Criminal Minds s05e01 Episode Script

Nameless, Faceless

previously on criminal minds The boston reaper? the reaper.
If you stop hunting me, i'll stop hunting them.
I don't make deals.
i'm the guy who hunts guys like you.
You'll regret this.
Wake up, derek.
it's time to die.
George foyet is the reaper.
Foyet escaped.
where's my badge? Guards found him in his cell vomiting blood and convulsing.
They rushed him to the prison hospital.
They're gonna find him, right? No, they're not.
You should have made a deal.
all units in the vicinity of north harney boulevard, Shots fired at Repeat, all units, shots fired At 751 north harney.
We're not working a case.
Why call us to a crime scene? I was hoping you knew.
Jj said the police told her it was urgent.
what we went through in canada, it better be.
Oh, you guys are already here.
You guys remember detective walker? Thanks for being here.
I understand none of you are working on much rest.
Who's the victim? His name is nelson martinez.
From what we can figure, he answered his door, Was forced into the apartment at gunpoint And then shot in the chest.
it was all pretty sloppy.
No disrespect, but i don't understand why you need us here.
named tom barton Found a note addressed to him at the hospital.
It said the person was planning to kill his son.
If dr.
barton tried to keep his boy hidden, One person would die every day in his place.
And you think this is connected? the note is signed l.
yesterday we had another victim.
Multiple gunshots outside the apartment.
The shooter wrote l.
in white chalk next to the body.
Now, unless dr.
barton puts his son in harm's way, We're going to keep having a victim a day.
Where's barton now? He's at home.
he doesn't know about this victim yet.
Where's hotch? He's not answering his cell.
i assume it's on vibrate.
He'll get the message when he wakes up.
Try him again.
he can meet us at barton's house.
you've reached supervisory special agent aaron hotchner.
Please leave a detailed message.
thank you.
Hotch, jj again.
Listen, we're gonna need you to meet us at an address In mclean, virginia-- Call me when you get this.
barton, where is your son right now? Um, i asked him to stay up in his room.
and what did you tell him? I told him that there was a threat against me at the hospital.
I told him the police didn't take it seriously But that they wanted me to stay here for a few days And that i wanted to have him with me.
And jeffrey's mother? She died when he was 10.
Breast cancer.
Would someone really hurt jeffrey? Whoever sent that note is obviously serious.
And if i don't let jeffrey out of the house, Then another person's gonna die? Right now we have to assume that he will keep killing.
My son is 15 years old.
I understand.
I cannot put him in danger.
We are not asking you to.
And even if you were willing, We couldn't send him to school Knowing he would endanger every student in the building.
What we need to do now Is go over everything we know, Piece together how this person fits into your life.
Well, i--i-- i can't think of anyone Who would want to kill jeffrey.
Whoever wrote that note was putting you on notice-- This is personal.
He wants you to remember who he is, And until that happens, he hasn't accomplished what he set out to do.
i know you've been asked this before, but, please, Think again-- do you know anyone with the initials l.
i've looked everywhere-- Day planner, emails, Patient lists.
there's no one.
Have you noticed anyone who might have been watching you, Either at the hospital or here in the neighborhood? Ii'm sorry.
Both the victims he's killed have been hispanic men in their 40s.
Have you had a patient recently that fits the description? I'm a trauma surgeon in d.
I have endless patients, all demographics.
We're gonna need records of all your recent surgeries.
Of course.
I'll call garcia.
I--i don't understand.
If he's mad at me, why not just kill me? Jj.
is there any word from hotch? No, nothing.
that's not like him.
Yeah, i know.
It's mine.
Dad? hello? Jeffrey? Please don't be mad at me.
What--what's happening? are you ok? Jeffrey, what's going on? Talk to me.
He's not up here.
Jeffrey, where are you? I'm at school.
I'm ok.
please tell the police that i'm ok.
I love you.
jeffrey-- karl krauss said, "a weak man has doubts before a decision.
A strong man has them afterwards.
