Criminal Minds s03e17 Episode Script

In Heat

I turned The breaker off.
Ooh! Kevin, You scared me.
It's becoming Your thing.
Well, maybe you Scare too easily.
What- What's this? Oh.
Uh, Since you couldn't Make it to dinner, I thought i would Bring dinner to you.
Oh, kevin.
Want to start With dessert? Oh, i always said I wanted to try this When i was a grown-up.
Mm you're Too stressed out.
What? You're too Stressed out.
You didn't like that? No.
That's why you Scare so easily.
You're so stressed.
I have A stressful job.
You know, maybe We should get away.
You mean, Like a vacation? Yeah.
You deserve a week In the land Of no keyboards.
I don't know what I'd do with myself.
Well, i can think of A couple things.
Oh, That is something else I have always wanted to try.
Mm, oh, my husband Would kill us both.
Don't think Of him.
Oh Oh.
Oh oh Muy linda.
Oh, my- Preciosa.
Oh, my god.
Oh, god Oh, my god.
Oh, god.
Charles luvet was found floating In a miami marina last night.
Local m.
Thinks that He was only in the water About an hour.
Any attempt To weigh the body down? Doesn't Appear to be.
Well, the dumping Could be convenient, As a opposed to a means Of hiding the crime.
Well, he's the third victim Found in miami over The last 2 months.
Though the locations Of the bodies are different, Many of the elements are The same-all males, All asphyxiated With no signs Of sexual assault.
But tourists Could be just Simple robbery.
Well, there are some Personal items missing.
He's targeting Travelers For a reason.
I am so sorry.
Hey, Half-day today? The alarm, sir.
I overslept.
I'm so sorry.
Everyone's allowed To be late once.
It won't Happen again.
You guys Notice the red flag On the autopsy report? Yeah.
None Of the hyoid bones Were fractured.
No visual signs of trauma.
No ligature marks.
Yet the unsub still managed To asphyxiate grown men.
Maybe a chokehold, Wouldn't leave Any signs of trauma.
It would also be a way Of controlling a male.
A powerful grip from behind Gives the unsub All the leverage.
None of these victims Look out-of-shape Or easy to control.
In fact, they all look Remarkably fit.
: well, as i said, The recovery locations Are very different.
Charles luvet was found In the water.
Daniel brown was Partially buried in A shallow sand dune.
Paul hayes was stuffed Into a dumpster.
Prentiss: that's not much Of an effort to hide Any of them.
They were all found In high-traffic areas.
: miami p.
Is asking for our help, Considering There are currently 4 other men missing That match This victimology.
I can dig up What i can on the victims From their hometowns.
Miami is a mecca For potential targets, And anyone traveling Is more vulnerable Than they normally would be.
Case in point - Charles luvet, The latest victim, He was A vacationing cop.
: "there are no secrets Better kept Than the secrets That everybody guesses.
" George bernard shaw.
Reid: ugh agh.
Is it always This hot? Every day, all day.
That's south beach.
That's not what I'm talking about.
They know.
Detective lopez, Miami p.
Oh, um, morgan Derek.
So, thank you for Coming down so quickly.
Agent jareau - J.
We spoke On the phone.
These are agents Hotchner, prentiss, Rossi, derek, And dr.
Well, i hope there's no test, 'Cause i'm lousy with names.
Agent Will be fine.
Hey, Isn't that- Lopez: detective lamontagne Just arrived from new orleans To i.
The cop they pulled From the bay last night.
Detective, It's good to see you.
How are you? Yeah.
Uh, charlie luvet And i worked Together for 7 years.
We haven't formally I.
ed him yet, But we believe it's him.
Sorry for Your loss, man.
So, you all Know each other? Professionally.
The, uh, B.
Helped me out On a case about a year ago.
But just For the sake of clarity, I'm not here to investigate.
Charlie was, um, supposed To be married this august, So if the guy That floated up Last night was him, I guess i have the honor Of notifying his fiancée, So she's gonna need Some answers, closure, And i'm just here To get that for her.
Do you know Why he was here? He was meeting up With some college buddies To compete In a regatta.
He was a big boat guy.
So, he wasn't Traveling alone.
Well, he came alone.
He was meeting them here.
We should track These friends down, see If they saw anything.
And the 2 other victims, Any potential witnesses? No.
Paul hayes Was here alone on business.
Daniel brown came down To windsurf by himself.
So, they were all Essentially alone.
The unsub watched them Long enough to know that.
