Criminal Minds s03e06 Episode Script

About Face

Go on, mudgie! Go on, boy.
Attaboy! Go on, boy.
Come! Come! Strauss, i'm coming in To see you this afternoon.
Well, then cancel it.
I'll be there at 2:30.
That's it.
Come on, boy! Come on! Yeah.
I really don't Understand this, david.
What's to understand, erin? You've been retired For nearly 10 years.
Is a man down.
I'm offering to help.
You've written How many books? World tours.
Speaking engagements.
Big payday Private consultations.
You've made quite a name For yourself.
Well, this is getting boring.
You know, you won't Be in charge.
Agent hotchner's the s.
And i'll be seeking His endorsement.
I'm not looking for anyone's Permission here.
So you're coming in In a subordinate Position.
Is that a question? The question is, why? To help.
A completely selfless act.
Is that so hard To believe? Yes.
I missed you too, erin.
You'll meet the team Tomorrow.
It was next to my front door When i got home, frank.
God, i hate halloween.
Here you go, sir.
Halloween? Less than a week away.
It's a prime time For stupid pranks.
So you think It's just a prank? Well, you're obviously Not missing, michelle.
Where'd they get A picture of me? It's probably One of your friends.
I don't know anybody That'd think this is funny.
Molly didn't think It was funny.
She's the one who told me To come right down here.
If my wife had just called, I probably could have Saved you the trip.
I'm sure it's nothing, Really.
You sure? Look I'll come by and check On you after work And make sure you're safe.
I appreciate that, Frank.
Serving and protecting Is what i do.
No, no, i didn't say It was funny, molly.
I said someone might- I- i know she's Your best friend.
That's why i'm here.
No, i don't think It's weird she didn't call- Look, i'm here already.
All the lights are out.
She-she probably Went to bed early.
I'll have her call you.
Yeah, 20 minutes.
Love you, too.
This wasn't funny The first time.
Michelle? Michelle? Michelle, it's frank! Michelle? Oh, my god.
Erasmus wrote, "what else is the whole Life of mortals "but a sort of comedy, In which the various actors, "disguised by various Costumes and masks, "walk on and play Each one his part, Until the manager Waves them off the stage?" I'm waiting for you! Reid Happy all hallows eve, Folks.
To paraphrase From celtic mythology, Tomorrow night all order Is suspended, And the barriers between The natural and the supernatural Are temporarily Remooooved! Hoo hoo hoo! Ha ha! See, that right there is why Halloween creeps me out.
You're scared of halloween? I didn't say i was scared, I said i was creeped out.
There's a difference there, Youngster.
You should look it up.
What creeps you out About it? I don't know.
People wearing masks.
I don't like folks In disguises.
That's the best thing About halloween.
You can be anyone You want to be.
Nah, i'm pretty good Just being me.
Yeah, why is it that Neither of those Points of view surprise me? You know what, though? On the flip side, It does provide A pretty good reason To cozy up With a scary flick And a little Halloween honey.
Halloween honey.
That's-now I'm creeped out.
Guys, he's here.
Agent hotchner.
I'm sure you remember- How are you, aaron? I'm good.
I'm great.
I would say so.
Saw you on tv last week.
Can't believe You want to come back here.
Well, i'll let The two of you catch up.
If you need anything, I'm in my office.
So how long's it been? Dinner, Almost 3 years ago.
But the last time I was in the b.
, You were sharing a desk With 2 other agents In that god-awful Bunker we were in.
I remember.
Well, there's one Just like this next door If you're interested.
I'm ready To give the briefing.
Agent jareau, This is ssa david rossi.
Everyone calls me j.
It is such an honor To meet you, sir.
I've heard a lot about you.
Thank you.
And what's your Function here? I'm the communications Coordinator and liaison.
Pretty much the go-between For the team And the rest of the world.
So i'll gather everyone.
We'll be right there.
It is so nice To have you here, sir.
We didn't have that What do you mean? Communications coordinator.
Oh, lots has changed.
Come meet the team.
Ssa david rossi, This is ssa emily prentiss.
Ssa derek morgan.
It's an honor, agent rossi.
Please, just dave.
And dr.
Spencer reid.
Sir, if i could Talk to you later About your work with The scarsdale skinner.
Psycho-linguistics is An incredibly dynamic field, And the fact that your profile Of his reading habits Ultimately led to his capture Is something i find So incredibly intrig- Reid, slow down.
He'll be here For a while.
