Criminal Minds s09e03 Episode Script

Final Shot

Calling me.
Yeah, right.
Personally, I don't know what you see in him.
Uh, he's incredibly hot? I think he's kind of creepy.
All those programmers are weird.
Creepy in a cool way.
Oh, my God, there he is.
So, go invite him to lunch.
I can't.
Ok, fine, I will.
No, you won't.
Watch me.
Hi, Axel, I'm Brooke, one of the interns in-- Aah! Nothing's wrong, with Will.
It's just work.
Yeah, I love you, too.
I'll talk to you as soon as I can.
What's going on? Don't know.
Just heard we're leaving now.
There's been a mass sniper shooting in Dallas.
How many victims? Still unclear.
We don't know much beyond that.
Is it a terrorist attack? Well, if it is, they're happening more frequently.
First the Boston Marathon, then the cleaver incident in London.
We're also coming upon the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, which also took place in Dallas.
So we have to consider domestic terrorism.
Right now we have to consider everything.
Garcia, I need a list of all acts of civil unrest in Texas in the last few years.
Local FBI's on the scene.
Copy that.
We'll take the lead when we get there.
Be safe.
Continuing our breaking story now at Archer Plaza, first responders It's been a scene of absolute terror and chaos American has become a land of gun-toting lunatics.
How many more children The real problem is, no one cares.
This-- this will be in the news until the next reality star has a baby.
America has something called the Constitution Police still have no idea who the shooter was.
This is what we do know.
Shots were fired at Archer Plaza by an unseen sniper at 12:27 p.
Every floor of the surrounding buildings are confirmed dead, but authorities are trying to determine if this was possibly a domestic terrorist attack or the act of a single madman.
Stay with us as this story continues to unfold.
It's worse than we thought.
sixth victim is still alive.
He's in surgery now.
This is Agent Mays.
She's in charge of reviewing surveillance footage.
These gentlemen are from the BAU.
SSAs Hotchner and Rossi.
We understand there were Yes, that's right.
At 0.
8-second intervals.
So this entire thing was over in 10 seconds.
Any footage of potential suspects? Well, I'm still looking.
Based on the trajectory, we know that he was shooting from a high vantage point.
Unfortunately, none of the camera angles caught that.
But we do think he was shooting from the north end of the plaza.
Area's been sealed off.
Going 4 by 4 through each building.
Shooter's gotta be long gone by now.
Any eyewitness accounts? Well, they run the gamut.
The only thing that's consistent is how inconsistent they are.
We should monitor social media for any leads.
We'll do that, but in my opinion, nothing beats good old-fashioned investigating.
No argument here.
Agent Mays, why don't you head on down, help the BAU in the Plaza.
Will do.
What do we know about the victims? Let me show you.
The first victim was Axel Greiner, computer programmer.
Daniel Bukowski, assistant D.
Alice emerson was a social worker.
Melanie Chen, financial advisor.
Ricardo Hernandez, a sales manager.
Kyle Yates, the final victim, is the one that's still alive and in surgery.
He was a waiter at the Golden Oaks Grill.
Victimology is across the board.
Random targets would be consistent with terrorist attacks, but we should still look into backgrounds.
We're on that.
First victim used to be a hacker.
We're focusing on him.
You receive any general threats recently? Of an al-Qaeda nature? No.
What about left- or right-wing extremists, perhaps to commemorate an anniversary? You talking JFK? We've had an uptick in crazy calls and letters recently.
Do you think this is connected? Well, the shots happened at 12:27.
Kennedy was killed at 12:30.
The locations are close.
Can't ignore the coincidence.
Maybe after 50 years someone's making a statement.
What are you doing here? Did you hear about the shooting? Of course.
It's insane.
They're closing in.
We have to go.
Agent Mays.
Agent Morgan.
Agent Jareau.
That's right.
It sounds like an amateur.
You think? Well, 6 people were hit.
That's a 50% success rate.
During a crowded lunch hour with a high-powered rifle, at a range of 200 yards, an average Joe could have hit that many people.
Trained snipers hit What about the shots that missed? Did you locate all those rounds? Only two so far.
One was in a tree, one was lodged in a planter.
There's something up there.
It looks like it came from a large-caliber rifle.
Can I get that extracted? Yes, ma'am.
Right away.
Send it for analysis.
So this guy hit a building He had terrible aim, or he was just spraying his gunfire.
It doesn't look like the unsub was focused on a particular area.
The victims are spread throughout the Plaza.
