Criminal Minds s03e16 Episode Script

Elephant's Memory

You wake me again tonight, It'll be The chain saw for you.
This is, uh, unit 2, Responding To the explosion At the norris place.
Go ahead, unit 2.
We got one d.
I think it's rod norris.
Send e.
And fire.
Heck send everybody.
They're on their way.
Um My name's, uh, Spencer, And I'm a I don't really know What i am.
All: hello, spencer.
This is my- This is my first meeting.
Thank you.
Um i guess i, uh- I know i had a- A problem with Dilaudid, but, um I stopped.
Like 10 months ago, I stopped.
I thought it was over, But recently i'm- I've really been- Your literature Uses the term "craving.
" It started like a month ago.
I A- a suspect was murdered In front of me, A- a kid, And i thought that I could save the kid, But i couldn't, and S- sorry.
I'm sorry.
I've seen a lot Of that stuff before, But for some reason, That kid's face is really, uh Stuck in my brain.
You know? It's really, Uh-i can't And i- I want to forget About him, and I just want to escape.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
I'm- I'm late.
Places to go, People to profile.
You know who i am.
Of course i do, sir.
I just-i didn't, um, Expect to see a man Of your position here.
Here, there's no sirs.
I'm just john here.
And this is not something You talk about at the office.
Especially our office.
I really do Have to go.
Take this.
That's my one-year medallion.
Took me 6 years To get it.
For the past 13 years, I've never left home Without it.
Because i know If i forget that, I'll lose my gun, My credentials, My home- Everything.
Hold on to it.
I only have 10 months.
I know.
It's your most prized Possession.
It is.
You're just giving it To me? No.
A couple of months, When you get your year, You give it back to me.
I really Don't understand.
You will.
Officer letts shot this Just before he was killed.
Sorry i'm late.
I hope she was worth it.
I hope it was a she.
Oh, i'm sorry.
I was at the movies.
Oh, really? Why don't you Tell us what it was about? I had to leave early, So i can't really te- I know it's late, I know we're tired, But we've got All right, uh, the resident, Rod norris, was d.
They're still trying To i.
The remains Of the second victim, Whom they believe is his From the condition Of the remains, She would have Had to have been Inside the house Close to the source Of the blast.
Prentiss: clearly, They used the bombing To set the officers up For an ambush.
It's a well-established Terrorist tactic.
First wave Takes out civilians.
The second wave takes Out first responders.
The locals are Thinking terrorism In west bune, texas? Not exactly A tier-one target, But d.
Did issue A terror alert For the border states Yesterday, Just due to the timing And nature of the attack.
I- i've never heard Of this place.
I mean, the militia, Ok, that i could see.
Prentiss: yeah, well, It is close to the border.
Could be traffickers Sending a message.
Whoever it is, They gunned down 2 cops And blew up A teenage girl.
Till they're stopped, No one in that town Is safe.
We need to be cautious With the locals.
They've lost Two of their own, They're anxious, They're scared, And they're Gonna want revenge.
Can you blame 'em? Reid: "a sad soul Can kill you quicker, Far quicker, Than a germ.
" John steinbeck.
Get that over there.
Sheriff hallum? Ma'am.
Jennifer jareau.
This is the team.
Agents hotchner, rossi, Dr.
Reid, Prentiss, and morgan.
We're really sorry For your loss.
Thank you.
Where do we start? First victim, rod norris.
Manager of The chemical plant Over at ibis.
No arrests in 10 years Since his wife left him.
I can't blame her For leaving him, But it's a shame She left jordan behind.
What can you tell us About jordan? Sweet girl, bit slow.
Slow? She was Mentally challenged? Not quite.
Special ed And all that stuff.
Takes some talking to To notice it.
I think her mother Leaving took its toll.
Sheriff, i'd-i'd like To gather your people Back at the office So i can brief them All together.
Sure, But i'm staying here.
Of course.
Thank you.
