Criminal Minds s11e03 Episode Script

Til Death Do Us Part

Hey Dana, the floral foam we ordered came in.
It's on the counter.
Dana: Yeah, ok.
[Bell over door jangles.]
Oh, here, let me help you.
Oh, that's ok, I got it.
So, how was the shoot? Fine.
Except the whole time the groom had this look on his face, like, “What did I get myself into?” Not serious.
[Chatter, laughing.]
Hey, so which one's the bride-to-be? The blonde.
Oh, my gosh, this is adorable.
They look like you and Patrick.
So when's the big day? Next Sunday.
You're gonna make a beautiful bride.
Thank you.
I'm Ryan Becker.
I'd love to take your wedding photos, but I think I'm a little later.
Yeah, sorry.
Thank you.
When are you getting married? Me? No.
I don't even have a boyfriend.
That can't be true.
Hey, we're going to a bar tonight called The Wolf And The Rose.
Do you know it? We heard it's haunted.
So they say.
Let me guess.
That's where your bachelorette party's going to be? You should come by for a drink.
Oh, no, you girls get pretty wild at those things.
That's it.
Ok, kids.
Keep it up.
Hey, come on, D.
That's all you have? Aw, come on, now, old man.
What we doin'? Come on, hall of fame.
I'll show you hall of fame.
Let's do it.
Wait a minute, I was playin', Mike.
[Whistle blows.]
All right, listen up, youngsters.
If you want a shot at being in the NFL or the FBI, I need you to go out and play really hard and have a great time for 60 minutes every day.
That's gonna keep you healthy and strong.
And don't forget, you have to eat right for greatness, on and off the field.
If anybody knows about greatness, it's this man right here, [applause.]
Michael Irvin.
That's right, give it up.
All right.
Get up out of here, go have some fun.
Let me see who's the fastest, go, go, go, go, go! Ha ha! Look at 'em run, man.
Yeah, you got a great thing here.
I appreciate you coming out to see my kids, D.
Come on, man, it's nothing, Mike.
When I heard you were out here doing this, [cell phone ringing.]
You know I had to be here.
I'll let you get that, buddy.
But next time you're in town, let's catch another game, you and me.
For sure.
Love, man.
Good to see you, man.
Good to see you, too.
Good seeing you.
Hey, D.
If my Cowboys don't make it to the Super Bowl, hopefully your Bears do.
Mike, if you were still on the Cowboys, I might be worried.
Ah, look at him.
He's still got it.
All right, baby.
Hey, what up, mama? Wild guess--we got a case? You are correct.
Please pass go and collect 200 kisses from moi, and Hotch wants to see us.
For what? He didn't say, but I'm having flashbacks to being in high school and having to go to the principal's office.
You are too cute.
Just breathe, mama.
I'm coming in now.
[Elevator bell dings.]
I got a call from the warden at ADX Florence in Colorado.
Giuseppe Montolo has refused our latest request to talk to him.
He told the warden to us he's too busy.
He's a hitman in prison.
How busy can he be? He's playing us.
The only leverage he has is a list of 12 potential victims targeted by a network of hitmen.
As long as he keeps this list of the dirty dozen close to the vest, he keeps us on the hook.
Well, that may be.
We still have to treat this as a dead end.
Have you found anything to help us identify who the potential targets are? Sir, I've been working all my channels 24/7, shaking every digital tree.
Nothing yet.
I know.
Keep digging.
We can't protect them until we know who they are.
What? What's going on in that beautiful mind of yours? I have been up every night thinking about how somewhere out there there are the lives of 12 strangers in my freakishly beautiful doll-like hands, and what if I don't get there in time and they're already dead or mostly-- Stop.
Stop, stop.
Look at me.
You're gonna find them.
Of course I will.
And when we get a break in the case, we're gonna put away all of the bad guys just like we always do.
Because you said so.
Let's get started.
Savannah, Georgia, known for its charm and southern hospitality, though not so much for Brandy Green of Dover, Delaware, because 3 months ago, she came to town for a bachelor party, and after a night of bar hopping with her bridesmaids, ended up in a dumpster in a back alley.
Cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.
What's that wrapped around her face? That would be sash she was wearing all night that says “bride-too-be” embroidered on it? The wrapping could be ritualistic, like a shroud of some sort.
Or a sign of the killer's remorse.
But this happened Why are we getting this now? Because two days ago, the body of Ashley Wilcox of Dayton, Ohio, was also found in an alley dumpster in Savannah.
And she also had blunt force trauma, but she was strangled to death with her bride-to-be sash.
It's unlikely the work of the same jilted lover, since the two women lived in different states hundreds of miles apart.
They could be surrogates.
Any sign of sexual assault? None on Brandy.
We don't know about Ashley yet.
What's interesting is the unsub doesn't care about hiding the bodies very well.
Well, he'd have to be physically fit to lift the bodies into the dumpsters.
He could be sending a message that to him women are trash, disposable.
No, this is about marriage.
He's taking these brides on the eve of what should be the happiest day of their lives.
He wants to crush that.
Their weddings have become their wakes.
Let me hear you! Come on! [Cheering.]
Whoo! Whoo! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot I'm getting married, bitches! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! [Loud music playing.]
I need some air.
I'll be right back.
Hey! Open up! Anybody?! Damn.
[Bottle rolls on ground.]
Hey! I'm walking here.
I'm so sorry.
Trees are lazy.
Cold is monkey ears and toes.
Lewis: “And think not that you can direct “the course of love.
“For love that finds you worthy directs your course.
” Kahlil Gibran's “The Prophet.
” Established in 1733, Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and one of the south's most popular wedding destinations.
Brandy and Ashley are both low-risk lifestyle victims, but their behavior the nights they were murdered was anything but.
Bar hopping, being intoxicated in public, getting separated from their friends, all of that would have raised their risk levels, making them easy prey.
But I am not victim blaming here.
It's entirely understandable that both women would have wanted to enjoy themselves during their last nights as single women.
And from the unsub's point of view, the bars are target rich environments.
But why pick only brides-to-be? Why not choose women a little less high-profile? Wearing a bride-to-be sash must be like waving a red cape at a bull.
Actually, bulls are colorblind.
So it doesn't really matter what color cape a matador waves, it's the cape's movement that elicits.
an aggressive charge response.
But Morgan's metaphor still applies here.
This is probably a man who had his own engagement broken off, so living in Savannah, surrounded by weddings and happy brides, it must be driving him crazy.
Sir, we just got a report that a third bride-to-be went missing.
Madison Mills, 25, from Tampa, Florida, was celebrating at a bar with her bridesmaids last night, when she disappeared.
She's supposed to get married next Sunday.
The first victim was 3 months ago, the second two days ago, and now Madison.
Hotch: He's accelerating.
He may be a townie trolling bars to meet women.
What if he interacted with them and they turned down his advances? He could have felt emasculated, thus triggering his rage.
I'll see if there's any connection between the brides-to-be.
And, Garcia, look for men living in the area with violent criminal records.
Also any men who were recently engaged and any who've had the engagements broken off.
Check for cold feet.
Got it.
So how do we know Madison didn't hook up with a guy at a bar? I mean, she could still be sleeping it off and just doesn't want to face her friends.
We should check into that.
In the meantime, Morgan, you and Lewis retrace the victim's last steps.
Reid, go to the M.
, and Dave and I will go to the P.
and talk to the families.
Captain, I'm Agent Hotchner, this is Agent Rossi.
Glad you're here.
I started coordination with local media like you asked.
Madison's parents, are they here yet? Their plane just landed.
I sent a cruiser over to pick them up from the airport.
What about the bridal party? They were the last ones to see her.
The maid of honor, Kelly Goodwin, she's on her way it.
The other bridesmaids are back at the hotel if you need them.
This way.
Ashley Wilcox, cause of death, asphyxiation caused by strangulation.
Her head was wrapped postmortem.
Were you able to get anything out of the sash? Some trace DNA.
We're running it through CODIS.
The ligature marks show hesitation on the part of the killer.
