Criminal Minds s06e02 Episode Script


19-year-old Kate Joyce, an honor student, was vacationing at the beach with friends when she disappeared nearly three days ago.
Atlantic Beach detective Bob Mathias They've had suspects in custody the whole time, but nothing.
Can't even charge them with anything unless they find her body.
What are the chances of that? But are cooperating with the investigation.
They're still in Hotch's office, huh? It can't be good.
Are suspected in her disappearance.
Authorities only have 12 hours left to hold the men in custody without an official charge.
JJ's still in there? And Strauss.
Oh, again with the dairy? I can't help it.
I love dairy.
It's been, like, what, 20 minutes? Well, 10 more minutes, we're in the air.
I don't think it's about the case.
Do you know something? Do I know something? She just repeated the question.
You always say that's a sign.
Do you know why JJ's in there? I have no idea.
What is going on? Maybe she asked for a raise.
Have his blinds ever been closed? I have given it thought.
I'm not interested.
You turned down the job twice without consulting your unit chief.
Agent Jareau is under no obligation to discuss it with me.
If the Pentagon calls one of your team members, you should know about it.
Why didn't you tell Agent Hotchner that you turned down the position? I never wanted it to get this far because Because you know it's a better job.
Because I don't want to leave this one.
You've been here for six years.
Nearly seven, ma'am.
Change is good.
And from what I understand, there's less travel with this position.
- You could stay home with Henry.
- Excuse me? I understand the sacrifices.
I do what I love.
It's made me a better person, a better mother.
Any sacrifices I have made have been for my family.
I don't have a single regret.
We're all in agreement that Agent Jareau's a valuable part of this team, and it's understandable why the executive branch is requesting the transfer.
However, if Agent Jareau respectfully declines their request, there's no way you can make her go.
No, I can't.
Have you looked at the video of the missing girl? Everyone's watching it now.
You're expected in Maryland within the hour.
We'll be there.
Thank you.
Pentagon? - Sorry I didn't tell you.
- It's okay.
It's just It's a big deal.
The liaison for the Department of Defense it's a major promotion.
Are you sure you don't want this? Hotch, I belong here.
You'd think profilers would cover better than that, wouldn't you? You read up on the suspects? Presents like the typical dominant/submissive, but I doubt it's that textbook.
Well, we only got one shot at this.
- How long have they been in custody? - 60 hours.
We have 12 hours to get a confession or find a body.
Syd Pearson has a lot of money and connections.
If we let him go, we may never see him again.
And Barrett? He doesn't have the same resources.
Do you think these guys did it? - The locals do.
- They tried to get them to turn against one another, but that didn't work.
It seems they have a bond that dates back to childhood.
We only have a 30-minute flight.
That's not enough time to delve into their histories.
Bullet points on the missing woman.
Second and third pages are all about the suspects.
Garcia, we're gonna need phone records, credit card receipts, anything you can find.
Yes, you'll have them when you get there.
Thank you.
Is everything okay? What, you mean Strauss? Don't.
I know that look.
Everything's going to be fine.
Jean Racine said, "A tragedy need not have blood and death.
"It's enough that it all be filled with that majestic sadness that is the pleasure of tragedy.
" Hey, you okay? Uh, yeah.
You? I just feel kind of sick.
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got this offer from the Pentagon.
I turned it down twice.
I never told Hotch or Strauss.
And now Strauss wants you to take it.
Well, of course she does.
It'll make her look good if you get promoted.
I don't trust her for a second.
You shouldn't.
What does Hotch think? He knows I don't want to go.
Well, then you won't.
Penelope's pretty freaked out, huh? You have to ask? Okay, let's review.
Kate Joyce, 19 years old, Was last seen leaving a bar with these two men, Sydney Pearson and James Barrett, both 20 years old.
She was reported missing the next morning when she didn't meet her friends.
That was almost three days ago.
Their story is they dropped Kate at the motel, but there were no cameras to confirm that.
And Search and Rescue's been all over the island.
Dragged the inlets, and they found absolutely nothing.
Both said they had sex with Kate.
They're claiming it was consensual.
There's no way to confirm.
There's no body.
I doubt it was consensual.
We've got to prove they're guilty of more than just being seen with her.
