Criminal Minds s11e04 Episode Script


You're next.
[Muffled cries.]
Garcia: Meet 20-year-old Jose Rivera, night manager at a place called Dee's Original Diner.
And then this is Eddie Butler.
He was 17.
He was a fry cook, high school senior, basketball star.
[Muffled cry.]
And finally Renee Acosta.
She was 16 years old.
She was a cashier at the restaurant, and she was a junior in high school.
And they were all murdered last night just after closing.
The safe and the cash register were both emptied, and all the victims' valuables were missing, too.
Rossi: Any surveillance video? No.
Because the system burnt down in a fire that was set after the murders took place.
Morgan: The arson was probably just a forensic countermeasure.
[Renee sobbing.]
Look at me.
Garcia: The coroner has the bodies right now and it looks like the cause of death to each was a gunshot wound to the head.
Reid: Garcia, pause! Where did this happen? Oh, I was saving the worst for last.
Las Vegas, New Mexico? Wait, what's the deal with Las Vegas, New Mexico? The same exact type of robbery-homicide took place there At that time it was at a place called the Burger Corral and there were 4 victims.
They sexually assaulted the girls, then shot them execution style, robbed the place, and then burned it down to the ground.
We consulted from here and the NCAVC coordinator in Santa Fe did the groundwork.
Any suspects? None, but we knew it was probably someone with a personal connection to the town.
Problem was it's a pretty transient place.
Tourists, truckers, and a lot of the work opportunities are seasonal.
Given the level of violence, we profiled it was two or more criminally experienced unsubs, most likely under the influence of some type of narcotic, but the never struck again and the case went cold.
Looks like it's hot now.
So are these guys back or is this somebody playing copycat? That's what we need to find out.
Wheels up in 30.
Whoo! Reid: “All sins tend to be addictive.
And the terminal point of addiction is damnation.
” W.
Las Vegas, New Mexico, was actually founded its Nevada counterpart.
In the late 19th century, it was a booming railroad hub with a reputation for lawlessness, and apparently, outlaws are a part of the town's genetics.
Billy the Kid lived there, and Doc Holliday himself had a saloon there before going to meet Wyatt Earp in Tombstone.
The more things change, the more things stay the same.
All the victims in both instances were teenagers, except for Jose Rivera.
A younger staff, that's pretty typical for a night shift.
The unsubs might have considered that.
It would be easier to subdue a group of kids.
Lewis: Almost an identical M.
Copycat or no, why go back to this town and do this again? They could be sending some kind of message to announce their return.
Or it just might be criminal ego.
They got away with it the first time.
Why not do it again? With unsubs this violent, how do you just disappear and go dormant for 6 years? They may have been in prison.
That would explain the criminal experience.
Crime U.
, best education taxpayer money can buy.
When we land, I'll have Garcia compile a list of recently released convicts in the area.
Morgan, you and Reid go to the coroner when we land.
Lewis, you're with Dave and me at the local PD.
That was a great day.
Our girls had a ball.
You didn't call me.
You don't have to come down here, you know.
Word is there's a phone message.
Is it true? Brooks, there's nothing for you to do.
Is it true, Raul? Yes.
It's them, isn't it? Same ones as before.
Brooks, you need to go home and wait for me to call you with any news.
It's worse at home and you know it.
The Feds are on their way.
Behavioral specialists.
Brooks: Huh! Behavior specialists.
What the hell good's that gonna do, huh? They're here.
You know what? Come to think of it, maybe you ought to stick around.
They might want to talk with you.
Agents, Chief Montoya at your service.
Thank you for coming.
I'm Agent Hotchner.
This is Dr.
Lewis and Agent Rossi.
Nice to meet you.
There's been a development.
Renee Acosta's parents discovered a voicemail she left when the assailants broke in.
Over here.
This is incredibly difficult, but anything you can tell us about that call, anything at all will be helpful.
The message just showed up this morning.
Sometimes it does that.
I didn't even hear my phone ring.
Why did she call me? Why not the police? You're her mother, and she was frightened.
I can't believe it's been 6 years.
It feels like yesterday.
Fell asleep out on the couch.
Next thing I know, my wife's shaking me, yelling about how they killed Jenny.
It all felt like a dream.
I keep hoping maybe I'll wake up one of these days.