He pulled the sash tight across her neck and then released it several times before she died.
It could be the unsub's way of torturing his victims, or he's reluctant to kill.
This looks like it was caused by some sort of heavy object.
I'm thinking a flashlight or a lead pipe, perhaps.
That's what I was thinking.
Any sign of sexual assault? No.
The first victim, Brandy Green, died instantly from the blow to her head, but the killer took more time with Ashley.
The unsub could be impotent, and choking his victims is how he satiates his urges.
The press-on nails on that hand are missing, probably ripped off in the struggle.
The nails have been bitten off.
Maybe Ashley bit her nails before she was tortured? Nail-biting's an unsanitary habit, but pretty common.
True, but it's still considered an impulse control disorder.
It's often associated with other body focus repetitive behaviors such as skin picking, skin biting, and trichotillomania.
But, in this case, I think there's more to it than that, because the nails haven't been bitten underneath the press-on nails.
Are you testing the saliva? What are you thinking? I'm thinking the unsub bit Ashley's nails.
I've seen some freaky stuff in my day, but never this.
He most likely has some sort of mental disorder.
I'll say.
When Madison didn't come back, I went outside to see if she was sick.
We were drinking a lot.
But you couldn't find her.
Did you try her cell? She didn't answer.
It went right to voicemail.
We thought maybe she went back to the hotel.
But this morning when she still didn't come back That was when you called the police? And this all happened at The Wolf and The Rose? Yes.
Ok, Kelly, would you be willing to try something that could help us find out what else you might remember? Anything, if it will help find Maddie.
I want you to close your eyes.
[Takes deep breath.]
Ok, good.
Now think back to last night.
Think about the sounds, smells, the textures you experienced.
What's the first thing you noticed when you walked in the door? [Laughter, chatter, music.]
The smell of stale beer.
And it was noisy.
I had to shout to be heard over the talking and music.
I kept getting bumped because it was so crowded.
But I didn't care.
We were all having fun, especially Maddie.
I'm getting married, bitches! Whoo! Whoo! People were buying us drinks.
They were happy for her.
So was I.
Lewis: Was there anybody trying to get close, anybody making you feel uncomfortable? No.
No one.
There was someone.
I know who you girls are.
I had just asked the DJ to play a song.
I was walking back to Maddie.
This guy was yelling at her.
Morgan: What was he saying? Don't lie! I couldn't really hear.
It didn't make sense.
Lewis: What did he look like? Um, white, light hair.
I'm not real sure.
Did Madison know him? When I asked, she said he was just some drunk.
Do you think he took Maddie? We don't know.
But we're gonna get you and your friends to look at some mug shots, ok? Can I go back to the hotel now? I think I'd like to lay down.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you, Kelly.
You did really great.
[Cell phone ringing.]
So maybe our unsub likes a challenge? He wants a woman who's the center of everyone's attention? Well, we know how he got Madison, but how did he get Brandy and Ashley? [Cell phone rings.]
Hey, talk to me, sweet stuff.
So diving into local arrest records, one name keeps popping up.
Karl Ulrich.
He lays asphalt for a living, and here's where the plot thickens like a viscous, creepy soup.
left him at the altar and he have gone off a deep end ever since.
Sit down, Karl.
Well, you've got quite the reputation here.
Public intoxication, trespassing, harassing women.
You've been kicked out of most every bar in town, the latest being The Wolf And The Rose last night.
I wasn't bothering nobody.
I was just being friendly.
With a young woman named Madison Mills.
She's getting married next week.
That's my problem how? She went missing last night.
Well, hey, I don't know nothin' about that.
Maybe the bitch changed her mind about the guy and took off.
Like your former fiancee Stacy? She left you 3 months before your wedding.
That must have really pissed you off.
It's all good.
Really? Because you violated a restraining order she took out against you.
I went over there to get my ring back.
Where did you go last night after The Wolf And The Rose? Went out with some buddies.
Where? To an all-night diner on Bay Street.
Check it out if you don't believe me.
Oh, we will.
I'd say take a picture, it lasts longer, but I'm the photographer.
