Criminal Minds s03e09 Episode Script


Previously, on Criminal Minds I met a guy.
Where? Coffee shop.
I fixed his computer.
Maybe i could Take you to lunch.
Can you believe that? A complete stranger.
It happens.
Not to me.
Not like this.
I think you should Always trust your gut.
Maybe you should Walk the other way.
I was wondering If you'd let me Make that thank-you Lunch a dinner.
I'm asking you out, Garcia.
Hey, garcia.
I've been thinking about Doing this all night.
I was inside.
I heard the shot, But i didn't see anything.
Gsw, chest Through abdomen.
90 over 50 And dropping.
Get a backboard And a c-collar.
Is she gonna make it? Ma'am, can you hear me? Over here, quickly! Can you hear me? Carotid's ready.
Can you tell me your name? Blood pressure- She's in and out Of consciousness.
Her name is penelope.
Ma'am, please.
Thank you.
Give us some room here.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Ma'am, did you Hear anything? It sounded like a - A broom handle Snapping in two.
I didn't even realize It was a gunshot At first.
Stay with us.
Stay with us.
Can you hear me? Can you hear my voice? On 3-1, 2, 3.
Uhh! Here we go.
There you are.
Everything's great.
Can you tell me your name? Penelope garcia.
Let's get her in, guys.
Go, go, go.
I think she works For the fbi.
Penelope, everything's Gonna be fine.
You're doing so good.
Hang in there.
Stay with me.
Stay with me, penelope.
That's it, penelope.
You're doing great.
Stay with us.
What, you trying to make me Look bad by staying here Later than me? J.
Sats are dropping-82.
Come on, Wake up and breathe.
She's hypoventilating.
Hand me the bag.
Come on.
Come on, penelope, Stay with us.
Chest to abdomen.
Pulse? Tachy in the 140s.
Dropped her systolic To 78.
Intubate, and red-line To the o.
Hang in there, penelope.
Hang in there.
Come on.
Go, go, go, go.
She's in surgery.
There's no word.
This is crazy.
On the i-pack.
Yes, doctor.
Field's too bloody.
I need suction.
Can't find the source.
Turn up the suction.
Here we go.
What do we know? Police think it was A botched robbery.
Where's morgan? He's not answering his cell.
I'll call him again.
What aren't you saying? I spoke to one of The paramedics Who brought her in.
It doesn't look good.
She's in v-tach.
Charge to 360 and clear.
We gotta find The bleeder.
She'll go into v-fib.
We have to find the bleeder.
They can't give me An update.
Morgan's phone Just keeps going Straight to voice mail.
Where the hell is he? Another 750 Out of the chest tube.
How's it getting up there When she's bleeding Down there? Pressure's dropping.
Bullet must have ripped Right through the diaphragm.
And bagged The splenic artery.
Put direct pressure.
Right here.
She's bleeding too quickly.
More blood.
We're way behind.
More pressure.
All right, keep pressure On the artery While i tie her off.
Hold on.
V- fib.
She's flatlining.
Lidocaine 100 on the bolus.
No change.
No change.
This isn't working.
Nothing still.
Garcia: William shakespeare wrote: "love all.
Trust a few.
Do wrong to none.
" Clear! Nothing still.
She's back.
Good job, guys.
All right.
And prolene.
She's been in surgery A couple hours.
I was in church.
My phone was off.
There's nothing you could Have been doing here.
The police Got any leads? I spoke to The lead detective.
He doesn't think we'll get Anything from the scene.
Penelope garcia? Yes.
The bullet went in her chest And ricocheted Into her abdomen.
She lost a lot of blood.
It was touch-and-go For a while, But we were able To repair the injuries.
So, what are you Saying? One centimeter over And it would have torn Right through her heart.
Instead, she could Actually walk out of here In a couple of days.
And i'd say That's a minor miracle.
She needs her rest.
You can see her In the morning.
Thank you.
Thank you.
David and i Will go to the scene.
I think the rest of you Should be here When she wakes up.
I don't care about protocol.
I don't care Whether we're working this Officially or not.
