Criminal Minds s11e22 Episode Script

The Storm

1 Hotch: Previously on "Criminal Minds" Peter Lewis.
He had two very biological parents and they ran the foster home.
This has to be where all the victims stayed before they were adopted and their names were changed.
It looks like we found Mr.
I win.
Reid: He surrendered.
He surrendered? That doesn't make sense.
Hotch: Antonia Slade.
She was a serial killer captured 15 years ago, right? She started this runaway hotline in order to lure her preferred victims, young teens, to her home.
What happened to your baby, Antonia? I can't tell you that.
But as a reward for being so clever, I will tell you this.
There's a storm coming, Agent Hotchner, and you're about to be swept away.
Ohh, this reminds me of that morning in Budapest.
As I recall, that particular breakfast lasted all day.
Well, we could try that again.
Except you'd have to call in sick.
That's very tempting.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Joy wants to facetime.
Well, you should get it.
No! She'll recognize your house.
I can't lie to her.
Then don't.
Let's just tell her we're just seeing each other again.
You're happy, I'm happy.
She will be, too.
This is a big deal, and I just think that we should Tell her when she comes to visit.
[Call ends.]
[Cell phone rings.]
Ohh Do you think she knows? She's a reporter.
I think she might have a hunch.
The thing is, you have to take the time or it just flies by.
I know.
I've heard Alaskan cruises are pretty amazing.
Mom has a phobia.
Of water or-- cruise ships, specifically.
- Ok.
But she's good to fly? - Yeah.
All right, so there's gotta be a place she's always mentioned she wanted to go.
What's the first thing that pops into your head? Uh, it's Paris, actually.
Book that.
You're right.
Thank you.
If we're talking about vacations, guess where I'm going.
To visit Emily? Yes.
How did you know that? Because nothing else would make you this excited.
Have you ever been to London before? Yes.
One time, 4 years ago.
It was work/slash/play.
This is gonna be all play.
I am leaving all my phones at home.
You're right.
That's not true.
I'm going to bring them all, but I'm going to put them on airplane mode most of the time.
Baby steps.
That's right, mate.
Oh, I am putting the kettle on.
Would anyone like a proper cup? Yeah.
Tea, which is a lot Dr.
who, you guys.
No big deal.
[Doorbell ring.]
You getting all packed up? Uh-huh.
We're running a little bit late, so - Ok.
- Good morning.
JJ: Hi.
Did you bring the comics? Yeah, the new one comes out today.
We really appreciate you giving us a drive again.
Sure, absolutely.
JJ: Ok, let's get you packed up.
Let's grab your lunch.
Right here.
- You got everything? - Jack: Yeah Yeah.
No com--you're not gonna bring comics to school, all right? MPD! I'm on the job.
Drop your weapon.
I'm Aaron Hotchner with the FBI.
We know who you are.
Lower your gun.
Who sent you? Hotch.
This is a mistake.
Daddy, what's going on? It's ok, Jack.
On your knees.
Hands behind your back.
Is this really necessary? Now! Daddy It's ok, Jack.
It's a big mistake and everything's gonna be all right.
Daddy Dad! Reid: Where's Hotch being held? I don't know yet.
I have calls out.
Metro SWAT took him in? Yeah, but it has to be bigger than that.
JJ's on her way here right now.
She couldn't explain everything on the phone because she's with the kids.
Ok, maybe Hotch was swatted.
That's an extreme prank that gamers pull on their opponents, where they fake a 911 call on them.
It's recently escalated among celebrities.
If it was a prank, they wouldn't have arrested him.
Unless they didn't know.
If someone called 911 and said that Hotch is a threat, SWAT has to respond.
Which means somewhere there's a record of that call.
Yeah, on it.
Hey, guys! Hi, Uncle Spencer.
Oh, hello! How are you doing, Henry? Good.
Everybody's gonna hang out at mom's work today.
Oh, that sounds super fun.
Have you been practicing the magic trick I taught you, Jack? Can I go to my dad's office? Yeah, of course.
Come on, fellas, let's go find something to get into.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
This way.