The blast Was localized here.
The room's been sealed off.
There's some plastic, Duct tape on the doorsills, Windows, too.
Yeah, they found A dozen canisters, it says.
Well, the concentration Of damage Puts those canisters Right here by the door.
He seals the kitchen, Blows out The pilot light, Trapping the gas in here Near the primary charge.
If she was here, Between the charge And the window Boom.
Rod norris ends up In the tree.
Jordan ends up In the field.
They didn't care About the rest of the house, So the whole thing's Designed to focus the blast On whoever came through That door.
Yeah, but what Was the trigger? Rod norris.
He was a smoker.
And they knew He would be coming Through this door.
They knew he'd be smoking When he did it.
Hit pattern says they Were fired on full auto.
Tight grouping for it.
Single burst Put 'em both down.
That takes skill And some serious Training.
Letts lands here, Still alive.
Savage falls there dead.
But i walk past letts, And i shoot lou savage In the face When i know He's already dead.
This was personal.
They knew each other? Enough to know rod norris Would enter through The back door while smoking.
And that lou savage was On duty and would respond.
So what are we Talking about here? This wasn't terrorism, Domestic or otherwise.
Terrorists rarely know Their victims, At least not personally.
Because they knew Rod norris was a smoker Who used his back door? And shot deputy savage In the face At pointblank range.
They weren't Being thorough? No.
He walked Past letts, Who was alive, Shoots savage in The face when he knows He's already dead.
Responders were coming.
That last shot Was risky overkill.
Overkill means rage.
Rage means a close Personal relationship.
Rod norris and lou savage Were the specific targets Of this attack.
Sheriff, can you think Of anyone with a close Personal connection To rod norris And lou savage? I didn't think about it Because of the terror alert.
Think about what? Owen.
Owen savage.
Lou's son was dating Jordan norris.
My deputies didn't Find owen at home.
How long did you know Lou savage? My whole life.
And deputy savage's wife? Hope? How did she die? Drunk driver in '02.
Lou was In afghanistan.
Owen lived with us Until he got back.
Semper fi.
How long was lou savage In the marines? So he could raise owen.
Is that why He resented them? Pardon me? Uh, did lou blame His wife and son For ending his career In the marines? Lou was a good man.
A good man that doesn't Have a single photo Of his dead wife Or only son anywhere In his entire house.
I know this is hard, And if we had more time, We would be more sensitive, But we don't.
Hope was The drunk driver.
I didn't write it up That way, But didn't matter.
Her drinking was No secret in town.
Where's owen's room? Right over there.
Here's Your gun safe.
I don't know The combination.
Start with birthdays- Lou's, owen's, hope's.
Dress blues in plastic.
No pics of wife and son.
No luck.
Try 11-10-75.
November 10, 1975? What's that? Marine corps birthday.
You might have just sold me On that profiling of yours.
That's bad.
How bad? Lou was Our tactical trainer.
He had A whole collection Of automatic weapons And handguns.
Which he taught owen To shoot.
Gun safe is empty.
That's a surprise.
That's James dean's porsche.
No pics Of james dean, though.
That's a bad sign.
Especially when Your mother died In a car accident.
Still haven't Found the father Of the year award.
You already check His computer? It's password encrypted.
Well, smart move If your dad's a cop.
Ah, assuming he cares Enough to snoop.
Hey, reid, Check yourself.
That sheriff out there Wanted to take your head off.
I think hotch Might have let him.
All his clothes Are black.
The same here.
Just like his friend Johnny cash.
So owen identifies as being A misunderstood loner.
You know, I wish all our unsubs would Just tack their profiles On their walls Like this for us.
It doesn't mean Anything.
What, you grew up In chicago, A high school jock, You had pictures Of scottie pippen And michael jordan All over your walls, Trophies everywhere? Yeah.
But you forgot Walter payton.
Not to mention The sexy ladies Of the sports illustrated Swimsuit issues.
