Criminal Minds s11e12 Episode Script


Woman: [Laughing.]
Yeah, I got the good stuff.
Yeah, I said yes.
Here, I'll get that.
It's really sweet of you to walk me to my door.
Thanks again.
Well, good night.
Uh OkTake care.
So You like champagne.
What? Champagne.
You have expensive tastes.
We're done here.
You need to go-- Aah! Aah! Aah Wow! I haven't seen one of these beauties in a long time.
It looks mint.
Thank you.
Who's your restoration guy? Oh, um, you're looking at him.
My dad has an auto repair shop.
He taught me everything I know.
It took me 5 years to restore this puppy.
I inherited my uncle's '47 Buick.
Now, that is a sweet ride.
Sure, but I don't have to tell you, original parts are rarer than hens' teeth.
I'm still looking for aradio antenna knob.
It's funny, it's like we can track down the world's most dangerous and elusive unsubs, but we can't find that one specific car part.
Yeah, but it's worth it.
I mean, what's better than cruisin' with the windows down, wind in your hair, music playing, Sinatra, Bennett, Dean Martin.
Hendrix, Zeppelin, anything by the Doors.
Just you and the open road.
Nothing but time on your hands.
[Cell phones beeping.]
AndDuty calls.
Boston P.
's requested our help.
Garcia? Ok, uh, this case is not for the faint of heart.
So if I faint, that's why.
Uh, a week ago, the headless body of 20-year-old Lily Chang was discovered in a playground in Roxbury, then two days ago was discovered in the North End.
Her body, sans head, was left on an old couch by the curb.
The North End and Roxbury are two distinct neighborhoods in Boston.
They're only 5.
1 miles apart geographically, but they're worlds apart in terms of racial and socio-economic makeup.
Did the women live in the neighborhoods where the bodies were found? No.
Lily lived across over in Cambridge, and Denise was from Beacon Hill.
Well, the unsub must have used a can or other vehicle to transport the bodies.
Not to be indelicate, but any sign of the heads? No, nothing yet.
The media must be having a field day.
Oh, you could say that.
Oh, well, not nearly as clever as that infamous "New York Post" headline: "Headless body in topless bar.
" He dumped the bodies in public, so he obviously wants them found.
But why? What's the endgame? Maybe he's getting off on shocking whoever finds the bodies.
Spreading panic and fear.
Well, he didn't take their handbags, jewelry, or wallets.
No, the only thing missing was their cell phones.
Well, that and their heads.
All right, so robbery's not a motive, and there's no evidence of sexual assault, either.
But why these women, and how did the unsub cross paths with them? That's what he need to find out before he strikes again.
Wheels up in 30.
Please, why are you doing this? No--I--I will put it back.
Oh, no! [Sobbing.]
Oh, my God, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Aah! No! Please! Please just let me go! I'll never do it again! I swear! I swear! [Sobbing.]
Oh, my God.
I swear.
I swear.
Aah! Reid: "To educate a person in the mind "but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
" Theodore Roosevelt.
Both women were low-risk lifestyle victims, but if there's any connection between them, I'm not seeing it.
Well, the first victim, Lily Chang, was a chemistry major at M.
She was last seen tutoring kids in an afterschool program.
Denise Wagner was a banker, divorced, lived with her teenage son.
She disappeared after speaking at an investment seminar.
Cutting off someone's head isn't easy.
Why pick that method to kill? Terrorist groups often use beheadings to send a message or a warning.
Historically it's been used for that purpose, starting with the ancient Greeks and Romans.
In 11th century England beheading by sword was introduced by William the Conqueror.
And of course thousands of people were beheaded during the French Revolution, including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.
Could the be the work of a terrorist cell on U.
soil? None have claimed responsibility.
So what's he doing with the heads? He could be keeping them as human trophies, or like Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen, he might have partialism and he's using them for his sexual gratification.
Or they could be giving him a sense of ownership over his victims.
Maybe he's got an exaggerated fear of female rejection and a severed head can't talk back or say no.
