Criminal Minds s10e20 Episode Script

A Place At The Table

Jess, I really appreciate you doing this last-minute.
I thought when I committed to chaperoning a field trip, I'd be able to take the day off.
No worries.
I'm looking forward to it, actually.
The Air and Space Museum is always fun.
With 24 fifth graders? You okay? Yeah.
I'm good.
A little tired, maybe.
I left you some cash in the kitchen, in case you guys want to get some pizza tonight.
- Okay.
- Just call me if anything comes up, okay? - Thanks again.
- Mm-hmm.
Where are we on the multiple homicides? Uh, it's in Bethesda at the home of Frank and Donna Kingman.
She's the former Donna Stancroft, heiress to the Stancroft Electronics money.
We're setting up a live-feed transmission from the crime scene.
Sergeant Carlson, can you hear me? - Sure can.
How about on your end? - ROSSI: Loud and clear.
Why don't you walk us through it, Sergeant.
Here we go.
When were the victims found? About an hour ago.
Neighbor noticed the front door was left open, called the police.
- And nothing's been disturbed? - No, ma'am.
You're seeing what the responding officers saw.
Is that music I hear in the background? Yeah, phonograph in the study, playing "Jingle Bells" over and over.
Sleigh bells in April? The UnSub may have been trying to recreate - the atmosphere of a holiday meal.
- Looks like - their hands were bound.
- They're bound, shot in the head, execution style.
Four victims, but six place settings.
Maybe two of the intended victims were no-shows.
- Or managed to escape.
- Well, escape seems unlikely, given the highly organized nature Over there! Get him! Get the hell away from me! "When one has not had a good father, one must create one.
" Friedrich Nietzsche.
His name's Ezra Warren.
He's 23 years old, works as a waiter in DC.
He's got a clean record.
So except for being covered in blood at the scene of a mass murder, just your average Joe.
The victims are Donna Kingman and her two children, Jenna and Lance, and Donna's mother, Clara.
And what about the husband? - Uh, Frank Kingman.
The police are searching for him now, and the oldest son, Dillon.
The other place settings - were probably for them.
- Jenna, Lance and Clara were all shot in the head, but Donna - was strangled.
- Her kill was personal.
She was likely the primary target.
I didn't do it.
You have to believe me.
Why were you in the house, Ezra? It was supposed to be a birthday celebration.
Whose birthday? Lance's mom.
Lance, uh, Kingman? One of the victims? Were you and Lance friends? We were in love.
Why didn't we just stay away - like everyone wanted? - Who wanted you to stay away? Lance's dad.
He hated me.
- Because you're gay? - Yeah.
Uh, you know, last night Lance said screw it.
It was his mom's birthday, and we were gonna go - whether he liked it or not.
- Tell me what happened.
The four of the them had just finished dinner.
Lance and I show up, and immediately Lance and Frank got into this massive fight.
- You're not welcome here! - You're not the one who - decides who comes! - As long as I'm the man - of this house, I will decide! - You're not my boss! - I'm not one of your stupid workers! - Please stop.
I went upstairs to Lance's room to get away from them.
I was already pretty drunk, so I vaped some hash and passed out.
Please, stop shouting! - Leave now! - When did you wake up? I don't know.
Felt like the middle of the night.
So, I go down the stairs, and I- I hear this creepy Christmas music playing.
So I go into the dining room and Lance was dead.
They all were.
So your response was to run back upstairs - and hide in the bedroom? - I panicked.
I saw police car lights outside and I panicked.
Why did we have to go? Why didn't we just stay away? Why? There's no sign of robbery or forced entry.
Dirty dishes in the sink.
They already had their birthday dinner.
Four dishes, four sets of silverware Frank, Donna, Clara and Jenna.
But five wineglasses.
You're right.
So who joined them for a drink? Guess the killer wanted the victims to go through a make-believe dinner again before he shot them.
I don't think so.
The splatter it's on the tablecloth but not the plates he shot them first - and then set the table.
- The ritual wasn't for the victims, it was for the UnSub's own gratification.
Obviously, there was some sort of fight in here.
Or someone wanting to make it look that way.
What do you mean? There's precision to the disarray.
In an actual fight, damage tends to follow the path of the struggle, much like debris in a storm.
This feels more like a calm, methodical breaking of specific items.
Yeah, coupled with the dining table, that's very elaborate staging.
It's more like pathology than a diversionary tactic.
The music's arranged by genre.
We've got big band, classical, jazz and Christmas music.
