Criminal Minds s03e08 Episode Script


Please, listen.
I'm telling you, He's not like Our other patients.
The crimes That got him here Are nothing compared To what he'll do If we let him out.
But he responded To medication.
Medication inhibits His delusions, Not his fantasies.
No pill can Alter his sexual Proclivities.
But he's only grow out Of their sexuality.
They grow into it.
If he continues His medication- He won't.
The side effects Are too dramatic.
Maybe if you explain How important it is to him.
He put on 160 pounds Since he went on them.
He'll stop taking them.
They all do, And when he does, He'll do this, All of it, Every deviant, Sickening detail.
He was adjudicated And committed.
The law says he turns 18, We release him.
Our hands are tied.
It's not your hands I worry about.
You ought to change Your name to lucky.
Thank whatever god You got.
You're outta here.
I will.
Hey, Penelope.
The usual.
Come on.
Oh, you gotta Be kidding me.
I got a polo mallet In my trunk.
Maybe you should Give it a shot? Sorry.
None of my business.
Just froze up on me.
And you didn't save as you Who has time to save These days With the kids And the rap music? You have a polo mallet In your trunk? Small one.
Can i-? Oh.
It's windows.
Let's try VoilĂ .
Good luck.
Uh, i'm James.
James baylor.
My friends Call me colby.
My friends call me Wonderful.
Or garcia.
Well, thank you.
Oh, just happy to help.
Uh, maybe i could Take you to lunch sometime.
Wh-why not? Here's my card.
This is mine.
I'll call you.
Good morning, princess.
Good morning.
Pump your brakes.
Every day, i say, "good morning.
" Every day, you say, "i'll show you a good Morning, hot stuff.
" Every day.
Not today? I hate profilers.
Do you know that? Spit it out.
I met a guy.
You did what? Where? Coffee shop.
Smoking hot.
I fixed his computer, And then he asked For my number.
And you just- Gave it to him.
Can you believe that? A complete stranger.
Did i mention He was smoking hot? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, i think you did.
It happens.
No, it doesn't, not to me, Not like this.
Not like what? I'm not the girl men See across a smoky bar And write songs about.
Sweetheart- It's ok.
I do just fine, But it takes a minute, You know? Ok, so what's The problem? You think it's all Happening a little Too fast or something? Yes.
I-i don't know.
What do you think? I think you should Always trust your gut, So sure, if he seems A little too smooth Or maybe even a little Too smokin' hot, Then maybe you should Walk the other way.
We got A bad one.
How bad? Florida.
Jj: bridgewater, florida.
Local girl, Abbey kelton, 19, Left her parents' home to go To the local junior college.
She never came home.
Joggers found her- Part of her- In a nearby park.
Prentiss: What did that to her? Bridgewater's Off of i-75, Which is Often referred to As alligator alley For reasons that Are now apparent.
Everything Below the waist Had been eaten.
Ah, the circle of life.
Suddenly i don't Feel so guilty about My alligator wallet.
Alligators didn't Cut off her fingers, Slit her throat, Or carve this Into her chest.
An inverted pentagram.
Locals believe The killing was committed By a satanic cult.
Some things never change.
Killer satanic cults Don't exist.
They were debunked As a suburban myth.
What? Rossi's the one That debunked them.
Oh, right.
Cult or not, The killing was ritualized.
This will turn serial If it hasn't already.
So killer satanic cults Don't exist, But satanic Serial killers do? Lasciate ogni Speranza ch'entrate.
Thanks for Clearin' that up.
Uh, it's from Dante's inferno.
Uh, "abandon hope, All ye who enter here.
" So that was a yes.
A big yes.
Morgan: "fantasy Abandoned by reason Produces impossible monsters," Francisco goya.
But we never found any evidence Of a killer satanic cult.
In reality, there are only 2 types of violent Satanic criminals.
Uh, type one- Teen satanists Assume the satanic Identity to rebel.
