Criminal Minds s10e19 Episode Script

Beyond Borders

Welcome to Barbados, gem of the Caribbean.
All visitors, please proceed Okay, come on.
It's not much farther.
How about a piggyback ride? I will fall over.
But it's just so heavy.
Yeah, right.
- Give it.
- Thanks, Mom.
There's no Wi-Fi.
There'll be some at the hotel.
I told Gramma I'd text her when we landed.
Yes, but this trip isn't about texting; it's about unplugging.
So you're not gonna be on your phone at all? Please don't do this.
I have such a pounding headache.
It's your allergies.
The worst.
All right, check it out, buddy seven pools, nine water slides, a mile-long lazy river, and if you dare, there is roaring rapids.
And don't forget about the dolphins.
Oh, yeah.
Did you make that reservation? Can we surf on them? - Yeah.
- No.
Ah, here we go, here we go.
- Yeah, yeah, that's us.
- Oh, yay! Oh, no! The Web site said the last shuttle left at 10:00.
- I lost track of time.
- Want to take a taxi? No, we have too much stuff.
We'll never fit.
We'd have to take two cabs.
It's late.
I don't want to split up.
Okay, okay.
- Oh, hang on.
- Okay.
Hey, how much to take us to the Grand Royal? I hope this guy can take us.
This guy.
- Hey.
- Hop in, kids.
There's complimentary water in the cooler.
Oh, thanks.
Hey, guys, get these down, okay? - Honey? - Mm-hmm? This is the best way to avoid any bugs you got on the plane.
So where you guys from? Mm.
Uh, D.
You ever been? When I was a kid, yeah.
Loved the museums.
They got some good places around here you should check out.
Kids into history? Sure.
I'll make you a list.
Thanks, that'd be great.
Hey, I think Al's upset we didn't get her that plan.
Can we fix that tomorrow? Greg? Greg? Greg.
Everything okay? Yeah, it's a gift.
He can fall sleep anywhere.
Come on, you guys, hello! This isn't funny.
Wake up.
Greg? Greg! Greg! Okay, something's wrong! You need to pull over! Where are you going?! Where are you going?! Sullivan family disappeared in Barbados eight hours ago.
From the airport? How old are the children? Ten and 14.
Here we go again.
Barbados? Americans on foreign soil is Jack Garrett's territory.
- Cruz says there's more to it.
- How you been, Jack? Busy.
Wish this was under better circumstances.
Want to fill us in? All right.
One last thing.
We know that you're all at the top of your class, but any ideas on why I chose you for this rotation? Our knowledge of international law? Well, that certainly helps.
But your essays revealed moments that forever changed the way you look at the world.
It's your passion for justice, that's why you're here.
That's what you need to hold on to.
All right.
Send me your thoughts on the anti-kidnapping initiative, - and we will discuss next time.
- Thanks, Agent Lambert.
It's Lily.
Jack's on his way.
Wants a debrief in five.
Where's the case? Barbados.
Family's been kidnapped.
Okay, I need the legal statutes.
- You are the best.
- Ambassador's on line two.
Oh, and see if the Caribbean Court has any revisions.
Yes, we just heard.
Matt, hold on.
We'll call you from the tarmac with our ETA.
See you soon.
How far away are you? I just left the house.
Matt is 20 minutes away.
Well, tell him he's driving.
Did you hear that? Yeah, copy that.
Cruz briefed Hotch and Rossi.
Is he gathering the rest of the BAU? As we speak.
Everything ready in Barbados? I just coordinated with the ambassador.
Our UnSub's eluded both domestic and international teams, and we're not about to let him get away with it again.
As you all remember, last April, the Isaacs family was killed in Florida, and the Everetts were killed in Aruba the year before that.
Both families were found Each family member had been strangled and their bodies were dumped in a remote area.
The trails went cold.
All signs pointed to the Everetts being his first victims.
And because of the hands-on, intimate nature of the kills, - we thought it was personal.
- And we built on that theory with the Isaacs in Florida, but to no avail.
Now that he's moved internationally again, it's time to rethink the motive.
It's clear he gets off on hunting American families when they're on vacation.
Just over eight hours ago, he abducted the Sullivans in Barbados.
Feels like he's establishing a clear pattern.