You can catch up With him later.
No problem, doctor.
Maybe you guys Can talk on the jet.
Oh, yeah, that'd be great.
The jet? We have a jet now.
Are you serious? Yeah.
It comes in Pretty handy.
Come on.
's waiting.
Carrollton, texas, Is a suburb Just outside of dallas.
Found this flier On her front door.
She found it? Meaning she wasn't Actually missing? Yet.
She took the flier To a friend's husband, Detective yarbrough, At the carrollton p.
, Who told her it was probably Just a halloween prank, And he sent her home.
Well, i don't blame him.
Halloween brings out The fool in everyone.
Still, he stopped by Michelle's house later To check on her.
The door was open, And when he went inside, He found this.
He still thought maybe It could be some kind Of a prank, Until yesterday.
Michelle was found Floating in a small creek Just outside of carrollton.
She had been Sexually assaulted And her face Had been removed.
Removed? It wasn't Animals or fish? The dallas county m.
Said that the edges Of the wounds Were smooth, not torn.
A very sharp instrument Had been used.
He also found water In her lungs.
Oh, my god! What is that? Technical analyst Penelope garcia, This is ssa david rossi.
Is it gone, j.
? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're safe.
Just to, um Carrollton, texas, Has nearly A diverse population With a It's all in there.
I'm sorry.
Very happy To meet you, sir.
I'll be in my office.
She's different.
You have no idea.
Uh, so, the unsub Tells her she's Going to go missing To psychologically Torture her, Then tortures her Physically.
Textbook sadist.
A sophisticated one.
That's elaborate.
Number one.
That particular mask Is known as a false face.
It's most commonly worn During halloween and mardi gras.
I rest my case.
False face.
Her face- He mocks it, Then destroys it.
Oh, and, hotch- Local media has the story.
It broke big.
Tell carrollton We'll be there First thing in the morning.
Let's stop this one at one.
: yes, sir.
If you want to take some time To get situated, Maybe start On the next case? I'm not back To get situated, hotch, I'm here to work.
Everybody get your things Together.
We're going to texas.
Tv reporter: Abbey, what's the latest? Police sources tell me They have no leads In the case they are calling The "have you seen me?" Murders.
Where the hell Do you get this stuff? No, not you, agent jareau.
The television.
The press is saying We gave this thing A stupid name, Like it's some kind of Damn game or something.
Just call me when You all get in tomorrow.
I'll take you Wherever you need to go.
All right.
Good night.
Tv reporter: abbey, Do we know when this Flyer first surfaced? We have heard reports That ms.
Colucci Received this flier Late tuesday afternoon when She returned home from work.
Boy: score! Never saw the point At throwing an egg At anything.
Or even the connection To halloween, For that matter.
What the hell Oh, my god.
That's me.
Oh, my god! Oh! Ohh! Let's go over victimology.
Would you like to join us, dave? Reid, what have you got? Uh, michelle colucci Was single, Lived alone, No boyfriend And no ex-husband.
Prentiss: dating? Morgan: there's nothing In the reports.
She was an architect.
Friends and co-workers Say she's a classic Workaholic.
Basically a loner Who rarely went out Of the house.
So she's extremely low risk.
If it wasn't someone She knew personally, It's possible She was being stalked.
What's that? Oh, i'm just thinking Out loud.
Something to add? No.
Sorry to interrupt.
Well, she's pretty.
It could be that the unsub Met her casually and Made her part of Some kind of fantasy.
And he tries to act on it And she rejects him? Prentiss: So he tortures her, Out of anger? Masks often represent A state of mind.
This one's blank, Expressionless.
Doesn't really Coincide with anger.
Reid, it's hard to imagine He did this Out of anything Less than rage.
Garcia: hey, guys.
What's up? You got something for us? A list of michelle Colucci's clients.
She designed office space.
Mostly big corporate Remodeling plans.
No private clients, One-on-one contact? Doesn't look like it, no.
Thanks, baby girl.
It's right this way, ma'am.
Detective yarbrough? Fbi? We got another flier- This time metro dallas.
Enid white.
Her roommate Called dallas p.
This morning.
Enid never game home After walking her dog Last night.
So she is missing.
Well, he wallpapered The neighborhood With fliers for 2 blocks Around their apartment.
That's different.
No one saw him Putting them up? Dallas p.
Is still canvassing, But nothing so far.
They're waiting for you On the new scene.
Mind if i keep this? Not at all.