" Dr.
barton, please.
You need to go back inside.
I'm coming with you.
i'm gonna get my son.
Sir, right now nobody is getting your son.
Agent prentiss will explain it.
I don't need an explanation.
i'm getting jeffrey.
You need to listen right now.
Once your son left this house, The safest place for him to be is at that school.
We can control access in and out.
Detective walker will organize an evacuation As soon as the school day is done.
But if we incite a panic now And the unsub is outside, a lot of kids are gonna die.
What if the killer is already at the school? Then we'll be there, too.
Let us do our job.
Jeffrey knows better than this.
He doesn't put himself in danger.
I think he's just trying to do the right thing.
He sees what his father does for a living.
This is his way of trying to save lives, too.
You'll be there? Yes.
Tell him i'm not mad at him.
Tell him i love him, and, uh I'm proud of him.
We will.
This guy's a trauma surgeon Working a major metropolitan area.
We are talking thousands of surgeries.
Confine it to the last 6 months.
That's still hundreds.
I know.
Ok, do you want biographical information Or full medical charts? Can you get the full medical charts? You know, for a smart boy, You still ask a lot of dumb questions.
You'll have them in seconds.
Yes, my love.
hey, garcia.
Has hotch checked in with you? He's not with you? He's probably on his way.
Uh, thanks for everything.
She's going to email the files.
we'll print them out from here.
I could have my office send over the files.
No, no, trust us, this is faster.
We need to dig through your life And try to figure out why this is happening.
Let's start with the most recent cases first, Something set this guy off, and odds are it's in your files.
I need to notify all the parents.
We think that's a mistake.
I'm in charge of keeping these kids safe.
and there's a natural end to this day, When buses and parents come to pick these kids up.
Whoever's doing this is not an effectual shooter.
His killings are sloppy.
So if there's a panic, a lot of people could be caught in the crossfire.
Can't you just take jeffrey home? If we do that and the unsub is watching, Someone else is gonna be killed.
Then what? We lock up every filter point except the front door.
Nobody comes in.
we say it's school policy.
No questions.
and if someone needs to see a student, We bring the kids to them.
I'll need a complete list and employment records Of everyone already inside the building.
I'll brief your security guards And take care of all of the exits.
After that, i need you to gather the faculty Into small groups and bring them to me.
Treat it as routine.
And in the meantime, i need you To get jeffrey out of class as casually as possible.
Can you do that? Jeffrey barton.
Can i see you for a moment? Hey, jeffrey.
My name's derek morgan.
i'm with the fbi.
I saw you in my living room.
Listen, the first thing i need to know Is if you've told anyone about what's happening? No.
Back to class.
no loitering.
Jeffrey, you're sure? Because even just one text message could set this place off.
I'm sure.
All right, that's good.
We're gonna keep you safe, kid.
But in order to do that, you're gonna have to stay calm.
And you're also gonna have to trust me.
You understand? Every time you step out of class, I will be right here.
Now, it's gonna look like i'm just another Adult in the hallway with principal findlay, But i got your back.
Is my dad ok? He knows you were just trying to do the right thing.
He just wants to get you home safe.
Do you think somebody's trying to kill me To get back at him? It is possible.
Do you know why? That's what we need to figure out.
Let's concentrate on the note.
For starters, we know that he's male.
How can you be sure? Women tend to add adjectives And very specific details to their notes.
This has none of those.
Males are also more direct.
First sentence--"i plan to kill your son.
" And their notes tend to be more about themselves Than the person they're writing to.
"i watched you every day.
" "i will watch you lose everything.
" We know he surveilled you and your son, Which means he either has enough money To be away from a regular job Or he's currently unemployed.
He's most likely a father.
He's clearly grieving.
He's taken great measures to make sure you feel his pain.
Let's start with cases involving teenagers killed, But also anyone with a strong family presence.
Just because your son is 15, That doesn't necessarily mean that his child is the same age.