Hey, Spence? Dillon Kingman's not at his apartment.
Nothing on Frank Kingman, either no activity on his cell phone or credit cards.
And Jenna's last social media post said that her boyfriend was at the house the day of the murders.
I'm having him brought in.
How'd it go? I'll be the first to admit my gut's not infallible.
Three marriages and three divorces can attest to that.
But right now it's telling me - Ezra didn't do it.
- And for what it's worth, my gut is with Rossi on this one.
Did both of your guts forget that he tried to flee the crime scene covered in blood? Lance and Ezra were a couple.
His grief seems genuine.
And there was no gunshot residue on his hands.
And all the victims were corralled one by one, tied up, positioned at a table, and then executed.
After which, the killer laid out a table setting that would make Martha Stewart proud.
Ezra was too wasted to manage all of that.
JJ and Reid are on their way back.
Blood was also found in Frank Kingman's study.
- It's at the lab.
- Well, if that turns out to be Frank's, - maybe this is a kidnapping.
- There is a lot of money in the family Donna's an heiress; Frank works in commercial real estate.
It doesn't make any sense as a kidnapping strategy murder four people and then expect a ransom to be paid? Sir, I found something.
So, eldest son Dillon Kingman has a fancy car and a fancy apartment, but no visible means of support, so I did some digging, and presto.
Ah, money transfers from his father.
- Mm-hmm.
From one secret account to another five grand a month.
- How long has that been going on? - Seven years.
- And then ten months ago, it stopped.
- Dillon's debts have been piling up big-time.
That flashy sports car's - about to be repossessed - Excuse me.
Hi, Jessica.
What's up? When did this happen? No, no, you stay at the museum with Jack.
I'll handle it.
- Is everything all right, sir? - I have to go.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
How long had you and Jenna been dating? Couple months.
I can't believe she's dead.
Just yesterday we went to the mall to get her mom a birthday gift.
Were you invited to dinner last night? No.
I was working.
Um, I deliver packages for a courier service.
Someone can confirm this? Wait.
You-you think that I did it? We just need to establish an alibi.
My boss saw me.
I put in my notice, and then finished out my shift.
- Why'd you quit? - I've been meaning to for a while.
They make us use our own cars for deliveries and don't reimburse us enough for gas.
Tell us about Jenna's family.
Enemies? Problems? Not really.
Jenna's dad was kind of weird.
Always accusing people of things.
For instance? He kept telling me that I'd better not get his daughter pregnant, which is crazy, because me and Jenna weren't even having sex.
She was waiting till she got married.
What about Lance and Ezra? Mr.
Kingman was a jerk about them, too.
Jenna told me that nobody in the house was even allowed to talk about how Lance was gay.
And Jenna's older brother Dillon? I barely met him.
He and his dad hated each other though.
Sounds like Frank Kingman didn't play well with others.
He didn't.
Which is weird, because Jenna's mom was really nice.
Do you know what the issues were between Dillon and his father? No.
I asked Jenna about it once, and she changed the subject.
She knew.
She just didn't want to tell me.
Just sign and initial right there, and we'll be ready to go.
- Thank you very much, Officer.
- No problem, Mr.
It's tough, I know.
Was there any damage? A broken window is all.
The store owner knows the situation.
He's sympathetic.
He isn't gonna press any charges.
- All he wants is his window replaced.
- Of course.
When did your father-in-law sell the store? Uh, 2008.
I used to go there with my parents when I was a kid.
Brooks was so nice.
He'd always show me a card trick.
That sounds like him.
Well, okay, I think he's ready.
Uh, Roy, I brought you a coat - in case you want it.
- Shut up.
Frank Kingman did a lot of business in the Toronto area, so we've got the Border Patrol on alert.
You know, this is beginning to remind me of Clue.
Colonel Mustard in the billiard room with the candlestick.
- -Well, if it's clues you're looking for, we might be able to help you.
Prints from an extra wineglass in the kitchen sink belong to Lance Kingman.
Lance and his dad were supposedly in the middle of a blowout argument, not sipping Merlot.
I guess they worked things out.
Or Ezra's lying.
What if Lance caved to his father's wishes and ended things with Ezra? That could have pushed Ezra over the edge.
My money's on Dillon.
Deep in debt, hated his father, still AWOL.
And with everyone dead, maybe a lot of that Stancroft Electronics money - funnels his way.
- Frank Kingman isn't necessarily dead.
What if he's the killer? I'm not seeing the why.
Same why that applies to Dillon.
