaker, Will you? Uh-huh.
She doesn't seem to be On anyone's radar.
Ok, who's the kid? Does claire thompson Have a son? No.
2-year-old daughter.
It looks like The kid's lost.
Garcia, this All you got? That's it.
They turned down a hallway Without no security camera And we lose them.
I'll get a list Of missing kids, See if we can make out A resemblance to any of them.
Oh, damn.
What? Something hotch said.
All the abductions And disposals have been Timed around school.
He thought the unsub Might work in the system.
What if this guy's Actually using his own son To lure his victims? Detective wolynski told us You're trying to single out Trucks and vans.
That's smart.
The unsub Is dumping his victims In the business district, So i'd agree with you- He's probably not driving Something that stands out.
He may even have some type Of company logo On the side of His vehicle as well.
We know that he abducts The women in wauwatosa And then dumps their bodies Somewhere in the third ward.
Most unsubs keep Their area of control- Where they kill Their victims- Triangulated between The 2 points.
Which means that the unsub Probably lives in wauwatosa Or the third ward.
Somewhere in that area.
The people who live there Know the unsub.
There's no sexual Component to these crimes, Which means it's more About the unsub Making a point.
He's cutting Their hearts out.
It might just be that This is the sickest way The unsub knows To disfigure The women and Throw them out like trash.
We can't really know.
Reid: the 2 most important Questions to ask ourselves are: What is this guy doing With these women for 48 hours? And why is he willing to use His own son to abduct them? And if he is truly Using his own son, Then it's likely that He has what we call borderline Personality disorder.
Now, borderlines- They think that all Relationships revolve Entirely around them.
When they set their mind To something, Absolute- There is no gray area.
Reid: it would also Manifest in a way That would be visible To people around the unsub.
Intense bouts of anger And depression, Problems drinking.
He would also be highly Sensitive to rejection.
And one last thing.
It is not easy To crack clean Through breastbone.
You're dealing with a guy Who works with his hands, He's used to hard labor.
At the very least, He's not afraid To get dirty.
All right.
I'm gonna take that Out of your mouth And you're gonna be Really quiet.
Like a doll.
Ok? Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Oh, that's good.
Next, we're gonna Go upstairs.
And you're gonna be Really, really nice to the boy.
Not like the little bitch We both know you are.
You understand? Hmm? Say it! Aah! I understand, I understand.
Haley? Ok, mac and cheese.
Ha ha ha! Here you go.
Good boy.
Haley: hello? Mac and cheese.
Ah, it's the best.
It's morgan.
Yeah, what's up? You know i wouldn't Be calling you Unless it was desperate.
Still no gideon? No, not a word.
Reid's starting to worry About him.
We really need you Out here, man.
Morgan, i've already Put in for the transfer.
It's a done deal.
No, you didn't.
Not yet, anyway.
It's not in the system, Hotch.
I checked.
Come on.
You know this case.
You could pitch in On just this one.
We think he might be Using his own kid To lure these women, man.
He just picked up Another one.
I got to think.
What are you doing? Multiplication.
That's hard.
It's extra credit.
The rest of the class Is still on long division.
Maybe i can help you.
It's ok.
I'm really good at math.
The boy Has got to learn To do things by himself.
No, of course.
Of course.
But you can make me A sandwich.
Come on.
Let's go clean up your room.
Help! Help! Help! What the hell Are you doing? Keep your voice down.
Gideon didn't show In milwaukee And the team needs me.
I don't believe this.
Don't worry, It won't affect my transfer.
I've been working On an existing case.
You're not working On this case.
I can't just switch off My loyalty, haley.
They suspended you For 2 weeks.
Who are you Being loyal to? The team needs me.
No, they need gideon.
Do you know what This guy's doing To women in milwaukee? I don't want to know.
He's using his son To lure them, He's holding them, And then he's cutting Their hearts out.
Aaron, stop! Don't make me The monster here.
I feel sick About these women, But when this case Is over, There will be another one.
And another one And another one.
It is never going to stop.
This is who i am.
No This is what you do.
I'm trying to do The right thing, Here and there, And i would really Appreciate A little support.
Oh That's right.
'Cause you Always need to be the hero.
Don't give me that.
Obviously a happy life Isn't enough for you.
Aaron, i need you here.
And i will be here.
As soon as this case Is over.
Yeah, well, make sure You give your son a kiss Before you leave.
Can i come in? The team needs us.
They're working a case In milwaukee.
Gideon hasn't shown up, And don't tell me you quit Or i put in For a transfer.
You put in For a transfer? They're both still Hung up in the system, So technically We're in dereliction Of duty by not being there.
I'm sorry, i can't go.
Sorry i barged in.
Can i ask- Why are you really here? I told you.
I think strauss came to you And asked for dirt on me.
Why would she do that? I think if you have your Eyes on top leadership At the fbi, You want to know Who might stand in your way.
And what could i Have told her? That one of my agents Might have murdered A suspect in cold blood.
