Criminal Minds s08e03 Episode Script

Through the Looking Glass

I can't do these late nights anymore.
My girl's about to walk.
Yeah, my old lady's like, bring home the double overtime.
Well, you can't win.
Tell me about it.
What the hell? Probably drunk or high.
Hey! Hey! This is a work zone.
You gotta leave! Something awful happened.
This road's closed.
Down by the trailhead.
What is it? Someone's been a real bad boy.
See anything? Holy crap.
Call the cops.
Make sure that guy doesn't go anywhere.
All right, Jack, try again.
I got it! Good try.
Good try.
Take it out, try it again.
What are you doing here? I thought you had to work.
I snuck out to see you and Jack.
I gotta get back soon, though.
Yeah, that's how you score, Jack.
Good job! Whoo! You could do the same at my place tonight.
Ha! That's me being brazen.
Shocking, Ms.
Well, just to prove that I don't have a one-track mind, there's also something that I would like to talk to you about.
What's up? Uh It can wait till tonight.
Or not.
Duty calls? Yeah.
I'll make it up to you, I promise.
Um, can you give me a hint? Uh I got a job offer in New York.
Hi, Beth! Hi! Ohh! Good job.
Hey, good job, buddy.
Can we get ice cream? Uh, I gotta go to work, so, if we do, - we gotta make it fast, ok? - Ok.
All right, go take one more shot.
I gotta go anyway.
So I'll call you when I get back and we'll talk, ok? Yeah.
I'll be waiting.
went missing from their home in Kansas City, Kansas.
Last night a road crew found John, Tricia, and their all dead, all shot to death and left at the side of a highway.
Uh, they were tipped off to the location by a drifter who is now M.
And the youngest child, Scott Yamada, is still missing? Yeah.
The murder weapon was an unregistered 9-millimeter.
It was found near the bodies.
There were prints on the gun that were the father's, and there was gunshot residue on his hand.
So he drove his family away from their home, hooded his wife and daughter, shot them, then committed suicide.
Why do it out here? That is unusual.
Most familicides happen in the comfort of the home.
So what happened to the son? He either shot him first or he wanted to spare him.
Well, if he spared the son, it's most likely he left him in a safe place, maybe with a relative, before he carried this out.
Next of kin hasn't seen him.
Guys, wait a minute.
The M.
report said the gunshot residue was on the father's right hand.
But he's wearing his watch on his right arm, which means he's most likely left-handed.
Maybe someone set the father up to make it look like he did it.
Excuse me.
I talked to local police.
There's no pending divorce, no recent job loss.
There's no obvious problems the Yamadas were having, so they're treating this sudden disappearance as an abduction.
It's pretty extreme to take an entire family.
Unless the son was the primary target.
And the rest of the family was in the way.
Yeah, remember sexual predator Matthew Hoffman in 2010? He killed a mother, son, and family friend just so he could take the 13-year-old daughter.
If we're looking at a sexual predator, Scott could still be alive.
Thank you.
Another family, the Acklins, have just disappeared from, uh, Lenexa, which is a suburb of Kansas City.
A father, mother, 17-year-old daughter, and 11-year-old son.
The family makeup is almost identical to the Yamadas.
The father's in the middle of a lawsuit for fraud, so they may have disappeared voluntarily.
We can't take that chance.
Wheels up in 30.
What do you want from us? He untied me.
Mackenzie, help us.
Mom-- Braden's not here.
Braden? Do you see him? No.
Braden? We're locked in here.
Where are we? = The German author Goethe wrote, "Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their true image.
" Aside from different ethnicities, the Yamadas and Acklins were remarkably similar.
John Yamada was an engineer, and his wife was a bank teller.
Mike Acklin was a stockbroker, and his wife Debra worked as a city clerk.
Bother upper-middle-class families living in nice suburbs.
Any chance these families knew each other? Not according to my vast, far-reaching databases.
What about the kids? Anything stand out there? According to teachers, Scott Yamada was shy, introverted.
He reported being bullied once.
And Braden Acklin was recently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.
So the kids weren't winning popularity contests.
