Criminal Minds s03e04 Episode Script

Children of the Dark

A bone spur.
I know! It's ridiculous.
A- and tom wants to have Another baby.
Did i mention this? Let's see.
I'm-i'm 38 years old, And i have runaway bones Growing out of my feet.
Pull yourself together.
I can't stand to see An 8-year-old cry.
You're guessing again.
Because i don't know.
Because you're Not focusing.
Damn it.
Hey, what kind Of language is that? Mom says it All the time.
Mom is a grown-up.
Oh, i know i always Wanted a girl, But now that i have Oh, damn it.
I just spilled Some wine.
Well, it's doable.
I got my whole life Ahead of me, right? Lynn? Hello? great.
Tom, could you get that? I - it's probably Carol returning the dish from the potluck.
You focus.
It just ran out In front of the car.
Is it yours? Oh, my gosh.
Uh, no.
Uh, we don't have a cat.
Could it maybe be One of your neighbor's? I don't- I- i guess it's possible.
Is it dead? Hayden, Go in the other room.
Well, it looks like There's a tag.
Oh, don't touch it.
It might have a disease.
There's a number.
Do you think, uh, Maybe i could use Your telephone? It's not working.
What do you mean It's not working? I don't know.
It died.
Maybe the batteries.
You can use my cell.
Hey, those are some Pretty nice clubs.
You must be A good player.
Yeah, nice clubs, But my game is a wreck.
That's weird.
There's no signal.
You got a bag? A bag? Like she said, It might have A disease.
Yeah, sure.
Just a second.
Y- you wanna step in? Yeah.
Thank you.
I don't see why We have to get him a bag.
It's called Being neighborly.
He's not our neighbor.
Do we have to Argue about this? Excuse me for Not wanting a dead animal Brought into my house.
My friend Is a little shook up.
He was driving when we, You know Yeah, sure.
Little guy's a load.
Should maybe double-bag it.
Look, guys, uh, we were Just getting ready to eat.
Oh, a family dinner.
That's nice.
Come home From playing golf, Have a nice meal, Nice family.
You're a lucky guy.
Uh, so if you Guys don't mind Well, what are we Supposed to do with the cat? I don't know.
Take it to a vet, I guess.
What's a vet gonna do? It's dead.
Hey, what kind of Clubs are these anyway? Uh, guys, i don't Want any trouble.
We'll call The police.
How you gonna do that? You could yell, i guess.
You'd have to be Real loud, though.
Look, this is Ridiculous.
You guys get out- Don't touch me, bitch! Who the hell do You think you-aah! Dad! Boys, get in Your room.
No, boys.
The halbert family.
They were murdered In their home last night In the denver suburb Of cherry creek.
It's the third Home invasion like this In the last month.
They kill everyone.
Parents, kids, Pets if they have them.
Always families, Nice neighborhoods.
What do they take? Nothin' they can't Fit in their pockets- Cash, jewelry.
Hundreds of ways To get cash and jewels Without killing Entire families.
That's why Home invasions are So hard to profile- Multiple motives.
National statistics Show an uptick In home invasions Over the last few years, 18% in colorado.
You know it's bad If they're inviting us back.
Back? Well, things went bad after The jonbenét ramsey case When a couple of agents Publicly criticized Local detectives.
Well, they didn't Need us to make them Look bad.
And that was in boulder.
Yeah, but the statewide Media ran with it, And it took on A life of its own.
Well, i talked to A lieutenant nellis.
Trust me.
They want our help.
They need it.
The first 2 invasions Were 20 days apart.
This last one Was just 9 days later.
So they're killing In faster cycles, Acquiring a taste.
And getting better At it every time.
Prentiss: "in the city, Crime is taken as emblematic Of class and race.
"in the suburbs, though, It's intimate and psychological, "resistant to generalization, A mystery Of the individual soul"- Barbara ehrenreich.
