Criminal Minds s03e05 Episode Script

Seven Seconds

Happy birthday, Sweetheart.
Paging Katie Jacobs.
Please report To security immediately.
Katie Jacobs, please report To security.
State your emergency.
My niece, she's gone.
She's-she's missing.
Her mom and her dad Are still looking.
We can't-we can- Oh, my god.
Ma'am, where are you? In the, uh-in the mall, In potomac mills.
She's only 6.
Her mom And dad can't find her.
Who am i speaking with? Susan jacobs.
Susan, can you tell me Your niece's name? Katie.
Please come quick.
Security's just not- Katie what? Um, Jacobs.
And where was Katie Last seen? This isn't happening.
Ma'am, stay with me.
What if someone Took her Like the little girl Last week? Ma'am- Oh, my god.
: attention, All patrons.
This is An emergency announcement.
We have gone into Immediate lockdown procedure.
Please follow all directions Of law enforcement And security personnel.
Attention, all patrons.
This is An emergency announcement.
We've gone into immediate Lockdown procedure.
Please follow all directions Of law enforcement And security personnel.
Where are the parents? Over here with The head of security.
Samuels, thank you.
No problem.
And mrs.
Jacobs, I'm james franklin, Director of the bureau's Rapid deployment team.
We need a photo Of your daughter.
You have one on you? Yeah.
There was Another little girl Who went missing Last week.
Maybe on your phone.
Got a picture of katie On your phone? She disappeared From a mall, too.
She was murdered, Right? Ma'am, it's too early to know If that case is connected.
Yeah, why so many fbi? Standard Operating procedure.
I've also alerted Our behavioral analysis unit.
If there is a pattern To these abductions, They'll find it.
Thank you.
Stay with them.
We've been in lockdown For almost 20 minutes.
My team's Already in motion.
Another female, same age, Same time of day, Taken from essentially The same location.
What makes you sure Katie jacobs is still In the building? The mall's got Cameras installed At every Entrance and exit.
Surveillance video confirms Katie entering the building, But no sign of her leaving.
Security paged her Over the intercom, And their initial sweep Came up empty.
Whoever killed Jessica davis last week Left that mall with her Because he wanted time With his victim in privacy.
Assuming it's The same offender, He wouldn't stray From his m.
, He wouldn't leave here Without his victim.
So if katie's Still under this roof, So is her abductor.
Garcia, Report to the mall's Security office.
Reid, morgan, I want you to find The head of security.
We need all data From every search team.
You guys start With katie's parents.
We'll treat the mall Like a neighborhood, And we'll Separate into areas Of control.
Come on.
Uh, 69 storage closets, Access to the rooftop Via the north And south stairwells, With separate kitchen, And 4 elevators.
Every team's gonna Need a copy of this.
Katie was last seen By her cousin In the arcade About 25 minutes ago.
She was wearing jeans, A green shirt, Gray sneakers, And ponytails.
Registered offenders Located within A 45-mile radius.
Ok, run this against Current and former Employees as well.
If this animal so much As looks at me wrong Once we get him I read the jessica davis Report.
I know you found The remains last week.
Anything like it.
Can't get the image Out of my head.
I joined the bureau To rescue people, Not to stand over Another dead kid today.
I couldn't handle it.
Well, hopefully You won't have to.
It's all chance, you know.
Wrong place At the wrong time.
No logic.
No sense.
How does a parent Reconcile that? They never do.
You want every inch Of surveillance footage? Yes, because i need To examine it frame by frame To see if there's Anything in the background You guys missed.
I also need A joystick controller, Video transmitters, A coax cable, And a programmable park.
And i don't mean that Hypothetically.
Jacobs' cell phone Had katie's picture on it.
Mall security Helped us make copies.
Ok, we need To get one of these To every search team, Every officer, Every patron.
Potential witnesses Need to know who We're looking for, too.
Problem is, Our unsub could be Any one of them.
There's her parents.
We're agents Jareau and prentiss With the b.
You must be katie's Aunt and uncle.
This can't be easy.
We're here to Walk you through this.
Well, aside from The stairwells, Storage closets, And hundreds of shops, There's a whole underbelly Beneath our feet- Subterranean level, Air ducts, boiler rooms.