And where is your wife now? Went back to her family in Reno about a year after it happened.
Her heart was broken too bad.
But you stayed.
My daughter's buried right up the road.
I ain't goin' anywhere.
I thought for sure you'd have caught 'em last time.
I was positive.
Tanner, we're going to do everything we possibly can, I promise you.
You just promise me You'll catch those sons of bitches and you're gonna make 'em pay.
Oh, my God.
MomThey have guns.
Get down! Hey, shut your mouth! I got someone over here.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, just, um Just listening to that voicemail again.
With my work I've never been big on the whole compartmentalization thing.
I just feel like I can't understand others' emotions if I don't deal with my own, you know? The best way out is always through.
Too bad it's not always the easiest way.
You're not kidding.
You hear anything else on the recording? Yeah.
You guys profiled that you thought there might be multiple unsubs.
I can only hear two on this recording.
So, unless there are others outside, we're dealing with a partnership.
Several antemortem wounds, facial lacerations, fractured jaw, a fractured skull.
Yeah, it was a brutal beating.
All 3 of them had broken ribs, too.
And ligature marks.
Looks like the boys were bound with their own belts and electrical wires.
I found leather and melted plastic in their clothes.
Renee Acosta was different.
There's evidence of sexual assault.
Any recoverable DNA? None.
Whatever wasn't destroyed by the fire got washed away by the sprinklers.
But she was recovered without clothes on.
And based on the cotton and nylon fibers I found around her wrists, I think they restrained her with her own underwear.
That's precisely what happened to the female victim 6 years ago.
Those details weren't released to the press.
These aren't copycats.
These are the same guys.
Whoo! Ahh Want a bump, man? No, man, I'm good for now.
Suit yourself.
[Country western music playing.]
Ahh Gracias, amigo.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Oh, yes, sir.
Get myself a big old hooker tonight and have a little fun with her.
Ha ha.
Where you goin'? There's somebody I ain't seen in a while.
Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me, man.
What's a few hours? Tell her to wait.
You'll miss all the fun.
No, man, I'm good.
I'll meet you back here later.
Oh, come on, dude.
Come on, man, let me score some more crank.
Cole, honey, don't just eat your chips.
I want to see you eat your sandwich.
Ok? [Knock on door.]
When did you get out? Lovely to see you, too.
You can't come in here.
I got you flowers.
You picked them from my yard.
What's the matter, huh? You love flowers.
Go, please.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where's the fire, huh? What, you, uh-- you ain't happy to see me? Do I look happy to see you, Duke? You know, I wrote you letters.
I tried to call.
Hell, you're-- you are the only reason I came back to this damn place.
Hey! You shouldn't have bothered.
Not a day went by that I didn't think about you.
You saying you didn't miss me? Even a little? Not a bit.
Mommy, who are you talking to? Nobody, baby.
Go on and finish your lunch.
Mommy? You got a kid? Get out of here, Duke.
I'm serious.
Wait a minute.
How old is he? Don't ever come back.
Hey, kid! How old are you? Cole, I said go into the living room! What is he, about 5? I have a shotgun in here.
You know I'll use it.
He's mine.
Tam, is that my son?! Get out of here! Is that my son?! I'm gonna call the cops! [Motorcycle revving.]
[Driving off.]
separated the victims by gender.
The bodies of the boys were found out by the register, the two girls were found in the back office.
Yeah, we profiled that was about control.
Isolate the males who were more of a threat.
They even blindfolded them.
But they didn't do that this time.
No blindfolds, and the 3 victims were found in the same area, all within a few feet of each other.
Dee's Original Diner had a back office.
Why didn't they use it? And look at the body position.
The victims from like they were shot while kneeling.
But Jose Rivera and Eddie Butler were both sitting up.
Maybe the posed them that way.
I don't think so.
Ballistics suggest they were seated when they were shot, and look at the way they're facing.
It's like they wanted them to see each other.
Not see.
You think they made the boys watch the sexual assault? Well, if they did, they probably made her watch the murders.
Psychological sadism.
A ritual aspect.
That's new.
And very specific.
Why didn't they do this before? Well, they could be evolving.
Or it's possible only one of them was involved 6 years ago.
Which would mean he has a new partner.
It's slow.
We ought to knock off early.
Spoke too soon.
Hi, how can I-- Evenin', folks.
I'm gonna need you to fill a prescription.