Home invasions Typically involve The elderly And single females.
The fact That entire families Are being targeted Suggests Multiple unsubs.
Could mean gang-related, Revenge motive, Personal business.
I don't think Any of these victims Are running In gang circles.
Sewing circles, More like it.
Moms, Gray-flannel dads- These guys are Killing the cleavers.
The pattern? No, the cleavers.
Of all the names For a 1950s Idyllic tv family, I mean, it's rife with Violent implication.
Kind of makes you wonder How the writers Really felt About suburbia, huh? Focus, please.
Uh, ok, what about, um, Class-based uprising? Helter skelter? There's no graffiti, No messages, At least not visible ones.
There's no rituals.
Manson's aim was To start a race war.
There's no proof of Any hate crime here.
The parent murders Are brutal, messy.
The instruments vary.
Uh, golf club, Kitchen knife, iron.
Household implements, Symbols of family.
But the kids were different.
They died by injection, Pentobarbital.
It's a barbiturate Sometimes used As an anticonvulsant For epileptics, Anxiety disorders, And state executions.
The invasions Are well planned.
Phone lines are cut.
Ligature marks show The parents were Bound and gagged.
Look like these guys had Some robbery experience.
And then found Their true calling.
No sign of forced entry.
Same as the other Yeah.
So it's late, And the doorbell rings.
I come over, And i flip the switch.
They made it dark.
No one sees anything If they're walking by.
But i can still see Through the peephole.
If you look like trouble, I might not let you in But if you look Nonthreatening, Maybe i open up.
So the occupants Either knew them, Or they lied Their way in.
With this kind of overkill, There's usually history.
If it was just About eliminating witnesses, It would never Have been so vicious.
This is rage.
You think they know The family? It's possible.
And then there's The kids- Tucked in, quiet, Orderly, controlled.
Speaks to an introvert With some capacity for remorse.
Have these chairs Been moved? No.
It's all How we found it.
So they've been positioned To face the area Where the parents were killed.
Everything's been cleared out Like a stage.
It's entertainment.
They sit and watch The parents die.
I came by about 9:00 To return the pyrex.
No one answered When i rang the bell, But lights were on inside.
Did you happen to look In the windows? Not then, no.
I had my cell phone.
I was gonna call, But i-i couldn't get A signal, which was strange.
Why was that strange? You always get a signal here.
There's a tower On the next block.
Uh, i left the dish.
This morning, It was still here So i came over.
That's when I looked inside.
And you called The police on your cell.
These guys Don't lack confidence.
Targeting Entire families is A high-risk endeavor.
It's possible they're Minimizing that risk By jamming cell phones Inside the house.
No one can call out.
High tech.
That narrows The profile, right? Reid: not really.
Oh, you can buy A hand-held jammer online For what, 100 bucks? I could use one of those Next time i go To the movies.
Hey, girl.
You're on speaker.
Or what, you'll spank me? So i've Been searching the area For unsolved robberies.
I found 4 With similar elements- Phone lines cut, Small valuables only.
Occupants tied up? Yes, but no homicides.
Thanks, dollface.
I'll call you back.
Well, if this is Our guys, Something made them Graduate to murder.
If we can figure out What that trigger was, It might tell us How they choose Their victims.
Well, That would help.
I been lookin' Into victimology, And so far, There's really nothing To connect the families.
Different political Affiliations, Different careers, Different School systems.
At this point, It simply appears The unsubs are targeting Their victims at random.
"a reunion is In your future.
" Hey, what do you-what Do you think that means? Doesn't mean nothin'.
It's a gimmick.
Wái? Ok.
It's your turn.
See anything you like? We just don't think It's a good idea.
No, you haven't even Thought about it.
You're just too young To spend a weekend with Some boys.
That simple.
No, it's a whole group Of us, dad.
Look, i've earned Some capital here.
I should be able To spend it however i want.
Who are you, George bush? Don't laugh at me.