Smart money says You didn't paint Your mirrors black.
I guess owen Didn't like what he saw.
Woman: don't you Try to stop me! I need to get by! Reid.
Let me by.
Let me by.
Bart, don't you try To stop me! Let me by! Is it true? Sarah, please.
If it's true, you tell me.
Sarah- Did lou's freak son Shoot byron? Go home To your kids, sarah.
Kids need you At home.
My children need Their daddy.
It's Officer letts' wife.
Sarah: you send them home.
You don't need 'em.
You know what to do.
You find that little Son of a bitch.
You find him And do what's right.
Why do i get the feeling She's not going to be The only one With that sentiment? Stay here And work the room.
Reid and i are going to Go to the high school And talk to owen's Teachers and friends.
We need to get a profile And figure out Where he's going.
All right.
He's heading Out of town.
We found his car Out by the interstate, Right next to Victim number 5.
I can't use The texas rangers here.
I need them working Roadblock.
Owen's truck is Completely cleaned out.
He didn't want To leave us any clues Where he was headed.
He's a smart kid.
So far, Every move he's made Has been clever And well-planned.
What about the victim? Single gunshot wound To the face.
Who is he? Kyle borden, 19.
Worked the register.
His car is gone.
We already put it Out on the wire.
So owen stops by Here on his way To the interstate, Grabs supplies, Marches kyle out back, Kills him, And steals His el camino.
No evidence kyle resisted.
Owen didn't have to kill him.
Well, he certainly Didn't have to shoot him In the face.
He wanted kyle To see it coming.
Kyle was a couple of years Ahead of owen in school.
Follows he'd know him.
Excuse me.
Owen didn't Just know him.
Owen hated him.
The question is why? It's been restocked Recently.
According To the invoice, This last night After closing.
We have a problem.
He took gallon jugs Of milk, Frozen pizzas, Cold cuts But no water.
You don't take Frozen foods And perishables On a road trip.
Roadblocks Aren't gonna work.
Why is that? He's not on the road.
He's still here.
He never left.
Correction- They're still here.
That wasn't Jordan's body We found.
Who was it? Not who.
The remains we sent To the m.
Turned out to be 3 hams and a dozen Bone-in rib-eyes Stuffed in Jordan norris' Blue jeans.
So you tell me, Is she a hostage Or accomplice? Owen? Owen? Hi.
You scared me.
Uh, made you breakfast.
I woke up, And you weren't here.
Yeah, well, i went-i we- I got you those.
Cut 'em fresh.
They're beautiful.
How long Can we stay here? Uh, well, old man stratman Doesn't usually come back Until the first.
You know, i figure our dads Won't be looking for us Around here by then, So we could just slip away.
You know, baby, We can go wherever We want to go.
The money that i saved up, You know, you and i Just buy a house, Just escape.
My daddy finds us, He'll kill you.
I know he will.
No, he won't.
He will not hurt you again.
No one will.
Not while i'm here, ok? You promise? Yeah.
I promise.
As owen's counselor, What can you tell us About jordan and owen? Not much.
They started Dating last year When owen moved To special ed.
Junior year - Isn't that A bit late? Yes, if he'd been put there For academic reasons.
What was The problem? Bad attitude, Lack of effort.
Owen applied himself In some classes.
He did very well.
But it didn't last.
Here we are.
The problem wasn't lack Of effort or bad attitude.
The as in math and science Tells he's a gifted student.
The ds in english And history, That tells us that He had difficulty reading.
And the "f" in geometry, That indicates A severe problem With spatial relations.
That's further confirmed By his atrocious, Illegible handwriting.
All consistent With a brilliant, But severely Learning-disabled Student.
Yeah, but His standardized tests Didn't support That kind of intelligence.
A spatial relations handicap Affects your hand-eye Coordination.
He couldn't fill in An answer bubble Any easier than he could Hit a baseball.
Which is why He stayed away From sports.
