Criminal Minds s06e19 Episode Script

With Friends Like These?

- They get soggy is all I'm saying.
- Ben.
You let 'em sit too long, they taste like mush.
Then eat 'em when you pour 'em.
What if something comes up? What if you have to use the bathroom? Where's Yolanda? - Relax.
She's picking up the chips.
- They're out of guacamole.
I don't like guacamole anyway.
- I got chips.
- No.
How are we gonna have chips with no guacamole? I have a hypothetical for you.
How long till after you pour your cereal do you wait to put it in your mouth? - I don't eat cereal.
- She doesn't eat cereal.
With an ass like that, she eats something.
- That's enough.
- 25 even.
What do you think, Ben? No.
I'm going home to sleep.
Why? She'd be so nice for us.
Come on.
Let's do it, Ben.
What else you gonna do, huh? No, I, um Come on, guys.
Let's do this, then you can sleep.
- Let's go, Ben.
- Okay.
Penelope, you gotta stop staring at her.
Prentiss wouldn't want us to sulk.
You know that.
I'm not sulking.
I'm surrounded by testosterone now.
She would also want us to embrace Seaver.
I baked.
Congratulations, "Gradua?" Kevin ate the T.
And the E.
Come on, you.
Listen, I got an idea.
You and I could eat the U and the A, and that way it would say "Congratulations, grad.
" - Hmm.
- Hmm? And here I always imagined you feeding me strawberries.
Yes, you do.
Thank you.
How you doing? All right.
I'm worried about the team, and Strauss thinks that adding a probationary agent is gonna solve our problems.
Seaver knows she's not replacing Prentiss.
I know.
And she's got potential, But we need an experienced profiler and we need one now.
Have you started looking yet? Yeah.
Let me know if you have any ideas.
Congratulations, Agent Seaver.
Thank you.
- Who made the cupcakes? - I did.
Thank you all for coming to my graduation.
It meant a lot.
Let's get started.
Okay, we're going to Portland, Oregon, and it's not for a Dead Moon concert.
So, Jay Johnson, a DJ, was cutting through an alley on his way home after leaving a club when he was bludgeoned by a pipe and then stabbed 31 times.
His watch, his cell, and his computer were stolen.
That was two days ago.
Now, early this morning, Karen Heywood, a 30-year-old nurse, she died during a home invasion.
She was stabbed 40 times, but first she was bludgeoned with weapons of opportunity.
Eight different ones, to be exact.
That's too many weapons for one person.
There was a left- and a right-handed killer, according to the M.
Yeah, but eight different weapons.
So we're looking for a group.
Yeah, it seems that way.
And the left-handed wounds were deeper than the right.
- Maybe a woman was involved? - Or a weak man.
Anything taken from the house? According to a neighbor, just some random stuff a computer, some jewelry, a framed picture of a lily.
And pawnable items.
What do we have, serial-killing crooks? - Sounds like a musical.
- Similar victimology young professionals killed three miles apart.
Is there a gang situation in Portland? Minimal.
This seems more like desperate people in need of quick cash.
Why kill them if it's just for the money? That's what we have to find out.
And we've got eight hours till nightfall.
Let's go.
## What the hell you doing? I'm trying to sleep.
It's 2 in the afternoon, buddy.
- You want some, baby? - No, I want I want to sleep.
Not until you get cleaned up.
Lizette Reese wrote, "The old faiths light their candles all about, but burly truth comes by and puts them out.
" So both victims around the same age and killed at night.
One in an alley on the way to his car, the other in her home after coming from the grocery after work.
There's extreme overkill in both.
Overkill usually implies a personal relationship.
Or it could mean that the victim represents someone for whom the killer has extreme anger.
These unsubs are night owls, stalking and killing other night owls.
And they're also disorganized.
In one, they subdued their victims by hitting them with a pipe found at the scene, and the other, they used a knife, followed by seven other items found in the kitchen.