[Heavy metal music plays.]
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna have a little fun now.
You come with me.
Come on.
Let go of her.
Let go.
[Muffled cry.]
Montoya: Randy McAdams, his niece Jane.
My wife's friends with her mother.
The press is outside.
Do you want us to handle this? No, I'll--I'll do it.
He's looking for methamphetamine hydrochloride.
He cleaned out the cash register, too.
There was only one of them.
Where's the partner? That's a huge risk to stay in town and pull this so soon.
They're meth addicts, though.
The risk may be of little consequence.
they up and disappeared.
This one doesn't seem like part of their playbook.
My money says it's the new guy.
Well, he was smart enough to hide his face and he didn't burn the place down.
We still have to wait for the autopsy, but, she's fully clothed.
Doesn't look like there was sexual assault either.
But he still made them watch.
He positions them so they're facing each other.
That aspect is important to him, almost compulsive.
You think he's ok? No.
I don't.
His job is to keep this community safe, and now he feels responsible.
Ho ho ho.
You missed your brother.
Where you been? I was out like I told you, man.
I want a beer.
You want a beer? You go and do something stupid, Lester? No beer, man? This place is a dump.
All them sirens I been hearin' out there, they better not be because of you.
Relax, man.
Cops got no idea it was me.
I rode by a bunch of them on the way back over here.
What the hell did you do, man? I scored us some primo pharmacy grade.
That's what.
Damn it, Les, we're supposed to-- Hey, what about, “Thank you, Les.
That was very thoughtful of you, Les.
” No problem, man.
Don't sweat it.
How about we were supposed to be layin' low, Les.
How about-- who the hell died and made you the boss, man? As I remember, you were out making a Booty call.
Hey! She ain't got nothin' to do with this.
The hell she don't.
What am I supposed to do, sit around and wait until you get your rocks off, man? Get the pills.
We gotta go.
I ain't done talkin' about this.
Well, I am.
[Cell phone rings.]
Hey, kid, you got something good for me? I am happy to report that I have finished my nationwide ViCAP search of criminals who like to make their victims watch them commit violent crimes.
I'm sad to tell you it is an appallingly populated genre.
I got a whole lot of bad boys and it's not even Saturday night.
Well, narrow it down by surrounding states.
The unsubs are probably from somewhere in the region.
And eliminate anybody over the age of 45.
These crimes are impulsive and violent.
They're probably not that old.
Copy you.
That brings us down to 4.
Actually two.
'Cause two of those guys have died.
What's that leave us? Uh, first up is from Yuma, Arizona.
He made his 9-year-old son watch him beat up a bully's father.
Apparently made the 10-year-old bully watch, too.
Which is mean, but weirdly fair, maybe? He doesn't fit our profile.
Who else? Ok, next up is 26-year-old Lester Turner from Lubbock, Texas.
When he was 16, he raped a 15-year-old girl, made her 12-year-old brother watch.
Beat up the brother really bad, too.
Well, that would explain the ritual aspect.
What else you got on this guy? Uh, he served 9 years, two of them in juvie, the rest of them at Texas State prison, which is owned by the Citadel Corrections company.
He was released last year.
So he was actually locked up during the Burger Corral incident.
They may have met in prison.
He could be his new partner.
Garcia, give me everything you've got on Turner-- known associates, cell mates, the whole nine.
On it.
Stand by, sugar love.
A town this small, these guys have gotta be feeling the heat.
They'll be on the move soon.
[Cell phone rings.]
What you got cookin', baby girl? Besides the fact that I'm all hopped up on dark roast and Espresso beans? I have Intel to share.
'Tis why I have called thee.
Deep background search into Lester Turner brought me down into a wicked place.
Turned out he shared a cell block with a Benjamin Wade and a William Duke Mason.
What's so-- Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh! you know better than to interrupt me when I'm all 'fiened out.
You're gonna ask me what is so sinisterly special about Wade and Mason, and I'm going to tell you.
They were messed up bikers, who, 5 years ago were arrested in El Paso for an armed robbery at a gas station where the clerk was killed.
It turns out they tried to torch the place, but the cops came and caught them.
All right, can you send-- Stop it.
check your tablets.
It's already there.
Can I ask a question now? Definitely not, because that's not the kicker.
Get this.
