Criminal Minds s10e12 Episode Script


Previously on Criminal Minds S-Sergeant Scott? Last time I saw you, you were unconscious on your way home with a concussion, and a a shrapnel wound in your arm.
This is no way for a war hero to live.
It's called New Directions.
It's an outreach center dedicated to help vets land on their feet.
Welcome home, Marine.
My son Thomas and his wife live on the other side of those hills.
A son you haven't spoken to in a while.
I got a grandson.
I ain't never gonna see him.
- Thomas Scott? - Yes.
I'm a friend of your father's.
Come on, focus.
Stay with me! Do not die on me! Hold on.
Come on, damn it! You can make it! We're almost there.
Hang on! No, no, no, don't! Hold on.
No, don't.
Okay, wait right here.
I'm gonna get some help.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, I land this afternoon, and then we'll head up to the lake on Monday.
Yeah, me, too.
Can't wait.
Ross, I'm from the South Side of Chicago, okay? We don't have fishing ponds.
How can something look so easy and be so hard? It's all in your technique, and all those muscles of yours won't help in something like this.
It's all in the wrist.
- Oh, in the wrist? - Yeah, yeah.
Give it a shot.
All right, all right, okay, here we go, and - There we go! - There we go! - There we go! - That's what I'm talking about.
- All right, let's go! - Yeah, boy! Okay.
All right, now, see, all you need is a little garlic butter, and a 2008 well-chilled bottle of Pouilly-Fuisse.
Okay, and maybe a a little meat tenderizer wouldn't hurt.
David Rossi taking time to smell the roses.
You know, this daughter thing might be paying dividends.
All I'll be smelling is fish guts for the next couple of days, but you are absolutely right.
Hey, look, that's the first fish I ever caught.
Give me that.
You enjoy yourself.
- All righty.
- Okay.
Sir, - is your phone not working? - I shut it off.
This vacation is completely unplugged.
No work phone, no laptop What's wrong, Penelope? It's New Directions for Veterans in California.
They tried to call you, but you This is David Rossi.
I I see.
Well, I I appreciate you letting me know.
Uh, um I'll be out there later today.
Harrison Scott died last night.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Bone cancer.
He never said a word.
I will, uh, be going to Los Angeles before heading up to San Francisco.
See if I can be of any help.
Sir, if there's anything I can do Well, I-I would appreciate it, Penelope, if, uh, you don't tell the rest of the team about this.
- Not just yet.
- Of course.
Whatever you want.
So, now, Hotch, as well, will not be joining us today.
What's up with Hotch? He taking a vacation, too? No.
He is going to meet you at the airport, and, actually, Rossi That doesn't matter.
Uh I am here to present the case.
Three nights ago, in Tallahassee, Florida, a woman named Betty Wright was found shot in front of Carter Memorial Hospital.
She is currently brain-dead.
She's on life support.
Her vehicle was found ten miles from the location.
Looks like she'd been in an accident.
Do we think the killer engineered the crash? That is unlikely.
It appears to be a single-car spin-out.
So the UnSub happened upon the accident by chance and was taking her to the hospital.
Where the rescue mission somehow turned into an execution.
Unfortunately, there is more, because yesterday afternoon, also in Tallahassee, Cliff Daniels, 38, was found bludgeoned and shot to death on the steps of a church.
And ballistics confirm that the gun was the same in both shootings.
He leaves his victims on the doorsteps of places we think of as a sanctuary church, hospital.
Only to snatch away hope at the last minute.
Maybe we're dealing with a sadist? Well, whatever the reason, this UnSub's killed twice in less than 48 hours.
Let's get going.
Please state your emergency.
There's been a shooting.
What is your location, sir? Corner of Hazel and Parkway.
Sir, if you could just remain "Death is the only god who comes when you call.
" Roger Zelazny.
Both victims were black, but the similarities begin and end right there.
Betty Wright was a well-liked Tallahassee native.
Pillar of the community.
Cliff Daniels, on the other hand, was a shady character from New Jersey who moved to Florida three months ago.