He started overseas, came back to the States, and now he's gone to another country again.
The month of April has some sort of significance to him.
Maybe it's easy hunting season.
All the kills were during spring break vacations.
It takes guts and skill to snatch a whole family, but you wouldn't know it by watching him.
The higher the risk, the lower his heart rate.
A true sociopath.
The family's too tired from a long day of travel to see the ruse.
And the UnSub's probably too charismatic to set off any instinctual alarms.
I need both domestic and international teams working together on this.
If our UnSub sticks to his pattern, he'll kill the Sullivans by sunrise.
- God.
- Kate, you and Reid go to the Sullivan's house in Fairfax County.
Look for links between them and the other victims.
We need to establish whether he's stalking them at their homes before they take their trips.
The rest of us will head to Barbados.
Sir, we don't have a lot of time.
Please tell me Monty is on this with us.
Yes, he's on his way.
Agent Simmons will be with us.
So our jet or yours? We'll flip for it.
"No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness is always there first.
" Terry Pratchett.
We'll be ready for takeoff in five minutes.
Three families, three countries in three years.
This guy is on a mission.
What's he trying to prove? Each kill makes him feel more empowered.
He's addicted to it.
Thinks he's invincible.
Well, he isn't.
Hey, hey.
I haven't seen you guys in awhile.
Matt Simmons.
Passing ships, man.
How you doing? - Good.
- Hi.
- Morgan, you married yet? - Working on it.
So, uh, how old's the baby now? Which one? He's, uh, quite a breeder.
I have, uh, four under three.
- Wow.
- Whew.
- Last round was twins.
Oh, my God.
Your wife is a saint.
That she is.
So, you know what I thought was weird about Florida is that there were no drugs found in any of the victims' systems.
Which is strange, 'cause I figured that's how he was controlling them.
Yeah, I thought the same thing in Aruba.
Nothing showed up in the tox screen.
But their metabolism could have burned through Rohypnol in a few hours.
It's easy, cheap, efficient.
He used some kind of leather ligature to beat them and finish the job.
Our guess was a belt.
It must mean something to him.
That weapon versus bare hands certainly prolongs the strangulation.
He gets off on controlling their lives until the very end.
He could've kept hunting in Florida.
It's a target-rich environment for his type.
But he didn't.
Instead he chose Barbados of all places.
There are more couples than families on vacation there.
He's making it harder on himself.
And us.
There's not much going on here evidence-wise.
Except those ball caps.
First two times he wore orange; now he switched to blue.
Bonjour, crime fighters times two.
Okay, did some digging on the Sullivans, and they just got their passports.
This trip was their first stamp.
Inexperienced travelers tend to make the easiest targets because they're isolated, they're stressed from Customs, sometimes there's even a language barrier, and all those unfamiliar sights and sounds add to their culture shock.
Yeah, that's why airports are the biggest trap.
You know, a few creature comforts, ATMs, restaurants they trick you into letting your guard down.
There are predators waiting to strike.
Yeah, well, I ran their specs through ViCAP and Interpol again, and the only things that are dinging are the two cases we already know about.
Garcia, coordinate with the State Department on past productivity in Barbados and cross that with Aruba - from two years ago.
- Copy, copy.
Monty! Monty! You come here to me! Oh! You can put your stuff there.
Oh, great.
Greg Sullivan's parents just checked in downstairs.
Yeah, and? The ones who called us in.
Would you like to meet them? Oh, I don't do I thought that you just stayed back with the T-1 line like me.
Is that something you do all the time? Yeah.
Since my team's usually an ocean away, it means that I'm the only one here to let the loved ones know we're doing the best we can.
What if it's not a happy thing? Then it's a really bad day.
Wow, that sounds lonely.
Sometimes it is, but we're not going to think about that right now, because what this family needs is a little sunshine.
Come on.
Let's do this.
You're the only person I'd do this with.
Updated alarm system, no dog doors or hidden points of entry garage is even detached.
I don't think the UnSub infiltrated this house without them knowing.
Is this the stuff you got from Florida? Well, all the families took the same cautious approach while traveling.
So he didn't stalk them from home, he did it from Barbados.
Probably tracked the flights on his phone, saw the delays and knew that he'd find his victim type.