- Inheritance money.
- We'd better find one - or both of them soon.
- Dillon already found us.
He just turned himself in to Alexandria P.
They're bringing him here.
I'm so sorry, Aaron.
How is he? He's resting.
Jessica, when was the diagnosis? Last week.
Why didn't you say anything? He's my father.
He's my responsibility, not yours.
I was gonna talk to you about it tonight.
I even left an assisted living brochure on your desk.
Well, he's fine, and we'll both see you guys when you get back from the museum, - okay? - Thanks, Aaron.
This is ridiculous.
Coming all the way up here.
- I'm not even dressed.
- Jessica said she'll bring you some clothes when she and Jack come home.
I got all kinds of clothes at my house.
What are you doing? I've got an active case that I need to stay on top of.
Thought you had an office for that.
I do, but, uh, I can, uh, stay in touch with the phone and the computer.
I don't need no damn babysitter.
You're enjoying this, aren't you? No, I'm not.
The hell you aren't.
You're mad because I've never forgiven you for what happened.
And now this is payback.
Roy, this has nothing to do with the past.
The hell it doesn't.
It has everything to do with what we are.
It's all we got.
You, me, and the sweet past.
So, Dillon told police that he had been hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains for the past week.
And Elvis is alive and well and cutting a new album in my basement.
Well, shall we see what he has to say for himself? You've got to find my father.
He's the one who did this.
- You sound awfully certain.
- Everyone's dead, and he's gone.
Who else could it be? Okay.
Well, let's-let's talk about who else, starting with you.
- Me? - Mm-hmm.
If I did it, why the hell would I turn myself in? Mm.
Insider tip, Dillon.
We tend to look doubly hard at the helpful suspects.
Now, I don't suppose there was anyone on that trail in Tennessee that could verify your alibi.
I did not kill my family.
We're wasting time right now.
Move on.
Uh, what can you tell me about Ezra Warren? Lance's boyfriend? Why-why do you want to know about him? Assume I've got my reasons.
I don't know.
He's Ezra's a weird guy.
He's got a bad temper.
How do you know about his temper? I saw him kick my dad's Jaguar once.
He put a dent in the side this big.
Okay, now, what about your sister Jenna? Anything we should know about her? Jen She was just a party girl.
She liked to have fun.
Not-not really bright.
Her-her boyfriend Marc painted a much more conservative picture.
Said she was saving herself for sex until she was married.
Saving herself? No, that-that ship sailed long before Marc.
Jenna told me the no sex part was his idea.
She wanted to jump his bones.
Why would Marc lie about something like that? I've got a theory.
Now would be a great time to share that theory.
Put it this way, Marc was a lot more into Lance than my sister.
You think Marc was gay.
That's how it looked to me.
So he was only dating your sister Jenna to get close to your brother.
I'm telling you what I saw.
And trust me, Ezra saw it, too.
What have you got, Garcia? Sir, I'm sorry to bother you, but you told me to call if I found something, and I found something.
- Yeah, what is it? - Okay, going through Frank Kingman's business, the financials.
He's been paying a consulting fee of $20,000 twice a year for the last 25 years to a C.
Gilliam & Associates.
Firstly, there isn't nor has there ever been a company in the United States working under that name.
Secondly, the payments abruptly stopped ten months ago.
Right around the time Frank stopped sending money to Dillon.
And thirdly, the payments were made at the same dates every year, May 3 and creepy drumroll December 24.
Jingle the jingle bells, anyone? Hmm? All right, expand your search for Gilliam and see if May 3 holds any special significance - for the Kingman family.
- Right.
So why aren't you on speaking terms with your father? I hate the man.
I always have.
Really? Why does that surprise you? Uh, personally, I would I would find it hard to hate someone that gave me $5,000 a month for seven years, but No, that-that was just an advance on my trust fund.
Of course it was.
You have a lot of money issues now, don't you, Dillon? Debt.
- Behind on your rent.
- My entire family just got murdered.
I could be next.
Please, forgive me if I'm not worried - about unpaid rent right now.
- Yeah, the thing is, Dillon, you weren't worried two weeks ago either.
What are you talking about? You were pricing condos in Georgetown.
E-Expensive ones.
Almost like you were expecting some sudden change of fortune.
It checks out.
Frank brought his Jaguar in February to the body shop to repair a shoe-sized dent on the driver's door.
So, Ezra does have a history of violent behavior towards Frank Kingman.
That along with being odd man out in a love triangle.
