Criminal Minds s10e11 Episode Script

The Forever People

You've forgotten.
I know exactly how to get what I want.
St Stop! Stop.
Stop! What was that, huh? Lost your form, completely let your guard down.
What was that? - What? - You know, if you're fighting somebody who knows what they're doing and you pulled that garbage, they'd kill you.
So why didn't you? Yeah think we're done here.
If I were you I would save my strength.
Where we flying to this time, mama? Boulder City, Nevada, my vision.
Home of the Hoover Dam.
Because police there found the body of a woman wrapped and weighed down in the water.
He apparently likes to freeze.
- I.
Yet? - No, - unfortunately.
- How long was she in the water? Uh, unclear.
Her Popsicle-ness made it hard to determine an M.
We sure this is the UnSub and not just exposure? Well, her blood was frozen in her veins.
Temperatures in the area don't get cold enough for that.
Hoover Dam is not that far from Vegas - could this be a hit man? - No marks on her, though.
Hit men usually leave evidence of an efficient kill.
- No, he did leave a mark.
- Where? Breastbone, above the heart.
It's not frostbite.
That's an electrical burn.
Why introduce electroshock to the M.
O? Believe it or not, hypothermia is a rather pleasant way to die.
The cold just kind of puts you to sleep.
He wants to prolong what he's doing, so he jolts her back awake.
How did you catch all that? I've seen it before.
Put this on.
Are you aware of what you signed? Yes.
Are you prepared to advance to Level Two? Yes.
This is your baptism.
There's no turning back.
Good luck.
"Every man has his secret sorrows "which the world knows not; "and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.
" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
- Still no I.
Of the victim? - Uh, Garcia's - running her markers through ViCAP.
- This UnSub went through a lot of trouble, wrapping and weighing the body down.
Usually it's postmortem gas production that brings a body to the surface, but if you freeze it, it'll rise to the top like ice cubes in a drink.
So he's smart enough to consider the possibility, but not experienced enough to effectively execute the disposal.
It's probably his first kill.
If he went through this much trouble to hide the body, he knows it can be tied back to him.
Should be easy to find him once we learn who she is.
That'll be our first objective when we land.
We should also build a suspect pool based on boat ownership.
How many boats are there on Lake Mead? - 1,908.
- Come on, you just know that? Yeah.
There are 1,908 boats on Lake Mead.
Where'd you get that number? Uh, based on the population density of the area, I estimated.
You guessed.
I mean, is this guy really a genius or does he just say things with authority - and we all believe him? - Oh, wow, thank you.
Ten years.
It took ten years for someone to finally have my back.
All right, Einstein, she just called you out.
Bring it.
- Look it up.
- I am.
And the kid's right.
I accept your apology.
- Blow it up.
- Never.
We're dragging the lake for additional victims.
Problem is, it's a huge body of water.
Start from the disposal site and radiate out from there.
That's how Green River operated.
Did you take a dental imprint? Yeah, we're running it against our records and we sent it to your technical analyst.
- Damn it.
- What? We might be in the wrong police station.
All this talk of cold is making me cold.
- Is that weird? - Nothing weird about you, baby girl.
Listen, you get anything off ViCAP? Negatory.
And no one reported that poor girl missing, either.
Uh, run her stats against Arizona DMV.
Ooh, a new state.
Give me a second to run her dental records.
Why search one state over? The Arizona-Nevada line runs right through - Lake Mead.
- Pretty good forensic countermeasure.
He knows that our search - stops at the state line.
- Got her.
Sarah Rhodes of Kingman, Arizona.
And oh, goodness, a mother to ten-year-old Bobby.
Credit card and cell phone canceled three years ago.
We're in the wrong state.
Uh, I do have one bread crumb.
She made regular visits to several ATMs in your Boulder City neck of the woods.
I have the security camera footage to prove it.
Uh, last withdrawal was two weeks ago, $260 a month.
What the hell was she doing here? Cloth fibers under her fingernails - match her own torn clothing.
- Paradoxical undressing.
When your core temperature reaches 85 degrees, your constricted blood vessels suddenly dilate, producing a sensation of extreme heat.
