Criminal Minds s03e03 Episode Script

Scared to Death

Please, help me.
I can't feel my legs! Please? I'm going to die! It's, um It's been 7 minutes.
I'm done with this, ok? Is it worse Than you thought? I- i can't breathe.
What are you doing?! Just-just let me out, Please.
Let me out.
Yes, it's worse! No, please! Let me out! Please, Let me out! Please! Please? Please.
Gideon left everything Except the photographs.
He always said those Were like his family.
What should we do With all of this? Come in.
How is everyone? We're adapting.
His resignation Is official.
Jason gideon Is no longer an agent Of the bureau.
Is he going To guest lecture? No.
He's gone.
His years of service Are appreciated.
We're looking For his replacement.
That was fast.
Well, the bureau Doesn't like To leave posts Empty for long.
I'd like your input.
I appreciate that.
Sir, we're gathering.
Thank you.
Is everything ok? Ok, we have 4 victims In oregon.
I got this.
Uh, sure.
I know that We've all been wondering What this was all about.
And, uh You know i've know jason For many years, And i can tell you I have no idea.
But it doesn't even matter.
What matters is we're here, And we're going to continue.
Portland field office Uncovered a mass grave With 3 bodies, Killed 6 months ago.
Nearby, They found another body.
Causes of death range From burning alive To asphyxiation.
No sexual assault.
Well, the torture's Clearly sadistic.
The lack Of sexual preferences Could make it Hard to tell If the unsub is male Or female.
Typically, female Serial killers Stick to the same m.
It looks like this guy's All over the place.
Most recent victim Is jenny wittman.
Discovered yesterday.
Reid: how long Was she missing? She was never Reported missing.
What about the others? Only one.
One of 4? Rick holland Was reported missing 9 months ago, But the search Was called off.
Family Discovered his car at The train station.
But more importantly, They received e-mails From him Saying that he needed time To figure things out.
And his family Bought that? Guess the alternative Was too hard to accept.
Reaching out could be A sign of remorse.
Psychopaths don't apologize For their behavior.
This guy's covering His tracks.
Well, it's working.
So 3 victims He buried in one grave, And then Only jenny wittman In the other.
You thinking It's a pattern? Uh, it's hard to tell.
If there is, It's one down The taoist philosopher Lao tzu once wrote: "he who controls others May be powerful, "but he who has Mastered himself Is mightier still.
" Can we go over What portland found? One female And 2 male victims Found buried together In the same grave.
All 25 to 30.
All had been dead That sounds like Reid: uh, gary taylor, The phantom sniper, Was all over the map, Just like this guy.
He changed his m.
As his need to control The situation changed.
What about The fresh grave? Uh, female, 28, Dead roughly 48 hours.
She was asphyxiated.
It's a good thing This guy's dump site Has been compromised.
As soon as the unsub Knows that, He may feel pressured That we're onto him.
It could push him To make a mistake.
Garcia, whispering: Hey.
Uh, down here.
I knew that.
Garcia: good thing You're handsome, doctor.
Attention team members- This killer guy continues To stoop to An all-time low of lows By posing as his victims.
He's also manipulated Into thinking That everything was ok, Even after They were reported missing.
One of the fake e-mails Was from their daughter.
She said she met this guy And was taking him To her favorite place, Australia, For a couple of weeks.
Family contacted The australian authorities After too much time Had passed.
This guy sure knows A lot of personal Information About his victims.
How did he get access To their e-mail accounts? Screen name was the same, But the domain Was different.
The families never noticed.
When i find more pieces Of the puzzle, you'll know.
Garcia out.
This guy's creative.
Let's see The details One more time Just to make sure We haven't missed Anything.
You must be the b.
Special agent bill calvert.
Jennifer jareau.
This is Ssa aaron hotchner.
These are agents morgan, Prentiss, and dr.
I appreciate Your help On this case.
So you're from boston, huh? The accent's kind of hard To miss in oregon, right? We'd like to take a look Around jenny wittman's Apartment.
I'd take you myself, But i'm waiting To meet a family, So i'll have another agent Drive you.
Thank you.
I'll stay behind And work victimology.
I could use Some extra hands.
We'll call you If we find anything.
So we'll just Set up here? Yeah.
Yeah, this is fine.
Right here.
Wittman's place Is on the fourth floor.