You know, they could have been prime targets for a sexual predator.
Braden certainly would be vulnerable.
Unlike classic autism, language ability is intact in people with Asperger's.
They appear to lack empathy and have trouble reading social cues.
Albert Einstein supposedly had it, as do some well-known Silicon Valley types.
Well, how about you? What's that? Hey, Penelope, you want to tap into those vast and wide databases of yours and see if these families crossed paths unwittingly? Even if they didn't know each other, they may have gone to the same place and met the unsub separately.
Yes, my sweet, delving into the digital abyss as we talk.
We all need to dig more deeply for information about both of these families.
And let's not forget this is still and search and rescue mission for Scott Yamada.
And if the unsub sticks to his schedule, we've got fewer than 3 days to find the Acklins alive.
Yes, sir.
Agent Hotchner? I'm Detective Carr.
This is Agent Jareau.
Tricia Yamada's mother is here, as well as Mike Acklin's brother.
Any luck finding the drifter yet? No, but we have this composite sketch we're getting out there.
It's crucial that we find him.
Given the description the road crew gave, he could be our unsub.
We'll double up on canvassing homeless camps and shelters.
Anything more on the Acklin family? Talked to Mike's secretary.
The lawsuit really shook him up.
Plus he's behind on his mortgage payments.
I gotta tell you, some folks here don't think these two cases are related.
They think Mike took his entire family and walked away? Times are tough these days.
Some people just up and try to start over.
Where's Scott? Where's my grandson? We don't know, but we're doing our best to find him.
Mike's a victim of the economy.
People have lost money, so they just want someone to blame.
Would he walk away because of a lawsuit? No way.
Not in a million years.
I was the screw-up in the family.
He was always the responsible one.
They were just an ordinary family.
Who could have done this? There's nothing in the bathroom.
Look again.
We've been searching for hours.
There's no way out of here.
Where's our son?! What do you want from us?! No, no, no, Kenz.
Kenz, don't drink that.
It might be poisoned! I'm thirsty.
Why are you yelling at me? I'm sorry.
I overreacted, ok? Just don't eat or drink anything.
Ohh! Uhh! Help! Help us! Someone help! Please! We're in the middle of nowhere.
Scott Yamada looks like a typical 10-year-old boy.
This place brings back memories.
When I was a kid, I made a model of the Universe out of salt.
Was it for a school project? No, it was a birthday present for Carl Sagan, but I don't think he ever got it.
You know, by the way, no offense earlier when I suggested you had Asperger's.
None taken.
When did you do that? And that's what I love about you.
You're not overly sensitive like some people.
I mean, think about how much time we'd save if everyone just got straight to the point.
Cut out all the handshakes and how-do-you-dos.
This window was opened recently.
It was hot the night the Yamadas were abducted.
First floor, open window.
Easy entry for unsub.
Top bunk is made.
He probably wasn't in bed yet.
Well, I think he slept on the bottom.
Yeah, this tent probably made him feel safe at night.
He was probably looking at his fossils.
When the unsub entered, he dropped one when he was grabbed.
And then he was forced out of his room.
It looks like they were fixing themselves a late-night snack.
Beloved family dog is left behind.
You know, Rossi, if this was all a ruse to hide an escape, it sure was an elaborate one.
Then, again, people have staged their own murders to disappear.
Rossi, look at this.
Broken coffee cup.
You think they were caught off guard? I mean, being parents, the Acklins would have been hard-wired to clean that up so their kids don't get hurt.
It could have been staged.
It's possible, but unlikely.
There's easier ways to fake a forced entry.
Broken locks and furniture.
Busted-out window.
Nah, I definitely think they were abducted.
It's not easy to subdue so many people.
Are we looking at a team? Yeah, this is Morgan.
All right, I got it.
Thanks, Blake.
So, the point of entry at the Yamada house was the son's bedroom.
So it would be possible for one unsub to do it alone.
Especially if he had control of their son.
Aah! He'd want the biggest threat, the father, under control first.
Put 'em on if you want him to live.
You take me.
You leave my family alone.