You tear your clothing off even though you're freezing to death.
What if what the UnSub is doing is like the cold water experiments at Dachau? The Nazis wanted to see how long concentration camp victims could survive in the cold and then apply those findings to their own soldiers.
How is this the same? - JJ: It's a test.
He wants to see how long you can take it.
All right, there's the electrical burns.
The ice has melted enough to show us a matching mark.
- Left anterior axillary line.
Is this? - Yeah.
- - Looks like multiple resuscitations.
Scar tissue says this was done over weeks, but there's-there's no signs of restraints or binds.
- She went into that freezer voluntarily.
- Why would she want this? - Hotch needs us.
- Okay, I'm right behind you.
I'm just gonna wait for the final M.
If I were you I would save my strength.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, is is this right? This blood glucose level that's accurate? Mm-hmm.
I know what this is about.
I make it? Yes.
You're one of us now.
Thank you for agreeing to talk to us about Sarah.
We were good friends through our kids for a while.
Right now, there's an AMBER Alert out on Bobby, and we're attempting to find the father.
Let me ask you this.
Do you think - there is any? - He's not in the picture.
Never has been.
She never even told me his name.
So, why'd she leave this condo and move to Nevada without selling it? I wish I knew.
One day, she told me she was gonna join a mom group, just to get some support.
Then, bam, she was gone.
I could barely get her on the phone.
When I did, she acted like it was a privilege to talk to her.
Did she talk about the new life path she'd found? And that she couldn't really explain it to you because you weren't worthy? How did you know? The autopsy revealed something very specific.
Whoever had Sarah flooded her system with sugar and electrolytes, but they starved her of proteins.
When you don't have protein in your diet, you can't think straight.
It's a common tool used in psychological conditioning.
Psychological? Brainwashing.
She didn't join a mom group, did she? No.
Based on the physical evidence and the psychological profile of Sarah Rhodes, we believe that a cult operating in the area is responsible for killing her.
- There aren't any cults Most people think that, but conservative estimates put cult membership at two million people in the United States.
Most of them, like this one, are underground to avoid scrutiny.
The nature of cults is that they are organized around a charismatic psychopath.
This man will be superficially intelligent and charming.
Like Jim Jones at Jonestown, Tony Alamo and Alamo Ministries, or Charles Dederich and Synanon, this man will have convinced his followers to sublimate their needs for his own to the point of self-harm or even suicide.
He preys upon disenfranchised men and women who need help in their daily lives.
Sarah Rhodes needed help being a single mom.
As of now, we believe her son, Bobby, is still inside the group.
The way cults work is, they break you down both physically and mentally, usually through isolation and deprivation.
We believe that this cult has found a way to speed that up through a near-death experience.
They lock their members in a giant freezer to induce hypothermia, then they resuscitate them.
Why hypothermia? The last stage of cold-induced shock is euphoria, an almost dreamy elation before you fall asleep.
When members regain consciousness, they feel like they've been born again.
- The reality is, they almost Focus your search on hospital records for patients who suffered from frostbite.
We believe that Sarah Rhodes isn't the first victim that this group has harmed.
Thank you.
That's what kills us.
Not our addictions.
Not the toxins in our food.
Those only paralyze us.
Fear is what consumes us.
That's why we go into the dark, cold place.
We face our fear.
I can see your fear now.
I know who's worthy to move on to the next level and who isn't.
And you are not worthy, Adam Lewis.
I don't want to do this anymore.
I-I'm tired, I'm hungry.
I just I want to go home.
Can you please? Please just let me go home! Hey.
Oh okay.
What's up? Uh, Garcia found a frostbite victim admitted to the hospital three years ago by the name of Tom Fallon.
Completely off the grid, just like Sarah.
But his mother, Mary, still lives in town.
Great, let's go.
Kate and Morgan already went when we couldn't find you, which is why I've been waiting here for 24 minutes and 18 seconds so that maybe we can finally talk about what's wrong.
Nothing's wrong.
I'm fine.
You're not fine.
You're obviously displaying symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, which absolutely makes sense.
We're coming up on a year since your abduction and torture.