He's probably Already scoping out His next victim, And i don't have A damn thing To warn people with, So come on inside.
I got everything All set up.
How are you? Lamontagne.
Good to see you.
Lamontagne: Hey, wait up.
What was that? What was what? "professionally"? Hey, you still haven't Told 'em about us? It's none Of their business.
Where do you tell them You go every weekend? I don't.
So are-are you Ashamed or something? What? No.
It's just In this team, Everyone Knows everything About everyone.
There's no privacy.
My personal life is One less thing They can profile, All right? We should Get up there.
Wouldn't want your team To think something's up, Would we? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Please don't Do this, ok? You realize that This is gonna happen Every now and then When our career paths Cross, right? Doesn't make it Any less awkward.
Never realized How much awkward Could sound like ashamed.
Lopez: this is Everything we recovered From paul hayes' hotel room.
It's all been processed, So don't worry about Touching anything.
Thank you.
I'm gonna take The skinny kid and derek To the dumpsites, So i got my cell, Radio.
If anyone doesn't give you Anything, just call me.
She did say She wasn't good at names.
Remembered derek.
Wonder how She'll describe us.
Oh, i am sure i Don't want to know.
Oh, it's always sad Seeing someone's Life reduced To the things They had with them When they died.
It's just so clear They didn't know How short Their time would be.
Odd? His wife reported That he'd been down here Almost a week On business.
Yet he never wore any Of the suits he packed.
Hmm, and there Are appointments Going back 6 months In his p.
, But nothing is Listed for the week He was here.
Hayes was wearing Running clothes When he was killed.
Who takes off Their wedding ring to jog? Yeah.
That's him.
That's charlie luvet.
Woman: we had to i.
More than the photo Before we could ship him.
You're not family, But i can cut through The red tape.
Thank you.
If you need help Making arrangements, Uh, liaising with families Is part of what i do.
I might just Take you up on that.
Excuse me.
I'll be outside.
Paul hayes was found In a dumpster over there.
Hey, i think these guys Knew the unsub.
What makes you Say that? Where you're A fish out of water, You look to the locals For where to eat, Where to shop.
What path to run.
Why would he kill them And then risk dragging Their body across the beach? He wouldn't.
They were already Out here.
So they've already Dusted for prints.
I sure would feel better If we found his gun And shield.
I'm thinking if somebody Tried to grab him up here, He might have left them Behind, you know? Charlie left the hotel Voluntarily.
What makes you Say that? 'Cause we'd know If the valet had His car downstairs.
This is a receipt For a mercury sable He rented.
You know, Most rental cars have Locators in 'em.
I'll call garcia, See if she can find out Where it is right now.
Standing in My dead partner's room, And you think I'm in the mood For grab-ass, huh? What's that? Plastic i.
I'm guessing It's for the regatta.
Hey, i'm sorry.
Mi puo indicare Il fegato Sulla cartina? You just asked me To show you where Your liver is on a map.
Did i? Pretty sure "il fegato" is liver.
Oh, try this one.
"vorrei una camera Con letto matrimoniale.
" Hmm, what Does that mean? "i'd like to book A room with a double bed.
" Oh, jinkies, Even lechery sounds Better in italian.
Buon giorno, Signor hotchner.
You are correct.
Most rentals do have A locator system in them.
Got it.
I'm sure I can have this car Located in a jiff.
All clear, detective.
Thanks, guys.
This garcia girl Of yours is good.
That's An understatement Hey, you can't go Wrong with a latina At the controls.
That's my girl, But, uh, she's not nearly As latino As the name sounds.
If i'm gonna Kill someone, Taking them out on A boat would give me The most privacy.
Then there's Harbor masters And videotapes, But that's-i mean, That will take weeks To get back, And we don't have Weeks, right? No, we sure don't.
You got the keys, Don't you? Oh, yeah.
Go ahead And start it up.
Well, there is one good thing About these victims Being on vacation.
When you're alone In a strange place, You got a rent-a-car, What's the one thing That you need? A g.
That's right.
Normally, when you Return these things, They wipe This stuff clean, So that right there Has to be the last place Charlie needed to go.
Really? What, you know it? That's not possible.
Come on.
I think i would know If there's a regatta Happening this weekend At my own club.
Our regatta is held In september.
But he said- And i'm sorry, But we wouldn't use A plastic bracelet like This for participants.
Our entry fee Is $10,000.
Good luck.
You're sure That's what he said? Comes here Every year for it.
It's what he does On his annual furlough.