Before he dropped out of high school and ran away, William Duke Mason spent his junior year in what New Mexico town? Yes, you may talk now.
Las Vegas.
Precisely! See, Mason's name was on that list of ex-cons, but it wasn't flagged because he's actually from Dallas, and high school records weren't part of my search parameters, you guys.
Garcia, where are Wade and Mason now? Oh, I can tell you that definitely.
Wade is still in prison because he was the shooter in that robbery, but Mason was paroled last month.
Lewis and I will fly to Texas and talk to Wade.
Let's put out an APB on Turner and Mason.
William Duke Mason's mother Violet moved here from Dallas after she married a rancher named Jeff Koldyke, who worked for the Romero property for a short time.
Don't remember any of them.
It's not surprising you don't remember Mason.
As a teenager, he would have been withdrawn.
Especially because we think he hated it here.
He was already fatherless, and then he was uprooted and dragged to a new place where he had no friends.
As a teenager, that can be traumatic and may somehow be a source of animosity towards the town itself.
Who's that guy? His name is Ben Wade.
We actually have reason to believe that he was involved in the Burger Corral murder 6 years ago.
were arrested in Texas.
So we know they were partners back then.
Then in prison they met Lester Turner.
Turner gets released and a few months later Mason gets out.
A partnership is born.
Rossi: A lot of criminal ego in play.
So we think they may have come back here in order to emulate the success they had with their old partnership.
They're methamphetamine users, so it's likely the limbic systems in their brains have been damaged.
This is disconcerting, because it can dramatically alter behavior and give rise to a series of psychopathic tendencies and eventually turn into full-blown psychosis.
The dynamic between Turner and Mason is rare, like two Alpha males co-existing.
Hey! I'm running low! Morgan: They must have some kind of respect and/or fear thing that's keeping them together.
Reid: But it's a tenuous bond.
Rossi: A rift will grow between these two if it hasn't already.
In fact, we're counting on it.
Hopefully, they'll make a mistake.
Thank you.
All right.
Let's get to it.
Officer: Definitely.
Oh! Damn it.
Excuse me.
How's the coffee around here? It ain't Starbucks.
Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Me, I'm Italian.
I like it strong.
How about you? Hot and fresh.
Really? 'Cause I, uh, kind of pegged you as a single malt kind of guy.
Look, Chief, we both know that if your judgment is compromised, it doesn't do us any good.
In fact, quite the opposite.
The last thing your town needs is for its chief of police to be caught drinking on the job.
Now, I know you've buried a lot of good people, people you're supposed to protect.
But the ones who are still here need you now more than ever.
So Why don't you go home, drink some real coffee, and dry out.
You come back fresh, you can help us catch these guys.
[Chatter, buzzer sounds.]
[Door opens.]
You sure are some kind of tall drink of water, ain't ya? I usually don't even like your kind.
Hotch: Shut up.
We want to ask you about your partner, William Duke Mason and this man, Lester Turner.
in Las Vegas, New Mexico, was robbed.
There's another Vegas? Hey, they got gambling and hookers out there, too? The entire staff was killed and the restaurant was burned to the ground.
Not before they raped the girls, though.
They were teenagers, all 4 of them.
Well, ain't that just tragic.
We know it was you, Ben.
Oh, no.
Y'all can't prove that.
Not yet.
As soon as we do, we'll make sure you're prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
And what that means is after you finish serving out your remaining you'll be transferred to New Mexico.
Now, the good news is they've outlawed the death penalty, but the bad news is, it's gonna be a slow death in a cage.
Hotch: But we may be able to convince the court to be lenient if you cooperate with us.
Must have made you mad, losing your partner like that.
Stuck in here all by yourself.
The two of them out there, together, raising the kind of hell you can only dream about.
But you can help us catch the men.
Maybe knock a couple years off your sentence while you're at it.
Who knows? Maybe you'll get a chance to ride a Harley again before you need a walker.
All right.
What do y'all want to know? We want to know about their relationship.
Thick as thieves, both of them.
Kind of weird, too, 'cause Lester's stone cold crazy.
But he's a loyal little son of a bitch.
How so? Well, one day Duke knocked out this big-ass Mexican was trying to shank Lester.
Ever since then, they was inseparable.
They'd tweak together, share food, cigarettes.
I'd always hear them talk about how they was gonna open up a motorcycle shop someday.