Minor crimes, Theft and vandalism To churches, Schools, Symbols of authority.
When combined with Drugs and alcohol, They may turn violent.
Yes, in extreme cases, Deadly.
That was out of my book Word for word.
Oh, trust us, we know.
Uh, killings Are accidental, Usually resulting From their hobby Getting out of control.
Killings Won't turn serial- Morgan: hey, reid.
So that's one type.
What's type 2? The adaptive satanist is The one you have to worry about.
The typical serial killer Rationalizing his fantasies By blaming them On outside forces.
Like satan.
He adapts Satanic beliefs To fit his specific Homicidal drives.
He doesn't kill because He believes in satan.
He believes in satan Because he kills.
Well, let's hope It's the teenagers.
Whether you're Religious or not, The presence Of satanic elements Can affect even the most Experienced investigators.
And we're not immune, So keep an eye on the locals And keep an eye on each other.
I- i hear you.
I saw the exorcist.
My mother took us To church every sunday Until i moved out.
This whole devil thing Doesn't spook me at all.
Maybe that's because You never truly bought The god part either.
No offense, kid, but you Don't know what i believe.
Well, i mean, logic Dictates that if you Believe in the one, You have to reconcile The existence Of the other.
People's Reactions to satan Is what gives it appeal To these offenders.
It has power, And it would be a mistake To underestimate it.
We found abbey's car At a gas station Near her home.
No sign of foul play.
Fulton? The gators got to her Sometime during the night.
Her nose was broken At least 48 hours prior.
About the time Of the abduction.
Blitz attack.
Reid: what was The cause of death? Her throat.
It was cut Roughly 8 hours prior To the discovery Of the body.
Sexual assault? State of the body makes that Impossible to determine.
The pentagram.
That was done postmortem.
And the fingers? All severed At the first knuckle.
When? I was unsure when The fingers were removed Until i found this The contents Of her stomach.
The condition indicates They were fed to her Just prior to her death.
All 10 fingers.
Rossi, do me a favor.
You talk to the priest, All right? You'd rather interview The grieving parents On the worst day Of their lives Than the priest? If it's all right With you, yeah.
Good afternoon.
Father marks.
Agent jareau.
These are agents Rossi and morgan.
It's good of you To come.
We're sorry We have to be here under These circumstances, father.
Well, abbey's parents, Bob and lee-ann, Are in my office.
We were discussing Her service.
Agent morgan actually Has some questions for you.
All right.
Well, Uh, they're upstairs, First door on the right, And they're expecting you.
So how long has it been, Agent morgan? I'm sorry? Well, since you've Been in god's house.
Well, priests and dentists Can spot an overdue customer A mile away, so How long's it been? I didn't come here To talk about myself.
Occupational hazard.
My apologies.
Is this the biggest Church in town? Well, we're the only church In bridgewater proper.
You're aware of The religious aspects Of this crime, The pentagram? Yes, i am.
Have there been Any break-ins, thefts, Threats towards The church? No.
Parishioners Behaving strangely? Regulars who may have Recently stopped coming? Well, not that i'm aware of.
How about Questions about satan? From your young members? Possession? Exorcisms? The occult? Well, now, that, I'm sure i would remember.
Thanks for your time.
Jj: we're so sorry For your loss.
They say we couldn't Have an open casket, So we need to choose A picture.
I didn't know Which one to use, So i Brought them all.
She's beautiful.
Her first steps? Oh, bob took that.
Thank god.
I would have missed it.
I was at A church retreat For the weekend.
Pretty young To be walking.
Youngest girl In the whole Neighborhood to walk.
First to swim, too.
That's abbey.
When's her birthday? Uh, july 28.
Headstrong, Popular, generous, Center of attention.
Am i right? To a "t.
" that's abbey.
She was only 17 When she graduated.
She's studyin' To be a nurse.
What's that, dear? She was studying To be a nurse.
