Criminal Minds s11e13 Episode Script

The Bond

[TV plays indistinctly.]
What do you think? It's beautiful, sweetheart.
You think she'll like it? Of course she will.
I just--I didn't realize that you two were this serious.
Well, Chloe and I have been together for 3 years.
It's time to take the next step.
It's nice that you found somebody who loves and supports you.
Why are you staring at me? [Laughs.]
Look at that smile.
I never thought I'd see the day.
We've been apart for so long.
When they took you from me, I didn't know what had happened to you.
I hate that we lost so much time.
But we're together now, and that's all that matters.
I love you, son.
You're still having those nightmares, aren't you? They're becoming more frequent.
It happened again last night.
Honey I took a drive to clear my head.
And when I stopped for gas, I saw this homeless man.
Do you need a ride? Just trying to make it up the road.
Come on, I'll give you a lift.
Oh, God.
OhhUhh [Breathing hard.]
Oh, God.
Uhh My name's Randy.
Nice to meet you.
The Atlanta field office is asking for our help in a string of murders they've connected on the HSK database.
Last night the body of a John Doe was found in a truck stop rest room in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
And the day before, the body of 61-year-old Claire Westchester was discovered in a Birmingham, Alabama, truck stop rest room.
They had both been It's on your tablets.
They'd been stabbed multiples times, and they'd both been posed postmortem.
Well, he demeans his victims, that's for sure.
They're bound to a urinal with rope.
Rossi: He left one hell of a calling card.
Well, the lack of blood suggests that they were killed somewhere else and then disposed of here.
The stab wounds are both shallow and deep.
It could be some sort of systematic torture.
Lewis: Well, there are no obvious signs of sexual assault.
JJ: Well, he's sadistic.
The stabbing could be what's getting him off.
But he doesn't stop there.
He removed their left ears.
He could be keeping them as a trophy.
The disposal sites are 147.
6 miles apart.
He probably thought by crossing state lines he'd prevent the authorities from connecting the two murders.
Well, I hate to state the obvious, but we're most likely looking for a truck driver.
Atlanta is one of the country's top long-haul hubs.
It's one of the few cities in America serviced by 3 major interstates.
There are hundreds of open cases on the HSK database, and finding this unsub is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack.
With the ability to move around the nation, there's nothing to suggest he'll stop anytime soon.
Wheels up in 30.
There's something wrong with me.
There is nothing wrong with you.
I mean, between work and this marriage proposal, well, you're just stressed.
You really think that's all it is? Of course I do.
You're my son.
Mother will love and accept you no matter what.
TV Game Show Host: There we go! Ohh! Come on, come on! [Game show host, indistinct.]
Yes! [Game show audience cheering.]
No matter what.
No matter what.
Hotch: “The heart of a mother is a deep abyss, at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.
” Honore de Balzac.
In a 2009 report, it was suspected that serial killers operating as long-haul truck drivers are responsible for close to 500 murders over the last 3 decades.
And that number hasn't gone down.
So what else do we know about truckers? Well, most see long-hauling as a lifestyle, not a job.
Living a life of solitude on the open road.
Well, oftentimes that comes with a tremendous amount of stress, having to meet scheduled deadlines for months at a time.
And with the right kind of pressure, the unsub could have snapped.
Victimology speaks to that.
Both victims were random, John Doe appeared to be homeless, and Claire Westchester was the complete opposite.
Yeah, looks like she lived in College Park for the last 20 years.
She'd been happily married to her high school sweetheart and taught at the local elementary school.
It doesn't make any sense.
Why go from low- to high-risk victims? Yeah, these types of unsubs typically target victims like runaways, transients, and prostitutes.
So apart from each of them being in their early 60s, there's no connection between the two? Maybe age is the connection.
He could be choosing his victims because they're easier targets.
Or they could be surrogates.
That's also maybe why he cuts off the ears.
He's felt ignored all his life.
The victims represent some type of authority figure.
That would explain why Claire Westchester was targeted.
She was a schoolteacher.
What about a parental figure? It's possible he chose and older male and older female victim for a reason.
All right, when we land, Morgan, you and Reid go to the M.
Dave and JJ, go on to Chattanooga, and Lewis and I will get set up at the precinct.
Agent Hotchner, thanks for coming out.
Of course.
This is Agent Lewis.
Nice to meet you.
I've increased state troopers at truck stops along all 3 interstates like you've asked.
Any updates? So far we're coming up empty.
I'm coordinating with Chattanooga and Birmingham P.
to have the CCTV footage sent over.
Has Claire Westchester's husband arrived yet? He got here a couple minutes ago.