Hey, that's really beautiful.
You're a real artist.
Really? Yeah.
Come on, smile.
Oh, no, Ryan, not me.
Say Limburger.
No, stop.
Stop! Hey, what's going on? Oh, your sister and I are having a little fun.
Great news.
The Georgia Woman's Association accepted our bid to do the flowers for its fundraising gala.
That is great.
Awesome, Nicole.
It's gonna be a lot of work, but it'll really raise our profile.
And, Ryan, they loved your work and they want you to do the photography.
Of course they did, how could anyone resist you? You're gonna give me a big head.
I've been on the phone all day.
How about we go grab some coffee at jumping java? Dana, you want some? UmUh, no, I'm good.
We'll only be about an hour.
You know there's nothing going on between me and your sister.
It's all an act so I can be closer to you.
Really? You promise? Have I ever lied to you? You know who the real threat to our love is and what you have to do.
Morgan: All night, huh? All right, mama.
Captain, you can release Karl Ulrich.
I thought he looked good for it.
When I showed him Madison's photo, he had absolutely no cognitive reaction to her.
And his alibi checks out.
Karl's a creepy dude and he definitely has issues with women, but he's not our unsub.
So we're back to no suspects.
Madison's been gone longer than any of the other women.
We still have no idea how Madison and the unsub crossed paths before The Wolf And The Rose.
If we can figure out where he first saw her, we may still save her.
I don't think I can do it.
You did it before.
I know, but I-- You saw how she was flirting with me, touching my arm, begging me to come for a drink.
Well, maybe she was just being nice.
No, she's a slut.
She wants me in her bed.
I thought you loved me, Dana.
Of course I do.
See? This is you and me at our 7th grade dance.
That's when I knew I loved you.
Then you must protect the purity of our love.
Do what has to be done.
I'm sorry.
You only have yourself to blame.
[Muffled scream.]
Baby girl, you there? Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Listen, Reid thinks that our unsub may have a mental illness.
Run that against your list of local men with records.
Domestic disputes, peeping, public intoxication.
And check to see if any have been released from public or private mental health institutions within the area.
Bingo, 5 names.
Sending them now.
Captain: A man walking his dog found her.
Lewis: Why change dump sites now? The unsub could have figured a dumpster downtown was too risky.
She's got a gash on the side of her head like the others.
And look at this.
Is that lipstick? By wrapping and marking Madison's face, the unsub's taking away her beauty.
And by choosing the word “slut,” the unsub's commenting on Madison's virtue.
Virtue and beauty are traditionally celebrated attributes in women.
That's especially true for a bride or a bride-to-be.
The unsub is female.
How do you figure that? no sign of sexual assault, and the victims were all strangled, but not manually.
And the word “slut” written here in lipstick, is linguistically a word choice typically made by females.
Now it's time to deliver the profile.
We believe the unknown subject we're looking for is a white woman in her late 20s to early 30s.
Because she was able to subdue, control, transport, and dispose of the 3 victims, she's most likely large and strong.
Reid: But she comes across as non-threatening, allowing her to get close to her victims before attacking them.
We should be interviewing wedding vendors.
They may have come in contact with this woman.
This list obviously includes caterers, florists, photographers, wedding planners, hotel managers, and bridal shop workers.
And even though brides-to-be seem to be the only targets right now, it's important that everyone take precautions.
We need you to pay attention.
Be aware of your surroundings and do not go out alone.
If you're in a group, stay in a group.
And if you happen to be drinking, then be smart about it and let somebody else drive for you.
Is she making a statement about the institution of marriage? Because of her poor self-image, as evidenced by the demeaning language and the nail-biting, we believe she is angry with these brides-to-be because of some romantic frustration or disappointment in her own life.
She's most likely lashing out over something or someone she feels she'll never have.
Hotch: She attacks with a level of violence that demonstrates this is personal.
She may be jealous of her victims for having something that she desperately wants for herself.
Thank you.
I love to watch you sleep.
I must have fallen asleep waiting for you.
I'm here now.
I did what you asked.