I, um- I made the identification.
There was A sheet over her.
Doc pulled it down Just enough to see her face, But i could tell- I could s-see from Where the sheet laid Over her body that That something Wasn't right.
Detective jordan Won't tell me the details, Says i don't need to know.
And doc says I don't need to see.
This is abbey.
This is my s-sweet abbey.
And i trust doc, And i trust detective jordan, But you're from the fbi, And if you tell me That i don't-i don't need To see or i don't need to know, I'll believe you.
Trust me, mr.
These are the memories You wanna keep.
Thank you.
Thank you, father.
Take care.
Woman: Hi, father.
For lee-ann and bob.
We feel so helpless.
We had to do something.
There's plenty of room In the fridge, ok? Go on.
Take it in there.
Thanks, father.
There's no evidence That any of The local kids Were into devil worship Or the occult.
No, this is not A group of teenagers.
It's a serial killer.
And considering What he did with her fingers, A sadistic one.
That, i wouldn't Say just yet.
He cut off her fingers, And he made her eat them.
If that isn't sadistic- If it was, that's The only sign of sadism Present in the crime.
If he was purely a sadist, There would have been More signs of torture.
The fingers Are a message.
What the hell's The message? "she's not my first.
" None of the fingers Found in abbey kelton's Stomach were hers, And 6 of them Were index fingers.
Hear ye, hear ye, the honorable Penelope garcia presiding.
Speak and be heard.
Uh, it's colby.
We met this morning.
You fixed my laptop.
Uh, hi.
H- how's it going? Great, thanks to you.
Just happy To be of service.
You know, I was wonderin' If you'd let me Make that Thank-you lunch A dinner.
You really Don't have to do that.
I know, but i'd like to.
I'm askin' you out, Garcia.
Tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night? Tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night.
You know, i would love to, But i am coming down With something.
Are you ok? Y- yeah.
Maybe some other time When you're feelin' Up to it.
That- I have your number.
Feel better.
Morgan: hey, what you Got for me, girl? I just sent you To the 10 fingers found In abbey kelton's stomach.
No 2 fingers belong To the same woman.
ed them already? Mm.
40-plus prostitution Arrests made it easy.
They worked truck stops And rest areas In the counties Surrounding bridgewater.
Well, the unsub Knows the area well.
Gotta go.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What, No snappy rhetoric? What's goin' on? Not in the mood.
Penelope? Uh, that guy from The coffee shop asked me out, And i took your advice, And i blew him off.
Um Well, good.
Smart move.
Something was definitely Wrong with him.
You are Some profiler.
You could tell how wrong he was From what little i told you.
Garcia, I didn't mean to- I wonder was it That he was too handsome Or too interested in me That tipped you off On how wrong he was? Garcia, i- Just 'cause you wouldn't cross A crowded room to hit on me Does not mean that A more perceptive, Less superficial guy wouldn't.
Hey, derek, you want snappy? You suck.
Uh, garcia just i.
ed Yeah, she's just Sent the file through.
Look at this.
Last known locations Of the 10 victims.
Has hotch seen this? Yes.
Oh, yeah.
Hotch set up The profile briefing.
Uh, we're calling The families.
You're briefing the locals.
Abbey kelton and 10 others Murdered by a serial killer Here in bridgewater.
Here? How can You be sure? These marks represent where The first 10 disappeared.
The void in the center Is his safety zone.
He avoids killing near his Home to escape detection, And the void's center Is bridgewater.
Why would he violate His safety zone? No one knew He existed.
Because no one Knew he existed.
That's why he left us The fingers.
If he wants us to know, Does he want us To catch him? No.
Killing gives him power.
Our knowing gives him more.
He won't stop.
He's just getting started.
Detective jordan.
Yeah, i got it.
You were right.
He's just gettin' started.
So yesterday afternoon, Tracey lambert Told her roommate She was going for a hike.
He was waiting for her.
