Criminal Minds s03e14 Episode Script


Mommy! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Ohh! There's usually no acceptable Excuse for violence, But for you i am making An exception.
Oh, my god, agent rossi.
This can't be everything.
I'm sorry, sir? This is not everything.
I was taking a show You're coming in.
This is that galen file I asked you to put together, That double homicide In indianapolis? Uh, no, no, sir, You didn't ask me To put anything Together.
You ju- There's more To this case file.
Um uh, sir, Can this wait Till the morning? And where are my notes, My original crime scene notes? Again, sir, you didn't Ask for the specifics.
You just told me To look up an old case.
Do i have to tell you How to look for everything? What kind of a researcher Are you? I'm not a researcher, I'm a technical analyst.
What the hell Does that even mean? You left the middle of My back totally unloofaed.
Ssa rossi.
Agent rossi, I am aware that Fraternization Between bureau employees Is against the rules.
However- It's the 20th anniversary Of this crime.
found their parents Murdered.
Whoever did it Is still out there.
It's time they paid for it.
Ready? Yeah.
How'd you do tonight? Tips good? You knew.
If you Have to ask questions I'd rather walk myself To my car.
Good luck.
Hey, you dance nice.
Yeah, i could tell You liked it A whole $2.
00 worth.
Yeah, i would have Given you more If i had it.
I ran out.
Well, you should've left.
Don't i get to look All i want For the cover charge? Yeah, cover charge doesn't Include the parking lot.
Looking's over.
Why are you so Pissed off, huh? You want to see pissed off? Hey, whoa.
Come on.
Ok, look, i'm just gonna Go back in the club, ok? Ok.
What do you want? Freak.
"Within the core Of each of us "is the child we once were.
"this child constitutes The foundation "of what we have become, Who we are, And what we will be.
" Neuroscientist Dr.
I might be In big trouble.
Come on in.
I can't believe he showed up At my apartment.
It's not like I'm doing anything here.
We just had a seminar On fraternization last week.
I really have a lot Of work to do, garcia.
So you don't want to hear How agent rossi Showed up at my door In the middle of the night While i was enjoying A post-coital shower With fellow fbi technical Analyst kevin lynch? Sit.
What the hell So, you were in the shower With kevin lynch? Come on, jj, I'm being serious.
I need your help.
With what? Agent rossi.
We're not supposed to date Fellow bureau employees.
From what i hear, Rossi is the reason Most of these Fraternization rules Even exist, ok? He's not gonna Tell anyone.
Just relax.
Wait-what- What was rossi doing In your apartment? Well, that's a good I'm not supposed To tell anyone.
Why? I didn't press the issue.
I was all naked And all drippy.
Doesn't showering With someone Always seem like A better idea Before you're Actually doing it? Yes, it is A bit of a workout.
I mean, There comes a point When a girl's just gotta Wash her hair alone.
You know? Huh.
Well, this is Turning into some morning.
Well, that- That would make sense Because he's in a prison Right now.
So sometimes cell Service can be Oh, yeah-well, If-yeah, if i can Get ahold of him, I'll Ok.
That is one seriously Pissed-off lady.
She can't get hotch On his cell phone.
Why would she call you? Because she knows I can do this.
Yeah, jj.
Um, no, it's-it's- It's a personal matter.
Yes, thank you.
I will take care of it When i get back.
Is everything all right? Yeah, fine.
We can do this Interview another time.
Well, he's scheduled To be executed next week.
I can take the lead If you- Reid.
Agent hotchner? Yes.
You must be dr.
Abner merriman, Assistant warden.
You're here to see our Infamous inmate hardwick.
He agreed To meet with us As part of our criminal Personality research project Prior to his execution.
I've read some of your Studies in police journals.
Serial killers are A kind of hobby of mine.
Chester's the only one I've ever met in person, Though.
I bet You've met quite a few.
Sir, we'd very much Like to get started As soon as we can.
Oh, of course, of course.
Forgive me.
Uh, we, uh We don't really have Interrogation facilities, But i do have a small room That you can use.
You're not armed? We secured our weapons Before we arrived.
It's not our first time In a prison.
no, no, I suppose that's true.
I have to say, when i heard That he'd contacted you, I was surprised.
Why? Chester hardwick? He doesn't really talk much.
To anyone.