That girl won't bother you anymore.
Bother us.
You did the right thing.
Really? Absolutely.
[Knock on door.]
Nicole: Dana, you in here? Dana, are you ok? There, that's better.
It's a gorgeous day.
Could go for a walk around the lake.
Remember when we were little, we'd stay out all day till it was dark.
Mama'd stand on the lawn calling our names.
The only way she could get us to come home was by bribing us with ice cream.
What do you say about going back to see Dr.
Gorman? I don't need to.
I could come with.
I'm fine.
Dana, you're sleeping a lot.
And locking yourself away in your basement workshop, it's not good.
And all this online shopping, sweetie, I'm worried.
You taking your medication? I told you already, I don't need to.
I'm fine.
Ryan wants to take you and me out tonight to Lombardi's for a special dinner.
He does? Uh-huh.
He said special? Why don't you take a shower and put on something nice? Ok.
Rossi: What can you tell us, Garcia? That the stress and pressure of planning the perfect wedding is enough to drive anyone bonkers.
Garcia, you find any connection between the wedding vendors and the 3 victims? Oh, yeah.
Brandy, Ashley, and Madison all went to the same one of which does a horse-drawn pumpkin carriage.
I mean, come on.
I need that in my life.
Anyway, I talked to all the vendors and none of them remember a large, strong non-threatening woman who was recently dumped by her fiance so she had to cancel all of her plans.
They said they'd definitely remember a customer like that.
But what if the unsub didn't visit one of the vendors? What if she is one of the vendors? That's a more statistically probable way that the unsub could come in contact with all the victims.
Rossi: If she had a relationship that ended badly, dealing with happy brides every day could fuel her anger.
Garcia, see if any of the vendors fit the profile and if any have been recently divorced.
Asketh and you shall receiveth.
If she's attacking brides-to-be because she was in a bad relationship or one didn't go as she hoped, then she's most likely depressed.
Yeah, but in my experience, depressed women don't display this level of violence towards others.
Even if the depression's so severe, it leads to psychosis? The red one.
I can't do this anymore.
What's wrong? This.
This sneaking around, hiding our love.
We should be together.
You're right.
No more hiding.
Tonight at dinner, you and I are going to tell your sister and the world about us.
You promise? I promise.
Is it fresh? It's hot.
Thank you.
You're, uh You're not wearing your ring.
Pardon? Your engagement ring.
You are engaged, aren't you? I mean, you just seem to know a lot about planning a wedding, and there's an indentation on your ring finger.
You got me.
Uh, yeah, I just don't like wearing my ring on the job.
Your fiance, is he in our line of work? Douglas.
He's an environmental lawyer.
Oh, he's one of the good guys.
Yeah, he is.
I guess I got lucky.
But? It's complicated.
Hey, when is it never complicated? Well, what does your upcoming wedding tell you about this unsub? Uh, well, here's something.
I don't--I don't know why this is, but ever since Douglas and I got engaged, women seem way more flirtatious with him.
And they'll do it when I'm sitting right there next to him.
It drives me nuts.
I don't think you need to worry about all that stuff.
Just let it go.
But we don't think this unsub is engaged.
No, but here's why I bring it up.
What if she's in love with a guy that is? Ryan: When I moved back home 6 months ago, I never imagined that I'd be sitting here tonight with you two beautiful women.
At first, working together every day rekindled the friendship that we had as kids.
But that friendship blossoms--forgive the pun-- into love.
So, tonight, in front of her sister and a roomful of strangers, I need to ask Nicole, will you marry me? Yes! Yes! [Laughing.]
[Clapping and cheering.]
Oh, yes! Whoo! Woman: Congratulations! Ok, let's add it up.
We may have a wedding vendor who is in love with someone who doesn't love her back or who might be engaged.
And she's probably severely depressed because of her physical and emotional state.
Assuming she's under a doctor's care, she might be off her meds.
[Cell phone rings.]
Nail-biting can be a symptom of that.
What's up, Garcia? I found several female vendors who went through a divorce, but none in the past 6 months.
