Criminal Minds s03e13 Episode Script


Bid is 150.
Do i have 200? A lot of stuff In this unit, people.
Stu, what are you doing? Making my move.
We said 250 Was the cutoff.
Twice Leave it alone, stu.
Dude! Gotta show this guy We're serious.
The bid is 450.
Do i hear 500? There are 3 other units Up today.
I've got a feeling About this one.
The last time You had a feeling, We ended up with a crate Of dead car batteries And a dog bed.
It's all yours, boys.
Settle up at the office.
Come on.
Check it out.
This is like a journal Or something.
Uh, dude.
That is wrong.
Where do you even Find stuff like that? No idea.
There's gotta be a market For it, though, right? I think we need To call the cops.
You got something? Not sure.
It's from An old storage unit.
Case agent from the philly Field office sent it to me.
Somebody you know? She knows me.
You know.
A fan.
Your world's a very crowded Place, isn't it? You'd be surprised.
This is detailed.
Future tense.
They're fantasies.
That agent thinks It could be more than that.
There's more of this? A few boxes In the field office.
I'd like to drive Up there, look at The rest of the material, Make a judgment from that.
Take reid with you.
Road trip-nice! I've got books on tape With peter coyote Reading the entire Foundation trilogy.
How do you get used To the staring? I'd feel like i perpetually Have something Stuck in my teeth.
You learn to ignore it.
I'm not terribly interested In what you can't do, roy.
We have the best resources In the world, One of which Is supposedly you.
Just-just get me That match.
David rossi in my office.
Somebody pinch me.
You must be agent morris.
Jill, please.
And can i get you Anything? Coffee? Actually, if you don't mind, I'd like for dr.
Reid And i to get to this.
Thank you both for coming.
You won't be disappointed.
What other materials Do you have? We found assorted artwork, Torture porn, bondage.
But what strikes me Is the prose.
It screams of high-order Sexual predator.
I think we're Onto something big.
Let's not get Ahead of ourselves.
I assume you ran the name Of whoever rented the unit.
Yeah, the name was fake.
Louis ivey.
There's no record Of such a person.
Did he pay in cash? Till he went into arrears.
And the owner is allowed To auction its contents.
What i've read so far Suggests an orderly personality.
Not likely to miss payments.
Well, he screwed up.
They all do eventually, Right? Maybe i will Take that coffee.
Well, you were in there A long time.
I wanted to look At all of it, To be sure.
And are you? No.
Really? You-i would be lying If i said I wasn't disappointed.
The materials Are the product Of a disturbed individual, But there's nothing there To convince me That the person has enacted On his fantasies.
So you've come to say Good-bye.
I'm afraid so.
We've got real cases In quantico, Cases with bodies.
But if i am right About this thing, There will be plenty Of those.
It was nice meeting you.
There was something else In the boxes.
In eyes of a predator, You wrote that collection Of integumentary items Is a definitive precursor.
Skin, nails Hair.
This guy's for real.
I'll call my team.
We've got work to do.
"I know indeed What evil i intend to do, "but stronger than all My afterthoughts is my fury, Fury that brings upon mortals The greatest evils.
" Euripides.
Is this everything From the unit? No.
We pulled The salient materials And had philly p.
Process the rest Of the items on site.
What else was there? Just some books, Albums, toys.
Toys? Yeah.
Old stuff, Like from his childhood.
And we were able To lift some prints, But afis was a bust.
He's not in our system.
Morgan and prentiss, Go back to the unit And see what else it can Tell us about the man.
I'll get you directions.
We have to establish If this guy's Taking his fantasies To the next level.
We can use these materials To try to identify His signature And connect him To any open cases.
On the surface It reads Like he wanted To try it all.
I think isolating Any one aspect Might be tough.
Well, then dig deeper.
Try linguistics.
Look for patterns In the handwriting.
Rossi and i will take The images.
Find the fetish, Find the fiend.
Hey, you want to make This interesting? Best insights, Loser buys lunch.
Ooh, bring it on, girl.
It looks like We have a happy kid.
Well-rounded, Varied interests.
This looks to have Been drawn At about The schematic stage.
So that would make him About 6 years of age At the time, right? Mm-hmm.