Is that the one who's still alive? Yeah.
That's Kyle Yates.
Based on the position of his body, he was facing north.
If he was the last one shot, he may have actually seen something.
Colin, slow down.
I have to stop.
We can't! Just wait.
Are you sure this is about us? Without a doubt.
We are being hunted.
If we don't run, we won't survive.
Now let's go.
I already told the other agents everything I remembered.
I understand.
But sometimes details come back to people hours or even days after the event.
Brooke, if you wouldn't mind, try closing your eyes and just listening to my voice.
You're walking across the Plaza.
How does it feel outside? It's really nice.
Warm, but not too hot.
All right.
Where are you going? To get burgers with Casey.
I'm annoyed.
Why? 'Cause Casey's bugging me.
But then I see Axel.
What happens next? I walk up and say hi.
And then What do you see? No, I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
All right, it's all right.
We'll stop.
I saw him dead.
It was awful.
I UhI'm so sorry.
But you're ok.
You're safe.
I saw him.
I didn't remember until your partner was talking to Brooke.
Who did you see? There was a guy in a window up high.
What did he look like? He was white and bald, but it was far away and just for a second and then he disappeared.
It could have been the shooter, right? Excuse me.
What happened? Kyle Yates, the sixth victim, just died.
Homeland Security's interviewing locals on their watch list.
And all the Bureau's resources are at our disposal.
We don't hear that too often.
Go ahead, Garcia.
You know I love a juicy conspiracy because it makes everything seem like an Agatha Christie novel, and I am still convinced that there was a second shooter on that grassy knoll.
But try as I might, I can't find anything connecting today's shooting with the Kennedy assassination.
What about the increase in calls and letters to the Dallas office? I have checked all the assassination buffs and conspiracy theorists, including myself, and I'm sort of sad to say we're all in the clear.
What about the acts of civil unrest? Oh, that.
Well, I have a treasure trove of terrible tidbits for you.
Well, give us the highlights.
Uh, let's see.
In 2009 was that awful thing at Fort Hood where the U.
Army psychiatrist killed 13 people.
If you fast-forwarded this past March, the head of Colorado's prison system was killed in his home.
That led to a police chase that ended in Texas, where authorities killed the suspect, who was a white supremacist, in a shootout.
Anything more recent? Yes, yes, there is.
a Dallas black councilman, Adrian Clay, was shot to death in a parking lot.
Witnesses claim the man responsible is the head of the Southern Aryans.
His name is Adam Dawson, aka The General.
That case is currently being prosecuted, meanwhile The General is in jail serving time for a totally unrelated charge.
Thanks, Garcia.
Yes, of course.
That's a lot of activity for the White Supremacists.
They may be waging a new kind of war.
Great view from up here.
Nice sniper perch.
These aren't the kind of windows that open at all, though.
Uh, how long has this space been under renovation? Building manager said about 3 weeks.
Hey, ladies.
Take a look at this.
Smooth lines, made by a glass cutter.
The sniper could have shot right through here.
It's the perfect location.
He could have walked in and out as a worker.
And he carried his weapon in a toolbox or a supply container.
Other workers would have seen him.
Except it was 12:27 and they would he been on their lunch break.
Which means he scoped out this location beforehand.
Hey, Rossi, what's up? The analysis is back on the bullets found in the Plaza.
The lands and grooves tell us they were fired from a .
308 Nemesis.
It's a semi-automatic rifle.
Same type of weapon used in the murder of the black Texas councilman 3 months ago.
So maybe the Southern Aryans are waging a war against the general population? It's more specific than that.
Victim number two, Daniel Bukowski, was prosecuting the head of the Southern Aryans for the murder of the councilman.
So today's shooting could have been a follower who wanted revenge.
Or it was a hit called by the leader, who, by the way, denies he's even a member of the group.
He claims to have quit well before the councilman's murder, which is the basis of his defense.
Well, I think it's time to have a little talk with The General.
Yeah, I admit I was once affiliated with the Southern Aryans, but that was a mistake and it was a long time ago.
I even had my tattoos removed.
Do you know why we're here? Well, I imagine it's about the murder of that councilman Adrian Clay, which I swear I had no involvement in.
Are you still in contact with members of the Southern Aryans? Ma'am, I'm in prison.
My opportunities to, uh, socialize are somewhat limited.
Well, that's not what we heard.
Rumor has it you're in charge.
In fact, you're still known as The General.
Some folks would like to imbue me with a great deal of power, but it's a mantle I choose not to accept.
