Criminal Minds s04e25 Episode Script

To Hell...And Back (1)

Detroit, Michigan "Chip Away" - You want it,baby.
- I know you like it,daddy.
This stays quiet.
Canada Border - 3 miles U.
S - Canadian Border Port Huron, Michigan Move forward,please.
Thank you.
Driver's license and government I.
- What's the nature of your visit? - Pleasure.
- You transporting any firearms? - No,sir.
- Fresh produce? Livestock? - Nope.
- Has anyone given you anything to bring across the border.
- No,sir.
Welcome to canada.
Sir,you have to move your car.
Sir,you have to go.
Sir,you can't stop here.
Go,keep moving! Stop the car now! Stop the car or we'll shoot! - Get out of the car! - Get out of the vehicle! - Put your hands out in front of you.
- Let's see your hands! - Palms toward me! - Get out of the car! - Get out of the car! - Get out of the car! Keep your hands in the air! Keep 'em up! Move to the left.
Keep your hands high where I can see them.
All right,stop.
Put your hands on your head.
Get down on your knees.
Slowly put your hands down on the pavement and lie on your stomach.
Don't move! You're gonna want to call the FBI.
I've killed 10 people in the last month.
- What are you talking about? - Look in the car.
Get him up.
Get him up.
Get him on his feet.
Are you telling me you killed all these people? Make the call.
His name's william hightower.
He claims over the past month,he's picked killed them,dumped their bodies across the border in canada.
Has he given up the dumpsite? He said he'll only talk to the FBI.
Do we have confirmation these people are even missing? Two were reported missing by family months ago,but they all appear to be transients.
We're having a hard time finding any information on them.
- Garcia? - Like a bloodhound,sir.
So what do we know about this guy? Until 2 months ago,he was a sergeant in the U.
He did 2 tours in iraq.
Lost his left leg in a roadside ambush.
He was discharged with a purple heart and a commendation for valor.
And the royal canadian mounted police are requesting our help? They don't have a lot of choice.
He manages to get away with 10 murders,why crash the guard post? Could be an attempted suicide.
And maybe he was trying to take as many people with him as he could.
It may also be a case of post-traumatic stress disorder.
- I don't know.
- Do we think he's legit? I think it's too many bodies to take chances.
proudly presents Episode25 & 26 To Hell And Back Part Flannery o'connor said, "If there were no hell,we would be like the animals.
No hell,no dignity.
" He documented them all in detail.
Names,photos,dates,and locations where he took them.
Military background.
He's bound to be organized.
He definitely doesn't have a type.
The only consistency is that they were all abducted in the same area.
- Yeah,what do we know about that? - It's called the cass corridor.
It's right here.
It has an extremely high concentration of drug trafficking,prostitution,and homeless people.
All high-risk behavior.
So,for this guy,maybe it's more about oprtunity than victimology.
Morgan and prentiss,when we land,I want you to head straight to detroit.
See if you hear anything in the whisper stream.
I want to make sure we have a crime before we get too deeply into this.
I hear detroit is beautiful in the sprg.
The rest of us will meet with the legal attache before whit the royal canadian mounted police.
Actually,sir,the officer in charge said that his team was part of a fellowship the B.
gave to train police forces in profiling.
That was the first one we ever did.
Jeff bedwell.
- You know him? - Yeah.
- Is he any good? - He better be.
I trained him.
****** - Dave.
- Jeff,how you been? You mean besides having serial killers trying to take out our border agents? Je bedwell,agents aaron hotchner,spencer reid,jennifer jareau.
Thanks for being here.
I've got a victim board and timelines set up on monitors in the conference room.
Anything you need,you've got the run of the place.
- We appreciate it.
- Don't thank me.
Thank the unsub.
He's the one that put you all in charge.
I see you paid attention in class.
I need to go talk to garcia,see if she had any luck locating the family members.
And check records for multiple border crosses, - see if we get any hits for the days the victims went missing.
- Got it.
You believe that he killed all these people? - Fits the profile.
- How so? He got a recent physical trauma.
Could be a stressor.
Wide disparity of victims.
No bodies.
Possible border cross.
Two entirely different terrains.
To pull that off,you'd have to be smart,you'd have to be organized,mobile,physical.
- Military background gives you all that.
- Exactly.
It appears as though he clusters his victims into men,then women,and then back to men again.
What does that tell you? At the moment,nothing.
Has he contacted family? Refuses a lawyer,too.
- He's in interrogation? - Waiting for us.
This guy's U.
He demanded to talk to the FBI.
He's not gonna want to talk to anyone but the person he thinks is in charge.
Of course.
I'll take you to him.
Has he been agitated? Hasn't flinched.
He knows we're here? - We told him.
- Good.
You're not gonna interrogate him? If I go in now,he's in charge.
If I wait and gather information It's minterview.
So you let him sweat.
Let's see what we turn up in detroit.
I don't think the bailout's gonna cover all of this.
- Anything seem strange to you? - Yeah,they've set up camps.
I don't see a single person who's isolated themselves from thethers.
People on the street don't usually care about safety in numbers.