A doorstop, even a ceramic cat.
All of this just to steal? When a gang mentality sets in, unsubs become more capable of heinous acts.
It's still odd.
The incidence of robbery is so low in this area.
That's why I started working a geographical profile.
First things first, I factored in journey to crime distance.
If you look here, you'll see that this area of Portland is well within the expected 5-mile radius.
I also factored in distance of decay.
What does distance have to do with decay? It's how geo-profilers measure relative probability of an offender traveling outside his comfort zone.
Unsubs prefer to stay in an area that they know well.
Like you'd commute to work or to the gym.
The closer the crime scenes, the greater likelihood it is that the unsub lives or works nearby.
Based on my algorithm, the unsubs either live or work in the area.
Your sink needs a new washer.
You got a washer in here? No.
I don't work for you.
You sure about that, Ben? Maybe we should do a Home Store run.
Just put a bowl underneath it.
Aw, come on, laziness is next to slothfulness, Ben.
There's a 24-hour Home Store near the freeway.
Come on, guys.
Get your keys.
Uh Are you back-talking me? I just I don't feel like going.
I don't care how you feel.
Now get your keys and let's go.
The neighborhood's very concerned.
Detective, did your people process the crime scene? We wanted you to take a look at it.
Maybe you'll see something we missed.
The M.
's report says she died after the second stab wound because they hit an artery.
The other wounds didn't bleed.
So why inflict 38 more? We see it sometimes with groups.
The fact that others are involved Helps each of them rationalize their own violent behavior.
Like Manson or the genocide in Darfur.
These unsubs like the feeling of killing.
They get a high from the adrenaline release.
Yeah, but that lasts only as long as the victim keeps struggling.
That's not what happened here.
So Mr.
Johnson exits the nightclub through the back door to get to his car.
Maybe one unsub can watch from over there and the other from back there.
Then when he gets here, another unsub hits him with a pipe and it's game on.
Look at the vials, Reid.
This is a drug corridor.
That would explain why there's so much overkill.
Maybe they were on something.
On the jet I did some research into the club.
A year ago, someone O.
'd inside.
Since then, new management's clamped down on the partying.
Which means the unsubs most likely fit in to this area.
Well, if you can't party inside, then you come out out here.
- They're probably all the same age.
- Mid-20s.
I checked the back.
There's a flat-screen, a desktop, and a bicycle.
Now, if this group's going for pawnable items, why take a picture of a lily and other random things? - Maybe they ran out of time.
- It's not a busy neighborhood.
Is the TV bolted down? No.
So a group of unsubs would have grabbed it.
What if we're looking for a single unsub? You think all these footprints were made by one person? A group so disorganized wouldn't do something as hyper-organized as wearing the same shoe.
No, I don't think it's a group.
I think it's one very erratic killer.
I'll let Morgan know.
You're sure you didn't see a group here that night? No.
Just that woman and a few other people, But no groups.
Look, if our cameras worked, you could see for yourself.
Is it possible there was a group out in the parking lot? It's a ghost town.
Nothing happens here that late.
All right, tell me where you saw Karen first.
She was buying cookies, and then she went to the register.
Any other customers there? There was one at the other checkout.
Why would you have two registers open that time of night? There was this weird guy, mumbling to himself and swatting the air like someone was bugging him.
Can you ring me up over here? No problem.
- What did this guy look like? - Regular white dude.
He was buying salt, bag of chips, water.
Did this guy and Karen interact? I have a hypothetical for you.
He said something to her, but she blew him off.
Just put her head down and said something dismissive back? Yeah, that's it.
We tend to do that when strange people talk to us.
Unfortunately, it can backfire.
Yeah, Hotch.
You were right.
He was by himself, but he was acting strange, like he was being followed.
Reid and Seaver went to the club and found that the first victim was killed in an area of high drug use.
If he's hallucinating, it could be PCP.