Well, the police weren't able to find any holes in their stories.
We're gonna have to break them down psychologically.
Morgan, I want you and Prentiss to lead the interrogation.
Dave, you and Reid start at the bar.
JJ, Kate Joyce's family is still at the station.
Still? For three days? They never went to the hotel.
I want you to stay with them.
They haven't left.
The mayor personally set them up with a penthouse suite at the Harrison Grand, but they won't go.
They can't.
You're their only source of information.
To be even a minute away would add to their torture.
I've kept them away from the suspects.
Now, I don't get why you want them together.
Trust me.
You're from the FBI? Yes, ma'am.
Jennifer Jareau.
JJ? Kate was almost Jennifer.
Jennifer Joyce.
We would have called her JJ.
Would you two like to head to the hotel? I'll come with you.
We'll have constant contact with my team.
Will those boys still be here? Yes, sir.
Then so will I.
Okay, well, let's find a place where we can talk.
Come on.
Hit the national news yesterday.
A lot of pressure.
The mayor would rather have a great white attacking than a homicide.
Well, a shark attack makes the mayor a victim.
A killer makes him responsible.
Once she got into that car, we have no idea what happened.
Well, the suspects' stories hold up.
They've told them dozens of times without variation.
There's got to be some truth in them.
Syd Pearson is a handful.
Uh, Jimmy Barrett is dumber than a box full of rocks.
But they've been friends all their lives.
Yeah, go figure.
There's gotta be a reason.
Well, they've only been out of their holding cells to be interrogated or to use the john.
You've got video? Yeah, we got cameras in both rooms.
We'll have to rely on nonverbal cues.
That'll expose their weaknesses.
Hey, you.
What'd you do with Kate? Calm down, man.
I will kill you, you understand? You understand me? Keep him away from me.
Barrett avoided conflict.
Pearson was provocative.
The blond one's getting off on this.
Well, if he knows where Kate is, that's his power.
Hey, can I get you anything? What? Water? Soda? Are you hungry? Hmm.
Tuggie's roast beef with fries, the curly ones.
- You got it.
- And a beer.
Nice try.
What the hell was that? Just trying to establish some trust.
You gonna ask the other one, too? No.
And what? You're not going in there? Not yet.
Really? You know, we don't have a whole lot of time here.
They've been slammed with the same questions for the last 21/2 days.
We go in there with that strategy, we'll get nowhere.
I don't get it.
If we go in there now, they have all the power.
So what, we just, uh, wait? For a while.
Kate Joyce comes from a stable family.
She went to good schools, got good grades, has good friends.
Everything points to her being a total sweetheart.
- You don't think she is? - I'm sure she is.
But? She's 19.
Everyone agrees Kate wouldn't leave with those boys.
But she did.
But why? Why would this girl, this sweetheart, take such a risk? We don't have many images to go by.
We saw enough to know what happened.
Kate Joyce and her friends moved around a lot.
The suspects didn't.
They waited for her.
A sea of opportunity.
Why was she drawn to those guys? What if she knew them? Her friends never said that.
She was only here a week.
I think she trusted them.
Why? She may have been testing her boundaries, but she's far too cautious to just go off with total strangers.
So she met them before Friday night.
Look at her.
Has she always been a fish? We started her out in swim lessons our second summer down here.
When was that, Jeff, '95? Who's this? Your son? Drew.
So they were on the same swim team, But he looks like he's a few years younger? Was.
He had leukemia.
I'm so sorry.
Katie was always very protective of him.
It hit her the hardest.
# Today is the greatest day # # And it don't matter what you say, no way # We should have been here.
If we had driven down Then she wouldn't have come.
Stop saying that.
It's the truth.
The whole point was for her to get away.
Get away? From what, Patty? From us? I don't know, Jeff.
She needed a break.
You shouldn't have let her come.
She's 19 years old.
How was I gonna stop her? And we said it was okay.
We were wrong.
God! Don't you think I know that? I know you're trying to make sense of this.
- Trust me, there is no logic to any of it.
- No.
You have no idea, no idea what it's like.
Our children were taken from us! And there is nothing you can say that will change that.
You're right.
It's natural to want to blame someone.
But right now you really have to hold on to each other.