Well, that usually changes When someone's about to die.
No Mommy Good morning.
Man: connie.
Mommy? Connie.
No! Connie! Connie chill.
It's the brother.
It's georgie.
What? You were dreaming again.
I'm sorry.
You never have to apologize To me for the dream.
What time is it? You're late for work.
Yeah, uh, about that, uh I sort of punched a guy.
Did you get fired? Yeah.
53 bucks.
You're, like, The worst stripper In the world.
Well, to get more I gotta show more.
And topless is bad enough.
Well, why don't you Just quit if it Bugs you that much? 'Cause we gotta eat.
Yeah, well, we need Some stuff, by the way.
So go get it.
Where's alicia? Left last night With some dude.
What dude? I don't know.
Some dude in a jeep.
Got your yearly gift, I see.
They left it in my car This time.
They left this for me On the porch, too.
Son of a bitch is never Gonna leave us alone.
Happy 20th Anniversary, right? I hate you.
The, uh, door will of course Be locked from the outside, And this button here, It sounds audibly As well as triggers A flashing light To signal the guards Thank you.
When you're finished.
Are these The crime scene photos? Oh.
Uh, some of them, yes.
God I knew what he did, Of course, But i You know, never saw Sometimes in these interviews They talk about crimes They were never charged with, So it might even be more.
Is it ever less? No.
Uh, please.
Paying attention To these items Projects a kind of Importance on them.
When he comes in, I'd like to give him The opportunity To show us which parts Of the crimes he thinks Are important.
Of course.
It's all right.
Chains left on, right? That's probably A good idea.
It won't be necessary.
It won't? Mm-hmm.
You sure? We're just gonna talk, Right, chester? Hotch is in connecticut, Right? With reid.
They left last night.
They're doing A custodial interview.
Chester hardwick.
Oh, damn.
He doesn't need anything Else on his mind When he's dealing with A guy like hardwick.
Prentiss: So what do we do? You got any idea What rossi was working on? I- i think garcia Might know.
He stopped by her place Last night.
What? Why? I'm really not Supposed to say.
'Cause He said he wanted To keep it between us.
He might need our help.
He didn't ask anyone For help.
Penelope Rossi is a guy Who color codes His handwritten notes In his notebooks.
Blue pen for Evidentiary items, Red pen for supposition And theory.
The guy is a fussy, Anal-retentive neat-freak Who never leaves anything Out of its place.
I would say this Is a scream for help.
He's in indianapolis, On a 20-year-old Double homicide.
He said it's time Someone pays for it.
And he was upset.
Indianapolis? Yeah.
He took a commercial Flight this morning, He picked up a bureau suv Half an hour ago.
Jet's available.
Let's go.
Agent rossi.
Gary willis, indianapolis Police department.
I asked for Captain giles.
Yeah, he died a year ago.
That's a shame.
He was a good cop.
Do you have The galen files? Yeah, they're right here.
Do you have Anything new? If we do, It's not in this file.
You don't know? Well, who's working On this? Is a long time cold.
When do you stop looking For a double murderer? You know, i didn't know This was an fbi case.
Well, it isn't, Not officially.
I was on the original scene The day it happened.
You probably know more About it than i do, then.
At least you had Someone to talk to.
No one's lived here Since that day.
There's a housekeeping Service that comes in Once a week, But otherwise it's empty.
I know.
I own it.
I bought it at an auction Why? The money went To the grandmother.
She raised them after Well, she died Some years later and They're still living Over there at her house.
That's pretty personally Involved.
Do you know these people Or something? No.
It was the kids, I guess.
I Kind of got attached.
Look, i don't mean To be a hard-ass.
It's no problem.
We going in? No.
I've spent years Looking in that house.
There's nothing there, Nothing we missed, No evidence we didn't find.
Then why are you here? I was hoping You had something new.
I'm sorry to bother you.
No bother.
Thanks for coming.
Sit down.
I'd like This window opened.
I'll answer Any question you have, But only if this window Is open.
Go ahead.
You were born april 4, 1950? Does my birthdate Really matter? It's customary for us To start at the beginning.
We want to try to know As much as we can About your childhood.
There's nothing to know.
It was average.
I lived in a nice house On a quiet street.
I ate cereal.
I went to school.
I watched cartoons.
I don't have time For this.
You didn't live In a nice house On a quiet street.
You grew up In a series of projects In east bridgeport, Each one worse than the last.
You spent your teenage years Peeping into your female Neighbors' windows And burglarizing Their underwear drawers When you got the chance.
And you set 100 small fires For which you spent 2 years In juvenile detention.
We've done extensive Research, mr.
Hardwick, And we've talked to almost Everyone you've ever known Including your mother.
Good old jean? I'll bet she was A real treat.
Good old jean's Down the street In the state hospital.
At this point, Lying to us Isn't really possible Or helpful.
Well, then, you're wrong.
About what? I started a lot more Than 100 fires.
Oh, my god! Beautiful.
Aah! I'm s-sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just, uh, I- you just look So beautiful multitasking.
What are you doing here? I work here, too.
Yeah, in your own office, I can't come over And visit? Are you insane?! What's wrong? Have you forgotten Last night? I will never forget Last night.
We were caught fraternizing By one of my bosses.
You know-ahem- It was rude of rossi To show up at your place After work hours.
Rude? You found him rude? You know, maybe i should Have a talk with him.
Straighten him out.
You want to straighten out Agent rossi? No, what i want is For me to be able To come up here and And kiss my girlfriend.
And-and if that means I have to talk to him, Well, then-then that's What i'll do.
Girlfriend? Kevin Yes? If you get Within 100 feet Of agent rossi, I will unleash An unrecoverable virus On your personal Computer system That will reduce Your electronic world Into something between A commodore 64 And a block Of government cheese.
Call me later.
You know, There's not really much To this file, garcia.
Oh, there's a latent Fingerprint That's making its second run Through aphis as we speak.
As soon as i get results I'll let you know.
And then there's also Apparently some Crime scene notes That agent rossi wrote up That i'm still spelunking for.
So he was on The actual crime scene With the local detectives? Could be why It bothers him so much.
Well, i highly doubt This was His first scene.
Yeah, but it was a bad one.
The weapon was A long-handled ax.
Yeah, but we've seen worse Since he's been back.
There's nothing else Cross-referenced, No other crimes Tied to this? No, nothing i can find.
I mean, certainly nothing With these signature Elements.
Ok, so it's a double Homicide, yes, But a single occurrence With no apparent issue Of state lines? Was there a request From the local authorities For the fbi's help? I don't think so.
So then why is this A b.
Case? I don't think it was.
All right, garcia, I want you to double-check Any other unsolved Murders in indiana Or the surrounding states Near this time.
Something this brutal Doesn't feel like A one-time thing.
You've got it.
Prentiss: what is it? What is it about This case for him? What do you want to hear? How papa kicked me And jean's ass Every single day? That the kind of thing You want to hear? If it's true.
Nobody gives a damn About the truth.
Agent rossi? Anything come back yet On that print? No.
No matches.
Nothing on file.
What about my notes? Those i have.
Do you have a pda? 'Cause i can e-mail them To you.
What's a pda? It's a personal digital- Never mind.
Is there a fax Number where you're at? I'm at the palmer hotel.
I'll be back there later.
I don't have the number.
I will find it.
All right, i'll check back With you in, oh And, sir, there's something Else that you should know.
Agents prentiss and morgan Found your office In disarray This morning.
So? Well they're concerned About you.
Well, tell them Not to be.
Yeah, uh, sir, That's the thing, See? I'm sorry- You told them About this case? Yeah, i'm We're all worried about you.
Damn it, i asked you To keep this between us.
I'm sorry, sir.
I know, and i They're going to see you.
They're coming here? I don't need Anybody's damn help.
Temperature's dropping.
It's that time of year.
Warm days, cold nights.
It'll be summer soon.
But not for you.
No Not for me.
Let's, um, Let's talk about The specifics of the case.
Why did you choose Sheila o'neal? You gotta show me a picture.
I don't know their names.
Is that what This is all about, Some chance To relive all of this? I have an excellent memory.
I thought you wanted To hear the truth.
Truth is, they meant Nothing to me.
They were toys, a diversion, And from the moment I decided to kill them, They were dead.
They begged, they cried, They bargained, And it didn't matter, Because they didn't matter.
Sometimes i wish I was normal, That i'd had A regular life.
But i didn't.
Why did you ask us here? I wanted to smell the air.
What? They've got me on death watch.
And i will be Until they take me To the death chamber.
So i wanted to smell the air One last time Before i die.
Thank you For giving me that.
Let's pack it up.
Shouldn't we at least- No, no.
Have a nice trip, chester.
You're going Where you belong.
It's 5:17.
Evening yard Started at 5:00.
Guard staff's outside With the population.
There won't be anyone To open that door for At least 13 minutes.
And it took me Less than 5 to do this.
While you were doing Your research, Maybe a question or two About security tones Would have been a good idea.
I heard the tones.
So you planned to be Locked inside with me, With no guns or weapons.
I won't need a gun.
There's no way they're Gonna execute me next week, Not after i kill You saved my life By coming here.
But unfortunately for you, I'm not a 5-foot-tall, All your life You've gone after victims Who couldn't fight back.
And the rest of the time You spent looking Over your shoulder, Worried about The knock on the door, Scared that somebody like me Would be on the other side Waiting to put you away.
At your core, You're a coward.
Chester, do you want to know Why you killed those women? What? Earlier you said you wish That you were different.
I can tell you Why you killed them, Why you are what you are.
You're buyin', I'm drinkin'.
I don't think any of us Could afford this place Otherwise.
Yeah, i know i can't.
Go home.
We thought you might Need some help.
You're wrong.
Come on, now, rossi.
Bounce some theories Off us.
Fresh eyes can't hurt.
This isn't even A b.
Maybe not yet, But i can make anything A b.
Case if i want to.
It's about paperwork And i know the paperwork.
Why do you care? Because you do.
You can tell me why I did the things i did? I think so.
I do.
Your mother's bipolar And almost certainly An undifferentiated Schizophrenic.
Your father suffered Severe shell shock in the war, What we now refer to As post-traumatic Stress disorder.
As far as i can tell, He remained clinically Depressed the rest of his life.
form of mental illness In their family.
In your case, Both your parents Suffered from Psychological disorders, Which they largely Took out on They beat each other As much as they beat you, So violence became A natural expression Of love There's something called The hypothalamic region Of the limbic system.
It's the most primitive Part of the brain.
It wants what it wants Without conscience And without judgment.
It's what makes babies cry When they're hungry, uh, Scream when they want Affection, become enraged When a toy is taken away.
In most children, A healthy relationship With their mother Counters the hypothalamus And maps the child's brain Into healthy emotional Response Your hypothalamus Never learned control.
It still operates On that primitive level Your records indicate That you display the symptoms Of satyriasis.
You're obsessed with sex.
Sex and love are cross-wired With pain in your Additionally, Your hypothalamus Won't allow you To stop seeking the- The desires that it wants.
So you became A sexual sadist No functioning sexual partner Will ever willingly submit To the painful desires That you have.
The only way You can serve them Is by making a partner Compliant Making sure that they do Exactly what you Want them to do.
And you ensure that By killing them.
Earlier, you said Your victims Never had a chance.
I think you know Deep down It was you who really Never had a chance.
Everything all right In here? Fine.
We're done.
Is that true, I never had a chance? I don't know.
I was here on a serial Rapist in '88.
It was pretty short work.
The guy wasn't gonna win Any i.
The day after, we, uh, Collared him, A local detective Was driving me To the airport, And, uh, he hears A call on his walkie Of kids screaming In a house Not far from where we were.
He asks if i mind Taking the job in with him.
We were first on the scene.
Inside we found Found this.
The ax had been left behind, But it had been wiped clean.
It turns out it belonged To the family.
The, uh, oldest daughter, Connie, Told me her father Bought it on christmas eve A few months earlier To cut down The christmas tree.
Now i, uh, always Associate the whole thing With christmas.
Never been able to put A tree up myself again.
So he-he never hurt The kids at all? Not physically.
But he would have known That the kids Were in the house.
He only hurt the parents And then left.
Ok, so, using a weapon He found at the scene And not eliminating all Of the potential witnesses, That makes him disorganized.
But he left no evidence, Which suggests He's organized.
There was a fingerprint.
But it was behind The bedroom door.
I don't even think He knew it was there.
There should have been prints In other places, But they were wiped clean.
An open back door, A- a drinking glass Left in the kitchen.
And that one good print Was not a match anywhere.
I've been over this A million times.