Sports was a sore spot With his father.
I mean, he joined The wrestling team The freshman year Just to appease His old man, But, uh That didn't work out.
Excuse me.
Come on, mom.
Johnny cash.
Come on.
Hope savage? I know you're trying To tell me something.
He was probably The smartest kid in class.
He just couldn't prove it.
Being the smartest kid In class Is like being The only kid in class.
They missed all of it.
But schools like this Can't meet the specialized Needs of every student.
He gives it everything He's got Over and over and over again And continues to fail, And the whole time - The whole time they tell him It's his fault.
I mean, it makes sense.
No, it doesn't.
An undiagnosed Learning disability Does not add up to This level of violence, Not without severe Emotional abuse.
You know that.
You got something? An mpeg On owen's computer.
You really need To see this.
Jordan was The gentlest girl In the world.
She could never hurt Anybody.
Eileen, can you tell us About jordan's father? He thought she was dumb.
And she wasn't.
She'd get the answer If you gave her time, But he never did.
Did he ever hit her? She thought She deserved it, At least till owen Came along.
Were they in love? Oh, yes, ma'am.
I thought She was gonna die When her dad Took her phone away.
She didn't have A computer, So owen bought her A p.
For e-mail.
He paid the bill And everything And set it up So that It wouldn't ring Unless it was Owen or me.
Owen took care of her.
He tried.
Whenever anyone said Anything bad about her, He'd stick up for her.
What would people Say about her? Uh When jordan was A freshman, There was a senior Who took advantage Of her.
He told Everyone about it.
That's how she and i Became friends.
I - i thought She needed someone To look out for her.
I guess i didn't do A very good job.
You're wrong.
She's lucky to have you As a friend, eileen.
Yeah? Yeah.
We're done, for now.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, before you go, Could you tell us anything About kyle borden? Oh Kyle was the senior Who took advantage Of jordan When she was A freshman.
Thank you.
Guys, i'm no-i'm not So sure i can do this.
Boy: it's just us.
It's not like you don't Masturbate at home, right? No, i ca-i can't- I can't do it while You're watching me, man.
He didn't know He was being filmed.
Second boy: You want to be on the team, You gotta do it.
We all did it.
I'll-i'll try.
Did owen tell you About this? He didn't have to.
It was posted On the school Social networking site.
We pulled it down Immediately.
Once it's on the internet, It's out there forever.
Owen knew that.
Did owen tell his father About it? Not at first, But when owen quit The wrestling team, His father confronted him.
I mean, he blamed owen For the whole thing.
He only Joined the team to get His father's approval.
How were These boys punished? Owen identified them, But on film, all we have Is their voices.
I mean, even if they Admitted involvement, All they'd have to do Is say that owen didn't Have to do it.
He didn't know He was being filmed.
Look, it's his word Against theirs.
I mean-parents Will get involved, The school board, Lawyers.
I mean, cyberbullying is A- a hot issue right now.
And the whole thing Would wind up on 60 minutes.
How's that gonna help owen? What did you tell him? I told him That dealing with bullies Is part of growing up.
Sounds familiar.
Boys have a way Of sorting these things Out for themselves.
Yeah, they sure do.
Right now, Owen's out there Sorting it out With an assault rifle.
I apologize.
It's just We-we've heard Those phrases before When we interview School shooters.
Jordan was the motive For kyle borden.
It was revenge.
I need to speak To the boys who made This video immediately.
L- let me check Their class schedule.
What is it? None of them have shown up For school.
He deleted everything But the one mpeg.
I'm walking morgan through Retrieving what he put In the trash, but- We've got 3 missing kids, Garcia.
We need access To owen's e-mail.
The kid is tech savvy, sir, But fret not.
I am tech savvier.
Is that a word? That sounds like a word.
If it is a word, i am it.
Time, garcia.
No maternal presence, Dysfunctional relationships With dominating fathers Who withheld love.