Realistically, It'll take at least This place.
Realistically, we have Less than half that time.
How do you figure? Who are killed Die within The first 24 hours, And what only Law enforcement knows Is jessica davis joined The 44% of children Who are abducted and killed Within the first hour.
What do you got? Ok, so this is Surveillance footage Off an exit camera Outside the arcade.
Well, can't you get A better angle? Sugar, i'm not london here.
I can only work With what they have, And believe me When i tell you The 1980s just called.
They want their Security system back.
Ok, look in the far right, Middle section.
You see the 2 ponytails? Yeah.
That's katie.
Angle barely Got an image of her, Let alone who she was with.
Can you enhance The image for me? I could start the process.
We don't have that kind of time.
Aw, you are breakin' My heart, baby girl.
Where are you goin'? And who are you with? Dostoevsky once said, "nothing is easier than Denouncing the evildoer.
Nothing more difficult Than understanding him.
" Katie jacobs.
This image was captured Moments before Your nephew reported Katie missing.
Oh, god.
I know The angle's limited, But is there Anything or anyone In the frame That you recognize? Uh No.
Katie has asthma.
She needs her inhaler.
H- how could someone Have just taken her In front of All those people? That's what we're Trying to figure out.
How do you plan On doing that? We're retracing Katie's steps.
We're going over Surveillance footage.
We're searching Every crack and crevice Under this roof.
I want to be out there Looking for my girl.
I'd want to be doing The same thing, But when an abduction Is reported, The parents are Debriefed separately.
It's more efficient That way.
What do you wanna know? Did katie have Any connection at all To jessica davis? No.
There is no connection.
Maybe a dance class, A church group.
You think katie Will end up like that? No, now, mrs.
Jacobs, Just listen to me here.
I'm just- Is that what you're Trying to tell me?! I'm trying to find Your daughter.
Look at me.
I know it's excruciating At a time like this, But i have to ask These questions, ok? Just breathe.
I want you two To take this path.
I'll meet you there.
Katie jacobs.
So she and her cousin Came in here About 30 minutes ago, And that was The last time Anyone saw katie? That's right.
After the assault Is generally The molester's Lowest point Of self-esteem.
He could be panicking Right about now, Realizing He's got a witness.
Richard allen davis Strangled polly klaas Just to prevent her From identifying him.
A single abduction like this Would normally be classified As a snatch-and-grab, But with The jessica davis abduction, It's more likely We're dealing with A preferential offender.
Whose victims fall Into a particular type.
He came to this mall Knowing what he was Looking for, Because he feels Safe here, familiar With his surroundings.
So when you And your cousin Were going in And out of stores, Did anybody try To talk to her? I don't think so.
Did somebody maybe Compliment her hair Or open the door For you guys? He wasn't exactly Paying attention.
Yes, i was.
You'd think after All my years in retail, I'd hate the mall, But it was convenient.
She was right next To me, i swear.
And then we split up, Because i- I had to shop for My husband's birthday.
And that's when You got lost in That video game, right? I should have stayed Near the kids.
It's not fair.
And now i wish we never Left the house this morning.
I'm sure that's how My brother feels, too.
How are All these questions Getting us any closer To finding her? Assuming that she knew Not to walk off with a stranger, It means she might have Trusted the offender, Which can tell us a lot.
Well, then explain to me What happened to her.
She might have walked off With someone in uniform.
No, i meant jessica.
I wanna know what Happened to that girl.
Katie jacobs.
Katie jacobs.
You know, this may All be a mistake.
Katie might Just be lost, Maybe in some bookstore Or something.
She loves to read.
Ah, she could Just be in a corner, Just, you know- Or maybe playing dress-up In a store or something.
Katie jacobs.
Jeremy, we-we asked Your mom and dad If we could talk privately.
Thought it might Be easier that way.
'Cause my dad thinks This is my fault.
Jeremy, your dad Is just super upset right now, Because times like this, People get really emotional.
Hey, kid The moments right before A kidnapping like this Are the most important.
You gotta understand You're the only one Who can help us With that.
But-but i can't remember.
Jeremy, all we need Is the last thing Katie did or said before You realized she was gone.
Jeremy-what? What? What? What is it? Talk to me.
