Criminal Minds s05e02 Episode Script


Run, you can make it! Run! come on! Next.
Uh, darrin call.
Oh, i don't have anything.
No, no, no.
i've got a refill left.
Could you just-- it's call.
Can you just check that again? I have one refill.
No, no, i'm sorry.
It's not--that ain't good.
That's not good.
that's not--it's just-- Are you ok? Make it stop! just-- Make it-- I need to make it stop! Mr.
call-- Aren't you gonna help me?! Here--yes, here.
i'm sorry.
Just please-- please stop.
That's not it! That is not it! [groans.]
i just-- I just, uh-- hey.
It's ok.
i just-- It's ok.
Uhh! uh! Aah! god! Uhh! woman: oh, my god! Oh, my god, are you all right? Look what you've done! Uhh! Please, somebody help him! Aah! [grunting.]
Put the knife down, now.
Aah! Aah! Uhh! oh! Uhh! [all groaning.]
He's not in yet.
What? You've been walking past hotch's office for an hour.
Emily's picking him up.
Hotch told me he was cleared to drive.
He is.
She wants to do it.
What's going on? He's only had a month off, rossi.
Technically, 34 days.
And you think that's long enough? You don't? tell him.
No, thanks.
i like my job.
You like him more.
What if he's got ptsd? He was evaluated.
Come on, rossi, we wrote those questions.
Hotch knows exactly how to answer them.
So what are you gonna do, Pick apart everything he does? How long should he be gone? a year? 2? Every day that foyet is out there, hotch loses, And you know that.
You know what that makes hotch? Distracted.
He's coming back because he has to.
He needs to know we've got his back.
He knows that.
Then we don't let him forget it.
Reid: thanks.
Does it hurt? It really only hurts when i think about it, Which is pretty much all the time.
No, no, no.
What? get away, you.
These are for hotch.
I get shot in the leg and i don't get any cookies.
You know he's gonna hate the attention.
It's cookies, not cake.
He's probably gonna pretend like nothing happened, anyway.
Well, it doesn't mean we have to.
I think maybe we should.
I don't roll that way.
I've been thinking about it? The entire time i've known hotch, I don't think i've ever seen him blink.
I know.
It's weird.
Classic alpha male behavior.
Do you think he stared down foyet? Maybe.
if it would save his life.
Do you think he stared the whole time, like with each stab? I have no idea.
Is he ok? I wouldn't be, but I'm a blinker.
Spence, there you are.
Grab your go bag.
what's going on? Turn on the news.
Which one? It doesn't matter.
Just after 8:00 this morning, A lifelong resident of louisville, Assaulted customers at the pharmacy On the corner of main and truxton avenues.
Eyewitnesses saw him walking east on main street Minutes after the attack.
He has not been seen since then.
We're going to louisville.
He was wearing a blue shirt, jeans, And a light-gray jacket.
Within the hour, the governor has called in all sources For a manhunt.
Despite these statewide efforts, The suspect has eluded law enforcement.
The body count is rising.
[knock on door.]
Including an armed bank guard Whose gun was used in the attack.
Another 2 remain in critical condition.
The assailant is still out there.
We are going back to eric jennings Who's been talking to residents of louisville-- [turns off tv.]
What do we know about this case in kentucky? Uh, there's no connection between call and his victims.
Louisville p.
's covered the city, But there hasn't been any sign of him Since he left the pharmacy.
You check his house, family? Locals are on it.
Start with his most recent history.
Find the stressor.
Uh, don't move.
[setting alarm.]
Ready? Are you? So our point person in louisville Is lieutenant kevin mitchell.
Good morning.
Good to see you.
You, too.
You look well, sir.
thank you.
How long do you have that? I'm not really sure.
welcome back.
Thank you.
Any other attacks? Um, no, not yet.
Call's proven hard to track.
He's never had a driver's license, So he's most likely still on foot.
Jj: or public transportation.
He's not gonna take the bus.
His face is everywhere.
Hotch: has anyone found a stressor? He just lost his job.
He's worked at a factory since 1990.