Gosh, i do everything You've ever wanted- Summer job, Student government.
Drill team.
You like drill.
Are you kidding? I do it To pad my résumé, To fulfill your dreams Of getting me into A good college.
Oh, that's not fair, Carrie.
You know, just because You two were losers In high school Doesn't give you the right To take it out on me.
¿adónde vas? A lavar mis manos.
Hey, you ever think About goin' home? No.
Visit the folks? Might be time.
I- i don't wanna Ever go back there, Not ever.
I'm bored.
Pick somebody, Or i'm takin' your turn.
It just ran out In front of my car.
Is it yours? God, what happened To you? They killed us.
Call 911! We're looking for 2 men, Probably white, Given the neighborhoods That they hit, Mid to late twenties, Intelligent, and organized.
These are Career criminals.
One or both Has done hard time, But neither presents As a convict.
They would Appear clean-shaven, Well dressed Neighborly.
This helps them Talk their way Into the homes.
They may also Be using a ruse.
What kind of ruse? Given that the invasions Have taken place In the evening, It could be anything.
Could be door-to-door sales, Person in distress, Car trouble.
Uh, derrick todd lee Used a tape Of a baby crying To get women To open their doors In baton rouge.
Never underestimate Their creativity.
These men share A very tight bond And a mutual Compulsion to kill, But their signatures Reveal One brutalizes The parents.
This is The dominant one - Sadistic, Remorseless, Extremely volatile.
The other Prefers a needle.
His injections Are consistent With an angel of death.
He's more withdrawn, Sensitive, and he has A warped sense of mercy.
Agent morgan Is passing out A list of places where He might have access To the drug he uses.
It's long, but- Hotch.
There's been Another one, And they're sending An ambulance.
Ambulance? There's a survivor? She's lucky to be alive.
The injection went Into the soft tissue Of the arm, missed the vein.
That's a first.
This guy doesn't miss.
Like i said, she's lucky.
She conscious? She's in and out.
Keep in mind She's suffering The effects of an acute Barbiturate overdose.
She's drowsy, confused.
Given what's happened, That's probably best.
You can inform The next of kin in I.
, But ask them To keep it close.
I don't want The media to know That there's a survivor.
Morgan: kid's in his room Down the hall.
How old? You all right? Least they Left the flowers Alive, right? Looks like the bodies Were moved postmortem.
The daughter Had blood on her When they found her? She must have woken up, Come out here, and found them.
You answer your door, And the next thing You know, Everyone you Care about is gone.
If it was me, I'd wanna be gone, too.
I went to get a bag But when i got back, There were 2 of them.
What did the other one Look like? Heavier Hispanic Quiet.
He never looked Straight ahead.
What do you mean? Like A few times, I felt him Staring at me.
When i looked up, He always looked away.
Avoiding Eye contact? Then my dad came in From the study, and They jumped him.
They made danny Call for my mom, And they tied them up.
And then one of 'em Went over, Got the thing From the fireplace, He started hitting them With it.
And they made us watch.
Ok, you know what? We can take a break- No.
You need this, right? After a while, The quiet one Took danny away, And the other one Just started going through Drawers, looking for stuff.
And i ran.
Danny, we gotta go.
It's better This way, lucy.
What did you do to him? Lucy, listen- My name's not lucy, You freak.
I could take care Of you now.
Please, por favor, Dejame ir- I don't know what You're trying to say, But you have to be quiet, ok? You're gonna Make my brother mad.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Lucy, come on.
Morgan: hey, hotch! They only take things With monetary value, right, Jewelry and cash, No souvenirs? Far as we know.
One of them Just broke pattern.
Witness says these unsubs Are using cats.
We should find out where They might be getting them.
There's plenty Of strays out there.
Nobody would Notice if a few Went missing.
Or they could work Someplace where they had Access to animals.
Could overlap With the pentobarbital- Research labs, Veterinary hospitals.