That would explain why he stole random things from Karen's place.
- He was out of it.
- And the erratic patterns in the stabbings.
The adrenaline rush from the drugs is probably behind the overkill.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Okay, I checked all the local pawn shops to see if any of those stolen items had shown up there.
I'm coming up empty.
Maybe he's trading the goods for drugs.
What do you mean, he? We're talking about a group, right? No, we think it's a solo addict who's hallucinating that he's not alone.
That is a game-changer.
What in hell are you waiting for? Ben! Shut up.
Take the friggin' hammer and bang him in the head.
Not this time.
- It's what we came here to do.
- Be a man, Ben.
- I am a man.
- Take the hammer.
That's why we went to the Home Store, Ben.
What if I don't? Come on! Hurry up! Fine! Stop yelling at me! Do it.
That a boy.
So, the time of death was about the same as the last two kills.
He's continuing the postmortem stabbing.
I counted 40 wounds.
He's accelerating.
Two kills, one day apart.
If he's on PCP, he'd be so violent, he'd use every muscle he had.
He'd strangle, kick, bludgeon.
The bedroom's a mess.
We need to find someone who knew the place in order to figure out specifically what was taken.
Hey, guys.
You hear that? Footsteps upstairs? You think they heard something? I think the person downstairs did.
Gosh, I've been in this building 27 years.
Now, the worst incident we ever had was when Benjamin Headley up in 402 found out his wife was sleeping with the cleaner guy and shot him in the groin.
Ma'am, when did you hear the screaming? Oh, it was late.
It was around, uh, 3:30.
Well, then you must have heard the unsub, because according to the M.
, Joe died around 2:45.
The wh-what? What? Our suspect, ma'am.
What exactly was the person yelling? He said, "I was just a kid.
"I was a kid then.
I don't want to kill anymore.
" Was anybody talking back to him? I assumed he was yelling into the phone or something.
You know, maybe he was having a conversation with his hallucination.
Was he hearing voices? We're not really sure, ma'am.
You've been a really big help, Mrs.
Thank you very much.
If you have any more questions for me, you know where to find me.
PCP hallucinations are terrifying.
He wouldn't want to talk to them.
Well, hallucinations from mental illnesses are not as violent.
You know, he's in his 20s and was acting paranoid in the supermarket.
He sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic to me.
The disease does manifest itself at this age.
What if the people he's seeing are blaming him for something.
Or worse.
The voices in his head could be telling him to kill.
Baby, it's not gonna work.
L-L-leave me alone! No, no, that is not gonna cut it.
Get out! Oh, we're never gonna leave.
Ha ha! You should have never hurt us.
I don't know nothin' about that.
Oh, pick up.
Ben, she's not gonna help, buddy.
She can help.
- Hey! - Let me be! Ben, is is that you? Yeah, it's m-me, Mama.
Are you upset? You You sound upset, Ben.
I I need your help.
What can Mommy do to help? And are you stuttering again? Mama, they're back.
Have you taken the medication? No, it doesn't work.
I'm getting sick of these calls, Ben.
You can't hold down a job.
You can barely function.
Are you praying, Ben? Maybe I should just kill myself.
Ben, you need to go to church like I told you.
The church helped you the last time with this problem.
She's lying, Ben.
That's what mothers do.
You stop it.
Mama, I need help now.
Then find a yellow pages and find a church nearby.
I am sick of these calls, and I am sick of listening to you! No, Mama, please don't hang up.
We believe our unsub is a white male paranoid schizophrenic who suffers from hallucinations.
Since schizophrenic breaks usually occur in your early 20s, we believe he's around this age and that he lives nearby.
We think this unsub is hypervigilant, and in this condition, he's unable to travel very far from his home.
He kills at night and is extremely violent.
During the day, he's most likely a loner.
Someone in this state probably can't keep a job.
We believe something happened to our unsub in his childhood.