Made appliances since forever and not a single promotion.
That's a long time to be bitter.
Reid: or he doesn't care.
Not if he's got a family to feed.
Garcia: actually, he's of the hermit variety.
As far as i can tell, he's got no one.
No wife, no kids, no parents.
Nothing to live for.
So why hasn't he killed himself yet? Sprees usually end in suicide.
If he's got nothing to live for, why hasn't he ended it? 'cause he isn't finished yet.
We know he has displaced anger.
He took it out on the first victim.
Well, the stock boy represents someone.
we need to know who.
Is he military? Negative.
Well, he's lashing out for a reason.
This guy's got anger, endless targets, and a gun, And he's just getting started.
Hotch: emily dickinson wrote, "one need not be a chamber to be haunted.
"one need not be a house.
The brain has corridors surpassing material place.
" All right.
We've got checkpoints at the state line On both i-64 and i-65 And within a 20-mile radius of downtown.
We think he's still on foot.
It's been just under walking speed Of 2.
5 miles per hour, which rounds up To an approximate Now, we've concentrated here.
First responders started a hard-target search Of businesses and residences within that 8 miles.
You're gonna join 'em.
you know what he looks like.
Go find him.
We dug up all we could on darrin call.
Even went to his apartment.
didn't find much.
We've got agents over there now.
Don't worry, we'll fill it in.
What's your strategy? We try to figure out where he's headed next.
you got a crystal ball? Most spree killers are outwardly aggressive.
We've studied call's behavior, and he's defensive.
Jj: first victim--stock boy.
Boy, there's nothing defensive about that.
Actually, there is.
Call doesn't react until he's touched.
And that's what set him off? Happens every time.
Contact, then stab, Contact, stab.
So you're saying he didn't mean to hurt these people.
He didn't go in there with a weapon.
Well, now he's got 2.
I just put his face all over the news.
People are gonna stop him themselves.
How soon can we have a press conference? The camera crews are out front.
let me call hotch.
Who's that? Our supervisor.
he's at the crime scene already.
What is it about this kid? Reid: that's what we need to figure out.
Call's apartment is 5 minutes from the pharmacy, But there's no sign That he came here to wash off that blood.
How's he still on the street, looking like that? Maybe he's not.
Garcia said he's got nobody.
where would he go? Call gets up, he makes his bed.
We're sure he wasn't military? It looks like one neat aspect.
Maybe he was hospitalized.
i'll call garcia.
Then he's probably got the same routine every day.
Except today.
He finished his cereal, walked to the pharmacy, And killed 3 people.
Why? Mr.
call was always so quiet.
He's been coming here for years.
Morgan: had he ever had a run-in with the stock boy? John was new here.
i waved him over.
I didn't know what else to do.
no one else was helping.
He didn't turn violent until you gave him his prescription? Well, it wasn't his.
You handed him a bag.
It was somebody else's.
I just wanted him to calm down.
Jj's press conference is in 5 minutes.
Hotch, we might have something else here.
Why didn't you give him his own medication? Well, he didn't have any refills left.
For what? Uh, alprazolam.
But, uh, he used to be on thiothixene.
He was on an antipsychotic? Well, that's why i wanted him to calm down.
You said he used to be.
how long has he been off of them? At least a month.
And when were you gonna tell us this? He's armed, he's delusional.
who's his doctor? Uh I don't remember.
my computer.
Hotch: great.
I'm sorry.
Excuse us.
Call jj and tell her about the meds.
This is not her fault.
Morgan, he's in a psychotic break.
it changes everything.
You want to talk about this? No! i want to find him.
garcia, He's been off his antipsychotic for a month.
What else did you miss? I'm sorry, sir.
i didn't get his medical records yet, so-- Well, find them.
find everything.
Yes Sir.
[rattling doorknob.]
Excuse me.
[pounding on door.]
I'm in a session! I need the pills.
Darrin, what's wrong? What happened? He had a--a knife.
Who? It's just like in the nightmares.
he-- [groaning.]
He's doing it again.
He can't hurt you.