Those are all valid theories, but we have to ask ourselves, why is he killing now? Garcia: Sir, a body of a third headless woman was found in Boston.
Her name is Amy Gibb.
She was a bartender at the Seaport.
Where was the body found? On a bench in Boston Common.
The Commons is right in the heart of downtown.
The unsub couldn't have picked a more public place.
Lily Chang was killed a week ago, Denise Wagner two days ago, and now Amy Gibb.
Garcia, tell Boston P.
we're on our way and to preserve the crime scene.
And, baby girl, search for men in Boston and the tri-state area with criminal histories of sex crimes.
Concentrate on those with fetishes involving heads.
I'm on it, but I feel icky already.
All right, when we land, Morgan, you and Reid go to the latest crime scene.
Dave, you and JJ find out what you can from the M.
, and Lewis and I will get set up with local authorities.
[Indistinct chatter.]
Morgan: Excuse us.
FBI, let us through.
Hey, is this the work of the Beantown Beheader? Does the FBI have any leads? Where are the heads? No comment.
Vultures out in full force today.
Detective Connie Lawlor.
SSA Derek Morgan.
This is Dr.
Spencer Reid.
Who found her? Couple of teenagers.
My partner brought them down to the station.
Bet they wish they hadn't cut school today.
Cutting off somebody's head.
Wicked brutal if you ask me.
It's also messy.
But there's minimal blood here.
Same as the first two crime scenes.
The unsub most likely has a secluded place to do his work before displaying the bodies.
Bruising and swelling on both their hands.
Maybe she tried to fight him off.
Well, it doesn't appear she was dragged through the grass, so the unsub obviously has the strength to carry the body.
Without the head, the body would be a lot lighter.
Not necessarily.
The average adult human head only weighs approximately Well, we had a canine unit out searching for hers.
Did you find any personal effects? Like the first two victims, he left the jewelry in her bag, money and credit cards.
What about a cell phone? We didn't find one.
I think they're burn marks, most likely from taser prongs.
The others had 'em, too.
Well, it's gotta be how he overwhelms his victims.
He's getting close enough to make contact.
Yeah, but how? Man: I'm sorry I'm late.
She's in here.
Cut looks clean, surgical.
As if Amy's head was taken off with a single blow.
Do you need to have a medical background to do this? Not necessarily, but you'd need something razor sharp to achieve this precise a wound.
The unsub would need a powerful swing, not to mention great aim.
JJ: It looks like her knuckles are broken.
They are.
The other victims have the same injury.
Defensive wounds, possibly, or they could have been trying t punch their way out of someplace.
In that instance, other bones in the hands would have been broken, but these wounds are localized to the knuckles.
Like they were repeatedly hit with something.
Premortem torture.
He's punishing them before he beheads them.
Now, the second victim, Denise Wagner, has the same precise severed neck.
However, the beheading of Lily Chang is dramatically different.
How so? See how jagged and frayed the skin ligaments are cartilage are? That's an indication that the killer used a sawing motion back and forth to remove her head.
She's the first victim.
He's learned since what works best.
There's no evidence that the women were drugged or sedated, which means that they Were awake while it was happening.
I'm afraid so.
Here you go, Mr.
Thank you.
When the police called, I thought it was someone playing a sick joke.
Then they came to the house and said they found Amy's wallet Mr.
Gibb, if you could tell us about your daughter, it might help our investigation.
Amy was She's everything a parent could hope for.
Oh, she was smart.
And beautiful.
And kind.
She lit up every room just by walking in.
But there were some problems? She'd been a little lost lately.
Lost? How so? UhShe was depressed.
My wife, Amy's mother, she died a few months ago.
They were very close.
When was the last time you talked to your daughter? Well, it was last night.
Uh, she, uh, was on her way home from work.
Where's that? Jensen's.
It's a restaurant in the Seaport district.
She called me from the T at midnight.
I told her I didn't like her taking it so late, but she's say I worried too much.