So you could call the shots.
You just choose not to? How can I lead when I no longer believe? Huh.
All right, Derek, well, we're wasting our time here.
I just have a few more questions.
No, really, let's just go.
No, no, hey.
Hold tight.
It'll only take a second.
What do you know about today's events? Today's events? You must have heard about the shooting? Enlighten me.
The assistant D.
prosecuting you for the murder of the black councilman was killed.
Did you order that hit? I had nothing to do with it.
Because you're not racist anymore? Mr.
Dawson, I can't tell you how impressed I am with you.
So I'd like to shake your hand and congratulate you for making such a positive change in your life.
I'd be really careful, because somebody might think you still believe.
The guy had no idea.
I mean, he's racist as hell, but he did not have the assistant D.
He was way too surprised when we broke the news.
He was way too angry at us to even be happy about it.
This is the only case the assistant D.
was trying he has not other know enemies, which means he wasn't the specific target.
Ok, well, who else uses a .
308 rifle? In Texas? Hunters, the minutemen, housewives.
Which unfortunately doesn't narrow down the field.
Well, the 6 bullets that didn't hit people have all been found.
They were in the cafe sign, planters, and a couple of trees.
It all points to him not being a very good shot.
Or maybe he's a great shot.
According to the doctors at the hospital, all 6 victims were hit with kill shots directly to the head, base of neck, and heart.
The sixth victim only survived because of an anatomic anomaly.
He had a reversed heart, but the bullet still tore through major arteries and they couldn't save him.
So what seems to be disorganized shooting is actually organized and intentional.
A forensic countermeasure? Mm-hmm.
To make law enforcement believe the unsub's not a specially-trained shooter.
Which means the victims weren't random at all.
He knew exactly who he wanted to kill.
So if it wasn't the attorney, who's the real target? I sent what you wanted.
Tell me my family is safe.
There are 3 victims, but a witness said that they heard more than 7 gunshots.
No one ever saw the shooter.
I don't think we're dealing with a terrorist.
We passed a mall less than a half mile away.
I--I'm not following you.
Well, a mall presents a target-rich environment for a terrorist who wants to incite panic and fear, and if that was his aim, he would have been more effective there.
So choosing this gas station instead means what? He must have been going after a specific person or people.
We should be trying to make a connection between the victims here and in the plaza.
Considering the position of the bodies and the fact that no one saw him, he had to be shooting from over there.
The easiest way to stay hidden would have been from the back of a van or the trunk of a car parked here.
Like the D.
snipers in '02.
A smart move would have been to stay put for a while after all the mayhem.
Driving off right away would have just drawn attention.
How much variation is there in the traffic pattern here? This is it.
It's pretty much the same all the time, except in the middle of the night maybe.
So the unsub had to time his shot to the quarter second to shoot between traffic and the gas pumps and hit all 3 victims.
And he did it from a concealed position.
He's better than good.
He's a sharpshooter.
Where are we? A safe place to hide for now.
Load the mag.
Release the safety.
Aim, shoot.
What are we doing here? Waiting for Mr.
He's gonna extract us.
What's his first name? John.
John as in John Doe? His name doesn't matter.
Do you trust him? In my line of work, I don't trust anyone.
But he'll help us in the situation.
What are you doing? Locking the window.
I don't regret what I did, you know? I'm not here to judge.
A month ago I didn't even know you, and now look at us, hiding out together.
You must blame me for dragging you into this.
It was my choice to take the job.
It was all worth it, wasn't it, for a chance at real happiness? It's not for me to say.
But if you cross powerful people, there are consequences.
You don't have to do this, you know.
It's too late.
I'm tied to you now, which means they are hunting me, too.
What if there was something-- I thought you said this place was safe.
It is.
But the people coming after us are the best.
We're looking for an LDSK, or a long distance serial killer.
He's a very skilled marksman with a God complex.
He derives pleasure out of remaining unseen and determining the fates of people from afar.
He's criminally sophisticated and methodical, concealing his method of ingress and egress, leaving little evidence behind in his sniper perches.
This suggests a great deal of experience, so this unsub has a military or law enforcement background, possibly even Special Forces.
His victims at first appear to be targets of opportunity, but it now appears that one or more of them are targets of choice.
The remaining victims are collateral damage to be used as a forensic countermeasure, similar to what John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo did with the D.
sniper case in 2002.
This means there's some unknown connection between one or more victims at the first and second crime scenes.