They were made For each other.
As lovers, yes, But partners in crime, no.
There's nothing In jordan's profile That indicates She's capable of violence, And certainly not murder.
A new mpeg just posted To the school social Networking site.
He- You need to see this.
It was a joke, man! We didn't mean anything By it.
It was 3 years ago.
No one even remembers it.
Owen: i do.
No, owen.
Don't! Please! No- Garcia, is there any way To trace the mpeg To the computer That sent it? It was sent from Jordan's p.
, But owen's hacked the sim card.
He's anonymized it.
It stops the phone From transmitting Its current position.
Hackers do it To stop roaming charges.
It's good for one call, And then the carrier Turns the service off.
So even if it's turned on And he's using it, We can't track it? Bingo.
Have the cell company Leave the service on In case He sends anything else.
Yes, sir.
Let's bring In sheriff hallum And see if he recognizes The background.
"there's a man Going round Taking names, "and he decides Who to free And who to blame.
Everybody won't be Treated all the same.
" Johnny Cash.
From that song Owen was playing When he did this, right? He's been taking names.
Collecting names.
He's acting out His revenge fantasies.
The family, school, And social dynamics Do seem to fit perfectly.
He's not collecting names.
He's collecting injustices.
I'm ready To give the profile.
Once you've heard The profile, You'll understand.
We are wasting time.
Owen is here, And we should be Knocking on doors.
It's not a good idea.
And why is that? Because owen's watching.
He's monitoring the news.
Right now, he thinks You think he's gone.
He feels safe.
If we start Knocking on doors, He's gonna know that he's not.
He's gonna feel trapped.
Why the hell Should we care about This little bastard's Feelings? All right, we're here To help you bring in Owen savage With minimum loss of life.
The profile tells you The best way to do that.
Owen savage fits the profile Of a type of school shooter Known as An injustice collector.
He's trying to avenge Perceived wrongs.
If he's a school shooter, Why hasn't he hit The school yet? Jordan.
Most of these guys Are so angry and hopeless, They just want to kill As many people as possible And commit suicide, But jordan gives him A reason to live.
Otherwise He's a textbook case.
His life was one torment After another.
His teachers gave up on him, His classmates bullied him, And his father blamed him While giving him Access to guns.
Given these conditions, You're actually Quite fortunate.
It sounds like you're saying These victims deserved this.
We're not.
Nobody deserves this.
But you could have Prevented it.
Reid, can i talk to you? It's the truth.
They could have Done something.
They worked With his father.
They knew owen.
So what? All adolescents Profile like sociopaths.
There's a reason You can't diagnose them Until they're 18.
Yeah, And they could have Seen the signs.
Nobody sees the signs, reid.
You know that.
And making it their fault Is not only unfair, It's dangerous.
I want you to go back To the savage house, And i want you To go through Owen's room.
Morgan's already Doing that.
Yeah, and you're gonna Join him.
Oh, you're punishing me? No.
I'm using you.
You know this kid Better than anybody.
Go find us something We can use.
He was out of line, And i'm sorry.
We want to release the mpeg From owen's computer To the media.
He left it because He wants us to know Why he's doing this, And by releasing it, It could temporarily Dissipate his urge to kill And buy us some time.
Time for what? To figure out a way To bring him in peacefully.
Jordan's innocent, And owen wants to die, And if you choose To go knocking on doors, I think it's gonna Get her killed.
After The funerals tomorrow, I won't have a choice.
Until then, You do what You think is best To find him And bring him in.
Thank you.
If y'all will excuse me.
You know what? Someday we're gonna have A house of our own, Just like this one.
Can we live Someplace cold? Why do you want that? I want to wake up Christmas morning And see snow.
Wouldn't that be great, A white christmas? Yeah.
Y- you gotta smell it.
Why? Uh, you see If it's the right kind.
You know, People who know wine Can tell if It's the right flavor By smelling the cork.
It smells Like grapes to me.