I'll get garcia To make up a list.
Carrie said that they Referred to each other As brothers.
It's not uncommon For duos to be related.
The hillside stranglers Were cousins.
The carr brothers Perpetrated The wichita massacre.
Yeah, but these two are Of different races, And carrie Said the hispanic one Did not speak spanish, Which makes me think Raised in a white household.
Maybe they're half brothers.
What if they're adopted? Family destruction plays A role in the crimes.
It could be a reflection Of their own broken home.
This guy expressed Affection for carrie.
We know he took Her photograph.
We can use that.
If we release news Of her survival, It might draw him out.
Not comfortable With that? Ok, but i would be More comfortable If we doubled Her security.
I know.
I know.
You were probably Expecting some nice family To take you away From all this, But that's a lie.
They would have hurt you.
You're one Of the lucky ones, ok? Sleep.
Hey, ervin, You got a visitor.
What did you do? W- what did i do? I didn't do anything.
That girl, she survived.
It's all over the news.
She did? Yeah.
She's probably Telling 'em everything Right now.
Hey, man, i-i thought It was a good shot.
And this has Nothing to do with Your little crush.
Hey, it's not a crush.
I- it- It doesn't matter! Maybe this is A sign, gary.
M- maybe we should stop.
I mean I'm making good money and- Screw the money.
B- but the kids, they- The kids are better off.
You know that.
Don't go soft on me now.
We're all we got.
We're family.
We're family.
Ok, good.
Thank you For your time.
So carrie's Been cleared to go.
Well, i wish She had somewhere to go.
no luck With the I.
Thing? Can't this girl Catch a break? It just ran Into the road.
Is it yours? Prentiss: carrie.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
It's ok.
Oh, it was daddy.
It's ok.
It's just a dream.
Carrie: ok.
I'm ok.
Ok? Yeah.
We, uh-we-we brought you A change of clothes.
I- i didn't know What to grab you, So i just got Three of everything.
From the house.
Looks like a flower shop In here.
They all Started, um Comin' in after The news broadcast.
Prentiss: exact same Floral arrangement was In the ortiz living room.
Could be coincidence.
Or the sender Was in the house, Associated it with her.
No note? No, just a blank card From the floral shop.
Get garcia To track the delivery, And reid's got something For us when you're done.
Hey, garcia.
It's em.
Why cats? Sorry? Evil has no boundaries.
Well, for what It's worth, i think They go peacefully.
How do we catch These guys? Uh, back-trace A flower delivery For me.
This is The laybourne house, Where we believe Our unsubs graduated From robbery to murder.
Did you find a trigger? Not until i looked At the daughter's Autopsy reports.
Uh, check out The bruises On her torso.
She was beaten? But not by our unsubs.
The coroner noted Those bruises were Several days old.
Uh, it turns out She'd been to The emergency room In less than 2 years.
The d.
Had even Been notified.
So the laybournes Were abusing their daughter.
Where's this going? One of the unsubs Decimates Parental figures, But we know The statistics there.
It's-it's likely He was abused himself.
So you're saying The unsub recognized The signs of abuse, Flew into a rage, And killed the parents? Anger displacement.
He's getting revenge for His own childhood abuse.
So you think what, The victims were Beating their kids? Uh, the laybourne case Was just the trigger, But now they see All parents the same.
That doesn't Explain the kids.
Maybe it does.
Think of The family annihilators John list and, uh, mark barton.
They thought they were Saving their kids By killin' 'em.
Nellis: but what is He savin' them from? Life without Their parents, Without love, Life like his.
They're orphans.
What if they both Grew up in A third-party household? What, like a foster home? Didn't carrie describe An aversion to eye contact? Oppositional Defiant disorder.
Often seen in kids Who grew up in foster homes.
Guys, i think we may Have found our girl's Secret admirer.
Garcia traced The flowers? Yep.