Unless something scared them into changing their behavior.
Look at this.
Drug deals are out in the open.
Prostitutes seem to be working inroups.
I mean,if this guy did kill 10 people, I don't see how he could have done it without witnesses.
So,how do you want to work this? I think we start with the most recent victim first,see if we even have a crime here.
Why don't you start with the junkies and I'll take the working girls.
Keep dreaming.
Ladies,you seen these two guys? Anybody look like that? What's up,my man? You seen a brother look like that? No? My man,you mind if I ask you a few questions? Depends what you're asking.
- You know him? - That's charles.
Don't know his last name.
You ever see him get into any kind of beef with anyone? Charles was a junkie.
Junkies want peace.
You just said he was a junkie.
U knowomething I don't? Just that he's gone.
2 days now.
Is that weird,for him to disappear for 2 days like that? A lot of people have been disappearing these days.
And when they do,they don't come back.
That's gotta happen out here all the time,no? Not like this,man.
One day a girl's on the street,the next she's gone.
We've been trying to stick together,but once a john rolls up,you're on your own.
What makes you think these people aren't just leaving? It's not that easy to get away from this life.
Trust me.
Do you recognize this man? He's out here all the time.
Has anyone ever tried to hassle with him? Brother's got a gun.
No one messes with him.
But he messes with all of you,right? Not exactly.
I need to know everything this brother does.
How he talks,how he moves.
Every bit of his behavior.
Can you do that for me? Yeah,ok.
Got it.
- Morgan? - We're ready.
I'm aaron hotchner.
I'm the behavioral analysis unit chief from the FBI.
You're here to analyze me.
No,I'm here to take your confession and find out where you dumped your victims.
Or are you wasting my time? I gave you names.
I gave you dates.
You didn't give me a dump site.
You were a sergeant.
You led troops,probably lost men.
A few.
How would their parents feel if the didn't know whether their sons were dead or alive? Don't lecture me on notifying families.
I've been on those doorsteps.
No one cares about those people.
Why should i? Here we go.
- What do you mean? - An interrogation doesn't really start until you get the first lie.
See,that's just the thing,william.
We talked to the people on the street.
You were out there every night.
You took their photographs.
You checked off their names in a notebook.
So? Your behavior was more like a protector,like someone in the army doing a bed check.
You've gone to a lot of trouble to confess to a crime you didn't commit.
The folks on the street did they tell you people were missing? If my team is here,then there are cases we are not working on.
- You are wasting our time.
- 10 people dead,huh? It's not enough for you.
I've watched the tape of you at the border cross over and over again.
You wait until every guard is out of the booth before you drive into it.
If you wanted to kill people,you had your chance.
Are you investigating these murders or not? So that's what this is all about? Making sure we investigate? If you thought people were being killed,you should have gone to the police in detroit.
I did.
They told me the kind of people I was looking for disappeared.
They said that's the way life on the street works.
Do you believe the people I showed you are missing? I believe it's possible.
Don't give me a political answer.
Tell me what happened the night before the border cross.
I did a head count.
Every night for the last month like we do in baghdad.
That night I saw a boy named charles wasn't where he usually camped down,so I made another pass.
He didn't turn up? By the morning,I knew he was gone.
William People don't do what you did out of honor.
They do it out of love.
Who were you looking for on the streets every night? I got home from iraq.
First thing my mother told me was that my baby sister lee was on the streets.
She asked me to find her.
But you couldn't? I managed once.
Brought her home.
We got her fed.
She even wore my dog tags For good luck.
Two weeks later,she slipped back onto the streets.
That was it.
William,you've got so much information about the other potential victims.
Why not lee? I hiit in a spare tire In my car.
I needed to wait until I was sure That you were on board.
William,are you there? Something bad is happening.
It's dark.
I don't know where he's taking me.
After that,the signal cuts out.
This is the same night she left her mom's house? Hightower called in an army favor.
They triangulated the call to a cell tower in canada just over the border in port huron.
It explains why he crossed into your jurisdiction.
It's also a surefire way to get the FBI iolved.
He knew we'd investigate an american citizen being held on multiple murder charges.
- And you believe him? - I do.
- Go ahead,garcia.
- Good news and bad news.
I've got I.
s on multiple border crosses for the dates in question.
Trouble is,I've got hundreds,and as far as I can tell, if your license doesn't ping for any prior felonies, you're pretty much gonna pass go and collect 200 canadian dollars.
She's right.
Busiest cross in north america.
Lot of commercial traffic,trucks mostly.
Stop and searches would cause too many delays.
So he's got virtually free passage.
And once he crosses,there's nothing but woods to hide whatever he's doing.
Canada, Ontario I don't understand why we need to talk in private.
We want you to release william hightower into our custody.
I can't do that.
He's documented a potential victim pool in detroit.
He's our best eyes on the street.
He tried to murder 5 border agents.
You can't personalize this,jeff.
Isn't that what you're doing to me,trading on our relationship to get me to release a prisoner? I respect what you've taught me,but when you leave, I still have to be able to look my men in the eye.
Then do whatever you can to catch the unsub.