It's dated 1976.
So that would make him About 38 now.
Kid's blond, assuming It's autobiographical.
And he's caucasian.
Oh, yeah, you hit That one on the head.
Ohh But, now, here, look.
Look at how the drawings Change over the years.
A bright sun, a loving family, An idyllic home.
But then, the mother goes away.
Maybe she leaves them, Maybe she dies.
The father struggles To make ends meet.
The boy begins to withdraw, Retreating within himself.
This is his turning point.
So what informed His fantasies, And when did it begin? This is the earliest one I found-1982.
It's tame in comparison To the later stuff.
Think he was a collector? Or it was handed down.
From his father? I can still remember My dad's less than Skillfully hidden stash.
But this guy graduated To harder stuff- The torture porn.
It's brutal.
It brought out Certain desires.
The early exposure Was a trigger.
When i interviewed bundy, He had a theory About pornography.
He said, if you want To stop people from Becoming like me, Don't burn Catcher in the rye.
Burn hustler.
I read your books, Too, dave.
Got some textbooks in here.
Cad manual.
Trade school.
Ok, so he's in A fix-it field.
Construction, Home improvement.
That's good.
But i think i got you.
Not so fast.
Look at these.
What They're different sizes.
They were Different sizes.
They've been altered.
Tch looks like I'm buying lunch.
Extra-linguistic Indicators in his writing Suggest he's most excited By the prospect Of electric shock.
As a method of torture.
Be specific.
When you're in a court, The judge will demand it.
See how heavy His handwriting becomes? At times he so exhilarated, He actually rips Through the page.
The idiolect Supports it as well.
I mean, nowhere else Is he as creative In his descriptions.
Good work.
You found a signature That's easy to track.
The electrical burns On his victims Will be unmistakable.
This is dana foster.
She's a 34-year-old Real estate agent from The suburb of blue bell.
She was murdered When she went to meet A prospective buyer At a house In bucks county.
Her nude body Was found in a cellar, And she was strangled And raped.
And here's the torture Behavior that reid identified From the journals.
The contact wounds Are burn marks, Most likely the result Of electrical current.
Any leads on the buyer She went to meet? Fake name.
Louis ivey.
Could this guy Be any more perfect? Were her clothes found At the scene? No.
How'd you know? He takes them As souvenirs, And he alters them To fit his own frame.
So he's bisexual? Actually, Most cross-dressers Are heterosexual.
It's fairly common In sexual predators.
What about her hair? Was any of it missing? Not that was reported.
, Contact Garcia and widen The victim search.
Rossi and i will go visit The crime scene.
Boy: watch this, daddy.
Hold on, son.
Let me get the door.
Overholt? I'm agent hotchner.
This is agent rossi.
We're with the fbi.
Fbi? You've lived in this house For 4 years, correct? Yeah.
I assume disclosures Were made at the time of sale About what occurred here? Yeah.
My son doesn't know About that, And i prefer To keep it that way.
Of course.
We understand.
We'll be discreet.
We just need to take A look at your cellar.
I've had it locked up Since we moved in.
You know, it's Kind of useless, anyway.
Floods when it rains, You know, It's really damp, And all the electrical's Messed up.
Hope you guys don't mind If i stay up here.
We'll try not to take Too long.
So He's done with the tour Of the main house.
Before he goes, He asks the realtor To see the cellar.
And boom.
Contusion on The back of her head Says he surprised her.
He incapacitated her With a blunt object.
Thick walls.
Neighbors are few And far between.
He can make her scream As loud as he wants to.
Rope burns on her wrists.
He probably suspended her.
Like in his drawings.
And then he applied The current And watched Her whole body spasm.
And makes her dance.
But where does he get The juice? Cattle prod? Taser? Contact wounds Don't conform to that.
Outlet's been tampered with.
Clamp is still there.
He didn't have to use A taser.
He pulled power From the house.
Handy guy.
Dave and hotch are back.
I'll be right in.
It's impressive.
Oh, it's just Stuff on the wall.
You know, i didn't join The bureau to win awards.
Then, uh, maybe you can Loan me a couple.
Hey, um, j.
What do you think Of these? What's this? Well, we can't call him The unsub forever.