Tell you the truth, I think Lester's a little sweet on him, if you know what I mean.
And what's so stone cold crazy about him? Well, I'll put it this way, darlin', if you happen to find him, you ain't takin' him alive.
And he sure as hell isn't gonna let you hurt his boy Duke.
[Bell rings.]
Hi, chief.
I'll take these, and I'm gonna need a fill-up on 1 and 3.
Saw you on the news, mister.
Ok, calm down, amigo.
I'm callin' the cops.
It's ok.
You don't want to do this, man.
[Bell rings.]
Afternoon, sir.
Can't say I appreciate you pullin' that gun on my friend.
Whoo! Lord have mercy! Clean out the register.
I got the cameras.
Get lighter fluid so we can torch this place.
No time.
The cops know who we are.
Gotta keep movin'.
Whoo! Lester: Ah, here we go.
Ino, no, no, no, senor, por favor, no, por favor! No, senor, senor, suplico Por favor.
[Continues in Spanish indistinctly.]
[Camera clicks.]
Thank you so much.
Thank you, man, you've been so helpful.
Can I get a high five? Yeah! All the surveillance has been destroyed.
What'd the father say? There were two of them.
Both on motorcycles, both matching the descriptions of Turner and Mason.
They let them live.
I wonder why.
They said the one with the short hair just stood there pointing his weapon but never pulled the trigger.
That must have been Mason.
Apparently the other one wanted to shoot them, Mason wouldn't let him, they had a brief argument and then fled.
But here's the thing-- they've never left a survivor before.
I think something between them must have changed.
If they were arguing, it could mean the partnership's dissolving, exactly like we thought.
These guys are headed south, maybe Mexico.
We should alert border patrol.
We should keep moving.
We've been moving, man.
What the hell was that back there? I told you, I ain't killin' kids.
That's wasn't a kid, man.
That was a witness.
He wasn't more than What about his daddy, huh? No.
Why not? Because a boy needs his father.
So now you got a conscience.
Ain't that somethin'.
Got any other new developments you want to let me in on? Yeah.
Huh? Yeah, I think it's about time we split up.
Split up? Are you serious? Just got different priorities now.
What the hell happened to Mexico, and the bike shop, man? Cervezas and senoritas.
Things change, brother.
We've been talking about this for years, and now you're just gonna bail on me for some bitch? Don't call her that.
That's the mother of my son.
So now what, you just gonna run off and live happily ever after like some fairy tale? You're a grade-a fugitive, my man.
That may prove difficult.
Well, I ain't running out on my kid so he can go drag him from town to town.
How do you know he's yours? He's mine.
Yeah? Your ass has been locked up.
That whore could've banged any cowboy or-- Watch your mouth.
That bitch could've wrapped her legs around just about anybody.
Oh, you're an idiot, man.
You go back there, it's gonna be crawling with cops.
Oh, come on! Duke! Agents.
Rossi: Chief, you're back.
I made some phone calls.
One of my guys knows a girl who went to high school with Duke Mason.
She said he used to date a girl named Tammy Vasquez.
Even after they graduated, I guess he still would come around.
Anyway, the rumor is he got her pregnant.
Is she still here? She sure is.
Lives just outside of town.
Oh! Ready and willing.
What can I do you for? Garcia, tell me everything you can about a Tammy Vasquez.
She's from here in Las Vegas.
Um Tammy May Vasquez.
She is a waitress at the Spic And Span Diner in New Mexico.
She has a 5-year-old son named Cole.
He's a cutie.
So she must have gotten pregnant right around that first set of murders.
What can you tell us about Cole's father? Absolutely nothing.
It says father unknown on the birth certificate.
What if Tammy is the reason Mason came back? Send us an address, Penelope.
We should talk to her.
I can get you up there quick if you don't mind an escort.
We should tell Hotch.
Agent Rossi.
I, uh, I thought about what you said and did what you suggested.
Had some real coffee.
I'm good to go.
You sure about that? You have my word.
Duke: Here comes the T-Rex-- Cole: I'm gonna have a sleep.
You're gonna have a sleep? How you gonna make him sleep? With a sleep pistol.
A sleep pistol? I'm gonna break it all down here.
Hey, Tam.
Hi, mommy.
What's this guy's name right here? He's a Triceratops.
I'm sorry.
A Triceratops.