What? I can't breathe.
Uh, y-you're having A panic attack.
Sit down.
Jeremy, sit down.
Sit down.
Put your head Between your knees.
Put your head between Your knees.
That's right.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
Is that katie's? Yeah.
She didn't like it With her sneakers today.
Said it didn't match.
Would you mind if we Borrowed that sweater? Why? It would help the search dogs To pick up her scent.
Whoever abducted katie Did so by looking at her As an object.
If there's the slightest Chance that he has a conscience, It may help to remind him She's not.
And, uh, How would you do that? Well, we wouldn't.
You would.
Thank you.
My guess is jeremy Either heard or saw Something that Could be useful.
But the guilt Has manifested itself Into an acute Stress disorder.
The kid can't Remember a thing.
Take him back To the scene And do a cognitive Interview.
Do you have kids? No.
Not yet.
But everyone that needs us, We think of as our own.
I don't know If i can do this.
Ok, just-just stay calm.
Don't address What he's done.
That'll only Make him defensive.
Jage, i'm ready.
Just keep The focus on katie.
All right, we need him To hear who she is.
No one knows that Better than you.
My name is beth jacobs.
Our daughter katie Went missing.
She's only 6 years old.
Last month, She started first grade.
Katie is our only child, And we love her very much.
We just want her back safe.
The other day Katie told me that she was Ready to ride A big girl's bike Without training wheels And i promised her that she Could do that on her birthday.
Please, whoever you are I hope you're listening.
We just want our daughter Back to us safely.
Katie is just a little girl.
She's just a little girl Who deserves another birthday.
Only 7 seconds I was able to decipher, But it's 7 more Than we had.
What are we looking at? Surveillance footage I retrieved Off a second camera On the first floor.
It shows katie Exiting the arcade, Follows her movements Through the crowd.
She went north.
Till she disappears.
I still Can't make out Who she was with.
That's all the images I could find, sir.
Is all it takes For a child to disappear.
If katie was alone, The only stores In the vicinity She would be Walking toward Would be furniture, Stationary, or bedding.
Nothing that a 6-year-old Would leave an arcade for.
Unless it wasn't a store That caught her eye.
I once followed Todd cortel The entire length Of silver beach Because he had a kite.
The right bait might Lure her away from the crowd.
So what Are you youngsters Playing these days? I like D.
? As in "dead on arrival"? It's "dead or alive.
" What do you like So much about it, jeremy? The close combat.
It's all About timing, How well you know Your enemies.
Plus i'm really good At it.
Yeah, I bet you are, kid.
So, uh, what was the first game That you walked to when You came in here earlier? The girl's trail Stops cold? Because that vent Is depositing air From the food court, The dog Is overwhelmed By the smell.
Katie jacobs.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I can't let you do that.
But i'm his mother, For god sake.
Look, i understand.
I'll take care Of this.
Jeremy is talking With 2 of our Agents right now.
Well, then, I should be there, too.
Whatever's blocking Your son's memory may Be exacerbated by that.
He might Be feeling a bit Responsible somehow.
One minute, you're having A lighter engraved For your husband, And the next minute, Katie's name is being paged.
I never thought Something like this Could happen to our family.
Nobody ever does.
What are they doing To my son? It's a sensory method Of questioning.
We're hoping It'll help jeremy Remember what happened Before he realized Katie was gone.
Morgan: i'm gonna ask you To close your eyes For a minute, all right? I want you to go back To when you first walked In the arcade A little earlier.
Can you remember that? Yeah.
You're doin' great, My man.
Ok, in your mind, I want you to try And picture what It sounded like In here.
Picture what It smelled like.
Was it crowded? It was loud.
Were the people loud, Or were the sound effects loud? Both.
Some kid was yelling At his game.
Boy: die! Die! Die! I own you.
You're mine.
Now die! Jeremy, i don't like it here.
Well, tough, Because i do.
I want to find my mommy.
Stop whining.
I gave you a quarter.
Now go play a game.
Die, die, die.
Die, die, die.
What's making you So uncomfortable, jeremy? I don't like it in here.
What was she Crying about? I don't remember.
I- I couldn't hear.
Jeremy, go back To the video game.
I was winning.