It's bad.
How much did they see? All of it.
[Text message tone.]
Which is why I figured this is the safest place to bring them.
Just got word.
He's downtown.
[Tires squeal.]
We're boarding now.
That's the BAU unit chief.
You've made a mistake.
Dave, tell Jack I'm ok.
Aaron, what's going on? - We're set.
- Then let's go.
Criminal Minds 11x22 The Storm @elderman Lewis: "The sea is dangerous "and its storms terrible.
"But these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore.
" Ferdinand Magellan.
I need to let my son know that I'm all right.
He's with Agent Jareau.
I want my phone call.
You haven't even asked why you're here.
It doesn't matter.
It's either a mistake or I'm being framed.
This came in today at 7:23 am.
[Line ringing.]
What is your emergency? Hello? 911.
Is anyone there? Hotch's voice: Today will change everything.
I'm sorry, sir.
Will you repeat that, please? Today will change everything.
Interrogator: What does that mean? I don't know because I didn't make that call.
The call was traced to your cell phone, and voice recognition says it's you.
Today will change everything.
I'm sorry, sir.
Will you repeat that, please? Today will change everything.
[Recording turns off.]
How did they do that? Spoofing tech makes it seem like it's coming from Hotch's cell and using his voice.
That takes skill.
It's subtle, but his inflection changes.
It sounds like the words are spliced together.
Let's look up all BAU press conferences led by Hotch.
Maybe this unsub Frankensteined his voice.
He's being held by the DOJ, the Inspector General's office.
That makes sense.
It's the Internal Affairs of the parent agency of the Bureau.
They probably heard what we heard.
They should be defending him, not charging him.
Whoever's doing this wants me here instead of investigating.
There has to be a bigger plan because they want my team distracted.
Do you have a storage unit in Reston, Virginia? My wife an I had one.
It's been cleared out for years.
Why did you rent a van last week? I didn't.
Have you ever purchased nitromethane diesel fuel, blasting caps, or ball bearings? No.
- You sure about that? - Yes.
My door was kicked in 2 1/2 hours ago.
How long have you had this? We've been watching you, for weeks.
With these 3 press conferences, we can prove to the Inspector General's office that Hotch's 911 call was spliced together.
That's a good start, but they're not gonna listen to anything we have to say until we give them a viable suspect.
Especially with explosives in play.
They planted enough on Hotch to make it look like he was ready to blow up a city block.
Rossi: Ok, back to basics.
Someone's framing Hotch.
Who would want to? He's put away a lot of people.
We've seen the lengths that Chaz Montolo went to against Morgan for revenge.
We shouldn't underestimate anything.
Not even Montolo could pull this off.
This is multi-faceted, calculated for maximum disruption.
Attacking Hotch in his home, separating him from us.
We should focus on unsubs that are sophisticated enough to carry of this coordinated of an attack.
How are you doing with the cell spoofing technology? Ok, there's a few of them.
If you were gonna go down and dirty, that would be Shadow Cell.
There's other, higher-end apps-- Spoof Me, the Storm, Gamercall-- Wait.
What was that middle one, the Storm? Yeah.
Why? That was Antonia's message to Hotch.
"There's a storm coming, and you'll be swept away.
" I don't know about you, but this feels like a massive storm.
It can't be a coincidence.
Yeah, but there's no way she could have pulled this off from inside prison.
But she knew about it enough to toy with Hotch.
Anybody want to go slap that smirk off her face? Yeah, she's been pulling strings since we met her.
She wanted the BAU's attention, but why? Her narcissism.
We each spent time with her, a lot of it.
But she didn't mention the storm until Hotch went back to question her again.
It was a retort, after Hotch exposed her past.
And her son.
[Door buzzes open.]
[Door closes.]
You enjoying this? I'm a creature of habit.
I prefer we do this in my cell.
If you really wanted the BAU to suffer, you wouldn't have warned us.
You'd only warn us if there was something in it for you.
Oh, you really are smart.
So it got me thinking.
You're in here for life.
What could you possibly gain? Your son was born when you were only 14.