Childhood voices are telling him to kill, or he's misinterpreting them as doing so.
Our unsub has probably been coping until now, but a recent stressor brought him back to that childhood incident and is causing him to act out.
Our unsub spends his days wandering, trying to fight the desire to kill, yet he feels trapped by his hallucinations.
No matter what he does or tries to do, the hallucination's power is greater than his own.
Because of his limited social circle as a child, it is our belief that the incident involved close friends or family.
Now, once we figure out what happened when he was a kid and the stressor that recently triggered a relapse, we'll be that much closer to narrowing down the killer's identity.
Mama said, "Ben, they're not there.
" Oh, I didn't see Reid? We need you all to start searching in this area.
Based on previous kills, we know that he strikes at night and will not retreat until we find him.
May I help you? I n-need need someone to talk to.
Let me finish lighting these candles.
What seems to be the problem, sir? I've been seeing things.
They're b-b-blaming me for the fire.
Who, son? What fire? An eye for an eye? I n-need you to get rid of them.
What would you like me to do, son? When I was 10 the church, they helped me.
What did they do for you? They prayed for me.
Gather 'round, all.
God, help this child.
Release his demons.
They called my name.
Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! They told me I'd be freed.
Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben! They p-poured water on my head.
They performed an exorcism on you.
I need you to do it again.
What you have is a medical problem, not a spiritual one.
I've been to a doctor.
Churches don't perform exorcisms anymore.
I need you to make an exception.
- I'm sorry, but I don't do - I need help! Son.
Son! - I need help! - Son, calm down.
You know, that profile kind of makes it sound like schizophrenia leads to serial killing.
That's not what we said at all, Reid.
You know, my mom has schizophrenia.
There are many different types.
I know that.
Catatonic, disorganized Just because someone suffers from inability to organize their thoughts, or they can't bathe or dress themselves, It doesn't mean they'd stab someone in the chest 30 times postmortem.
Reid, what's really going on? Our unsub's hallucinations aren't fractured like a typical schizophrenic.
They're vivid and clear, leading me to believe that we're missing an important variable.
Rather than making crazy conjectures, I think we should be trying to figure out what it is.
Okay, listen to me.
I know this is a scary age for you.
It's when schizophrenic breaks happen.
Have you talked to anybody about this? Emily.
Have you seen a doctor? They all say I'm fine.
Then why don't you believe them? Because predicting one's chances of developing a genetic condition are like finding a penny in an ocean.
I have terrible headaches.
I can't sleep at night.
I can't focus on our cases.
I only read 5 books last week.
Come on, kid, you gotta cut yourself some slack.
You're also depressed about Prentiss, And I get it We all are.
Reid, I miss her every day.
But if your mind was splitting, do you really think you'd be able to figure out that this team is missing a variable? I'm just speculating that we are.
Need to prove it.
Okay, then you do that.
The moment you are wandering around the streets aimlessly, that's when I'll be concerned about you.
Come on, pretty boy.
Let's get to work.
Had you not used that lighter, Ben, none of this would have happened.
Ben, I said wait up! Sir, don't let 'em on, please.
Don't let 'em on.
You can't run, Ben.
No, they're lying.
Go sit down, kid.
Because of HPPA laws, I can't get information on 20-something-year-olds who've had schizophrenic breaks.
Then check police records.
Maybe he's been arrested.
Oh, I should have thought of that.
Blame the fumes.
Hey, six kids have been locked up in the last month within a 40-mile radius.
Any of them for theft? Um mugging, lewd behavior, car theft.
All right, go through personal information.
Maybe they've had run-ins with the law when they were younger.
Yes, sir, I am on that.
You know, at the grocery store where Karen Heywood was shopping the night she was murdered, the clerk said the unsub was buying water and a lot of salt.
Saltwater could be used to torture his victims.
Well, there's no evidence of that.
It could also be used to remove victims' blood from clothing.
Think about this, though.