He's waiting.
I'm gonna Ok.
I've got your team set up in the conference room.
Right this way.
I'm Agent Lewis.
I'd like, to, uh, ask you a few questions about your wife, if that's ok.
Sure, yeah.
Uh, when was the last time you heard from Claire? Two days ago.
She called me from her lunch break.
Did she sound upset or under duress? She seemed fine.
Her usual upbeat self.
When did you realize that something was wrong? Usually Claire would beat me home from work.
But that day she didn't.
I tried her cell.
No answer.
I called the school.
They said she'd been gone for hours.
Westchester, can you think of anyone who would want to harm your wife? No.
Everybody loved her.
Especially the kids.
I understand that she was a teacher for quite some time.
We couldn't have any kids of our own, so she doted on her students.
She sounds like a wonderful person.
The holidays were her favorite.
She would make sure that every kid had at least one present to open on Christmas morning.
That's just the kind of person she was.
[Cell phone rings.]
What have you got, Garcia? Sir, I have come up with with active routes near or around the disposal sites.
I crossed and then criss-crossed them with the 3 interstates, but none of them fit the timeline.
Expand your list to include freelance truckers and check that against weigh stations along the route.
I'll hit you back when I have something.
What are you thinking? How many truck stops are there between Atlanta and the disposal sites? canvassed them all.
Are any of them non-operational? A few are abandoned or closed for renovations.
Why? Because the unsub passed up secluded areas where he could have delayed the discovery of the bodies.
Instead, he did the opposite.
He left them in public places.
It doesn't make any sense.
Why would he do that? Because truck stops aren't disposal sites, they mean something to him.
[Camera clicking.]
The manager said the busiest hours for this stop are between 5:00 and 6 am.
According to the report, the body was discovered by a trucker around 3 am.
So this guy knew the pattern.
Well, the exterior lock was busted.
He didn't seem too concerned about being interrupted.
All right, well, let's play this out.
We know this isn't far from the long-haul hub.
Maybe the unsub's familiar with the area.
Likely his route either originated or ended in Atlanta, which is roughly a 2 1/2 hour drive from here.
So being a trucker, he's used to being on the road for long periods of time.
So 2 1/2 hours into his route, he's not gonna stop and take a break.
Trucker's mentality-- get to where you need to go.
That could be how he knew the traffic flow.
He knew that most truckers heading in and out of Atlanta would just skip over this stop.
It's still high-risk, considering he's staging a body in a public place.
His compulsion outweighs the risk.
Maybe the thrill is what gets him off.
I mean, he had to have known the body would be discovered sooner rather than later.
Pulling off something this calculated and elaborate speaks to his level of experience.
Which means there's a strong possibility he's been killing a lot longer than we thought.
Your move.
Come on, slowpoke.
I win.
Ha ha! Wait, how'd you do that? All right, best of 5.
Ok, spill it.
How long are you gonna keep me in suspense? Did you pop the question? She said yes.
Lucky girl.
Listen, there's, uh, there's something I wanted to talk to you about.
You and I, we've been getting to know one another recently, and that's been wonderful.
Now with the wedding coming up, II was hoping that my entire family could be there.
Including my biological father.
I was just thinking maybe I could reach out to him-- No.
Absolutely not.
Why? That man is the reason you were taken from me.
Your father and I had a complicated relationship.
I haven't spoken to him in years, and God only knows where he is.
I didn't mean to upset you, mother.
I'm sorry.
It's just too painful.
Let's keep the past in the past.
Hmm? [Exhales.]
All right, your turn.
Finally got an I.
on John Doe.
Frank Myers of Atlanta.
We were able to I.
him through his dental records.
Looks like he's been in and out of homeless shelters for the past couple of years.
For someone on the streets, I'd say he has some pretty expensive dental work.
And they're still trying to locate his next of kin.
Morgan: Have you ruled a C.
? Exsanguination from penetrating wounds.
In both cases, the killer severed major arteries.
Were you able to determine when the ear was removed? Postmortem.
I also found this.
Burlap fibers embedded in both victims' wound tracks.
He stabs them through a bag.
That's unusual behavior for a sadist.
They get off on watching their victims as they inflict pain.
Well, it appears the killer tried numerous times to stab but hit the bone, before he got it right.
Well, this might not be overkill like we initially thought.
This could be exactly the opposite.
Yeah, look, there are placement errors and hesitation marks.
Which tells me he's improvising.
He's struggling through the kill as if it's his first time.
What if it is? We could be dealing with a killer who's not yet comfortable killing.
That doesn't make any sense.
Based on the disposal sites, we profiled this guy had experience.