I told her that's my job, you know? Yeah I know.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Sir, the list of men in Boston with a history of sex crimes is long, disturbingly so.
But none of them with a noggin fetish.
What did GPS tell you about the victims' cell phones? Uh, Amy's phone last pinged at her front door in Fenway.
Lily and Denise's phones each stopped pinging on different streets in South Boston.
Lawlor: We locals call it Southie.
Garcia: Here's something that's the same across the board.
All 3 women, minutes before their cell phones died, they were talking on the phone.
We need to know who those victims spoke to last.
Copy that.
Amy worked at the Seaport.
That's in Southie.
So was the school where Lily tutored and the convention center where Denise attended a seminar.
It could be the neighborhood that's important to him.
You know, Southie's still predominantly working-class Irish-American.
However, long-time residents there are struggling to hold on to their homes and traditions in the face of gentrification.
Fancy word for organic grocery stores, condos, and juice bars.
Amy took the T about about midnight.
The unsub could have followed her home.
If Lily and Denise also took the train, maybe that's where he grabbed them.
He used a taser.
Too risky in the subway.
Amy couldn't have taken the T at that time.
Service was shut down.
But Arthur Gibb said he spoke to her there.
Garcia? And he did.
GPS confirms that Amy was at the station.
But Detective Lawlor is correct.
Right after Amy arrived, service on that line was disrupted due to a track fire.
Where did Amy go after that? I have her moving away from the station, arriving at her house That's when the signal dies.
Maybe she took the bus home? It would have taken her longer than 20 minutes.
Garcia, did she call a taxi or car service? She did.
She ordered a car from a ride-share company called Zimmer, but she canceled it minutes later.
So how did Amy get home? Wait, wait.
Hey, hey, hey! Listen, I'll pay cash and double the tip if you drive me to Dorchester.
Name your price.
The car I ordered is 10 minutes away and I gotta get home.
Get in.
Yes! Man, you just saved my life.
You have no idea.
Amy Gibb's father said she was depressed and a little lost after her mother died, but what he didn't mention is that a month ago she got caught for shoplifting.
Research has shown a direct correlation between shoplifting and depression.
It's often a reaction to some kind of loss or need to fill a void.
All right, well, the second victim, Denise Wagner, just had her assets frozen by the S.
due to allegations of insider trading.
Anything hinky on the first victim? Lily Chang's transcripts show that she was on academic probation from M.
And close to flunking out.
Well, I take back what I said about not seeing a connection between the victims.
All 3 were involved in unethical situations they probably weren't proud of.
Hello, G-men and G-woman.
Hey, what up, baby girl? Ok, I have been doing research on super-sharp possible head-chopping weaponry.
What'd you find? [Sighs.]
There are so many ways to slice and dice.
Axes, machetes, knives, swords.
Do you know there's a sword from Asia called the Katana? It can slice a person in half.
Who would need that? Could be what the unsub's using.
Well, in the last 6 months, in Boston, there have been 20 swords sold, both real and replicas, mostly to buyers who just wanted to add them to their private collections.
Well, who else bought them? Uh, people like moi who go to renaissance fairs and civil war re-enactments and pirate festivals.
Don't judge me.
I'm not, but we're gonna need to talk to everyone, so send us the information.
Done and done and done and done.
You know, the unsub's method of killing has certainly evolved since the first kill, but I don't think he's using any of the weapons that Garcia found.
What about the Katana? That can sever a neck with precision.
It would give him the efficiency and accuracy we've seen, but What? What are you thinking? Displaying the bodies in public seems to be what's important to the unsub.
He wants to make an example out of his victims, which is why I think he's using a guillotine.
You're serious.
Guillotines were once considered instruments of justice.
Executions were public events.
Crowds would come and literally bring picnic baskets.
Parents would bring their kids.
Now, he can't kill in today's town square, so he's doing the next best thing.
He's dumping the bodies for the public to find.
Ok, guillotines aren't exactly something you see being sold on Amazon every day.