We talked about this.
You want to remember.
It's why you're off the pills.
You said i would get better.
You are.
Does it look like i'm better?! Darrin.
I gottamake it stop.
Make it stop! Just make it--make it darrin Calm down.
that's it.
just look here.
Make it--make it-- Just breathe.
Take a breath.
Prentiss: he was unarmed.
he didn't mean to hurt anyone.
All he wanted was his medication, But he didn't get it.
He needs help.
Who's call's doctor? State appointed psychiatrist charles cipolla.
Hotch and morgan are on their way.
Where's his office? Camden and third.
cipolla's not picking up.
Gps says were 5 minutes away.
Ok, rossi, we're 5 out.
tell mitchell to meet us there.
[telephone rings.]
Darrin? uhh! uhh! Darrin? [ring.]
Uhh! no! No! get it out! darrin.
No! Darrin! get it out! No, get it out! Can't get it-- I can't get it out! I can't--gotta-- I gotta get it out! darrin-- Darrin, darrin, here.
Darrin! darrin, here.
Take my shirt.
just take it.
There you go, that's good.
No! don't touch him! No! oh, my god! No! darrin, no! oh, my god! [siren.]
[tires screeching.]
All right, get out of here and check the perimeter.
do it now.
We're too late.
Hotch! He cleaned up, changed his clothes, Could have dyed his hair for all i know.
Call's suffering from a psychotic break.
He's not dodging us on purpose.
Oh, come on.
Trust me.
If he was psychotic, Why would his doctor take him off the drugs? Call has no history of violent behavior.
Cipolla couldn't predict that would happen.
Look at this place.
Yeah, it's a mess.
no, it's more than that.
Call was looking for something.
Yeah, the drugs.
Doctor doesn't keep the drugs here.
Scrip pad is still on his desk.
My guess is he came here for help.
His file's missing.
[cell phone rings.]
Yeah, baby girl, what's going on? Where's hotch? he's not answering.
He's outside.
he's all right.
Are you sure? Yeah.
what's up? A mystery.
Come on, not today, garcia.
I know.
here's the deal.
When i missed the antipsychotics-- Listen to me.
that was not your fault.
You are ever my champion, sugar, But i believe it was.
Anyway, when i did that, i went back to the beginning For call, except there is no beginning.
Wait a minute.
Say that again.
What are you talking about? Darrin call didn't exist like from 1969 to 1975.
There's no birth certificate, no social security, No identity, nothing, until he was 6 years old.
Was he abandoned? My least 3 favorite words strung together-- I don't know.
My guess is neither does he.
I should have seen the blinking on the video.
Well, it could have been a nervous tic.
But it wasn't.
it's a classic sign Of long-term antipsychotic use, and i missed it.
We all did.
Well, regardless, those men died.
Garcia's got something.
May 1, 1975, a 6-year-old darrin call Was found roaming in the middle of nowhere and was picked up And was in state care for the first few months.
Did he tell the cops what happened? No.
because he didn't talk, Not for over a year.
and once he started talking, He only knew his life as darrin call.
That's awful.
So is this.
little darrin was never claimed.
Jj: maybe he wasn't from the area.
There wasn't a thriving missing children's network in 1975.
Call is wearing cipolla's clothing.
You think he's lucid? No, mostly likely he's just freaked out.
Either way, we should update the public.
You should be there, too.
What is this? Call's timeline.
he left louisville? Always came back to the same 10-block radius.
Why? Victims are often drawn to the scene of their first trauma.
Part of him wanted to escape, The other part probably struggled to find answers.
Was he hospitalized? Uh, 1985 for 2 years.
Garcia: yeah.
and again in '95 for a few months, Both at the state facility in fayette county.
You know he doesn't drive.
You think he'd walk all the way out there? He's desperate.
he'll find a way.
Well, then i'll tell the sheriff in fayette.
When did he start the prescriptions, garcia? In 1977, and it looks like he tried them all.
I've got a list.
Alphabetically, alprazolam, Clonazepam, diazepam-- Just send it.
yes, sir.