We don't touch any new cases Until we find out who did this.
Hey, garcia.
Our guess is he saw her Enter, then kicked the door In after her.
He robs her, she tries To chase him, Then he turns and shoots her As he's getting away.
You have an estimate On how far away The gunshot was? Approximately 15 feet.
Any reason Besides the door That you think It was a robbery? He took her purse, Dumped half of it Before he took off.
Did you find A shell casing? So, he hit her Square from here? Hell of a shot On the run.
Why does he risk coming in To an enclosed courtyard To steal a purse? World's boldest Purse-snatcher? It doesn't make sense.
We'll be right there.
She's up.
No tears.
I'm afraid If i start crying I'll come unstapled.
How are you feeling? Oh Confused Stupid, and In pain.
Are you up for Some questions? I never saw it coming.
He seemed Deliciously normal.
You know him? You were right.
I shouldn't have Trusted it.
What are you talking about? It's that guy I told you about.
The one i met At the coffee shop.
I wanted to believe He was interested in me.
Forget that.
I let my guard down.
Do you have any idea Why he would have done this? Did he threaten you? Did he want something? I just thought He liked me.
Um We're gonna- We're gonna come back In a little while.
We need a name.
James colby baylor.
Can you stay for a sec? We need to stay calm.
Don't tell me what to be.
Do you remember anything She said about him? No.
I just talked to hotch.
They think he used A revolver.
Who the hell Uses a revolver? Someone who doesn't Want to leave Shell casings Behind as evidence.
What about witnesses? None so far.
And he staged it To look like a robbery.
Which means If he's smart enough To use forensic Countermeasures, Odds are the name He gave garcia Is probably bogus.
What did she say? She made me promise Not to talk about her Like a victim.
So, victimology-why garcia? Look at her.
What are you saying? You don't look like that By accident.
She wears her individuality Like a shield.
Leading someone To be antagonistic? She stands out.
Single woman.
Could be someone was Watching her for a while.
The sadist who gets off On gaining her trust And then trying To kill her? Pretty common.
Kemper, bundy, Robert anderson- They all had An element of it.
What's bugging you? A sadist who just happens to Choose an analyst for the fbi? I asked her To go out last night.
But she was pissed at me.
She blew me off.
So you ended up In church? Yeah.
What does it mean? One one hand, If she'd gone out with me, She would have never got shot.
On the other hand What are the odds That the first time I pray in 20 years, She's on the table? She's asking for you.
How are you feeling? Good news, bad news.
The morphine's wearing off.
When i was in the ambulance, I could hear The song heroes Playing in my head.
I kept flashing in and out Of consciousness.
Everything Was really bright.
And i remember thinking, Wait Is david bowie really god? We have a, uh We have a sketch artist Coming in.
I'm still a little hazy.
It's ok.
Anything you tell us Will help.
This guy say what he did For a living? He said he was a lawyer.
Did did people know him Where you went? He said he wanted To show me a place.
It was half an hour away.
You drove together? Mm.
What kind of car? White.
It smelled new.
Rental car maybe? Maybe.
I don't know.
I don't look at things Like you guys do.
I don't see danger- Ok.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
What else can you remember? He smelled good.
Good night.
Reid: he seem nervous? I thought he was just afraid To kiss me good night.
You sure You're up for this? Hey, garcia.
I've been thinking About doing this all night.
I could hear him walking.
He leaned over me And i held my breath So he'd think I was dead.
What happened here? A shooting.
It was horrible.
She's in intensive care.
She survived? I have no idea how.
Miracles of science, right? Yeah.
They get the guy? No clue at all? Probably some crackhead.
It's crazy.
Police around here Can't even keep you safe.
This whole city's Going to hell.
You look like crap.
Well, 4 days, no leads, I feel like crap.
Any word From the hospital? She's out of the icu.
Doctor said she could go home In a couple of days.
Reid and morgan Are replaying it with her And they'll Keep us posted.
We can always round up The 3 million guys The sketch looks like.
That was the police.
They took the sketch Back to the coffee shop, Restaurant, Came up empty.