It's not that simple.
You getting pressure from above? They're not gonna let me turn william hightower into a hero.
This unsub kills in Which means he's about to go back out there,hunting.
Release him into FBI custody while he's in detroit.
When the case is closed,he'll be back under your jurisdiction.
Your shop,your call.
Well They can fire me if they want.
Hey,uh,they say you get used to it.
Right now,it just hurts like hell.
We'd like you with us in the cass corridor.
- Doing what? - The same thing you've been doing.
We'll conduct nightly checks.
You have a rapport out there.
If something is happening,we'll react more quickly and we'll have more manpower.
Is the detroit police department on board? We're talking to them now about it.
William hightower.
Yeah,I remember him.
He was sincere.
I felt for him.
But you didn't look into it.
Families don't want to see what we do.
They'd rather believe someone is dead than admit she's off turning tricks in chicago or toronto.
We believe william hightower might be right.
You might have a serial killer.
We'd like you to open up your records.
Let our analysts take a look at reports from the past few months and see if there's been a change in the crime patter disturbances or assaults that may be connected.
I can do that.
We'd also like to give your colleagues the working profile once we have it to see if anything sparks.
Fair enough.
So,how did he convince the FBI to look into this? He drove his car into the guard post at the port huron border and then confessed to murdering 10 people.
- Seriously? - Yes.
How many victims did he say? Potentially 11,including his sister.
Yes,ma'am,right now we just consider them missing.
The second I get more information,I'll be in contact with you.
How's it going? The majority of the people on the street aren't even from detroit.
We don't have last names on most of them.
No hometowns.
Unless there's a missing persons report on file somewhere,it's almost impossible.
Most of these people's families probably gave up on seeing them long ago.
A mother would never give up.
Can you hand me william hightower's arrest report? - Yeah,garcia.
- Sherlock,it's watson.
- I think I've got something.
- What do you have? I checked detroit crime reports over the last month because derek and emily astutely thought there might be some sorts of assaults or disturbances - having to do with our unsub.
- And? Well,it's tres weird,but on detroit p.
reports a break-in or a robbery at some type of medical facility.
What types of medical facility? We got a hospital,blood bank,medical supply company,the red cross what is he doing,stealing narcotics? That's just it.
He isn't some drugstore cowboy.
The stuff he took is,like,anesthesia and sterilizing equipment and syringes.
Negative on the narcota.
Garcia,where were these places located? Putnam street,st.
Antoine,east hancock,martin luther king boulevard.
Those are all in the cass corridor.
Do you have a list of what else he stole? Uh,i.
tubing,infusion pump,units of o-negative blood, chest tubes,o-silk sutures,elastoplast.
Garcia,thanks a lot.
You don't just randomly know how toook a line up to an infusion pump.
Or that o-neg is the only safe blood type for any victim.
I'll tell hotch we think we know what he's doing with them.
We believe the man we're looking for is a sexual sadist.
What this means is that for him,the torture becomes a substitute for the sex act.
The fact that he's stealing medical equipment like sterilizing agents and anesthesia tells us he may be performing experiments or surgeries on his victims.
We believe this unsub gets gratification from his ability to keep his victims alive in order to endure more torture.
The choice of items stolen is extremely specific, which makes us believe he's got a medical background.
Check disciplinary files at hospitals,med schools,and community health organizations.
People would have noticed his behavior.
This is someone who would volunteer to perform painful procedures.
And he would spend extra time probing,say,a broken hand or a distended abdomen.
And after a long day,when everyone else is emotionally drained from multiple traumas and mangled bodies, he'd be the one pushing his coworkers to go out for a drink and talk about their day.
Now,we know what you're thinking a profile is fine,but,yes,our best shot at stopping this guy is still to catch him in the act.
This unsub is extremely smart and obviously organized.
He's managed to abduct very different victims with very different abilities, all with no witnesses.
Now,we're coordinating with the police and our agents on the ground in detroit.
We've also asked sergeant hightower to act as a guide on the streets in detroit - while he's in our custody.
- That's it.
Any questions,you find me or one of the agents.
What's she doing here? Well,we've notified all the family members we can locate.
You have no right.
- It's her daughter.
- No,it's one thing to To believe lee is lost on the streets.
I don't want her to know that there's a killer out there.
- We know how this is gonna end.
- No,we don't.
Look,everything I have done is to find the truth so I can spare her.
I don't want her living off hope.
- There are worse things.
- You're wrong.
Bad news stops us for a while,but then you move on.
Hope is paralyzing.
You did a stupid thing.
- Yes,ma'am.
- Come here.
All these people are missing? - We believe so.
- You have any suspects? No.
But we have a strategy to try to catch him.
And william is helping.
My daughter there's a chance she she might still be alive? It's possible.
Do you know what he's doing to them? It's difficult to say.
Detroit Police Department Thanks for believing me.
William,I want you to understand that even if we catch him, You're probably gonna end up doing some time in canada.
I can live with that.
- Detective tay benning,this is ssa aaron hotchner.
- How do you do? This is william hightower.
He's gonna help us on the ground.