I just Got an address out of Charlie luvet's rental.
It's to a bar In south beach- It's a gay bar, hotch.
I don't think Charlie luvet was Ever out here To meet friends For a race.
We'll have to rethink Our victimology.
Better watch yourself In the sun.
You know what they say.
All the exposure Can kill you.
Suntan to death.
Well, i guess there's Worse ways to die.
As someone with Firsthand experience, I can tell you That is true.
Firsthand experience? Yeah.
I'm a police officer In new orleans.
A cop.
Really? Well, That's impressive.
Where are you from? Texas.
Well, you know, They say things Are bigger there.
Well, i don't know Anything about that, officer, But, um, how about I buy you a drink, And we can talk about it? You're not here With anyone? Nope.
Came down to miami All by my lonesome.
Look at that.
Me, too.
I'm deac.
Name's charlie- Charlie luvet.
For you.
Oh, thank you.
You read my mind.
I don't understand How it can be this dry When it's this humid.
Sweat All your fluids Out outside And then come Into bone-dry Air conditioning.
Well, then if i could Just hook this up To an i.
, then At least we have Something fun To look at, Keep us on our toes.
What do you mean? Lamontagne.
You think so, huh? Don't you? Yeah.
I guess he's- He has a thing.
Definitely a thing.
Detective, is that The case file? Yeah.
How'd i not know Charlie was gay? Because he didn't Want you to know.
Flew hundreds of miles Just to be someone else.
He flew hundreds Of miles to be himself.
What do i tell His fiancée? The truth.
Lopez: all right, Everybody.
Listen up.
The fbi has a profile Of our guy.
We want to stress What we're about to present Is just A preliminary profile.
There may be A time restraint here, So we just wanted To give you what we have now.
Our technical analyst, Penelope garcia, Will start off By talking About the 4 remaining Victims still missing.
Disappeared On the same day A few months ago, And then the third And the fourth went missing Within the last 4 weeks.
We think the unsub Is targeting these guys On their travels.
Yeah, and then when The befriending happens, Whoosh, they vanish.
However it looks like There's a connection Between our current Victims and the men That are still missing.
See, 2 of Those 4 missing men Were totally out, Openly gay When they disappeared.
I saw one of them On socialcrib.
That's A social networking site.
It had a photo With his boyfriend.
Assuming The 4 missing men are Meeting the same unsub, It means he's killing Almost weekly, Which also means He may have already Chosen his next victim.
Prentiss: what we need Is more information On the movements Of our victims Before they met the unsub.
We have 3 confirmed victims And 4 possibles.
Some of our other colleagues Are out in the community now Trying to see if anyone Remembers anything About these men.
It's also not just The fact that our victims Were traveling alone That left them vulnerable To the unsub.
We believe they may have Been looking specifically To meet other men.
Based on the ages Of the victims, We're looking For an offender In his mid to late 20s.
He's familiar With the area, And he may be Offering assistance To those who are not.
Prentiss: he studies His victims' habits.
He learns How to gain their trust.
This unsub is charming, Charismatic, intelligent.
We assume he frequents Gay establishments, But he may also work at one.
And, Given the technique With which he kills, He may have had prior Defense tactic training.
He may be a member Of the military Or recently discharged.
He steals their possessions, But he doesn't pawn a thing.
And the fact that He's targeting gay men May mean that This is a hate crime And/or the unsub May be struggling With his own sexuality.
Hey, Loosen up, baby.
Come on.
You can Have a little fun.
Maybe-maybe you Need another shot.
You know, i'll be right back.
Whoa, whoa.
Was it Something i said? Nah.
Nah, cher.
Then-then what's wrong? Nothing.
I just need To get some air.
Just a little time, And i'll have some Answers for you.
The best thing That you can know Is that he loved you Very much.
All right.
Good night.
Well Sure is warm In the bayou, But at least It cools down some At night.
Well, you leaving? Yeah.
I'm-i'm beat.
Without Saying good-bye? I didn't know Where you were.
Did you look? Should i be worried? I mean, it doesn't take A profiler to see That you got One foot out the door In this relationship.
Could you just please Keep your voice down? I don't care If they hear us.
Hey, yo, I'm crazy about her.
You know, i- I don't have a problem With people Knowing about it.
Well, i do.
Why? Just because, All right? It's-all right, It's my business.
Are you ashamed Of this? No.
Did i offend you? No.
I say Something wrong? No.
You seeing Another guy? No.
You want to see Another guy? No.
