Criminal Minds s04e24 Episode Script


Ooh, is mommy gonna get danny? Is mommy gonna get danny? Mommy's gonna get danny! Oh, mommy's got danny! Mommy got danny! Mommy loves you.
ohh That was fun.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! He got it! Oh, man.
ha ha ha! Fooled you.
Fooled you! Hey, abby, wait up.
Hey, let's stop here.
I like this view.
Hey, watch it.
Seriously? Mommy got danny! You ok, honey? I'm sorry, baby.
we must have caught something today.
You're burning up.
Help me! Case must be local.
Jj said not to bring a go bag.
Morgan: what's the army doing here? What the hell is going on? Guys,this is dr.
Linda kimura, Chief of special pathogens with the cdc.
I'm sorry to meet under these circumstances.
We need to get started.
What circumstances? Last night,25 people checked into emergency rooms In and around annapolis.
They were all at the same park after 2 p.
Within 10 hours, the first victim died.
It's now just past 7 a.
The ne day,we have 12 dead.
Lung failure and black lesions.
Anthrax? Anthrax doesn't kill this fast.
This strain does.
What are we doing about potential mass tarts-- Airports,malls,trains? There's a media blackout.
We're not telling the public? We'd have a mass exodus.
The psychology of group panic Would cause more deaths than this last attack.
Yeah,and if it does get outah,and if it do get out, oevewhdiis If there is another attack, E's no way we'll be able to keep it quiet.
Our best chance of protecting the public Is by building a profile as quickly as we can.
What do we know about this strain? The spores are weaponized, reduced to a respiral ideal That attacks deep in the lungs.
Odorless and invisible.
A sophisticated strain.
Only a scientist would know how to do that.
These lesions are doubling in size in a matter of hours.
It's not the lesions i'm worried about.
It's the lungs.
We don't know how to combat the toxins once they're inside.
And the reality is, we may lose them all.
The remaing survivors have been moved to a special wing At walter reed hospital.
Our offices will become a small command center.
We'll be working with military scientists from fort detrick.
General whitworth is coming here? He's in charge of site containment and spore analysis.
Determing what strain this is will help inform who's responsible.
My team is in charge of treating all victims.
Reid,go with dr.
Kimura to the hospital.
Interview the victims.
Morgan and prentiss,there's a hazmat team That will accompany you to the crime scene.
There's cipro.
Everybody needs to take it before we go.
We don't know if it'effective against this strain, But it's something.
This is really happening? We knew this could happen.
We've done our homework.
We've prepared for this.
This is it.
Jin dan.
May you live 100 years.
sync:frs@ç³ Reid: "it will become fine dust "Over all the land of egypt, "And will become boils breaking out "With sores on man and beast Through all the land of egypt Exodus 9:9.
Do you have those files i've been looking for? Did you see this memo from the director? S and emails are being monitored.
Yeah,they're trying to protect the media blackout.
Files? Uh,yeah,right here.
I want to see what kind of medical treatment The victims received before i head to the hospital.
Why do you think the suspect in 2001 Stopped sending the letters? I have no idea, but if he hadn't, It would have been much worse.
The worst part was not knowing When it was gonna be over.
Feeling safe opening mail again.
Including a baby who was admitted to the hospital After lesions appeared on his skin.
How did he contract it? I have no idea.
Must have come into close contact With a tainted letter or crossed paths with the unsub himself.
How old was the baby? Did he survive? I gotta run.
Kimura's waiting.
I'll call you from the hospital.
Did the baby survive? Yeah,but,i mean, that was a curable strain.
This thing's entirely different.
Agent jareau.
Uh,call me when he gets through security.
The general's here.
Is there bad blood with him? He was very critical of the way The '01 amerithrax investigation was handled.
Because of what happened with dr.
Among other things.
And this is the list of victims you asked for.
No high-Profile jobs.
Just ordinary people frolicking in the park.
Rossi: any word from the cia? They said there are a few overseas terrorist groups With funding and capability.
They're working international.
We've got domestic.