We generally try not To mythologize these guys.
All right.
And these aren't Very good, anyway.
The fact is, We don't even know If this guy's a serial.
Actually, we do.
Discovered off freeways In maryland, jersey, And new york.
All naked, burn wounds Consistent with the signature.
And he disposed Of all of the bodies In different states To avoid detection.
Garcia, when were These bodies discovered? Between '02 and spring of '03.
After the real estate agent, He changed his methods.
Fast learner.
And he was Just getting started.
We connected The 3 new bodies With missing person cases.
So with a total Of 4 victims on the board, We were able to narrow down The unsub's type.
Upwardly mobile? Yeah.
College grads, Above-average income, Career women.
You establish a cycle? The realtor And the first Of these victims.
Then 7 months, He's practically doubling His pace every time.
As with most Prolific killers, The cooling-off period Tends to shorten After each murder.
Last known victim was found Almost 5 years ago.
So could he have stopped? No, not this guy.
It's more likely We just haven't found The bodies yet.
And there might not even Be bodies, per se.
We know he wrote extensively About creating a homemade Incinerator.
So how many we talking, Ballpark? If you extrapolate The cycle in the last 5 years, He will have killed Approximately 19 more women.
It's great stuff, guys.
Keep me posted.
She does know we don't Work for her, right? With 4 known victims, We should start By re-interviewing Friends and family.
We're looking for A white male In his 30s to 40s.
And with his knowledge Of circuitry and wiring, We think that he's either An electrician Or an electrical engineer.
It's a job That may give him access To a victim's home Or workplace, The opportunity To observe his targets.
They're attractive, Professional women.
He sees them as strong, Righteous, unobtainable.
So he seeks To tear them down, To reduce them To base sexual creatures And punish them.
He's a true sexual sadist.
A typology we refer to As anger-excitation, Meaning he becomes Sexually aroused By the suffering Of his victims.
Killing these women Is an afterthought.
Their pain Is what he's after.
And he takes his time To exact Maximum stimulation.
What about his trophies? He keeps their clothes, Right? Yes.
We believe he's using them For rehearsal fantasies.
By dressing as his victims, He can relive the torture.
It's during this time That he most likely Pleasures himself In order to reinforce His association Between suffering And gratification.
And when he becomes Dissatisfied with this, He seeks out a new victim.
Keep in mind, He's been doing this For a long time, And he's been thinking About doing it Most of his life.
He'll continue to evolve, Finding new ways Of challenging himself, Increasing his Stimulation threshold.
There are no boundaries For this man.
He's an individual That we believe To be currently active Within our community.
If it were not For certain evidence Brought to our attention In recent days, He may well have continued To operate without Our knowledge.
We're still investigating More specifics You know about this? past murders and who might Have been his victims.
But now that he is On our radar, You can rest assured That we will find him And bring him to justice.
Agent, i don't know How you usually do things, But you need to let My team know If you're planning on Holding a press conference.
No, it wasn't a conference.
It was just an announcement.
I think you know What i mean.
We're sending half The cops in the city Out to canvass.
The story Would have leaked.
I was just putting A reassuring face On the situation.
Your face.
I'm the case agent.
And you're also outranked By every member of my team.
Meaning what, you'll Vote me off the island? Nothing tears a case apart Faster than an agent Trying to make His or her name on it.
I'm trying To protect my city From what could be The most prolific Serial killer Since charles cullen.
What about michael strenko, Florian gall, Christopher hardgrove? I don't know those names.
Those are cullen's victims.
Nobody remembers the victims.
Everybody remembers the killer.
And that's exactly What happens When an agent puts the story Ahead of the case.
And the bureau doesn't need Any more agents like that.
Do you understand? Reid: i have no doubt She's highly capable.
I'm just- I'm saying that i find Her excitement level At the prospect of Finding more bodies Somewhat unsettling.
Thank you.
Yeah, j.
Said she was Making up names For the killer.
And yet, if she was a man, You'd say she had balls.
Oh, don't even go there.
This is not a gender thing.
Let's get back To reid's map.
All right, the nearness Principle tells us That a killer Won't travel far To abduct his victims, But this one's Gone to great lengths To spread out His abduction And disposal sites.
