Criminal Minds s09e10 Episode Script

The Caller

Hello? I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
Stop it.
I mean it.
This isn't funny anymore.
Stop calling here.
Who was it? That damn kid again.
I can't believe the police won't do anything about it.
Where have you been? I couldn't sleep.
I went downstairs to watch TV and I conked out on the couch.
Isn't that guy at your office a retired cop-- Jake? Yeah.
Can you talk to him? What's he gonna do? I don't know.
I just want somebody to do something.
That kid'll get bored soon enough.
Ok, I'll talk to Jake.
Andy, breakfast is ready! Hi.
Mwah! Can you please take Kozmo out? - Hey! - Kozmo! Kozmo, come on.
Andy! Let's go, buddy.
You're gonna be late! Andy! Andrew Taffert, you cannot miss the bus again.
You're supposed to be up.
I'm gonna pour cold water on you.
Andy? Andy's not in his room.
Have you seen him? Oh, my God! What is that? Andy?! Andy! Where is he? I don't know.
I'm calling the police.
Andy! Andy? Did you see what I did? Did you see it? We just got a call from St.
A missing child, a 10-year-old, Andrew Taffert.
Parents Lida and Malcolm.
Father found blood on the front door this morning.
I take it no test results on the blood yet.
That would be correct.
No signs of forced entry or a struggle according to the initial police report.
Mom and dad put him to bed at 10:00, woke up this morning, he was gone.
Any visitors or workers to the house recently? No.
But the parents say in the last two weeks they've received from what sounds like a little boy prank calling them.
They complained to authorities, but police determined that no laws had been broken.
The little boy says, "I'm gonna get you.
" According the police reports, there's a lot of crazy people talking in the background.
It sounds like it's coming from an asylum or a prison.
I'd say the calls might be coincidental except the boy called again right after the parents found Andy missing, and he had a different message this time.
"Did you see what I did?" So he's taunting them.
Maybe this is about revenge.
"I'm gonna get you" is typically a threat, but in the case of children, it can also be a phrase used during play.
This sounds similar to a cold case from 15 years ago, Frankie Clayvin of Memphis.
I remember that Gideon handled it.
It obviously it predates all of you.
Frankie Clayvin was 9 years old at the time.
He never made it home from school one day.
He was found dead in the woods 36 hours later from his house.
And Frankie's parents also received prank phone calls from a young boy.
I think Frankie's father was the prime suspect at one point.
Yeah, the police actually tapped the Clayvins' phone, but they couldn't trace the phone calls because they kept bouncing between different pay phones in the greater Memphis area.
Phone calls before an abduction-murder-- it's a rare signature.
But if it is the same unsub, a dormancy period of 15 years is highly unusual.
Maybe we're looking at a copycat.
If I'm not mistaken, Frankie Clayvin was killed within two hours of his abduction.
Which means we're wasting time.
Let's go.
My son is gone! I checked his room this morning and he's gone! I can't-- We can't find him anywhere.
He's only 10.
Ok, ma'am.
We're sending a unit right away.
What's your son's name? We have a missing child at 472 Oakdale Drive, last seen yesterday at 2100 hours.
Andrew Taffert, born 2003, short blond hair, blue eyes, wearing an orange sweatshirt and plaid pajama pants.
We're labeling as suspicious circumstances and a possible abduction.
"Fear is pain arising in anticipation of evil.
" Aristotle.
Just confirmed there was a 10-minute segment on the unsolved Frankie Clayvin murder on a low-rated cable show Even with low ratings, probably a half million people saw it.
It's not often I get to correct another genius.
That makes it more likely it could be a copycat.
There's nothing unusual about the Tafferts.
The father Malcolm is a stockbroker, mother works at an antique shop.
They describe Andy as a bright, well-behaved kid who likes video games.
Andy and Frankie are about the same age and build with similar coloring.
If this is the same unsub, he definitely has a type.
We need to consider the possibility that Andy may have been targeted by a pedophile.
It could be someone he met online playing video games.
If there's any connection to the cold case, though, there was no evidence of sexual assault.