Yeah, and not for the sunshine.
A Ponzi scheme he'd been running back east imploded.
Maybe one of the investors who got burned came back to Florida for revenge.
- Doesn't explain Betty Wright's murder.
- You know, I would love, one day, to interrupt you on the jet, to report that a stray puppy was found and saved and given the best home ever, but it's not gonna be today, because there's been another shooting Victor Hall.
Is he black? Nope.
At least that might eliminate race as a motive.
There was a witness this time.
Peter Goodwin, the victim's shrink.
They had just finished a session together.
All right, Reid and Kate, go to the medical examiner; Morgan, you and JJ talk to Betty's Wright's family at the hospital.
I'll talk to this new witness and see if he can shed some light.
Uh, Victor had been in therapy with me for nearly three years.
And he gave no indication that he might be in danger? No, not at all.
He'd been going through a lot recently.
Marriage problems, a son with drug issues.
And then, about two weeks ago, he was mugged and robbed.
But this? Gunned down on the streets? How did you witness the shooting? It was the end of our session.
I was tired.
I needed a boost.
There's a coffee place down the street.
It was a quiet time of day.
I was checking messages on my cell phone, and I just turned around and saw Victor.
- And where was he? - At the other end of the block.
There was a man walking up fast behind him.
- Can you describe this person? - White guy.
Maybe late 40s, early 50s.
He hit Victor across the back of the head.
What did you do? I just froze.
I mean, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
And then, I took off to try and help.
What happened next? The guy crouched down.
That's when I saw the gun.
He pointed it at Victor's head.
That's when I heard the gunshot.
And then, the guy took off across the street.
Did he take off on foot, or did he get into a car? He got into a car.
A gold car.
I didn't get the make or model.
You said that he was crouched down over Victor? Yeah.
It was like he was looking for the right place to shoot him.
What do you mean by that? Well, he was moving the gun around on Victor's head, looking for an angle.
He wasn't taking direct aim.
You said you were checking your cell phone, and then you looked back at Victor.
Was there anything that made you turn around and look? Something you saw or heard? No special reason.
I just looked around.
Now, put yourself back in the moment.
Think carefully.
I heard a siren's approaching.
So, you heard police sirens before the actual shooting? Yes, but that can't be, can it? I mean, how could the police be responding to something that hadn't happened yet? I'll stay and help however I can, and then come up.
- Two or three days max.
- Don't worry about it.
The lake isn't gonna dry up all of a sudden.
Just take all the time you need.
- You sure? - Yes, absolutely.
We're gonna be fine, Dad.
You there? I-I'm sorry.
Whenever I hear someone say "Dad," I start looking around to see who they're talking to.
Well, get used to it Dad.
I'll call you tonight.
I appreciate you coming on such short notice, Mr.
It was a pleasure and a privilege to have known Sergeant Scott.
He'll be missed.
Yes, he will.
These boxes were Harrison's.
His son Thomas said if you want to start going through them, it's all right with him.
He should be here soon.
Thank you.
So the gunshot didn't kill Daniels.
That's correct.
Bullet just grazed the skull.
Was actually from the blunt force trauma to the head.
Could you determine the murder weapon? No, but there were minute traces of metal flecks in the scalp.
My guess would be a tire iron, metal pipe, something like that.
How long had Daniels been dead when he was discovered - at the church? - I'd say five, six hours.
As head trauma goes, I've seen a lot worse.
Two moderate blows to the temple, like the killer was weak.
Or he restrained himself.
Is there such a thing as underkill? There was with this victim.
If the UnSub did hold back, I wonder why.
My wife she lit up any room she walked into.
Now look at her.
These damn machines have got more life in them than she does.
Wright, was Betty carrying anything valuable the night of her accident? Cash, expensive jewelry? No.
Why? We think the man who shot your wife was initially bringing her here for treatment, but something changed his mind.
Betty didn't have anything special with her that night.
Wright, we're ready for you.
Got papers to sign.
