Criminal Minds s06e03 Episode Script

Remembrance of Things Past

You got your seat cushion? Yeah, they're in the back.
Lyle, you got your jacket? Mom, I know how to dress for a football game.
You know, whenever we get there, you're always cold.
He's okay.
Where are the tickets? I thought you got them.
You said you grabbed them.
If it wasn't for me, you guys would be lost.
Lyle, you left this door open! Sam! Let's go.
We're gonna miss kickoff.
What if it's Jenny? Call her from the car.
You know your daughter.
She probably just wants to talk about a new dress she bought.
Come on.
Come on.
Mom, Dad, this is Jenny.
I'm in trouble.
I'm in so much trouble.
I know you taught me to not be afraid, but I'm so afraid.
When you get this message, I'll probably be dead.
So I just wanted to tell you that Oh, God, please pick up the phonel Pleasel I hope you want me to come in.
I mean, between writer's block and my neighbor's construction, I'm going crazy here.
What's going on there? I just got a call.
The bodies of two young women were found in the Elden Street area in Bristol, Virginia.
They were both tortured and electrocuted.
Did they make any phone calls? Yes.
But without the signature.
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
Is that Ellie again? She texts me every morning on her way to school.
How's she doing? Well, she's already got herself a BFF named Jill, and she thinks she wants to play soccer.
She's adjusting.
That's good.
Bristol, Virginia.
The body of 25-year-old Jenny Delilly was found yesterday.
She had been tortured, sodomized, and electrocuted before being forced to make a goodbye call to her parents.
Her body was then dumped off Elden Street.
A week ago, the body of Kara Kirkland was found in the same area having suffered identical injuries.
This reminds me of the Butcher case.
Why does that name sound familiar to me? The Butcher was a sexual sadist that killed 20 women in the same area of Virginia from 1984 to 1993 and then vanished.
He tortured blonde women in their 20s that lived in or near Bristol.
That was one of Rossi's old cases, isn't it? - Yes.
- Does he know? Some vacation.
Did you get any sun? I never got any anything.
Do you think the Butcher's back? I doubt it.
We profiled him as a white male in his late 40s back then.
He'd be in his 70s by now.
Didn't you almost catch him? In the spring of '93, we narrowed the geographical profile.
We alerted every blonde in their mid-20s in Bristol and the surrounding counties.
The pressure got so intense, the killings just stopped.
Well, the Copelands killed into their 70s.
This could be him coming back.
It's probably a copycat.
But if he's emulating the Butcher, he could just be getting started.
Marcel Proust wrote, "Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.
" All right, let's go over victimology.
Both Jenny Delilly and Kara Kirkman were single professional women.
Jenny had just gotten a job as a Web designer, and Kara worked for a nonprofit.
Each woman was taken from a populated area with no witnesses.
Jenny from a crowded drugstore parking lot, Kara from the back patio of a ground-floor apartment when he roommate went inside to answer the phone.
Why not take the roommate? She's brunette.
He prefers blondes.
These vics were forced to make phone calls.
Jenny left a message, and Kara spoke with her fiancé.
Garcia, were you able to trace the calls? My pretties, they're using disposable cells, so I'm coming up empty.
We do have a timeline, though.
According to the M.
's report, both victims were dead for about three hours before they were found, which means based upon the times of their messages, they endured five additional hours of torture after making their goodbye calls.
It wasn't enough that he caused his victims pain and suffering.
It extended to their parents as well? Rossi, were the phone calls the Butcher made his victims leave similar? Yeah, but the content varied.
messages for loved ones, five actually talked to someone before they died, and two reached no one.
But didn't the Butcher make his victims end their messages by saying they were enjoying it? That was the signature.
Wouldn't that make a sadist flaccid? It wasn't about him.
It was about the parents.
He wanted to make sure that they knew he had complete control and dominance over their daughters.
All right, Morgan and Prentiss, go to the M.
We need to compare ritual and M.
Rossi, Reid, and I will interview the families and go over the messages.
Rossi, what's in the box? Evil.
This isn't the Butcher, believe me.
We need a room with a whiteboard, a window, and five chairs.
Unless the Butcher's Jack Lalanne, this is a younger copycat.
The bodies were left in the exact same location.
Everybody knew the details of this case.
The paper even printed part of the answering machine messages.
Have you been able to step up police presence on Elden Street? Well, it's a 7-mile stretch that runs through the city.
I've done what I could, considering our budget.
Are detectives Clemmons, Benton, and Gallagher still here? They worked the first case.
Clemmons and Benton both died two years ago.