He obviously has a clear ideal.
Statistically, annihilators are fathers who've lost or killed their own families and are trying to replace their role in the unit.
Okay, so let's see what type of father he wants to be.
My guess is the M.
Report will support your theory.
It's good to see you.
- Jack, how you been? - Great, thanks.
Of course you know Lambert and Simmons.
Fitz is the embassy's regional security officer.
Fitz, this is the team I was telling you about.
SSAs Hotchner, Rossi, Morgan and Jareau.
They're experts in family annihilators and worked this offender's case last year.
Well, I hate that it takes another abduction to bring out all the big guns, but I'm glad you're here.
Come on in.
I'll show you around.
The ambassador wants to keep this quiet.
'Cause he doesn't want the host government to be embarrassed.
overseas each year, and State's worried about diplomacy.
In this case, it's island economics.
Anything that stops money from coming in gets swept under the rug.
Other places, challenges can be more political.
If we thought other families were in danger, I'd argue that we should make a statement, but I think this guy has who he wants.
- What about the van? - Tags were stolen.
Registered to a rotting VW bus.
Of course.
And the make, model and color all match a popular service van on the island.
They're a dime a dozen.
Yeah, but what about the driver? Are there a lot of Americans driving shuttles around here? Half the service industry are expats who work here all winter.
Problem is most people don't report their presence to the embassy, so we have no record of knowing who's even here.
Well, he's been here long enough to know his way around back roads.
This kind of ruse isn't easy to pull off at night.
Our technical analysts are tracking passport activity over the past six months.
Morgan, you and JJ should head - to the abduction site.
- Simmons, - go ahead and join 'em.
- And I'm gonna run leads in town; you want to come? - Sounds good.
- All right.
And then there were two.
Seems like you've got a great team there.
So do you.
If the pattern holds, we've only got 12 hours to find them alive.
Olly olly oxen free.
Olly olly oxen Olly olly oxen free.
Look at me! You ruined everything! Greg! Greg, help us! Greg, help us! I'll show you! Don't cry! Daddy, please! It's our job to protect them.
No matter how old they are, they're still our children.
Oh, my goodness.
No, you can't blame yourself.
Last year, around this same time, I read this story about this family in Florida.
They also were on vacation.
Oh, please, just tell us it wasn't the same monster.
Men like that seem like monsters but they're actually human.
And our teams are the best at seeing that difference.
It's why I know we'll find whoever has your family.
Now, is there anything you can tell us about Greg or Colleen or the kids? Anything that can help find this man.
Greg won't let anyone hurt his family.
Not without a hell of a fight.
See? That's that's good.
You just said that Greg being a fighter is a good thing, and we both know that that is not true.
The UnSub is gonna see it as some sort of alpha male challenge, which is not good at all.
I know.
But right now they need to feel hopeful.
Okay, I hadn't thought of that.
There's plenty of hidden cameras but no sign of the UnSub inside.
He must have waited in the van and got a view of the Sullivans from there.
Well, weather caused the delay, which made them miss the shuttle.
There's no way the UnSub planned any of that.
Says a lot that his victim ideals matter more than when he strikes.
So, in each case, he watched, he waited and hunted until the right family came along.
If this bastard's been searching for his next vics, he's been here before last night.
He's been building his trap.
The only thing he hadn't planned was who he'd take.
We need to check footage going back to the first of April.
I have 15 vans like that and a lot of drivers from the States, but I don't know him.
Thank you.
Have you traveled much with your son? Not a lot, no.
You ever want to just lock him away until the world's a safe place? - Then he'd never get out.
- Yeah.
Last time I saw you, you said there was a lead in your brother's case.
Uh, it was a dead end.
He's in Thailand, right? Yep.
Classic naive American abroad for the first time.
Victimization was the last thing on his mind because he thought carrying a U.
Passport meant he was protected.
Any other suspects? I've been trying to put the pieces together.
The few postcards I got before it all went sideways painted this grand adventure.
I keep looking at who was in his stories.
Was it the girl he wrote about? Was it the guys he went rock climbing with? Someone knew he was the perfect patsy, and they framed him.
If you ever want me to take a look at the case, I'd be happy to.
Thanks, Hotch.
A fresh pair of eyes would be great.
I'll take you up on that.