And anniversary dates have a power all their own, not to mention the fact that seasonal weather changes bring back smells that you probably now can only associate with the initial event.
All that I'm saying is that what you're going through is entirely textbook.
In here.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop doing that.
Stop being you.
I can't help it.
Yes, you can.
You can.
You think you know what's going on, but you don't.
Well, then, explain it to me, JJ, because all all I know is, my friend is hurting, and when I see her in pain, I want to make it stop.
All right, all right.
Give me a word.
A word? A term.
A label.
Something that explains what I have, because it is bigger than PTSD, and right now, that word is "Tivon.
" Tivon Askari.
The man who tortured you? No.
Oh, he was more than that.
He was my partner in Afghanistan.
I didn't I didn't know he was a Double agent, I know.
I read the file.
You were attempting to extract intel from a woman named Nadia.
He set a trap, and he killed Nadia and her daughter.
Listen, JJ, you cannot blame yourself for that.
The Humvee? Was that in the file? Yeah, you almost caught him.
He set an IED to take out your convoy, and I know you were wounded.
I was pregnant.
You see? If I had never gotten involved, Nadia and her daughter would still be alive, and Henry would have a little I can't let this go.
I can't.
What is the word for that, Spence? I I don't know.
This stays between us.
Okay? Okay.
Where are we on finding the boat? Um the presumption is that the, um cult would have owned the boat, so I'm just gonna look at it from that angle.
- Is there something I should know? - No.
About? No.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
Yes? Mrs.
Fallon, we're with the FBI.
We'd like to ask you a few questions about your son.
Lawyer said I can't talk to you.
What lawyer? Law firm of Kane and Associates.
They represent those weirdos.
Don't know their names or anything.
Tom wouldn't tell me.
This is your son's signature? Releases saying he knew he was engaging in risky behavior, and if I defamed their character, they'd take my house.
Ma'am, where's your son right now? Mother, who was at the door? You need to understand.
After the hospital, those people didn't want him anymore.
I've had to keep him here because he's not right.
Tom? Yes? Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? Do you feel it? Do you feel it all? Feel what? You don't feel it.
Your consciousness is too small to comprehend it.
I feel the emptiness of messages bombarding me, telling me to consume.
I feel like there's something lacking in my life, and I feel like you might have the answer.
I do.
Yes, I do.
Can you tell us where we can find your friends so that we can find the answer, too? No.
But it's okay.
They will come back to me when it's time.
It won't be long now.
Surely you must feel it.
The walls of civilization crumbling around you.
The Forever People will survive.
How will they survive? We will freeze ourselves.
Have you been there? In the cold? If you haven't, I can help you.
I can help you the way they helped me.
Tommy, please don't.
They helped me feel it all.
Let me out.
Luh Let me out.
I'll be g I'll be good.
I'll believe whatev whatev Okay, so Garcia couldn't find anything online about the Forever People or cults that freeze in general, but she found this guy, Adam Lewis.
His parents reported him missing a month ago.
If cryogenics is their hook, they should try - a lot harder to hide it.
- Technically, it's cryonics and not cryogenics.
Uh, cryogenics is a scientifically proven process involving the successful freezing and thawing of materials without damage.
Cryonics involves taking an already dead body and putting it in liquid nitrogen.
It has no scientific merit whatsoever.
I thought you guys were getting cold feet.
Oh, pun unintended.
Garcia, tell us if anyone ordered the following supplies.
Besides liquid nitrogen, they need large stainless steel dewars for body storage.
That is a big N-O on all fronts.
What about financial overlap? We know that Sarah Rhodes made monthly withdrawals.
Did Adam Lewis do something similar? Uh, yes.
Actually, he did.
The exact same amount of money And he wrote checks.
Hello, paper trail.
The money went to the Global Warming Awareness Fund.
That's kind of the opposite end of the spectrum, isn't it? It makes sense.
Cults frequently set up nonprofits to hide their earnings from members.
And you can't apply for nonprofit status without an address.
- Garcia - I'm way ahead of you, boss.
There it is.
Address sent.
As many of you know, the elite have been in consultation, and we are pleased to announce we have made our decision.
Some of you will advance to Level Three.