Just in case, I am pulling up a list of online players as we speak.
If this is the same unsub, he must be using another child to make the prank phone calls.
The original boy from 15 years ago would be grown up by now.
Or it's possible the calls are recordings.
Guys, I just got a message from the local field office.
The analysis from the blood from the Taffert house just came in, and good news-- it is not Andy's.
Actually it's pig's blood.
Between that and the phone calls, it's safe to say this unsub likes to play games.
Blake and I will go talk to Frankie Clayvin's father.
The rest of you head to the Taffert house.
The police made us sit and wait until something went wrong.
This makes no sense at all.
I know if feels that way, and we're very sorry, but we're just-- You're sorry? You're sorry.
Do you have kids? No.
Then you have no idea what this feels like.
Sir, we don't presume to understand how hard this is for you, but what we can do is help you try to find Andy.
Were there any changes in the family routine recently, any new people that either you or your son may have met socially or at work? No.
It's just the 3 of us, so we are very close.
When Lida and I aren't working, we do everything together.
We're good people.
We go to church on Sunday.
What about Andy? Did you know all of his friends? Yes.
We are very careful about that.
We--I don't want him around kids who are a bad influence, so I run background checks on the parents of his friends.
And we taught Andy to avoid strangers.
He's very cautious.
I apologize that I yelled at you.
That's not who I am.
It's just that this whole thing is surreal.
This kind of thing happens to other people, not to us.
"I run background checks on the parents of his friends"? Sounds pretty controlling.
And they're selling themselves as good parents, especially him.
He could be trying to hide something.
Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt.
Could I ask you a question? Of course.
I heard on the news last year that if a child disappears and the police can find him within the first 24 hours, the child will be ok.
Is that right? It's no guarantee.
But statistically, yes.
So if Andy was forcibly taken, why didn't he scream or call out? His parents' room is right next door.
The unsub could have overpowered him, covered his mouth, or had a gun at his head.
Look at this.
It wasn't locked.
So the unsub could have snuck in while he was sleeping.
That's interesting.
What? I don't see any sneakers.
I mean, almost every I guess they're somewhere else in the house? But mom seems like a neat freak.
What if Andy's wearing them? That means he would have had time to put his shoes on and leave.
Which means he was most likely coaxed out by someone he knew.
Hey, Garcia, perfect timing.
I have a list of online players that Andy Taffert played video games with.
It's a short list since his parents strictly controlled his Internet access and only allowed him to play with certain players.
to be exact.
Any chance he met up with one of them last night? Well, if he did, they didn't make those plans online.
All 5 of them were at school today, and according to P.
none of them knew about Andy's disappearance.
All right.
So if he wasn't lured out by one of his friends, who was it? Are you sure this is connected to my Frankie? No, sir, we're not.
But the circumstances are similar enough that we have to consider the possibility.
Could you tell us where you were last night? Oh, I get it.
I'm still a suspect after 15 years.
We just want to know where you were.
Did you see what I did? What was that? "Did you see what I did?" It's what that creep said on the phone.
You have no idea what I've been through.
We do know that a year before Frankie was killed that his mother committed suicide.
So we know you've been through a lot.
Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does.
What do you mean? About a year after Frankie died, my second wife couldn't take it anymore.
She left me, and I had a nervous breakdown.
I was in a psychiatric hospital for 3 weeks.
Clayvin, you have a phone call.
Hello? I got you, didn't I? I told you I would get you.
It was that little boy again.
Somehow he--he found me at the hospital.
Why didn't you tell anyone about this before? What does it matter? No one ever believed me.
I would have.
There is no doubt in my mind that you're innocent.
Last night I was at work.
I'm a night security guard at a downtown office building.
I'm on the surveillance camera.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
What have you got, Garcia? I triangulated the phone call that came to the Tafferts' house at 303 a.
last night, and all I can say is Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot.
That call originated from Malcolm Taffert's cell phone.
Thank you.
Of course I didn't make that call! I told you, I went downstairs to watch TV and I fell asleep on the couch, that the house phone woke me up.
Where was your cell phone? In the den.