Paid for by phone With a credit card Under the name Robert serrano.
Morgan: detective.
Flowers weren't The only thing they bought On that stolen credit card.
$31 worth of gas At a station Hey, paul.
The station- See if you can pull The security camera Footage, I.
That car.
Security chain's Been broken.
They couldn't lie Their way in this time.
Media blew Their m.
They're speeding up, Feel us getting close.
This is close? Talk to me, garcia.
So, felons In the denver area With foster background, Stress on assaults And burglaries.
What'd you get? The phone book.
Foster system's a bit Of a breeding ground.
Go figure.
Well, try crossing it with- With offenders having Workplace access To small animals And/or pentobarbital? How many names? Matching all 3 criteria.
Sending them now.
Now we're close.
Cameras at that gas station Grabbed a visual of the car.
Oldsmobile, mid-eighties, Partial plate only.
Anything on the driver? It was fuzzy.
Well, then i guess It's gonna be up to her.
She up for it? I don't know.
This one.
Are you sure? Ok, that's a, uh, Ervin robles.
Uh, last known Is 39 hill street.
That's downtown.
Employed by The denver city pound.
Let's go.
Your parents would be Really proud of you.
It's too late To be a good daughter now.
Oh, that's not true.
I was horrible to them.
And now they're gone.
Why did they do it? I mean, there has to be A reason, right? Oh, you'll drive yourself Crazy trying to figure out The reason.
I go crazy every time I close my eyes.
It may have Something to do With what happened To them when they Were younger.
Like what, they were Abused or something? There's a good chance.
Are there any happy families? Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
I'm agent hotchner With the fbi.
This is agent prentiss.
We're looking For ervin robles.
Ervin's off Till the weekend.
Do you have any idea Where we might find him? You might want to try His apartment.
We've been there.
It's abandoned.
Where do you send His checks? He picks them up.
Wh-what's this about? We'd just like To talk to him.
Who can We talk to that Actually knows him? Well, nobody, really.
He comes in, Does his job, and leaves.
Real quiet.
Efficient, though.
Doing what? Well, actual title's Animal care technician, But, really, he's kind of The on-site kevorkian.
We need you to call him.
Supervisor left a message For ervin to come in Right away.
Work emergency.
He also said a man Stopped by yesterday, Got into a heated Argument with ervin.
Description sounded a lot Like the one carrie gave.
The partner-did They say what they Were fighting about? They couldn't hear it.
We need a name On this guy.
Well, until We find ervin, There's only one person That can tell us that.
Prentiss: the foster mom.
My god.
Ervin? Well, i mean, he had Behavior problems.
They all do.
But nothing We couldn't handle.
And he hasn't been acting Alone, mrs.
He's-he's got a partner.
Perhaps someone else Who grew up in your care.
Tyler, the adults Are talking here.
I just want some milk.
Can you open the fridge? You know the rules.
Huh! They'll eat you Out of house and home If you let them.
Is there anyone ervin Was especially close to? Someone he would have Looked up to? Somebody who protected him? Gary.
We tried with him, but He tested us.
Have you kept in touch With him? Oh, god, no.
Gary left the day He turned 18, Never looked back.
Ervin was a mess When he got here.
Got separated From a younger sister.
Prentiss: Where did she go? Nobody told me.
Siblings Get separated All the time, But they find New ones here.
Like ervin Found gary? What was the name Of his sister, The one he was Separated from? Oh, let me think.
Uh He used to call her name out In the middle of the night, Wake the whole house up.
Hal, what was that girl's name? Uh, rosie, i think.
Lucy? Yes! Lucy, lucy.
That was it.
Carrie said He called her lucy.
Yeah, just leaving.
Ervin returned the call.
He's on his way to work.
Thank you.
subject Approaching on foot From north alley.
Ervin robles, Right there! Get your ass down On the ground Right now! Ervin! Where you goin', ervin, huh? Why you runnin'? Officer: F.