Which would make him 43 now? Your family was ashamed.
So he was raised away from you.
But you never lost touch with him.
Have you always lived on the sappy side, or did that come out when you became a mother? The only reason you warned Agent Hotchner about this storm is because your son had something to do with it.
And now you need our help.
Not as much as you need mine.
Your son framed a federal agent and manipulated special weapons and tactics operatives to do it.
So, here's the thing about SWAT.
They don't like being manipulated.
So now your son is on a shoot first, ask questions later list.
I want him taken into custody, alive.
Of course you do.
What mother wouldn't? The truth is, I can't really promise you what will happen if he gets caught.
You won't let him get killed.
I know you.
You took an oath and too goody-two-shoes to break it.
Yeah, yesterday, yesterday I wouldn't have.
But that was before your son had armed men point guns in the same room as my son.
So, when we find him, this can go one of two ways.
Promise me he won't get hurt.
Give me his name.
This is Antonia's son.
His name's Asher Douglas.
He lives in northern Virginia.
Early 40s is old for a swatter.
But he's a match in every way that counts.
He purchased the Storm spoofing software, he bought several audio splicing programs.
And that's how he was able to make calls from Hotch's cell and sound like him.
Something about this doesn't fit.
It fits enough for me.
Let's go.
Swatting can fall in the spectrum of online psychopathy.
Men who express violent anti-social tendencies from behind a screen that the would never express in public.
But their patterns mirror that of a traditional psychopath, and specifically the fact that they get bored easily.
Which makes me think we'd see evidence of that in his browser history, but you didn't.
I thought he was covering his tracks.
Even if you're right, it doesn't change the fact that he made the 911 call.
We have to arrest him.
Hotch is depending on us.
Who gave you probable cause to put me under surveillance? A confidential source.
Tell me now or I will invoke.
You know who needs lawyers? Guilty people.
Smart people.
So lay out your entire case to me right now or every attorney I know will drop everything and come help me.
We got a tip from a source.
And it was very convincing.
Antonia Slade.
No, not Slade.
Agent: All right, we're recording with Peter Lewis, aka Mr.
Do you swear under penalty of perjury that the testimony you are about to give is the truth? Most certainly.
Agent: And with advice of counsel You've gotta be kidding.
Agent: You are giving this testimony of your own free will? Mr.
Scratch: Yes, that is correct.
I'm not doing this to cut a deal.
The world needs to know what kind of man Aaron Hotchner really is.
Turn around show me your hands.
Whatever you're holding, drop it.
But then it will break.
Drop it or I will shoot you.
[Cocks weapon.]
I said drop it! Wait, hold! Everyone hold.
Asher, if you show us what you're holding and it isn't dangerous, we'll let you keep it.
Why would it be dangerous? Because we're with the police and we have to be prepared for the worst.
You're not the police.
You're with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
You're Dr.
Spencer Reid.
You're supervisory Special Agent David Rossi.
I researched all of you to decide who would be the best one to SWAT, before landing on Agent Aaron Hotchner, since he is the team leader, obviously.
Can I see what's in your hands? Slowly.
They're, um, my version of the A-9 chip, only mine are better.
Can you set them down so we can talk? Sure.
I need to put these on you, ok? But it's for your own protection.
There, let's go.
We should secure the house, but we're not gonna find anything else here.
Best hope is to get him talking, but that could be tough.
Why? Well, he displays both collecting behavior and unique dysgraphia traits in his handwriting.
I'm pretty sure he's autistic.
It was march of last year.
I dosed Agent Hotchner with a dissociative drug.
Agent: What did this drug do? It put you in a state where you experienced a waking dream.
Now, I try to get my victims to see their worst nightmares.
But Agent Hotchner, well He went in his own direction.
Agent: What do you mean by that? He started rambling about how I killed his team, which I expected.
But then He started to laugh Like he was delighted.
And I'll be honest with you, in that moment, I was scared Of him.
Of what he could do to his own team.
Or his own son, for that matter.
I was scared-- why would you believe anything he says? We didn't.
But it got us digging, into you.