I even ran it Through vicap.
No hits.
No luck with The rental car companies.
No prints at the scene.
No shell casings.
The cell phone the guy used To call garcia at work Was a disposable.
The guy's a cipher.
Hypervigilance, right? Something like that.
You know, most people These days are looking For a semi-automatic.
Yeah? Yeah.
Holds more rounds.
You don't need more rounds If you don't miss.
Penelope, i know It's gotta be hard To keep reliving this.
I just don't know what else There is to remember.
Let's start With the behavior.
That's all-that's all Profiling really is, Just noticing behavior.
Sweetheart, any details You can remember Will tell us who he is.
Ok? Mm-hmm.
All right, so let's go back To when you first arrived At that restaurant.
Was he nervous? No.
The opposite, actually.
Waiter: can i start you With anything to drink? We'll have a bottle Of sancerre.
Actually, i drink red.
Trust me, You'll love it.
So, he was trying To impress you By showing you how He can take charge.
I guess so.
Tell me about his watch.
It's a fake rolex.
You sure about that? I know my knockoffs.
Clearly he was playing With it, though, 'Cause he wanted you To notice.
I mean, He wanted you to think That it was real.
Garcia, are you ok? I'm feeling really exposed.
You're doing just fine.
Just fine.
So you work For the fbi.
That's glamorous.
If you want to call Cloistered in a small, Dark room, surrounded By violent images, Glamorous, then hells yeah.
It's paris In the twenties.
You work murder cases? Mm-hmm.
I see.
That's the big-time Right there.
You're like a cop And big brother All rolled into one.
I like to think of myself As a tireless crusader For world karma.
What about you? Ah, i don't know.
School in new haven, Law school in boston- Cambridge, i guess, Technically.
It's all One college town.
What kind of law Do you practice? I was a city attorney.
But once you've had A murder case dismissed For judicial ineptitude Or a random collateral Estoppel, Let's just say Private practice starts Making a lot of sense.
People can get away With murder For other people's Incompetence.
Well, why am i Telling you this? I'm sure you see it All the time.
To karma.
Reid: city attorneys Don't try murder cases.
What? Reid: he knows enough To use legal terminology, But he's not actually A working lawyer.
I think we're looking At someone who Failed out of law school Or didn't pass the bar.
Did garcia say if he gave Any details about the cases He was supposedly working? No specifics.
If he failed out of The system, It could explain Why he's got A working vocabulary And not much more.
It could also Explain his anger.
Even in his lie, He rails against Other people's incompetence.
Well, he's clearly a narcissist.
The clothes, the watch, The subtle hints At where he went to school.
He's faking humility When he's saying new haven And cambridge Instead of yale and harvard.
, we need an analyst Who can, uh, Put our information Through our legal databases.
I'm on it.
Now, you sure another tech Is ok with me in her system? We're kind of weird About that.
We just need you to run Some bar association records.
Why doesn't she do it? She's in the hospital.
You're talking about The analyst who was shot.
That's right.
You know who hit her? That's what we're hoping To find out.
What? We're the gatekeepers To a whole lot of Information, man.
It's enough to make us all A little paranoid.
You know, i could have Done this at my computer.
First we need you To look up the name James colby baylor And see if it shows up Anywhere in the system.
What is it? This system is insane.
It's completely linux-based.
Open-sourced programming.
You don't see this In government systems, I mean outside of, like, Switzerland.
James colby baylor.
I get it.
All right, let's start With a list of everyone In the area Who either failed The bar exam Or was fired From a large law firm In the last 5 years.
What, are you serious? That's got to be, like, Thousands of names.
Try narrowing it down to Anyone with the initials j.
He had monogrammed shirts.
Trust me, they ain't cheap.
Is there a problem? This might be the coolest Girl i've ever met.
You've never Laid eyes on her.
Well, her gooey Is mind-blowing.
The list.
Oh, that's weird.
Well, this isn't good.
What's hotch doing? Right now i'm guessing He's wishing Anybody else was the leader Of this team.
How are you feeling? You know, i've had Better dates.