Isn't that cool.
Cole, baby, come here.
Come to mama.
Oh, wait a minute.
Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute, now.
Tam, come on.
I'm calling the cops.
Tam! Tam.
Now, we're playing here.
Can't you see that? Why don't you come in here and sit on down a minute.
There you go.
Look at us.
One big happy family just playing dinosaurs and Legos.
I'm gonna make it up to you, Tam.
I swear it.
Cole, which is the toughest dinosaur? A T-Rex.
A T-Rex! That's right! Rrrrr! Oh, I'm gonna eat this guy! I'm gonna tear his meat right off his back.
Vasquez! Police! Hello? Anybody home? Nobody here.
[Muffled cry.]
Wait a minute.
You hear that? FBI! Anybody here? [Sobbing.]
There's somebody in there.
Go around.
[Muffled cries.]
It's ok.
It's ok, I got you.
I got you.
Ohh! [Gasping.]
Are you hurt? No.
I'm fine.
He took them.
He took them both.
we need to issue an Amber alert.
The Harley was reported stolen in Odessa, Texas, 3 weeks ago.
She said Mason was by himself.
What happened to Turner? I bet it got pretty ugly when they split up.
Hotch is out coordinating roadblocks and canvassing the area, but so far nothing.
Why switch directions are risk coming all the way back here? he's strung out and believes that boy Cole is his son.
He's capable of anything.
We should extend the Amber alert.
Agents! Tammy Vasquez' pickup truck was spotted heading south on Route 34.
Is that far from here? About 10 miles or so.
State police have major roadways on the other end blocked off so he can't get out, but it cuts through the Santa Fe National Forest.
If he knows what he's doing, he can hole up out there for weeks.
Where would he go to access fresh water? There's an old abandoned campground.
It doesn't get used much.
Sometimes the kids go up there to drink.
He'd want to go someplace familiar.
Agents, if you don't mind me making a suggestion I know that place like the back of my hand.
My dad used to take me hunting up there.
Look, here's the campground Tammy: Try and get some rest, ok, baby? But I'm not tired.
I'm hungry.
We'll get you something to eat soon.
Mama, can I play on your phone? Oh, baby, mama forgot it.
We're gonna get you something to eat soon, I promise.
He needs to eat.
We all do.
Well, we're just gonna have to wait a little while, ok? How long? Just till things cool off.
Duke, what are you doing? I'm taking care of my son.
If you were taking care of him, you'd get him something to eat.
So he is mine.
Damn it, Duke, yes.
That's what you want to hear? You know he's yours.
Why didn't you tell me? I wrote you all them letters from jail, You ain't ever wrote back.
Screw your letters, Duke! You changed.
All that crystal, always tweaked out and angry.
Your sketchy friends.
They ain't got nothin' to do with this.
I loved you.
I loved you, too.
No, you didn't, because you wouldn't stop.
All your cared about was getting high.
I had a right to know that I had a son, that I had a boy waiting for me, that my bloodline is sitting in that truck right now.
You're the one who left, remember? You didn't say a word.
You just took off! Then all of a sudden, you're sending me letters from prison? And 6 years later you show up? You're gonna want to watch the way you talk to me.
Duke, it was you, It's ok.
Look, it's all right, Tammy.
I ain't like my daddy, or that drunk bastard my mama married.
I'm gonna take care of my boy.
It was you, Duke.
It was you, wasn't it? You killed all those kids.
All right, I'm gonna show you I can be a good daddy to him.
I can be there for you.
Hey, buddy.
There he is.
Oh, baby.
There's my boy.
That's my son.
You're doin' real good-- it's ok.
Well, ain't this special.
A little family outing.
What you doin' here, Les? Did you follow me? Oh, she's real pretty, brother.
I can't say I blame you.
Who is this, Duke? Oh, I'm his partner, sweetheart.
Me and him, we got real big plans, and you ain't a part of it.
You better back off, Les.
Oh, yeah? Or what? You gonna sucker punch me like a little bitch again? Morgan: FBI, drop the weapon! I ain't goin' back to jail, man.
Whoo! Blaze of glory, man! Blaze of glory! Nice shot.
Can you get a bead on the other one? He's still covered.
Lester! Hey, man, you got a gun.
Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now am found was blind but now I see 'twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved how precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now am found was blind but now I see