Uh, blitz attack, Probably like abbey kelton's At the gas station.
Our, um, unsub was likely In a mental institution.
Why do you say that? One neat aspect.
The severely Mentally ill have Chaos all around them.
When institutionalized, They're given order, Taught to keep their Rooms clean and neat.
When discharged, They stop taking Their meds.
Their minds Fall back into chaos, But often they do One thing to keep Some order back into it.
I'll call garcia, Tell her to check State mental records.
What's he doin' here? I called him.
State search and rescue's Out of tallahassee.
It'd take at least So? Tracey's a member Of the church choir, And my congregation Is feeling helpless.
At least this way, We'll feel like We're doin' something.
It's not A good idea.
The unsub Could be a member Of your church.
So? Serial killers like To insert themselves In these investigations.
Look, tracey is The second girl to go missing Around here in a week, And we all know What happened to the first.
Now, i am conducting This search.
Sir, we're here To help, ok? Let us set it up.
If we have to Do a search, we can Try to draw him out.
Volunteer sign-in sheet Should give us A good suspect list.
All right, let's do it.
Please have your i.
s Out and ready for The volunteer sign-in.
Prentiss: as soon As you've signed in, Move towards The staging area, And officers Will instruct you On search procedure.
Every search pair Should have one whistle.
Thanks, father.
There you go.
Hey, father.
Move forward.
Man: tracey? Second man: Tracey lambert! Woman: tracey! Man: tracey? Tracey lambert? Sheryl? Dispatcher: all units, code 8.
Timmons, sheryl- White female, Age 32, 5'5", brown hair, Last seen wearing khakis And a pink shirt.
All units Respond immediately.
Unit 18, roger.
Slow it down, Buddy! What am i gonna Tell my boys? I mean, matt's Old enough to know What's going on.
It's all my fault.
I shouldn't Have left her.
Tell me You'll find her.
Hey, how's it going With father marks? Any of the volunteers Jump out at him? Not yet.
Garcia? I'm still running The particulars Of our homicides Through vicap.
Nothing so far.
Ok, i just sent you The volunteer search list.
Ok, and i'm cross-checking The names against mental Institution records.
Pay attention to individuals Who were involuntarily Committed in florida.
Uh, rossi's Convinced our unsub Is the type that likes To stick close to home.
Got it.
Talk to you later.
Hey, garcia, you normally Call morgan about These kinds of things.
Is everything ok? God, i hate profilers.
Ok, come on.
Tell me.
I met this guy At the coffee shop I go to every day.
Got it.
What? When a woman tells a man About her feelings, She doesn't want him To fix her.
She wants him To shut up and listen.
So? I know these people Better than anyone, And none of them Fits the description Of the man You've described.
One of them does.
I'm sorry.
I-i- He's a mimic.
He imitates faith, Attends service every sunday, But only goes because Everyone else goes.
You know him.
I do my best to guide My congregation, ok? But these days, Most of them- Not just the younger, Unmarried men- Are imitating faith.
Almost all Of them come because The rest of them do.
My job is not- None of that is important Right now.
What is important is that I'm looking for a killer, And he is on that list.
And i don't know him.
I can't help you.
I'm sorry.
Tell that to sheryl timmons' Husband and children When they ask you to pray Over what's left of her.
I'm sure they'll Find it real comforting.
And i'll be praying For their sake and yours That i never have to Do that, agent morgan.
Good luck with that.
What happened to you? Only someone who grew up With religion Could have so much contempt For a priest he hardly knows.
When i was a kid, Something bad was Happening to me And i went To church every day, And i prayed.
Oh, i prayed For it to stop.
You know What god did? Nothin'.
He never gives us More than we can handle.
Your god expects Way too much of 13-year-old boys.
Father marks seemed Pretty shaken up When he left.
Yeah, well, he had Enough reason to be.
You're still pissed I threw you under the bus With him yesterday.