These are agents prentiss and morgan,detective benning.
We've met.
I'm sorry I didn't look into your sister's disappearance.
We should split up and cover male and female potential victims.
- Ok.
- We'll take the men.
I'll make the introductions for you.
Stay close to your phones.
If anyone's out of place, Detective benning can get a name and a description to our patrol cars as quickly as possible.
You really believe he's aboutto abduct someone again? It's coming soon tonight,tomorrow.
We know he sticks to a tight cycle.
The question is,why alternate victims in clusters of men and women? Why take the men at all? What do you mean? We said he sees these people as disposable.
It doesn't matter if they're male or female.
For a sexual sadist,male or female isn't important.
The torture itself is the sex.
But wouldn't it be much easier to approach a prostitute? She's right.
A prostitute will get into a car with an unsub.
It's a victim he can isolate easily with no witnesses.
Is hightower's mother still here? She's resting in my office.
Jj,see if she's willing to talk to us.
I want to know everything I can about her daughter.
In the meantime,we need to figure out how he's separating his male victims from the pack.
And hope that hightower gives us an edge on the street.
This group gonna stay close to cass avenue.
They're usually on the corners.
They don't stray.
It's like I said the first time I was out here It is not easy for someone to be isolated.
Everything is out in the open.
That's walter patterson.
He helped show me the lay of theand.
Yo,walter! This is detective benning and agent morgan.
They need your smarts.
You know he lost his baby sister,right? Yes,we do.
Spread the wd.
They're not here to hassle anyone.
Be safe.
So What do you want to know? What would make you separate from everyone else out here? There's nothin'.
There's gotta be something.
You go to the bathroom? Grab some food? Drugs? Women? Everybody's extra careful right now.
People gotta have secrets,even on the street,walter.
The only thing I keep secret out here is money.
Hey,we have 3 unaccounted for.
These are their photos? Did you see any of these girls leave with customers? I saw monica and sasha.
I don't know about kelly.
Do you know where they would go? There's a parking lot down at cass park.
The girls have their johns park there.
Detective benning,can you call any units at cass park.
I'll hold on the line.
What about kelly? Is there a reason why you wouldn't have seen her leave? I don't know.
I could have been distracted.
- So she was here before.
- Yeah.
Was there any reason she would sneak off? I don't know what she does.
She's fresh meat out here.
Detroit p.
confirmed two prostitutes with johns in the parking lot at cass park.
So we're short one girl.
You knew william's sister lee? You gonna hook me up? Tell them if you knew my sister.
Yeah,I knew her.
Is there anyplace that she would have taken clients? Maybe somewhere the other girls wouldn't go.
She didn't do it regular.
She'd try to get a real job,but then she'd slip.
Then about a month and a half ago she said she was leang.
That's when I took her to my mom's.
I ain't seen her since.
Lee disappeared,I begged william to find her,but it wasn't fair to him.
I'm sure he wanted to find her as much as you did.
He'd just gotten home.
He lost his leg,and he was going to physical therapy.
He hadn't even processed what happened to him yet.
- But he found her.
- First time.
She came home for 2 weeks and I had her going to meetings.
I even got her onto welfare.
So what happened? The day after the first check came,she disappeared.
- Wait,what was that date? - The 2nd? - What if that's it? - What? Lee hightower was abducted on the 2nd,the day after she cashed a welfare check.
- So? - Look at the dates of the other abductions.
All the men are abducted around the first and the 15th of the month.
When welfare checks are issued.
What if he's not intentionally clustering th male/female? What if this is how he best isolates his victims? You think he has a way to get them alone based on how they cash their checks? And then the rest of the month he resorts to picking up prostitutes.
It would explain the pattern.
We need to find out where these men cash their checks.
We don't have last names.
There's no way to find them.
Morgan,figure out how people on the streets are cashing their welfare checks.
- Garcia.
- Sir.
I need you to find out if lee hightower ever cashed a welfare check.
I'm typing my fastest.
Walter! Listen,when someone out here's on welfare, where do they go when they get their check? - It depends what they want.
- What do you mean? Those checks have strings.
You gotta either spend it on food or lodging.
A lot of people out here don't want food or lodging.
This is one of those money secrets you were talking about? There's a motel on third.
Uh,greyburn lodge, 43608 third street.
Lee hightower cashed her check there on the 2nd.
They'll cash your check for 30 cents on the dollar providing you don't take the room.
So you walk away with drug money,but you're still on the street.
Dope fiends keep it quiet.
They don't want anyone knowing they're holding that much cash.
It explains why they're alone.
And they'd be looking to score.
If they thought somebody was a dealer,they'd walk right up to them.
- Walter,thank you.
- Thank you.
Don't spend it all inne place,sweetie.
- What's going on? - Police.
Have you seen any of these men? - Maybe.
- Not maybe.
Yes or no.
Have you been giving them cash in exchange for their welfare checks? They need the cash and I need the business,and nobody gets hurt,folks.
Garcia,trace william's sister to this location on the night that she disappeared.
- The others were here,too.
- You seen this girl? Yeah,she was here maybe 15 minutes ago.