Can you get in there? I'll meet you guys Up there.
Don't do that.
Why isn't it moving? I don't know.
Don't-stop it! Don't- What? What's the problem? Don't do that! Why not? 'Cause there are 6 elevator-related deaths Per year, Not to mention That require Hospitalization.
Chill out.
That sounds like Pretty good odds to me.
Are you scared, reid? I'm not scared.
I don't want to be In an elevator with you, To be honest.
How about i push that? What if i push- Whoa.
Um hit the- Hit the- Yeah.
Push it! It's not- Push, pull, push, pull.
I'm doing it.
Nothing's happening.
Pry-pry- Pry the door open.
It's stuck, man.
Uhh! No, no, no, no.
Not today.
No, not today.
Hotch? Hotch! Hallelujah.
Was that the alarm? You guys ok? I'll get back to you On that.
Ohh Phew.
Fbi was already here Didn't find anything.
We're from The behavioral analysis Unit.
What's that mean? It means that we study Human behavior.
We don't Just look at evidence.
It helps us to determine Why this killer Chose This particular victim.
The place has A lived-in feel to it.
Looks like she spent Most of her free time here.
No messages On the answering machine.
Hey, guys.
Come take a look At this.
There's bath products All around the tub, But she never turned The shower on.
Super: What makes you say that? It's got nothing But boxes inside.
She used it for storage.
Uh, did anything Ever strike you as odd About jenny? You know what? When she moved in here She walked up And down those stairs A hundred times.
She wouldn't use The elevator.
I don't blame her.
Ok, so we know jenny Didn't like tight spaces Or the elevator.
What else do we know? We know that he preys On people That are new To the city With no strong Social ties.
And jenny fits the model.
She's an easy target.
And he's betting That she won't be missed.
We have been over The details Of this case So many times, I could recite it In my sleep.
Nothing like Being prepared.
Sorry to interrupt, But i just spoke To jenny wittman's family.
Did they give you Any insight? Well, they weren't What you'd call Close-knit.
It was like she wanted A fresh start.
Struck out on her own.
Yeah, garcia Couldn't come up With any connection Between the victims.
Different socioeconomic Backgrounds, Levels of education, And areas of work.
But they all had Relocated to portland Without any family Or friends- One divorced, The rest single.
They did have that In common.
New to the city, And they all lived alone.
That'd describe me To a "t.
" I transferred To this field office A month ago.
I'm 30, single, And don't have much Of a social life, Since i work so much.
Well, i need to go over Whatever evidence you found At the other victims' homes, And then, i would love To pick your brain About how you got settled Into the city.
So this guy He burns 'em, Hangs 'em, Smothers 'em.
Why does he kill So many different ways? That's exactly what We're trying to find out.
Boy, v.
: mommy, please, Don't turn off the light! Woman: Stop whining! I'm scared! One more word Out of you, And you know What's coming! Mommy, Please don't get the belt! No! No, mommy, please! No! Please! Patrick.
I'm so sorry To have kept you waiting.
I didn't know That kelly had gone home For the day.
It's no problem.
I got plenty To keep me busy.
Thanks for coming in So late.
Does this time work better For your schedule? Yeah.
After class Is great.
This is Our fourth session.
Tell me about the progress You think we've made.
Well, i thought about What you said.
I want to move on To the next phase.
I recognize these names From your website.
How many specialists work With the goodman institute? Who can make house calls.
For agoraphobics? Some patients know What's best, But they can't find The courage To go through Behavioral therapy.
I figured It's what i had to do To get over it.
I have nothing to fear But fear itself.
That's what they say.
So what was the first thing You did when you moved here? I found The best coffee in town, Then moved within Walking distance.
Ok, So you got established, Got comfortable In your surroundings Joined a gym.
All right.
So, where else is there- Doctor, dentist, Dry cleaner.
You think he goes To these places To find his victims? Maybe.
There's something Around every corner.
Well, we only have To canvass 4 neighborhoods.
I had to stop going To camp after that.
And you never learned To swim? No, i couldn't.
I had a panic attack Every time I got near The water.
Well, look at you now.
You're doing just fine, Patrick.
I guess so.
Our bodies knew water Before they knew air.
It's really The most natural thing In the world.
It's not going To hurt you.
I've never been This close And felt so calm.
That's because You've admitted You need help.
That's the hardest part.