What's going on? We found an encrypted file On your computer.
Are you involved in Something that i need To know about? No.
Hotch, what's going on? Could this be connected In any way To whoever shot you? I don't think so.
I need the password.
Is this Really necessary? Yes.
The password.
Gilman street.
Thank you.
They don't honestly think Garcia's a security risk, Do they? I don't know.
We've been ordered By internal affairs To stop working the case.
What? And until this is cleared up You've been suspended.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing? I need to get out of here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Whoa, whoa.
Please, baby, Listen to me.
We're gonna get it Straightened out.
I'm gonna find out Who did this to you.
I don't give a damn What i.
Wants me to do Or doesn't want me to do, But right now you need to rest.
But one of The last things i said Before he shot me Was, "everything Happens for a reason.
" Derek, if i lose faith In that, then nothing In my life makes sense.
I get that.
No, you don't.
: is this really Necessary? It's protocol.
Yes, it's necessary.
Lynch here will do An audit of her computer.
I will oversee The investigation.
A federal employee Was just gunned down And you make it seem Like investigating her Is more important Than finding out Who shot her.
Well, that's not true.
The police have jurisdiction, And trust me, I will offer them The full force of the fbi To solve this case.
With all due respect, Sir, the b.
Is part of that force.
Look, i'm sorry.
I realize How hard this must be.
But? But the first thing You look at is victimology.
Correct? The bureau needs to know What she's involved in And whether it has to do With why she was shot.
She's not involved In anything.
And you're certain of that.
What do you know about how She was recruited to the fbi? Garcia: after My parents died, i Kind of went off the rails For a while.
I dropped out of cal tech.
I lived underground, Basically.
But i kept teaching Myself code.
It was like the one thing That kept me together.
The bureau keeps track Of computer hackers- Ones who have the skill to Be either extremely useful Or a potential menace.
So garcia Was on a watch list? No.
Watch lists are long.
I'm talking about Only a handful of people On the planet.
What did she do To get on that list? I'm afraid i'm not At liberty to answer that.
Reid: so they Offered you a job? Mm-hmm.
Like frank abagnale.
The bureau figured If you can't beat 'em, Hire 'em.
Something like that.
Garcia, what's on The encrypted file? I'm required to keep a record Of everything the team does.
And after my system got hacked And elle got shot, I just didn't want anyone else To be able to get at you.
We'll talk to the doctor, See if he'll clear you To leave.
I'm mike fleming.
I'm on till midnight.
Officer cranbeck Will be here after that, ok? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Come on, Let's get you inside.
Come on.
It washes off.
I promise.
I, um I would expect Nothing less.
you should be Flattered.
Not many people Are invited in off the grid.
Super-8? Yeah.
I always imagined myself Fighting crime.
My parents were hippies.
I think it horrified them.
How old were you When you lost them? I volunteer once a week.
I counsel family members Of murder victims.
Baby, you don't get enough Of this stuff at work? I look at those crime scene Photos all day long.
I can't know that Those families are out there Trying to cope And not do something to help.
You do know it was stupid To encrypt that file? Yes, i know.
Old habits, i guess.
You need some rest.
You're right.
Be free, my love.
I'm not Going anywhere.
I'm fine.
I got my Goon squad parked out front.
Goon squad Or no goon squad, That couch right there Is gonna be my best friend Until we find this guy.
Now leave it alone.
But if you're thinking Of trying to take Advantage of me Let me call my doctor So he can revive me Afterward.
Hey, silly girl.
Hmm? I love you.
You know that, right? I love you, too.
Go to bed.
Can i help you With something? I need you to stop Right there.
Stop- Garcia! What's going on?! Stay right there.
Stay there! Come here.
Come here.
Come with me.
Get in the corner.
Get in the corner.
Garcia, you listen to me.
Take this gun.
I don't believe in guns.
Ok, trust me, They are very real.
Take it.
All right, you keep your finger Off that trigger.
If somebody walks through That door, You grab ahold of it And you squeeze.
Fire, you hear me? Morgan! Stay there! I got an officer down.
Repeat-officer down.