Excuse me.
Hey, nice lady, you need a ride? Is this your van? No, not one of mine.
I give you rides anywhere.
Best vans in town.
Yes, okay.
What you want to do is make a left Lily.
Go left! No weapon.
Cash and cocaine.
Any I.
? He just got here.
It's not him.
He's all yours.
Please, Daddy, no/ I won't do it again! It's always your fault! I can't breathe! Thanks, Garcia.
The dynamic duo narrowed it down to a thousand Americans who visited Aruba and Barbados, but they need our help.
Want to search visas? Americans don't need a visa here.
Well, damn.
Where's your head? Well, this guy needs privacy, and he's got a lot of it here.
There's hundreds of acres of undeveloped and isolated land.
So he knows the area well enough to cover his tracks.
We have tastes from England, Portugal, Spain and West Africa.
And this is my absolute favorite, flying fish.
Do you guys eat like this wherever you go? - Pretty much.
- You ever need another consultation, you know where to find me.
So you said there was good news? Yeah, Garcia and Monty sent us some footage.
It should be on both screens.
We got this guy trolling inside and outside the terminal over the past two weeks.
He's focused on families at night, when they're exhausted.
But there's this.
Yeah, and clock his footwork.
Okay, that move would have sent me to my masseuse.
This guy's athletic and he's strong.
- And he's younger than we thought.
- - Go ahead, Kate.
- We reviewed the M.
Reports and confirmed that the UnSub externalizes rage, specifically towards the two fathers.
There was an escalation on the last victim, Mr.
Water torture and whipping marks, likely from the same belt used to kill him.
Sounds like he's getting revenge.
Given his youth and the anger, he's not trying to fill the father role - like we initially thought.
- He's asserting himself as a first-born child who has the most rage at his father.
Hey/ Don't just stand there.
Reel him in/ You're doing it wrong/ We believe we're looking for a white male in his early to mid-20s.
How did one guy control and kill entire families? You think he's got an accomplice? We ruled that out in Aruba.
His obsessions are too personal to share.
It's his intense preparation that gives him the upper hand.
Given his age and his aggression, he's an internal annihilator.
His victims are surrogates for his own dysfunctional family.
Once he gets them alone, he isolates the greatest physical threat, the father.
This makes him feel superior.
And he thrives off that power.
Gives him the confidence he needs to charm and then harm them.
Sounds like a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Something like that.
What we've learned about UnSubs on foreign soil is that they're adaptable, both socially and culturally.
It's a level of intelligence that often makes them more dangerous.
The fathers are the last to die, forced to watch each family member be killed.
His abuse or neglect made him feel angry and alone.
Damage was done long ago and imprinted on him.
And he won't back away from this.
He's driven to kill these families.
Fitz, we need the locals back out there.
Someone has seen this man.
Blow it out.
Blow it out.
Daddy, please.
Blow it out! Do it! There you go.
There you go.
Stop crying/ You ruin everything! I told you to shut up/ Shut up! Shut up/ Shut up! Don't you touch her! What are you gonna do about it? Hmm? Nothing.
Sit down! Clear the table! Okay, guys, listen to me.
I've counted six families that he passed up because they weren't his ideal.
They had no clue how close he was to them.
It gives me the jeebies.
You there? Uh, yeah.
Check this out.
Oh, you're a good egg.
Keeps me motivated.
My mom used to draw.
Well, that makes sense.
It's in the genes.
Okay, what do you got besides mad skills? Okay, these license plates are from all over.
He didn't just steal tags from the VW bus.
Each day he's got a new one.
That's a serious forensic countermeasure.
He's taking a risk stealing all these tags.
Where is he getting them from? Someplace that won't miss them.
Junkyards? Uh, see, but this one traces back to a rental car.
No one ever reported the tags stolen.
That happens all the time.
Criminals target people who won't report crimes.
They figure you're on vacation; you don't want to be inconvenienced with a police report.
No one ever thinks something this small can be a clue to a bigger crime, but it is, and that's how our trails run cold.
Then we have to think like he does.
Find easy targets for plenty of tags.
- Hit me.
- This is interesting.
The first kills in Aruba were less organized and lacked the intense torture we saw in Florida - with the Isaacs.