What about the Caucasian male the eyewitness saw at the Plaza? It's something to consider, but we can't rule out others.
We know that the unsub is likely in his late 30s to 40s in order to have the means and patience to plan and execute these attacks.
If he still has specific targets, it's likely he won't wait long to attack, so the public needs to remain vigilant.
You never told me why you left South Africa.
I was betrayed by people I thought were my friends.
I was labeled a traitor and hung out to dry.
Don't you get lonely doing this work? I'm used to it.
I have the network, my business alliances.
Like Mr.
We'll take turns keeping watch.
Do you know how? Look out a window? It's not that easy.
There's actually a skill to it.
You need to be able to identify everything in your field of vision in two seconds.
What are you looking for? Close your eyes.
Why? Just do it.
What's this about? Ok.
Open them.
Tell me exactly what you saw.
Small objects.
Household things.
Describe them.
A button.
What color? Red.
What else? Describe the objects.
Color and size.
A paperclip.
Color and size.
One inch.
There was also a blue rubber band, maybe 4 inches long.
What else? I can't remember anything else.
That's 3 out of 10.
You need to do better than that or you'll get us both killed.
We know the unsub had a specific target, but who was it? Well, we checked out Ricardo Hernandez.
He was going through a divorce.
Melanie Chen, who's appealing a custody decision.
But nothing seems out of line.
Beside the assistant D.
, no one seems to have any clear enemies.
All right, let's look at this a different way.
The Plaza was an open space.
The unsub would want to make sure that his target couldn't get away.
How would he ensure that? Kill his real target first.
Too obvious.
He would know law enforcement would focus more on his first victim than the others, which your office definitely did.
You know, the fact is, this is an experienced sniper who can account for timing.
After the first shot, no one moves.
People are puzzled.
Everyone's reaction is to look for a source of the sound.
After the second shot, it takes the average person one and a half seconds to cognitively process that they're in a potentially life-threatening situation.
It takes another .
7 seconds for a physical response to kick in.
By which time the third shot has already been fired.
So the unsub wanted victim number 3.
Well, anyone after number 3 had a chance of getting away, and the unsub wouldn't have taken that risk.
Victim number 3-- Alice Emerson, 44, social worker, married with a 12-year-old son.
Husband's been too distraught to talk.
Well, Blake and I can see if he's ready to talk now.
The last 8 years she worked at a women's shelter downtown.
That can't be the easiest of jobs.
Let's see if her boss can shed some light.
Alice seemed anxious this morning.
I asked her about it and she said her mother was having a medical procedure done.
So being stressed was out of the ordinary for her? Well, I won't lie.
Working here does take an emotional toll.
Escaping an abusive situation can be incredibly difficult.
I imagine your job's frustrating.
The victims are a mess, physically, emotionally, and they often go back to their abuser.
The fact is most employees burn out.
They don't work here more than a few years.
It sounds like Alice was the exception.
What exactly did her job entail? She was the point of first contact.
If a woman was committed to leaving her abuser, Alice would funnel them to a community angel.
I take it that's somebody who provides them a temporary home? That and more.
They may help create a new identity for the client.
I'm assuming the secrecy is to protect them from their abusers? The men that they're escaping can be incredibly violent and vindictive.
A whole network has been created to help protect these women.
Sort of like an underground railroad.
I just work at the starting point.
I don't even know all the players in the network.
The police have been through her email and her cell phone and it seems they've been completely wiped clean.
Does that have anything to do with this job? an angry ex-boyfriend broke into our computers and found the location of his girlfriend and he killed her and the community angel she was staying with before committing suicide.
Excuse me.
Living with that type of secrecy is a nightmare for everyone involved.
But Iget why they have to do it.
You ok? For a moment there you looked kind of worried.
Yeah, I'm all good.
If you were worried about something, you'd tell me, right? Spence, I'm not worried about anything except maybe solving this case.
It's too bad all those emails and texts are gone forever.
Um, I'm sorry, have you ever met Penelope Garcia? Alice Emerson's husband said they live a quiet life.
But this morning before the shooting, she was acting preoccupied.
When he asked her what was bothering her, she said it was something at work.
Yet her boss claims she was worried about a medical procedure her mom was having.
Go ahead, Garcia.
I am loathe to admit this, but I'm having a hard time recovering all of Alice Emerson's texts and emails.
That company that runs chat alert is damn good at scrambling their data.
And although I am as fast as hot lightning, my server is not because it needs updating, so if someone with great hair and a tie could approve the funding to update such server, we could get this show on the road and I could-- Put in a requisition, Garcia.