Send me an ambulance.
Dispatch: all right, This is dispatch.
We copy your request.
Aah! Aah! Garcia! It's me.
Don't shoot.
It's me.
It's morgan, baby.
Why is this Happening to me? I don't know.
What's going on? I don't know.
This guy's Getting seriously bold, And i can guarantee It's not over.
You ok? I don't know What he wants from me.
Could you know something About him? I don't know.
Maybe you have Something he wants? I don't know who he is.
I'm so scared.
I know.
Just so you know, Your office called To tell me We're supposed to Run point on this.
They don't want you Working the case.
We're just here To comfort a friend.
I'm about to have to tell A good friend's wife Her husband got murdered.
I don't care What your office says.
Any help you can give Is good in my book.
I'm sick of being Behind this guy.
We gotta end this.
Did you get A look at him? Nothing solid.
Garcia, we need to get you Back to the hospital.
You know what? You should still be there.
We need her someplace safe.
I feel safe With all of you.
We can take you To the b.
Garcia? Reid: ok? Get in the corner.
Get in the corner.
When we were at dinner They wanted to seat us By a window, But he insisted On sitting at the worst Table in the place.
And he sat with his back To the corner.
Can you clear the room For just a minute? I got a dead cop Downstairs.
I'm considering this Part of the crime scene.
I know.
Just a couple of minutes.
Do what you gotta do.
Thank you.
Tell us about the car.
Why? Just go with him.
You said it was white, That's it.
It was just a car.
No, come on, think.
Go back.
The seat belt was buckled Behind his back.
Why does that matter? It wasn't a rental.
It was for surveillance.
Agents don't wear Seat belts.
They need to get out In a hurry.
All right, Let's cut the crap.
You need to be straight With us.
Right now.
Look at me, not them.
I'm not hiding anything.
You got shot.
Most people Get shot for a reason.
Eyes here! Ease up, rossi.
You got a roomful Of people here Willing to believe That an fbi agent Has tried to kill you.
We need to know everything You do on company time That we don't know about.
What? Come on, man.
Spit it out! It's nothing bad.
It's ju- I counsel victims' families And they know where i work, So sometimes they ask me To look into cases for them.
What does that mean? It just means That the cases, The unsolved ones, I tag them, So whoever's Investigating them Knows that the fbi Considers them A priority.
You're not authorized To do that.
I know.
I was just Trying to help.
But whoever's working Those cases thinks You're watching them.
I just wanted to put Pressure on them so that They don't slide.
How many cases Are we talking about? I don't know.
7, 8 maybe.
I need to get into My system.
You can't.
You're suspended.
Wait a minute, garcia.
On your date, you said This guy was pressing you To find out if you were Working murder cases.
Hotch, we gotta look At those files.
I told you, i'm sick of this Jagoff being in front of us.
Dave's right.
We'll go back to the b.
Morgan, reid, prentiss, You stay here and make sure No one forgets To log out of the system.
Garcia should Not have access.
What the hell? Oh, no, you don't.
I do not have time For this.
No chance.
And yet Oh, you want to play? What is she doing In there? Do you really want to know? Oh, no.
You are not seriously Trying to back-hack me? Oh, nicely played.
New plan.
Well, now, This is just way too easy.
Yeah, that's right.
Chase me.
I thought you had skills.
Oh, boy.
Have fun getting out Of the wormhole.
Those are all the cases I flagged.
Everybody take a copy.
We need to see If any of the agents overlap In all of the cases.
Now What were you looking for? There aren't any agents Working on these cases.
But the same deputy was A first responder in 3.
What's the name? Jason clark battle.
What are the cases? Uh, all 3 were drive-bys, At close range, Shot with a revolver.
Is that him? Yeah.
He's been honored twice As a hero.
So why is he Stuck at deputy? Because even to his superiors, Something was off about him.
Makes sense.
The showy clothes, The subtle bragging.
He presents himself As a prominent attorney When he's actually Just a deputy sheriff.
Underappreciated in the world And overappreciated In his own mind.
I don't understand.