And how'd that Make you feel? Awesome, Proud of myself, Kind of embarrassed.
Embarrassed? How? Like people Were watching me.
Why were you Self-conscious? Who was watching you? I could smell Her shampoo.
Katie's? No.
Please, i wanna go.
Can we please go? Die.
Die, die, die.
Jeremy, i don't Like it here.
You like that game, huh? You wanna play? We can switch back and forth For combo attacks.
Please can we go? Please, jeremy.
Get out of here.
I have extra quarters.
Please, jeremy.
I want an ice cream.
Jeremy: katie? Katie? So katie was asking For ice cream? Yeah.
Was there Something else? No.
You did good, kid.
Picked up katie's scent On something in here.
Just a lot Of half-eaten food, Empty cups.
And this.
What'd you find? It's a necklace in the trash.
Bag it and label it In case there's any connection.
There is.
Katie was wearing it.
She found it In the schoolyard About a year ago.
This is 24-karat gold, And the stones are real.
Whoever lost it Would have been Looking for it.
Is there any reason That katie would have lied? No.
How far do you Live from here? About a mile.
Do you mind if we Search your house? Of course not.
What do you think You're gonna find there? It's just protocol.
Excuse me.
What is he Not telling us? The clasp is damaged, Like it was ripped Off of her neck.
Then they tossed it In the trash.
If the abductor just Wants to fulfill his urge And move on, He wouldn't take the time.
This is motivated by rage.
It's personal.
David westerfield Kidnapped danielle Van dam out of revenge When her mother Rejected him.
This may not be related To last week's abduction After all.
Somebody lit a fire Last night.
Well, there's Dirty dishes for 3 In the kitchen, So they eat together As a family.
Hey, my favorite movie From when i was a kid.
So they watch Movies together, too.
By a fireplace in a house That's in a cookie-cutter Neighborhood.
Norman rockwell couldn't Have painted this any cozier.
That's what Worries me.
Is there anyone In your life you would Consider a threat? Why would you ask me that? We have to explore Every possibility.
I don't understand.
Now you don't think it's Connected to the other case? We're not sure.
Why would someone We know do this? Katie jacobs.
I just have a couple of Questions i want to ask you.
Are there any families In your neighborhood that You don't get along with? My neighborhood? Or an employee That you might have fired? No.
Or any child that katie Might have upset? H - hold on.
Where are you Going with this? Katie's necklace didn't Fall off by itself, And it's possible that She knows the offender.
Ah, that's crazy.
I mean, W- why would any- No, no.
Uh We get along With everyone In our neighborhood, And, uh, katie loves All of her-all of her Friends at school.
I mean, I, uh-i taught My daughter well.
Why would you say, "i've taught my daughter well," And not, "we've Taught her really well"? You know what i mean.
Why are you looking At me like that? Are there marital issues That i should know about? Are you kidding? Are either of you Having an affair? You son of a bitch! My daughter is missing, And you wanna Turn this around- I'm concerned With finding her, Which is why i've Asked you the question.
My family means Everything to me.
Finding katie Is everything to me.
No, we are not Participating In any affairs.
Katie jacobs.
Katie jacobs.
Katie's been Wetting her bed.
A lot Of 6-year-olds do.
Could be bad dreams.
Some kids won't get up At night, 'cause they're Afraid of the dark.
Or it could be a lot More complex than that.
Most girls covet their dolls Like an extension Of themselves.
Reid, i know These signs- Acting out on her toys, Wetting the bed.
She's obviously Covering up something About that necklace.
Is there Something else? No.
And her cousin might Be holding something back.
Katie's in a lot of pain And not telling anybody, And i think i know why.
Yeah? Hotch, i think Katie's being molested, And we both Know the odds.
Most likely by somebody Under the same roof.
Jacobs bought his Own daughter a necklace, Nobody would Think twice about that, So why would katie lie? She didn't Because her father Didn't buy her The necklace.
Get back here As soon as you can.
We need to separate The boy and his father, Katie jacobs.
No, sir.
What's going on here? We're questioning jeremy In another room.
I know that.
Why? We suspect that he May know something.
About katie? From you, mr.
Jacobs, We'd like to know more About your son.
What's going on? Did you find katie? Jeremy, how old are you? Wow.