All we got to do now Is get ahold of this fear.
I thought we'd be In a laboratory Or something.
I just- Behavioral therapy's Most effective In a natural setting.
You get a feeling For what it's really like.
How you doing? I'm kind of sweaty.
That's perfectly normal.
Do you need a second? No.
No, let's do it.
Oh Ok, we know this guy Used wildwood trail As his personal Graveyard For 6 months.
That site's Been blown For him now, Which means that He's been forced To change Part of his m.
Which won't be easy For somebody who thrives On being in control.
The reason that He's gotten away With these first 3 murders Is that He's been meticulous At every stage, From how he chooses His victims To their torture And their burial.
To us, His victims appear To be nonspecific.
Other than being New to portland, All they seem To have shared was A torturous death.
But you think The unsub chooses them For another reason, too? We think so.
The tortures lack A sexual component, Which is incredibly rare.
I think It's more about, uh, Not necessarily about Exerting power, But more like Overcompensating For a lack of it.
This guy craves control.
He's coming from A place of weakness, Trying to Demonstrate strength.
Now, we see this A lot in unsubs Who've been abused.
The lack of sexual assault Could be as simple as The fact That he's impotent, Something that He's trying to hide.
A man this obsessed With control Most likely feels powerless In his everyday life.
So he would crave Stability, security.
He's most likely married.
If he is impotent, He could keep up appearances By adopting children.
Yeah, and someone This methodical Has every moment Planned.
If he is captured, He'd most likely Take his own life Rather than give up Any sort of control.
The victims' lack Of defensive wounds Suggest that they willingly Put themselves in danger.
So someone of authority Or otherwise easily trusted Put them up to this.
Also, the victims' families Were led to believe Their loved ones were Alive and well Through e-mails written By this murderer.
He's calculating, And he's intelligent, And We're going to have To do something That he's not expecting.
Like what? Like warn His potential victims.
You're doing great.
Just keep Telling me that.
Uhh! Ok.
This is good.
How's it feel? Deep breaths.
No, i'm done.
I'm done.
This isn't going to work.
Is it worse Than you thought? I'm not ready.
No! Help me! No! Aah! Help! Is it worse Than you thought? We found the remains Of 4 victims In wildwood trail.
All in their 20s, All transplants To portland.
Because the victims Have this in common, We are confident That the person- We're looking for Latches on to people New to the city.
He chooses them Because they make For easier targets.
If you are young And new to portland, Or if you know Someone who is, Please call the number On your screen For more detailed Information About how to stay out of A dangerous situation.
We believe the person That we're looking for- Is able to fit Into many surroundings- Oh, this poor dog has Been like this all day.
Lucy, it's ok.
It's ok.
Prentiss: ma'am, You're saying your tenant Patrick walker, 28, Moved to portland For grad school, And he's been missing For how long? Since this morning.
I know that That sounds crazy, But patrick sticks To a routine.
I tease him that He's more predictable Than i am.
Jogs while i'm watching The morning shows, Walks to class With his backpack After that.
He-he's always home For lunch.
That's when He walks lucy.
You're in his apartment Right now.
Does anything look Out of the ordinary? Uh is his backpack There still? Yes.
Then we know He's not at class.
Why would he just leave Like this? I don't know.
What is the point Of having family dinners If you're not here? I was with A patient.
At some point, You knew you'd be late.
You should have called.
It's not that hard.
You didn't pay Jessica's tuition.
I wrote them a check.
She's taken a bath.
She's brushed her teeth.
I read her books.
She asked for you Your dinner is going To get cold again.
Damn it.
Don't curse at me.
I can't do Anything right, huh? What do you want me To do? Eat? Huh? Is this it? Is that What you want? Hmm? Does this make You happy? Is this What you like? Huh? What's wrong with you? What are you doing?! Isn't that What you want? What's wrong with you? Why were you yelling At mommy? It's late, jessica.
Is it because She always yells at you? That tricks your body Into thinking It's still daytime.
Your melatonin production Is interrupted.
Mela-what? You grow in your sleep, And you can only do that If it's dark.
I don't like the dark.
There's nothing To be afraid of.
It's for Your own good.
Don't, daddy.
Don't turn off The light.
Good night.
Local police I.
ed the body.
It's patrick walker.
He's got deep abrasions And bruising On the neck And shoulders.