Gallagher retired from the force when his wife was killed at the Pentagon on 9/11.
- So you're the lead detective on this? - Unfortunately.
Look, the families of the victims should be here any minute.
If there's anything I can do to help you guys, let me know.
Thank you.
You can tell from the burn wounds that they were assaulted with an electrified object.
Curling iron? Poker? Inconclusive.
They also have numerous lacerations on their bodies slight ones near the throat, deep ones on the chest.
Multiple knives.
The guy was creative.
Creatively sick.
What about the contusions on the backs of their heads? They were most likely sustained during the abduction.
This is a different approach than the Butcher's abductions.
Based on Rossi's profile, the Butcher was a smooth-talker who lured his victims without initial physical force.
Yet clearly this unsub doesn't have the same confidence or finesse.
He's sloppy.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hey, Colby.
How have you been? I, uh I got a job at Joe's Coffee.
You should come by sometime.
Sounds good.
I'm hungry.
How's he doing? What, am I talking to myself? I should go.
If I had a good caretaker, he'd be here on time.
I don't pay you to be late.
- I'm coming.
- That's what you said an hour ago.
I should've gotten rid of you when I had a chance.
The old girl would have fed me by now.
She was so scared.
I'm sorry I have to ask you to do this.
Mom, Dad, this is Jenny.
I'm in trouble.
I kept asking her what was wrong, but she just made me listen.
I'm in so much trouble.
I know you taught me to not be afraid, but I'm so afraid.
When you get this message, I'll probably be dead.
So I just wanted to tell you that Did your fiancée say anything that sounded out of the ordinary? No.
She sounded like herself, considering the circumstances.
You say that her lexical features are consistent with her vernacular? Huh? Are the words hers? Yeah, that's what she said.
I need to ask you about the words that Jenny used.
Does it sound like something that she would say? Does she sound like herself? We never We never told her to not be afraid.
Why would she say that? She wouldn't.
At the end of the conversation, did Kara say that she enjoyed it? No, she didn't say she enjoyed it.
What are you guys not telling me? I need some air.
What happened in there? We talked about the signature.
Even though Jenny Delilly's message didn't have the whole signature, I want you to see if it matches any of the old Butcher phone transcripts.
You think something in Jenny's call was scripted? Possibly.
Baldwin Softball Field.
Very good.
- Heritage Mall.
- Very good.
The gas station off West State.
No, try again.
It's the one off West State.
It's okay if you don't remember.
Don't tell me I don't remember.
Let's just try another one.
You're trying to make me look stupid.
I'm not stupid.
No one said you were stupid.
You just You gotta keep practicing.
I know a better way to practice.
It's not time.
It's time when I say it's time.
I want to go out.
Take me out.
All right.
This is right where she parked her car.
And then she rushed in there to get a prescription.
Then she comes back to her car, and somebody gets her attention.
They call out to her.
She throws her stuff in the trunk, runs off that way, and that's when we lose her.
So how do you snatch someone from here? Push her into a car? It's way too crowded.
But there is a blind spot right there.
There's enough of an obstruction here to park your car, blitz her from behind, and then push her into the vehicle.
But could you do that alone? I doubt it.
And two people would explain how the first victim was abducted so quickly from the patio when her roommate went in to get the phone.
It would also shed light on the M.
's findings.
There wasn't one unsub with two knives, it was two unsubs with their own weapon.
Please tell Mom I love her.
Tell Joey the same.
He wants me to say I enjoyed it, but I didn't.
Yes, she did.
She's dead.
He doesn't even sound human.
Did you transfer all the tapes yourself? like background noise, But when I digitized them, you could hear every word.
Yes, she did.
She's dead.
It's stunningly creepy.
I never caught the Butcher, but I caught his voice.
I'd go to bed hearing him, wake up hearing him.
It would be like hearing a message from Jack the Ripper.
Why haven't you ever written about him? He had too much power.
I need to find him first.
Mom, Dad, this is Susan.
I'm in trouble.
I'm in so much trouble.
I know you taught me never to be afraid, but I am so afraid.
What number was she? Number 20.
Susan Cole.
His last victim.
Jenny Delilly's message didn't match any old victims' messages until we get to Susan Cole, the Butcher's last kill.
Their messages were identical, minus the line about enjoying it, the Butcher's signature.
The victimologies are similar, too.
What did the M.
Say? Multiple wounds from two separate knives on each victim.
There's no way Jenny Delilly was abducted by one person.
So two knives and two unsubs? He couldn't take Jenny alone.
When you look at Kara's patio and the fact that the roommate went inside for two seconds, it's highly unlikely.