And some of you won't.
Keep in mind this does not mean the door to rebirth and renewal is closed to you.
What it means is FBI.
Protocol number seven.
Do not make eye contact.
Colton Grant, head of the Global Warming Awareness Fund? I am.
We'd like to talk to you.
Of course you would.
Have a seat.
What happened to your hand? What happened to your hand? Hmm? Your turn.
Now, why would you wear a cast if you didn't have to? That's, uh That's nothing.
I've seen the other half of this.
- You're Bobby's father.
You're coming with me.
- Wait - Come on.
- They-they will kill him if you expose me, you understand? These people will kill my son.
You're not here because you're a believer, are you? Gentlemen, my client is here on his own volition.
If you denigrate his beliefs in any way, we're leaving.
You own a boat, - Mr.
Grant? - The fund owns one.
They run water temperature tests to measure - the greenhouse effect.
- But you didn't bring me in here to talk about a boat, now, did you? Sarah Rhodes and Adam Lewis.
What about them? Seen them recently? They both requested to leave the Forever People.
We don't believe in keeping anyone bound that doesn't want to be bound, so - we wish them well.
- Then why did we just pull their frozen bodies out of Lake Mead? We're done here.
Colton, don't say another word.
This is your last chance to tell the truth.
Where is Sarah's son? I believe, to avoid self-incrimination, I have the right to remain silent.
Colton Grant, you are under arrest for the murders of Sarah Rhodes and Adam Lewis.
You do indeed have the right to remain silent.
- And you also have the right - Give a message to my flock.
Tell them this is a test.
We'll get through this together.
you say can and will be used against you - in a court of law.
- Tell them not to lose faith.
I wasn't I wasn't ready to be a dad.
I hadn't heard from Sarah in five years, and that's the way we both wanted it.
Then, like, a month ago, she called me from a pay phone.
She told me about this place and that they wouldn't let her go.
And, uh I told her that I would join and, uh, that-that we'd get Bobby out together.
As a family.
And then, uh she she just stopped calling.
How did you get this? He, uh he drew this for me, the last time we were together as a family.
He, uh he tore it in half because he wanted wanted me and his mom to both have something of his.
Once I thought that Sarah was dead, I sneaked this in because this is this is all I have to make him believe me.
Why infiltrate? Why not go to court? You'd get custody automatically.
What, you-you think these people respond to lawsuits? Huh? No.
No, the only hope that I have is to get close enough to him to steal him away from wherever they're keeping him.
- Which is where? - I don't know.
They bring the kids by now and then, but they keep them behind closed doors.
Well, we'll find him.
How? Just leave it to me.
Keep your head down and let us do our job, okay? You swear? You swear that you won't let me down and that you will get us both out of here? I swear.
We need a stakeout on that house.
He said they bring the kids by intermittently.
I'll send plainclothes out now.
So now what? We sit back and wait until they bring the kids around? Well, they know we've arrested their leader.
- That's a risky plan.
- Especially since we know - Grant isn't the UnSub.
- How can he not be our guy? He's the one that shows you the face of God at 30-below.
He was genuinely surprised when we showed him - the crime scene photos.
- I saw that, too.
He didn't sanction the murders, which means somebody else did them.
A second-tier member pulling a power play, maybe? It'd be easier to shoot them and bury them in the desert.
No, this UnSub is replicating the cult's M.
, even when he knows law enforcement is watching.
Except he's not interested in resuscitating them.
He wants to watch them freeze to death.
- That's his compulsion.
- He'd be a psychrophile then, someone with a sexual fetish for the cold.
So let me get this straight.
We're saying that there's a serial killer inside the cult? Talk about a needle in a needle stack.
You know, you can see why the Forever People would be the perfect fit for him then.
The group would satiate his needs for a while, I-like a pedophile who resorts to pornography to keep his urges in check.
Then when he can't control himself anymore, he kills the members that Colton wouldn't miss, - the ones who were trying to get out.
- Okay, so let's go with the pedophile analogy.
You show them pictures, they get excited.
What happened when you showed pictures of two frozen bodies - to the members of that house? - Nobody reacted.
They just stared blankly.
