Criminal Minds s10e23 Episode Script

The Hunt

Previously on Criminal Minds My sister and brother-in-law died in 9/11.
They had a baby girl, Meg.
She's 13 and the light of my life.
I love you, sweet girl.
OMG, he messaged us back.
Bobby is so hot.
He's asking for a picture.
His mom is gonna pick us up, and he's gonna meet us at the concert.
Hi! You must be Meg and Markayla.
I'm Paige, Bobby's mom.
Hop in.
You both look great.
Um, Mrs.
Miller? I-I thought the concert was downtown.
We're meeting Bobby there, right? Um, Mrs.
Miller? Can you stop for a minute? I think I left something at the library.
What's going on? I don't know.
What are you doing? Let us out! Markayla! Oh, my God, Meg! No, let go of me! Help us! Although the observable universe is continually expanding, there's really no way of knowing if the whole thing is going to ultimately collapse into one gargantuan black hole.
Wow, there's actually something our little genius doesn't know.
I will tell you one thing for sure, my universe is expanding, and it is pretty freaking stormy.
Got to love nausea and vertigo.
Which is why I got you these.
You're the best.
What's up? I'm not sure.
It's Meg.
We have a-a panic code, "pepper," and I just got a text from her saying "pepp.
" Maybe it's just an accident? Hey, this is Meg.
- Leave a message.
- Damn it, straight to voice mail.
Meg still acting out? Hello.
Hi, Caroline.
It's Kate.
Can I talk to Meg? She's not here.
Markayla told me she was gonna be working on her Science project at my house.
Dear Lord, what are those two up to? I don't know, but they could be in trouble.
Can you just conference in Markayla? Uh, sure.
This is Markayla.
You know the drill.
It's going straight to voice mail.
What's going on? Okay, stay put; I'm gonna have agents there ASAP.
Agents? Kate? Kate? Welcome to the dark forest.
Enter at your own risk.
I'm gonna need you to track Meg and her best friend's cell phones.
Y-Yeah, sure.
What's up? I'm not sure, but I just sent you their numbers.
Okay, okay.
Uh, it looks like they were both outside the library, pinging local towers, up until Then the GPS cuts out a couple blocks away.
Okay, that's weird.
We're gonna have to contact their friends, check texts, surveillance.
You got it, you got it.
Reid just filled me in.
Are you sure they didn't just sneak out? Meg wouldn't do that.
She knew to only use that code if her life was in danger.
All right, I'll mobilize the CARD team.
Kate Look, I already know what you're gonna say, that I'm way too far along to go out on this case.
You should be at home with Chris in case you get a call.
That is my kid out there.
I'm not going anywhere; I got this.
"The world will not be destroyed "by those who do evil, but by those who watch without doing anything.
" - Albert Einstein.
- Because of our work, I created very strict rules for Meg.
That distress code, it was given for a reason.
Canning, I just sent you the GPS coordinates of their last known positions.
Set up neighborhood canvasses and roadblocks.
- On it.
- It's not good.
Got a shot of the girls, uh, from a video feed across the street from the library.
Oh, my God.
Baby girl, - capture that plate right there.
- I already did.
- And searching.
- Look at the time stamp.
I got Meg's text two minutes later.
Okay, plates are stolen, and I've got no shot of the driver.
Issue the AMBER Alert with the girls' pictures and the description of the van.
Anything in the girls' e-mail accounts? Okay, this is really discombobulated.
I've got no text data or calls from the cell phone company servers for either of the girls.
Okay, so whoever took them planned this and got rid of their texts.
And we're still up in the air about MO.
Most likely scenario is she was lured via social networking.
I'll have Facebook push the AMBER Alert.
All right, JJ, you and Dave go to the Davises' and check out Markayla's computer.
You two talk to friends, and Garcia and I will come to your house, Kate.
A stranger's van? That's crazy.
Why would Meg do that? Remember that date she had with her classmates at the mall? Yeah, when she was stood up by Bobby and Tyler.