- Well, maybe it's because he had a year in between kills to perfect his game.
Could be, but what if it's more than that? What if his rage in Florida was some kind of statement? Like what? "I'm gonna punish the Americans on American soil.
" So something bad happened to him in Florida.
And I think it must have involved water.
Why would you say that? All the fathers showed signs of near drowning, but we never figured out why.
I double-checked the salinity levels in the father's lungs.
In Aruba, it was freshwater, but in Mr.
Isaacs' case, it was a combination of fresh and saltwater.
Well, the Everglades are fresh.
The Gulf and Atlantic are salt.
Where do they meet? Uh, the Florida Bay, but that's at the bottom of the state.
That would've been a five-hour car ride from the abduction site.
Okay, well, the Isaacs were found an hour outside of Orlando.
So what did he do? Abduct them from the airport, drive south to torture them, and then drive another five hours - to the dump site? - I mean, I know this guy is cocky, but he wouldn't keep them on the road that long.
Way too risky.
So what if he didn't take the risk? What are you thinking? Well, he abducted them in Orlando.
He could drive them to the coast.
That's only an hour away.
Then he gets them to one of these beach towns, say, Cocoa, Daytona, Melbourne, transfers them to the secluded controlled environment we know he needs for the torture.
Yeah, but the journey south and then north would take 24 hours.
He's got them on a boat.
Sit down.
Run! Come on, come on.
Go, go, go.
Yeah, hey.
I need some intel on marinas around here.
He has contacts everywhere.
- Yeah.
It's that military brotherhood.
There's nothing else like it.
Well, that's got to come in handy.
Boat would have launched from somewhere isolated, - not too far from here.
- We can narrow this down by looking at the boats - Wouldn't he go farther out? - He doesn't need to.
Barbados has no jurisdiction once he's in international waters.
Then he'll never be charged for his crimes.
- That-That can't be legal.
- The law of his ship is the law of the country whose flag he's flying.
My guess is he's done his research and registered to a country that doesn't have the resources to prosecute.
We're tracking all vessels large enough to hold - four people captive.
- He doesn't risk a long drive, so we're looking for marinas - closest to the airport.
- Problem is, - there's a dock in every Thanks.
Okay, my contact says there's an industrial marina about a half an hour from the airport.
It's isolated it probably would've been quiet last night.
- Go check it out.
- Uh, we'll come with you.
I've got water and air reinforcements - waiting on your call.
- We can't do a blind search.
If he knows we're onto him, he'll kill the Sullivans.
This is your fault.
Your fault! Yeah, this is definitely it.
Same license plate.
It looks like he used Rohypnol, like you said.
Colorless, odorless, tasteless.
It makes them easier to control.
There's not a lot of foot traffic out here, even during the day.
We could try a canvass, but my guess is he was probably too quick to be spotted.
And he left his keys in the cup holder.
So what do you want to bet Tank's almost full.
from the airport to here.
He filled up the night he took the Sullivans.
- Hey.
- Hey, baby girl.
- Hey, handsome.
I was just about to call you.
- Ladies first.
- And a gent, don't forget.
- Oh, that's right, my bad.
- How you doing, Monty? - Hey, Morgan.
So Monty Wonder Person found about a dozen license plates that scumbag had put on that van.
He stole a few off of rental cars and took the rest off of old cars at a repair shop near the airport.
Was there a gas station? - MONTY: Indeed.
- Security footage? - You know it.
Yeah, we're sending it to your phones now.
There he is.
Didn't see the camera, did you? Or he's just a cocky son of a bitch.
Hey, Monty, can you run this guy's mug through facial recognition? It's going now, but processing eight million images, even with a bonded T-1 line, can take a while.
We don't have a while.
We're hitting a dead end with unsolved cases involving water.
I've been thinking we should look at solved cases.
This UnSub isn't old enough to be a hardened criminal, but his countermeasures and his confidence feel like he's had a lot of practice.
So what if he were a budding psychopath? We should check homicides going back to his teens.
Lily, cross with juvenile custody worldwide, and check which countries have blue and orange in their flags, or sports teams.
There's a reason he chose those colors.
We just haven't found it yet.
- You don't think he's American? - He has some sort of connection to the States.
That's why he's attacking American families.