The UnSub isn't anyone we talked to.
Except the kids weren't inside the house.
And where there's kids, there has to be adult supervision, right? The UnSub's watching the children.
And before he was led away, Colton told me to give a message to all of you.
Do not lose faith.
Now is the time to meditate on our future.
Direct your positivity and strength towards your leader.
He will be with us soon.
Spend an hour in quiet.
You want to help me? Yeah? Where's Bobby? Why do you want to know, Carl? Shh.
Booster seats.
The kids are here.
What are you doing here? This is a private residence.
- Get her out of here.
- You can't go in there - without a warrant.
- Wrong.
There's a trailer out back.
Come on, guys.
We need to get them into protective custody.
I'll watch over them myself.
We need to regroup with the team.
Bobby where's Bobby? - Here.
- Did anyone come looking for you while you were here? Uh, one of the new members maybe? I saw somebody.
Who'd you see, sweetie? A man asking about Bobby.
Then Brother Jon made him go to sleep.
Where's Brother Jon now? Probably back at our house.
Where the five of us live, I mean.
Do you know the address, Bobby? All right, we got it, JJ.
Residence owned by Jon Kanak.
- Tell me.
- According to the police report, he and his parents went hiking in the wilderness and got lost.
When temperatures fell below freezing, they had to do some god-awful stuff to stay alive.
You have five seconds to give me what I want.
JJ, did you hear that? Uh, yeah.
- Wait for backup.
- No, - he already has Carl Mason.
- JJ, please wait for us.
I'm already here.
- JJ, I'm on my way.
- Hurry.
That's acetylene gas coming out of there.
- You know what that means? - Okay, let's - let's talk about this, Jon.
- It means you pull that trigger, and we all die.
Okay? I-I spark this, and we all die.
How cold is it in here? It's 18 below.
How long do you think he has? Enough.
'Cause at this temperature, the flash point of your gas won't ignite.
JJ, - sound off.
- Down here.
Do not shoot.
You okay? Yeah, yeah.
We need a medic.
Get a medic.
Who's got a knife? Okay.
There he is.
I brought someone.
Do you remember me? No.
Well, that's okay.
Do you remember this? Dad? Where have you been? I've been looking for you.
Don't leave, okay? - I-I I don't know where Mom is.
- Shh, shh.
- Don't go.
- Shh, shh, shh.
Look at me.
I will never leave.
Okay? I promise.
Come here.
Feeling any better? Sorry? I thought maybe reuniting a family would Oh.
I'm glad I did my job, but this doesn't go away because of some surrogate.
You know who does think that way? - Serial killers.
- Yeah.
I, uh, I couldn't find that word you asked for, but I also didn't want it to be Tivon Askari anymore, so I called Emily.
I-I didn't tell her anything.
I just asked her to pull any extra background intel she could.
A-Apparently, people are much more willing to talk about a terrorist once he's dead.
Anyway, I put it in your old office, in case you wanted some privacy.
You don't have to look at it if you don't want.
Good night.
Tivon Askari grew up an orphan on the streets of Tikrit.
He survived as a homeless child from ages seven to nine.
He was raped for the first time at the age of ten.
By the age of 13, he had killed three people.
Violence became a sexual act.
Men, women, children.
It didn't matter.
By the time I joined the Iraqi National Guard as an interrogator, I had everything I needed.
Life became a simple equation.
How long until you break.
You broke me.
I bent you.
I wanted to do so much worse.
You took my baby.
I did.
And it pleased me greatly.
Why am I not past you? For a year I've been fine.
Have you? What do you want from me? I have nothing left.
You've taken everything.
Oh, Jennifer.
There is so much more I'm going to take.
First, I'm gonna take your sleep.
Then your smile.
I won't let you feel safe anywhere, so I'll take your job.
And finally, I will transform you so that your husband and your son won't recognize you anymore.
You can't.
I won't let you.
You already are.
Think about the risk you took at that freezer.
You had no idea that the gas would ignite or not.
It was dumb luck that you got out of there alive.
Either you will try that again and I will watch you kill yourself or you will quit.
And I will watch you wither and fade.
Either way, I win.