What if it wasn't real? Wait, what do you mean? Garcia, can you check Meg and Markayla's class lists for boys named Bobby and Tyler? Yeah.
There's no Robert, Bob or a Ty, either.
See, it was a setup.
So someone's been stalking our kid? You being there that night saved them.
This can't be happening.
Yeah, help the agents with the missing flyers, and I'm gonna go through her things.
Yeah, yeah.
Garcia, can you see if Meg has been e-mailing any boys? Anything missing? Yeah, something's wrong.
What's Markayla's relationship with Meg like? Best friends, inseparable.
Do you think someone kidnapped them? We don't know yet.
- Rossi.
- Hey, um, did Markayla take - her good clothes with her? - Yeah, and some of her mom's makeup, too.
Meg took her favorite jean jacket and boots.
These girls were definitely planning on meeting boys, just maybe not the ones that they thought.
- Here.
- Thanks.
What have you got? Uh, it's a ghost town.
The hard drives were wiped clean.
There's no Instant Messenger or Skype history.
There's not even a username.
Dave, can you turn on Markayla's computer so Garcia can scan it? Powering up now.
I got it.
Zilch on Markayla's, too.
These perps are thoroughly thorough.
Aaron, they took the two girls at once.
This must be an abduction team.
How are they? Resting.
- Has he called? - Not yet.
That doesn't have to stop us from getting started.
Chris? What is it? I need you to go to the mall and buy another jean jacket.
Uh, w-why? We're gonna use it for the missing flyers to show what Meg was last seen in.
Okay, you really think that'll make a difference? Yes.
We use it to reconstruct the the victim - Kate.
Kate! Kate! I got you, I got you.
You need to lie down.
Come on.
Sam, did Meg or Markayla ever mention talking to anyone new online? I'm not sure.
Sam, their lives may be in grave danger.
What do you know? Markayla met this really cute guy.
He liked her Instagram pictures.
- And when was this? - A few months ago.
She and Meg wouldn't stop talking about him.
- They e-mailed him every day.
- Do you know his name? Bobby, I think, but I don't know his last name.
Meg kept telling Markayla to slow down, but Markayla was head-over-heels.
They both were.
You ever seen a picture of Bobby? They sent it to me.
I erased my phone, but I may have saved it to the cloud.
She's okay, but the doctors want her on bed rest for now.
Kate, you have to be very careful.
I need to find Meg.
You're no good to anyone if you pass out.
Garcia will set up video conferencing.
What? What is it? Morgan confirmed the boy that Meg and Markayla went to meet was named Bobby.
Did he have his number? No, there's a picture.
What's wrong? Do you know that kid? No.
But I know who took them.
Markayla? Markayla? Markayla? Are you okay? Where are we? No idea.
Oh, my God.
What are they gonna do to us? I don't know.
They must have been pretending to be Bobby.
Why would they do that? Maybe they want to sell us.
Don't say that.
Help! Somebody Shh! That's not gonna work.
We got to make a plan.
Go ahead, Kate.
Uh, after we closed the Riverside torso case, I-I couldn't let it go.
So I revisited the crime scenes and started asking questions.
Aaron, you looked at that case, too.
And the evidence indicated the torso killer was working alone.
Kate's working a different tangent.
I also kept tabs on missing women.
There was a female jogger in Modesto, Eileen Banks, categorized as "voluntary missing" but oddly killed in a car accident a few weeks later all the way in Maryland.
She was never autopsied.
How is that related to this? She had been flirting online with a young new boyfriend before she ran off.
Uh, it was the same "Bobby" in that picture from Sam.
It must have been the same group that took the girls.
If this is related to that case, then these abductors are mobile.
We'll get an emergency warrant, we'll exhume the jogger's body and do an autopsy.
I'll expedite it with Judge Lynch.
They were taken because of me.
I was getting close.
You were doing your job, Kate.