We need to look at anyone who could profit from this.
People who have patents on anthrax vaccines.
And add to your list Anyone with access to weaponized spores.
Universities,scholars working in bioweapons research.
Employees of labs who keep germ collections.
Be back in a few.
Right in here,sir.
Thank you,agent jareau.
Agent hotchner.
This is ssa david rossi.
My scientists are decoding the strain.
The additives used to strengthen the bacterial capsules Do not exist at our research labs.
Are there any other labs using these substances? No.
I'd like a list of all the scientists In your anthrax program.
I just said we don't use those additives.
Sir,we can rule out your lab samples,but not your people.
Rossi: we're looking at someone who has the ability To manipulate and weaponize anthrax.
Your scientists make that cut.
Now,we all know what happened The last time your team looked into my people.
Sir,our team officially ruled out dr.
I'm sorry if justice didn't listen to us, But the profile was accurate.
Well,i'm outranked by someone Who believes in your profiles.
I'll get you your list.
You feeling any better? Ok.
This is agent reid from the fbi.
If you can, will you talk with him? Abby,i'd like to try to do A memory recall exercise with you To take you back to the park,if that's ok.
Yesterday afternoon,you rode your bicycle to the park.
How did the sun feel on your skin, The breeze through your hair? And the people that you saw? It was warm,windy.
There were guysfootball.
Kids I see free Me seen fee me.
Free knee.
Ssin knee.
All right,abby.
That's ok.
You just rest now,ok? Me mock fee key me free.
You just rest.
Ok? Thank you.
What's causing her aphasia? The poison is infecting the parietal lobe, Impairing her speech.
Some of the other patients displayed the same symptoms Shortly before they died.
None of the drug combinations are working? The only thing that's helping them right now is the morphine.
What are you telling people about why the park is closed? Methane buildup in the sewage system.
And they believe it? Oh,well,yeah,of course,why wouldn't they? Hot zone and all surrounding areas have been neutralized.
You're safe here.
Are you sure? Yes,ma'am.
Thank you.
Ok,check it out.
High levels tested over there.
That's probably where the unsub released the attack.
And there was a prevailing wind out of the northeast yesterday.
Airborne spores scattered that way, Hitting everyone below it.
This park doesn't scream "target" to me.
Terrorists usually taworld trade center.
I mean,it's a nice park,but it's not a symbol.
Ok,so,maybe it's symbolic for the unsub.
Well,we know kaczynski sent bombs to berkeley where he taught, Michigan where he went to school,and chicago where he lived.
And the amerithrax suspect sent letters to 2 pro-Choice senators Whose politics he opposed.
They can't help attaching a personal motive To the places they've targeted.
So,what does this place mean to our unsub? [Flatline tone.]
Leaves 2 kids behind.
This strain is duplicating Every 30 to 45 minutes.
It's poisoning the lungs, Causing massive hemorrhaging and organ failure.
Extreme bacterial amplification.
Whoever created this had to at some point Go to the trouble of testing it.
What do you mean? Think about the way scientists work their way up to human testing.
They start with rodents,then advance to larger mammals, And then at some point,they do a very small trial run with people.
There's no way this was his first human test run.
We would have heard about a previous anthrax attack.
Not if it presented itself as something else.
The general's briefing a congressional committee, And the director's meeting with the president In an hour and wants our input.
I don't know how to do this.
I can't stop thinking about henry.
He goes for a walk almost every single day At potomac park.
What type of mother am i if i don't at least call And tell him to stay at home? Jj,we can't.
I know,but How do i not? I understand that you want to protect your son.
But if we all called home and used this information To give us an advantage that other people don't have Is that the right thing to do? We need to call reid.
He said this may not be the first attack.
[Line ringing.]
Hello? Uh,reid,you have me,rossi,and hotch.
Kimura made some calls.
It turns out That 2 days ago,2 people in 2 separate baltimore e.
S And one person in a philadelphia e.
Slipped into comas and died suddenly.
Now,the c.
On all of them was meningitis.