My gut hasn't gotten any more reliable since my third divorce.
- Thank you, Penelope.
- Mm-hmm.
I heard you were hungry, so I thought I might bring you a little surprise.
What is in this? It's a croissant, and it's still warm! Oh, you love me, and I love you.
I-I know I flirt with Derek, but that's like an animal "blood in the nostrils" kind of thing.
What we have is a-a pure, transcendent, blueberry-filled Uh-oh.
- What is it? - Uh, Dillon Kingman's Great Smoky alibi just went up in smoke.
Uh, according to his credit card, he went to the same local gas station twice yesterday.
Then 15.
4 gallons at 9:22 p.
What kind of car does he drive? Uh, Audi A6, 2012.
Let's see.
With a highway to city ratio of four to one, averaged to 29 miles per gallon, which is standard for that make, model, and year, he traveled roughly 450 miles, which assuming one way and back puts his destination I want to believe you, Ezra.
I really do.
But it's not getting any easier.
The car thing was a one-time deal.
I just lost my temper.
What about Marc Clifford? - Jenna's boyfriend? - Well, rumor has it that Marc and Lance spent time together.
What are you getting at? Marc is straight.
Is he? Because Marc chose not to have sex with Jenna even though she was more than willing.
Yeah, probably 'cause he was too busy screwing around with his other girlfriends.
That's right.
He had two or three around town.
Lance found out, got pissed, told him to knock it off.
He didn't want his sister getting hurt like that.
Lance took that much interest in his sister's dating life? Well, with what was going on with their parents, yeah.
What do you mean? Nobody was supposed to know this, but they were planning on separating.
The marriage was finished.
I made you a sandwich, Roy, if you're hungry.
This-this is what you and Jessica have been doing behind my back.
You went through my desk? Well, I'm an old man with Alzheimer's.
I'm not responsible for my actions.
I didn't even know about the situation until today.
Happy Hoofers Club.
That's where they take you to a mall that you walk around.
Big deal, huh? Yeah? Bingo tournaments.
Movie nights with popcorn.
What's wrong with movie night? It's a damn nursing home, that's what's wrong with it! I'd go to the movies and chew popcorn by myself.
I've been to these places before.
They take you there to shrivel up and die.
Roy, the doctors have said you're gonna need more help.
I could write a book on what doctors don't know.
I'm fine.
You broke into your old store this morning and you told the police that you were opening up for business.
I got a little mixed up.
You're not allowed to get mixed up? They could have taken you to jail.
This is jail! This is jail! I make a mistake, change of clothes fixes that.
You make a mistake I lose my daughter.
I'm getting double-teamed now? Well, you're in twice as much trouble now.
Lincoln Tunnel toll booth, time-stamped at 9:05 a.
- Yesterday morning.
- Nowhere near the Great Smoky Mountains, - last time I checked.
- And don't bother lying about who your friend is we already know.
Vice ID'd her.
She's a call girl who operates out of DC.
Clients are lobbyists, politicos I can explain that.
I drive girls to the clients and I bring them back.
That's all.
I need the job.
I'm about to get evicted.
- It's still illegal.
- I'm broke.
I mean, seriously broke.
Five grand a month from your father's just hush money, huh? He was having an affair.
Found out by accident.
I was home from school my freshman year of college - and saw him outside a motel with some woman.
- Freshman? So this affair had been going on for seven years? Think it went on a lot longer than that.
Why'd he cut you off? He said he ended the affair and came clean with my mom.
Do you know who this other woman is? No.
I only saw her that one time.
She was maybe in her early 40s.
Reddish hair.
We may have a new front-runner in the suspect game.
Maybe when Frank ended things his mistress decided to destroy his family.
Saving the most personal kill for the wife the role she felt she deserved.
Hell hath no fury.
Except this scorned woman would be closing in on 50 by now.
Now, Dillon said she was short.
Would she have the physicality to pull off a mass killing like this? What if Frank and his mistress are in this together? Ezra said Frank and Donna were planning to separate.
And Donna had most of the money.
Could be.
Get rid of the family, take the cash, disappear to the islands.
Um, I'm not positive, but I'm pretty, pretty positive that C.
Gilliam is Cora Gilliam.
She's a bookkeeper who lives and works in Rockville, Maryland.
- What makes you think she's the one? - She's the right age, she fits the description, she's never been married, and she was living well above her means until precisely ten months ago, when she had to downsize.
She moved to an apartment, she put up her house for sale.
Huh? Well, let's go have a chat.