Have you had a lot of cases like this, Where someone taunts you with what they're gonna do? A few.
And how did they end? Please.
Suicide by cop seems to be an effective way For them to make their point, While ending their suffering all at once.
Jeffrey is leaving school in 5 hours.
There's no way we can get through all these patients in this time.
Well, now, we've narrowed it down already.
And we still have I'm sorry, i don't mean to be callous, But when you work in the e.
, you don't remember names.
You operate and you move on.
He's right.
there are too many files here For us to profile in such a short period of time.
Um, i can get to hotch's And get back here in half an hour.
Who's that? He's our supervisor.
We weren't supposed to work today.
We're having trouble getting ahold of him.
But we need more eyes.
The note doesn't say that he'll kill jeffrey today, It says, "if not today, tomorrow or the next day.
" Let's say he gets home safe.
How long will you all be around to make sure he's ok? Let's just get through today.
Hotch? it's me--emily.
Overtime shift.
penelope speaking.
Garcia, it's emily.
I need you to listen really carefully.
Something's happened to hotch.
What do you mean, something? I don't know.
I'm in his place.
he's not here, but there's blood.
Oh, my god.
I need you to send police And fbi techs here right away.
Everyone available.
Uh, do we need an apb? Only on hotch.
i checked out front.
his car's still here.
I don't know.
someone took him? There's blood, but i can't be sure whose it is.
Just get people here.
Ok, i'm sending an army.
Garcia, i'm gonna have to tell reid Because he's expecting me back, But you can't tell the others.
They cannot be distracted.
What? What--what are you talking about? What's going on? Is this about jeffrey? No, no, it's unrelated.
We only have a few hours left here.
I'm really sorry, i have to take this phone call, ok? What could be more important than my son right now? I assure you, this will take one second.
please, i promise.
There's a huge hole in the wall.
Probably a .
44, but there's no blood or tissue spray around it.
Any idea how he got out? If he was shot, there are no drag marks.
But a body could have been wrapped in something.
And bureau techs are on the way? Any second.
All right, um, write down everything you see And we'll profile from your notes when you get back.
How's dr.
barton? It's a huge list of cases to go through with him.
Ok, don't worry about here.
i've got this.
just stay focused.
All right.
you, too.
Uh, dr.
barton? Sorry about that.
Agent prentiss has been called away on an emergency.
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm confident that the two of us Can do this together right now.
all right? We know he's been killing hispanic males as surrogates.
Did you separate the case files? Yeah.
All right, how many of the surgeries Fit the criteria? Um, 82.
All right.
now let me ask you this.
On how many of those dates Did you operate on somebody else as well? Did any of those patients die on the table? This whole thing is about choice.
He's forcing you to play god with your son Because the last time you had a choice, Your decision devastated him.
I'm a doctor.
i save people.
It doesn't matter to him.
all that matters to him Is that you had an alternative And you didn't take it.
Now, how many of those surgeries Involve patients under 20? Uh6.
We get a lot of shootings, mostly gang related.
Has a gang member or family member ever threatened you? No, uh, at first when you lose someone It's mostly confusion and devastation.
The anger comes later.
All right, we have 6 dates where you operated On an hispanic male on the same night a patient under 20 died.
What i'm gonna do is i'm gonna read the names and dates And you tell me anything you can remember, ok? Ok.
All right, let's start with january 22nd.
Tyler hayes, multiple gunshot wounds.
February 13th, brian douglas, Hit-and-run victim, lacerated aorta.
March 15th, devon marks, Heroin overdose.
Angela harris, another car accident, Single vehicle, bleeding into her brain.
Ithis is no use.
I would remember if i was threatened.
Did any of them ask you about your family? We have time.
I talked to detective walker.
Final bell's at 3:10.
he's gonna have a s.
unit In place at exactly 3:00 to escort kids out.
We'll need you to gather the students at 2:45.
This could all be happening now.
If the unsub sees us evacuate early, We feel certain he'll kill another random citizen.
And this also buys us a day to try and discover his identity.