So what are you saying? We're looking for a team.
Miss, I need your help.
My caretaker had a heart attack.
Please, you gotta help me.
Oh, my God.
Where is he? Sir Look at her lips.
She's pretty.
Don't worry.
We're gonna tell you exactly what to say.
Everything's gonna end all right.
Heather Langley.
She lives nearby.
Third body in a week.
I got additional units patrolling the area, but it's too big.
The unsubs fit into the community.
They go unnoticed.
This is the exact same place Susan Cole, the Butcher's last kill, was dumped.
Heather's body is laid out in the same way.
Arms above her head, demeaning straddle.
Exactly the same stab wounds.
The wounds are strategically placed so they miss the major arteries but inflict maximum pain.
These unsubs aren't just trying to copy the Butcher, they're trying to exactly reenact his last kill.
Copycats usually start from the beginning.
Why are they fixated on the last crime? Something about this particular case is significant to them? Morgan and Prentiss, contact the parents.
See if they got a phone call.
You should make the notification first.
We will.
And then we'll, uh, bring the parents down to the station.
We need to release the profile.
The Butcher is somehow involved in this.
The nuances are just too similar the park, the hand position, the body.
I think we should wait on the profile.
But there are aspects of the Butcher's signature that are not present here, Dave.
And there are things that this unsub is doing the Butcher never did.
You profiled him as a narcissist who worked alone.
He would never partner up.
I just have a gut feeling that it's him.
Do you want to hold back the profile based on a feeling? These unsubs, or unknown subjects, are considerably organized.
They most likely have some sort of secondary location they use to torture the victims.
Their skill level is evidenced by the high-risk public nature of their abductions.
They're able to lure their intended victims with some kind of a ruse.
They then blitz them with overwhelming force Dad, this is Jenny.
He wants me to say I enjoyed it, but I didn't.
Yes, she did.
She's dead.
I'm in trouble.
I'm in so much trouble.
I know you taught me to never be afraid, but I am so afraid.
Agent Rossi, has the Butcher come out of hiding? We think that this is the work of two of his fans and that they're going to strike again.
You're in a good mood.
Wednesday was always a good day for me.
Yesterday was Tuesday.
She was good.
She responded right.
I upped the volts on the charger.
I think that helped.
The call went better, too.
You got her to say exactly what I needed.
You've never been so helpful.
That's not true.
Name one time you helped me without being told.
When I was 10.
Oh, please.
No, l I helped with the woman in the hallway.
- There was never a woman in the hallway.
- Yes, there was.
She was running, and I got her for you.
You remember that? I helped out.
Well, how are you gonna help today? Uh the pharmacy girl gets off at 2, the nurse's shift ends at 3, and the teacher gets out of school at 3:30.
What about that girl outside the other day? Anna, our neighbor? She's too close.
Where's her picture? We never took one.
No, come on, choose one of these girls.
They'll all be good.
I know you're not convinced about the profile.
The Butcher is a part of this.
Bundy stopped using his broken arm ruse.
Dahmer didn't eat all of his victims.
Sometimes the psychopathology changes for these guys.
I know.
I still think it's a copycat.
I'm not so sure.
Then if you feel this strongly, you should continue to explore the Butcher as a suspect, and the rest of the team will investigate the possibility of the relationship between the two copycats.
The Yoshim dual knife is the best on the market.
Its serrated blade allows you to cut through anything.
And the handle is dishwasher safe.
If you buy one today, you will also get our Yoshim two-pronged carving fork.
- I love her hands.
- I'm be here next Friday, so you can pick one up then, too.
She's got pretty hands.
- Thank you.
- Does the smaller one This is what it is.
A father-son partnership? Wait, an older alpha with a younger submissive? It's very rare for sexual sadism to be an inherited trait.
That's why we ruled it out.
What if he created his partner and groomed him? He would be in complete control and have his trust.
It would explain how the Butcher's able to abduct women.
He's older, appears harmless, but his son lies in wait.
The Butcher has a child.
I never profiled that.
I just got a call from Heather Langley's father.
Turns out he did get a message.
He said he'd checked his phone.
No one thought to check Mr.
Langley's job.
His secretary pulled the voicemail.
She can play it for us.
Let's hear it.
Go ahead, please.
Mom, Dad, this is Heather.
When you get this message, I'll probably be dead.
Tomorrow you're going to find me and when you do, please know that l I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed it.
That's his signature.
It's him.
I'm not saying this.
Say it.
You gotta stick to the script.
- I won't! - She's ruining it! If you'd just brought me Annie, none of this would've happened.