No, but it would be so easy to make one.
All you need is wood, rope, pulleys, and sheet metal from the local hardware store.
No, I'm fine, really.
Some out of the way hotel in Southie.
My wife thinks I was meeting a client after work.
No, I don't think she suspects.
Don't worry about it, Curtis, it won't.
Listen, I gotta go.
Hey, this isn't the way to Dorchester.
What are you doing? Why are we stopping? Hey, where the hell are we? Aah! Aah! Aah! Like Amy Gibb, the first two victims had called for ride-share cars and then canceled.
To me, this whole ride-share thing's not much different than hitchhiking, except you gotta pay.
I get the appeal.
It's quick and easy.
You just have to enter your location via smartphone.
And then some random car pulls up and you hop in.
That sounds safe.
Well, riders are sent the driver's name, photo, license plate number.
They know who's picking them up.
Maybe the victims didn't want to wait for their ride-share cars to arrive and hailed a taxi instead.
And if the cabbie had a jammer, that would explain why the victims' phone signals died.
He could blitz attack them in the cab and then disable their phones.
Except Amy was at her front door when her cell signal died.
Taxi drivers don't usually escort passengers to their door.
Maybe this one did for Amy.
JJ: Walking passengers to their door feels more like something a ride-share driver would do in hopes of getting a positive review.
Lewis: Let's go find out.
Zimmer drivers go through rigorous background checks.
Does that include fingerprint-based background checks through the DOJ and FBI systems like taxi companies are required to do? No.
What about the national sex offender database? We lead the industry with our screening process.
We're even about to introduce an app for children whose parents are too busy to shuttle them around.
How do you know when you have a problem driver? Negative customer reviews.
Too many and your account is suspended or permanently deactivated.
But Zimmer isn't responsible for the conduct of its drivers.
And why is that? They're independent contractors.
So if a driver were to kidnap me or get drunk and drive off a bridge with me sitting right next to him, you're claiming Zimmer's not responsible.
A bit dramatic, but true.
Zimmer is merely a technology platform that matches willing drivers and passengers.
What if someone wants to hack your ride-share app? They could be picking up passengers before their actual drivers ever arrive.
Your Zimmer app was hacked.
We had some trouble recently.
When? Last week.
But our cyber-security team was able to trace it to a rival company trying to poach our customer base.
What are you doing? Ow! [Moaning.]
Of all the cars you could have got into, you got into mine.
Some might say that luck or fate brought us together.
I like to think that it was divine intervention.
It's time we get started.
Oh, no, no.
Oh, no, no, no.
If the unsub's not hacking ride-share apps, then what's to stop him from simply posing as a driver? I mean, all he'd have to do is throw a decal on a car window and cruise around target-rich environments like restaurants, clubs, and bars.
Yeah, he could just pretend there was a problem with the app and then offer a discount if the rider pays cash and cancels the car they already ordered.
I love ya! Hey, baby girl, listen.
I need you to look at job applications submitted by ride-share drivers.
That is a tall order, my favorite flavor of hot chocolate.
And you'll have to give me un poquito mas.
Thousands of people apply for those jobs every day.
Well, find local drivers who were rejected.
Yeah, also check for current ride-share drivers in the area with criminal histories that date back prior to 7 years ago.
Because background checks often don't go that far back.
Ok, I'll catch you on the flipside.
Well, it's time to give the profile.
The unsub we're looking for may be a ride-share driver or posing as one and is using that service to hunt for his victims.
He appears non-threatening, which allows him to get close to his victims.
The sophisticated nature of his planning suggests he's in his late 30s or early 40s.
We think he's an injustice collector, upset by what he considers to be the unfairness of his life.
He holds on to grudges, and he magnifies slights way out of proportion.
His hypersensitivity could be the result of paranoia or drug-induced psychosis.
Ride-share companies use software and phone apps to track the drivers and customers.
Could he be hacking their systems? We've checked every ride-share company operating in Boston.