So we'll have school buses for evacuation.
Teachers can brief parents who are here to pick up their kids.
The key is to keep jeffrey isolated and avoid panic with the other students.
If we can do that, everybody gets out of here safe.
Have you cross-checked all the records of employees in the building Against dr.
barton? Garcia's on it.
sorry, baby girl, just little old me.
You're out of luck.
Did you finish the background check on everyone in the building? Yeah.
uh, no red flags, no felonies, no connection to barton.
Ok, well, that's good.
All right, listen, i gotta go.
there's about to be a bell.
All right.
be safe.
everything ok? Yeah.
oh, yeah, i'm just tired.
Yeah, i hear you.
Let's just get this kid home safe and we can all sleep.
Excuse me.
I'm supposed to meet with principal findlay.
Can you tell me where her office is? Georgetown hospital.
my name's penelope garcia.
i'm from the fbi.
I was calling to see if an agent aaron hotchner Had been admitted to the emergency room? Supervisory special agent aaron hotchner.
Hotchner, aaron.
I wanted to see if he had been admitted or if Yeah, he's an fbi agent.
What When was that? Ok.
thank you.
Oh, my god.
Talk to me, garcia.
Ok, i--i called hospitals to see if hotch Had gotten himself admitted to an emergency room.
And? He's not listed as a patient, But someone dropped a john doe off At st.
sebastian hospital, And that someone's name was fbi agent derek morgan.
It doesn't make sense.
I know.
do you think they got their credentials mixed up? The reaper.
Foyet took morgan's creds.
Why would he drop him off at the e.
? What hospital did you say again? St.
sebastian hospital.
I'll call you with an update when i get there.
I don't understand.
These surgeries are all hours apart.
I didn't have to choose between patients.
If he's punishing me for my choices, none of these fit.
All right, look at the note again And compare against the wording on the charts.
A lot of times an unsub will unconsciously mirror The wording of situations.
You remember something? Uh, i don't know.
it was right after new year's.
There was a car accident.
One of the victims was hispanic.
New year's January 3rd, there's a 2-car collision, You operated on a hector ledezma.
That was your only surgery that night.
ledezma? The collision lacerated his kidney.
He lost a lot of blood.
But we were able to repair the damage.
So, it'll take some time, but he'll be just fine.
What about my son? I'm sorry? Jason meyers.
he's 18.
He was in the accident.
Your son was dead when he arrived here.
That's because i didn't operate on the boy.
They told me he's breathing.
He's been put on life support.
But, um i'm afraid he no longer has brain function.
I'm very sorry.
You're not even gonna operate.
It's too late.
You don't even know who he was.
She had to give you the chart.
I'm sorry.
Do you have children? A son.
What would you say to a doctor Who wouldn't even try to save him? I'm sorry.
i know it's hard to understand, believe me, But there is nothing i can do.
Garcia, i need you to find a patient in the system Named jason meyers.
He was admitted january 3rd, On life support.
Oh, no.
What? He was taken off the ventilator And declared legally dead Who's his father? Yeah, uh, patrick meyers, age 45.
Get a photo into the school immediately.
I think he's our unsub.
it's on its way.
He was stabbed 9 times, but no major arteries were hit.
It's a miracle he's alive.
When will he wake up? The anesthesia should wear off within the hour.
But he's bound to be out of it.
May i stay here? Of course.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
as soon as the building's clear, You're gonna get your own escort out of here.
Come on, no pushing.
one at a time.
Let's keep it moving.
Nice and orderly.
This abbreviation right here, l.
, What does that stand for? Where are you going? The note says not to deviate from my routine, And i always pick up jeffrey on my days off.
I'm gonna come with you.
on the unsub's note.
It stands for "living children.
" Are you sure? It's administrative.
it's when they're afraid A patient's gonna go on life support And they don't have a dnr order.
Reid? What if the unsub was trying to tell dr.
barton That he is actually the target And that he's gonna leave his son without a father? Barton! Doctor! Reid? Answer me.