You think you have years left with someone, all the time in the world.
And suddenly, you don't.
Still sittin' on your ass, Rossi? Wasn't my idea, Sergeant.
Got something for you.
I had to bribe Colsen a six-pack to make this happen but I wanted to make it personal.
I'm proud of you.
Not just for what you did here but what you're going to do in the future.
I expect great things.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Need to heal up first, though.
And when you do, remember, scars only show us where we've been.
They do not dictate where we are going.
When did you get in? Last night.
Had you known your dad had been sick? Yeah.
He told me a couple months ago, when it was obvious something was wrong.
He made me promise not to tell anyone.
Especially you.
I'm sorry.
No, don't be.
Harrison had his own way of doing things.
I prefer to say "sure of himself.
" It's what made him a great leader.
But Dad knew he was dying for over a year, even before you came out last time.
That explains his urgency to reconnect with you, get to know May, meet his grandson.
The funeral, it's the day after tomorrow.
I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do.
If you don't mind, Thomas, as a fellow Marine, I'd like to take care of it.
Are you sure? Absolutely.
It would be my honor.
Those his? Yeah.
So, uh, which one's you? Uh, that would be the handsome one right there.
The last couple of months, my dad's been trying to reconnect with these men who served under him - in Vietnam.
- Did he have any luck? No, too much time has passed.
People are hard to find.
Well, let me help you pack these things up.
Thank you again for giving me the time I did have with my father.
Police are saying Victor Hall was pronounced dead at the scene.
Tonight, friends and family of the victim are asking Why did you let him die? You were right there! - Dad? - And they have no idea what the motive is behind this killing Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just the news.
Whole world is going to hell.
It's not healthy for you to sit back here all the time, in the dark.
Did you get your medicine? This morning.
I'm sorry.
About what? All those bad years I put you and mom through.
The drugs the everything.
It's in the past.
I just wish your mother was here to see you now.
The real you.
Timmy's happy.
He wasn't like this before we moved back home.
You are a lifeline for him.
For both of us.
Everything's gonna be okay, Dad.
It's all gonna work out.
Mommy? Okay, so the 911 call on Victor Hall's murder came in at 10:37 a.
Police were on the scene at 10:42, only moments after the shooting.
So the killer himself made the call.
He alerted the police before shooting Victor.
It's like he was leaving open the chance for rescue, the way he did with Betty Wright.
He's being careful.
The call came from a disposable cell phone, so it couldn't be traced.
Hotch also said he was careful to place the bullet so it penetrated the skull at an angle.
Mimics the restrained nature of the head trauma to Cliff Daniels.
Garcia says she couldn't find a shred of connective tissue between any of the victims.
So far the UnSub's staged his murders in front of a hospital, a church and a psychiatrist's office.
He could be making a statement about body, mind and soul.
No, no, no, to me it feels like he's reenacting, playing out versions of a near miss that happened to him or a loved one.
Or he's an adrenaline junkie.
Killing isn't exciting unless he's walking that raggedy edge of being caught.
Okay, so let's catch him.
There's-there's a burglary in progress at 24481 Crescent Circle Drive.
I think someone inside's been hurt.
Damn it! Hey! Who the hell are you? You should've stayed asleep.
Small-caliber weapon and a heads-up 911 call before it happened; this has to be our guy.
Yeah, and he didn't hold back this time.
First shot was at medium range, the rest were point blank.
Well, and the victim had been drinking.
- Enough painkillers to start his own pharmacy.
- What is it, Garcia? I have a very interesting tidbit regarding the church Daniels was found at.
They have a very popular sunrise service there every morning, no exception, except for the exception that happened on the day Daniels was found there.
The pastor had a death in the family.
He had to cancel the service, last-minute.
All right, thanks.
The UnSub must have known about the sunrise service.
He was expecting Daniels' body to be found right away.
So the first two victims were placed where they'd be found quickly, and the next two victims weren't shot until the UnSub made sure that help was on the way.
What's that about? Dad.
This is Keith, the one I told you about.