's got him.
Give me your hand.
Aah! Let's go.
You're not helpin' yourself, You don't talk to me.
He's givin' me nothin'.
You want Another crack at him? No.
We can't keep Going around like this.
So let him stew.
Wear him down.
We don't have time.
We need him to find gary.
Kids who grew up Like he did, They're incapable of Forming attachments.
It's not like we're Gonna earn his trust.
Their whole m.
Is predicated On the union Of their 2 personalities, And with ervin Out of the picture, There's no telling What gary could do.
So he won't talk to us.
But maybe he'll talk To family.
Right this way.
Remember, he'll be in, uh, Handcuffs, leg irons.
There'll be nothing To worry about.
And i will be in there With you.
You don't have to do this if You don't want to, carrie.
I do.
Remember, We're interested in gary- His whereabouts, His next move.
I will keep him on point About that, carrie.
Just try your best To keep him engaged.
This way.
Ok, i'm-i'm sorry.
Can-can we just stop And think about this For a minute? She'll be ok.
She's a kid.
What is she trying To prove here? That she can be A good daughter.
You're here.
Did you, um- Did you get the- The flowers that i sent? Yeah.
They were to say That, uh That i'm sorry.
Flowers aren't enough, Ervin.
We need gary.
That won't make it up, Though.
It's a start.
No! 'Cause th-they're gonna Send you away now.
Don't you see? Th-that's what they do With all the strays.
They send them away.
That's why i make them Go to sleep, So that they Don't have to suffer.
Ervin, more people Are going to suffer If we can't find gary.
So when you killed My brother, You were doing him A favor? It's true.
And what about me? Wait.
Let's just address One thing at a time.
I just wanted To see you again.
You look so much Like lucy.
I just- I couldn't-i- I know-i know It's selfish, but- Selfish? It's insane.
Ok, carrie, Let's take a break.
What happened to you That was so bad? She used to make it Go dark.
I mean, th-that's what We used to call it.
She would Put me in the bath To pray.
And then she'd Hold my head down Under the water.
Sometimes i could Stay awake For like a minute And sometimes A little more.
Then i-it would All go dark.
They've still got kids In that house.
Another kid, Another welfare check.
Let's call d.
And see if we can Get them out of there.
What is she doing? They can't hurt you Anymore, ervin.
I wanted to stop, But gary, he- He went through it Way, way worse When we were kids, And he-he never Got the chance To fight back.
So he fought Those other families.
Only because I wouldn't go back.
Back? Gary's going To your foster home, Isn't he? Get him out of there.
Oh, you did so good.
You did good.
What is all this? We have reason to believe That gary may be on his way Here to hurt you.
Me? I don't Understand! These murder are rehearsals Of what he wants to do to you.
Because of what you did To him in this house.
I don't know what You're talking about! Ma'am, we don't have Time to debate this.
The fact is You and your husband Are in danger.
I- i have to pick up The children at school.
We'll send someone To pick them up.
The only way we can Protect you is if You go back inside.
Hey, buddy.
You don't remember me? I used to live In your house, A long time ago.
You were just a little guy.
We're not supposed To talk to strangers Not supposed to wear Your shoes in the house.
Not supposed To go to the bathroom After bedtime.
She still wear The refrigerator key Around her neck? I'm gary.
I'll give You guys a ride.
Come on.
Witnesses saw the kids Getting into A late eighties Oldsmobile about 20 minutes ago.
I heard.
Denver p.
Set up a 20-mile perimeter.
What does he want With the kids? With ervin out of the way, Maybe gary's trying To do his job.
He makes them sleep.
Reid, what? We got him.
He's at a doughnut shop 2 miles from the school.
Black-and-whites Saw the car, Called it in.
Kids? Ah, we got a visual On gary and the boy, But i don't see The girl.
Are you the police? Yeah.
He told me To give this to you.