His doctor weaned him off the prescription for a reason.
Now, that's a big risk, so the reward must have been greater.
Prentiss: he needs the truth.
He took his file.
He's got some answers.
And a head start.
Well, we need to catch up.
[indistinct chatter.]
Jj: records from child services Has him extremely physically abused.
No signs of sexual assault.
Garcia: that's a miracle.
Either way, the trauma was debilitating.
Was he running from an abusive home or an abduction? Wouldn't there be a paper trail if it were a kidnapping? Garcia, look for unsolved missing children's cases from the 1970s.
Now, there was a case In hollow creek.
kids were dead, though.
Found them in pieces.
When was this? '75.
Nobody talks about it 'cause they never found the guy.
You think call walked away from that? It's possible.
Garcia, send me everything.
Can you find the case file? I'll do what i can.
Boy: you're it! Second boy: come on, wait up! [kids chattering.]
Is there a suspect list? It's in here somewhere.
Reid: he was known as the hollow creek killer.
some never identified.
Oh, god, he used lime to dispose-- There's a survivor.
call? No, a 12-year-old boy named tommy phillips.
Parents said he'd been missing for 2 weeks, Came back a different kid.
Of course he did.
Let's see.
the family left louisville After tommy told police where to find the bodies.
He also said the suspect was a white man in his 30s And drove a red pickup truck.
We need to find tommy.
He'd be 46 now.
His parents probably changed his name And got as far away as possible.
Garcia can find him.
Don't get your hopes up.
Garcia, everything you can find On a tommy phillips.
Reid: the victims had cuts.
The stock boy's blade Is what set him off in the pharmacy.
If this is what call's been running from, It's no wonder he's blocked it out.
Since he's clean now, there's no medication To block his memories and he wants answers.
Where would he go? To what he knows.
He doesn't know anything.
That's the problem.
He's beginning to.
It's where he became darrin call.
[knocking on door.]
Yes? There was a nice man here, mr.
I need to see him.
I'm sorry, he retired years ago.
Well, where did he go? I don't know.
i'm sorry-- you gotta know! he-- He didn't just leave.
I'm sorry, sir, but i told you, he's not here.
Come on, kids, homework! Come on.
Come on.
Would you please leave? the children are coming in.
Come on.
come on.
straight to the books.
Right to it.
straight to the back and we'll sit down.
He's here.
He's here.
Who? What are you talking about? Nobody's here.
he's here.
I just-- Oh, careful, ryan.
Come on, you can make it! Come on! come on, come on! Tommy, tommy, We gotta go.
Stop it! no, wait-- Stop it! stop it! aah! Stop it! aah! Come on, tommy.
Go, go! somebody help! Somebody! Go, go! Thank you.
He called the boy tommy.
Is that what set him off? She thought it was his reflection.
Whoever hurt him years ago Might have been the same age he is now.
He might have seen the similarity.
What about the boy? His real name is ryan.
She said he's quiet and submissive.
Is morgan getting anything Out of the other witness? Not yet.
A minivan was stolen one block from here.
Call's never driven in his life.
You think he's still not running from us? Which way? Eastbound.
i got roadblocks set up everywhere.
He's not getting out of this county.
You're wasting your time.
He's outnumbered.
You think he's gonna just disappear? I think he took the boy for a reason.
I don't care why he took him.
You should.
Call's memory is no longer suppressed.
He's reinventing his past, And unless we understand how, We're not gonna find either of them.
Well, i'm not gonna just sit around and speculate.
Then don't.
You don't think we should chase him either? We need to get ahead of call.
There's a kid missing.
They don't need the extra manpower.
Since when? If we'd studied foyet's initial crimes, We would have known that a survivor didn't make sense.
What does he have to do with this? All we had to do was stop and look at foyet's history, And we didn't, and we lost two couples and a bus full of people.
And i'm not making that mistake again.
Ryan: they're gonna find us.
Where? you saw 'em? where? Who? Where did you seem 'em? Who? where did you see 'em?! where?! Please, just let me go.
I'm sorry, tommy.