The visions that schizophrenics have can be interpreted as demons.
What do some people do when they think they have demons inside of them? They could get an exorcism.
Holy water is used in exorcisms.
What about the salt? Salt is used in exorcisms and a variety of religious healings.
What are you looking for? The number of churches in the comfort zone Three.
All right, let's see if any of them keep their doors open late.
I'm not hurting an old lady.
Come on, if you do it, it'll help things.
It's always temporary with you.
I need it to work forever.
Pretend it's your mom, The mother who's sick of listening to you.
You promise you'll go away this time? Have we ever lied to you, Ben? He came here in duress about two hours ago.
What did he say? He said He said voices were blaming him for a fire, and he needed me to get rid of them.
You're right.
He thinks he's haunted.
Did he ask you for an exorcism? Yes.
He claimed his mother had taken him to get one when he was young.
- And what did you tell him? - I couldn't do it.
Throughout history, people have confused possession with mental illness.
Some still do.
Nowadays, most churches turn people like him over to medical professionals.
I'm assuming he didn't take your rejection well.
He was very angry.
But he didn't attack you? He didn't threaten you in any way? He's probably found help from in the church before.
Was there anything else about his behavior that you found odd? Like something he maybe said or did? No.
I told you everything.
Oh, there is one thing.
He had a stutter.
Okay, well, let me know what you find, Garcia.
Psychogenetic stuttering begins in the area of the brain that controls thoughts and reasoning.
It's most commonly associated with mental illness.
I checked with the supermarket guy and the lady at the building, but neither one of them heard stuttering.
Which means it's either caused by the schizophrenia medication, or maybe it's situational.
Well, the presence of it along with the fire information should help Garcia narrow down her list.
## This victim's a lot older than his other ones, Morgan.
She must represent something to him.
Maybe his mother who had him exorcised.
Now that he can't get one, he's taking his anger out on a surrogate.
Did the EMTs try to save her? No.
Why? There's a body imprint next to her.
Why would the unsub lie down next to a person he's just killed? He slept here.
Look at the number of stab wounds.
There's gotta be over 50 of them.
Do you know how physically exhausting it would be to stab someone 71 times? It's hard enough to stab someone 10 times, but 71? He'd be completely worn out.
He's accelerated wound counts, which means he does it intentionally.
But why? Wait, that's it.
If you add the increased number of stab wounds and the fact that he slept here to the vivid hallucinations and the unexplainable onset of stuttering, you get the missing variable.
This guy's an insomniac.
Just as adrenaline makes a person love the feeling of killing, once it leaves the body it makes them tired.
He does this all to sleep? The insomnia is what makes the hallucinations so clear, and sleep is the only release that he has from them.
You said you'd leave.
Stop complaining.
You slept.
That not how I want to do it! But it worked.
You look refreshed and your stutter's gone.
Move! You're not gonna try the pills.
They're a waste.
- Then maybe he'll go to the clinic.
- Yeah, maybe I will! - Get the knife and let's go.
- I want to sleep! - You sassing me, boy? - Ben, just get the knife.
I'm not killing anymore! Why are you making this so difficult? - Get off! - Get the knife and let's go.
Okay, here we go.
I looked at that list of schizophrenics that have been recently arrested in that 40-mile radius.
I cross-checked it with ones that have gone to local pharmacies to get schizophrenia medication like Thorazine or Prolixin.
Any of them have prescriptions filled for sleeping medication as well? Yes, one.
Ben Foster.
He has a prescription for Thorazine and Ambien.
It's likely he uses the money from the stolen items to buy the pills.
What's his background, baby girl? Whoa! He moved to Portland three years ago.
A month ago he was in an apartment fire, after which he got a sleeping pill medication because his insomnia began again.
Oh, my.
When he was ten, he was questioned during an investigation about a fire that killed three people.
It could be part of the homicidal triad.
I'm looking at the police report right now.