Dad, please.
Please, my ass.
You can't get anything right.
You can't get the house right, my food right.
You can't get the kill right.
I'll show you how to kill.
I'll show you how to kill! I'll show you how to kill.
Agent Rossi, uh, I need to give the press a statement.
Not yet.
Word's already leaked out that this is the Butcher and his son.
Well, fix your faucet and tell your men to be quiet.
Look, people are scared.
This guy's spent a decade terrorizing this area You think I don't know that? We need to figure out why he's back, like BTK or the Grim Sleeper.
Let's go over victimology one more time.
He kills blondes who are living on their own.
He takes them from public places with some form of ruse.
He's reenacting his last kill.
For what reason? Maybe there's something symbolic about the last kill.
Let's hear her call again.
Hey, guys, maybe we should take a look at the victims that didn't call anybody.
There were 13 recording messages and five documented conversations with loved ones.
- So what? - So there were 20 kills.
Two victims didn't call anyone.
I just assumed those victims couldn't reach anyone.
Let's pull the files of the victims that didn't leave a message.
Reid might be onto something.
What are you doing? What's it look like? I'm hungry.
And my stories aren't on.
I want to go hunt.
No, Dad.
We're not hunting today.
Why not? We need to lay low.
I mean, there's cops all over the neighborhood.
We'll start up again next week, okay? I don't want to wait.
It's been three damn weeks since we've been hunting.
Dad, we hunted yesterday.
No, we didn't.
Yeah, we did.
Look in there.
I didn't do that.
- Yeah, you did.
- No, I didn't.
You've been hunting without me.
Why would I hunt without you? What's her name? Shelly something.
We got her at the pharmacy.
- I didn't do that.
- She was selling knives.
Why would I do that? I got knives.
She wouldn't say the words.
That's not my work.
I don't do work like that.
Dad, it's okay if you don't remember.
Aah! Dad, this is normal.
This ain't normal.
If I'm doing work like that, then you need to kill me.
Just kill me! So Sylvia Marks was the Butcher's first kill.
Karen Bachner was his eighth.
So why weren't they forced to make phone calls? Sylvia was his first kill.
He was building up his confidence.
Then he thinks to himself, "How can I hurt the most people? I'll have them make calls.
" And then six women after that made phone calls.
Why did he stop at Karen? Garcia, what are Karen Bachner's parents' names? George and Claire Bachner died in a car accident when Karen was 19.
But my notes say Karen had a husband named Lee Mullens.
But he didn't receive a call.
When I interviewed him at the station, he said he didn't have an answering machine.
Do they have a child? Uh, negative.
Wait a minute.
They had a son.
I wrote it down.
Garcia, run Karen's maiden name.
Oh there it is, sir.
You are totally right.
Karen had a son, Colby Bachner, Born at Johnson Memorial in Bristol, Virginia.
Was the father there to sign the birth certificate? Yes.
His name was Lee Mullens.
Karen had Colby two years before her and Lee were married.
Are the father or son still in the area? Yeah.
Lee Mullens and Colby Bachner live at 1844 Shadow Wood Lane, which is 6 miles from where the victims were dumped.
So maybe Karen Bachner never made a call because the most important person in her life was already in the room with her her son.
Oh, hells, no.
They're licensed electricians.
Let's go.
Dad? Dad, we should talk.
We can go hunt today.
I'll go pick someone up, and then I'll come and get you.
I'm gonna get you someone that'll make you really happy.
I'll come by and pick you up when I got her.
Okay? I wrote down where I'm going.
And you're all set.
Thank you so much.
Have a good day.
Ready for that coffee? Yeah.
Don't move.
Put your hands in the air.
What are you doing here? Sir, move slowly down the stairs.
Why are you here? My son isn't here.
You're under arrest for the murders of Chloe Moore, Reilly Gold, and Sylvia Marks.
I don't know them.
Please, I need to call someone.
You can call from the station.
Rossi, wait.
- I'm done waiting.
- Dave.
We checked the house.
There's no torture chamber, no son.
There's a fresh grave in the backyard, and the son Colby left a note saying he was going to find a prize.
Garcia, check Mullens' records and see if he owns any other property.
Check under the son's name, employment records, anything you can find.
Got it.
Hey, guys.
I think I found something.
Morgan, let's get all the police cars out of the neighborhood in case the son comes back.
Everything in the house is labeled Drawers, the refrigerator.
I found Donepezil and flashcards in the medicine cabinet.
Donepezil? Alzheimer's? It's a cholinesterase inhibitor.
It improves acetylcholine, either by increasing levels in the brain or enhancing nerve cells' response to it.