Yet the actual murders tell a far different story.
[Cell phone rings.]
Where are you? Are we still on for dinner? Uh, well, I'm not sure yet.
I'm, uh--might be working late again.
Is everything all right? You've been working late the past couple of nights.
I'm fine.
Just-- trying to finish up a project at work.
Randy, come on.
We just got engaged.
We should be enjoying ourselves and celebrating.
I know.
I know.
Why don't you wrap up whatever you're doing and come home? Ok.
Well, uh I told mother I would stop by after work.
You can visit her tomorrow.
I'm sure she'll understand.
You're right.
I just need to wrap up a few things.
I'll be home.
Love you.
Oh! God, you scared me.
Unfortunately, open house is over.
Well, I was just hoping to take a quick peek.
My fiancee and I are looking to buy soon.
I have a few minutes.
That's all I need.
Ok, look, the owners placed the house on the market, so, if you think I don't get it.
How could this guy be organized and disorganized at the same time? These are two completely split M.
We have to consider the unsub might have a partner.
That means he's a silent partner.
Both disposal sites only showed evidence of one person.
Chances are if there was a partner, he'd somehow want to participate in the kill.
It's a weird dichotomy, typically seen when an unsub is in their early stages of becoming a killer.
Early stages.
As in you think the murderer could be a kid.
No, I think he's lived with the fantasy for quite some time, but it's only now that he's finally acting on it.
Only things don't go as planned, so he struggles through the murder trying to match the actual kill to his long-gestating fantasy.
And it's only a matter of time before his hesitation in the actual murder catches up with his staging fantasy.
[Muffled cries.]
Victim's name is Linda Calvary.
Worked as a realtor based out of downtown.
Janitor discovered the body and alerted police.
The unsub didn't take her to a secondary location to kill her.
Did it right here.
And he placed her in a stall.
Maybe he wanted more privacy this time.
Didn't bother using a burlap bag either.
He no longer needs a barrier between him and his victims.
No hesitation marks.
Why change his M.
now? Well, it's like we profiled.
He's getting more confident.
He might be getting closer to his ideal target.
[Cell phone rings.]
Hey, what up, mama? I was able to narrow my search down to 5 trucking companies, but they all checked out.
None of them have trucks in transit on those particular routes.
The truck stops aren't important to him 'cause he's not a trucker.
They're important to him for another reason.
With the knowledge this guy has of routes and patterns, he's gotta be connected to someone in the trucking industry.
Garcia: Whoa.
Lewis: What is it, Garcia? I just found some somethin'-somethin' on Frank Myers, before he was homeless, he worked in family court services as a public defender in Harrington county.
And--and--and there's more.
Our third victim, Linda Calvary, she just got her real estate license a few months ago.
Before then, she worked she worked as a nurse and she testified in a number of the same cases that Frank worked.
Two out of 3 of the victims worked in the court system.
These victims weren't random.
They were targeted.
And the unsub is working off of a kill list.
It's time to give the profile.
And then when it's all combined, you slowly add in just one at a time Randy: There you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
You're not in your usual spot.
I brought you these.
One cup of flour.
Half a cup of ground macadamia nuts.
A teaspoon of What's wrong? Everything ok? Where were you last night? I waited for you.
I'm sorry.
Chloe wanted to get dinner and talk about wedding stuff.
Wedding stuff.
You two just got engaged.
Well, she's excited to start planning.
I know where this is going.
What are you talking about? That woman wants to monopolize all of your time.
Mother No need to lie to me.
She's jealous.
Chloe just wants to be the only woman in your life.
That's--that's not true.
I can't respect any woman who tries to come between a mother and her child.
Mother, I would never let that happen.
She's just like the others who tore us apart.
Mother, stop.
Chloe is not the girl for you.
You can leave now.
We believe the unsub we're looking for is what he call a rectification killer.
He's targeting people that he holds responsible for a major trauma in his childhood.
These feelings have been festering in his mind for decades, as evidenced by the degree of rage.
Lewis: Because of the complexity of these crimes and their victimology, we believe this person to be a white male in his 30s or 40s.
JJ: The victims actually interacted with the unsub as a child when they worked in the family court system.
Rossi: It's possible he was removed from his family for his own safety but was too young a the time to know the severity of the situation.
Reid: Now that he's an adult, he thinks it's his mission so seek revenge on those in the legal system he believes broke up his family.
Hotch: It's possible the triggering event was the separation or death of one or both of his parents.
Rossi: Check for rulings involving a child being placed into the foster care system or put up for adoption.
This guy's exhibiting an irresistible compulsion by posing his victims at truck stop rest rooms, despite the escalating risks.