I leave it there to charge overnight.
Go ahead, check it.
You'll see.
I didn't call my own home in the middle of the night.
You can't be serious.
There is absolutely no way Malcolm could have done something like this.
I know my husband.
What's his relationship like with Andy? Malcolm dotes on him.
It was like that from the minute he was born.
I swear, he changed more diapers than I did.
Um, you said there were a total of 4 phone calls from the boy before Andy disappeared.
Were you and Malcolm ever together for any of these calls? No.
It was always one of us.
There's nothing on his cell.
House phone caller I.
at 3:03 a.
says private number.
He could have erased the call from his phone.
Got here as fast as I could.
I just came from the Memphis office.
They apologized for the delay.
They had trouble finding it in storage.
Thank you.
I'm going to play you something from the Clayvin case 15 years ago.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
That's like the call we got.
You mean it's similar? No.
It's the exact same call.
Blake was right.
It's a recording.
This isn't a copycat.
We're dealing with the same unsub.
Malcolm Taffert would have been in his early 20s when Frankie disappeared.
So it's possible he's the unsub, but he didn't seem to have a connection with the Clayvin family.
He never even worked in the same city.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Whoever's behind this is very tech savvy with phones.
As it turns out, the unsub cloned Malcolm Taffert's cell number, and the call came from outside of the house, a quarter of a mile east, to be exact.
There's no way Malcolm could have made that phone call and been back in his bedroom by the time his wife hung up.
What's a quarter mile east of the Taffert house? Uh, I'm seeing woods and a reservoir.
Let's take Malcolm with us.
He'll know where Andy liked to play.
Andy Taffert! We're the police! We're here to help you! There's an abandoned well out this way.
Andy and his friends found it last summer.
And I told him I didn't like him to come out here, but Well, he ignored me.
I don't understand.
You said there was a recording.
I'm supposed to just talk to it? We have to assume whoever took Andy is listening.
Now, when he calls, try to stay as neutral as possible.
Don't let him feed off your anxiety.
And remember, you're trying to start a dialogue, so avoid questions that have yes or no answers.
I don't think I can do this.
You have to.
Now, the first question you're gonna ask is, how's Andy doing? Ok? Uh, it's right up here.
Get those up here! Hey, guys, what--what-- he may have found something.
Taffert! Mr.
Taffert! We don't know if it's-- Andy! Andy, is that you?! Andy, it's daddy! Andy, it's daddy! We don't know if it's him yet, Mr.
He's not talking.
Please let us handle this.
Why--why isn't he talking? Just let us do our job.
Can you take him back to the house, please? Why Please, just go.
Just go.
Andy! Mr.
Taffert! Hello? I got you, didn't I? I told you I would get you.
How's Andy doing? Hello? Hello! Andy was strangled with a nylon cord.
Do you have an approximate time of death? Based on rigor mortis, I'd say 12 hours ago.
He was dead before he was reported missing.
He was killed within a couple hours of his abduction, the same M.
as in Frankie Clayvin's case.
Any sign of sexual assault? Not on preliminary exam.
I mean, you saw he was fully dressed.
There's no sign the clothing was removed and then put back on.
Excuse me.
You know, the way Andy's body was found on that bed of leaves, it almost looked like he was sleeping.
The unsub wanted him to appear peaceful.
Remorse? Well, that's in Stark contrast to the violent imagery of blood on the Tafferts' front door.
"I shall see the blood and pass you by.
" Exodus.
The tenth plague of Egypt, the death of the firstborn.
God commanded Moses to tell the Israelites to put lamb's blood above their door to spare their firstborn.
The blood on the Tafferts' door could be related, but the unsub's got it backwards.
Unless he thinks he spared Andy a fate worse than death.
The other agent said he'd be ok.
If they found him within 24 hours, he'd be ok.
That's always the hope.
But we never know for sure.
Oh, God.
He was dead before I even knew he was missing.
I didn't I should have checked sooner.
This isn't your fault.
You guys can hang out in here for now.
Can I get you anything? No, thank you.
Excuse me.
Are they the parents? Yes.