You want to break up? Y- Y- you do? Yeah.
We're supposed To hop on a plane Every weekend forever? And neither one of us Is willing to relocate, so- When did we have That discussion? Well, do you? Maybe.
You want to give up Your career in new orleans So you can live In quantico, virginia? Well, i'd at least like To have that option.
You know, look, j.
All i'm looking for here Is an acknowledgement To your friends That you care about me.
Why? Why is that So important to you? Why? Have a good night, j.
Will Look at me.
I'm breaking the law With a cop.
I wouldn't Announce that.
Mmm! I'm a bad, bad boy.
I'm a badass.
Hee hee hoo! Does that mean You're gonna have To handcuff me? 'Cause you can Handcuff me, If you want.
Shut up.
Are you a dirty cop, Huh? 'Cause i like dirty.
Is that what you want? You like dirty What are you doing? My cop from new orleans? 'Cause i can do dirty.
That what you want? Shut up and listen To yourself.
You're disgusting.
You're filthy.
Jeez Ohh Sorry, cher.
I- I didn't hurt you, Did i, cher? I'm sorry.
I thought you left.
You said in the profile That the unsub was Targeting gay males, Possibly due To his struggles With his own sexuality, Right? Right.
Well, what if the reason Luvet let his guard down Was because he could Finally be who he is- No-no judgments, No fear.
What if the unsub Is seeing a freedom In his victims That he wishes He had himself? Oh, that really hurt.
"that really hurt.
" That ain't funny.
"that ain't funny.
" What are you doing? What, are you making fun Of me now? No, no, cher.
I'm not making fun Of you.
Hey, hey, i'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
For which thing? For this.
Ugh! You can take him away.
What have we got? Male, The same age range, And we found Luvet's police badge About a half a block From here.
So the unsub either Ditched it or dropped it When he was getting away.
Any sign of luvet's gun? No.
He may be Holding on to that.
Why would he kill Out on the open like this? He's losing control Emotionally.
He could be Devolving.
Leaving the body Out in plain sight? It's-it's off pattern.
Lopez: he was Interrupted.
Who interrupted him? Bring him over.
Busboy from the bar.
Mijito, these are The fbi people That i told you about, So just tell them Everything you saw.
All right.
Well, I came out here On my break To have a smoke, And that guy was On the ground, and His friend said- His friend? Yeah.
His friend Said that they had Just been mugged.
You spoke to this guy? No, ma'am.
I tried.
But he did say That he was a cop.
So he took off, and he Chased after those guys.
Could you give A description of this cop To a sketch artist? No.
I can't.
I mean, he was A white guy, but it was Pretty dark out here, And he basically Kept running away From me the whole time.
I'm gonna have to get All your information.
Yeah, sure.
Just come with me.
So this guy is Impersonating luvet? Could just be a ruse He used to get away.
But if he is Impersonating His victims, why? Transference.
Whatever he sees In his victims, He wants For himself.
He hates Who he is.
He's targeting Tourists Because he sees them As living a kind Of lie, too.
Could be suffering From cluster "b.
" Cluster "b"? A cluster of Personality disorders.
It's also called The erratic, dramatic Emotional cluster, An enduring pattern Of inner experience And behavior That differentiates Itself markedly from The expectations Of the individual's Culture.
It manifests itself- This guy's a sick dude.
Prentiss: but something Triggers his constant Need to escape.
It could be Drugs, sex, Something that makes him Feel vulnerable.
And he can't Allow himself The vulnerability.
Escape into the fantasy Protects him from ever Having to look at himself.
You know, If the unsub lives In their skin, Odds are, He's living in Their hotel rooms.
Any i.
On the body? Medical examiner: No wallet, nothing.
It might have dropped.
They're searching now.
You're not gonna Find anything.
We need to roll The prints and run 'em.
We need to figure out Who he is and where He was staying.
Prints belong To deacon rogers, Odessa, texas.
He's got a couple Of minor arrests- One for Marijuana possession And one for lewd behavior, Which i'm guessing is code For gay in texas.
His credit card Shows him staying At a south beach hotel.
Lopez: it's open.
Boy, he tore through This place in a hurry.
What was he Looking for? Identity, Anything to possess A new one.
He thinks there's A witness out there Who can i.
It's not about fulfilling His need anymore.
It's about His own survival.
How does he escape? I'm gonna find out If deacon rogers Had a car here.
I can pay you Gas money.
Aw, hell, who cares About that, boy? Just obliged To have someone Along for the ride.