What about me? Was your wife killed because of your responsibilities with this job? Yes.
Did you question your commitment to the BAU after her murder? Yes.
And how does that connect to this? Because it was then that you started dismissing procedure.
I did not.
You faked Agent Prentiss' death.
You rubber-stamped the unjustified shooting, by Agent Rossi, of the man who killed Jason Gideon, giving him a pass for the same crime you expelled Agent Greenaway for 10 years ago.
Each of those instances was a judgment call.
And it's a waste of our time for me to justify each one.
But I can.
Because this last one is one you have no defense for.
He subjected you to a very powerful drug Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Ohh! One that with other victims led to psychotic breaks.
Now, why wouldn't you include that in your Bureau psychological evaluation? Agent? Agent? We're looking at a case of counterfeit deviance.
If Asher is autistic, he has trouble reading social cues.
Yeah, but in this case we're dealing with somebody high-functioning.
What used to be labeled Asperger's syndrome.
And that's where the counterfeit deviance comes in.
Documented examples include high-functioning autistics who collect child porn or pretend to plan a school shooting.
They know that there's power in those images and those actions, but for them there's no paraphilia behind it.
They don't derive pleasure from it.
What I don't see is evidence of someone who's interested in explosives.
We need to rule out-- That someone is pulling his strings just like he's been pulling ours.
I'd like to-- Go.
Just do it.
And hurry.
I'm going to jail, aren't I? Not if you cooperate.
All right.
I did it.
All of it.
See, I don't think you did.
Even the way you just said that sort of sounds to me like someone who's maybe protecting a partner.
Would a partner have the skill set to splice Agent Aaron Hotchner's voice into a 911 call? Something no gamer's ever done before? No.
I did that.
How much do you know about nitromethane? It's the simplest organic nitro compound.
It has an R.
factor of 1.
That's its relative effectiveness compared to-- TNT? Right? Have you ever bought it? No point.
What would I do with it? Well, when Agent Hotchner was arrested, they found that he had bought some.
I think it was planted on him, and I don't think you would do that.
I get-- this isn't self-harm.
I used to do that.
I don't do it anymore.
Instead I do this.
To control how you feel when you get confused? Yes.
You know, I get confused a lot, too, Asher.
It's actually one of the reasons I decided to study behavioral analysis.
And I don't think my friend would buy 40 gallons of nitromethane.
But yours might.
40 gallons? Does that mean something to you? Yeah.
We talked about it once.
How much of a city you could wipe out with 40 gallons.
It was a hypothetical, like if you had the biggest chemistry set in the world.
I don't think it was a hypothetical, Asher.
He lied to me.
He did.
Help me, and I'll make sure that never happens again.
The reason I didn't mention the drugging is I knew how it would be received.
That someone at the DOJ would misinterpret, and someone else would use it to their advantage.
That's one profile.
Here's another.
"The most common trait is an unyielding belief "he is always right, "often reinforced by traumatic loss.
"The suspect will purposefully separate himself from is co-workers "and quietly keep score, "cataloging every slight against him.
"He will then use those slights to justify his own self-interest.
"One final trigger, "like a violent confrontation or a drug-induced episode will push him over the edge.
" Sound familiar? Of course.
It's my profile on workplace shooters.
And now it fits you.
"Today will change everything.
" What did you think, that I was going to blow up my team? Turn my son into an orphan? And then--and this is the part I argue against in the profile-- I would call 911 and tell you what I was about to do? I want to believe you.
But I can't.
If I can direct your attention to Rossi's phone, I will introduce you to Eric Rawdon.
He has had multiple IRC chats with Asher until he was arrested for criminal conspiracy.
Rossi: Conspiracy with who? Garcia: Well, it looks like a bunch of anarchists.
Rawdon isn't necessarily an anarchist himself, but he did want to make something go boom.
So he's charismatic, duplicitous.
I mean, he'd have to be to persuade a bunch of anarchists to rally around him.
What's the overlap with Hotch? Our gone but not forgotten and soon to be recovered Sir Hotchner wrote up up a profile on rawdon, which he defended in court.
And this is revenge.