I'd like to talk with them.
I'll go check.
There's someone here who wants to speak with you.
Would that be ok? Sure.
Go ahead.
My name is Richard Clayvin.
The same maniac who killed your boy killed my son, too.
I'm the only person in the world who truly knows what you're going through right now.
Look at how bereft they are.
That's hard to fake.
There's no way any of them are involved.
Do you have any suspects or leads? What can you tell us? We're considering all suspects, but we're focusing outside the household at this time, so please respect the Tafferts' privacy and allow them to grieve.
We believe the same person who killed Andy Taffert killed Frankie Clayvin of Memphis 15 years ago.
The taunting phone calls mean he's sadistic to the parents.
And the use of the young boy's voice means that he identifies in some way with the child.
Now, he could be seeking revenge for some injustice he suffered in his youth.
But then why kill the children? In his mind they may be mercy kills.
The fact that he's not torturing or sexually abusing them and he's posing them as if they're sleeping suggests remorse.
Based on his victim choice, he's likely a Caucasian male in his late 30s and possibly older.
We know he's technically skilled, so look for someone with a computer or engineering background.
And based on the blood left on the Tafferts' door, we may be looking for someone extremely religious.
He was able to lure Andy away in the middle of the night, which suggests he's socially skilled or he may know the victim's family.
Although we only know of one other abduction-murder have been overseas, incarcerated, or incapacitated during that time.
So families with young sons should remain vigilant, and we ask that if anybody saw Andy Taffert late at night--or anytime-- with someone fitting the suspect's description we ask that you call St.
Louis FBI immediately.
Thank you.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
All right, now, this is without the boy's voice.
Listen to the background.
The voices are dozens of separate audio bytes all spliced together.
All the different tracks layered on top of each other.
And the boy's voice was the dominant layer.
Were you able to get anything off the background sounds? There is something.
Pare! Isso vai sair mais caro a voce.
Now, my Brazilian Portuguese is rusty, but I think she saying "stop," which is "pare," and then something about more money, something costing more money.
Can you replay it? Yeah.
Pare! Isso vai sair mais caro a voce.
I hear something right before she says "pare.
" It sort of sounded like a whip.
And her tone changes.
When she says "stop" she sounds afraid, but then the rest is matter of fact.
So is she just pretending to be scared? She's asking for more money, so she could be being paid to be tortured.
What if she's a prostitute? This could be an S & M scenario she was hired for.
This is where a pimp works? According to our local source, of all the pimps in town, this is the guy known for imported girls.
Pare! Isso vai sair mais caro a voce.
Do you know who she is? She's speaking Brazilian Portuguese if that helps jog your memory.
What am I, rosetta stone? Well, we have reason to believe she's a prostitute.
Any of your girls, maybe from 15 years back, speak Portuguese? I don't know who sent you guys, but you obviously got the wrong idea about me.
As you can plainly see, I'm a purveyor of fine meats.
No, Leon, we were told that you run a pretty lucrative business on the side.
Now you're flattering me.
I make a mean barbecue sauce, but I don't make much money on it.
You know, I find it interesting you haven't asked what any of this is about.
I have a dreadful lack of curiosity.
Well, let me fill you in.
A child was murdered yesterday and at his home they found blood on his front door.
Pig's blood.
You know what? It actually just occurred to me, but I feel like this is the sort of shop you could find a lot of pig's blood.
Oh, you're right.
We're not saying you had anything to do with this, Leon.
But we are saying that the FBI is desperate for any leads, and it would be a shame if we had to shut your shop down to collect DNA samples to try to identify the source of that pig's blood.
Now, look.
I don't know nothin' about blood on a door.
But I think I do remember something about, uh, a couple of Brazilian girls who used to work for a an acquaintance of mine.
What were their names? Raquel Castro and Luisa Gomez.
Raquel moved back to Brazil in '95.
What about Luisa? That bitch? She totally betrayed my buddy.
Did she walk out on him? No.
She married his best customer.
Can I help you? We're Special Agents Rossi and Morgan from the FBI.
We're looking for a Marla Golden.