Do any of them have a history of depression? Nuh.
What about women whose family members or loved ones recently got engaged? Hey, here's something.
There's a local woman, Nicole Seavers, who, according to social media, just got engaged last night.
Here's her Instagram post.
She owns a flower shop, Blossoms, and her new fiance happens to be a wedding photographer named Ryan Becker, working out of said shop.
She doesn't have the physicality to be the unsub.
But the unsub could be someone close to Nicole.
Garcia, we need to look at people in Nicole's immediate circle of family and friends.
It's not the way, Dana.
You lied! You proposed to Nicole.
I had to.
But it's all part of the game.
We just have to keep playing it a little while longer, then we can be together.
Wait, so you don't want to marry my sister? She tricked me, like those other girls tried to.
I love you, Dana.
It's always been you.
Remember our first dance, how it felt to be in each other's arms? [Song plays indistinctly.]
It was like we were the only two people on the dance floor.
I knew then that you were my destiny and we'd be together forever.
You know who the real threat to our happiness is.
Oh, no.
No, I can't.
You know what she did.
Yes! Do I really have to? Do it for us.
For us.
Ohh Oh, dear.
You guys, you guys, Nicole Seavers inherited the flower shop from her mother, who died a year ago.
Her older sister Dana Seavers also works there.
So the mom left the shop only to one daughter? That must have hurt Dana.
Is the father in the picture? No.
He left when they were little.
This is the part of the story that is disturbing and sad at the same time.
So, you know how Nicole and Ryan got engaged last night? Well, 3 months ago, Dana set up a wedding registry.
She must have known in advance about her sister getting engaged.
Maybe the boyfriend enlisted her help.
No, the wedding registry isn't for Nicole and Ryan, it's for Dana and Ryan, and according to Dana's credit cards, she's been buying stuff off the wedding registry and sending them to herself.
Ok, so she must be suffering from psychosis, confusing what is real with her own little fantasy world.
Reid: This isn't just psychosis.
This is a psychotic delusion based on Ryan Becker.
Lewis: And then when another woman threatens that delusion, she suffers a psychotic break.
Dana's her sister Nicole got engaged to Ryan, which means Nicole is Dana's next victim.
Garcia, we need addresses for the floral shop and for both sisters.
Dana and Nicole both live above the flower shop.
Sending now.
Clear! Clear! Clear! Look at this place.
Clutter or the constant presence of a messy room is often a sign of depression.
and Mrs.
Ryan Becker.
Dana Becker, Dana and Ryan Becker.
” she created a checklist with her life together with Ryan.
Farmhouse, a chocolate lab, and two kids named Megan and Jake.
Look at this, bupropion.
It's an antidepressant.
This was dispensed the bottle's sill full.
Spironolactone? That's an interesting combination of meds.
Those are typically used to treat a hormone imbalance.
It sounds to me like Dana has polycystic ovaries syndrome.
It can cause obesity, excess hair growth, acne, and depression.
PCOS is fairly common in teen girls and young women.
It sadly affects one in 10 women of reproductive age.
The good news is it's treatable.
Ok, but it's PCOSs.
It didn't turn Dana into a killer.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying it might have contributed to her becoming depressed.
Dana's registry gifts.
I'd say she's kind of obsessed with him.
No kidding.
We need to find Ryan Becker.
Anything upstairs to tell us where she might have taken Nicole? Nothing.
But if Nicole is engaged to Dana's true love, Dana could go over the edge.
We don't have a lot of time.
African violets, Chinese hibiscus, roses, lilies, and orchids.
What are you thinking, kid? They're all fresh flowers, but in order for all these varieties to thrive in this climate, they'd need a controlled environment.
They've got a greenhouse.
Dave, you and Reid stay here in case they come back.
You're just like all the others! Dana, what's wrong.
I thought you were different.
What are you talking about? Ryan.
You can't marry him.
Dana, calm down.
I was just as surprised as you were when he-- No, listen.
It isn't how it's supposed to go.
What's supposed to-- He promised! why are you doing this? I won't let you take him away from me.
Dana, stop.