The sun out here Is really dangerous.
Dangerous, huh? Where you from? Germany.
Can you Say that again - "dangerous"? Dangerous.
" yeah.
Lopez: think we Missed something? I don't know.
Forensics pulled hair From the sink, But it'll be days Before we get results.
We don't have That kind of time.
The unsub can't Follow his pattern.
He thinks There might have been A witness, So he's gonna need To change identities Sooner than usual.
What if he can't? What do you mean? We're predicting that The unsub may take another Life in the next 24 hours Because there was a witness Who saw him.
Remember what garcia said, That specific paradigm- That occurred One other time.
The first 2 men disappeared On the same day.
Because somebody might Have seen something That threatened The unsub with Getting caught? It's worth profiling.
Steven fitzgerald First went missing 2 months ago, Took a bus to miami From oakland park, Which is Just up the highway, Never seen again.
Robert feeney flew In for a wedding But never arrived At his hotel.
We need to get Back in these files, Question Both families.
Somewhere along the way, Their paths May have crossed.
There's a case We're working on Which may be connected To your son's Disappearance.
Is that right? Unfortunately, It's a murder case, sir.
Someone is attacking men Who are traveling alone.
This man's Attacking homosexuals.
Can you confirm that Your son steven is gay? Why, i know he was Confused about his Sexual orientation.
How do you mean, Confused? There were A number of issues He needed to sort out.
Was there A friend in miami Steven was going To see? No.
He didn't Have many friends, Pretty much Kept to himself.
So once he got on the bus, You never heard from him.
You seem resigned To this fact.
Wherever steven is, i trust It's a better place for him.
Well, that's A remarkable kind Of strength.
That's because of My personal relationship With the lord.
He gives me my strength And my guidance.
And you apply That philosophy To your job, as well? Well, a prison guard depends On his instincts, His skills, And his strength.
Otherwise, we'd get Ourselves killed.
My faith Is my personal code.
Defense tactics classes Are required For all employees At the prison, right? Once he got to the motel, He was supposed to call.
But he never did.
Every time That phone rings- I know in my heart That steven Was happy that day.
I swear, It was the first time I'd seen him smile in years.
He'd been talking about Taking that trip for weeks.
Sarah, you don't have To justify your brother Getting on that bus.
Yes I do, 'cause It was my fault.
Did steven follow In your footsteps? Did he look to god for Strength and guidance? My troubles with steven Has-they have Nothing to do With my-my faith.
We belong to A very tolerant church, Sometimes too tolerant, And they teach That god loves everyone, Despite their failings.
And you saw Steven's homosexuality As a failing.
I'm a prison guard.
I mean, you know How many times I've walked in On men together? Had to physically Pull them apart? It was filthy.
Oh, it's filthy.
I think he just wanted To do it to piss me off.
You think your son's Sexuality was a way To anger you? I was trying to save him.
From what? From himself.
Why would You say that? Because i gave steven The money to go to miami.
Why? I was trying to help him To-to go somewhere else, Somewhere He could feel safe.
Safe from what? What are you Looking for, sarah? You afraid somebody's Gonna hear you? Who were you protecting Your brother from, Your father? Was your father Hurting steven? He-he really believes He was doing what's right.
So he did throw him Around a little bit.
They just - They didn't see Eye to eye.
Steven couldn't Stay here anymore, And-and i had to Help him get out.
Is your father Hurting you, too? Never.
How come? Because she's not The one who's gay.
And how were you Trying to help him? I've been a guard For 20 years.
I know a little Something about Disciplining somebody.
So, what, You thought You could Beat homosexuality Out of him, I don't like your tone.
Threatening this boy With tactics you use On hardened criminals? Threatening him With his own life? I was teaching him How to be a man.
You were teaching him How to kill one.
You convinced him He was worthless, Contemptible for Being who he was, And he believed you, So he found a way To become Someone else, Anyone else.
Steven isn't missing, sir.
He's the offender We're looking for.
To my office.
Texas plates.
Deacon rogers Never rented a car.
He drove here from texas In this.
Put it out as a bolo.
Agent hotchner Is taking statements From the family Of steven fitzgerald.
He might be our unsub.
Seriously? It's an unusual Household.
We've had his picture This whole time? Apparently.
Didn't know soon enough To prevent this.
One set Of tire tracks in, Nothing out.
Lopez: yeah, i noticed.
County spotted the vehicle Asphyxiated? Heh.
Why mess with a good thing? It's clearly working For him.