Garcia, what have you got? Oodles of records.
Cell phones, credit cards, some juicy juvie.
Sending details now.
It is safe to say these two have always been in trouble.
When did it start? The summer of 2000.
They were only 10.
What did they do? See for yourself.
Naughty boys.
Shoplifting, vandalism, burned a house down.
Abandoned building.
Assault charges were dropped last summer.
Well, it looks like they bring out the worst in each other.
Ready? What's up? What's up? My name's Derek Morgan.
I'm with the FBI's behavioral analysis unit.
What did you do? Oh, I had this before Friday night.
That's not what I asked you.
But I know what you're thinking.
I highly doubt that.
Division I lacrosse player.
Obviously left-handed.
Broke it in three places.
That sucks.
I bet you're a force.
Too bad you didn't dominate the way they hoped, though.
Why not? I mean, what happened? Were you still hung up on the Chapel Hill rejection? I mean, especially after you told everybody that you were gonna go.
I mean, damn, that's gotta sting a little bit.
What's the deal? Isn't it all in your little file? Well, let's see what my little file says.
You cheated on your SATs, and you had your girlfriend take them for you.
That's another hard lesson, isn't it? You can't trust anybody to keep their mouth shut.
Why haven't you lawyered up? I haven't done anything wrong.
That is so annoying.
Do you know anything about video cameras? - Battery's probably dead.
- Oh.
Hey, guys.
Can I get a new, uh, battery for the video camera? Okay.
What is that, roast beef? Did anyone ask you? I'm not hungry.
Neither was I until I smelled that.
Um, so Syd has a Lexus.
That's nice.
Did he ever let you drive it? No.
Yeah, he's kind of a control freak, huh? I met him.
He seems like a jerk.
And it says a lot that he can eat at a time like this.
And he didn't just get a car.
He got a Lexus.
At 16.
But, well, I guess that's what LRBs get.
Little rich boys.
His dad's got a dealership.
Do you always defend Syd? Defend him? Never mind.
So I see you have a boat.
Single outboard motor, two-stroke engine.
Is it fast? Yeah.
So when did your family move here? I don't remember.
Grade school? - Middle school? - Fifth grade.
So you were 10.
That's the year you met Syd.
How does any of this have to do with that girl? He never mentions her by name.
Why not? He's distancing himself.
Depersonalizing the victim.
You want to talk about Kate? I didn't know her.
You brought her up.
See the way he shifted his weight and cracked his neck? His behavior was consistent until Kate was mentioned.
Your statement says that you and Jimmy first met Kate on Friday night.
These are Kate's credit card receipts.
Her and her friends rented a jet ski from Jimmy Friday morning.
He gets 100 customers a day.
Yeah, but come on, man.
I doubt they all look like Kate, now, do they? Hmm? Isn't that really why Jimmy texted you Friday morning? Woke you up and said, "Hey, man, you gotta get down here and see this girl.
" And you liked what you saw, didn't you? You invite her to the club, and maybe that would have been all right, but the problem is, when you and Jimmy get together, it's nothing but trouble.
- Mm-hmm.
- And when you add a girl to that mix, she didn't stand a chance, did she? Just like Kelley Graybeal.
- Who? - Last summer.
She filed a complaint, but lucky for you she dropped all the charges.
Look, man, we could do this for another, I don't know, whatever you got left.
Or I could make it real simple for you.
Give me a polygraph.
After 65 hours of sitting in here, you want a polygraph? Well, that depends.
On what? Are you gonna ask me the questions? Because I was really hoping you'd send that pretty one back in here.
You guys hear that? Barrett just asked for a polygraph.
You're kidding me.
Him, too? I don't understand why those boys agreed to a polygraph.
They didn't.
They suggested it.
It's a countermeasure.
They're trying to manage perceptions, trying to prove they don't have anything to hide.
They know where Kate is right now.
Well, we don't know that for sure.
All right, um Why don't we head to the hotel, okay? We could go and look at the ocean.
I can't believe you're thinking about a view right now.
- I'm not.
- You just said Because it calms you.
Okay, you guys haven't been outside for days.
You haven't eaten.
You haven't slept.
You cannot keep going like this.
You go ahead.
We think Kate was comfortable with these guys.