Or another might have A serious drug problem Which i didn't report, And if strauss Had any evidence, My career would be over.
I think she put you On our team and expected Something in return.
And to your credit, You quit.
Rather than whisper In her ear.
I told you.
I hate politics.
Come to milwaukee.
I'll make you a deal.
If your ready bag Isn't here, packed, I won't bug you Anymore.
If it is, i want you On that plane with me.
One more case.
I already turned in My badge and my gun.
That's just hardware.
I have triple patrol In the area And i've got Every available unit Recanvassing.
It's tough knowing They're out there And we're still A step behind.
You know, it used to be A running joke That if you told people You were from milwaukee, All they wanted To talk about Was happy days reruns.
And then dahmer happens And they ask you about it As if It's the same thing.
As if it's entertainment.
But i was in that apartment.
Gideon, one of our bosses, Says that there are things That attach to you that You can never wash off.
All right, it- Is it possible We're looking at this The wrong way? What do you mean? Well, we're trying To zero in on the unsub.
Now, you guys tell me, But If he really is Using his son, Wouldn't the trauma Manifest more clearly On the boy? Can your analyst get a list Of all the children In the area That we're targeting? Garcia can get you Whatever you want.
Talk dirty to me.
I- This is section chief Erin strauss.
Ma'am, i think It goes without saying That i was expecting it To be someone else.
I need a list Of every grade school In the third ward And wauwatosa.
Yes, ma'am.
Uh The third ward has One public grade school, But there appears to be That draw from that area.
And wauwatosa? That would be 9, ma'am.
And how many students? Can you also get me a list Of every guidance counselor That deals directly With the student body In that area? Certainly, ma'am.
And again, i'd like to ap- You need to present these Counselors with a profile Of a troubled kid.
The boy we're looking for Is possibly From a single-parent home.
He's sullen and withdrawn.
He may have been caught Stealing things From his female teachers.
He's more than likely Clinging to maternal figures In inappropriate settings- Hugging the female bus driver, The woman in the lunchroom.
His classmates might notice This inappropriate behavior And tease him, Which makes the boy Incredibly angry.
That many.
I'm afraid so.
Well, thank you.
How was school? Ok.
It was just ok? Is the lady Still at home? Yeah.
Is she gonna leave? I don't know.
I don't want her to.
Sometimes things happen.
Grown-up things.
I don't want this one to go.
But they- They all leave.
Ok? Maybe they all leave Because of you.
What?! I know you're old enough To understand this.
I will not always Be around! They all leave.
All of them.
They leave, they leave, They leave.
Do you understand me? It's all right.
It's ok, all right? I'm just trying To teach you something.
All right, the boy Doesn't look like He could be Any older than 7.
Let's work Youngest to oldest.
Start with the worst Behavior.
Get the names of The parents, send Them over to garcia.
She can cross-check For criminal records.
This guy's dumping bodies Between 7:30 and 8:00.
That gives us A little over Let's get it done.
Look who's here.
Where do we start? How fast can you Get us up to speed? How fast can you sit down? We're only here to help.
We'll deal with this later.
It's impossible.
There's too many.
Keep looking, reid.
We still have an hour.
Thank you, by the way, For giving garcia That file to give to me.
I don't know What you're talking about.
I didn't see garcia Before i left.
Did you sleep well? Yeah.
Do you mind If i have some cereal? I guess not.
He's gonna kill you, You know.
Are you all right? I st-i stepped on her hair.
If you need a second, Take a second.
This is what it is.
Just don't let the public See you break down.
This is a different area From the other dump sites, Isn't it? Reid: he's getting smart.
He knows where all of Our manpower will be So he's changing locations.
Well, how long before He changes when And where he abducts them? Well, if he does that, We're back at zero.
Claire?! No, no, no, no.
We gotta keep him out of here.
Morgan says you're worried About gideon.
I keep on calling him, He doesn't call back.
He's probably At his cabin.
That's where he goes When he Needs to get away.
Reid, i need your head In this.
I know.
Hotch: so what's around The dump site? Here's the old printing Press of quad graphics, And the paving yard, And then the concrete Factory where we found The body.
None of them visible From the highway.
You don't end up There by accident.
So we go back To the schools, We eliminate The third ward, And we target problem kids Whose fathers have held Blue-collar jobs Over the last 10 years.
What if he's not A problem kid? What? Forget it.
It's off The textbook profile.
What is it, reid? Sometimes when a parent Is unstable, Especially if the other one's Out of the picture, You'll do anything To be the perfect child.
Like help your father Abduct women? They're never late For school.
Even with the abductions, The disposal of the bodies, It's always timed perfectly So the kid will be On time to school.
I don't think The killer would care.
I think the kid would.
Technical analyst Penelope garcia speaking.
Garcia, i need a list Of parents From the wauwatosa School district, Eliminating any two-parent Households Or any fathers Holding white collar jobs That aren't labor management.
You'll see it flying over The transom momentarily.