There's no evidence of that.
However, he may be getting around the software by picking his victims off the app, similar to when conventional taxi drivers go off the meter.
Even the most minor insult could cause him to fly into a murderous rage.
Lewis: He could also have been raised in a home where he was excessively disciplined.
Aah! JJ: The act of striking his victims' hands may be part of their punishment.
Rossi: And the beheading probably gives him the power and control he feels he lacks.
The public is advised to travel in pairs or groups and to use public transportation when possible.
If using a taxi, please call the company to order one in lieu of hailing one in the street.
And if you're a ride-share customer, make sure the car that picks you up is the one that you reserved and the driver matches the photo that was sent to you.
If he's upset about changes in the neighborhood, he might consider outsiders to be the enemy and his form of punishment is decapitation.
Thank you.
Agents, there's a woman here, she's convinced that her husband's been kidnapped by the killer.
Up to now, the unsub's only been abducting and beheading women.
She's being pretty insistent.
You'll probably get a lot more like her coming in here.
She also mentioned her husband's a frequent user of ride-share.
JJ, Lewis, check it out.
He's gonna chop off his head! I saw the news.
I know that the beheader has my husband.
Simmons, please have a seat.
Will you tell me why you think this? Anthony didn't come home last night.
He's never not come home in the 10 years that we've been married.
Ok, when did you last speak with him? Yesterday afternoon.
Um, he said that he had a client dinner and that he'd be home late.
But he never came home.
You told the police that your husband used ride-share services? Yes.
All the time.
Um, it's the only way he gets around the city.
He lost his license after a DUI.
Where was this dinner last night? Chinatown.
Chinatown's nowhere near Southie.
Excuse me for a moment.
But you're going to investigate, right? So, are we dealing with a nutcase or is the wife onto something? I'm hoping Garcia can tell us.
Garcia's the name, service the game.
Hi, I'm looking for information on an Anthony Simmons.
He lives in Dorchester.
Anthony J.
Fire when ready.
Ok, uh, he had dinner with a client in Chinatown last night.
Anything to show he was there? No.
I don't think he was doing that.
There are no credit card records of any bars or restaurants in Chinatown for him.
Was he anywhere near Southie? Oh, he was all over that like a cheap poly-rayon blend suit.
I have him checking to a hotel called the Marquee.
He ordered room service for two-- shrimp cocktail, steak Diane, creme brulee, and he also ordered an in-room adult entertainment movie on pay-per-view.
I don't think he'll be able to put that on his expense account.
Did he use a ride-share service? Yeah.
He used a place called Voyage from downtown Boston to the hotel.
What time did he check out this morning? He didn't.
He checked out the same night and he ordered a Zimmer car to Dorchester.
I bet it was canceled minutes later.
You are correct.
His GPS shows him heading to Dorchester and then poof, signal dies.
All right.
Thanks, Penelope.
So Mrs.
Simmons was right about her husband being abducted but wrong about Chinatown.
Uhh! [Clang.]
Aah! Aah! Somebody help me! No one can hear you.
Please, why are you doing this? Who are you? Who's Tanya? Huh? I don't know who that is.
Aah! [Sobbing.]
Who's Tanya? [Sobbing.]
Ok, ok, wait! Tanya--Tanya is a woman from work.
Is this about her? [Breathing hard.]
I know what you did.
God, I don't understand.
Admit it.
Admit what? How do you know her name? I looked.
You call and text her a lot.
You're just like the others.
You talk on your phone, and you think you're in some kind of private little bubble, but you are not.
You heard Confess! You're having sex with Tanya! I'm not.
I swear.
More Lies.
No, no.
No, no, no, no-- Aah! All right, thank you so much.
Did you find out? Lily Chang's classmate said that they they were trying to buy an answer key to an upcoming chemistry midterm.
Denise Wagner was on the phone with a Canadian banker who was helping her set up an offshore account in, uh, Vanuatu? The Republic of Vanuatu.