No, we know it's bigger than that.
But there's no way Rawdon could have pulled this off while in prison.
Garcia, what was the last contact Rawdon had with Asher? Uh, emails from last week.
The IP addresses are from all over the state, but none from Virginia super Max prison where Rawdon currently resides.
So someone else took over the account, or multiple someones depending on who's still supporting Rawdon.
I'm gonna add "word" to the end of Tara's last sentiment, because whoever is sending these emails has gone hog wild over the last 12 hours, and the message is always the same-- "the storm breaks tonight.
Get his bed ready.
" That's reminiscent of the emails the 911 hijackers sent to each other, weeks before the attack.
Coded messages like, "this summer will surely be hot.
" It was their way of saying the plan is set.
Except this is "the storm breaks tonight.
" He's planning a prison break.
D-block secure.
Clocking out for the night.
[Cell door unlocks.]
Get back in your cell.
Control, I got a faulty door on D-28.
Get back in now or I'll make you.
[cell door unlocks.]
We've got multiple cells open on D-block.
Lock down whole wing.
Repeat, multiple cells open! [Shouting.]
[Alarm buzzing.]
Somebody copy.
The control room is empty.
We have multiple cells open.
Nobody's running the show! [Weapon cocks.]
[Gun blast.]
Warden: That's affirmative, Agent Rossi.
The riot just started here in VA Max.
Focus all your efforts on finding Rawdon.
We need him alive.
Has anyone escaped? We don't know.
We're still trying to secure the prison.
Ok, warden, we're 5 minutes out.
Guys, the swatting, the reference to Asher-- this is exactly the larger plan we profiled.
It worked.
Rawdon has another group he's been working from the inside.
By the time we clear Hotch, they'll be gone.
Who's Eric Rawdon? He's behind this.
Maybe he's your partner.
If that were true, you'd have evidence.
I do.
The storage locker, your name, the supplies.
You're grasping.
And I'll tell you why.
You need me here as cover for missing a major terrorist incident.
It's a prison break.
Not to Rawdon.
His dream has always been to set off a bomb in a major metropolitan area.
Not for any political or ideological reason, he just wants to see a city burn.
And you're letting it happen.
Now you're grasping.
Am I? Ask yourself one question.
Am I more helpful here, mentally preparing a report to the subcommittee that's gonna haul you in, or out there, catching Rawdon? [Siren.]
SSA Rossi.
Warden Nabb.
Your call came in, it's too late, Agent.
Have you located Eric Rawdon? Not yet.
The rioters still control 3 blocks, and the fires inside have spread us thin.
Warden, this isn't a riot.
It's a break.
They'll never get over the wall.
They may have some other way out.
Every part of this plan has been meticulously crafted.
We got a distress call that some of the prisoners got to the gun safe.
First priority is to secure the control room.
Got one! Where are the others? How are they getting out? Freeze! Shh! You got a flashlight? Captain, we got a tunnel.
Rossi, we got a tunnel in C-block along the sewer line on the east wall.
Copy, Tara.
We're on our way.
Including Rawdon? Kershaw and Bring, you stay here in case more prisoners come back through.
We should keep moving to the control room.
We should also sweep E-block.
Rawdon could be holed up there.
Captain, I'll stay on your six.
Fine by me.
Just watch your front sight.
Warden: Captain.
Go ahead.
Just got a sit rep.
The prisoners have the control room.
Copy that.
It's gonna get hairy in there.
They're not gonna give it up without a fight.
I need you to stay here.
Copy that.
I'll wait for your signal.
One man down.
Everyone else ok? We're good.
It's a trap! Captain, do you copy? Captain? Dr.
Lewis? Ennis? Huh.
I thought that was you.
What are you doing here? You should know.
They sent me here right after you finished interviewing me.
I don't appreciate my words being used against me, Tara.
Ennis, I had nothing to do with-- Then why was I transferred? It must have been that they read what you wrote in the report about me and assumed that I was like Them.
Who's "them," Ennis? The worst of the worst.
Don't you know where you are? This is the serial killer wing.
We're all clear.