I said put 'em on! The unsub forces the father and daughter to wear hoods.
You! Tie up their hands.
The mother's in the kitchen.
She ties up her husband and the daughter.
Please--please don't hurt us.
Braden, tie her up.
Then the unsub makes the boy tie up the mother's hands.
There's a lot of distance between neighbors here.
Late at night, no one would have heard a thing.
Please! He's an 11-year-old boy! It's ok, Kenz.
It's ok.
Where's my family? They're safe.
If you behave, they'll stay safe.
Are you mad at my dad? Are you mad at my mom? Why are you doing this? Tell you what.
You get 3 guesses.
If you're right, I'll let your family go.
If you're wrong, they're dead.
Hey, what is that? The construction site where they found Scott Yamada's body was shut down for two weeks because of permit issues.
It just reopened.
The body would have been easy to dump there.
It was outside the fence and there were no security cameras or guards.
But he left the boy near the front gate.
He knew he'd be found quickly.
The M.
said Scott Yamada wasn't sexually assaulted or tortured.
was a single gunshot.
He died shortly after the family.
His body was dumped 3 days ago.
So it doesn't fit the profile of a preferential sex offender.
The body was carefully wrapped, though, showing some concern or remorse for the boy.
Well, what was the motive, then, for kidnapping and killing the rest of the family? To get the boy alone for card games and hot chocolate? No, it's possible the unsub had some affinity or affection for Scott.
Yes, or maybe we have this all wrong.
I mean, what if the rest of the family was the target all along? And Scott was just a tool to control them? Well, the father was made to look like the perpetrator, either as a forensic countermeasure or because he was symbolic in some way to the unsub.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Ok, I can only find one connection between these two families and this is it.
They both vacationed at a placed called Ravenwood Camp outside of Topeka at different times last year.
The Yamadas in April and the Acklins in July.
We should check it out.
We'll need the names of all the staff and anyone who overlapped the stays of the two families.
Got it.
Mike, you've been doing that all morning.
It is not working.
Do you think he knows Braden's sick? He's not sick.
Asperger's makes him gifted in certain ways.
Mike, will you please stop! Oh, my God.
Is that Vanessa? , please! Vanessa? Can you see us? Mike, tell your family who this is.
It's Vanessa, my son's tutor.
Why is she-- Tell them who she is.
He said it's our son's tutor.
Now, what did you do to Braden? Last chance, Mike.
Who is Vanessa? I told you already.
I don't know anything else about her.
The truth will set you free, Mike.
What is he talking about? Tell them, or Braden is dead.
Come on, Dad, just say it.
I was, uh I slept with her.
It only happened twice and it was over.
I swear, she meant nothing to me.
You all have to ask yourselves why you're here.
Are you kidding me? We're here because you couldn't keep your pants on? You endangered this entire family? You put us in the hands of a psychopath who took our son?! Who cares at this point who dad slept with?! We are trapped here and Braden is with some psycho! Deb-- Don't.
Talk to me.
Do you know what the biggest problem in America is today? We're losing the war against antibiotic resistance.
I saw this family in a restaurant the other day and no one was talking to each other.
They were all on their phones.
Texting, tweeting, emailing, what have you.
It's why the family unit is dying.
Pretty extreme view.
Not when you see the result of eliminating modern-day distractions like we do.
Families ride horses together.
They hike.
Roast marshmallows.
They reconnect.
Sounds idyllic.
Let me ask you this.
Did the Yamadas or the Acklins seem troubled to you? They pretended like they weren't, but you can't hide that stuff.
From what I recall, Mr.
and Mrs.
Yamada argued in their cabin at night.
The Acklins? Huh.
Hardly spoke to each other the entire week they were here.
So I guess you might say that their stays weren't exactly successful.
We're not miracle workers.
We just want to start the healing process.
Do you get angry when it doesn't work? Because you sent multiple emails to both families insisting they return to Ravenwood soon or they'd regret it.
No offense, but you kind of strike me as the type of guy who needs to get his point across.
So you think what? I hurt them? There's this thing called marketing.
My tactics may be aggressive, but they work.
So, you're not a murderer.