Thank you, sir.
Filing form 9093B now.
I am familiar with it and the void it disappears into.
I did manage to piece together Alice's last text.
It was sent at 11:40, which is less than an hour before the shooting.
It's a doozy.
It was sent to a prepaid cell phone and it is this: "Rebecca Schroeder.
" You lost me.
We're talking about Alice Emerson.
I know.
And that's the text she sent, that name, Rebecca Schroeder.
She's the second shooting victim at the gas station.
Rebecca is an Econ professor at East Texas College.
She's 50, never married and no kids, although she does have a sister who lives in Austin with 5 kids, that she's close to.
She has season tickets to the opera.
Beside that, she lives like a monk.
According to her credit card record, she doesn't even own a pet.
Any idea where Alice and Rebecca's paths might have crossed? No.
I ran a cursory search and I've come up with nada.
What if Rebecca Schroeder was a community angel? If she was part of the network that shelters abused women, the unsub could be looking for someone they both helped.
Alice was the first contact for an abused woman, but the unsub needed to know who the woman was handed off to.
In this case it was Rebecca.
He may have threatened to kill them or a loved one if they didn't give him the information that he wanted.
After they did, he killed them anyway to bury the evidence and cut off the trail.
It's probably why he shot at Rebecca's phone.
If Alice gave up Rebecca's name, Rebecca may have also given up something vital to the unsub.
Thanks, Garcia.
A green clothespin, a silver pen, 5 inches, and a one-inch gold bullet.
I'd say you're ready.
I think it's gonna rain.
It's nighttime.
How can you tell? You can smell it in the air.
It reminds me of when I was a little girl sitting on the veranda with my mother watching it pour.
You're the nostalgic type.
You're not? I am a cold pragmatist.
I should have died a long time ago.
It's the one thing that's kept me alive.
Your husband is the unrelenting sort.
The world is full of different people.
To thrive, you have to accept who you are.
Someone's out there.
They've found us.
Rebecca was a single woman living in a 3-bedroom house, yet she converted this walk-in closet into another bedroom.
Well, JJ was right.
She's most likely a community angel.
A woman on the run would want to stay as hidden as possible.
An interior room like this would make someone feel safe, so they stayed here until what? Huh.
Probably until they had a new identity.
They changed their appearance here.
So, where was the next stop? So I followed up with some of the other social workers at the women's shelter, and it turns out that Rebecca Schroeder was in fact a community angel.
She helped out 3 battered women in the last 6 months.
Garcia's looking in on names.
Oh, look at that.
Speak of the devil.
Talk to me, baby girl.
I've been reading these heinous things that have happened to these women at the hands of their abusers, and can I just say, thank God for men like you who are strong, yet gentle at the same time-- Ok.
Guess what.
I'm about to put you on speaker.
Maybe you want to stick to the facts.
The facts.
Of the 3 women that Rebecca Schroeder helped, one has a boyfriend who is serving time in jail for drug possession.
One of them has an ex who has been working on an oil rig for the last month.
But the third woman has a husband who fits our profile.
Her name is Maya Carcani, and her husband Eric, he's the VP of Black Cross.
Uh, that's a private quasi-military security firm? Yeah.
He's been accused of assaulting Maya on two separate occasions.
Both times charges were dropped.
Then 6 weeks ago Eric reported Maya missing.
He recanted last week when he said Maya called him from the East Coast where her family lives.
So he panicked when she left, and then he came up with a plan to hunt her down and kill her.
And now he wants the cops off the case.
Thank you.
So the neighbor described Rebecca Schroeder as standoffish.
The neighbor said that she stopped by a couple times to be friendly and Rebecca never even invited her inside.
Well, how could she, what with her practically hiding fugitives? The neighbor also said she never had any visitors except for a speedy send courier.
She thought the two of them were sleeping together because the courier would back the truck up to the garage and stay for half an hour.
I think the neighbor may have just identified the next step in the escape route.
What do we do? Where the hell is Mr.
Doe? He's coming.
When? We can't wait any longer.
We have to.
That sniper out there is so good, our only chance at survival is extraction.
What are our chances if he comes in here and shoots us? He won't come in here.
How do you know? I know how these guys are trained.
He'll wait for us to come out.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Carcani isn't answering.
He must still be on the helicopter.
Do you know where he's coming from? Houston.
How long has he been there? Since yesterday morning.
Is Mr.
Carcani in some sort of trouble? No.