Did anybody approach her when she left? There was a dealer across the street.
He just sits there and then they signal.
Do you know his name? No,I never seen his face.
Just the car.
They all use him.
That's it.
Get this photo to every agent, every border cross.
Car's a dark-colored american sedan.
I want full searches of anything that even remotely matches the description.
Thks for putting your ass on the line over hightower.
Thanks for being right.
- Anything? - No,sir.
No! No! They should have tried to make the cross at least an hour ago.
Any word from the off-road sites? I have agents at every known drug smuggling entry.
This unsub's smart.
Everything about his plan is well researched.
I think his border crossings would be consistent.
Are there former shipping lanes somebody could have studied in advance? Nothing marked.
Hunters might know the terrain,but it's word of mouth.
Nothing documented.
- What about the underground railroad? - How so? In the civil war,detroit was the last stop for a slave before they escaped to freedom in canada.
They made the crossing in this area.
He's right.
But there aren't any historical landmarks that register the crossing points.
Well,if I remember right, they built a series of victorian homes along the river to signify safe passage.
Some of those homes might still exist.
We know your sister's cell phone registered at a tower near port huron.
He had to be close by when he crossed the border.
- Garcia.
- Present.
Is it possible to cross-reference civil war maps with victorian homes that still exist in the port huron area? Well,I'm gonna take that question as rhetorical and Got one.
3 miles south of the blue water bridge.
- Can you send me a gps map? - Coming now.
Prentiss,you and william come with me.
The rest of you stay here.
We might need to be mobile in a hurry.
Garcia's sure this is the spot? The house is inland.
Access from the water would be here.
There's nothing here.
Let's split up.
The river's over here.
Over here! Looks like he might have stashed cars on either side of the river.
The license plate is missing.
Garcia,I need you to run a vin number.
You got that? Vehicle belongs to one mason turner.
What do you know about him? Age 39, went to undergrad in toronto, graduated second in his class from michigan medical institute 2000, went on to work for a public health organization in detroit.
We got him.
Do you have an address? Yes.
Looks like a farm.
Please Don't do this.
I won't tell anybody.
Just let me go.
I don't even know where we are.
Please don't do this.
Please! Who is that? You 4 take the exterior.
We'll take the house.
Fought on other people's turf before.
You dot walk into this situation unarmed.
I can't give you a gun,william.
I got 10 years active duty.
The man we find might have killed your sister.
I need answers.
If I shoot him,I get nothing.
I'm sorry.
Stay close.
What we find might not be easy.
I just need to know.
Check this out.
We're in the right place.
- Sir,are you all right? - Whthe hell are you? Did someone do this to you? Get the hell out of my house.
You're mason turner? That's not your business.
He's our unsub? Stop! No! No! No! Who the hell are you people? You are mason turner? Dr.
This is my sister,lee hightower.
Has she been here? Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on.
We're with the FBI.
We've been invited by the rcmp to assist in an ongoing investigation.
You haven't been invited into my home.
My canadian home.
Now get the hell out before I call the proper authorities.
- Sir,we've been invited by the proper authorities.
- Telephone,dial number 911.
This is dr.
Mason turner,11712 scott road.
That won't be necessary.
I want these people out of my home.
They don't have any right to be here.
Agent rossi,agent hotchner,may I have a word with you,please? Help me! Help me! Did you hear that? What? Was that a scream? Anything? I don't even know what direction in came from.
That's another reason I hate these damn woods.
It messes with the sound.
You said this would be the unsub.
Everything points to him,inspector.
The profile was right.
Does that man look capable of abducting anyone? Relax,jeff.
I let a suspect who tried to kill my border agents out of jail, a man who actually confessed to the crimes we're investigating,because I believed you.
And you were wrong.
- It doesn't always make sense initially.
- No.
I'm taking my prisoner back to the station,and you can all go home.
Excuse me.
What's this thing? I don't know as much about pig farms as you might think.
That's a handprint.
That looks like blood.
Oh,my god.
Hotch! The box next to the pigs it's like a garbage bin or something.
It's full of nothing but bloody shoes,all different sizes,male and female.
We said we were looking for 10 missings? There's gotta be over 100 pairs of shoes in that thing.
These are They belong to victims? Possibly.
Why just the shoes? Where are the bodies? I don't think there's going to be any bodies,guys.
Pigs are omnivores.
They'll eat anything.
By anything,I mean Anything.
- What happened? - I'm going to take these cuffs of you.
What's going on? We're still not sure,william.
- Did you find my sister? - No.
But Would you happen to know what kind of shoes she was wearing when she went missing? She was - Is Bedwell alright? - He will be.
He has every available cop in ontario on the way here.
You find anyone in the house? Mason turner.
Is he in custody? - Uh,not exactly.
- But he's not going anywhere.
He's quadriplegic.
Paralyzed from the neck down.
Jj's in there with him right now.
Well,that's a pretty good criminal defense.
I'll go talk to him.
- Morgan,do you have the contact number for the detroit detective? - Benning? Yeah.
Yeah,we're gonna need their open missings so we can make identifications on this property.