You're just a businessman.
So, Mrs.
Acklin was all over social media.
She posted lots of happy pics of the family and updated her status almost daily.
"Mackenzie's on the short list for prom queen.
Let's wish her luck.
" Are all the messages like that? Yeah, pretty much.
Everything's about how wonderful the family is, with lots of exclamation points.
It's interesting, considering the problems they've had.
What about the Yamadas? Uh, yeah, they've got their own web page, too.
Lots of photos of a smiling, happy family.
Just like Debra Acklin.
Hey, sweetness, what do you got? Tidbits as juicy as you, love shack.
Listen up.
Debra Acklin has been diagnosed with severe depression.
She's been seeing a therapist for the last 5 years.
John Yamada has a numbered offshore account in Panama that he has made multiple cash withdrawals from.
I found out about it when I learned that he visited there by himself two years ago.
Well, that could have been for illegal activity like drugs or gambling.
Oh, indeed it could have.
And then there's Debra's various social media pages and yeah, I know.
We were just taking a look at them.
You're not the only one.
There's someone with an I.
"All Eyes" that has visited each page every day for the last year up until each family's disappearance.
Coincidence? Methinks not.
Can you track the I.
address? No, I can't.
It's like Kryptonite.
It's been routed through multiple proxy servers.
All right, thanks, mama.
We just picked up the drifter.
His name is Nathan Eads.
We ran him through ViCAP, it turns out he's suspected of robbing and killing a couple in Omaha in '03.
Eads, please sit down.
How did you find the Yamadas? Yamada.
They're a fine family in Japan I have tea with.
How did you find the dead family? I was asleep in the ravine and they appeared like magic, not far away.
Like magic? A sorcerer brought them in a base camp of pleasure and left them in a state of peace.
Tell me, what color was the base camp of pleasure? Dark as the midnight sky.
I say he's guilty.
We're testing the dried blood on his jacket right now for a match with the Yamadas.
It's not him.
Are you sure? He sounds wacky enough to have done it.
No, his thought process is too disorganized.
There's no way he's capable of holding a family captive for multiple days.
But he talked about the bodies being dumped.
He was a witness.
And he describes the unsub's vehicle.
In the nineties, when minivans were getting popular, the automakers in Japan called them base camps of pleasure.
We're ready to give the profile.
Do you want money from my parents? No.
Two more guesses.
Do you have a crush on Mackenzie? No.
Last guess.
Want to try? Do you know about the Samurai? They were warriors who believed in loyalty and honor.
Their job was to protect their lord and his family and to kill themselves in shame if they failed.
Would you like to paint one? Familicides by non-family members are rare.
Now, we're looking for an unsub without a family who is envious and wants to destroy the very thing that he cannot have.
He was raised in a dysfunctional family, which he lost or may have even murdered.
These abductions were not random.
He monitored the families on the Internet and picked them because their dynamics mirror his own, yet they project the appearance of perfection that he fantasizes about.
He blames these fathers for their mistakes, and then he punishes the families and makes it appear as if the father is the culprit.
And the young sons who were abducted are likely to be surrogates for the unsub himself.
They may be at the age he was when the negative life-threatening event happened.
He connects to them, therefore he may be in a state of arrested development.
This doesn't protect the kids, however, as evidenced in the killing of Scott Yamada.
The unsub may have seen this death as a merciful act.
He's familiar with the abduction and body disposal sites, and there's a secondary crime scene in between where he holds and interacts with the families.
This secondary location is secluded.
It's been set up in advance for the crimes and allows him to be in complete control.
Our unsub is likely in his mid-40s, and he has the intelligence to plot, plan, and effect these abductions and murders.
The vehicle he drives is a dark minivan or cargo van, probably with tinted windows, soundproofing, and retrofitted with restraints to hide his victims inside.
And given his timeline, he's probably already surveilling his next family.
I just spoke with Mackenzie Acklin's counselor.
She's been dating a boy for the past year who is bad news.
Darren Wilson.
He graduated two years ago.
Has a rap sheet.
He was dealing drugs to rich kids and professionals.