Doctors didn't test for anthrax Because the illnesses presented themselves as meningitis, But i think it can be caused by anthrax.
Did they show symptoms that we're seeing now-- The lesions? They wouldn't have if the bodily functions expired as quick did.
How quickly? All dead within 3 hours of being admitted.
But the first patient died yesterday at 10 hours.
Here's the thing-- If ter concentration of the strain, It would cause a quicker death.
Organ failure without exterior physical symptoms.
What are their names? Gale mercer,31,martha finestein,48, Albert franks,52.
What next? See if they visited the same place on may 8th.
Gale mercer made a credit card purchase At the book front,owned by albert franks.
We need to find general whitworth.
He needs to sent a team out there.
All right,jj,i got it.
Look at all these people just going about their lives.
If they only knew what we were doing here.
Better that they don't.
Jj says the store's been closed since the owner died.
Gale mercer's credit card purchase happened right before closing.
Well,that explains why only 3 people were hit.
We tested hot.
I'll alert command.
This was his test run.
He's gotta have a history with the place.
We need to get a list of current and past employees, Customers with grievances against the owner, See if any one of them had a science background.
Can you believe there is only a quarter-Inch-Thick Pane of glass between all of us and a wmd? Attack anthrax wasn't made to kill 3 people inside a bookstore.
It wants to be right out here in the open, Where it can feed and multiply.
Just a small amount could wipe out everyone here.
And they'd never see it coming.
It feels like the plagues of egypt.
Plague 6 was unhealable boils Believed by biblical scholars to be caused by anthrax.
Never missed sunday school,did you? Actually,never been before.
How is she doing? She's a fighter.
She's held on this long because she's young and strong.
But she's started to bleed into her lungs.
One of 4 left.
We're running into another problem.
When the next of kin have questions, What do we tell them about cause of death? Yes,sir.
We'll do what we can in the time we've got.
Thank you.
There are problems containing the story.
What happened? I don't know,but the president may have to make an announcement tonight.
What did you hear from the bookstore? Ran names of former employees,customers with grievances.
No one with the science background we're looking for.
Garcia's still digging.
Do we have everyone we need for the profile? Oh,yeah.
Entire defense community is here.
Never seen so many alpha males in one room.
Let's get started.
Hotch: because the locations hit Are not symbolically significant, We believe that these attacks are personal.
Prentiss: understanding the significance Of these locations will be the key To identifying him.
This personal element strongly indicates A home-Grown terrorist.
Morgan: like the amerithrax case,we believe This is someone from the science or defense community.
That's why you're here.
We think you may know him.
He may be one of us.
These home-Grown terrorists are myopic zealots, Ideologues that believe that their work Is of the greatest importance.
He may have preached about the threat Of an attack on america.
His coworkers would describe him As histrionic, Paranoid, Secretive.
All due respect,that's a little vague.
What are we supposed to do with something that generic? Sir,we're not finished yet.
He may have logged excess hours at work In the past weeks preparing for the attack.
We believe he's taken the full dosage of anthrax vaccines Over the recommended 18-Month schedule And had yearly boosters.
Morgan: this guy has his on work space Where he makes his product in privacy.
He also has access to large,expensive, Industrial-Grade equipment at work.
Rossi: he's written about the threats of anthrax attacks, Published papers.
Yet he feels no one is listening.
And that angers him.
Morgan: now,he may have recently experienced Some sort of professional humiliation, Like be demoted or fired.
Now,that would have been his trigger, The moment he decided to go rogue.
And he may have betrayed his loved ones to his cause.
He may be recently separated or divorced.
This is somebody who knows every detail Of the 2001 anthrax attack And has talked about what that suspect did Right or wrong.
He's watching the news very closely To see how the country reacts.
Please share this with your departments.
Thank you.
[Overlapping chatter.]
There's something i think you should see.
January '02.
Classified hearing with the subcommittee On defense and homeland security.
Lawrence nichols.
He used to work at the institute.
He left in '02.
He didn't leave.
He was forced out.