You know, When i was 13, I was starting To notice girls, too.
I was curious, But, uh-heh.
I was-i was, like, Really awkward, So it was super hard For me to talk to them, And i, uh-i found that Incredibly frustrating.
Why are you Telling me this? 'Cause i think I understand you.
You're, uh- You're in the arcade.
Pretty girl walks in, And, uh You get distracted By the-the scent Of her hair, right? I guess.
So what? So you're- You're becoming a man.
Believe it or not, It happens to all of us.
There's nothing wrong With that at all.
Never said there was.
And these video games That you play, These cool video games Allow you to, uh- To explore Your violent side.
Right? So, i mean, clearly You're intrigued.
My only question is Whether or not you acted On these curiosities, You've experimented yet.
Shouldn't you be looking For my cousin right now? I am looking for Your cousin right now.
Why are you asking me These questions? Why are you Avoiding them? What would you like to know? What jeremy's Interests are.
Uh, computer.
Likes to be on the computer.
Spends hours at a time.
What's going on? Who does he Socialize with? I don't know.
Kids at school, i suppose.
You live under The same roof, But you can't name Any of his friends? He spends hours In his room Listening to that metal music I don't understand.
Has he always been This distant with you, Or is this Something new? Well, i guess- I guess it's always Been like this.
That's why I don't find it odd.
Well, we did some checking, And, uh We found out that jeremy, At the ripe age of 13, Has a record.
For stealing, We knew that.
And that didn't Strike you as odd? He stole earrings For a girl he liked.
When i was his age, i- I probably did the same thing.
He must have Really wanted to make An impression on her, Make her feel special, Because we checked The record, and they Were very valuable.
We reprimanded him.
What was her name? Who? The girl jeremy Liked so much He stole for.
I- i don't know.
We're his parents.
He's 13 years old.
If he hadn't Been arrested, We probably wouldn't Even know that he was Interested in girls.
, can i get a minute? Excuse me.
Where's my brother? He's being Questioned, sir.
About jeremy? You think jeremy Knows something? We don't know The answer To that yet.
Oh, god.
Believe me, when we Do know something, You guys'll Be the first people We tell.
W- we have to Trust that.
Excuse us.
Well, that was strange.
: what? You would think During a time like this, Susan would wanna Know why her son's Being detained.
She didn't even look To us for an answer.
Look at her.
She's relaxed enough To sit down.
Maybe protecting What composure she has left? Or protecting Someone else.
Hey, jeremy, do you know What i do for the fbi? No.
Study human behavior.
Like, uh, The way you're pushing Your chair away from me, It tells me that what I'm saying is making you Uncomfortable, Like, uh, you're Trying to distance Yourself from me, Maybe from what I'm capable Of reading about you.
Case in point: You bite Your inner cheek.
It's a- It's a nervous tic, Like you're Holding on to something.
Doing it right now.
You were also doing it Inside the arcade, And i think You were doing it Because maybe- I don't know- Maybe you remembered Something more than What you told us.
I told you everything.
I don't know.
I don't think you Told us everything.
I think Something else happened Inside that arcade, Something - Something you haven't Told anybody yet.
Jacobs, have a seat.
Did, uh, Jeremy and katie spend A lot of time together? Our families spend A lot of time together.
He likes his cousin.
Does that Make you jealous? What? Why would it? Why would it? We found that In the trash.
How is it That you know your 6- year-old niece Likes to read books And play dress-up, But you don't Know the first thing About your own son? Typically molesters Only pay attention To the children That they're grooming, Ignoring even their own.
Katie wore That necklace Because You told her to, Because you told her She was special.
As if The sexual abuse Wasn't enough.
Is that when it started? When what started? When you gave katie The necklace, When she started Wetting the bed, When her parents Came to you and susan Wondering why their Daughter locked herself In her room.
Was that When it started? Is that when The molestation started? This is ridiculous.
Couldn't help yourself, Could you? You're crazy! Like so many Little girls before.
I- i wanna Get outta here.
You started spending More time with her And telling her She was special.
I'm not listening To you.
You knew it was sick, Your brother's Own daughter.
Shut up! Did she outgrow Your preference? Shut up! Did she get Too old for you? No! No.