Morgan, you and prentiss Go to michelle colucci's House.
And i will talk To enid's roommate.
Dave, do you mind Walking the disposal site With the detective and reid? Whatever you need.
We'll regroup in an hour.
These houses sure are Close together.
So how do i get a woman Out of her house Without anyone seeing me? Well, he must have been Watching her For a long time And knew that it was safe.
There isn't a lot of cover On this street.
I have a vehicle.
Big enough so i can watch Without being seen.
But not so big as to Draw attention to itself.
Neighbors will notice A strange vehicle Parked in front of Their house day after day, Night after night.
It's human nature.
You would notice Something out of place In your own neighborhood.
And you would definitely Notice a man Repeatedly standing On your street.
It just doesn't Make any sense.
He didn't watch from here.
As we reported earlier, Enid white is still Considered missing Big story.
Haven't had something This big To play in a long time.
Did the press run with The story about the mask? Mask? A mask was left At michelle colucci's Apartment.
First time i'm hearing About it.
Let's make sure That stays ours.
Miss white's roommate says That enid walks her dog Every night at the same time, Takes the same route, Right down this street.
Nothing a stalker likes Better than routine.
Well, she definitely Would have seen this If this was here Before she went missing.
A couple of neighbors Say they may have seen a guy Putting up a flier During the day, But they really couldn't Remember anything about him.
All right, well, we're gonna Have to know everything we can About the victim.
I know you sent some stuff Over to quantico, But it would help us If we could interview The roommate ourselves.
We have her downtown now.
Where's her dog? Excuse me? If she was abducted while She was walking her dog.
Where's her dog? We went over this area Pretty thoroughly.
There's no evidence left.
I just want to stand Where she was.
Reid, Do we still keep All the old files In the fourth floor Storeroom? I think some are up there.
You know, most of our Information's on computer now.
Have you had a chance To go through our data Since you've been back? Not yet.
You'll be amazed.
The original team- I mean, you interviewed Something like, uh, Right? Something like.
Today we have interviews With over 1,000 offenders.
Serial killers, Child abductors, Sex offenders- I'll go through it with you Sometime if you like, Answer any questions- Sounds good.
Michelle's body Was found right here.
I really thought It was a prank.
You can't really blame Yourself for that.
She made herself dinner.
Excuse me? She had time To make herself dinner.
I mean she was home For a while before he There was time to help her.
Obliterates a body Destroys evidence.
But you weren't in the water That long, were you, michelle? Yarbrough: she had Rocks tied to her To weigh her down.
Reid: she floated To the surface Before there was Any other damage.
Yarbrough: just what was done To her already.
The salient point is That it was the first thing The unsub wasn't good at.
Green river dumped most Of the bodies in the water.
But they weren't Weighed down.
We know now It's 'cause he didn't Care if they were found.
He had no connection To them.
This is where i'd wait.
I'd never be able to See you from the house.
He was here a lot.
Watching everything she did.
Tv: as we reported earlier, Enid white is still Considered We got anything? Agent rossi pointed out That since the victims Were weighted down, It suggests the unsub Didn't want them found.
It suggests some sort Of connection between them.
Detective, how long Was michelle missing? She was found On the fourth day.
So if she wasn't In the water long, Then he held her For three.
Garcia? I've been running all of Enid white's credit cards.
And? She made a purchase At 9 a.
This morning at a sporting Goods store in dallas.
This morning? What did she buy? A shotgun.
Tv: male, Approximately 6 feet tall.
The man was seen posting Fliers around the neighborhood Where enid white was known To walk her dog.
The police are still unable To give us any information At this time, And they are saying They still have No possible leads.
We will continue To keep you posted As we receive more details About the hunt for enid white She can buy a gun That easily? This is texas.
There's no license Or waiting period For most rifles Or shotguns.
Is there video surveillance Of guns sales in Sporting goods stores? There's supposed to be.
, call the store.
Find out if it was enid Or the unsub using Her credit card.
Right away.
Detective yarbrough.
There's an urgent call From a woman on one.
Detective yarbrough.
My name is enid white.
Where are you, enid? The news reports Said that the police Didn't believe That other woman When she saw The missing fliers.
That was a mistake, enid.
I have a gun.
I don't think i can Stay awake very much longer.
Enid, this is Agent hotchner of the fbi.
We believe you, And we want to help you.
Can you tell us Where you are? El royale motel In dallas.
It's room 6.
I saw the fliers.