Just-- We just gotta-- we gotta-- Just--ohh--we gotta-- We gotta hurry, tommy, 'cause he's gonna get us and we just-- We just gotta--uhh-- [groans.]
So what do we know? There were only 4 suspects in the hollow creek case And they're all dead.
The kids were taken in 1973, '74, and '75.
And all on the way home from school.
Different school districts.
He waited for them to be alone.
That takes patience.
He must have had time off in the afternoons.
He lived or worked near the schools.
That's a lot of doors to knock on.
You think call's going back there? I think there's a good chance.
I'll tell mitchell.
Where's the secondary location? He needed seclusion to do what he did.
Go ahead, garcia.
you're on speaker.
I found tommy.
he goes by james thomas anderson now.
Is he local? One county over.
address and bio are comingnow.
Hotch: thanks, garcia.
What does darrin call have to do with me? We think he survived the hollow creek murders.
Nobody survived that.
You did.
There was another boy.
He was 6.
No, that's not true.
We don't have time for this.
I'm telling you, i was alone.
Just like now? Excuse me? Have you ever been married? Any relationships? any family? What does that have to do with anything? Or are you afraid you'll abandon them, too? Or was it because of your alcoholism? I would never leave a kid.
Did he cry too much? Was he too slow? what was it? How could you leave a 6-year-old all alone? I was only 12 years old.
He's been taking medications to deal with the trauma That suppressed his memories.
That kind of amnesia is a psychological defense.
He's gonna wish he never remembered.
We know what you told the police.
We need to know about the boy.
He never talked.
Hey! hey, kid.
Hey, kid.
Is the old man passed out yet? Can you reach those? Good.
bring 'em.
Bring 'em here.
Go ahead, you can do it.
Right there.
Come on.
come on! Come here.
Grab the shovel.
Hey, come here! [groaning.]
Quit struggling! Come here.
Get out of there.
Go on! Uhh! Ah! Come on.
Come on! Come on, you can make it! [grunting.]
Come on, you can make it! Come on! Come on! Aah! go, tommy! run! Go, tommy! run! Go, tommy! run! I'd never heard his voice before.
He told you to go.
He was a kid.
So were you.
Call wasn't in the back with you.
No, he was in the cab.
He gave you water.
Got the keys.
Why wasn't he locked up? Maybe call wasn't a victim.
Call's reflection.
Oh, god.
His father was the hollow creek killer.
His own kid? No wonder he was never claimed.
How did the father explain his son just disappeared? Could have said he ran away.
The mother would have reported him missing.
Maybe he said the boy died.
She'd want a funeral.
What if there wasn't one? Morgan, call garcia.
ask her to check death records From 1969 to 1975.
For who? For the mother.
[breathing hard.]
Go, tommy! run! Go, tommy, run! You think you can get away?! Is that what you think?! You stupid little bastard.
Uhh! [screaming.]
[horn honking.]
Hey! [grunting.]
Morgan: have you narrowed it down? Oh, 6 years is a long time.
i need more parameters.
She lived within that 8-mile radius.
She was married.
she was most likely in her twenties.
He was probably her only kid.
The husband drove a red truck.
this could be one.
Here we go, doris jarvis.
died in childbirth.
And let me guess-- she had a boy.
Baby girl, i'm gonna put you on speaker.
Garcia: ok, so doris jarvis Was married to bill jarvis.
He owned a machine shop just outside the city.
That could be the secondary location.
It closed in 1980.
He hasn't done anything since.
i guess he laid low.
He had a red pickup until 1976 when he bought a black one.
I know that because that's what he was driving When he was arrested for duis.
He was locked up from '77 to '80, And i'm sending his picture now.
And that could certainly be darrin call's father.
Where's jarvis now? In the same house.
Let's go.
[gate creaks.]
[crowd cheering on tv.]
that's gonna do it.
There's no energy shortage here.
His third shot of the 1975 season.
We'd like to remind you-- You're late.
of the game of the day.
[indistinct tv announcer.]
Patterson still walking around the mound.