We might have A problem, hotch.
Guys, guys, fall back.
I don't want him Feeling boxed in.
I got sharpshooters Linin' up.
Tell them to keep Their safeties on.
I wanna talk to him first.
Let's see.
Hotch? Yeah? Got the clerk.
The guy Sitting at the table With the little boy, I'd like to speak To him, please.
You, uh, got a call Over here, man.
Go on.
Grab your stuff.
Come on.
Gary: who's this? I'm the only thing Standing between You and a bullet.
Bring it.
I always wanted To die in a doughnut shop.
And never see Ervin again? He told us what The manwarings did To you in that house.
Yeah, well, i don't care What he told you.
It's history.
They're the objects Of your anger, gary, Not that little boy In there.
It's too late For the boy, regardless.
No, it's not.
It's not, gary.
And deep down, I think you know that.
He still has a chance.
He doesn't Have to be you.
Maybe not.
So what say We leave it up to him.
What is it? What'd he say? Tyler! Come here.
Come on.
Gary, put your hands up Where i can see 'em.
Don't move! Get down on your knees.
Interlace your fingers Behind your head.
Give me this hand.
Get on your feet.
I don't know What you did, But nice work.
Morgan: yeah, I understand that.
I'm just- I'm asking if there's Some type of alternative For them.
Nothing? Yes, i got it.
Don't ask me to like it.
Well, what? What is it? Social services Won't intervene Until they do A full investigation.
We have to take them home? Yeah.
Hang on a second.
I teach crisis negotiation.
I cowrote the textbook, And in 12 years, I've never talked anybody Off a ledge so fast.
Bit of A milestone then.
Why'd you walk out That door, gary? Sugar crash.
Tyler Let me talk to you For a second.
Kid, listen to me.
Anything You ever need, Any problem You might be having Here at home, I want you to know You can call me.
Any time, tyler.
You understand? Any time.
This sucks.
So meet at 4:30 On the stairs, And you can direct All your questions To lieutenant nellis Of the denver p.
, All right? They'll be taking Everything.
What happened next? Clerk: seemed Perfectly normal.
You're welcome.
I didn't know Anything was up Until he, uh, came And got the phone.
That's when I saw the piece.
Then i handed him The phone.
Excuse me.
Did- Did you say, "piece"? Uh, yeah, revolver Of some sort.
He had it stuck In his pants.
Did you clear a gun? No.
Yeah, reid? Hotch, the clerk Said gary had a gun, But we didn't Recover anything here.
You sure? Yeah.
I saw nellis Turn him inside out.
He had nothing on him.
I guess it's probably Here somewhere.
A gun doesn't just Walk away.
Hotch? Yeah, hotch? We just dropped Them off.
We're leavin'.
The backpacks? No, why? Why would we Search the backpacks? Tyler! Drop that gun.
Are you hurt? No.
Morgan: tyler Come on, kid.
Take it easy.
They're lies.
I know.
But you could have Come in here, And you could have Made her pay, And you didn't, Because you're good.
You're not gary.
You're nothin' like him.
Look at me.
I don't wanna Hurt you.
Ok? Let's make a deal.
You give me that gun, And i promise you, I will walk you out of here, And you will never Have to come back.
Sound pretty good? Yeah? Ok.
Give me the gun.
I got you.
I got you.
I could take her.
Take her? Carrie.
To d.
You mean To live with you? Yeah.
Why would you want To do that? I have room, money, And, you know, She's smart.
She goes to college.
Prentiss This is the job, And i need to know That you can Be objective.
And i need to know That i can be human.
Heard From the family, And they're On their way From I.
That's- That's great.
Tell me they Restocked the bar.
I called ahead.
Do you-do you mind Waking him up? I just-i just want To hear his voice.
You ok? Yeah.
They're good people, Carrie's family.
I'm glad.
I think it's A good idea, though.
What's that? You.
I can see it.