Who is it, Holly? Hello, ma'am.
Are you Marla Golden? That's very tragic, but I don't know anything about these boys.
Golden, we know that you're Luisa Gomez.
Now, you can save us a whole lot of trouble if you'll just come clean.
I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Ma'am, these two boys are dead, and their parents are extremely devastated.
We have to find out who killed them.
You're a mother, too.
You have a child you left behind in Brazil that you're sending money to.
Can you imagine how you would feel is something terrible happened to Renaldo? Or Holly? When I first came to this country, I did things I'm not proud of.
But I had to survive.
Did you ever do anything involving a child? No, I would never.
What about any S & M? Were you ever paid to be tortured? Once a long time ago, there was a couple.
It was an American man, and his wife was from Eastern Europe or somewhere.
She was very petite.
The man wanted to torture us with whips and videotape it.
How bad was the torture? For me it was pretend.
I didn't let it get too far.
But his wife seemed really scared.
For her I think it was brutal.
The Taffert house is quiet right now.
Neighbors reported seeing Malcolm and Lida Taffert leave earlier today and they haven't returned.
There's still speculation the Tafferts can't be completely innocent based on an exchange Malcolm Taffert had with another reporter this afternoon.
Are they still there? Why won't they just leave us alone? Because they are parasites.
Andy didn't like this on him.
What? He didn't like this yellow jacket on his monkey.
You shouldn't have said anything to that reporter.
I wasn't going to stand by while they accused me he was baiting you! Of doing horrible things to my own child! What are you doing? Where are you going? To the drugstore.
We need toothpaste.
You want me to go with you? No! I--I just need some fresh air.
Ok? Ok.
Lida-- I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
Lida! Lida! Lida! The door was open, the engine still running, and the car in park.
No signs of a struggle.
So she stopped for someone voluntarily.
Most likely somebody she knew, but she also would have stopped for a police officer or somebody that was injured.
Or someone masquerading as such.
The search needs to be expanded to include anyone anyone the Tafferts had contact with before the phone calls began.
Malcolm Taffert said they didn't tell anyone they were here.
Then somebody must have followed them here, or the unsub found their location through some other means.
How's he doing? Just as you'd expect.
To switch from male child victims to a female adult is highly unusual.
The last call went to Malcolm's cell phone.
Maybe this is personal, just like torturing Richard Clayvin in the psychiatric unit was.
The fathers could be the real target of the unsub's rage.
Outside of being Caucasian males, the two fathers are pretty different.
Malcolm Taffert's upper middle class.
Richard Clayvin's a blue collar guy.
Their hobbies are different as well.
Malcolm is a wine collector.
Richard likes fishing.
What about their wives? Why was Lida Taffert kidnapped, but nothing happened to Frankie Clayvin's mother? She's a stepmom? Richard remarried before Frankie was abducted.
His biological mom was already dead.
Yeah, baby girl, I need you, boo.
Always ready and eager to serve you.
I need the 4-1-1 on Frankie Clayvin's mother.
I'll have it in a mere Frankie's birth mother’s name was Nadia, she's from Romania, she had a history of depression and ended up taking her own life.
Didn't the former prostitute say she had a sexual encounter with an American man and an eastern European woman? Well, could it have been Frankie's parents? She said she was petite.
Garcia, any idea how tall Frankie's mother was? I'm checking autopsy records now.
Nadia was 5'8".
No, it wasn't her.
But there's gotta be a connection here somewhere.
Nadia's Romanian.
Lida Taffert is Polish.
Then there's a third woman from 15 years ago who's eastern European.
Maybe she's the unsub's mother.
Well, that first call to the Clayvins came around the one-year anniversary of Nadia's death.
Maybe the unsub's mother committed suicide as well.
Bottom line, we need to figure out who the mystery woman is.
There's a GPS tracking app on Malcolm's cell phone.
The unsub could have easily located the Tafferts at the motel through that.
Go ahead, Garcia.
I have got a list of Easter European women around the Memphis area who committed suicide within the last 4 decades.
It's a short list.
The most relevant name is Olga Milworth, who was from Romania.