I- i keep thinking, If there was just One more piece, One more thing to go on.
The answer Was right in front of me.
He might be dead.
I have to be sure.
Rossi, if he's dead, You may never really know.
When we arrived On the scene Before any of the other Units got there I could hear them Before i even got out Of the car.
It was a warm morning, And the, uh The windows were open In the upstairs bedroom.
And their voices Floated out into the street.
They were crying And calling for Their mommy and daddy.
for their Murdered parents.
I've seen so much death And pain, But that sound It's been 20 years And i can still hear them Screaming every night Crying.
If i can't tell them For sure That whoever's responsible Will never do it again That screaming Might never stop.
Alicia! Let's go! In a minute.
Now, leesh! God! Guess what- My sister's a bitch.
Call me.
You didn't give me Your number.
Why do you have to be Like that? Where were you For 2 days? It was only one whole day.
Where were you? I'm 23 years old, connie.
You should've called.
You're not my mother.
Hi, connie.
I brought the team- You need to stop this.
Excuse me? We thought that if We didn't call you back The last couple times You would just give up And leave us alone.
Well, i know That it hurts, But i'm only Trying to make sure Someone pays for Your parents' deaths.
We don't care anymore.
It's been 20 years.
We need to be able To move past it.
Please! I won't bother You kids again.
And you'll stop it With the gifts, too? Gifts? What are we supposed to do With a bunch of toys? They remind us of The worst day of our lives.
I never sent you Any gifts.
This is it? It's all we could find.
We threw a lot of them away.
I wish you would have Told me about this.
We thought you Were sending them.
First we kind of liked it, And then it just became A bad reminder.
These are incredibly Cheap, aren't they? Where would you even Buy toys like that? Or why? How did you Receive them? They were usually left On the front porch at night.
Mine was found In my car this time.
So he's following you.
There was a pickup Outside the- Uh, where i work.
I just I always thought it was you.
What do you remember About the pickup? Uh, all i saw was the shape And the headlights.
Morgan, obsessional crimes Are your specialty.
Well, there's two kinds Of obsessional offenders That would send gifts To survivors.
Sadists who want To make the families Keep reliving the crime, Or guilt-laden offenders, Desperately trying To find some type of way To apologize.
Sadists Usually use something They know will remind The family of the person Or the crime.
Jewelry, newspaper clippings.
These don't look like The kind of things You would send To inflict pain On someone.
So, guilt-laden.
You know, they actually Look like the kind of Thing a child would send.
Well, it's rare, But an unsub who feels This much guilt Sometimes commits the crime Unintentionally.
They tend to be Developmentally disabled, Extremely low i.
Offenders, And generally, well, They're physically large And they're very strong.
Strong enough to hurt Somebody accidentally.
Like lennie In of mice and men.
He needed help, then.
There wasn't a fragment of Evidence left at the scene.
That's not low i.
Well, usually They're assisted By an older relative, And it's almost always A parent.
And this parent rationalizes That the unsub would never Try to hurt anybody.
See, in a lot of ways, This type of unsub They're sort of Overgrown children.
Jj, when you get garcia On the phone, Tell her we're not looking For other homicides here.
Get her to look into A string of less serious Offenses in this area- Parks, playgrounds- Involving children, But not necessarily children That have been injured Or abused.
See, an unsub like this, When they seek out children, They want to play with them.
They don't really Want to hurt them.
But it's their size.
It frightens people.
This could be that piece You were looking for.
That was smart To get hardwick To focus on himself Long enough for The guards to come back.
I find that i do Some of my best work Under intense terror.
I'm sorry.
For what? I antagonized The situation.
No, you didn't.
Well, i certainly Didn't help.
Ah i guess You didn't really help.
So haley wants me To sign the divorce Papers uncontested So nobody wastes money On lawyers.
You don't want to? What i want I'm not gonna get.
Ok, crime-fighters, I got the information You were looking for, But it may lead to more Questions than answers.
Oh, of course.
There are scads Of open petty crimes, As described, In the very area Of indiana In the last 20 years.
But here's the rub- A large portion of them Only occur In the last week of march And the first week Of april every year.
And then it gets weirder, 'Cause the same kind Of crimes Crop up in springfield, Illinois, For the next 2 weeks, And then des moines, iowa, In the couple of weeks After that.
So he's traveling.