So the sites are irrelevant To the geographical profile? The only location i can Attach a real meaning to Is the storage unit.
And we got squat.
For years He's gone unchecked.
I think it's only A matter of time before He grows comfortable And starts killing Closer to home.
Unfortunately, That only helps us If there's a fresh kill.
So there's a woman Out there right now Who has to die So we can do our job.
Did something happen? Yeah.
Uh, agent hotchner Tore me a new one, And i owe you an apology.
Why me? I got you to bring The whole team up here.
And then The press briefing.
It could have waited Until morning.
My conscience doesn't allow Sleep in these situations.
Looks like You could use a break.
There are no breaks.
But there are drinks.
Let me buy you one.
Female ambition Can be unseemly In the eyes Of some people.
And i forget that Sometimes.
When i was in The academy in '97, I scored 99 on my Defensive tactics test, Which, needless to say, Had an immediate Chilling effect On all my relations With the male cadets.
I bet you can't Remember a time When you didn't Overachieve.
Well, the youngest kid In a single-parent home, You learn to scratch And claw real quick.
Single parent.
That would be your father? Go on.
A good man, Who you came to see As weak, Unable to provide, Probably a drinker- I'm guessing scotch.
I prefer Single malt.
I think i did a seminar At the academy in '97.
"collateral materials On sex crimes.
" I was in the third row, Hanging on every word.
Good memory.
Well, your first book Had just come out And you signed my copy.
Yeah, i kind of Had a thing for you.
come on.
You were a star.
No one in the bureau Had made inroads Into publishing and Consulting like you had.
Your hair was lighter And a big longer then, Wasn't it? Talk about a good memory.
I don't remember you.
But that would explain The hair that you claim To have found In that storage unit.
The hair was a keepsake, I'm guessing? You held on to it As a vestige Of the femininity You relinquished In the pursuit Of your career ambitions? You can stop profiling.
You manufactured evidence To get a b.
And it was for The greater good.
I was right, Wasn't i? Look, jill, I know you.
When i was your age I wanted the same things.
But i burned a lot of bridges In the process.
People got hurt.
Is that why you came back, To undo your past wrongs? Just be careful.
That ego of yours Is going to get you Into trouble.
Now i've got to get Some sleep.
Your little press conference Is gonna bury us tomorrow.
Bury us how? I had a nightmare The night she went missing.
It woke me up, But i forgot it instantly.
You know how that happens? I know this sounds crazy.
I feel like If i could remember That dream, I'd know what happened To her.
When she didn't show On time, I left her a message On her cell phone.
I was angry with her For making us late.
I didn't know.
And that message Is probably still On her phone somewhere.
It keeps me up at night Wondering if she ever Heard it.
I just want to know If she's still alive.
It's the not knowing.
It's selfish, i know- Our own peace of mind.
She disappeared 2 months ago On her way home from work.
This is what she was wearing.
We just want to know What happened to her.
it hurts.
It hurts me.
You like it.
What? You like how it feels.
I like it.
Do you love the pain? No.
Ask for it.
No, don't! Don't! Don't! Please! No! Please no more! Aah! Oh, it hurts.
It's so bad.
No! No! Just kill me! Just kill me.
Aah! Philadelphia Police department.
Man: i think I saw something.
It might have to do With the killings.
What did you see? My car broke down on i-76.
There was a field Off the road.
A man was digging a hole.
What kind of hole? For the body.
I saw it.
A bleeder Stripped of its clothes.
Can i have your name, sir? Mile marker 115 On the eastbound.
They'll find it.
Anything strike you? Stripped of its clothes.
Objectifies the victim.
This wasn't Just any tipster.
The way that he referred To the body as a bleeder Visible trauma To the corpse.
No, i don't think so.
I noted usage Of the same word In the pages From the storage facility.
He refers to his targets As bleeders.
It's misogynistic.
He's referring To menstruation.
He'd use it As a weakness.
I think we need to see What's in that field.
: morning.
Prentiss: Good morning.
Body looks well-preserved.
Been some cold snaps The last few months.
Ground's frozen.
Check out her stomach.
Prentiss: Electrical burns.
Fingers are in really Bad shape.