We just want to talk to him about some potential business for his firm.
Isn't that-- Eric Carcani? FBI.
Stop or I'll shoot! Eric? Eric? Eric.
Where's your wife? Where's Maya? Tell me where she is, Eric.
No, no, no, hey! Eric, talk to me.
Tell me where she is! Eric, where is she?! Morgan.
He's dead.
Son of bitch.
So the question is, why did he run? He didn't need to.
Eric Carcani's alibi totally checks out.
He was in Houston at a training seminar during the time of both shootings, and several witnesses verified that.
Well, Black Cross is known to be shady.
He knew that a visit from the Bureau wasn't gonna be a good thing.
A guy who works for a paramilitary company probably thinks he's invincible.
I don't know, he knew something about his wife.
The way he smiled at me before he died, he was smug.
It's like he was trying to say, you're not gonna find her in time.
He'd rather die than let her live.
Well, it's the classic psychology of the narcissistic abuser.
You know, we may be looking at two unsubs.
He hired someone to kill her.
He's smart enough to distance himself.
What else do we know about him, Garcia? He grew up in Albania.
He served in that country's armed forces.
He moved to the United States for school when he was 23.
And he's worked for Black Cross ever since graduation.
Given Black Cross associations, he had the means and access to hundreds of contract killers.
And loyalty runs thick in those circles.
Yeah, all he'd have to do is make one phone call, but the question is, who would he farm this job out to? Garcia, can you go through Eric Carcani's emails and phone records? Yeah, I am already on that and I'll hunt you back when I have something.
Excuse me.
We're with the FBI.
We'd like to talk to you about a package you picked up from a Rebecca Schroeder.
Go, Danny.
Maple Street's calling.
You're late for a pickup.
My office doesn't know about this.
I really need this job.
Look, we're not here to get you in trouble.
We just need to know where you took Maya Carcani.
I don't know their names.
I'm just a driver.
This is Maya.
Do you remember her? Ok.
Yeah, she was terrified.
I took her here.
Thank you.
Thanks, Blake.
We're closer to the address.
We can be there in about 10.
Garcia's sending a schematic of Maya's apartment building.
If the unsub has her address, while wouldn't he just bust down her door and shoot her? Because he's a sniper, and that means a comfortable kill zone for him includes distance.
He'll want to make her death look like a random attack, so he'll make sure there's other victims as well.
Wait a minute.
So anybody in the vicinity of this apartment building's in danger? Yes.
I made a terrible mistake, didn't I? Oh, God, I can't breathe.
I understand.
Doe is here.
Go out front.
He'll meet you in a blue sedan.
What about you? Someone has to distract the sniper.
It's the only way.
But we could-- I'm a pragmatist, remember? Living on borrowed time.
Now go.
We have to hope Maya follows the rules.
The shelter says the women are supposed to remain in hiding for at least two months.
They're supposed to stay behind closed windows, closed doors, volunteers bring supplies and food to them.
Maya left her husband so the killer's gotta wait another two weeks for her to come out.
There's a good chance he'll give up.
He can't wait forever.
A sniper can wait up to 72 hours without sleeping.
Seriously? That's part of their training.
They can stay awake for 72 hours and remain completely focused on their target.
How? By using a mental exercise called fantasy integration.
The sniper creates a scenario involving a target that keeps that person at the forefront of their mind.
Often they'll imagine a place where they're with the target doing something together that takes time, for example, building a car.
For some, the fantasy begins the minute they're assigned a target.
And nothing will distract them.
So as long as she stays inside, she should be safe.
Right? The problem is, staying cooped up for a couple of months without a breath of fresh air is hard to do.
It's what the sniper is counting on, that she has no idea he's waiting for her.
I have the name of your shooter.
Maya's husband Eric made a call a month ago to a Colin Bramwell in Mombasa.
Eric and Colin worked there Colin is a former sniper for the South African Special Forces.
He was kicked out when he was suspected of stealing government documents.
And he entered the United States a week ago on a tourist visa.
If all went according to plan, he's be out of the country before anyone was onto him.
And the whole thing would go down as an unsolved act of domestic terrorism.
We're here.
She's right here.
Third floor.
The only clear shot's from up there.
He's in there.
But it was all worth it, wasn't it, for a chance at real happiness? It's not for me to say.
We live and we die like fires our legacies hide in the embers "Our most basic common link "is that we all inhabit this planet.
"We all breathe the same air.
"We all cherish our children's future.
And we are all mortal.
" John F.
God's eye we live and we die