If you ask me,we're lucky it was just 5.
We're lucky that whoever sent these letters Used cheap porous envelopes A not acrop duster.
America's enemies Are capable of wiping out entire cities.
And we are woefully unprepared.
I'm looking at your proposal.
Every household needs gas masks And a 2-Month supply of cipro for each resident.
Every major city needs hospitals With bio-Safety decontamination capabilities.
Regarding the budget you propose for this operation-- Anything short of 50 billion would be grossly negligent.
Nichols,you've got to realize how unrealistic that is.
Unrealistic? We can't justify spending that kind of money On an attack that may not happen.
You people are in denial! Senator: doing this would incite fear And panic among the public.
This country should be panicked! We should live in utter fear of being attacked! Dr.
Nichols,please sit down.
I will not sit down.
We live in a time of war And wmd proliferation.
If you continue to be blind To our lack of preparedness, Then americans will die, And i will have no problem In pointing the blame at you! Committee said he was becoming unstable,fanatical.
Which is why they removed him from fort detrick.
And railroaded from other prominent positions.
Nichols is well-Respected in our community.
He believes in preparedness,not proliferation.
Well,he obviously felt like people Weren't listening.
Maybe he was just Trying to prove a point.
He had access, Lost a prominent job,got divorced.
Fits your profile.
We need to bring him in.
He works for a company Called bio-Design technology.
We subcontract them.
They don't work with anthrax.
They deal primarily with the flu.
Dave,you and prentiss go to his office.
Morgan,pull reid from the hospital and go to his home.
We need to speak with dr.
Lawrence nichols,urgently.
Well,he's not in today.
We need to see his lab.
Follow me.
Clear so far.
Morgan: all right,keep me posted.
This guy just had people over For a charity event last month.
We should probably take a look around anyway.
What's he doing in there? Rossi: when was the last time you saw dr.
Nichols? That's before the bookstore.
[Cell phone rings.]
Yeah,princess,what's up? Uh-Huh.
Yeah,we're here now.
What? The lab is clean? You're sure? All right.
They got nothin'-- Reid.
Reid! Reid? Reid? Reid! Morgan,get--Get back! Get back! Get out of here! What are you doing? What's wrong? No,don't! What's wrong? Believe me,get back.
Reid,open the door! Morgan,how's reid? There's white powder in the room and the air was blasting.
Get a decon team suited up.
Secure a gray zone outside that door.
Clean him up and get him in the ambulance fast.
I should have been right there with him.
Morgan,there's no time for second-Guessing.
What do we know? Nichols is dead.
Blunt force trauma to his head.
Reid thinks he's been dead 2 or 3 days.
Whitworth: well,then he couldn't have been responsible for the attack.
Reid too cipro today,so he's gotta be ok,right? I don't know.
It was precautionary.
It's not helping patients at the hospital.
Yeah,but the didn't take it until after they were exposed.
Reid took it before.
Yeah,but we've never tested this strain [Cell phone rings.]
on a cipro-Ready subject.
We just don't know.
Hotch,i really messed up this time.
Reid,we need to get you out and to the hospital.
I'm staying right here.
No,you're not,reid.
I'm already exposed.
It's not gonna do me any good To stop working the case.
He's already infected.
Now,if nichols created the strain, He may have also created the cure.
My best chance is to stay here,see if there's a cure, Try to figure out who killed dr.
Come on,hotch,say something to him.
He's right.
His best chance is inside.
We're gonna get a suit and mask into you right away.
Don't bother.
It's not gonna do me any good.
I'm already infected.
This thing killed the first 3 victims within hours,jj.
I--I can't think about it that way.
He took cipro.
He's got help.
He's gonna be fine.
I'm not good at this part.
Every time you guys go away,i I know you're in all kinds of ginormous danger, And all i can do is sit here in my bubble, And i hope and i pray And i will my babies to come back to me I try to stay positive,but I don't know how to do this.
If you could do anything to keep your family safe, Even if it meant breaking procedure,would you? Yes.