How are her teeth? Looks good for an i.
To say we need a rush On that would be An understatement.
You understand? Yeah.
Thank you.
Let's get her up.
Hey! You guys might want To stick around.
He calls in anonymously And hands us 2 more victims.
Why? You vowed publicly To bring him in.
He may be Reacting to that.
To show you who You're dealing with.
He's a narcissist.
He's preening.
I hope he keeps it up.
You don't want that.
He will drop a breadcrumb Every time he tries Something like this.
He'll drop bodies, too.
If he's making it personal, He'll get sloppy And give himself away.
Maybe that's What he wants.
It never tracked for me That this guy defaulted On that storage unit.
You think he wanted us To find it? Maybe he's decided It's time for the world To know his name.
But if he wanted A coming-out party, Then why not just send His victim photos, videos, Something to prove What he is.
He wanted us to start At the beginning, To chart his evolution.
Bright childhood Grows into darkness.
He's got us chronicling Every step.
So if this is his story, What chapter are we on? The final one.
He's writing it As we speak.
Hey, honey, um, I think we have to cancel With your parents.
I know, i know.
I'm really sorry.
It's just, i'm on deadline And i'm gonna be Cutting it close as it is.
I will make it up To you, i promise.
Ok? First thing next week- Yes.
No, we'll have- Uh- Gil? Yeah, i, uh- Someone rear-ended me.
No, no, i-i'm fine.
It's fine.
Look, let me call you back.
Yeah, ok.
Hey, i'm sorry About that.
Are you ok? I'm fine.
Ohh i just wish I could say the same For my car.
Oh, it's my brakes.
I've been meaning To get them fixed.
Well, just tell me You're insured.
Oh, yeah, of course.
It's the law, right? Ok.
Just let me get my card.
Hey, you know, i should probably Get your information, too, Just to be safe.
When i got shot, I kept wondering Why god would Program our bodies To register That kind of pain.
And you know What got me through it? No, penelope, i don't.
Tell me.
Knowing that the pain Would eventually end.
But these women, They don't even have that.
When he's torturing them, There's no end, just- And philly lab Matched the i.
s Of the dental records On the two women From the grave.
Go ahead.
Mimi adams and sara coswell.
You'll find them In the missing person files We've flagged As possible victims.
Thanks, mama, We're on it.
Wait, there's Something else.
Both women were reported Missing 4 months ago On the same day.
He's doing doubles.
Killer got bored, Upped the stakes, And did 2 women In one day.
Gerard schaefer did it.
He took his cue from bundy.
Said it was twice as hard, But twice as much fun.
Yeah, so he kills With impunity for years Without the slightest Bit of heat and he needs A bigger fix.
So he starts doing Two a day.
He still can't get off, So he opens his storage Locker for us.
Chronicle holding on 2.
Yeah, i'll take that In my office.
Planning another Press conference? Agent morris.
I- it's kat townsley.
Look, kat, i know i owe you, But i don't have anything Right now.
And even if i did, I couldn't tell you.
No, actually, i have Something for you.
Uh, check your e-mail.
Just one second.
You all right? You sure sound tired.
I'm fine.
Um do you have it? Yeah.
What is it? It was sent to my By the guy Claiming to be the person You're looking for.
What? I need to read The rest of this letter.
I'll come meet you.
I heard we got i.
s On these two bodies.
Mimi adams and sara coswell.
What's up? This woman's husband Came in before.
She fits the victim type.
I thought maybe If you have her dna, You might want to check it Against the hair.
From the storage unit.
What hair? Agent morris found it early on.
It's the same color, So it might- It won't match.
Reid: i know it's a long shot, But i think- She didn't get the hair From the unit.
She lied? When were you gonna tell us? Whatever she did To get us here, We're here now.
It's unacceptable behavior.
Why do you keep Defending her? Because i know what she is.
She's me 20 years ago.
She's nothing like you, dave.
Come on, hotch, I know what people think.
I took serial killers Mass market.
Now everyone knows Their names, But not the victims, right? Somewhere along the line, I put myself first.
I admit it.
I can't Go back and change it.
But it's not too late For her.
Missing persons Flagged a report That was just filed.