The UnSub knew that grabbing an FBI agent's daughter would bring a firestorm down upon him.
Yeah, he's an extreme risk taker.
Okay, I got the 411 on this Bobby photo.
It originated six years ago.
Guy's name is Sven Sorensen from Sweden.
He's now 25.
He still lives in Europe.
They just used the picture to lure the girls.
Whoever did this is most likely not a pedophile, but rather a preferential adult offender and long-term child abductor.
But he targeted the girls.
Yeah, because I was targeting him.
I don't know, Meg.
I don't know.
If we don't, we're not getting out of here alive.
- I can't.
- You have to.
Shut up! Time to go.
Why are you doing this to us? You don't have to hurt us.
Please, we'll be good.
Shut up.
Let's go.
- No.
Let go of me.
- Meg! Meg! Not only did they wipe the girls' devices clean, they went after Kate because she was digging into missing persons cases.
Because Kate was on to something.
Yeah, this isn't some loner who wants to keep girls in a dungeon.
This feels like trafficking.
That's the worst-case scenario.
Well, if it is trafficking, the upside is we've got a better chance of finding the girls alive.
Yeah, but if they don't comply, they'll be beaten into submission or killed if they try to escape.
Went better than expected.
You know, you've never let me down, Paige.
You'll always be my most prized possession.
Show me.
Get up.
Sit up.
They're perfect.
And no visible bruising.
You're learning.
I know what I'm doing.
Let's go.
Get rid of the van, meet us back at home in about two hours.
Markayla, run! Kyle! Watch that one.
Kyle! Over here.
Where the hell is she? You let her get away? It's dark.
She's fast.
You idiot.
You've always been a moron.
Don't talk to me like that.
I warned you Help me! Help me! Please, let me in! Get away from my house! I got a gun! I'll shoot! Help me! Help me, please! Oh, my God, honey, what happened? She's frightened and in shock, but doctors say she'll be fine.
- Markayla.
- Mom.
He killed him.
He killed him right in front of me.
It's okay, Markayla.
You're okay now.
We need to know who were you meeting at the library? It was supposed to be Bobby.
We were talking to him for a few months online.
He seemed so cool.
He said he had tickets to the 4FOR1 concert tonight, but he got stuck at work, so his mom picked us up instead.
And she was driving the van? Yes.
And she seemed nice, too, until we started asking about Bobby.
And what did she do? She locked the doors.
And suddenly this guy popped up from the back and stabbed us in the neck.
Can you describe either of them? They were white with brown hair.
And the creepy guy they gave us to had a wide face.
They're perfect.
- I'll get a sketch artist.
- We had a plan.
What was the plan? Meg said Kate taught her what to do.
If they try to hurt us, we-we buy time.
We role-play, get into their heads.
When they move us, I'll distract them.
It's our best opportunity for you to run and get help.
That's right kidnappers are most vulnerable at transfer points.
Did the older man say anything about where he was taking you? No, he just said he had plans for us.
And then I ran.
And that's when he shot the younger guy for losing me.
Look, I didn't want to leave Meg, but she said you guys would never stop looking for her.
That's what she said.
That's what she said.
Did you get all that, Kate? I told Meg everything.
I told her about sadists and that the only way to undermine them is to not show fear.
You taught her well, Kate.
She can get through this.
Meg Callahan has been abducted by a sophisticated sex-trafficking ring.
It's a mobile operation, that's why it's gone undetected for so long.
A broker leads the ring with a male accomplice and a female accomplice.
They find victims and tailor their abduction plan to each of their vulnerabilities.
And then the victims are sold, most likely online, to buyers who have been vetted by their team.
If it's trafficking, couldn't the girl be on a ship - to Saudi Arabia by now? - Well, we're hoping they lay low until the searches are called off.
A male accomplice was shot dead by the broker, suggesting infighting and tension.
This could give us an opening.
We'll continue going door-to-door.
Someone out there knows the leader of this ring.