And this indicates that his childhood trauma may have some direct link to these type of locations.
Focus on cases that involve a parent or guardian connected to the trucking industry or who have spent long periods of time traveling on the open road.
We believe that locating this case will be the key to finding him.
Thank you.
Man: No! No! [Groaning.]
No! [Crying out, groaning.]
Aah Randy, wake up.
[Gasps, breathing hard.]
I didn't hear you come in.
You haven't been taking your meds? I called the pharmacist.
He said you haven't refilled your prescription in months.
I know.
What are you thinking? They weren't working.
They're the only thing that works.
Chloe, please stop.
That's why you've been having those dreams again, isn't it? Mother thought it would be best if maybe I stopped taking-- Wait.
She told you to stop taking your pills? And you listened? Of course I listened.
She's my mother.
You've only known her for a couple of months.
It's not her place, Randy.
First it's your meds and then it's your time.
You're not obligated to spend every waking moment with her.
Can't you see she's hurting you? I said stop! [Lamp shatters.]
Randy, what's wrong with you? This is the same woman that abandoned you.
She did not abandon me.
Ah! Uhh! I'm starting to think maybe mother was right about you.
We know how the second and third victim are connected, but how does Claire Westchester fit into the puzzle? Well, let's go through it again.
What do we know about her? Morgan: She was a schoolteacher for close to 30 years.
Rossi: Never had kids, but loved her students like they were her own.
She was extremely hands-on, especially to those children who she felt were in need.
Wait a minute.
If the unsub is working off a kill list, it's possible he was one of Claire's former students.
That could be our connection.
That makes sense.
If there was something off at home, she would notice signs of abuse and report it to the authorities.
She could have been the catalyst for getting him removed from his home.
But based on our profile, he would have been too young to have known the names of everyone.
Not to mention case files weren't digital.
He wouldn't have been able to gain access to that information today.
So how does this guy know who to target? Maybe the names were fed to him.
We profiled earlier the possibility of a partner.
There could be something to that.
If that's the case, that person would need to feel as wronged by the victims as the unsub himself.
A parent.
Green for go.
Garcia, we think that the unsub may be working with a partner, a parent or guardian.
And, baby girl, check school records for male students who were in Claire Westchester's class going back 30 years.
Keep talking.
It's possible Claire filed a complaint with the school against the parent, which resulted in the unsub being removed from his home.
And cross-check that with hospital records.
He might have made frequent trips to the E.
Just as Randy Martin aged out of the system, Randy Jacobs popped up.
But as far as I can tell, he has no criminal history.
He has a stable job.
And he recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Chloe Andrews.
Sounds like he went from a model citizen to a cold-blooded murderer.
His birthmother Flora Martin has quite a history, however.
Check your tablets.
[Tablets beeping.]
Well, around the time Randy would have been conceived, Flora was admitted to the hospital.
She'd been raped.
She was 30 at the time.
I says here she'd been hitchhiking and was sexually assaulted by a truck driver.
According to her statement, her attacker dragged her into a truck stop rest room and did bad things.
That's the exact same.
that can't be a coincidence.
This case is the Nexus.
So mother and son must have recently reunited and he's been going off the kill list that she provided.
Garcia, what else do we know about Flora Martin? she gave birth to a son.
There was no father listed on the birth certificate.
Morgan: So her son is a product of that rape.
Hotch: Where is she now? She is In a prison insane asylum for the murder of 6 truckers.
Name of the patient you're here to see? Flora Martin.
[Door buzzes open.]
I'm sorry about last night, mother.
I want to show you something.
What is it? You'll see.
What do you think? Honey, it's perfect.
Randy: I'll never miss another visit, I promise.
Flora: It's ok, honey.
Even when you make mistakes, I am always going to love you.
All the hard work you did.
And it is even better than I could have imagined.
You really like it? Ohh, of course I do.
I mean, what more could a mother ask for? Ohh [Crying.]
Honey, what's bothering you? You were right about Chloe.
I don't know why I didn't see it.
She wants to tear us apart.
It is not your fault.
That woman is manipulative.
Why, you were just blinded by what you thought was love.
Now you have to completely free yourself.
How? Isn't it obvious? You have to kill her.
It'll make everything better.
Lewis: So the killer in Randy was dormant until he reconnected with his mother.
Morgan: You add that to Flora's twisted version of the story, there's your trigger.
Yeah, Flora's going after the people she holds responsible for taking Randy away from her.
It explains the dichotomy.
Randy committed the murders based on the blueprint his mother provided.
And at this point we've got a full-fledged killer on our hands.