Cora Gilliam.
Open the door.
- Stop! - Oh! Gun! Keep your hands away from the weapon.
The gun's registered to me.
I'm allowed to carry it.
Carrying it's not the problem.
Pointing it at FBI agents is the problem.
I was scared.
I saw the news reports about Frank and his family.
- I thought I could be next.
- Do you know where Frank is? No.
We haven't seen each other in nearly a year.
That's the truth.
How long were the two of you together? - 26 years.
- How'd it start? I was 19.
Single mom of a two-year-old and barely making it and then I met Frank.
Was he married then? He and his wife had just come back from their honeymoon.
And that didn't send up a red flag about his character? When you're as desperate as I was, there's no such thing - as a red flag.
- And you yourself never got married or had any other children? Frank's a controlling person.
We had an agreement.
I would be there for him, exclusively, and in exchange, he'd take care of me financially.
It sounds colder than it was.
- We loved each other.
- And then he just suddenly ended it ten months ago? It wasn't all that sudden.
Things had been winding down.
After my son graduated high school six years ago, we saw each other less and less.
Why? I don't know why.
Maybe he finally just got tired of me.
Men are men.
Dad! Hey, buddy.
How was it? I went inside a space capsule.
That's awesome.
- Was it amazing? - Uh-huh.
I thought I heard my favorite grandson.
- Look what I got, Grandpa.
- Look at that a Spitfire Mk II? That fighter plane is the greatest fighter plane that was ever built! Want to play my new video game? You want to get beat? - You're going down.
- You-you You're dreaming, boy.
You're dreaming.
How's he been? Well, about what you'd expect.
He went through my desk and found the brochure.
What did he say? What's this button for? To turn left.
- Whoa! - Not that far.
There's no way he can stay at home, is there? Not without around-the-clock help.
He's on a fixed income and there's no way that I can afford that.
I'd offer to have him here, but He'd never do that.
I know.
I'm out of options, Aaron.
My place is way too small.
His sister said that she was gonna take him, but three days ago she broke her hip.
And that place in West Virginia they need an answer by tomorrow, or otherwise they're gonna give it to someone else.
I'm an awful person.
No, you're not.
It's gonna kill him.
Well, he's a proud man.
And nobody wants to give up their independence.
My whole life, he was the rock.
I have to go back to work, but stay for dinner and we'll both talk to him tonight.
Okay? Thank you.
I don't want to do this alone.
That's yours.
Oh, I got the knack of it now.
Now I'm gonna whup you.
You're toast.
- You're toast.
- Yeah, well, we'll see.
I'm the whuppin' master.
Yeah? You're about to be dethroned.
- They let Cora go? - Apparently she's still got enough money tucked away to dial up a good lawyer.
Hotch says he's on his way back.
All right, spill it, Spence.
You got that thing going on.
Cora said when she met Frank she had a child.
- Yeah, that's right.
- But then she said that same kid graduated from high school six years ago.
If he was two when she met Frank, he would have graduated ten years ago.
The math doesn't line up.
Well, it does if she didn't have the child until - after she met Frank Kingman.
- What if her kid is actually his? - And there's no paper trail? - Sir, I really can't find anything.
Cora's child must've been home schooled, home doctored, home everything.
Frank probably demanded complete secrecy.
An illegitimate child would destroy the marriage.
I'll keep digging, but there's not You say the payments to Cora were on May 3 - and Christmas Eve, right? - Yeah.
Well, check to see if May 3 could be the child's birthday.
His birthday His birthday! Yes.
I'm gonna take that nugget of brilliance and run with it.
All right, thanks.
Have the police been dispatched to Cora's apartment? - They're on their way.
- Well, the kid had motive.
Seeing his mother unceremoniously dumped - by an absentee dad.
- Especially if he and his mom were shut out of the family afterwards.
He came back for revenge.
Okay, but why now? Did the UnSub finally just snap? Everything fell apart ten months ago.
The secret affair was out.
The blackmail - and extortion stopped.
- And something happened in the Kingman family between then and now.
Jenna got a new boyfriend.
But why wouldn't Marc Clifford have sex with her? - According to Ezra, he wasn't gay.
- And he was sexually active with other women around town, so it wasn't a moral issue.
Well, what if he knew something she didn't: That she was his half sister? Sit down, Mom.
We have something to celebrate.
Thanks, baby girl.
You're the best.
Garcia says that Marc Clifford grew up by the name of Marc Powers.
- That's why he was so hard to find.
- Rockville P.