Don't be fooled by his facade.
He is a master manipulator.
And his female accomplice is possibly a compliant victim who trauma-bonded with the UnSub after years in captivity.
The group's sophistication level suggests they're experienced, so we can expect them to employ forensic countermeasures to hide and change the appearance of the victims before he sells them off.
How does she look? Great.
Have you heard from Kyle? He hasn't been answering his phone.
I told him to get rid of the body.
The body?! You killed Markayla?! Oh, my God, why would you kill her?! Quiet.
As you all know, Meg is part of this family.
We do not rest until she's home safely.
Thank you.
The FBI has confirmed that one of the girls taken is in fact related to a local BAU agent.
The agent, we're hearing, is a renowned profiler who used to be with the Bureau's Sex Crimes Unit.
As the nationwide search intensifies, communities are asking how this can happen here.
It's been over three years since a double abduction has occurred in the area.
There have been no ransom calls at all.
And we've got flyers all the way up to Massachusetts Ave.
I just got off the phone with Garcia.
She's checked every sex-trafficking Web site, and nothing.
This is all my fault.
I promised Liz that I would protect Meg, - and look what happened.
- Don't do that.
- Don't do that.
- She never even told me that she liked a boy.
She's 13.
You okay? Ugh, my stomach.
Hey, listen.
Your body might be down right now, but your mind's sharp.
Use it.
Meg is depending on you.
A lot of assumptions were made with this victim, Eileen Banks.
Badly burned, smashed car.
That's why they didn't autopsy her.
Turns out, she had multiple penetrating lacerations through her chest and neck.
They appear to be antemortem.
Maybe one of the traffickers killed her and then staged the accident.
That seems pretty elaborate.
The wounds weren't inflicted all at once.
She was stabbed over the course of several days.
Sadistic traffickers.
Or worse the UnSub wasn't trafficking at all.
What are you thinking? Garcia should reevaluate every voluntary missing person case followed by accidental or sudden death.
This might be worse than we thought.
Okay, here's my news flash in the tristate area, there have been half a dozen questionable missing persons cases.
- Try the whole country.
- All right.
Uh, California to Maine, there have been That can't all be this UnSub's group, can it? My thoughts exactamundo, good sir.
Okay, uh, there were two accidental deaths that happened at the same time, but 2,500 miles apart.
Okay, if they're trafficking girls, why would they kill them? All with different MOs, too car accident, fire, shooting, drowning.
And this isn't just one group.
They're different killers.
So, there must be a serial abductor.
And the torso killer was just one of his customers.
Then what the hell kind of trafficking is this? This isn't sex slavery.
They're selling victims to serial killers.
That's it.
Stand up straight.
Don't cry.
It makes your face look puffy.
Help me.
Look at me.
That's it.
The operation's actually simple.
The killers get to live out their fantasies, and in exchange for supplying the victims, the brokers make them agree to a disposal method.
This way, he and his team are insulated from the investigation.
Just like in the torso case, the behavior and forensics of the kills will only lead us to the customer who actually did the killing, not the broker.
He's smart enough to protect his network by encrypting all communication with his customers.
So, if we can capture a killer while he's online, then Garcia can hack his system and lead us right to Meg.
- Just say the word.
- Garcia, the accident that killed the jogger in Modesto, Eileen Banks who hit her? Uh Marcus Townsen hit the car over the embankment.
He was admitted for minor injuries and then released.
What's his background? Uh, searching.
Holy heck! His license, registration and insurance are all bogus.
Well, if it was a car crash, they would have checked his blood alcohol level at the hospital.
All right, Garcia, run the DNA of that blood sample through CODIS.
He's on a sex offender registry.
His real name is Miles Hendrick.
He started off stalking a neighbor's kid and got busted in an elementary school bathroom.
Now he's graduated to this.
Where does he live now? - Largo, Maryland.
- Let's go.
I liked your profile picture.
You look good in purple.