I'm going to go see If they found anything else In the water.
I know his landlady Called you about This guy missing, But what makes you think This is related? He fits the profile Of our victims.
He's the same age, Lives alone, New to the city.
But he wasn't buried Like everybody else.
No, you found The unsub's dump site.
He couldn't go back To the trail.
It forced him To do something different.
Well, they found a rope At the bottom of the river, But that's probably Been there for years.
A couple feet out, They found this.
It's a shepherd's crook.
Lifeguards And rescue workers use it.
I bet he didn't use it For safety.
Officer, thank you.
We haven't seen Any evidence Of a struggle With the other bodies.
This is the first one.
Do you remember Any open cases Involving Suspicious drownings? Since i've been In portland, We've had 2 or 3.
I can call the office, Get the files to Your other agents.
Maybe they can make A connection.
Thank you.
Hotch on cell phone: Hotchner.
Hey, that landlady Prentiss spoke to Was right to be worried.
We just found patrick walker Dead in a river.
Prentiss on cell phone: And it was exactly What you predicted.
He found a new place To dump the body.
Fire, hanging, Asphyxiation.
Now we've got A drowning.
I think it's someone Who's afraid Of drowning.
What do you mean? Yeah, it hit me When morgan freaked out When we were stuck In the elevator.
You got stuck In an elevator? I freaked? Well, that's Not important.
Here's what is.
If you look at the m.
s Of the victims, What do they all have In common? They could all Be classified As anxiety disorders.
It's right out of The diagnostics and Statistical manual.
It lists 5 subtypes Of phobias.
Most of these are Environmental And situational.
So it's all about fear.
These people are being killed By their fears.
Please help me.
Help me.
So hotch is even more intense Now that gideon's gone.
Yeah, i've noticed.
Do you think That's going to change? I certainly think We'll find out.
What about you? You ok? Oh, i'm-i'm great.
Do you want To talk about it? What's there To talk about, really? Gideon.
Oh, no.
He, uh- He left a letter Explaining everything.
Just like my dad did When he abandoned me And my mom.
He addressed it to you.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, Gideon stood toe to toe With some of The sickest people On this planet.
I think that took a lot Of courage, right? Yeah.
So, why'd he do this? It's addressed to me, But i'm-i'm not- I'm not the only one That he abandoned.
But why Is it addressed to you? I think you need To read that letter again.
I have An eidetic memory, Emily.
Ah, yeah, i know, And an i.
Of 187, But what do you remember About your father? What do you mean? Well, he gave you 10 years Before he left, And yet, you've erased All those memories.
And-it's too painful.
I get it.
But then gideon leaves.
I think you need To read that letter again, And ask yourself why, Of all the people He walked away from, Did he only explain himself To one person You.
How are you adjusting To the city? Did i actually move To portland? I wouldn't know it Since i've only seen The 4 walls In my apartment.
I also work at home.
Blessing and a curse.
Must be hard.
I haven't even had time To hook up my cable.
Morgan said This is the laundromat Closest to patrick walker's Apartment building.
So, we have Washers and dryers, And We have a bulletin board.
Snack machine.
Yeah, i don't think He's luring them With pretzels.
Babysitter, Buy a car Ooh, look at this baby.
"participate In a controlled Research project "and you'll receive To get over Your anxieties.
" You only have to attend Just one stub's taken.
Hey, well, Patrick walker just joined A pretty sweet boxing gym, But that's about it.
You guys find anything? Well, i think we should go Over to victim number 2's Coffee shop, See if any of these Are hanging around.
If all of our victims Saw these fliers, We just figured out How he casts his net.
Let's do it.
Have you told anyone That you're going To therapy? I can't talk To my family about it.
They'd just tell me To get over it.
Tell me what kind Of situations Cause you To feel anxious.
Well, uh, Over the holidays, I'm supposed to go on A cave-diving trip to mexico.
Cave diving? That's pretty advanced.
You've scuba dived Before? Oh, yeah.
I got certified When i was 15.
But there's no fear Of the water, So drowning's Not an issue? No, i can go below The surface to 50 feet.
As long as it's open water, I'm ok.
But, uh The idea of Going near a cave Really puts me In a panic.
What do you start To think about? The walls.
You know, They get smaller.
And then, uh, They fall on top of me.
And then, it's dark, And i can't breathe.