Reid? This is special agent emily prentiss from the fbi.
I need police and an ambulance To 120 kensington road, mclean, virginia.
Shots fired, federal agent possibly down.
are you hit? No.
Get my gun.
my gun.
Get away from him! get away from him.
Whatever you do, stay down.
Drop the gun! don't protect him.
He killed my son! He did not kill your son.
your son was killed by a car accident.
Stand up! I'm gonna ask you again, I do not want to shoot you, Please drop the gun.
Stand up, you coward! Mr.
meyers, listen to me.
All right, it's over.
barton did not kill your son.
Your son was killed by a car.
And this is not what he would want.
Ok? So drop the gun.
Don't do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm fine.
go to him.
go to him.
Kick his gun away.
make sure his gun's not near him.
Nono, don't touch me.
Oh, i want to die.
Oh, don't touch me.
I need to stop the bleeding, ok? Let me die.
The medics are almost here.
can you keep him stabilized? Yes, i think so.
Hold on, hold on, they're right here.
Help is coming, all right? Hold on, hold on.
We need a backboard and a c-collar.
Coming right up.
Put pressure on this right here.
Call ahead to the e.
, tell them they got a gsw To the thoracic cavity and have him redlined to the o.
Ohhdon't touch me.
Looks like it went clean through.
You might have just saved his life.
Keep pressure on this, ok? I'm good, i'm fine.
go to your son.
i'm good.
i'm fine.
You ok? Reid: yeah, fine.
We'll get you to a hospital.
You need to find emily.
call emily.
Where is she? Something's happened to hotch.
He still isn't conscious yet.
You sure it was foyet? He had morgan's credentials.
Did they catch him on the security cam? You could see him dropping hotch off, But the camera's only on the entrance, So i have no idea what direction he went once he left the hospital.
It doesn't make sense for him to have brought hotch to the e.
we know foyet gets off on power and control.
Maybe what he wants is for hotch to know his life was in his hands.
He could do that without risking the hospital.
Agents, he's waking up.
Remember, he's weak.
don't push him.
Where am i? In the hospital.
How did i get here? Foyet drove you.
Can you remember what happened? You should have made a deal.
What did he take? What do you mean? The reaper always takes something from his victims.
Do we know what he took? There was a page missing from your day planner In the address section, the bs.
What did he leave? I don't know.
He also leaves something with his victims.
I looked over your whole apartment.
Nothing felt out of place.
Where are my clothes? Haley's maiden name is brooks.
I always listed her in the bs in my personal information In case it fell into the wrong hands.
He knows where they live.
Haley's not answering.
Right here.
I need fbi s.
deployed to hotch's old address.
Do it now.
Oh, god, do you think he's going after haley and jack? I don't know.
just send a s.
Tell them to wait for instructions.
we're on our way.
Consider them there.
We need to be prepared for what we might find.
Foyet kept hotch alive.
he wouldn't do that without a reason.
You should have made a deal.
Is this part of my profile-- You can't show me fear? If you don't see fear, maybe it's because i'm not afraid of you.
You said that like you actually meant it.
How's my friend agent morgan? Are you here to kill me, or are you here to play games? You tell me.
Enlighten me about my behavior.
So tell me, Would i use this? what happened? I don't know.
Agent hotchner.
can you hear me? Agent hotchner? I'm ok.
I'm gonna need you to step out of the room.
Breathe in slowly.
And exhale.
Ready in back? Ready.
Go! Aah! Oh, my god! it's ok.
it's ok.
What are you doing here? It's ok.
everything's ok.
We got her.
What's going on? Is there anyone else in the house? No, there's no one here.
Haley, where's jack? He's at a friend's house for a play date.
We need to get him back here.
We'll explain everything.
Where's aaron? He's in the hospital.
What? Haley, please.
Call for jack.
tell them i'm on the way to pick him up.
I promise you we'll explain.
Call for him right now.
Text me the address.