I think you may have stumbled Upon an angel of death.
I thought those are nurses Who put people Out of their misery.
Yeah, that's one model.
The other is someone Who puts people at risk In order to save them.
So he shot them So that he could save them? Yeah.
And when he couldn't, He made it look like A random murder.
It's how he was able To be the first responder.
It's called Hero homicide complex.
It's most commonly found In firemen who set fires In order to save the day.
You flagged These cases.
He thought you were onto him.
I wasn't.
But you're the only person In the world Who was gonna make The connection.
In his mind, He had to eliminate you.
Deputy battle, please.
Ok, what time Is his shift over? No, no message.
Thank you.
Ok, he didn't sign out To a location.
His shift is over At midnight.
Until then, i do not what This guy knowing that We are onto him.
Why? What's the profile say? He'll keep getting bolder Trying to cover his tracks.
And if that doesn't work, He'll die shooting.
Thanks for having me in.
Oh, we want you to know We take bureau interference With local law enforcement Seriously.
I appreciate that.
It's good to know We're on the same team.
Lynch, i need you To access some files.
Yeah, i'm kind of busy.
We'll step in here.
It'll just take a second.
Jason battle.
B- a-t-t-I-e.
I just don't understand Why one of your analysts Would be looking into My murder cases.
To be honest, the woman We're talking about Is currently Under investigation.
You don't think She could be involved In a killing somehow, Do you? We haven't made Any determinations.
Wouldn't it be easier To just let me speak to her? I'm afraid She's in the hospital.
This the woman Who was shot? Yeah.
Every cop in the city's Working overtime, But they can't come up With anything.
Think she might be Dirty? Like i said, we haven't Made any determinations.
Well, until you do, Is it possible To remove my files From your system For security's sake? Yeah, we can do that.
Lynch? Yes, sir.
Ok, that's funky.
What's going on? He just logged in To my system.
There's a link up on my screen.
Maybe it's a mistake.
He's good.
He's not careless.
Could he be trying To show you something? He could be baiting me.
What do you mean? If he's with internal affairs And i follow his lead, Whosever login i use Could lose their job.
What's your gut say? He's a hacker.
We have a code.
You trust it? I have to.
Do it.
Make contact.
It's the b.
God, that's him.
Hotch, it's morgan.
He's in the b.
Deputy sheriff, mid-bullpen, Just past my desk.
Got him? I got him.
Don't let him know We're onto him.
He's a classic narcissist With a hero homicide complex, And he's spiraling.
If you let him know We're onto him, He's gonna start shooting.
He's trying to prove To himself He's smarter Than all of us.
It's too crowded in here.
We can't get an angle on him Without putting people In jeopardy.
We gotta slip Somebody in behind him.
Can you get us the cameras Outside the bullpen? Is there a problem? No, i'm sorry.
It's-it's not my system.
It's taking me longer.
oh, my girl.
Come on, j.
, Pick up the phone.
Pick it up.
, it's morgan.
Listen to me.
Listen to me Very carefully.
You're sure my files Are wiped off the system? Yes, sir.
All right, I'll keep you updated On our investigation.
He knows they know.
This is crazy.
We gotta get over there.
I'm coming with you.
No, you are not.
You do not have time To argue.
You're a cop.
You know this isn't Gonna end well.
You're standing In the middle of the fbi.
You think i'm afraid Of the fbi? I know how this Is gonna end, and so do you.
I'm a decorated officer.
That's right.
And this is not how You want to be remembered.
You're in control here.
You write the ending.
Your choice.
The best minds in the fbi.
You can't even stop me.
He's clear! It's really over? Yeah.
It's really over.
Now can we please Get you back to the hospital? I Oh, don't worry about Your reinstatement papers.
He'll sign them as soon as His hand stops shaking.
I never wanted you To have to do something Like that.
I never even blinked.
You do whatever it takes To, uh Protect your family.
How's garcia? She'll make sense of it.
And you? How's your faith? Day to day.
I think someone's Watching you.
Do you believe everything Happens for a reason? You.
You're good.
You're better.
Kevin Lynch.