How? Their only other encounter was at the jet ski rental.
The only documented encounter.
Garcia's running her friends' credit cards, too.
They could have met someplace else.
I don't know.
She's a smart girl.
Well, they're handsome, charming, 19.
You remember 19? She would know better than to be outnumbered.
What if Pearson promised to dump Jim Barrett? And what, Jim retaliated? I could work that theory.
When do we get the results? Any minute.
So what if they didn't do it? Then we're back to nothing? One of them knows where Kate is.
How can you be sure? Because an innocent person doesn't sit quietly for three days.
They get angry and defensive.
These guys are going out of their way to appear calm and in control.
They've got something to hide.
- Then why take the polygraph? - Because they're stalling.
Serial killers are kings of manipulation.
Serial killers? Uh, there's only one potential victim.
Serial killing is a qualitative characteristic.
It not just about numbers.
They've assaulted at least one girl before.
It was only a matter of time before they did it again.
Barrett's a perfect match for Pearson.
His family uprooted from the city, forcing him to adapt to his new surroundings.
He's eager to fit in and quick to follow.
And Pearson's definitely got the dominant traits.
He's loud, he's physical, he's smart, he's charismatic, and he's privileged.
Sounds like a peach.
You should talk to him.
- Love to.
- I'll take you to him.
JJ, how are the Joyces doing? They lost their son three years ago.
If we can't find Kate If Kate knew these boys better than we thought, you might want to dig a little.
Dig? If the family thinks it could help, they may reveal something.
I know.
It's just they shouldn't have to.
Hotch, we can't lose her.
Strauss thinks we're all replaceable.
I went over her head to try to explain that we're not.
Are you the bad cop? I'm not a cop.
Sydney Xavier Pearson.
A name like that didn't come with manners? A gentleman walks a lady to the door.
She wasn't much of a lady.
Watch your mouth.
The girl was horny, man.
I mean, she practically begged me for it.
- That's a bunch of bull - This son of a bitch passed.
How? How'd you do it? The little bastard believes his lies are the truth.
Takes a few deep breaths and passes.
Old-timer's kind of dramatic, isn't he? No, it's actually much simpler than that.
You see, uh, I didn't actually do anything to her.
You didn't do anything? - You gave me some pretty graphic details.
- Oh, don't get me wrong.
My DNA is all over that girl, but, uh, that doesn't mean I killed her.
I got pictures.
- What? - On my cell.
You want to see? You're giving us consent? Give me this guy's property! Now! What the hell was that? That was the camera.
The yelling.
That was Agent Morgan.
Barrett, it says here you were half an hour late to work on Saturday morning.
I was hung over.
Hung over? That's nothing new, but being late is.
It looks like you always clock in 10 minutes early, gas up the jet skis, get the life vests out.
What happened that morning? I just told you.
I was hung over.
Got you.
Hung over, slept in.
What about Friday night, Friday after the bar? We drove to the inlet.
Drove to the inlet.
Approximately what time would you say that you drove to the inlet? Why would you go to the water at 2 or 2:30 in the morning? The boats start coming in.
In the middle of the night the boats start coming in? Yeah.
They fish all night, then they bring in the catch.
Then they sell it on the docks to the restaurants and all that.
Syd wanted to show her, then he drove her back, dropped her off at the hotel, and the next thing I know, it's morning.
And you just slept in? My alarm clock's broke.
Your alarm clock's broken? Broken.
Did it make you upset? Can you fix the damn camera, please? Sit down.
How'd you pass it? Now, a gentleman never shares, but See? No tears.
Now, you see how happy she was? Did Kate drink often? I told you, she's an athlete.
Were you surprised she had a fake I.
D? It's no secret.
She liked going out with her friends.
Why are you doing this? I'm not judging Kate.
I want to find her.
What time is it? It's almost dark out.
We can't do this anymore.
Please just find her.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
Where is Kate Joyce? You hard of hearing or something? You know what I don't get it, Rossi? What I just can't wrap my brain around? No, what's that? How this could have been consensual.
Don't sit down.
Don't sit down.
Consensual, huh? What does that look like? How do you get a nice girl like Kate to do both of you in the same night? She liked it.
What did she like? What, did she do both of you at once? Come on, you know that.