So this is nice, huh? It's not a bad spread For a couple of kids.
It's ok.
It's ok.
Sit back down.
I'm scared.
It's ok.
All right? Go on back.
Sit down.
Stay away From the window.
I'm gonna take care Of this, ok? Who is that? Owen? Is that you? Yes, sir, it's me.
What are you doing Out here, boy? Aah! Aah! Owen I'm-i'm sorry, Mr.
Why? You weren't supposed To be back Till the first week In may.
This wasn't supposed To happen.
I'm-i'm sorry.
Hey, jordan.
Jordan, it's ok.
They left.
Jordan? What are you doing Down there? I thought it was my dad.
No, no.
It was-it was just- It was a few mexican kids.
They got lost Looking for the interstate.
It's fine.
They're gone now.
I thought He was gonna kill us.
Hey, ok? Everything's fine, All right? They got lost, And they're gone now.
Hey, come on.
You doin' all right? Garcia restored Those e-mails.
Yeah, i'm sorting Through them right now.
You know, You're not the only one Who identifies with him.
You said i was A high school jock.
I was.
But not at first.
My freshman year I was 5'3".
I weighed a buck 20 Soaking wet.
So trust me When i tell you I got my ass kicked Every day.
So the following summer, I hit the weights, And i got lucky.
I grew 6 inches.
But it was never About vanity, reid.
It was about survival.
I was in the library, And, uh Harper hillman Comes up to me, And she tells me that, Uh, alexa lisben Wants to meet me Behind the field house.
Alexa lisben's, like Easily the prettiest girl In school.
So what happened? Alexa wasn't there? She was there.
So was the entire Football team.
They uh Stripped me naked And tied me To a goal post.
So many kids were there, You know, just watching.
Nobody tried To stop 'em? Mm-mmm.
I begged- I begged them to, But they just- They just watched.
And finally, They got bored, And they left.
It was, like, midnight When i finally got home.
And my mom didn't Mom was having One of her episodes, So she didn't even realize I was late.
You never told her What happened? I never told anybody.
I thought- It was one of those things That i thought If i didn't talk about it, I'd just forget.
But i remember it Like it was yesterday.
Ah, reid, you don't need An eidetic memory for that.
You know, we forget Half of what they Teach us in school, But when it comes to The torment and the people Who inflicted it We've all got An elephant's memory.
Owen just wants to forget.
I know what that's like.
He's been making A big deal out of saying Good-bye to jordan In all of his e-mails.
None of it's shorthand.
That's odd.
He never got a chance To say good-bye To his mother.
Abandonment is His biggest fear.
That's why he chose jordan.
He thinks she'll never leave.
Owen's mother's death Left him with severe Issues of abandonment.
If we can get jordan Away from him, We'll save her And take away His reason to live.
He'll take his own life.
It's the only way We can save jordan.
How can we get her To leave him? He's kept jordan In the dark.
She doesn't know About the murders.
You want to tell her? If we can.
We can get her To turn herself in.
But even if we could Talk to her, The only person She trusts is owen.
There's one other person.
She might be able To get a message to jordan.
Jordan doesn't know What owen's done.
She has no idea Of the danger she's in.
Owen loves her.
He would never hurt her.
If the police find them And there's no way out, He will.
We've seen it before.
Even if he doesn't, She'll get caught In the crossfire.
We've seen that Before, too.
We're trying to save her.
You are the only person She'll listen to.
We want to send a text Explaining the reality Of the situation.
You want to protect her And be her friend, This is your last chance.
"jordan, there are Some people here with me "who want to talk to you.
"listen to what They have to say.
They are with the fbi.
" You're doing The right thing.
It don't feel right.
Send her The news coverage.
Tell her to look At the pictures.
Tell her we know Owen didn't tell her What he did.
You liars! Send the mpeg.
Reid, do it.
Tell her, "when the police Come for you, Owen will kill you And kill himself.