It turns out two months before, his mom had a local minister perform an exorcism on him, and the three people who were killed in the fire - helped perform that exorcism.
- Was Ben charged? No.
He was acquitted in juvie court.
- You got an address? - Uh, 2627 Halden Way.
What, you thought we had left? Wishful thinking, huh, Ben? It's gonna be all right.
It's okay.
What's up? I think they're after us.
- Come on! - Come on, Ben.
We don't want to get caught.
- No, no, I didn't do anything.
- If you stay here, they're gonna get you.
- You don't want that, do you? - I'm not killing anyone! That's not the point.
You're gonna go to jail if you don't leave.
Ben! Let's go.
FBI! He's out back! Up you go! Seaver, let's go! Go.
Come on, man, we gotta hide.
In here! Whoo! Hotch, we lost him.
We're gonna check the back alley.
Come on.
Hey, Mom, is that you? Shh! Shh.
I'm not gonna hurt you two.
All right? Listen, I need you to shut the curtains.
- Can you do that? - Yes.
Can you do that for me? Come on.
Come on.
Do it.
Go Go help her.
Go help her.
Get that one.
Help him.
Hurry up! I think we've got something at 2218.
Come on, g-get this one.
Here, here.
It's okay.
What do you want to do now? I just want to sleep.
Shh, shh, shh, shh! No, you can't sleep.
You promised! We never promised you that.
You can't keep doing this.
We just did, Ben.
Who is he talking to? Take the little kid out first.
- I'm not hurting the kid.
- Fine, then.
Take the girl.
She's useless.
Make him stop, please.
There's no one there.
They're right there! Ben, drop the knife.
Don't listen to him, Ben.
Shoot me.
Ben, we're not gonna shoot you, but we do need you to put down that knife, okay? All right, where are the other people in this room, Ben? Right there.
You see him? Right here? Were they there for the exorcism? Mm-hmm.
I didn't kill them, though.
I didn't do it.
- Liar.
- And I'm not lying! Ben, they're dead and they can't hurt you anymore.
Yeah, they can.
No, Ben.
Your mind is playing tricks on you.
Once you get help, it'll all stop.
We're never gonna stop, Ben.
- Yes, you are.
- Not until we're done with you.
Yeah, okay.
All right, I killed you.
I set the fire.
Ah, it's about time.
Ben! Ben, listen to us.
It's okay.
We're gonna get you a doctor's help.
I promise you that.
The The only way that you can help me is if you do it if you kill me.
Ben, that's not true.
Listen, the only way we can help you is if you take that knife and you stab me in the neck with it.
Are you sure that'll work? Oh, I'm absolutely sure, Ben.
Put that knife down, okay? Take that knife, jam me in the neck with it, and all your problems will go away, okay? Okay.
It's okay.
Go on.
We need an ambulance.
Siddhartha Buddha said, "It is not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways.
" Why are you still up? I've been looking over Ben's file.
Turns out he'd been seeing evil imaginary friends ever since he was a child.
Ben was always a killer.
You think he had schizophrenia? He may have suffered from some mental disease, but schizophrenia usually presents itself in your late teens or early 20s.
Ben did kill those people in that church fire, which is part of the homicidal triad.
And his mother thought an exorcism would get rid of the demons.
The only way you stop a killer is to catch him, Seaver.
You know, I always viewed serial killers as monsters.
But Ben's remorse seemed real.
And that's why I can't sleep.
I I can't get him out of my mind.
Does it ever go away? Luckily, it does.
Try to get some rest.
Ben? Ben.
The electroshock therapy worked.
You shouldn't hear the voices now.
How do you feel? Good.
That's good, Ben.
Wh What are you doing here? The nurse said you'd go away.
You don't want that, do you, Ben? It's not up to me.
They said I was sick, that they'd fix me.
Our spirits have been with you your whole life, Ben.
You've been with me since the church fire.
You sure about that, Ben?