So when you're down in The imaginary cave, You become trapped, And you can't get To the surface? Yeah.
You're essentially Talking about being Buried alive.
Can you help me? The core of any phobia Is the feeling that We're losing control.
Once we can understand And accept that, We can conquer What frightens us.
I think you can Get over this fear In just one session And never feel This way again.
Really? If you can come back To the office later, We can get started.
These fliers have all Been hanging in places Where our victims Could have seen them.
What do you see? Well, look at the date.
Friday, august 25.
That was last summer.
If he's been luring Victims for that long- There could be more victims That we missed.
We need to go back and check The rest of that trail.
Prentiss: How did we miss this before? The trail's So he didn't stick To a pattern.
And we have The guy had a busy year.
Baby girl, There's nothing to know.
I hit a couple of buttons.
It got stuck.
That's it.
What do you want? And? Ok, i freaked out, A little bit.
Look here, You little busybody, I know you traced That number for me 5 minutes ago, So give it up.
Ah, yes.
Changing the subject.
It's listed as The goodman institute.
What the hell's that? I've beyond googled This thing.
To the untrained eye, It looks totally legit.
'Cause someone went To great lengths To make the website decent.
The articles are Well-written.
But, As my brilliant And bespectacled eyes Can see, They all lead To dead ends.
Well, then what is it? A bogus business That claims to be The leading researcher In behavioral therapy.
There's no tax records, No business license, No evidence It actually exists.
It's supposed to be run By a guy named Dr.
Barry goodman.
Says here he's renowned In curing fears and phobias.
Get this-he has An online questionnaire.
Asks all kinds of things About phobias.
So these victims Fill it out And he plucks them Off the screen.
Garcia, Get that over to hotch.
Way ahead of you, 'Fraidy cat.
Of course you are.
Now, it's only A basement, but It's cool and dark, So it's going to feel Like a cave.
I'll definitely take Basement over cave Right now.
You feeling relaxed? Yeah, that cup of tea Really helped Calm me down.
Come on.
It's ok.
Just remember Your state of mind Gives you all the power.
You're in Complete control.
Let's just do this Before i change my mind.
I feel a little Dizzy.
It's perfectly normal To feel uneasy During the process.
Change can be Uncomfortable.
Just walk toward me.
You're very brave, Missy.
What are you doing? Wait-no! Aah! Woman: You wet the bed again.
I'm sorry! Uh-huh.
Now, they'll all see.
Stop! Don't! Stop! I've had enough.
No! No, don't.
Let me out.
Missy: What are you doing? Dr.
Howard? Please I'm scared.
Please, I want to come out! No.
Oh, god.
Please! Please! I'm scared! Look at this, guys.
He calls them phobias Instead Of anxiety disorders.
Yeah, this guy's either An amateur Or he studied psychology In the eighties.
His phrasing Of the questions Are clinical.
This guy's A professional.
Well, he's able to pick The perfect victims.
"are you close To your family? Easy making friends?" Answer yes, And you're spared The torture.
We figured out How he chooses His victims, But how does that Get us his real name? All right.
Let's review.
, Can you get garcia? I think the guy's A real psychiatrist.
Prentiss: Also afraid of being alone, So he's most likely married.
May have Adopted children.
Calvert: why? Because The tortures lack A sexual component.
Oh, right.
He might be impotent.
Garcia on telephone: Hey, guys.
Also, if he's desperate For a sense of community, He'd definitely have kids.
Ok, i'm crossing Portland doctors With adoptions.
And given the obsession To control his victims With torture, He might have been abused.
Ok, juvenile records Are going to be sealed, So you got to give me A minute.
He uses antiquated terms Like "phobias," So he's most likely In his 40s.
And The creep of the moment Award goes to One 43-year-old Dr.
Stanley howard, Psychiatrist.
This guy was killing His own patients? No.
Stan howard's Smarter than that.
That's why He created goodman And the research ruse.
Garcia: he's married To jane howard, Has one Jessica.
He started a center For abused kids.
Probably because He could relate.
One good deed's Not fortifying His karma sufficiently.
Looks like his practice Shut down last year.
Right about the time The killings started? He still has a lease On his old office building.
City permits were pulled Due to renovation, But what do you know? They've been delayed.
Yikes! His bank records show A seriously depleted Savings account.
So he's keeping up Appearances.