Look, I know that most men are turned off by women with kids.
I'm not like that.
I had a mom who had three jobs and a dad who left before I could talk.
Women with children are not pariahs.
FBI! Show me your hands! You're under arrest.
For what? The torture and murder of Eileen Banks.
You have the right to remain silent.
They just arrested Miles Hendrick.
They've got his computer.
We need you to break in.
What's his I.
Address? Morgan just sent it to your e-mail.
Cool, I got it.
I am in his hard drive.
His browser history is triple encrypted.
He's on Tor.
This is like trying to penetrate a ceramic-infused titanium wall with a butter knife.
It's not happening.
They need to break Miles before Meg's sold off.
Do you have the rest of the payment? She's pretty.
You'll get rid of her the same as the others? I'm a creature of habit.
Next time, you should give me a discount.
I'm turning into quite a good customer.
No! No! Let go of me! - Shh - Help! Help! Help! I don't know what you're talking about.
Miles, you bought this girl off a Web site.
You killed her, and then you made it look like a car accident.
I didn't do anything.
If you don't give us your log-in and password so we can break this auction site, you're going down for all 50 murders.
- You can't do that.
- Try us.
The entire country's gonna want somebody to pay for these crimes, and your perverted ass is perfect.
Um C-L E-V E-R B-O-Y-S.
And the passcode is the passcode's 6969.
How original.
Look, I only ever ordered that one girl the one time.
It's a mistake.
We got Miles's password.
All right, find the Web site.
On it.
And Sweet mother gross! It's like Tinder for sociopaths.
They're selling women all over the country.
- Do you see Meg anywhere? - Uh Wait, wait, wait! Go back.
That's her.
He dyed her hair.
She has been sold.
- Can you tell to whom? - Um no.
'Cause the firewall's worse than the other one, and I'm upset, and I need help focusing.
What about the I.
Address? That should lead us back to the broker.
Yes, yes.
Very good, sir.
Uh There it is.
His name's Alex Zorgen.
He's in Oakton, Virginia, and he's on his computer right now.
FBI! I am not playing around! Neither are we.
Put the gun down.
Get out or I will kill her! We're not gonna tell you again, Alex.
Drop your weapons or I will shoot.
That's not happening.
This is over, Alex.
Enough! - That's enough! - You are too late.
She is gone.
You tell Kate Meg is long gone! Shut up.
I didn't know FBI chicks could be so hot.
We have an electronic trail that proves that Miles Hendrick bought Eileen Banks from you.
Where's Kate? I want to talk to Kate.
I'd be much more willing to talk to Kate.
And as soon as we get through the firewalls of the other buyers, we'll have you for those kills, too.
Where is she, Alex? It's not too late to stop.
Who did you sell Meg to? - I don't know.
- You're lying, Paige.
We already found three girls hidden in your basement.
Add that to the rest of the murders, and you're gonna be in prison till the day you die.
Why are you protecting him? 'Cause you know he is over there right now selling you out.
Making it seem like this was all your idea.
That's what psychopaths do, Paige.
They play people.
All right, let us help you out, and tell us where Meg is.
She's long gone.
She could be in Dubai by now, getting chopped up in a blender.
Or in Kansas laying in one of my sick clients' barns, saying, "There's no place like home.
" None of that's true.
You know what's great about the Internet? It's therapy for sick minds.
Before, you thought you were alone, but now one click, and you realize you've got family.
Come on, fellas.
Where's my favorite agent? She afraid to see me? It's all about the hunt for you.
Isn't it, Alex? But you don't have the balls needed to kill, so you pawn that off on others.
They teach you that in FBI school? We know exactly who and what you are.
You're a sexually diverse thrill seeker.
Always looking for a new way to get off.
- Ooh.
- And you took Meg to get back at Kate.
You thought we'd blame their killers and we'd never know you existed.
But you didn't know that your site was vulnerable during the auctions, did you? How dumb is that? Are you dumb, Alex? I took her because I knew I couldn't get Kate.