We're not quite sure what is happening.
[announcer continues.]
[crowd cheering on tv.]
He's behind the count now, Three balls, one strike, With a man on first and second Here in the bottom of the eighth.
I knew you'd come home.
The kid's in there.
we've got this.
Tactical teams are covering the exits.
Call needs a distraction.
He's focused on the old man.
For now.
but we're gonna have to figure out The safest way to get that kid out.
I've got a team in the back and one on the way.
We're going to infiltrate.
You do that and someone else dies.
Either call or a child murderer-- Flip a coin.
It doesn't have to end like that.
We get a confession out of jarvis and he goes away, And call gets his answers.
No one else has to die.
Hotch! What the hell is he doing?! Let him go.
Rossi, i'm not letting him go in there solo.
We have to trust him.
We can do this together.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Get out! My name's aaron.
This is between us and him.
I know.
Then you leave us alone.
I know what he did to those boys.
I know about hollow creek and the cage.
And tommy.
You know about tommy? Come on, you can make it! Come on! come on! We're gonna get him back for everything that he done, tommy.
Every single thing.
Let him go.
tommy doesn't need to see this.
He should die.
He should.
but if you kill him, You have nothing, and i thought you wanted some answers.
What's he doing? Stalling.
He's got nothing to lose.
Go ahead, darrin, ask him.
Why did you do that to those kids? What kids? No! The ones that we buried.
why?! You're confused.
No! unh! Jarvis, why didn't you move? This is my home.
You sure it's not the view? Darrin, come here.
Come take a look at this.
He sits on the porch every day and watches those kids.
He can't help himself.
You got the shot? Man on police radio: negative.
Damn it.
What's he doing? Man on police radio: bringing the boy out.
Let's get hotch out of there.
That's his call.
We--we drove around in that truck.
You made your own son Sit in front so the other boys would feel safe? You--you kept them in cages.
I burnt their clothes.
And when you finished, you'd bury them And you made him help.
And-- Get up.
pretend you're a man.
You like little boys, don't you? But they can't be too small, 'cause that would be wrong.
What was it about them? they make you feel strong, Make you feel like a man? You shut up.
Is that a yes? Darrin.
please-- Please.
we're surrounded here.
The police are gonna storm in here any minute.
They will not shoot you if you are unarmed.
You need to put the gun down now.
Don't--don't-- Tell me what to do! Uhh! don't--uhh-- [gunshots.]
Go, go! What happened? I couldn't stop him.
Rossi: it's over.
For now.
[indistinct chatter.]
Thank you.
There's someone i think you should talk to.
Tommy? I'm so sorry.
What for? For running away.
We both ran.
Yeah, but i left you behind.
He could have killed you.
He didn't.
'cause i wasn't afraid of him anymore.
You've changed everything, tommy.
You're the one that i waited for.
You're the one that saved me.
[engine starts.]
Hotch: "there is no witness so dreadful, "no accuser so terrible, As the conscience that dwells in the heart of every man.
" Polybius.
I know what you want to talk about.
be breaking down hotch's decisions.
There'd be no doubt.
to live for, rossi.
Now his family's just been taken away.
How is he supposed to think about anything else? How long is he gonna let foyet win? hmm? I mean, come on, by the time we catch this guy, Hotch could be more scarred on the inside than he is the outside.
Hotch took a risk.
But we saved that boy.
He put his life at risk in there, In ways that we are never supposed to, and you know it.
I'm not about to stand by and watch this man kill himself.
And you won't.
Rossi If hotch is gone, Foyet's got no one else to torture.
hotch wins.
But if hotch lives but doesn't get to watch his son grow up, Hotch loses.
[alarm beeping.]
You didn't have to walk me up here, you know.
I know.
[resets alarm.]
So you think call's gonna be ok? I don't know.
He got his answers.
He killed the man who haunted him.
And what else is there? The years of torture.
Think he'll get over that? How could he? But at least he doesn't have to feel like he's alone anymore.
He doesn't have anyone.
He has tommy.
He's not alone.
Get some sleep.
You, too.