Where's the building? It's not far from here.
All right.
Let's go check the building.
You two- Talk to the family.
Got it.
Thanks, garcia.
Why do they always seem So normal? Who are you? Hi.
I'm emily, And this is jennifer.
You never open the door Unless you know who it is.
Hello, ma'am, We're here from the fbi.
Where is your husband? He's with a patient.
You know, he shut down His practice a year ago.
Excuse me? No, That's not possible.
He wouldn't do Something like that Without talking To me first.
He referred his patients To other doctors And allowed his license To expire.
What's happening? Has stan been acting Strangely lately? Well, he's had Some issues Since his mother died Last year, but I mean, he refused To go to her funeral, But they were never close.
Stan always said It was because of her That he became A psychiatrist.
This is 427 cedars avenue.
Where's the office? Calvert: He wasn't luring victims To an empty lot.
Hey, Prentiss.
We're at the office.
The building's gone.
All right.
What do you mean, It's gone? We need to figure out Where stan's been going Every day.
I don't know.
Where would he go, Mrs.
Howard? Um My family has Commercial property Downtown.
I- Maybe Please.
No! No, no.
No, no.
Is it worse Than you thought? Yes, it is.
You don't have To do this! I'm going to be ok! I'm going to be ok! Just-please! Just-just- Help me out.
I promise I won't tell anyone Anything.
Just pull me out.
Please? Is it worse? Yes! Help me out! Please! Aah! Help me out! Please! No There are no tenants In this building.
These must be Fake names.
Helps with the ruse.
Goodman's on The fifth floor.
It's clear! Back area's clear! Missy cassell Was the last person To sign in.
When was that? Hours ago.
All right, Let's split up.
Calvert, you and reid Take the west side.
It definitely looks Like he's still here.
He's not going To go quietly.
Stan howard, fbi! Stay right where you are! Morgan, slow down.
What? Tell reid and calvert That we found him.
Reid, it's morgan.
We got howard.
Call The fire department.
He's going to the roof.
Howard? I'm aaron hotchner.
I'm with the fbi.
Don't ask me To come down.
We found at least It's over.
They sacrificed Themselves for science.
You know this is The easy way out.
If you come down, We'd like to talk to you.
You know you'll never Get over your fear By killing yourself Or your patients.
Most people go Into law enforcement Because they want To help others.
Tell us Where missy is.
I think Your greatest fear Is that You can't save everyone.
It is worse Than i thought.
We found Missy cassell's car In a parking lot Next to the building.
Howard's is around back.
Before he jumped, He said that my biggest fear Was not being able To save everybody.
Hotch, this guy Wasn't well in the head.
You know that.
I know that, But what i think He meant was That she's here Somewhere.
I went through All of his journals And i found missy's.
What did it say? She was going On a cave-diving trip.
She wasn't scared Of the water, But she was terrified Of the walls crumbling Down on her? So what's She afraid of? Being buried alive.
Guys, look at the dirt Under his nails.
She's got to be close, Guys.
Is there a basement In this building? Yes.
Guys, over here.
Over here.
Right here.
Hold that, reid.
Oh, my god.
Be careful.
That's her head.
Help me get her arm.
Be careful.
Ready? Yeah.
I- Oh, not too hard.
Not too hard.
She might be stuck.
Get her- That's-hang on.
Got her? Yeah.
Come on.
I got her.
Tell them to call The paramedics.
I got it.
Oh, my god.
Missy? Missy? Ok, faint heartbeat.
Clear her area.
It's ok.
It's all right.
We're here to help.
It's ok.
It's ok.
You're going to be All right.
We're here to help you.
You're going to be All right.
Eleanor roosevelt Once said, You gain strength, Courage, and confidence By every experience In which you really stop To look fear in the face.
You must do the thing Which you think you cannot do.
I, um Can't sleep.
Want me To turn off the light? No.
I wouldn't be Able to sleep.
What's the matter? What's the matter With you, hotch? You're sitting here Doing work When you'd normally Take a break.
Please don't tell me It's about gideon leaving.
You know, We made a deal A long time ago Not to profile Each other.
Am i wrong? You know, hotch, today Was a huge, huge victory For all of us.
I mean, i never thought I'd say this, but We're doing just fine Without gideon.
What's keeping you Up tonight? Haley's left.
And i don't know If she's coming back.