What procedure? Never mind.
Reid,what do you see in there? I see cages filled with dead animals.
I see signs of a struggle, Probably before dr.
Nichols was murdered.
Equipment's missing.
There's a large desk.
Clutter all over the surface.
But in the corner, There's a smaller desk.
Two different work spaces? Two sets of handwriting.
I'm looking at instructions on how to boil lab-Grade broth, Sterilize lab equipment,and transfer spores.
Nichols would know all that.
He has a partner,maybe even a protege.
Go back to the b.
,try to figure out who this partner is.
Hotch,why don't you go? I'll stay with reid.
Funnel all the information you get to me.
Hotch says nichols may have had a protege who turned on him.
I think we should tell the supervisor That this is about anthrax.
That's not our call to make.
Screw protocol.
Reid's in trouble.
If we tell this guy the truth,he might be able to help us.
Look,i want to help reid,too.
But our job is to do the best we can within our boundaries.
Who's dr.
Nichols close to here? Oh,no one,really.
He worked on his projects alone.
Is he ok? Does he mentor anyone? Not that i know of.
Did he ever work on anything other than the flu here? No.
Why? Did he ever have samples of anything he shouldn't have had? Look,i really need to know what this is about Before i answer any more questions.
We'll get back to you.
Jj,on voicemail: hi,we're not home right now.
Please leave a message.
It's--It's me.
Just calling to See where you are.
Umgive me a call.
Ok? Love you.
[Telephone rings.]
Gee,wow,no,uh No witty garcia greeting for me? [Sighs.]
i can't be my sparkly self When you are where you are.
Garcia,do you think you can do something for me? Anything.
I,uh I know i can't call my mom Without,uh--[Clears throat.]
-- Without alerting everyone at her hospital.
What do you need? I,uh I need you to record a message for her In case anything happens to me.
Oh,nothing's going to happen to you.
You're gonnabrilliantly find out who did this And we're gonna treat this strain.
i hope you're right, But if you're not,i just-- I really want to make sure That she hears my voice.
Just,uh,give me a second.
Are you ready? Ready.
This is spencer.
I just,um[sighs.]
I justreally want you to know That i love you And--[Voice catches,clears throat.]
I need you to know that i spend every day of my life Proud to be your son.
Reid? Dr.
Kimura: prep the victim for transfer.
I gotta go.
You look nice.
i haven't been in this outfit for a while.
How are--How are the patients doing? Let's worry about you.
I actually--I feel fine.
Ok,if you feel any pain,i could give you something.
No,i--I'd rather not take any pain medication.
We can at least make you feel more comfortable.
I am comfortable and i don't want to take any narcotics.
Tell me how i can help.
I think the cure for this strain Is in here somewhere.
Well,shall i start here? Dr.
Nichols is a former military scientist, Which means he's most likely secretive And most likely a little paranoid.
He would have protected the cure And probably would have hidden it from his partners.
So look for something innocuous, Something you would not suspect.
All right.
[Cell phone rings.]
How's it going in there,kid? I've seen better days.
Well,you got me and garcia.
Morgan: reid,stick with me.
Listen,prentiss and rossi don't think the partner was a coworker.
Can you tell us anything else about him? Ii've already been through everything.
Come on,now,kid,i know you're not thinking straight, But the reid i know wouldn't stop looking.
All right,all right.
[Clears throat.]
I see a,uh,a framed photograph Of dr.
Nichols teaching.
I see a I see a binder with syllabi.
Course assignments Going all the way back to the 1970s.
All right.
So he kept a scrapbook of himself as a professor.
That tells us that he values himself as an educator.
A teacher.
I saw something earlier.
I didn't-- I didn't make a connection to it or to the partner, But he has a study on anthrax.
He has an annotated bibliography,table of contents.
It's formatted like a thesis And has writing in the margins in red ink, Like the way a teacher grades a paper.
Now,nichols wouldn't have let just anyone in here, But he may have opened his lab For educational purposes,as a teacher.
So the partner must have appealed to him as a student.