Am i? You know, in my day, If your partner made A request like that- Well, i was just Giving you a chance For personal growth.
I get you, dave.
You're not a mystery To me, man.
They said you Couldn't interview Serial killers.
You did.
They said You couldn't put together A profiling team.
You did.
They said there was No way in hell you would Ever come back here.
You did.
It's in your nature, Rossi.
It's who you are.
Well, if you Knew all that, Why would you Tell me you didn't want To talk to the priest? I was giving you An opportunity for Personal growth.
Where you goin'? To apologize.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Um, i'm lookin' For father marks.
Did you see that? Ma'am.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Please Don't hurt me.
I have children.
Please Relax.
This is gonna feel Real nice.
Well, she's hispanic.
Clearly she's neither of The 2 women we're looking for.
Ok, i got it.
All right, her name Is maria lopez.
She's 34 years old, Numerous arrests For solicitation And prostitution Just like the others, But she was reported Missing 9 months ago.
She's been dead 72 hours, And i can say with certainty There was no sexual assault.
Why would he Keep her alive For 9 months And then kill her Dr.
Fulton, can you Check the tissue to see If the cells have burst? You think She was frozen? Why? Because i think He's eating them.
Thank you.
Uh, Dr.
Fulton confirmed it.
Maria lopez was frozen Shortly after her death.
Well, that explains Why we haven't been able To find the other victims.
He's keepin' 'em.
How'd you get To cannibalism? He didn't take them For sex, and he Took their legs.
He was trying to tell us By feeding the fingers To abbey kelton.
Fingers were a message.
"i've killed before" Was only part of it.
"i'm eating them" Was the other.
Cannibalism, The greatest taboo.
That explains his drive To blame his appetite On an outside force.
Why would anyone want To eat human flesh? It's like a sexual urge, A cross-wiring Of the 2 most basic Human drives- Sustenance and sex.
It all fits.
Garcia, I'm putting you on speaker.
So i can't find Any patients in florida Who have the charming Cocktail of being both a Satanist and a cannibal.
However, hazelwood Mental institution Is the place to go When looking for Florida's most dangerous Kinds of wackos, And they had a fire In 1998 that destroyed All their records.
How far away Is hazelwood? Uh, jj, tell 'em We're on our way.
Uh, reid.
Let's do it.
As i told agent jareau On the phone, We have no existing record Of that patient you described.
But your records Only go back As far as 1998.
We were hoping That perhaps You would remember him? I'm sorry.
I don't.
Jim lorenz was in charge Of the adolescents.
Adolescents? The only reason We release a patient This disturbed Is if he had been admitted As a minor and turned 18.
Could we speak To dr.
Lorenz? He died in the fire.
He was leaving When he heard the alarm.
He came back inside And became trapped.
Why would he come back? He was a very dedicated man.
Could it be because There was something In his office That he felt Was worth risking His life for? Dr.
Nash? There is something.
The grounds people Found it in a tree Just below his office.
Jim, uh, must have Thrown it out his window Just before he I started reading it.
I had to s-stop.
"the-" uh, "the patient's symptoms "go far beyond Normal psychosexual, Oral biting fixation Of a typical Rossi, we've got something.
I need a name, reid.
"admitted after biting A large piece of flesh Out of his 9- month-old sister.
" A name.
"believes he is Possessed by A flesh-eating demon.
" Reid.
Floyd feylinn ferrel.
Feylinn? Floyd feylinn? You know him? Sure i do.
He dropped his last name.
Would he be That obvious? Absolutely.
He's not that bright.
He believes satan Would protect him From getting caught.
Go right.
It's clear.
Dear god.
Sheryl Timmons? Yes.
You're safe now.
Is tracey lambert Here? No.
Keep it together.
I need you to look At the faces.
Do you see Tracey lambert? No.
No, Tracey's not here.
Tracey Lambert? She's not here.
Fbi! Don't move! Get your hands Where i can see 'em.