Once he's done with that list of names, what happens next? Well, he'll either start killing on his own or Flora will continue to manipulate him into carrying out her own vengeance.
His mother convinced him to get off his meds.
I know, but First I need to get out of here.
I just need to grab a few Oh, God.
I think he's back.
Stay on the phone with me.
False alarm.
I'm literally walking out now.
See you in a few.
Guard: Right there.
Lewis: Flora Martin? Oh.
I wasn't expecting visitors.
Well, we're from the FBI.
I'm Agent Lewis.
This is Agent Morgan.
I see.
To what do I owe this honor? We're here to talk to you about your son Randy.
We believe he's been involved in at least 3 murders.
Would you know anything about that? Well, I've been locked up here for the last 24 years.
I'm the last person you should be asking.
Martin, records show that your son has been visiting you every day for the past 3 months.
We think you know quite a bit about it.
Lewis: In fact, you know what I think? I think you know exactly what your son's been up to, and you're absolutely thrilled that he picked up where you left off.
Rossi: Randy Jacobs, this is the FBI! Clear! Clear! Definitely signs of a struggle.
Randy can no longer contain his rage.
He's unraveling.
By the looks of it, he may already have his next victim.
All right, thanks, Rossi.
Both Randy and his fiancee Chloe are missing.
Hotch just issued an APB.
Flora may have convinced Randy that Chloe was a threat.
We're running out of time.
Hey, you know what? I think she might be more forthcoming if it was just the two of us.
I'll be right outside.
Do you have any children, Agent? I don't.
But I can imagine how rewarding it must be to be a parent, see your child grow up and become successful.
I also know that a lot of parents try to live vicariously through their children.
But for somebody like you It's about more than just revenge.
For you, every murder that Randy commits allows you to relive your own crimes, over and over again, down to the last detail.
Is that right? There is so much anger inside of you that you would destroy your own son's life.
I know what happened to you 30 years ago.
I know what that man did to you.
Please, don't do this.
Shh, shh, shh.
We are gonna have some fun.
I will never forget his face.
Or his hands on my skin or the smell of his breath.
He said every time I look in a mirror I wouldremember him.
He's the reason you started killing.
Ohh Flora, you killed Why not more? I got caught.
You eluded the authorities for months before they found you holed up in that barn outside the city.
You could have easily kept killing, but you stopped.
It was time to give up.
See, I don't think you gave up.
I think you stopped because you found who you were looking for.
The man who raped you.
Randy's father.
His father is out at that barn, isn't he? Mother was right.
This place is perfect.
Somebody help me! Oh! Oh! Aah! No, please! [Crying.]
Please, we can talk.
You're never gonna understand me.
[Crying out.]
Chloe, open the door.
Let me in! I don't want to hurt you.
I don't want to hurt you.
Chloe? [Gasping.]
Chloe, I'm coming in.
Please, Randy! You don't have to do this.
Help! I'm in here! Ohh! Randy Jacobs, FBI.
Let her go.
Stay away.
Stay away! Drop the knife, Randy.
Please listen to them.
Do you know why you brought Chloe here? This place means something to you.
You've been here before.
Morgan: Randy, your mother's been using you since you were a child.
That's why you were taken away from her.
Lewis: You were her patsy.
She needed you to continue to do her dirty work.
She was using you back then and she's still using you now.
Aah! Lewis: Randy.
Your mother forced you to participate in the murder of your father.
And then the two of you buried him here.
Morgan: Come on, man.
We all have choices.
Lewis: It's not too late for you to choose to do the right thing.
You do not have to be defined by the sins of your father or your mother.
Come here.
All right.
All right.
I'm so sorry.
Lewis: “The influence of a mother “in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.
” James E.
Flora signed a confession.
She admitted to making Randy participate in his father's murder.
JJ: All this time he seemed to have such a normal, well-adjusted life.
Yeah, but there was always that void inside of him.
Even after he found out who his mother was, he still wanted to build a relationship.
And that's how she was able to play on his emotions.
And he wanted retribution for his mother, no matter the cost.
JJ: Sometimes we let the need to connect and bond with our families trump any kind of judgment.
Lewis: And that's more powerful than anyone can understand.
A dance of breeze from hush-a-bye mountain softly flow o'er lullaby bay it fills the sails of boats that are waiting waiting to sail your worries away it isn't far to hush-a-bye mountain and your boat waits down by the key the winds of night so softly are sighing soon they will fly your troubles to sea so close your eyes on hush-a-bye mountain wave good-bye to cares of the day and watch your boat from hush-a-bye mountain We need an ambulance now! So far away from lullaby bay