- From my group.
- Oh, right.
I'm sorry.
It's all right, sir.
It's just nice to meet you.
He just came by to visit, borrow a couple books.
Okay, well, I'm glad that you two could finally meet.
This way.
Voice recognition confirmed the same person made both 911 calls.
So the only consistency in all four shootings is the near-rescue component.
What's this guy doing, daring us to catch him? No, I think he genuinely wants his victims to survive.
Well, not the latest victim.
Crawford took one bullet to the head and five to the chest.
Crawford's the exception.
When the UnSub got inside, he noticed the severity of Crawford's substance abuse.
Which made him unworthy of being saved? Unworthy, unsuitable We need to look at the Betty Wright surveillance video again.
This is where the spree started.
The question is what triggered it.
It doesn't look premeditated, but he did have a gun.
Well, this is stand-your-ground Florida.
Lots of citizens ride around with weapons.
Up to this point, he still looks like a Good Samaritan.
All right, rewind it to the point where he puts her up against the tree, and then play it back in slow-motion.
Right there.
His body language changes.
He saw something.
- Can you zoom in on her? - Mm-hmm.
Is she wearing a bracelet? Garcia, you said that Betty Wright had been taken off life support, yes? Yeah.
She passed away two hours ago.
But she hasn't been transferred to the M.
Yet, has she? I don't know how you know that, but, no, she hasn't.
If you give me a nanosecond, I will tell you why that is.
- It's because - It's because her organs - are being recovered.
- Her organs are being recovered.
Sir, you frequently amaze me a little, but sometimes you amaze me a lot.
That's it Betty Wright was wearing a medic alert bracelet, identifying her as an organ donor.
Garcia, were any of the other victims organ donors? Let me see.
Uh yes yes, and yes.
Every one.
We believe we're looking for a white male in his early to mid-50s.
He appears to be engineering murder scenarios so that victims can be attended to quickly enough to have their organs recovered.
All the victims are registered organ donors.
With Betty Wright, he saw her medic alert bracelet.
We don't know how he learned about the others yet.
He may need an organ for himself or a loved one, but because of the scarcity of available organs, he could be taking matters into his own hands.
If the supply is low, he'll create supply.
Now, with the latest victim, the killer made a mistake.
Dale Crawford had serious alcohol and drug issues.
This would have compromised his vital organs and made him a poor candidate for a transplant.
When the killer realized the mistake he made with Crawford, the punishment was cold-blooded murder.
It is possible that this setback with Crawford will actually accelerate the UnSub's kills and make him more dangerous.
Thank you.
Hello? Hi, Dr.
No, I understand.
Thank you for letting me know.
I will.
The liver went to somebody else.
It's not fair.
Dad, there's lots of people in my position, and some of 'em are even sicker than I am.
Like Keith.
And they're ahead of me on the waiting list.
- That's just how it is.
- How it is does not make it right! I'm close, though.
Urman said a call could come at any time.
You can't give up hope.
I won't.
I won't.
Yeah, the doctor sounded really hopeful.
We won't know for sure until sometime tomorrow, but I know that's why I packed an overnight kit today.
- Penelope? - Hello, sir.
How are you? I'm doing okay.
How are things there? All good.
Um, one small thing.
Derek called and he asked how many fish you caught and I covered for you, like you asked.
But you know how sometimes my face does that weird twisty thing when I'm telling a lie - and I-I tried - Garcia.
- Yes? - I spoke to Hotch earlier today about Harrison.
He's gonna fill in the rest of the team.
That's a relief.
Uh, actually, I called to ask a favor.
- Yeah, anything.
What? - Be honest with me.
- If you're too busy - No, I'm not.
I swear.
You can't see it right now, my-my face isn't doing that twisty thing at all.
What do you need? It's nearly impossible to narrow down the UnSub's hunting ground.
I mean, any cashier who asked a customer for their driver's license is gonna know - that they're an organ donor.
- Garcia's checking to see if all four victims intersected at any retail establishments.