I think that laptop is his sole communications device.
Which means data files on hard drives,records.
tech center,where you should definitely pay attention to the girl behind the curtain.
Garcia,I need you in ontario a.
at the farmhouse that the unsub's car was registered to.
What should I bring? We need forensic recovery from a laptop.
I'll tell you more when you get here.
I don't want this over the phone.
- And the next flight,garcia.
- Ok.
On my way.
Not over the phone.
I dot think we're gonna be in kansas anymore.
Reid,will you let bedwell know that we're gonna need a warrant to examine the laptop and the hard drives.
- How long do you think it would take? - To get a warrant? No.
For the pigs to Depending on the size and condition of the body when it's placed in the pen, it wouldn't be quick.
Why? That means kelly wasn't put in there.
She's still here somewhere.
My parents are gonna be looking for me.
They're important people.
Do you hear me? You better let me go.
I'm serious! You're gonna be in big trouble in you don't.
Are you listening to me? I'm sorry! Oh,I'm sorry.
I think they're gonna need some help outside.
Did something happen out there? You know what we found.
How could i? You see I'm paralyzed.
Don't touch that.
You know exactly what's out there.
You watched the whole thing.
Put that back.
You like watching,don't you? This is not your jurisdiction.
Oh,I'm not gonna arre you.
Stop that! Phone.
Dial number no.
You can't do this to me.
I'm not doing anything to you.
In fact,you don't even have to talk to me.
As you said,I have no jurisdiction here.
But Almost every policeman in ontario is on their way to this farm, and they do have jurisdiction.
Some very bad things have happened here,and they're gonna discover all of them.
Now,mason How many victims were there? Do you even know for sure? - I need my mirrors.
- No.
What you need is something to make you look less like the monster that we both know that you really are.
How can you call me that? I've never laid a hand on anybody.
You need to tell me where the other guy is before he kills kelly,your latest victim.
So,how much time does she have,mason? How much time do you have before I'm unable to say that you helped me? - No,no,no,no.
- I think I have a concussion.
- I need a hospital.
- No hospitals! I won't tell them about you.
Just drop me off.
Hospitals are bad places! I really need to see a doctor.
Mason says no hospitals! Never no hospitals! Ok.
Ok,no hospital.
It was my brother Lucas.
He's crazy.
He did all of it.
He did this to me,too.
I wanted to try to stop him.
How could i? Why didn't you call for help? I tried that once,but he found out.
He beat me.
He almost killed me.
You don't understand what it's like to be completely vulnerable to someone who's capable of the things that he's done.
Where is he right now? Oh,I wish I could help you.
I don't know what he does when he leaves me here.
He has a girl with him.
A young girl from detroit.
Then you Should pray for her.
There's a picture of him in the other room.
It was taken years ago,but it still looks like him.
I should warn you He's crazy and very big.
Inhumanely strong.
When you find him,you should warn everyone If they n't kill him first,he'll kill all of you.
Judge will sign the warrant for the laptop first thing in the morning.
Our tech should just be getting there then.
We got search-and-rescue units coming.
They're also our emergency response team,so they'll be armed in case we come across something.
When this hits the press,families of missings are gonna come rushing out here.
I'm gonna need some uniformed officers to assist me.
Come on,let's get you set up.
Morgan,I want you to supervise the evidence collection.
I don't think the techs have seen a scene like this before.
- Has anyone? - We have a picture.
This is lucas turner,mason's brother.
According to mason,he's the unsub.
Mason claims he's a victim himself.
Does mason know where lucas would take the girl? Claims he has no idea.
Reid,lucas is your assignment.
Find his room,his things,anything that might tell us where he would go.
- On it.
- One more thing.
Mason warned me that his brother is extremely psychotic.
Says he won't go down without a fight.
Prentiss,have jj get the picture and the description out to the press.
When they get here,put them to work for us.
- Somebody's gonna notice a man that big.
- You got it.
According to mason,mason claims to.
It sounds like you don't believe him.
He also said we shouldn't even try to talk to his brother.
We should shoot first.
Well,that's either helpful advice Or a way for half a team to clean up loose ends.
Either way,this is some family.
If you have photos,I can take them here.
We have police officers that can answer questions about your loved ones.
Andre,these are the unsub's coveralls.
It looks like they haven't been washed in some metime, - so it should be a good scent source.
- Got it.
Your warrant.
- You can search all his files and hard drives.
- Great.
Let's go serve it.
- Garcia find me something.
- Yes,sir.
Agent morgan.
- You got here fast.
- Detroit's not that far.
Did you bring the case files? - I got 35 open missings.
- That's all? That's not enough? - 89 pairs.
- 89? So far.
I don't think god's been out here in a long time.
- How is he? - How would you be? He asked for help and nobody ever looked for his sister.
We did the best we could.
Ignoring him was the best you could do? We were undermanned.
Well,these are just all throwaway people to you anyway,right? - That is not fair.
- Isn't it? Agent morgan! Can you come here,please? Grab your case files.
Mason says his brother sometimes sleeps on the couch in the living room or disappears for days at a time.