Say there's no sign of Cora or anybody else at her apartment.
Maybe she's on the run.
Or Marc's already gotten to her.
This house brings back memories.
It's too bad you have to sell it.
I never should have told you the truth.
I would have figured out that you lied.
You had money, and then you didn't.
I only lied to protect you.
About who my father really was.
I can see why.
Instead you gave me Captain Frank Powers, lost in action while gallantly serving in Desert Storm.
You grieving at home, pregnant with his unborn son.
You were a little boy with no father.
You deserved a hero.
Every dinner you would set out a plate for him.
Remember? You, me, and that empty plate.
Night after night after night.
Keeping alive the hope that one day he would return.
I want to show you something.
He's home at last, Mom, in the spot we always saved for him.
There's still no sign of Marc or Cora.
We've put an APB out.
- Garcia said Cora had downsized recently.
- That's right.
She moved into the apartment and put her house up for sale.
We should find out if the house has sold yet.
Take a seat.
Sit down.
Take a seat.
Want to know how I did it? I got my gun and some rope, and I went over to their house.
Lance and his dad had been arguing, but they stopped when I came in.
Frank just gave me a disgusted look and left the room.
I was a nuisance, as usual.
I followed after Frank.
I hit him with the gun.
He was out cold.
So I tied him up and went back into the dining room.
I put the gun on Jenna and made Lance tie everyone to their chairs.
And then I tied Lance up.
I shot them all.
Afterwards, I-I reset the table and put on appropriate music.
And finally it was as it should have been.
With me in my rightful spot at the head of the table.
I brought Frank back here and killed him.
But at least before he went, he knew.
You've done a terrible thing, Marc.
I have a confession to make.
I called you a liar.
But I told you a lie, too.
What do you mean? I told you I shot them all.
But when I tried to pull the trigger on Donna, I couldn't.
I strangled her.
And as my hands squeezed tighter around her throat, I pretended that she was you, Mom.
What are you gonna do to me? I'm gonna reunite the two of you.
Together at last, forever.
Marc Clifford, FBI.
Show me your hands.
Do it now.
Nobody else needs to get hurt.
Don't worry, Mom.
I killed you already anyway.
You're as dead as he is.
Oh, God.
- -(handcuffs Let's go.
Dad, can we build - my plane tonight? - Of course.
The adults need a little time first though, okay? Okay.
Here we go.
The talk.
Dad It's a good facility, Roy.
- It's only three hours away - Actually, Aaron, I've been thinking.
Dad, do you remember when I told you I got a promotion at my job last month? Mm-hmm.
That I'd be supervising a new software unit? Well, yeah.
Well, I was going to use the extra money to move into an apartment closer to town, but if I stay in the same complex, I can get a two-bedroom place.
I want you to live with me.
Oh That's That is very sweet of you.
But no.
Why not? Because I don't want to be a burden.
You wouldn't be.
You're really handy around the house, and I could use the help.
You're awfully quiet.
Well, it's up to you.
I will say that Jack would like having you close.
No Happy Hoofers.
No bingo tournaments.
- -We can still have popcorn and movies.
Okay? Okay.
I am going to go get our things.
When we get home, we can start planning what your room's gonna look like.
I think it's a good solution.
Oh, I'm sure you think it's a great solution.
Given the fact that you conceived the idea.
My brain may be checking out, but I'm not an idiot.
Jessica told me a while ago that her promotion was in title only.
And this song and dance that you two have been doing for my benefit, you're giving her the extra money, aren't you? Good night, Grandpa.
Hey, big guy.
Listen, you owe me a rematch on that car race thing.
- You hear me? - Okay.
Go get everything set up.
I'll be there in a minute.
Okay? He's all I got left of Haley.
I see her in his eyes.
Small things he does.
I see it, too.
You and me, we're not good, you know.
I'll never forgive you for what happened.
I wish you didn't feel that way.
Oh, don't be so understanding.
For once, take the low road and tell me to take a hike.
I think about what Haley would want for this family.
Well, I do, too.
She'd want to be alive still, and she'd want to be Jack's mom again.
She wouldn't want us holding on to anger or pointing fingers at each other.
I'm pointing anyway.
You'll be rid of me soon enough.
Doctors told me that there will come a day when I won't know who she is.
Just a stranger.
No anger.
No pain.
No regret.
You know, this disease may not be a curse after all.
Come on, Dad.
Let's go.
Dad? Coming.
All right, you lead the way.
"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future.
" George Bernard Shaw.