On top of that, the North Florida Organ Procurement Center is located right here in Tallahassee, and their employees would know, friends, family - -Not to mention online donor registration.
I mean, anyone with even marginal computer skills could access the database.
We've got another one.
Keith Doheny.
A jogger found him like this.
- Was there a 911 call beforehand? - Nothing.
Oxygen concentrator.
If he's not in good health, not exactly a good candidate for donating organs.
You know, the victim's severely jaundiced.
He himself could be in the final stages of liver failure.
So maybe that's it.
Maybe he's not giving organs he's in need of one.
You are right on the dinero.
Keith Doheny has been waiting for a liver transplant since last November.
What's his MELD score? His what what? Model for End-Stage Liver Disease.
It's a point system the United Network for Organ Sharing uses to determine those most in need.
It's high.
Like, right there at the top.
Okay, so if the other murders were about creating supply, maybe now he's eliminating demand? Which means the UnSub isn't dispersing organs randomly.
He's trying to help one specific person.
One way to do that, whittle down the competition.
Estelle? Estelle? Where are you? Grandpa! Timmy, what's the matter? Something's wrong with Mommy.
Estelle! Estelle! Garcia's checking the waiting lists for liver transplants.
Someone stood to benefit from Keith Doheny's death.
Since the blood types of the victims are varied, have her only look at the universal recipient, AB positive.
You know, if the UnSub needs the organ for a loved one, he probably already tried to make a living donation himself.
The liver has the greatest regenerative capacity of any organ in the human body, and a transplanted portion from a living donor will grow to full size in a couple of weeks.
Have Garcia get names of people who applied to be living donors but were rejected.
Okay, identifying donors is one thing, but finding out who was on a recipient waiting list is next to impossible.
How did the UnSub manage it? We need to look at Keith Doheny's circle of friends.
Support groups, doctors and nurses, anyone who might be familiar with his circumstances.
How is she? Estelle is resting comfortably.
That doesn't tell me a damn thing! Is she gonna be okay? Frank, we've always known the situation.
Time is running out.
As in what? Hours? Days? Weeks, hopefully.
But not months.
No, Frank, not months.
But there is always hope that another liver will come available.
As difficult as it sounds, it's best to try to resume your normal life in the meantime.
Wow, I really do need to re-educate you about this dad business.
Wh-What are what are you doing here? There are times when families should be together, and this seemed like one of those times.
What How did you know to find me here? L.
's a big city.
Remember that "find your friend" app I put on your cell phone? It put you directly in front of New Directions for Veterans.
Well, I'm glad you came.
It's nice to see your face.
So what were you thinking about just now? You seemed far away.
My last real conversation with Harrison was right on this bench.
Conversation about what? About what a screwup I was when I enlisted.
I was a real hothead back then.
I-I didn't have a clue.
It's hard to picture you like that.
Oh, picture it.
Trust me.
But Sergeant Harrison Scott straightened me out.
Before him, I was on a fast train to nowhere.
Sounds like my mother wouldn't have given the old David Rossi the time of day.
Oh, God, no not in a million years.
Well, then, I guess you could say that since Harrison Scott made you and my mom possible, he sort of made me possible.
I guess you could.
How 'bout some lunch? I know a great Italian place on Pico, and they play nothing but Tony Bennett.
Yeah, sounds great.
I'm not very familiar with Tony Bennett, but if you like him, I'm sure he's okay.
Okay? Tony Bennett? Okay? Obviously, my dear, this re-education thing is going to be a two-way street.
All right, thanks, baby girl.
Let me know if you find anything.
Garcia's not having much luck with the recipient list.
Hotch? Maybe we need to go back and focus again on how the UnSub knew that the first four victims were organ donors.
We've been down that road.
It's a cast of thousands.
It includes every employee of every retail establishment in the area.
Dale Crawford the substance abuser you have his file? Yeah.
It's a temporary drivers license.
The old one expired a month ago.
So what are you thinking? Cliff Daniels, the victim who was found at the church, recently moved to Florida from New Jersey and Victor Hall had his wallet stolen.