Did you take turns? What? I mean, you said she liked it.
But what? What did she like? - You know, man.
- No, I don't.
Is this what you did to her? Hmm? You pin her down? I told you, she liked it.
You held her just like this.
You choked her.
Well, how long before she tapped out? This is exactly what you did to her.
You know what I think, Syd? I think Kate didn't want to fool around with your friend, so she begged you to take her home.
But you couldn't diss your boy like that, could you? So you helped him.
Pinned her down in the backseat.
Maybe you threw her out in the dirt.
Maybe you hit her too hard, she stopped breathing, and you were stuck, weren't you? It's not true.
Is that what you mean by consensual? Well, you sure know how to run out the clock.
What have we got? Less than three hours.
What do you think? Well, he's not smart enough to have done this by himself.
He's always been a follower.
Pearson's charming enough to pick up a good girl, but Barrett was just along for the ride.
Take a look at the photos.
Oh, she wasn't interested in Barrett at all.
But he's the one she met in the morning.
All right.
Well, I'll keep pushing.
How's it going in there? I wouldn't be surprised if Morgan turned off the camera in a minute.
I told you, Agent Jareau's transfer is an executive decision.
Ma'am, I'm asking you not to take it out on Agent Jareau because I went over your head.
I know this is emotional for you It's not emotional.
It's a bad decision.
She's a vital member of our team.
I'm afraid it's a done deal.
Well, that's unacceptable.
Well, what do you want me to do, Aaron, lose my job so she can keep hers? And I have no say in this? You don't get it.
They're not asking you.
They want her back in D.
What do you think? I don't know.
This kid's got no shame.
No guilt.
He did horrible things to Kate, but I don't think he killed her.
So what are we saying? The only thing he's guilty of is being a scumbag? Any official charge for that? The storm came through and separated the land.
That's what made the inlet.
One thing you can trust is the ground beneath you, until one day it all just shifts.
Is that some kind of a metaphor? You tell me.
It sounds like you're just trying to make some fancy point.
That's all.
He's smarter than you thought.
He never says the word water.
He always talks about the inlet.
Well, he's a local kid.
He knows the specifics about the island.
He's getting sloppy.
You think it's all an act? Barrett's never said her name.
He's fidgety, looks like he's a submissive, but he's not entirely weak.
He doesn't have the looks or confidence to pull this off, so he calls Syd to seal the deal.
We saw the pictures.
Kate rejected Barrett.
What pictures? How does Barrett pass a polygraph? Even if he didn't kill her He'd have to make sure she's never found.
He's got a boat.
The locals checked it.
No sign Kate was ever on it.
Wouldn't a boat have GPS? That's Kate's phone.
There, in the backseat.
Kate's mom has that right now.
- You sure? - Yeah.
They recovered that from her room.
So she made it back.
Kate's cell phone was left in the car and then later turned up in her room.
- How? - We figure most of the story's true.
That's why they never changed it.
They did drop Kate off at the hotel.
Pearson took Barrett home, just like they said.
But then, because Barrett was rejected, he circled back to punish Kate.
Well, why would she let him in? Because he had this.
No sign of a struggle in the room.
Barrett lured her outside, maybe drugged her, took her to his boat.
He was obsessed with the inlet.
He knew the traffic patterns there, when the fishermen were coming in and tourist charters were going out.
The blood from the catch attracts hundreds of sharks.
It's a feeding frenzy out there that time of night.
We asked him if he killed her.
He didn't.
Asked where her body is.
He doesn't know.
Technically, those aren't lies.
How can you prove this? We'll get them to admit it.
This was after you dropped Kate at the motel.
Agreed? Yes.
Victory picture.
So Kate's gone, but her phone is right there.
And? We found it in her room.
You got any idea how it got there? Why is the GPS on your boat missing? It isn't.
He tossed it after he dumped Kate.
- Who are you? - This.
This was your ticket into her room.
Who is she? You said the inlet's quiet between 4 and 5 a.
That's when you took Kate out, right? You didn't want the search party to find her, so you kept going and going.
You had six hours before work.
How far did you get? About 75 miles out? A full tank on a single outboard motor will get you 150 miles.
At 25 miles per hour.
Your round trip took just over six hours, which is why you were late for work.