You're hurting me! You leave me no choice! You're upset.
I am going to text Ryan and ask him to come here so we can all chat, ok? Ryan's mine! You slut! [Siren.]
With Nicole and Ryan getting married, Dana probably feels that everyone she's ever loved has abandoned her.
First her father and mother and now her sister and Ryan.
I may actually feel sorry for her.
Nicole's got everything Dana's ever wanted for herself-- love and affection from a man.
[Organ music playing.]
If only you'd have stayed away from him.
Dana? What's going on? Why are you dressed like that? Today's my wedding day.
What? Ryan and I are getting married.
Oh, honey, no.
You're not.
He loves me.
Of course he does.
But like a sister.
My sister.
He was my boyfriend first.
You two dated one summer in middle school.
That's all.
This whole love affair is in your mind.
You're wrong.
Just wait and see.
All right, thanks, sweetness.
Garcia just tracked Ryan's phone.
He just arrived at the greenhouse.
She talk to him? He didn't pick up.
She also saw a text from Nicole asking him to meet her at he greenhouse ASAP.
He's probably walking into Dana's psychotic fantasy.
I'm not angry, ok? Just untie me.
We're sisters.
And sisters always look out for one another, right? She's trying to trick you.
But she's my sister.
She'll never stop trying to take me away from you.
I don't want to hurt her.
You're not talking to anyone.
There's no one there.
Don't listen to her.
You do all this for me? Yes.
Do you like it? It's perfect.
Dana? Your sister can be our witness.
Then you know what you have to do.
Nicole, Ryan! I got your text! What the-- Ryan, help me! No! Don't--don't come any closer.
Dana, why are you doing this? She's sick, Ryan.
She needs help.
You said I had to.
You said this was the only way we could be together.
Dana, put the knife down.
Don't you see? She'll try to take him away from me.
And Nicole now understands that that would be wrong.
Don't you, Nicole? Yes.
I'm so sorry, Dana.
Lower your weapons, everyone.
But this is crazy.
Dana tried-- No, no.
Hotch: Dana, you love Ryan.
But you also love your sister.
We know you're sad, Dana, but hurting Nicole is not gonna make that go away.
You're right.
It won't.
Oh, my God, Dana, don't! Ryan, tell her you love her, right now.
Dana, I--I love you.
I--I do.
I knew it.
You came back for me.
I know you would never stand in the way of your sister's happiness, would you? No.
Ryan, it's over between us.
You love Dana and always have.
Dana, you and Ryan can finally be together like you were meant to be.
Meant to be.
There he goes and he's right on track except for now it can't be here but I'm coming back and he knows in the same old sky that I'll be up within the clouds making sure he's fine and I I don't want to leave alone know I come from a broken home and I just can't do without him here I go, hear me call right after you bouncing off of the side of life a few broken mirrors to get me through this Rossi: Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “i hold it true what ere befall, “I feel it when I sorrow most, “'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
” there he goes Here you go.
Thank you.
Wow, so that's where the sun went.
Nice rock.
Thank you.
Trouble in paradise? Uh, no.
I love him.
I really do.
It's just, um This job makes things Complicated? What's complicated? Relationships.
You're not the only one, Tara.
So, Morgan, when are you and Savannah walking down the aisle? Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Baby steps.
Baby steps.
What are we doing? When Derek Morgan says “I do,” it'll be a national day of mourning for single women everywhere.
Just don't elope.
Sounds like there's a story there.
Oh, there is.
I married the third ex Mrs.
Rossi at a drive-in wedding chapel in Las Vegas.
I had an Elvis impersonator perform the ceremony.
You're kidding.
Wait for it.
I'm playing twenty-one.
I've got a streak going, I can't lose even if I try.
Krystall's the dealer.
One thing leads to another I should have known it wouldn't last.
Krystall spelled her name with a “K” and two Ls.
We sobered up the next morning, the divorce was just as quick.
I will never make that mistake again? What, get married, or have the King of Rock 'n' Roll as your justice of the peace? Both.
[As Elvis.]
Thank you very much.
[Guitar playing.]