Take the automatic weapons, their uniforms, and vests.
We're going out the same way they came in.
One problem.
We have feds in A- and E-block.
We'll take care of E-block ourselves.
As for A, I held back the monsters for a reason.
Ennis, don't.
I've dreamed of this, Tara.
Dreamed of it.
I will shoot you.
I mean it.
There's only one problem.
[Cell unlocking.]
You can't take us all.
[Multiple cells unlocking.]
JJ, Reid, backup, now! Ohh! On our way.
Backup's not coming.
Don't do this, Ennis, please.
Are you trying to beg your way out of this? I'm trying to save your life.
Look behind you.
Aah! Uhh! That's Reid and JJ.
Flash-bang! Where's the bomb? You'll never stop it in time.
Last time you were going to assemble them in one of 3 locations, and you're too compulsive to deviate.
Arlington, but they're looking for you there.
Appomattox county is too far away.
They're at the Ivory Tower.
What? That's not true! What's the Ivory Tower? A safe house for fundamentalist groups.
Garcia, we got a location.
I need you to give it to all available SWAT resources.
Let's go.
Up! [Sirens.]
Come on, get this thing airborne! Hotch: "The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.
" Alexandr Solzhenitsyn.
Are you ok? Mm.
Is it over? Hope so.
Where are the boys? In the office.
What you doin'? Drawing.
Can I take a look? No.
Are you ok? Yeah, I'm ok.
How about you? I'm fine.
You ready to go? Sure.
Rough night? Yeah.
Don't go.
I think I fooled myself into thinking that things would be different.
I think you did, too.
It is different.
David, the job will always be the same.
But I'm different.
Do me just one favor.
Before you make any decision Meet my team.
They're the only family I have outside of you and Joy.
I walked away 30 years ago.
I'm not walking away this time.
On one condition.
That we call our daughter back.
[Doorbell rings.]
And there they are.
Please, come in.
Spence, Tara, this is Hayden Montgomery.
[Speaking French.]
Vous parlez francais tres bien, madame.
She's my favorite so far.
This way.
Keep your eyes on him.
He's very sneaky with his cards.
There's nothing sneaky about it.
It is merely magic.
I need you to blow on this card, please.
You blow.
And this is your card.
That's not your card? Wait.
Hold on.
This is your card.
Are you serious? That's not your card? Hold on.
Oh Is that your card? Ohh! How did you do that?! I had a hard time putting both boys down last night.
They couldn't sleep? Other way around.
I didn't want to leave them.
How are things on your end? You know, fortunately Jack doesn't remember a lot about Haley's death.
He knows the story, but he was young.
That's a good thing.
That's a very good thing.
But he's not going to forget seeing me at gunpoint.
I just don't want this job to take anything else away from him.
Well, maybe it gives him something, too.
You're his hero.
Not a pretend hero, a real hero.
Well, he's growing up.
He's not going to feel that way for too much longer.
Nah, you can worry about that later.
Just be his dad.
Enjoy that.
Wait, don't move.
Oh, no.
What? What? Oh, my God, you have something in your hair! [Laughing.]
Ha ha ha ha! Holy guacamole! [Laughing.]
Aah! It could be my roots and bourbon over ice we could be free I got time for you and you got time for me up to the moon [Laughter, indistinct chatter.]
Before it's gone all too soon before it gets too high in June you let it out you let it out [Cell phone beeps.]
you let it out and take me away from you I hope the night keeps I'll be right back.
My troubles on the beach and this life is not free as you come and keep me as you come and keep me What is it now? 3 more prison breaks in 3 different states, all organized by Rawdon's partners from his last bombing attempt.
The local field office got a head start because of what we did.
They stopped the bomb threat, but-- Who didn't they catch? All have serial killer wings just like VA Max.
Let me guess.
They were released first to cause maximum chaos and occupy law enforcement.
A lot of them were killed or recaptured, but not all of them.
How many got away? As of right now, 13 serial killers, one of which is Peter Lewis.
That's why he testified against you.
He was part of their plan all along.
So we have to catch him again, along with 12 other murderers.