Nichols is helping him with his thesis.
I--I can look up local ph.
Morgan: yeah,check the sciences.
Uh Cross-Checking with names Of former employees or customers with grievances At the bookstore.
Nothing,my doves.
Reid,coughing: listen to this.
"This country is woefully unprepared.
"Every household should have a 2-Month supply of cipro.
Hospitals are in need of bio-Safety level 4 decon wings.
" That's verbatim to what we heard from nichols.
The partner's adopted nichols' views as his own.
The chapters are on setting up triage And mobile emergency rooms.
I don't think this paper was written by a science student.
It's about city preparedness and response.
So,garcia,check with students in the social studies-- Public policy,urban planning.
Hot to trot.
There's a chad brown, School of public policy at u.
Matches a chad brown,former employee at the book front.
That's gotta be him.
He's been in the doctoral program on and off for 5 years.
Nix on a steady job.
Was slapped with a restraining order from his former girlfriend And has been arrested and released twice At protest rallies in d.
I'll tell hotch.
Kid,you did real good.
Now get the hell out of there.
You said the cure would be hidden somewhere We wouldn't suspect.
What about nichols' inhaler? Chad brown applied for a civilian position At fort detrick 4 different times.
His employment application.
He never got past the psych evals.
"Is it appropriate to sacrifice the lives of the few to save the many?" He answered yes.
Every time.
Why he never got hired.
Well,if he couldn't get into fort detrick, Then being close to nichols was the next best thing.
We talked to his thesis adviser.
In his proposal He was gonna write about the ease of making homemade anthrax.
And interviewed dr.
Nichols just to prove his point.
Get the address to prentiss and rossi.
Morgan: ok.
Yeah,they're hosing him down now.
All right.
They're checking out brown's house.
Go help hotch.
Hotch has plenty of people helping him.
He needs you more than i do.
Reid,i'm gonna see you off to the hospital.
I'm about to get naked so they can scrub me down.
Is that something you really want to see? I'll check on you later.
Take good care of him,please.
Get this to the lab.
I hope you're right about this.
So do i.
Reid,did you cut yourself? Let's go.
Excuse me! What's going on? Why is he in that suit? Ma'am,please stay back.
My kids are home.
Do i need to get them out of here? It's pretty bad.
The house is infested with toxic mold.
And they can't start taking down the walls without protection.
But there's no danger to you.
Are you sure? Yes,ma'am,i'm sure.
Don't emily me.
How are you feeling,dr.
Reid? My throat's a little dry.
But other than that,i feel Flee Feel fin.
I feel--I fleel fin.
I-- Dr.
I've got a home lab in a shed in the back.
It's being secured as we speak.
And in here? The house is totally clean, But there's something in here you should see.
I found a white powdery substance here and here.
I performed an instant field test.
It's not anthrax.
It looks like he might be testing his dispersal device.
He's using light bulbs to carry spores.
He throws them on the ground-- Anthrax bombs.
And i know where he's going with them.
Kimura called.
Reid's in trouble.
What do you mean? He got way sicker on the way to the hospital.
He's in respiratory distress.
Listen,he's with the people who can help him the most.
I need everybody's head here right now.
Ok,so,uh,we spoke to brown's sister.
They've been estranged for years.
Did she say anything about the park or the bookstore? Quiet hills park was where he proposed to a girl.
She said no.
The bookstore's where he worked to put himself through college.
I guess he's bitter about not being promoted.
So both locations represent rejection to him.
So what's our next move? Prentiss and rossi found maps of transit systems at his house.
Here we go.
Nichols wrote a classified study Commissioned by the u.
It simulated a mock anthrax attack On the d.
Train systems.
Now,he emphasized the main line--The red line-- As most vulnerable to an attack.
Forceful tunnel winds, Biggest crowds, Highest mortality risk.
Now,i deployed teams to every stop on the red line.
I don't think he's targeting the red line.
But you said he adopted all of nichols' ideas.
Wouldn't he want to prove this theory? We also said that he chooses locations that are personal to him, Ones that represent rejection.