It's a tax haven known for its banking secrecy.
It appears she'd been siphoning off money from her clients for years.
What about Amy Gibb? The last person to talk to Amy Gibb was her best friend.
She said that Amy invited her over to drink a bottle of champagne that she stole from work.
And Anthony Simmons? He last talked to a Curtis Price, but he hasn't gotten back to us yet.
What if the unsub knew about what he considered to be his victims' moral transgressions and he was offended by them? But how would he know that? Well, you know how people spill their secrets to bartenders, hairdressers, the stranger sitting next to them on a plane.
When our personal space is limited, it can trigger a false sense of intimacy.
Well, the backseat of a taxicab is often like a confessional.
I imagine it's like that with ride-share cars, too.
The victims could be confessing their wrongdoings to the unsub while he's driving.
And they could be doing it unknowingly.
He could be eavesdropping, and depending on what he hears, they go from being a fare to being a victim.
Uhh! Oh, God! What's happening? You cheated on your wife.
That's adultery.
You heard me wrong.
I didn't have sex with Tanya.
I was just joking, you know? Just guy stuff.
No, no, no, no, no! [Groaning.]
Ohh, ohh [Breathing hard, whimpering.]
Ohh Please don't do this.
Actions have consequences.
I didn't do it.
You gotta believe me.
That's what the guilty always say.
But I can prove it.
Just let me call a buddy of mine.
Do you think I'm stupid?! No.
But he'll tell you.
I love my wife.
I would never cheat on her.
Please I have a better idea.
Let's call Tanya.
Thanks for coming in, Mr.
So you think my phone call with Anthony could be important? We're not sure, but we're checking every lead.
Now, how do you know Mr.
Simmons? I'm his AA sponsor.
And what did you two last talk about? He claimed he had just hooked up with some woman.
I assume he wasn't talking about his wife.
He give you a name? Nope.
You said "claimed.
" You don't think he was telling the truth? Addicts are good at lying, Agent Rossi.
Anthony can be very convincing.
Well, during the conversation, did you hear anyone in the background? Did he call anyone by name? No.
And how did you end the conversation? I could tell he'd been drinking.
I warned him that an affair could interfere with his sobriety.
I asked him to go to a meeting with me, that I'd even drive us there.
But he ended the call, so I assumed that was my answer.
[Cell phone line ringing.]
If you try to warn her I won't, I swear.
This is Tanya Benton in client services.
Please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
This is too bad for you.
She didn't recognize the number.
She'll call back.
Please, please just give her some more time.
I'm telling the truth.
Liar! Please don't do this.
Boy: Please don't.
I'm not lying.
I'm telling the truth! Man: Liar.
Please don't.
She's got 10 minutes.
Simmons' body has yet to turn up, so he may still be alive, but we're running out of time.
The disposal sites are all over the map, but the victims were all abducted in the same 20-block area in Southie.
Yeah, but Garcia's checked and there are no current ride-share drivers or rejected applicants living within that 20-block radius.
If the unsub's offended by immorality, it might have something to do with a church or religious institution in the neighborhood.
It could be a former priest or member of the clergy.
Religion and bruised knuckles.
Anyone else besides me getting an image of nuns hitting students on the back of their hand with a ruler? It could be a teacher who still believes in corporal punishment.
Garcia, I need a list of all public, private, and parochial schools in South Boston.
There are 8 public, and one parochial school.
And check for scandals at those schools and go back 30 years.
Scandals, got it.
Garcia out.
Tanya's got 5 minutes, and so do you.
That is not good.
Sir, I think I found something.
A principal at a private school in Southie was arrested last month for sexually assaulting a minor.
I just sent you the story.
"Principal Brendan Burke of Aldren Academy was charged with "lewd acts and sexually abusing a 10-year-old female student.
"Police believe there may be more underage victims dating back as early as the 1980s.
" Aldren is right in the middle of the unsub's hunting grounds.
Burke had been principal for 35 years and was known in the community as a moral crusader.