And one more thing- The glitches in the transfers And resignations stop now.
Uh- Yes, sir.
And, garcia Yes? Thank you.
: he's a kid That's a model student.
Not just straight as, Though.
It's someone who tries To please in a way That the other teachers Have probably talked about.
Inventing extra-credit Projects, Volunteering to skip recess To help clean The classroom, Stuff like that.
David smith.
Do you know his father? Oh, it's such A sad story.
The teachers All talk about it.
He was diagnosed With an inoperable tumor Left the two of them.
She just left? Yeah.
I don't know what's Gonna happen to david.
Thank you for driving me.
Uh You know, i can't just Leave you here.
I have to make sure Your dad's home.
I know.
I can't imagine david's Father could be someone You're looking for.
He's very involved.
He drops david off And picks him up every day.
Do you happen to know What kind of car he drives? A van, maybe? I can't say.
Something big.
He makes hand-crafted Furniture.
I know he does Deliveries.
Miss bennett.
Just continue working, Class.
We're looking For david smith.
You just missed him.
Do you know Where he went? He wasn't feeling well, So the nurse volunteered To drive him home To help out David's father.
Thank you.
The boy's alone In the family room.
Where are your Other agents? Covering the other side.
They have an eye-line Just in case somebody Tries to sneak out the back.
Is there any sign Of the nurse or the dad? No.
No! Go ahead, you want To scream, scream.
Go ahead and scream! Come on, The school knows That i'm here! Yes, yes.
You dropped the boy off, I thanked you, And then you left.
They'll find your car In the parking lot Of the mayfair mall.
I was trying to help Your son.
So what are we doing here? We call in s.
, Secure the perimeter, And wait for him To come out.
Ma'am, he's holding A woman inside.
We don't know that For certain.
We don't have Probable cause.
She's right.
If he's got her, He waits 48 hours.
He's not gonna Kill her yet.
He's changed the pattern Of the dump sites, And now he's changed How he abducts them.
Do we really want to gamble That he's sticking to The rest of the model? So let's pound On the door.
Maybe he'll panic.
But he could spook Just enough to kill her early.
Let me go in alone.
The boy's In the family room.
He'll answer the door.
We need to get invited In that door.
He's looking for female Authority figures.
If he lets me in, I can signal As soon as i see anything That gives us cause.
Technically, you're Not even in the fbi.
All the better.
She's interfering with A federal investigation.
Well, if i'm no longer In the fbi, then you have No authority over me.
I'm just a civilian Knocking on a little boy's door.
Thank you.
As soon as you have Probable cause, Give us a signal And get out of there.
Nobody knows better Than me that we need To make this arrest legal.
Are you david? I'm Emily.
Your dad asked me to come by.
He's busy.
Would it be ok If i came in And waited? I guess so.
Thank you.
My dad says it's unsafe To leave your door unlocked.
Smart man.
Prentiss is in.
We're waiting on her go.
So Where is your dad? He's working in there.
Is he alone? Um would it be ok If i just let him know I was waiting? He doesn't let me Go down there When he's working.
Oh, no, you don't have to.
Um, i'm just gonna Go and see If he's too busy.
And we can both be Really quiet, ok? Can you be quiet? Unh! Who is this? Where did she come from? She said she was A friend of yours.
What? She said she was A friend of yours.
All right, take this.
I can't.
Take it! It's ok.
Look, it's ok.
Just No.
Point it right at her.
This is their fault.
You know, This is their fault.
We're doing The right thing.
All right? We're doing The right thing.
Point it, point it.
Go! Drop the weapon, son.
Give me the gun.
Don't be scared.
It's ok.
Do what they say.
Are you ok? Ah, i'll be fine.
I'll call an ambulance.
You're dying, And this is what You want to leave your son? How's your head? I'll live.
Is it weird I'm glad to be back? I'll make sure It stays official.
I'll be dead Before i ever stand trial.
You know, i never even Told the boy To bring me this last one.
How's she doing? She's gonna be ok.
You know, i can't officially Approve of how this transpired, Right? I know.
The arrest was clean.
It would be a mistake To break up this team.
None of you will ever Move up the chain of command.
You know that.
Why would i ever want To leave the b.
? Hotch.
You mean that? You're not gonna Leave us? I don't know.
I gotta talk to haley.
Haley? * you got inside my head * * i tried my best To be guarded * Gideon? Gideon? Spencer, I knew it would be you Who came to the cabin To check on me.
I'm sorry the explanation Couldn't be better, spencer, And i'm sorry It doesn't make more sense.
But i've already told you, I just don't understand Any of it anymore.
Here you go.
You get enough to eat, Honey? Oh, yeah.
Travelin'? Yeah.
Where you headed? Nowhere in particular.
How will you know When you get there? That's a good question Rose.
That's a very good Question.
Have a great day.
You, too.
I guess i'm just Looking for it again.
For the belief I had back in college The belief i had When i first met sarah And it all seemed so right.
The belief in happy endings.