What is the one place that's rejected him over and over again? Fort detrick.
It'd be impossible for him to get in.
He wouldn't have to attack the fort.
He could go after the people that work there Or on their commute.
The closest station To the marc train is frederick.
Get on the line to maryland transit.
But the study said the red line.
The profile says he's going to frederick.
That's where i'm going,and i could really use your help.
[Indistinct p.
No gas masks.
Repeat,no gas masks.
Rush hour crowd sees anyone in a mask,there's gonna be a stampede.
Morgan,i want you to stay aboveground and help the crowds.
I'm gonna go down by myself.
Not a chance,hotch.
Morgan,we're a man down.
If the area's infected, We can't risk losing both of us as well.
We are a team.
We're gonna go down as a team.
I haven't seen you all day.
Locked up in level 3.
How did it go? It's pretty fascinating stuff.
Seal the exits and clear the station.
[Train horn blows.]
I've got it.
Clear the train.
Ok,i need everybody to listen up.
I am fbi.
I need you to exit the train now.
What's happening? Oh,my god.
Please,everyone,through this far door only.
Chad brown,don't move.
Don't come any closer! Chad,put the bag down.
Far door.
Let's go.
I can kill everybody here! And i will kill you before you do.
No! No! Weapons down.
General,what are you doing? Call your director.
Order from the president.
The u.
Army is taking this man into custody.
General,the army has no authority here.
We do now.
He helped create this strain.
He's the only one who can show us how it was made.
Sir,he is a danger to the country.
He is an asset to this country! And by presidential order, I'm taking him in.
Sir,please come with me.
Where? Fort detrick,sir.
You want me to go to fort detrick? We need you,sir,please.
I helped create this.
You have to name it after me! Of course.
Standard practice.
Now,hand me the bag so we can go on our way.
Are there any other samples present? No.
Move in.
You understand why i had to show everybody How vulnerable we are.
What are you doing?! General! General! I can help recreate this for you! So how did i do? You were effective.
I can't believe it worked.
The profile said he needed validation, Especially by someone from fort detrick.
Well,i'll give credit where it's due.
I'm glad i listened to you.
We,uh,got our bullpen back.
Look,i'm,uh Sorry about "emily-Ing" you Back at that house.
No,it's all right.
Is it? Hey,i toed the company line,didn't i? Do you think people would be better off Knowing everything we've prevented since 911? Would it make them feel safer or more vulnerable? You did the right thing.
Yeah,i know that.
I know it wouldn't have helped anything If that woman knew what was happening across the street From her and her kids.
I lied because it was my job, And i wanted to protect her.
So what's eating at you,then? Uh Am i naive to wish that lying is never the right thing to do? With this job Yeah.
Sometimes,our job sucks.
And yet,next time i probably won't hesitate to lie again.
We got a lot of things to take with us to the grave.
Oh,so he ate the peas,too? [Laughs.]
Yeah,he is a good eater.
You're gonna keep him up for me,right? Good.
I just really need to spend some time with him.
[Takes deep breath.]
I missed him today.
Hey,it's me.
I know it's late,but,uh,is jack still awake? Do you mind if i speak to him? Thanks.
What are you doing up so late? Oh,yeah? Right.
You're eating jell-O? Hmm.
Look who's back.
Is there any more jell-O? Hey.
Not so fast.
What happened? You're gonna be all right,kid.
And we got brown.
It's over.
How's abby? She's on the mend.
So are the 3 others.
You were right about where to look for his cure.
Why was dr.
Nichols making anthrax in the first place? He was a brain scientist downgraded to working on the flu.
Brown comes along asking for help on his thesis Would have been more than happy to share his knowledge.
There was no indication that nichols had any idea what brown was planning.
His strain and its cure Are getting locked up in containment at fort detrick, With all the other bio-Agents people don't know about.
Morgan: hmm.
What else do they have locked up in there? Reid: "security is mostly a superstition.
"It does not exist in nature, Nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.
" Helen keller.