He's a staunch supporter of prayer in school, corporal punishment, longer prison terms to deter crime.
Oh, dear.
What is it, mama? Well, according to this, which I'm sending you right now, Principal Burke committed suicide 10 days ago.
That's right when the first victim was found.
Burke's death may have been the trigger.
He left behind a note apologizing for what he called his "Sins of the flesh and moral weakness.
" If the unsub went to aldren academy, it's likely he was influenced by Burke's moral crusader rhetoric.
He could be trying to emulate him.
Garcia, cross-check the school's enrollment records with ride-share drivers in Boston.
All right.
Check for drivers who've been suspended or had their accounts deactivated.
Two names.
Stephen Liastro and James O'Neill.
They both went to Aldren from kindergarten all the way through high school, starting in the early eighties.
Stephen moved to California James still lives in Southie.
He was a Zimmer driver for 6 months.
He was fired recently due to a boatload of negative reviews, including an allegation that he threatened a passenger with a hammer.
But charges weren't filed.
That's why he didn't show up on the database of drivers with criminal histories.
Let's put out an APB for James O'Neill.
We need the home address, Garcia.
Already sent.
God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can And the wisdom to know the difference.
The Serenity Prayer.
You're all sinners.
And sinners must be punished.
Stand up straight! Put out your hands! [Smacking, boys crying out.]
Please don't.
No more.
I'm telling the truth! Liar! Liar! Liar! Do you know what that self-righteous son of a bitch did? He molested little girls.
But he's not gonna be punished! He took the easy way out.
He left a pathetic note.
It is not Fair! Sinners must be punished! Sinners like you! Your time's up.
No! Ohh [Cell phone ringing.]
[Ringing continues.]
[Cell phone ringing.]
Hello, Tanya.
Tanya, I'm--[Clears throat.]
Investigating the Anthony Simmons case.
Yes, it is terrible.
How do you know Mr.
Simmons? And when was the last time you saw him? How would you describe your relationship with him? Thank you.
You have been a big help.
I think that he'll be found very soon, too.
For years James O'Neill and the other students at Aldren Academy felt the righteous wrath of Principal Burke.
I don't know why their parents didn't complain or put a stop to Burke.
Some parents would rather have someone else discipline their kids.
Broken hands, contusions, concussions-- that's not discipline, that's abuse.
James was angered by Burke's hypocrisy, and when Burke took his own life, it denied James the satisfaction of seeing him publicly humiliated and punished.
So he felt compelled to punish others he deemed immoral.
I confess.
Is that what you want to hear? You're right.
I'm a sinner.
I made a mistake.
But it'll never happen again.
Please I don't want to die.
It's too late.
It's time for you to join the others.
Others? He had a wall of shame.
So do I.
Oh, my God! Somebody help me! James O'Neill, FBI! Stay away! We're coming in! One step and I'll drop it.
Morgan: Take it easy.
Take it easy.
You need to release him, James.
He's a cheater.
Don't let him kill me.
Hold on, Mr.
We know what Brendan Burke did to you.
He's a liar.
He's a hypocrite.
He'sHe's a pervert.
And soon the world will know the truth about what a monster he was.
But he'll never be punished.
You hurting other people is not gonna change that.
And we don't want to hurt you.
Get me out of this thing! Shut up! Aah! [Sobbing.]
Hotch: "A man's very highest moment is, I have no doubt at all, "when he kneels in the dust and beats his breast and tells all the sins of his life.
" Oscar Wilde.
[Car approaches.]
Hey there.
This is a nice surprise.
You need a hand? Sure.
Grab a rag.
Before that, I come bearing gifts.
Coffee and this.
An original radio antenna knob.
You found one.
You just have to know the right people.
It fits perfect.
Thank you.
And your dad.
I will tell him.
[Car starts, engine hums.]
You hear that? She sounds incredible.
That's the sound of the open road calling us.
Now you are talking, my friend.
Fly me to the moon let me play among the stars let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars in other words hold my hand