Meaning he would have to have his driver's license replaced.
And Daniels would have to trade in his New Jersey license for a Florida one.
The DMV.
Is that it, then? Hey, I said am I done here or what? Yes, I'm sorry.
You're done.
Like I got nothing else to do all day.
Talk to me, mama.
Frank Cosgrove.
Works at the DMV branch smack-dab in the middle of the geo-zone where our victims lived.
He has a daughter, Estelle, blood type AB positive, who's on the recipient list for a liver transplant.
She goes to a support group attended by a Keith Doheny.
Frank Cosgrove did indeed try to make a living donation six months ago, but he was medically rejected due to high blood pressure.
If there's an UnSub box that hasn't been checked, I'm not finding it.
An address, Garcia.
Work and home, on its way.
It's not necessary to smile.
You'll receive your license in three to five weeks.
Thank you.
The DMV where Frank Cosgrove works is nearby.
We're trying to confirm he's there today.
If everyone could just wait a minute or two, we'll take care of you.
Janice, there's a call for you.
It's the FBI.
Can I help you? - Is Frank Cosgrove working today? - Yeah, but he just took off.
Right in the middle of his shift.
Okay, do you know who the last customer is he served? Looks like it was a woman named Carol Murray.
Why? Okay, this is important.
Does it say anywhere that she's an organ donor? Yes, she is.
Yeah, I just finished with the DMV and now I'm heading to the store.
What do you and the kids feel like for dinner? Come on.
Come on, come on, pick up.
Have the operator break in.
Well, you'll just have to wait and see.
That's the fun of it.
There's an emergency call trying to get through.
Please clear the line.
Oh, my God.
Greg, I have to hang up.
Hello? Carol Murray? Yes? Who is this? This is Agent Jareau and Agent Morgan with the FBI.
Now, I need you to stay calm and listen to me carefully.
FBI? Ma'am, where are you? I'm outside the DMV.
What's going on? Okay, Carol, I need you to walk back into the DMV - as if nothing is wrong.
- Okay.
- Just stay right there.
- Aah, aah! Carol? Carol, are you there? Oh, please don't hurt me, please.
- Please - Quiet.
Frank Cosgrove.
Drop that weapon, put your hands in the air.
One step and I'll shoot her.
We know about your daughter.
- This is not the solution.
- Keep Estelle out of this.
She's 23 years old.
A mother.
She deserves to live.
The woman you're holding is also a mother.
Frank, you don't want this to be your legacy.
Estelle wouldn't want this.
You know she wouldn't.
Drop the weapon.
Forgive me.
Where am I? You're going into surgery, Estelle.
Everything's gonna be fine.
My wife they said she was in a shooting.
I'm sorry, sir.
What is your name? Greg Murray.
The police said she'd been taken - to the hospital and - Mr.
Murray? Oh, thank God.
Frank, you don't want this to be your legacy.
Estelle wouldn't want this.
You know she wouldn't.
Drop the weapon.
Forgive me.
Yeah, that's great.
Okay, thank you.
Estelle's transplant was a success.
Do you think she'll ever find out that she has - her father's liver? - Well, the directive that was in Cosgrove's desk said that the donor would remain anonymous.
She's gonna know he was a killer, though, and why he was doing it.
The math can't be that hard.
No, but as we know, there are some truths the brain refuses to process.
I wonder how Rossi's doing.
This is more than I was expecting.
Every Marine is entitled to a funeral with full honors.
You just have to ask.
Plus a couple of three-stars from my cigar club in DC wanted to fly in to be part of this.
And them? Those gentlemen are who are left from your father's squad in Vietnam.
How'd you find them so quickly? Someday I'll introduce you to one Penelope Garcia.
Center hut! Flag.
On behalf of the President of the United States, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a token of our appreciation for your loved one's service to country and Corps.
"As life runs on, the road grows strange "with faces new, and near the end, "the milestones into headstones change, 'neath every one a friend.
" James Russell Lowell.