Is he still dealing? Probably so.
He has a job downtown at a check cashing place.
Well, apparently Mackenzie has been getting deeper into drugs.
Maybe she owed someone money.
The family kidnapping could be some kind of payback.
It's extreme, but we can't ignore the criminal element here.
But there's no drug connection with the Yamadas.
We don't know that.
It's unclear what John Yamada's cash withdrawals were for.
JJ, let's go talk to Darren.
We gotta get past this.
I don't have to do anything.
Would you look at me? Vanessa died yesterday.
Our son could be dead, too.
I already said I'm sorry.
What--what more do you want? I want you to suffer.
I want you to crawl across broken glass.
I want you to know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out of your chest! Go ahead, I'll take it.
Go ahead.
Stop it, mom, stop! Vanessa came on to him.
I saw it.
Mackenzie, I don't care if she was dancing naked with the keys to a Ferrari in her mouth.
You should have said, no, thank you.
I am a married man and stay the hell away.
What is that? Those are my painkillers from my surgery two years ago.
I thought you said the housekeeper stole them.
Tell her what really happened, Mackenzie.
I took them to get high.
Why does this even matter to you? Give me my brother back, you creep! You said you didn't start taking drugs until last year.
Yeah, well, I lied.
Your pills were the first drugs I ever took.
Did you know about this? Stop! Stop blaming dad for everything.
Are you implying this is my fault? Yeah.
Maybe I am.
Maybe I took them to see if you'd notice.
If I'd notice? God, you are so checked out.
I even thought about setting the house on fire once.
I'd just had a hysterectomy! No! No, you've been like this fake person behind a fake smile forever.
Oh, don't try to turn this around.
I've done back flips trying to help you! Do you know hard it's been keeping your addiction a secret from everyone? Why do you care about that? You're so concerned about appearances.
It doesn't matter! Are you so naive as to think that our daughter could go to a good school and--and have a decent job when the world knows that she is a junkie? I am trying to protect her future.
Why don't you try being her mother, taking care of her now? We're agents Rossi and Jareau from the FBI.
We need to talk to Darren Wilson.
He's not here.
We were told he was working this shift.
He didn't show.
I'm filling in.
Is Wilson absent a lot? What can I say? He's a bad-ass kid who gets away with murder 'cause his Uncle owns the joint.
Do you know this girl? You seen her around? No, but I've seen that woman.
When? Two weeks ago.
She came in for a loan.
And when was that loan due? Last Friday.
She didn't pay it back.
Thank you.
Copy that.
The police just found the body of Vanessa Hall, Braden Acklin's tutor, dumped on Route 32.
Cause of death is a 9-millimeter gunshot to the chest.
Same as the other victims.
Seems to be our unsub's weapon of choice.
is less than Looks like she was bound at the wrist and ankles, premortem.
Was she tortured? No clear sign of it, but she has bruising and torn hair follicles from fighting her assailant.
There's also motile semen present.
So it's possible she was raped before she was killed.
We've sent a sample to the lab.
You're on speaker, Garcia.
I was just looking through Vanessa's cell phone records, and she got a text message the night the Acklins were abducted.
Who was it from? Ross Acklin.
That's Mike's brother.
You've already talked to him.
"Meet at the Red Rose Motel, room 8, 10 a.
" Were you sleeping with Vanessa? No.
But Mike was.
I was setting up a meeting for them.
Why would you do that? He was worried that Debra would check his cell phone.
I wouldn't put it past her.
So you don't like her very much.
All she did was ride Mike about money and spend it like crazy.
So you did him this big favor because you don't care for his wife.
Look, I didn't want to.
Mikey begged me.
So why didn't you mention any of this before? It wasn't relevant.
I I mean lots of guys have affairs.
According to her roommate, Vanessa went to the Red Rose Motel and was never seen again.
If Mike was already missing, you're the only one who knew she was there.
What, you think I killed her? Maybe you killed them all.
Mike had a family.
He had a young girlfriend.
As far as I can tell, you have no one.
Maybe he had everything, you had nothing.
Maybe you raped Vanessa before you killed her.