Hurry, please.
He's gonna kill me.
Don't move, enid.
We're on our way.
Fbi! Clear.
She's gone.
I can't believe We lost her.
We may not have lost her.
He kept michelle For 4 days.
But we got nothing.
That's not true.
Look at the difference In the scenes.
What do you mean? There's a mask, There are fliers.
Yeah, but these fliers Weren't tacked up, They were just Thrown around the room.
So? He left in a hurry Like he knew we were coming.
Ok, this was under the bed.
That's carrollton.
The hotline number.
She used a cell phone.
You can get a cell Interceptor at any Electronics store.
You can? Yeah.
They don't cost That much.
He probably sat Right out here And heard everything She said.
But if he followed her Here from dallas, Why wait till she calls us To move on her? To make sure It was the police Who found the mask.
We need to gather your men And give a profile.
He's a white male.
His shoe prints Have been examined And put him At about 5'11", 165.
So we've narrowed it Down to anyone Of average weight And height.
Speak and be recognized By your empress, mortal.
Is this the technical Analyst girl? Who's this? Dr.
Reid said this was Your direct line From the team.
It is.
This is agent dave rossi.
We met yesterday.
Oh! Of course, of course.
I'm sorry-sir.
Uh, yeah, i already Started processing The footprint information On michelle colucci- No, no, no.
This is about something else.
All the past open cases The b.
Worked on Are on computer now? Most of them.
There may be a few Left to catalog.
If i give you A victim's name, Could you find The old records? Oh, records Are my specialty, sir.
The original case- I'm going back 20 years.
Won't be a problem.
The name is galen.
Diana and richard galen.
They had 3 children.
I will get back To you super fast.
Scout's honor.
No, no, um, Just put a file together.
I'll get it When i get back.
It's really no problem, sir.
I could just send it- Not necessary.
I'll look at it When i get back.
And let's keep this Between us, If you don't mind.
For now.
Thank you.
My pleasure entirely, sir.
There's a sophistication And patience In what this unsub does That suggests A level of maturity.
We believe This puts his age In the mid-30s To 40s range.
Michelle Colucci was taken From the primary crime scene And disposed of at The tertiary crime scene 4 days later.
That means She was held somewhere For at least 3 days.
You can't really just Hold a victim anywhere For days on end, So he most likely has access To a house of some kind.
And he's also fairly Tech savvy.
The fliers were made On a computer.
And it's probable That he used a device To intercept Enid white's phone call.
Witnesses In enid white's neighborhood Say they may have seen A white man Putting up fliers, But none of them Could describe him, Even with all The media attention This case has received.
Actually, what that tells us Is that there is Absolutely nothing Remarkable about this man.
He is exceedingly average.
As you said, Detective yarbrough, Average height, average build.
It extends to his Professional life as well.
He most likely works In a field where He doesn't stand out, Doesn't really make a mark.
His lack of distinction Is part of his psychopathy.
We have hundreds Of interactions With people every day.
Most of those involve someone Overlooking someone else.
Most of us don't Pay any attention To being ignored, But to this kind of unsub, Each oversight Is intentional.
Especially when it comes From his object Of sexual desire.
He begins to obsess over her Until she's all He can think about.
And the rage builds Until he has to attack That person.
So he's pissed off That nobody notices him? "have you seen me?" Wait.
That's not About the women.
The masks Are about the women- Number one, number 2.
The fliers probably Refer to him.
Removing his victims' faces Transfers his feelings Of being ignored Into a mission And it gives him A sense of power.
And the power Can make him arrogant, But it doesn't Make him notable.
So how the hell do we Catch an invisible man? I'm pretty sure we can Get him to contact you.
What? Well, the crime scenes show He wants to deliver His message to the police.
He isn't going public.
Hopefully, by playing On his anger J.
, how'd they get that? Not from me.
I - Hotch, i called all The local police departments And i stressed Withholding the mask.
I called them.
What? I said the fbi thinks The masks mean He's impotent.
Can i speak to you For a second? Why would you do that? It'll make him Contact us.
He's screaming for it.
We aren't prepared.
Prepared? We need to set up A trap and trace.
Trap and trace? They never stay on the phone Long enough for that.
Dave, they're a lot faster Than they used to be.
We also need to prep The detective on what To say to him.
He's not gonna want to talk To the detective.
He's gonna want To talk to the fbi.
We don't step over The local police like that.
They called us in.