Jj: on a specific Schedule for years? Prentiss: Maybe he's a salesman? Who takes A developmentally disabled Partner on a sales call? What about a carnival? Carnival? We went to a carnival The day before.
It's the last thing We did as a family.
Did anything happen? No.
No, we had to leave early.
There was this clown that Made me a balloon animal.
It didn't even look right.
But then he kind of Followed me around.
He didn't really Do anything, But my mom got afraid, So we left.
Georgie: You never told us that.
I didn't even remember it Until now.
Penelope, pull permits.
Find out is this carnival Is still in business.
The study is ready.
You guys look around.
Prentiss, come with me.
Jeff! Get more tie-downs Over that ferris hauler! I don't want to have to slow Down halfway across illinois Because that moron left Pieces hanging off again! Idiots! You look like You're in charge.
I can't believe people Actually pay good money To play These fixed games.
Excuse me? It's not people.
It's men.
Is that a fact? Only a man would waste $50 Trying to win That $3.
00 stuffed animal.
You pulling out In a hurry? That's the way This business works.
Gotta be set up Where the money is.
Right now That ain't here.
Where you headed to next, Springfield? We'd like to talk to you About one of your clowns.
Did you go To carnivals as a kid? Oh, yeah, every year.
Yeah, me, too.
First place I had a drink.
Clowns? This ain't a circus.
Clowns are For the circus.
You don't have any clowns In your carnival? How about a guy Who makes balloon animals? Might.
Might? At times.
How long's he been with you? What is this? This guy would have been Complained about.
Kids are uncomfortable Around him.
You'd have gotten reports From parents.
I can't remember Every complaint I get, mister.
It's not mister.
It's agent rossi, fbi.
Now, do you have a son? A son.
The guy we want to talk to, He'd have been A big problem for you.
You'd have gotten rid of him A long time ago, unless It would have been Difficult for him to Hold down a job for long, Much less 20 years.
I really ain't got time For this.
Make time.
All right.
He didn't mean To hurt those people.
It was my fault As much as his.
I got busy with one of The rides breaking down And he wandered off.
He just wanted to see The little girl again.
He liked her.
He wanted to play.
He would never hurt Anyone.
He went into the father's Room by mistake.
He come after him With an ax And he hit joey with it.
So he got mad, that's all.
I mean, That's understandable.
I mean, isn't that Understandable? He gets hit with an ax And he gets mad? He was sorry As soon as he did it.
He even put them Back in bed.
He just got angry.
And i was too late! I was too late! I couldn't save 'em.
But every year I take him back And i make him remember What he did.
I'd even make him Pick something From the joints To give them.
He never forgets.
I make sure of that.
Never! Look He's a good boy.
Daddy! Fbi! Daddy! Get your ass out Of there right now.
Daddy! Let's go.
Let's go.
Get down! Stay down! Daddy! Daddy! Help me, daddy! Help me! Don't fight, joey! Stay down! I need some help.
I need some help.
Stay down! Don't move! Don't you hurt him.
He won't fight you.
Help me! What'd i say? Stop it! Stop it! daddy Daddy He's a good boy.
He's a really good boy.
Daddy, help me! Don't fight, joey.
Daddy! The title Should be delivered In the next few days.
You're just giving us A house? Giving it back.
It's been kept clean And maintained.
It should sell For a decent price.
You can all get A fresh start.
You don't have to do this.
I think your parents Would have wanted you To have it.
Thank you.
Thanks, man.
You're welcome.
Um These belonged To your mother.
Your grandmother let me Hold on to them until Well You should have them Back now.
Well, my team Is waiting for me.
Agent rossi.
I'd like you To have these.
Is it ok If i call you sometime Just to let you know How we're doing? Anytime, kiddo.
Pretty boy.
How was connecticut? Ultimately uneventful.
Sir, there's somebody Waiting to speak to you In your office.
Agent rossi.
We need to talk About penelope Man to man.
Man to man.
What about penelope? I don't know.
Get outta here.
Are you serious? Just when i thought Nothing scandalous Was ever gonna happen Around here.
What? What does that mean? Didn't you hear jj? The song meant something? No, i missed it.
It-it You know what? Never mind.
What? "There is no formula For success "except perhaps An unconditional acceptance Of life and what it brings.
" Arthur Rubinstein.