This stretch of road Takes you out of the city.
If we lose steven now, It could take us months To catch up with him again.
May i? Knock yourself out.
What is it? Some kind Of scraps of paper.
Looks like A fast-food wrapper.
It's a receipt For a youth hostel.
It's dated Last night.
The name On it is, uh, Michael aldridge.
From the looks Of his sunburn, It's a good guess This young man Was hitchhiking.
Assuming steven's taken over Michael's identity, He might've hitched A ride out of here.
He didn't drive? Not if michael didn't.
He's not becoming His victims by choice.
It's his illness.
He'd have to travel The exact same way.
There's a few hostels In north miami beach, in seneca, 5 miles west.
We'll Have to split up.
We'll take seneca.
You take North miami beach.
Uh, michael aldridge Checked in an hour ago.
What room Did you put him in? It's like a day room Kind of thing, Like a dormitory.
A dormitory Full of kids? Uh, it's pretty full.
Lopez, slow down.
The rest of my team Is on their way.
We should wait.
I got a nut With a gun in A hostel full of kids.
If you want To wait, wait.
Let's go.
Get them Out of here.
Nobody move.
Nobody panic.
Lopez: looking For steven fitzgerald.
You two, go.
Get out of here.
All right.
Looking for steven, Steven fitzgerald.
Lopez: steven? All of you, Get out of here.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Steven? don't.
Lopez: you, out.
Lopez: steven! Michael? Michael aldridge? Michael.
yes? What-what is this? What do you want? I want you to put That bag down.
I just want To talk to you.
But i-i have done nothing.
I didn't do anything.
I know.
I know.
There's nothing in that Bag you need, michael.
Just want Some information.
I need to find steven.
My-my name is michael.
I do not know steven.
Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
I don't know steven.
Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
You know where he is.
I don't know steven! I don't know steven! Why do you want steven?! Steven is stupid.
He's-he's disgusting! He's filthy! Steven is filthy! Steven, listen to me.
Nothing is wrong With you.
Nothing, man.
I'm gonna show you.
Stay with me, ok? I'm gonna Put this away.
Derek Derek Steven, Look at me.
Look right at me.
Steven, Do you remember Who sarah is? Hmm? Sarah is Your sister.
Sarah is worried About you, man.
My sister? Yeah.
Your sister sarah.
Steven, She loves you.
She wants you To stop running.
Steven, it's ok.
Put that bag down.
I didn't do Anything wrong.
I believe you.
Did nothing wrong.
I didn't do Anything wrong.
It's ok.
It's ok.
I didn't do Anything wrong.
It's ok.
I got to do this.
You have to tell him That i didn't do anything With those other guys.
I never did.
I never did.
I will.
I never did.
Steven, i promise you, I will tell him.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
Let's go.
Let's go.
I was pretty sure He wasn't gonna Try anything.
Pretty sure, huh? Well, let's call it An educated guess.
Hey, zig, bag this For evidence.
You like it here, huh? South beach? Come on.
What's not to like? I mean, if i'm not On duty, of course.
Anytime you're free, I can introduce you To the real south beach, Stuff we locals like To keep to ourselves.
You think you can show Me a good time, huh? You look like mojitos, Cuban food, brazilian jazz.
That's not bad.
Call it An educated guess.
Come on down, papi.
I'll take Good care of you.
I'll hold you to that.
Morgan, You couldn't wait? This one's on me, hotch.
I didn't think We had enough time.
Detective lopez signed this Into your custody.
Thank you.
I still Can't believe it.
That charlie was gay? No, that he thought He couldn't tell me.
That he thought He had to hide it.
I mean, i can't think Of anything i'd have Cared less about Than him being gay, You know, Well, He was my friend, And i loved him, And all i ever would've Wanted was for him To be happy, you know? Take care Of yourself, J.
You should Go for him.
What? You'd make A cute couple.
You know what? Hey, will.
It's not that i didn't Want them to know.
Ok, i-i don't care About that.
It's not About the relocating.
It's not about traveling On the weekends Or some guy.
It's- I- i didn't want To tell anyone, Because the minute I- i do, It becomes- It becomes real, And when It becomes real, People get hurt, And i've-well, i've Always run from getting Hurt, always, and- I don't want To run anymore, Not from you, and- Just shut up.
Well, finally.
I thought she was Never gonna admit it.
What's it been, Like, a year? Yeah, something Like that.
"if we knew Each other's secrets, What comforts We should find.
" John churton collins.