" No, owen! Don't! No- No- You lie.
Owen loves me.
She's gone.
Now what? We've planted the seed.
Now we wait.
She's back.
Prentiss: "you were right.
What do i do?" Ask her where she is.
"if i tell you, You will hurt him.
" She's not gonna Give it up.
Ask her If she can get away.
"i can try.
" Jordan? Jordan! She's back.
"you turned her Against me.
" It's not jordan.
Somebody please tell me We didn't just Get jordan killed.
It was the right thing To do.
I know.
I just- I really thought We could save her.
We had no choice.
I got to the car While owen was Digging.
And he didn't see me Until he heard me Start the truck.
He tried to stop me, But i ju - I kept driving.
We need to know Where he is.
You're gonna hurt him.
We don't want To hurt owen, But we think owen Might hurt himself Or someone else If we don't get to him Really soon.
He's at stratman's ranch.
Officer: Around the house.
Reid, reid, A little help.
Owen's not here.
Hey, hotch.
We got a body Back there.
Half-dug grave.
Found a note.
"i'm going to return My mom's necklace.
" He may be going home To get it.
We didn't find it, But it could be there.
Sheriff, you go there.
You? Where's his mother Buried? Reid, what are you doing? * full of * He's gonna force us To kill him.
I can't even Be a part of that.
You don't need me.
Meet me at the station.
They think he's going To his mother's grave.
Isn't he? He was gone When we got to the ranch.
I want to save his life, But i need to ask you A question.
This necklace- He gave it to you? Uh i left it At the ranch.
He's coming here.
Call hotch, tell him, And don't let her out Of this room.
Something's wrong.
He had a head start.
If he was coming here, He'd be here already.
He said he wanted To say good-bye, Give her back The necklace.
He wasn't talking About his mother.
Yeah? Ok, we're on our way.
Reid knew.
What makes you think He'll come here? It's what i would do.
Cover me.
Whoa-what-reid! Do not shoot.
Reid! Owen, I don't have a gun.
My name is spencer, I'm with the fbi, And i'm here to help you.
Yeah? I need you To stay back! I know the only reason You joined the team Was for your father.
I know that he blamed you For what happened.
Stay back! Right where you are! I also know The only reason You killed rod norris And kyle borden Was to protect jordan.
I know the harder You tried, The worse it got, And it felt like Everybody just stood there Watching you suffer.
Not a single person Even tried to help.
They didn't.
They didn't.
What's he doing? He's blocking Our shot.
I know You want to escape And forget.
Believe me when i say I know-i know exactly How that feels.
But you know what? You don't have to die.
No, I'm already dead.
No, you're not dead.
If you die, You're gonna Leave jordan Just like Your mother Left you.
I know You don't want that.
Do you? Ok.
You bring her to me, All right? You bring her outside.
I can't bring her Outside, owen, But if you put The gun down, I swear to god, I'll take you to her.
I promise Nobody will hurt you.
You'll say good-bye To her, And you'll give her The necklace.
All right? So what do you say? Let's put the gun down.
Let's go inside.
Don't move! Don't move.
You good, reid? It's all over.
It's ok.
Reid: "we cross our bridges When we come to them "and burn them behind us, "with nothing to show For our progress "except the memory Of the smell of smoke And a presumption That once our eyes watered.
" Tom stoppard.
You knowingly Jeopardized your life And the lives of others.
I should fire you.
You're the smartest kid In the room, But you're not The only one In that room.
You pull something like This again, you will be.
Am i clear? Yes, sir.
It won't happen again.
Thank you.
What were you thinking? I was thinking That that would have been The second time A kid died in front of me.
You're keeping score, Just like owen.
It was my turn To save one.
Doesn't work like that.
It should.
I know it's painful When the person You identify with Is the bad guy.
What's that make me? Good at the job.
I know it's none Of my business, But when we land, I think you should Go and, uh, catch the rest of that movie.