- He doesn't have a room? - Not according to mason.
Keep looking around.
They've lived here their whole lives.
There's got to be something here that gives us an idea of who he is.
- That is my personal property.
- Not anymore.
- I showed you the warrant.
- I have research on there.
Proprietary research.
Intellectual property.
I helped you.
I told you everything I know.
If what you've told me is your total involvement, there shouldn't be anything on this computer that you don't want us tsee.
Do you need anything,dave? No.
Me and mason are having a great time.
Aren't we,mason? Once I saw my brother strangle a man so forcefully, blood dripped from his eye sockets.
I'm not talking petechia.
Actual dripping blood.
He can be very volatile When things don't go his way.
Are you trying to scare me? I'm just saying.
You better hurry up and find that girl,or He's gonna tear her to pieces.
Is someone supposed to call you on that phone? You don't have to hide it.
I'm trying to help.
Maybe you don't get service in here.
- Are we underground? - What? The walls look like we're underground.
If we are,your phone probably won't work in here.
- Won't work? - Not if we're underground.
Have you found something? She asked me for them.
Before I went back over there,before I lost my William,I'm really sorry.
She didn't want me to go back.
It was like she knew something was gonna happen.
I should have listened to her.
I gotta get out of here.
Where? I'm gonna hook up with prentiss on the search party.
I I can't stand around here.
Keepn touch.
If you're waiting for someone to call you,they can't.
He always calls.
- I'm telling you,he can't.
- He always calls! But if there's no service,he can't.
Up here.
Hey,I found out where he sleeps.
So mason was lying? I find it hard to believe he didn't know his brother was living in the barn.
Anything up there that's gonna help us find him? No,nothing yet.
I will say this,thoug- - I doubt that he's psychotic.
- Why is that? There's a collection of drawings up here that suggest autism or moderate mental retardation.
Now,retardation and psychosis in the exact same subject is exceedingly rare.
It's more likely he doesn't fully understand the acts that he's committed.
Anything to suggest a violent nature? Nothing in the drawings.
They do suggest someone's been watching him.
He's very childlike.
I think that when we find him,he's gonna be scared and probably confused.
You think he'll fight? Uh,yeah,I don't know,maybe.
Do you ever get the feeling that a case isn't going to end well? Reid,keep looking.
This girl needs us.
Maybe you should go outside.
- What? - And walk around out there until you get your call.
- You really should go.
- He'll call me! Don't you say he won't call me! - Don't you say he won't call me! - Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Please! Help me.
Mommy? I want to go.
I want to go home.
Mommy! You've been with this team what,2 years,right? - Almost 3 already.
- It's 7 for me.
I mean,that's all I've been thinking about all day Is the entire time I've been with the B.
,working almost nonstop, Having no real life,these brothers have been out here killing 89 people and we didn't even know about it.
Well,we know now.
And we'll make them pay.
But how many others are still out there,prentiss,hmm,hunting and killing? I mean,the thing is,no matter what we do,no matter how hard we work, No matter how good we are at what we do,this is never gonna end.
Got some markings up ahead there.
The tree line.
He must have gone in the water.
If the dogs lose that scent,it's gonna be nothing but a needle in a big old haystack.
Maybe we should split up,take either side of the stream.
He might have come back out somewhere up there.
As long as I don't have to hang out at that damn pig farm,I'm good.
Ok,defense system,let's see what you're made of.
Bang like berlin another wall falls,the world opens up.
There you are,inner core.
Change password let's go with oz.
Oh,I'm feeling so dorothy gale today.
Auntie em would be so proud - No! - I'm sorry,I'm sorry.
What? Mas Mason says I always get mad too hard.
What's your name? My name is kelly.
Mason says never,nev-never no names.
Doesn't mason want us to be friends? Friends? Garcia? - They were doing experiments.
- Experiments? Unsuccessful ones.
He tried to fix himself.
Would it be better if it was all for nothing? They were human beings.
They were transients and drug users and prostitutes.
They were useless to society.
I gave them the chance to be part of a cure.
To be of use.
- But that's - that's science.
No,it isn't.
So you got some information off my laptop.
So what? What jury's gonna believe I had the power to kill anyone? I haven't been able to move from the neck down for 7 years.
Even if you could convict me of something What punishment could be worse than the life I already lead? Find my idiot brother.
Exact your pound of flesh and leave me the hell alone.
It's ok.
You can tell me your name.
That's a nice name.
A very nice name.
Do you have any food,lucas? Food? I'm hungry.
I threw up all my food when I was sick.
I really need some food.
- Ok.
- Oh,no.
I thought we were friends.
You don't have to tie me up,lucas.
M- mason says always.
Mason doesn't want us to be friends,remember? You don't have to tie me up,lucas.
That's how friends act.
I really need some food.
They were doing experiments.
- Spinal regeneration? - Probably.
He was definitely trying to fix himself.
Stem cell harvesting? The equipment's far too unsophisticated.
There's no way it would have ever worked.
You were a prosecutor,hotch.
Could you convict this guy? A quadriplegic who clearly never touched any of the victims? I don't know.