Do it now! Feylinn! I got him.
Get up.
Get up.
Where's tracey lambert? Let's go.
Francisco Goya, Known as the black paintings.
Lorenz's notes say that Feylinn was exposed to them As part of his Therapeutic art therapy.
I don't think It worked.
He kills them After 72 hours.
Tracey's been gone for 24.
See if you can find out Where she is.
Do what i can.
"kobe girl steak," huh? That's where you massage The meat, right? Floyd, these are Some pretty unusual recipes You got here.
You try 'em all? Hmm? Must have tried Some of them, right? Talk to me.
Which ones Did you try? They have A smiley-face by them.
Others have A frowny-face.
They sure do.
Why? They didn't Turn out so good.
Well, thank you for that.
You hear voices, floyd? I'm not smart.
But i have A smart friend Who tells me things.
What's your Smart friend's name? He wants me To tell you somethin'.
Tell me what? Your watch Has stopped.
He's tryin' To spook him.
It won't work.
Morgan: yeah.
Um I was meanin' To change the batteries Over a month ago.
You know, we thought you Chose athletically built women Because you were Attracted to them, But that was only Part of it, right? Like a woman with a little Meat on her bones, don't you? Makes for better recipes, Doesn't it? Hmm? Somethin' i'm missin'? Skinny ones take drugs.
So, what, you don't Like drug users? They taste funny.
Where's tracey lambert, Floyd? I'm not supposed To tell you.
I'm only supposed To tell father marks.
I'm gonna Stop talkin' now.
He's right there.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You gotta let me Do all the talkin'.
You hear me? Thank you for comin', Father.
Anything i can do to- Floyd, i had to pull Some serious strings To get him here.
My bosses didn't Like the idea at all Of sendin' him in.
Now, they're gonna Allow him to sit Right here and listen, But you're gonna talk To me, all right? Ok.
I've done some Really bad things.
Everybody's done things They're not proud of, floyd.
The only thing that helps Is to talk about 'em, Tell other people.
Things are always better After you talk about 'em.
Not everything.
Rossi: this is strange.
When he entered The park, Feylinn signed The volunteer Sign-in sheet, But his name's Not on the list Of searchers.
Come on, floyd.
I got him here Like you asked.
Now it's your turn.
Tell us.
Where is tracey lambert? Something's wrong.
Father, i feel so alone.
I feel like god Has abandoned me.
Why? You are not alone, my son.
God is in all of us.
We need to stop The interview.
So is Tracey lambert.
You son of a bitch.
You son of- Father marks! Father marks, no! Come on! No! Help! You son of a bitch! He was feeding The volunteers.
Morgan: 16th-century English novelist Thomas deloney wrote, "god sends meat, And the devil sends cooks.
" Blaming the devil For his cannibalism Wasn't enough To lessen his guilt, So he tricked others Into participating.
He made them all As guilty as he was.
He caught every break Possible, rossi.
Gets released From the hospital.
His records get destroyed.
Gets pulled over With a victim In the trunk of his car, And they let him go.
I've never seen anyone That lucky.
What's your point? You been doin' this a long time.
You've seen a lot of things.
You think it's possible That feylinn would- I don't know.
That he was Gettin' some kind of help From somethin' else? It's irrelevant.
The job is to find evil, To stop it, Not to know Where it came from.
Let somebody else Take that job.
This one's tough enough.
You know, Reid was right.
About? If you believe in one, You have to believe In the other.
I- i really enjoyed Myself tonight.
Me, too.
I guess it's lucky My laptop froze up On me when it did.
Uh, i don't know about luck, But it was awfully good That i was there to fix it.
You don't Believe in luck? Not really, no.
Do you believe In coincidences? I believe that Everything happens for A really good reason.
Oh, i think You're right about that.
This-this is it.
Well Good night.
Hey, Garcia.
Yeah? I been thinkin' about Doin' this all night.