A possible victim? The subject's car Was found idling At a stop sign, And there was some Damage to the back end.
Sounds like A bump and grab.
Did she fit his profile Career, age-wise? Katrina townsley, 34.
She's a reporter At the chronicle.
Chronicle? What is it? This letter- Did we have this? No.
I've never seen this before.
Why would he send Agent morris a letter? She's his final chapter.
Are they able To track her car? No.
She doesn't have A nav system, But her cell's got gps.
Is the signal moving? Stationary.
Reid And rossi are en route.
Hey, girl.
How you Doing with that e-mail We sent you? I've got The sender's ip address.
Goes to an internet cafe Just outside germantown.
Ok, good.
Send us the address.
I've just talked to reid.
They found jill's phone On the ground near her car.
On the ground? In a parking garage North of center city.
Blood here.
A couple of drops.
Looks like she was dragged.
This shouldn't have happened.
Her guard was down.
He tricked her Into thinking she was Meeting a friend.
I told her, slow down, Check your ego, Use your team.
David, there's no way You could have known That she was gonna Go off by herself.
I did know.
Sure as i know myself.
Kat: aah! No! You can go louder.
Don't, please! Aah! That computer was used Exactly Now, i need you to try To remember the man That was sitting there.
I can't remember.
I mean, we get a lot Of people in here.
I understand.
He would have paid in cash.
White, 30s to 40s.
Solidly built, Physically imposing, Maybe blue collar.
There was this one guy.
Big, kind of blond hair Maybe left in a white van.
Are you ready? Beg me not to.
You will.
All right, here's the garage Where jill was taken.
Presumably an area The unsub's familiar with.
You're not gonna abduct A federal agent outside Your comfort zone.
This is where We are right now, And the third point Is the storage unit right here.
It's a 4-mile radius.
What do we have right Here in the center? Garcia, i need those pretty Little hands of yours, mama.
Listen up, i want you to Bring up the citywide list We generated For the electricians, Power company employees, And electrical engineers.
They number in the thousands.
Can you narrow this? Reid just sent you Triangulate and cross The names within that surface.
I need more.
Is that garcia? Yeah.
Search dmv records.
The manager thought He saw him leave In a white van.
Did you get that? Yahtzee.
I'm gonna take my time With you.
They're coming.
It's over.
No, it'll never be over.
Not for us.
Fbi! Freeze! I need a medic.
Get a medic! david.
It's ok.
It's gonna be all right.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's all right.
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
Don't worry About it.
It's ok.
I'm sorry.
You're gonna be all right.
It's ok.
It's ok, jill.
Jeremy andrus, 41.
Broken home, poverty, Trade school, Petty crime, lewd behavior- The whole profile's here In black and white.
That's a small consolation.
How many is he up to? They haven't even Gotten through The 2006 pile.
Has he told us Where to find the remains? J.
: no.
He doesn't speak.
He just points.
You're sure You're not rushing? I'm fine.
And you didn't Need to come here.
I just wanted to see If you were ok.
In itself A passive-aggressive means Of saying, "i told you so.
" I don't need to tell you That what you've Gone through, What you've witnessed, Is a trauma.
You're right.
You don't.
The fact that you didn't ask About the condition Of the other victim- Implying that I'm a victim when i'm not.
Leads me to believe That you're already In an early stage of denial.
I can handle it.
She didn't make it, jill.
Man: agent morris.
There she is! Agent morris! Agent morris, What made you believe There was a killer Out there When no one else did? Man: how did his crimes Go unnoticed for so long? Woman: have you been approached By any publishers? Do you fear For your safety? If i can just have One question at a time.
I promise i will Get to all of you.
Have you been approached By any publishers? No.
Man: can you tell us, Agent morris, did you fear For your safety? Absolutely.
What was it liked To come face to face With a serial killer? Is there a book deal In your future? What were your injuries? I hear there were Multiple abductions.
Multiple abductions.
Serial killer.
Do you have any Further information? Do you have an agent yet? Are you still working On the case? Are you still working Working on the case? Jill: no.
At this point, The case is closed.
"For we pay a price For everything we get Or take in this world, "and although ambitions Are well worth having, They are not to be Cheaply won.
" Lucille maud montgomery.