I've been harassing the police, trying to get them to investigate.
Why would I do that if I were guilty? The semen analysis came back.
It matches a DNA sample from Mike Acklin we picked up at his house.
You know what? I refuse to be your scapegoat anymore, Mackenzie.
I did not cause your problems.
Of course not, Mom, because you are so perfect.
Just stop it.
Both of you, stop, stop.
We don't know what he's done to Braden.
Why are we here? He told us to ask ourselves that.
Maybe it is my fault.
I I've been an inadequate husband and father, I admit that.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, too, Dad.
Is this what you want?! To watch us break down? Darren? Aah! Darren! So, Debra Acklin borrows which she should have paid back 5 days ago.
Talk about asking to get murdered.
Yeah, but if this was about the money, why did the unsub kill the tutor? That's a good question.
I mean, how does this relate to the Yamadas? The fact is, both families had more.
problems than they were letting on.
Which the unsub was privy to, otherwise why murder the tutor? The unsub knew about the affair.
And John Yamada was made to look like a family annihilator.
It's a way of shaming him, forcing him to take responsibility.
He wasn't jealous of the families, he was angry at them, making them pay a price for their mistakes.
And he would use anyone in the family's periphery to do so.
We should see if any recent homicides are connected to the Yamadas.
So this guy was doing more than stalking them online.
He knew their secrets.
But how? You have a choice, Debra.
You can save him or you can have the money.
Think about it.
Mom--mom, you have to save him.
Why? Why should I? He is the reason that you got hooked on pot - and cocaine.
- No! And God knows what else.
No, no, no, mom, it's not like that.
Please, I love him.
You love him? Mackenzie, he's a lowlife.
He's a lowlife and I despise him.
I don't have to think about it.
I'll take the money.
No! No, mom, please, you can't, you can't! Remember, you're choosing the money over someone's son.
- I don't care.
- Mom, mommy! No, no, I'm doing us all a favor.
Darren, no! No! I'm gonna save us.
I'm doing us all a favor.
Debra Acklin definitely had a shopping compulsion.
Lots of pricey handbags and designer clothes with the tags still on them.
Well, the bed's made, but it's uneven.
Only one person's been sleeping here.
My guess is it's Debra.
That would explain the pillow and the blankets down in Mike's office.
Rossi, this house was built in the seventies, right? Looks like it to me.
But the interior's been remodeled.
And I'd say within the last few years.
It's a powerline network adaptor.
That's an odd place for the Internet.
Not if you're John Yamada and you're camped out here.
Look at this.
Point spreads for NFL games.
John was gambling the family money away.
Hey, Morgan.
Same here.
Parents sleeping in different beds.
Was this house remodeled? It's a Tudor Revival house, which means it was built in the 1940s.
But I see hardware fixtures from the 1980s, composite window moldings from 2000-- That would be yes.
Yeah, let me see.
Well, I'll be.
There were cameras everywhere, mainly in the lighting wells and vents.
They did renovations, so it could have been a contractor.
It'd be easy for someone with that kind of access to set up a surveillance system.
And contractors are people you can ignore After they've been in your house for a while.
You're on speaker, Penelope.
Your theory is confirmed.
The Yamadas remodeled their house in 2009, the Acklins in 2010.
The same general contractor? Uh, negative.
Two different generals.
Some of the same subs- Hockney Drywall, A.
Electrical, Milman and Sons Flooring A.
Electrical, one of the contractors who found Scott Yamada's body at the construction site was Arthur Rykov.
- We need an address, Garcia.
- Here it comes.
Come on, where are you? I gave you my answer.
Where is my money? Isn't the more important question, "Where is my son?" What? Where is he? You give us back Braden, you son of a bitch! Mommy? Daddy? Braden.
Braden What the hell is this? I'm just confirming the choice you made.
The money instead of your son's life.
What? Braden.
Braden! Aah! No! I never said that I would kill my son.
You were willing to kill someone's son.
Does it matter which one? Just tell us what you want and you can have it! No, I don't want the money.
I'm so sorry.
I made a terrible mistake.