Do you have any idea how much a female Fed would go for? Well, Garcia found something.
Turns out Paige's real name was Donna Mangold.
She was abducted 22 years ago.
So we were right.
She's trauma-bonded.
We just need to break that bond.
Hey, Kate, so we just found out the female partner was abducted by Alex, but she's not talking.
Does she know that Alex killed their partner? No, but we should use that.
They could've been close.
So what bond is stronger than all others? Mother and child.
You're gonna have to build a rapport with Paige and then use it.
That's my little girl out there.
Every second she's with this sick freak, she's just buying time.
We're gonna find her, Kate.
Please don't hold back.
- What happened? - They got a lead.
A real lead.
I know what you're going through, Paige.
You're scared.
You feel hopeless.
You-you don't even know who to trust.
Alex took you a very long time ago.
He did horrible, horrible things to you.
He raped you.
Tortured you.
Then all of a sudden, he'd be nice.
Shut up.
You don't know him.
Your life was literally dependent on him.
So you eventually did whatever he asked you to do.
Cleaned, cooked, helped with his abductions.
In your mind, your past life was lost.
But you had the one person you loved most with you.
Kyle? We checked hospital and dental records and couldn't find any info.
Kyle was your son.
He was our son.
How could a father kill his own child? How could he how could he do that to a mother? I-I don't understand.
Parents that kill their children are monsters.
Now, you were under duress when you helped him, but my friend's daughter is gonna die if you don't help us right now.
Who bought Meg, Paige? Where is she? He's one of Alex's best clients.
He does unspeakable things, and then he spreads the body parts in the Potomac.
Where does he live? I don't know.
But you can reach him online? You know, when I was little, I hated my dolls.
That's when I started breaking them.
I'd break their legs off.
Their arms.
Save their heads for last.
No one understood why I did it.
But I liked it.
I liked the feeling.
You understand, don't you? This is what I'm planning.
I-I don't want you to do it fast.
That's how I did it when I used to cut myself.
Shut up! I'm not gonna tell you again.
How many dolls were there before me? Stop! Am I your first doll? Be quiet.
You're ruining it.
I want you to do it slow.
No! They're gonna get you! You little bitch.
You can't break me! Help! Somebody, help! Help! Help! Help! Get me down, get me down! - Get me down.
- I got you.
I got you.
You're okay.
I did what Kate said.
- Okay, okay.
- Are you okay? - I did what Kate said.
- Okay.
Michael Rigby.
Kevin Hawkins.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I should've known.
This is not your fault.
This is not your fault.
Thank you.
Not you, too.
Am I getting another godson? Possibly.
Maybe goddaughter.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Am I interrupting something? No, not at all.
I'm just finishing some paperwork.
Come on in.
I was in the neighborhood.
How you feeling? Uh, better.
The doctor assures me that we're both gonna be fine.
And how's Meg holding up? She's doing pretty good.
We found a great therapist, so we'll go when she's ready.
Look, I wanted to apologize.
You told me to let the torso case go, and I should've listened.
Well, we both had a feeling.
- Mmm, not the point.
- Well, in the end, you were right, and think of all the girls who were saved.
Yeah, a Web site for serial killers.
Who knew? You know, a few weeks before my sister died, we went to Virginia Beach for her birthday.
It was just the two of us, and we were laying there, and I asked her what she was thinking.
And she said, "You know, Kate, if anything ever happens to me or Joe, just promise me that you'll take care of my little girl.
" And you know, of course I said I would.
You know, nothing was gonna happen to her.
She was 24.
And just like that, it did.
You're a great mom.
Yeah, I-I took a-a year off when I got Meg, and it was the best year of my life.
And so, I think I want to do that for this one, too.
You'll always have a place here.
Thank you.
Let me know if you need anything.
"Life is about choices.
"Some we regret, "some we're proud of.
We are what we choose to be.
" Graham Brown.