Yes, but if the perception Is that we're to embarrass The locals by telling the media That we're gonna fix things, Then they'll stop calling us.
Relax, hotch.
I've got this.
You see, That's the problem, dave.
There is no i.
We function as a team.
I've been doing this Before you were Out of high school, Probably before The rest of your team Was in school at all.
I know that.
Things have changed.
The bells and whistles Changed.
An unsub Is still an unsub, And i know how to deal With an unsub.
No, dave, it's not just that.
: hotch.
What? Garcia found something.
Garcia, talk to us.
Michelle colucci Recently drew up the plans For a remodel Of 3 floors of a company Called techco communications.
It's a high-tech Communications company In downtown dallas.
And enid white? Worked there Until 2 months ago.
He's on 2.
The unsub? Demanded to speak To the fbi.
This is fbi Supervisory special agent David rossi.
You called me impotent.
Did i? I'm not impotent.
Why are you whispering? You lied.
Is someone around you? Are you at work? You have to tell the news The truth.
I'll get you on the news, Then you can correct me Yourself.
No, you, you, You correct it.
By the way, I was, um, Looking at the police Security tapes For the day Michelle colucci Went missing.
What? You watched her Long enough To know she didn't Have visitors.
She was a loner.
Yet you knew that Detective yarbrough Was coming over.
You must have been right Here in this station When he told her.
Now, your face is gonna be On one of those tapes, And when i find it, I'm gonna paper This city with it, Just like you did With those women.
Everyone will see it.
They won't be able To ignore you now.
But you won't Inspire fear, You'll inspire hatred And ridicule, Because the only power Someone like you has Is a mask, And once that mask Is removed, You'll be as insignificant As you've always been- A loser! You just signed Enid white's death warrant.
Lieutenant, i need you To lock the techco building Down tight.
Nobody in, nobody out.
It's vital.
Rossi, you really think The unsub's Still gonna be there After that call? Of course.
He thinks He has all the time In the world.
You think they got an image Off the police security Camera yet? The security camera Doesn't work.
I lied about that.
You lied about that? He doesn't know.
Dave, that was Incredibly reckless.
Hotch, he didn't weigh The body down well.
What do you mean? He didn't want michelle Found so quickly.
He screwed that up.
This kind of guy, When he plans something, If he has the time, If he's in control, He's meticulous.
But being on the edge Of the river, Out in the open, He was not in control.
He was in a hurry, And he made a mistake.
That's what you're hoping.
Trust me.
With an unsub like this, You need to throw him Off his game.
His hand needs to be forced.
I know that, dave, But the point is, You did it by forcing ours.
Is the building sealed? Top to bottom.
Yarbrough, make sure It stays that way.
Garcia, which floors did Michelle carlucci remodel? Got it-7, 8, 9.
Morgan, take 7.
We're looking for A rank-and-file employee Who made a scene In the last Prentiss, 8, Reid, 9.
Don't approach him.
Just try to get a name, Maybe a picture.
He's somewhere In this lobby.
What? Can't you feel it? Display your credentials.
He thinks we know What he looks like.
Yeah, reid? Got him.
Sir? Sir! Max pool.
We have your address, max.
There's no place to go.
This is agent rossi, max.
If you do What you're thinking, You won't get to tell them I lied.
Come on, max, Slowly put your hands On top of your head.
Listen to him, max.
I know what you're thinking And you don't have to do it.
It doesn't have to end Here, max.
down! You ok? Yeah.
He's gone.
What about enid white? We have his home address.
Is she there? Let's hope so.
You said out there, The team shares everything.
That's right.
There is no i? Uh-huh.
It seems a big thing To withhold.
Separating From your wife, Your child.
What are you talking about? You used to call haley We've been together I haven't seen you Call her once.
Haven't mentioned her.
And you're not Going home now.
What's your point? I guess you're just Not used to sharing.
My private life Is not the same as a case.
I'm just saying, Sharing Is a learned skill.
You know When this all started There were only A few of us.
We'd go out On the road alone.
We didn't Groupthink.
We don't groupthink.
We think as individuals, And we share the thoughts With the rest of the team.
We don't write them down In a little notebook And keep them to ourselves.
All this- The people we've helped, The ones we've put away, It's because of you And the guys Who started this unit, Who believed When nobody else did That there was a way Of understanding these crimes And getting ahead of them.
And? I don't see that You have anything to prove.
You don't have to come back.
I know that.
So why? Maybe i have Unfinished business.