Please don't kill my little Braden.
Please No! Arthur Rykov, 46.
Never married, lives alone on a 10-acre ranch.
He had a brush with the law when he was 16, and that's where we know most of our info on him.
What happened when he was 16? He was questioned by police regarding an assault on a teacher at his school.
After his mother died, he was raised by his strict Russian Orthodox father, who saw his son as an obstacle to his religious devotion.
Rykov says he fell in love with the perfect family across the street.
He watched them for years, imagined he was one of them.
Until the day he saw the teacher kissing the father in her car.
So Rykov attacked the teacher.
He denied it.
Police never found any conclusive evidence, so So a 16-year-old boy takes revenge on a teacher for ruining his perfect family.
So he's been looking for another one to replace them all this time? If we're here because of me, I will take full responsibility.
Are you changing your mind? Yes! That can be done.
But every choice has a consequence.
I'll do anything.
There's a key taped under the bar.
Under the stereo is a locked cabinet.
Open it.
Open the box inside.
Open it.
If you all kill yourselves now, you can save Braden.
What kind of sick game are you playing? This isn't a game.
This is life.
You all turned it into a game.
No! No, we didn't! You gambled everything you had, for what? A little excitement? Everyone goes through stuff like this.
We're--we're human beings.
Things happen! No, things don't just happen.
You made choices.
The wrong choices.
Rykov didn't have the social skills to create his own family.
Well, there's no such thing as a perfect family.
It's a childhood fantasy.
Maybe he thinks he can fix them.
That's why he kidnaps them.
But when he fails, he has no choice but to kill them.
But why start now? Why in his mid-40s? He needed a remote location to carry out his fantasies.
Right you are, girl wonder.
It looks like he saved up for the place, bought it two years ago, paid all cash.
Hey, the Yamadas were about to send their daughter to a boarding school in Ohio.
That must have been the trigger.
He had to kidnap the family while they were all still together.
What have I done? I drove you all away.
This is all my fault.
How is killing ourselves the right choice? It doesn't make any sense.
If you truly loved each other, you would die for each other.
Who are you? Why do you care how much we love each other? Because a family is a precious gift you can't take for granted.
Do it, Mike.
Do it, Mike.
Do it now.
Do it.
I can't.
I can't.
I won't kill my wife and child.
You won't save Braden? Please.
He's the only one of us who's innocent.
No, I won't choose.
I won't choose.
I love you all.
There was another family before you who wouldn't die for each other, so they didn't deserve a chance at happiness.
No! Aah! FBI.
Show me your hands.
FBI! Back away from her.
Sir, back away.
Let me help her.
I shot myself.
Stand up.
They needed to appreciate what they had.
There's no blood.
It's loaded with blanks.
Mommy! Arthur Rykov, you're under arrest.
There you go.
Braden! You know, there was an automatic weapon hidden in the wall.
Rykov could have killed the family anytime.
I doubt if he would have let them go.
"One of the deep secrets of life "is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.
" Lewis Carroll.
- Hello, family.
- Hi.
I would just like to say that I love each and every one of you, even you, Dr.
Alex Blake.
It's a new love, but still.
And I am never going to take any of you for granted ever.
We love you, too, Penelope.
Thank you.
Now hug me.
Does this mean we get drinks every time we come home? We will discuss it when you hug me.
You're too sweet, baby girl.
The director's been named new head of acquisitions at the museum, so that's why there's an opening at the gallery-- You're taking this job.
Could you be a little less enthusiastic? - It's in New York.
- But it's a great opportunity.
But I probably skipped the step where you want me to ask you to stay.
Ok, Mr.
Profiler, what else am I thinking? Oh, I have no idea what you're thinking, but I think it would be inconsiderate to not think what was best for you.
But I feel like this is the start of good-bye.
I may get my heart broken.
You're not gonna get rid of me that easily.
What are you saying? New York is a train ride away.
I can be there every chance I have.
You really think we can pull it off? Sure.
Why not? Um my 2:00 just canceled.
I got a train schedule at my house.
You want to take a look at it? I think we have to.
All right I will be the one who loves you the most