Tell me what happened to aaron.
They will kill you.
Don't speak.
You lost a lot of blood.
You'll need your oxygen.
Do you know how much you have to study the human body To stab yourself repeatedly and not die? I don't want to brag, but i'm somewhat of an expert.
Do you want to see my scars? What do you think? You like 'em? Yours are gonna look just the same.
My team Your team.
Your team didn't catch me until i wanted them to.
You're not in charge, so don't be foolish.
Now try to relax.
Your body will go numb.
And it goes in so much easier If you relax.
The hard part Is not passing out from the pain.
Now, i understand that profilers think That stabbing is a substitution for the act of sex.
That if somebody's impotent, They'll use a knife instead.
Is that what you think, agent hotchner? Maybe this will change the way that you profile.
They're safe.
Is this really necessary? I'm afraid so.
For how long? i don't know.
Mommy! They let me turn on the siren! Wow, that's so great, baby! did you have fun? Ohh I'll help start a bag in jack's room.
How many times did you run it? How many times? 3? You were at my place, right? Could you tell how he got in? I'm not sure.
Do you want to talk about what happened? I don't know.
After he stabbed me the first time, it all goes blank.
How do you feel? I'm gonna be ok.
Did they explain to you what's happening? They said the marshals service Is taking us straight from here And putting us into protective custody.
Haley, i'm sorry.
Do you know where they're gonna take us? No, i don't.
And that's the point.
I can't know where you're going.
If you have any contact with anyone, Then he could track you.
Jack has school.
he has friends.
I have a job now.
I know.
And i'm sorry.
We will catch him And you'll come back, And i promise that i will spend the rest of my life Making this up to you.
Are you sure that we're in danger? Yes.
And what about you? are you gonna be safe? He wants to see me suffer.
Knowing that my son is out there And that i can't see him is better than killing me.
What am i supposed to say to jack? Tell him it's a vacation And that it's not gonna be for very long.
How am i supposed to keep him safe If there is no one i know to help me? Haley, you're strong.
You lived with me in this job, And you've practically raised jack all by yourself.
You're a great mother.
Can you catch this man? I will catch this man.
Jack wants to come in.
I want to see him, too.
I just don't think it's a good idea.
Look, i know you're trying to protect him.
But you both need this.
Hey, buddy.
Come on in.
All right.
Don't worry.
it's ok.
The doctors made sure that i'm completely fine.
Did mommy tell you that you two are gonna take a trip? Yeah.
So i'm not gonna see you for a while.
Why? Well, think about it like when daddy goes away for work.
Only this time you and mommy get to go someplace.
But what do i tell you every time i go away? You love me.
More than anything in the world.
Are you ok? I'm very proud of you.
Every single day.
I'll see you soon, ok? Ok.
You take care of mom, ok? Ok.
I know aaron's worried.
Tell him i'll protect them like they're my own.
I just talked to spence.
he's gonna be fine.
He's gonna have to be on crutches for a while, But he said kicking down doors is morgan's job, anyway.
You know, foyet having your credentials Had nothing to do with any of this.
It was just his way of trying to torture you.
Yeah, i know.
Foyet's about power and control.
He was hoping to watch me fall apart, and Now he wants to destroy hotch.
Prentiss: exactly.
That's his plan, And now we fight it.
Did you hear what happened this morning? No.
We had a situation.
Unsub had already killed 2 people.
Said he was gonna keep killing Unless a man used his son as bait.
What happened? We kept the boy safe.
Worked the profile.
It was a happy ending.
Do you know why i'm telling you this? Yes.
No other group in the world Could have pulled off what your team did In a matter of hours.
I appreciate what you're trying to do, dave.
We'll get foyet.
I promised haley that we would get him, But the truth is, if he stops killing, We have no way of tracking him.
He stopped killing for 10 years just for the pleasure Of watching shaunessy's life fall apart.
What's jack gonna remember about me in 10 years? Hotch, look at me.
I'm telling you, We'll get him.