So this guy gets to forget while the family has to live with this forever.
Alzheimer's affects short-term memory before it affects long-term.
That it explains the scripted phone calls and the dump sites.
It also explains why he started up again.
He's repeating his last kill because he can't remember it.
He killed over a 10-year period.
He probably remembers the earliest victims.
What did you find? He's got slides of all the prior abduction sites.
You want me to go in with you? I've got this.
We met 20 years ago.
Do you remember that, Mullens? I'd like a soda with lemon, thank you.
You played the grieving husband.
I was a young FBI agent.
Do you remember these women? I don't know them.
Of course you do.
You wouldn't have forgotten them yet.
So tell me, where is your son, Mullens? Where is he taking your next victim? To a friend's place? To an abandoned house? I rewired this house.
Did he help you with that? Or did you do that on your own? Like you did all of these.
Those your trophies? What do you know about trophies? I like trophies.
It proves you won something.
Well, you're not gonna win today.
I'm scared.
You don't have a right to be scared.
Those women were scared.
Now, where's your son? Please, Colby, stop.
Stop talking.
Why are you doing this to me? Please, why are you doing this to me? Please stop talking! Please, just let me go.
I won't tell them.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up! It must be hard to lose your mind.
I wouldn't know.
You start forgetting how to feed yourself.
Soon you're stinking up your pants, wearing diapers.
I ain't wearing no diaper.
You peed into your boxers two minutes ago.
You need them now.
So how did you get your son to do all this? Did you get him to help you to kill your wife? - Karen left us.
- No, no, no, no.
That's what you convinced him.
But you killed her when she figured you out.
You took her to a chamber, the same place you took Heather Langley, Kara Kirkland, Sylvia Marks.
Sylvia's a pretty name.
She graduated from Georgetown.
She wanted to be a chemist.
But you burned her so bad, her family couldn't recognize her.
How did you do that? Did you use a fire poker? A curling iron? Something you made? Something you bought? When she saw the Lexwell, her eyes went so wide, she scared me half to death.
Find out what that is.
Lexwell is a camera manufacturer based out of New York.
They've been around since the '40s.
Have they always produced photography equipment? Uh, back in the day, they made electroshock therapy equipment.
Unknown object penetrating our victims.
Garcia, what mental hospitals in Virginia use ECT machines? Five hospitals use Lexwell equipment.
Of those five, three have been torn down.
Two are still in operation.
Okay, cross-check that list of hospitals against Mullens' electrical business client list.
Yeah, I'm already doing that.
Mullens wired some buildings at the Oakton Center back in the '80s.
- You know that place? - It's a former mental institution.
Yeah, on 86 acres.
Two of the buildings are still in operation.
The rest of the place is abandoned.
Thanks, baby girl.
Hotch, we know where the kid is.
Where are you going? Colby.
Put down the knife.
I'll kill her.
The killing is done.
Please help me.
This is not your fault, Colby.
Your father got you into this.
No, no.
You don't know my dad.
We know you're losing him, Colby.
This isn't gonna help.
He's getting better.
He isn't.
And I know that scares you because you already lost your mother.
She left us! Your father killed her.
No, no.
You're wrong.
You were 10.
He strapped her to this table.
My mom went to Boston to live with her sister.
Your father brought her here.
You were probably in the car.
You blocked it out.
Think back.
He most likely knocked her out at home and brought her here.
The The only woman we brought here from the house, I helped him with.
And that was your mother, Colby.
She She left us.
Every one of your father's victims made a call, except for your mother because she laid on this table and said goodbye to you right here.
This wasn't your fault, Colby.
Mommy loves you.
She She She's not dead.
She She left us.
She She She left us! You don't want to hurt her, son.
You know, parents are supposed to protect their children.
Sometimes they don't get the memo.
Oh, please don't tell me that's Ellie again.
She just wants me to say good night.
Trust me, Prentiss, I get it.
But I'm the first person she wants to speak to in the morning.
She won't go to bed unless she talks to me at night.
The girl's got PTSD.
She's gotta vent to someone.
A professional.
Or someone who's been there.
Hey, uh, none of us here ever thought we'd get the Butcher.
Nice work.
You, too.
Hey, Rossi.
I do remember you.
In the end, you're the reason I stopped.
Mark Twain wrote, "When I was younger, I could remember anything, "Whether it had happened or not.
"But my faculties are decaying now "and soon I shall be so I cannot remember anything but the things that never happened.
" I need a gurney.
Prisoner down in C2.
"It is sad to go to pieces like this, but we all have to do it.