Now that we feel he may have committed murder, it's doubtful - that State would grant him a passport.
- What country would? Wait, but if he was guilty of something horrific before, wouldn't he still be locked up? Not necessarily.
Remember when Natalee Holloway disappeared? - It'll be ten years ago in May.
- The prime suspect was never put away despite our profile.
He was free, and five years later, to the day, he abducted and killed another young woman in Peru.
Van der Sloot went dormant, but his underlying homicidal behavior grew stronger.
That definitely could have happened here.
That means the Everetts in Aruba reignited his devious fantasies.
So if they weren't his first victims, who were? His own family.
Narrow it down to sons who killed their fathers.
That's it.
- What? - Look at this.
The only sign of outward frustration.
He nearly gets hit by a car right here.
Instead of yelling at the driver, he holds it in, then he has a passive-aggressive moment.
He taps the center of his head like this.
That's a gesture that means "stupid" or "crazy" in Dutch culture.
Oranje, the Netherlands soccer team.
That's why he's wearing blue and orange hats.
He's not American.
Already on it.
It's okay.
Don't touch him! Get away from him.
This is it.
The Tidwell family was massacred in their hotel room while on holiday in 2004.
Physical and behavioral evidence pointed to the troubled He was declared temporarily insane and hospitalized until he was 21.
If Tidwell is the UnSub, is there a connection to the month of April? April 9th was his father's birthday.
The core of his rage.
His father videotaped his abuse, and his American stepmother and half-siblings were spared.
That's why he's attacking Americans and punishing the whole family.
- Go ahead, Garcia.
- Got a match.
Jerry Tidwell was released, went to go live in Aruba with his uncle who has a fishing charter business.
Now, that uncle died two years ago.
Tidwell inherited the business and has been on the move ever since.
Send us the specs for Done and done.
He probably disabled the Automated Identification System, so we're forced to track the vessel by size.
Let's see how many 75-foot boats are offshore.
We need live satellite images.
Already done.
White and black boat, isolated from the others.
There it is.
Can you monitor from here? You got it.
Fitz, we need heat signatures for five bodies.
Choppers are standing by.
- Come here.
- No, no.
- Get over here! - No! - No! No! Let him go! - No! Nick! Nick! Nicky! - Let him go! - No! - Nicky! - No! - No! - No! This way.
Watch your step.
Shut up! Nick! Stop crying.
Stop it.
- No! - Stop it! - No! - Get your hands off her! No! No! - Stop it right now.
- No! Leave her alone! Run! Run, Alison! Run! Run.
Olly olly oxen free! I'm sorry, I'll be good - Come here, boy! Come here.
- Please, Daddy, no! I'll give you something to cry about.
Move! Move! Get up! Do you want to run next? Huh?! - Do you want to run next?! - Tidwell! - FBI! - No! Help me, please! Just stop! This is your fault! Drop the weapon! - Shut up! - Alison, look at me.
All right? Eyes over here.
Focus on me.
That's it.
Let the girl go! You don't have to do this! You don't know what he did! You don't know! I don't, but you don't have to die today! - Drop the gun! - Shut up! Alison, eyes over here! Look at me! Let the girl go! I told you to shut up! Alison, drop! Our son is overboard! Our son! He threw our son overboard! The son is overboard! The son is overboard! We need an open water search and rescue now! Copy.
Open sea rescue.
Come on, come on! We got something.
Nick! - Mom.
- Nick.
Nick! I love you so much! Oh, my God.
I mean, talk about a total surprise.
I'm not just a dad, I'm a granddad.
Well, congratulations.
That's fantastic.
So, how's Karen? She's great.
You know, I got to tell you, it's admirable that you two have made it work.
What's your secret? Uh, simple, really.
I know I'm a better person with her beside me.
And she knows that I won't stop doing everything I can to make the world a safer place for our kids to grow up in.
And how are the kids? Ryan just got into the academy.
No kidding.
It's just, all I ever wanted is to protect my children from all we've seen, and now Ryan will be right in the line of fire.
Well, he's learned from the best.
How are the Sullivans? They're better.
So, how many of these do you think we've solved? Oh, enough for another best-seller.
These are the endings we want.
Amen to that.
Oh! "Coming together is a beginning.
"Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
" Henry Ford.