Oh, you didn't kill her.
You just left her to die.
That's why you asked for a polygraph.
You knew you'd pass it.
Why did you take Kate to the inlet? To look at the boats.
Come on, man, you know what happens down there in the middle of the night.
Sharks happen, Syd.
And they clean up your mess, don't they? That's why you dumped her body out there.
- No.
- Did you dump her? No! What? God No, I didn't do that, man.
I didn't I didn't I mean, I didn't do that.
I think your time's up.
Oh, yeah? Well, you took away their daughter, their dignity.
You don't get to win.
We're going to find her.
You still think she has a chance, huh? Right.
Thank you.
Coast Guard's 70 miles out.
- No sign of her.
- Kate's an amazing swimmer.
If he didn't kill her when she hit the water, there's still a chance.
JJ, that's three days in the ocean.
I know.
I know.
Help! Help! Someone help me! Help! Please help me! Agent Hotchner.
They found her, hugging a buoy.
She's alive.
Oh, she did it.
She held on.
They found her.
She's alive.
You know the first thing she said? She's sorry.
They choked her.
They And she's sorry.
You saved my life.
I knew it wouldn't be fair to leave her alone, but I didn't want to live.
It's my little girl.
And it's my job to keep her safe, and I wasn't there.
You made her who she is.
She hung on in the middle of the ocean for days.
That's strength I've never seen before.
I want Kate to meet you.
I'd like that.
Thank you.
I'd like to think that that your son was watching out for her.
When do I leave? The end of the week.
What? They wanted you to start tomorrow.
No, I I can't.
I need to train someone.
I'm not replacing you.
No, Hotch, you can't take this on yourself.
Your hands are full.
We'll figure it out.
I'm hoping I can get you back.
Strauss wanted you to fill this out.
Exit interview.
Are you kidding me? She's big on procedure.
Just be honest.
I was hoping I could do something about this.
And I'm sorry I couldn't.
I know.
How am I supposed to tell them I'm leaving when I don't want to go? The brass is really, really good at taking power away.
It makes them feel like they're in charge.
That sounds like a profile.
You're going to be much better off than any of us, you know that? I'll miss you.
Wait a minute.
- I thought Hotch was supposed to - It's above his pay grade.
Strauss', too.
They can't just take you away.
So we do nothing? It's done.
It can't be that simple.
It is.
This job is hard enough.
What are they trying to do, bury us? You're too good.
That's the problem.
It's true.
You're on everybody's wish list.
Our loss is somebody else's gain.
They can't just take you away.
You still here? I figured you'd get to me eventually.
You're leaving? You could have told me.
I would have done something.
I would have made it impossible for them to let you go.
I would have put something in your file.
It's not up to me or Hotch.
Don't they understand that we're a family? That that's why this works is because we're a family? - Do they even care? - I don't know.
I can't believe Okay, no, that's I'm supposed to say that this is a great opportunity, which it is.
I don't know the way this place works without you.
You're like the glue around here who's gonna make us feel safe.
There's plenty of big, strong men around.
See that, right there? Your total ignorance of how awesome you are is one of the 5,000 things I love about you.
I'm still gonna be in the city, okay? - More than normal, probably.
- Sure.
And we'll make a plan.
Breakfast every Tuesday.
And life gets in the way.
And what if I only see you on birthdays and holidays? I won't let that happen.
You better not, because I know where to find you.
You want to walk out together? Uh, there's there's one more thing I need to do before I go.
## # There comes a time # # Time in everyone's life # # When loving seems to go away # # Where nothing seems to turn out right # # There, there come a time # # You just can't seem to find your place # # For every door you open # # Seems like you get two slammed in your face # # That's when you need someone # # Someone that you, you can hold # # When all your faith is gone # I'm thankful for my years spent with this family.
For everything we shared, every chance we had to grow.
I'll take the best of them with me and lead by their example wherever I go.
A friend told me to be honest with you.
So here it goes.
This isn't what I want, but I'll take the high road.
Maybe it's because I look at everything as a lesson, or because I don't want to walk around angry, or maybe it's because I finally understand.
There are things we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.
# Let it be me # # If it's a friend you need # # Let it be me # # Let it be me # # Let it be me #