We need to concentrate on kelly.
We can't worry about the other stuff right now.
He might get away with this.
Prentiss,I got someone sneaking around about 30 yards ahead of me.
Copy that.
FBI! Do not move! Berries.
What the hell was wrong with you? - I'm sorry,mr.
- Can I go? Uh,not yet,sir.
Have you seen This man? - That's lucas turner.
- You know him.
Oh,everybody knows lucas.
He's he's a little soft in the head.
You guys wait around long enough,he'll wander back home.
- Can I go? - Yes,sir.
Thank you.
What do you think's in that bag? I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.
These are delicious,lucas.
Could I have some water? - I have water.
- Could I have some? This is a nice house you have,lucas.
Th uh This is not a house.
The the farm is our house.
What is this,then? It's for where we do hunting.
Me me and my dad and my brother built it.
But then he died.
- Your brother died? - What? - You said - Mason didn't die.
He fell from the barn,but he didn't die.
It's ok.
I'm sorry,lucas.
I take I take care of him.
It's all right.
I just made a mistake.
I didn't I didn't I didn't push him.
I didn't push mason off the barn.
How did you get hurt? What difference does it make? None,I guess.
My brother pushed me out of the loft.
I wanted to sell the farm.
I had just finished medical school.
It would have given me a nice down payment on a practice in the city.
But the farm was all he knew.
Lucas doesn't handle angry well.
Is that why you hate him? Hate him? He's done nothing but take care of me every day since then.
You said not to even try talking to him,if we find him.
That sounds like you want us to kill him.
But That's not hate.
That's a favor.
My brother couldn't survive without me.
Lucas? Lucas,I have to go to the bathroom.
I have to,you know,pee.
Oh,well - There's a bucket.
- No,I can't.
Not in a bucket.
There's a bucket.
Lucas,that's ok for all of you boys,but I'm a girl.
I need privacy.
You have to let me go outside.
But there's a bucket.
- It's ok.
We're friends.
- Friend? - Ok.
- Ok.
- Anything else? - Nothing that'll help find his brother.
There's that cell phone he calls dozens of times a day,but that appears to be off.
And I tried to activate the gps locator on it,but I think it's an old phone, - so that's not gonna work either.
- Will you know if it comes on? I hope so.
- Keep at it.
- Yes,sir.
Ok,i I can go from here.
- Go? - No,I'm not leaving,lucas.
I just need some privacy.
You wait over there,lucas By the door.
It'll be all right.
It's ok.
It's ok.
- Hey,how's it going? - Just waiting for oh,my god.
The phone just turned back on.
What? No.
Kelly! Almost done.
Stay there,lucas.
- Kelly! - Oh,my god.
Agent rossi,the phone is calling in! Hello? Hello? My name is kelly.
Kelly,this is penelope garcia.
I'm with the FBI.
Oh,my god,you have to help me.
I'm somewhere in the woods being held by a man named lucas Kel-kelly? - And he's oh,my god! - That's mine! Help me! - The phone's disconnected.
- Garcia,can you find the signal? No,i wait.
I'm hooked into the system.
I should be able to got it.
It's just west of here,less than half a mile.
That's all you can tell? It's in the woods.
There aren't any reference points.
T the coordinates to my gps and let morgan and prentiss know in the field.
Dave,reid,let's go.
Mommy,don't! The FBI is coming! Mason says everyone always lies! Always! - You lied!Always - Let me go,you freak! Almost there.
A couple hundred yards.
Should be right here.
Not a freak.
Lucas,I'm sorry.
Should be right here.
This is where the signal came from.
There's nothing here.
Kelly! Kelly! I I pushed him.
- I pushed him.
- Lucas.
I I pushed him off the barn.
It was me.
I did it.
Sometimes I get so mad I get bad mad.
Lucas,you don't have to.
Bad,bad mad.
Kelly! We're in exactly the right spot.
- All right,everybody split up.
- Kelly! Kelly! Kelly! - Guys.
- Kelly! I'm a freak.
Lucas,you are not a freak.
I'm a freak.
Go ahead.
Kelly shane? Down here! Don't make any sudden moves when they come down,ok? I'm bad.
I'm bad.
Lucas turner,this is the FBI.
Just put your hands up,ok? Sometimes there are no words,no clever quotes to neatly sum up what's happened that day.
Sometimes you do everything right,everything exactly right, and still you feel like you've failed.
Did it need to end that way? Could something have been done to prevent the tragedy in the first place? The deaths of mason and lucas turner make 91 lives snuffed out.
Kelly shane will go home and try to recover, to reconnect with her family,but she'll never be a child again.
William hightower,who gave his leg for his country, gave the rest of himself to avenge his sister's murder.
That makes 93 lives forever altered, not counting family and friends in a small town in sarnia,ontario, who thought monsters didn't exist until they learned that they spent their lives with one.
And what about my team? How many more times will they be able to look into the abyss? How many more times before they won't ever recover the pieces of themselves that this job takes? Like I said,sometimes there are no words, no clever quotes to neatly sum up what's happened that day.
You should have made a deal.
Sometimes the day just Ends.