I may have done Some things that You couldn't Possibly understand, But i would never Hurt katie.
Whoever ripped The necklace off katie Did it in a rage, And he just seems Broken.
Susan: one minute, I'm having a lighter Engraved for my husband, And the next minute, Katie's name is being paged.
You know, for probably The most stressful day Of your life, I haven't seen you Light one cigarette.
I quit Over a month ago.
You'd think after All my years in retail, I'd hate the mall, But it was convenient.
I don't think the aunt Is telling us Everything, And this could Get dicey.
Susan- What is it? Uh, i need to speak With susan.
Jacobs: Why? What happened? Did you Find her? No.
Not yet.
What-is it About jeremy? No.
Richard? I need to speak With you.
Can you come This way? What are you doing? What's this about? You used to work In retail? I'm sorry.
How does that- Should be able- I understand.
You mentioned it Earlier.
So what? What you didn't Tell me was you used to Work in this mall Years ago.
What does that have to do With anything? Susan, do you Know something?! You know this Building like the Back of your hand.
Earlier, you made Sure to separate From the group.
Jacobs: Someone tell us something! What the hell Is happening?! God, susan! What do you know?! Oh, god.
Come on.
Let's go.
Susan, what- What did you do To katie?! Susan! What did she do?! What did she do To her?! What did you do With katie? Why would you ask me that? You and richard Have been playing The happy family, When the truth is You've been separated.
Why else Didn't you realize He hasn't Had a cigarette In over a month? He has no use For a new lighter.
Richard and i have been Trying to work things out.
Did you really believe That getting rid Of that little girl Would take away His sickness? You're not making A bit of sense.
Did it occur to you Last week? After you saw On the news That a little girl Was snatched from A local mall And found dead There are 2 seasonal Storage closets At the end Of that hall, jim.
You check those.
We'll take the ones Upstairs.
Did you duct-tape Her mouth, too? You know, If you do that To someone With asthma, They can die.
But i guess you Already figured that, Didn't you? This was not supposed To happen to my family.
It didn't just happen, Susan.
You took her, A 6-year-old Vulnerable child Who trusted you, Who trusted Your husband.
You need to tell me Where she is.
I don't know what You're talking about.
This is how katie Sees herself, Self-loathing, Dirty, disgusting.
That is what Your husband Made her feel.
Those nights That she would stay At your house, He would sneak Into her room And tell her Not to make a sound.
No, please don't do this.
Do you have any idea How terrified She must have been, How confused, While you lay awake Protecting an animal Who will always Have those urges And always has.
Please don't.
There's nothing Left for you To protect, susan.
Instead of shielding her From more pain, You blamed her For your own.
No, no, no.
Yes, you did.
You have robbed katie Of her childhood, Are you gonna steal The rest of her life From her as well? No! Enough! Where is she?! Katie! Katie! All right, Take it apart, guys- Every box, every shelf.
Katie! Katie! Katie! This whole pile Back here.
I need 2 guys In this aisle.
Check up in here.
Jim, why don't you Check this room.
Katie! You guys, Clear this room For me, let's go.
Katie! Katie! I got her! I got her! Hey, we need a medic.
Somebody move.
Let's go.
I can't feel a pulse.
Tip her head back, Open her airway.
Ready? Come on, katie.
Katie! Come on, sweetie.
Come on, sweetie.
Wake up.
Is katie gonna Be all right? She will eventually.
I heard her call My mom's name.
That's what I remembered before.
We get it, kid.
That's your mom.
What's gonna happen To me now? I don't know, jeremy, But, uh, we're gonna Make sure you're all right, ok? Come on.
Let's go.
Susan consoling Katie's mother, That's an image That's gonna haunt me For a while.
Well, we could have Been left haunted By a lot worse.
Thing is there's Still a guy out there Who hasn't been caught.
I know.
And there always will be.
But today we made A difference.
Tell you one thing, If i had a kid Back home, I wouldn't still Be standing here.
I'll see you around.
Take it easy.
She's coming.
He's asleep.
Just 5 minutes.
Chesterton wrote, "fairy tales do not tell Children that dragons exist.
"children already know That dragons exist.
Fairy tales tell children That dragons can be killed.