Like Nadia Clayvin was.
She was married to an American named Charles Milworth, and 19 yea ago she tried to kill herself and her son.
Get this--her son survived.
What's his name? His name's Daniel Milworth, and he was incarcerated in Arizona for 11 years in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane because he kidnapped and tortured a prostitute.
That would explain his dormancy period.
Garcia, where is he now? Uh, well, once he was released, it appears he vanished.
There's no record of him anywhere.
I'm gonna take a guess he changed his identity.
You know this man? If you took away the beard and the glasses, he looks like Andy's computer science teacher at school.
UmBurt Solomon.
Was Andy close to him? He was one of his favorites.
I guess he lets the kids play video games in class.
That could be how Andy was lured out.
And why Lida stopped for someone.
Are you saying Burt Solomon did this? We can't say for sure, but we definitely need to talk to him.
As soon as we know anything, you'll be the first to know.
Garcia, I need an address for Burt Solomon.
He's a teacher at Andy Taffert's school Hello.
Did you see what I did? Did you see it? What the hell did you do to her? Did you kill Lida?! Did you?! Burt Solomon's been teaching at Andy's school for two years.
It fits the timeline.
He's gotta be our unsub.
Burt Solomon, aka Daniel Milworth, probably bought a fake I.
and even fake teaching credentials.
What have you got, Garcia? I've got more information on Daniel Milworth.
According to prison psychiatric records, his mom was a Romanian mail order bride.
His dad made her perform demeaning sex acts with prostitutes and then he forced young Daniel to watch.
No! Stop! Stop! Aah! If the mother spoke poor English and was unskilled, she probably felt trapped in her situation.
In her mind, killing herself and her son was their only means of escape.
Garcia, how did the mother die? Uh, she drive a car into a lake.
Daniel managed to break out a window and escape.
Any idea how Daniel Milworth crossed paths with the Clayvins? Yeah.
He volunteered as a teacher's aide while he was in college, and one of the schools he happened to work at was Frankie's.
Seeing the American father/ immigrant mother dynamic must have amplified his negative feelings about his own family, especially after Nadia Clayvin committed suicide.
And after a stint in prison, he saw the same dynamic again in Andy Taffert's parents.
But Lida Taffert didn't try to commit suicide.
No, she didn't have to.
He'd killed once already and he saw the similarity between his own parents and the Tafferts and he turned them into surrogates.
So he killed the boys to rescue them from their fathers, just as he wished he had been saved.
Then he may be trying to rescue Lida Taffert, too.
Guys, a red alert.
We've got a trace on the last call made to Malcolm Taffert's cell and it seems to be sticking.
It's from a remote area off of Cold Ridge Road.
All right, we'll head there.
But he's good at rerouting calls, so let's split up.
Dave, you go to Burt Solomon's house.
Got it.
FBI! Clear! Clear! All clear! He's not here.
Someone's been very busy here.
It's an Angelfish for cloning phone numbers.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
Did you see what I did? Did you see it? I got you, didn't I? I told you I would get you.
Good boy, Danny! He used this video to make the recordings.
I'll let the others know Daniel Milworth's not here.
All right, thanks, Rossi.
We'll keep a lookout for him.
This is it.
Aah! Guys, I think he's near me.
Quite the altar.
He definitely has a thing about mothers.
I may have something.
It's a decoy.
Do you hear that? It's coming from behind here.
Hey, guys, this is awful.
Daniel's father didn't just make him watch the sexual encounters, he made him videotape them.
Daniel, are you getting this? It's a secret hallway connected to his bedroom.
Lida Taffert was inside.
"We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings.
" Albert Einstein.
If you don't want to be in the house, we could certainly take you to a friend or a relative's.
Uh, no.
Lida wants to stay.
So do I.
We feel closer to Andy here.
We understand.
And if there's anything at all that you need, please don't hesitate to call.
This will be a difficult time for you.
But you're not alone.
Thank you.
Female child to make us To mend ourselves in thy eyes while all the rivers rage to stand upon the stage alone in I lift my voice to singing ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh