Criminal Minds s11e21 Episode Script

Devil's Backbone

1 Oh, no, no, no.
People, when are you gonna learn the white power speak just ain't gonna fly? “The Viscount & The Maiden”? What's a Viscount? I think it's like a pirate.
I should get a copy of this, read it to my lady Friday night.
You got plans this weekend? Ah, watch the game, chill with Jasmine.
Jasmine? Isn't that your cat? What the hell? Two years ago, 12-year old Adam Morrissey vanished on his way from school from Franklin, Virginia.
At the time, he was living with his mother, who had just gone through a bitter divorce.
I remember this.
His mother and local authorities believed he was abducted by his father and taken to Mexico.
And then 3 months after that, 13-year-old Jimmy Bennett went missing from Richmond, Virginia, 75 miles away.
He was in foster care because both of his parents were drug addicts.
He had run away once before, so police assumed that it happened again.
The cases were thought to be unrelated until last night.
That is when prison guards at Fletcham Correctional Center intercepted an incoming package containing the clothes both boys were last seen in.
DNA samples from skin cells found on the clothing were confirmed to match the missing boys, so we know the items are authentic.
And there's dried blood on the clothes.
That's not a good sign.
Reid: Who was the package being sent to? Hotch: Antonia Slade.
Rossi: You don't say.
She was a serial killer captured 15 years ago, right? The Runaway killer.
She was a clinical social worker and she started this Runaway hotline in order to lure her preferred victims, young teens, to her home.
Gideon was on that case.
It says here that she lived with her long-time lover Phil Garmin, who shot himself when police arrived.
They found 9 bodies-- 5 girls, 4 boys-- wrapped in plastic, encased behind the drywall of her basement.
All the victims had been shot in the back of the head.
It drove Gideon crazy that she never talked about the murders after her arrest.
She never explained why she did it.
And she never has.
Lewis: Any information on the package itself? The package was postmarked in Roanoke.
The return address was the prison.
When police went to question the post office, no one could recall who sent it.
Ok, I'm going to ask the obvious question here, but to we really think these boys are still alive? Based on the clothes, I'd say it doesn't bode well.
Well, there is the timing of the package.
I mean, why send it now, two years after the kidnappings, if the boys have long been dead? Someone might be trying to replicate one of Antonia's crimes.
The boys were too young when they were taken, but they'd be the right age now.
What if Antonia's orchestrating this entire thing from behind bars? We need to talk to her.
[Door closes.]
Get up, Antonia.
FBI's coming to question you.
Would you like to know why? All right, I'll play.
I'd like to tell you, but nothing comes for free.
Name your price.
Look at you champing at the bit, waiting for your next promotion.
Would my first confession do? Or better yet My first explanation.
That'll work.
Well, let me tell you about Helen McGill.
Victim number 4, as the police called her.
She'd been living in my house a week when the poor lamb complained of a tummy ache one night.
She said she needed to throw up.
Oh, my God.
It hurts so much.
I held her hand.
What is that? What are you doing to me? No, please don't do that.
I'll follow the rules.
[Teakettle whistling.]
I gave her a cup of mint tea.
You think that's funny? I do.
Because now you won't know why the FBI's coming.
And I'm keeping you in solitary at least an extra month.
I already know why.
It's about the package of bloody clothes from those missing boys.
Send the FBI in when they arrive, you tell them I got certain requirements.
[Buzzer, door closes.]
Criminal Minds 11x21 Devil's Backbone @elderman Hotch: “Don't you know there comes a midnight hour when everyone has to take off his mask?” Soren Kierkegaard.
You must be Agent Hotchner.
Yes, sir.
This is Agent Jareau.
I'm the warden here.
Bart Shulman.
How long has Antonia Slade been in solitary? 4 weeks.
We found a road map of the state in her cell.
She claims that a groupie sent it and we missed it during mail inspection.
Would you send a copy of her mail and visitor log to our analyst in Quantico, please.
No problem.
Does she have a lot of groupies? You wouldn't think.
But every so often some sick son of a bitch shows up outside our gates hoping she'll see him.
And does she? No.
No, other than her lawyer when she was first incarcerated, she refused to see anyone till now.
Open the gate [buzzer.]
Did she say anything when she agreed to see us? Yes.
She'll only see you one at a time.
She insisted on it.
She says too many people make her feel claustrophobic.
She's in C-306.
And you remember not to take anything from her or give her anything.
Open 306.
Slade? I'm Aaron Hotchner.
I'm with the FBI.
There are two boys missing in Virginia.
Adam Morrissey and Jimmy Bennett.
Do you know anything about them? A box with some of their clothes was delivered here addressed to you.
Do you know who sent it? Antonia, I realize you have no reason to help us.
But you did agree to see me, and that tells me you have something to say.
Right now you hold all the cards.
You're the only one who can break this case open, and we need your help.
“All work and no play makes Agent Hotchner a dull boy.
” she's always refused visitors until now.
So why play a mind game? To be honest, did she really have a choice with us showing up? Maybe her silence was a form of protest.
It could be a gender bias.
And Hotch represents the establishment.
Plus I'm sure she hasn't forgotten that the BAU put her away.
It could simply be about power and control.
Lewis: Now, that's true.
I mean, she chose victims she could easily dominate, and even after she was arrested, she withheld information to maintain control.
JJ: So she needs to feel important.
What are you thinking, Hotch? She was writing in a notebook when I walked in.
And after I introduced myself, she turned the page and wrote this.
There's an imprint of what she was writing before on that note.
Get that to the lab.
I don't know why I had to see it with my own eyes.
It's completely understandable.
Adam was a midfielder.
Whenever there wasn't practice or a game, he'd kick the soccer ball by himself in the backyard.
The other boy, Jimmy Bennett's family, did they come, too? His father's on the way.
I wonder if he feels as guilty as I do.
I didn't even Don't beat yourself up.
And don't give up hope.
Hope he's still alive? Or hope you'll find a body? Hope we get some answers.
[Door opens and closes.]
Hi, Antonia.
I'm Agent Jennifer Jareau from the BAU.
This ulcer is from diabetes.
Had it over a year.
Just won't heal.
Doc says if it gets infected, I might just have to have my foot cut off.
So, what can I do for you, Agent Jareau from the BAU? I think you know.
Will you tell me about the missing boys and who sent their clothes to you? Well, that's a heavy subject.
We just met.
Why don't you tell me something about yourself first.
What would you like to know? Where are you from? Western Pennsylvania.
A country girl.
Grew up on a farm? Mm-hmm.
Me, too.
You an only child? No.
I was.
But I suppose it was good training for solitary confinement.
So about those clothes that were sent to you.
Those clothes.
Everybody's asking me about those clothes.
It gets so tedious.
They were sent by a zealous fan.
Do you have any idea how much mail I get? Ridiculous, fawning letters.
I barely read 'em before I toss 'em.
Well, you must have some idea who sent the clothes to you.
Did he tell you a package was on its way? He? Well Well, now that you mention it, it could be Steven.
Or John.
He had a crush on me.
Or maybe it was Edward.
Tom, Dick, or Harry.
Look, the missing boys were taken-- How long have you been with the BAU? 11 years.
Are you respected as much as Agent Hotchner? Yes.
Really? You and he are treated just exactly the same? Other than the fact that he's the head of the team, yes.
Well, Agent Jareau, just in the short time that we've been speaking, I can tell that you're very capable and intelligent.
I have no doubt in my mind that you are smarter than Agent Hotchner, so therefore you should be head of the BAU.
But you're not, are you? Because the world first and foremost sees you as a young, attractive woman.
Am I right? But if I were you, I'd just stop worrying about being nice and well-liked and just take charge.
But you're not me.
No, unfortunately I'm not.
I'm just old and withering on the vine and I can barely walk.
Do you know what I crave now? Comfort and familiarity.
And if you do something for me, I think I can do something for you.
And what's that? I know I'm never gonna be released, but I would like a transfer back home to a prison in Kentucky so I can smell the bluegrass hills again.
It's not possible.
Well, until you can step up and make that possible, I got nothing more to say to you.
One thing I learned, she likes being in solitary.
I'm pretty sure she tries to get sent there.
So why ask for a transfer now? She never has before.
She knows she has leverage.
What if it's to escape? I mean, she had a road map in her cell.
Well, she'd need outside help.
Given her devotees, that isn't hard to find.
She even had inside help when she tried escaping before, from two other inmates and a new prison guard.
This could be another attempt.
JJ: Penelope.
At your service.
Hey, uh, did you get the mail and visitor records from the prison? Yeah.
She was not lying when she said she has mucho numeros fans.
She gets about 4 to 5 letters a week, mostly from men.
Who knew there were so many male hybristophiles? Has she ever written any of them back? No.
She's only written one letter, back in 2000, to the editor of a newspaper, claiming libel.
Apparently they claimed she admitted to killing those runaway teens, saying they were a scourge to society.
So she's an extreme narcissist.
She wants to control exactly how she's perceived.
Female narcissists have a need to feel superior to others.
I'd expect her to love the adulation from the groupies, so it's sort of shocking that she's ignored them all.
What if she hasn't? Maybe she has sent letters back but not through official channels because she knew there'd be a record.
We need a list of everyone in the prison who's had regular contact with Antonia.
Guards, medical personnel, other inmates before she was in solitary confinement.
[Cell phone beeps.]
I'm on that.
Lab has an imprint of the letter Antonia was writing when Hotch showed up.
“When I think that proof alone will never beat faulty logic, “I bleed twice, once for myself “and once for the others who suffer beside me.
“So I rely on the sound of rain to relieve the monotony of my days.
” I gotta say, it sounds pretty innocuous.
Well, one thing is certain.
She's writing to someone.
Her letters are leaving the prison somehow.
There's something strange about this.
The language feels stilted and too formal.
It could be a code.
I agree, although it's more likely a cipher with a symmetrical key.
You think you could break it? Not yet.
I'm gonna talk to her.
[Buzzer, door opens.]
My name is Dr.
Spencer Reid.
This is a copy of a letter you wrote earlier.
What happened to the original? Oh, my.
You're not terribly bright, are you? I threw it out.
It's been incinerated by now.
I know there's a cipher in it.
You wouldn't have gone to that much trouble to destroy it-- You got everyone fooled, don't you, calling yourself doctor.
Who is this for, and who helped you send it? You're really a phony, a puffed up little fraud.
Is that why you're sad? I know what you're doing and it won't work.
You're treating us all in the opposite way that we're used to being treated because you want to throw my team off balance.
You're not a complete idiot.
I still think you look sad.
Why is that? Because two boys are missing.
It goes deeper than that.
I haven't seen it in a while, but it looks very much likeGrief? Who'd you lose? Someone in your family? A good friend? Ahh.
What's your friend's name? Don't you want to know about the missing boys? Derek Morgan.
We worked together.
Derek Morgan.
I'm guessing you have to suppress your grief around your teammates because they aren't quite as affected.
They didn't lose a protector, did they? What about the boys? You've lost protectors before, haven't you? That's what makes it so hard, history repeating itself.
Well, now we got that out of the way Give me the letter.
Don't you want to know the cipher key? I'll show you.
It's ok.
They took away my pencils.
This is the man you're looking for.
And by the way, in case you were wondering, those boys are still alive.
For how long? Off you go, little Spencer.
Adam, wake up.
Adam! You ok? It's so cold.
I'm digging a tunnel, ok? I'm gonna get us out of here.
[Dogs barking, scratching.]
He's coming.
She wrote “CH” in my hand, but there's no one in the mail or visitor logs with those initials.
We were talking about the letter at the time, so it could have something to do with the cipher.
Hey, so we checked with the Roanoke Post Office.
We showed them photos of Antonia's Virginia based fans.
Still nothing.
Let's think about the unsub.
We know he's one of her followers.
It's plausible he sent the clothes to impress her.
He kidnapped the boys just to get her attention? We talked about someone trying to replicate one of her crimes.
She never held two boys captive for a long period, though.
No, but Antonia picked up two boys at the same time.
One of them escaped.
Hector Ramon.
He and another runaway he befriended, Sam Meckler, called a hotline one night when the temperature dropped below freezing.
It says Hector described her as a loving mother at first.
She made soup and sandwiches.
I had a warm bed to sleep in for the first time in a year, but after a week or so, she changed.
She would get mad about small things.
If we left the cap off the toothpaste or spilled something, she would say, “You're old enough to understand the rules.
You must atone when you break them.
” “Pretty soon I knew she wasn't the nice lady she pretended to be, and she wouldn't let us leave.
” When did he escape? 3 weeks after they arrived.
His friend Sam was too scared to leave with him and ended up being Antonia's last victim.
We need to talk to Antonia again, but I think we've been approaching this wrong.
It's time we use her rules against her.
I just talked to the prison.
They're looking at inmates and personnel who've had regular contact with Antonia Slade.
One guard in particular, Orel Wilbur, has had more contact than anyone.
He's picked up extra shifts in units where Antonia has been held, and this week he volunteered to fill in for a sick guard in solitary.
That can't be a coincidence.
Antonia Slade sent mail out of prison that was never logged.
Someone had to help her do that.
We have video footage of you outside of her cell yesterday, and it looks to me like you purposely blocked her view of the camera.
Was that so she could slip you a letter? It's not what you think.
The letters were all harmless.
I read them.
I wouldn't send them if I thought they were dangerous.
Who were the letters for? Different men.
Her fans, I guess.
Why did you help her? Do you like her, romantically? No.
I'm not one of those sickos who idolize her.
Well, then why do it? What do you get out of the deal? It's complicated.
I think I can keep up.
Antonia has a lot of influence in the prison.
Other inmates respect her.
They're also scared of her.
Do you know what I think? I think there is another inmate that you do like, and Antonia protects your friend as long as you send her mail.
Am I right? Yesterday you sent a letter.
Who was it for? John Smith.
[Buzzer, door opens.]
Good afternoon.
I'm FBI Agent Rossi.
This is Dr.
We're with the BAU.
Midday slump, huh? Yeah, I get that, too.
Right about the time of day I need a gallon of coffee.
What is so difficult about following one simple rule? Oh, you mean seeing us one at a time? Yeah.
That's not gonna work for us anymore.
We're here because we have just one question for you.
Who is John Smith? Hmm.
I don't think she's gonna talk to us.
Guard! I'm not surprised.
Gideon said the reason she never spoke about the murders was that she was all hat, no cattle.
How so? Well, her lover, Phil Garmin, was the brains behind the operation.
The Runaway hotline was all his idea.
Pedophile? Gideon thought so.
Antonia was just a helper.
She'd bring him victims.
Why not just admit that? Well, she'd lose her power and mystique.
That's all she has, especially now.
She protects herself by making people think she's dangerous.
I should include that in my research paper on vicarious killers.
What is taking so long? [Buzzer, door opens.]
Gideon was a fool.
Excuse me? Phil was not a pedophile? He had nothing to do with those children.
I know who you are now.
You're David Rossi.
You started BAU.
I read your books.
You're a bigger fool than Gideon was.
And Dr.
Lewis, what, are you some sort of forensic psychologist? Yes.
I study serial killers.
I bet you'd love to interview me.
Actually, no.
I mean, I do want to find out as much as I can about this case, but as a research subject, you don't interest me.
No offense.
You intrigue me.
If you get me a transfer to Kentucky, I will reveal all to you.
I don't think so.
You tell us where those missing boys are and then maybe we can talk about a transfer.
Lewis, why don't you and I talk alone.
I think we can work something out.
It's important for Antonia to feel dominant.
She establishes this by setting precise rules.
It means she wouldn't engage in a long-term relationship with the unsub if he wasn't submissive or detail oriented enough to follow these rules.
Her former partner Phil Garmin filled that model perfectly.
He was an accountant, who according to acquaintances, was robotic.
After he met Antonia, he had no other social contacts.
So the unsub we're looking for is very similar to Phil, a loner who is emotionally depended on Antonia and waits for her direction.
I have managed to narrow down the John Smiths in Virginia from 2,780 people down to 1,900 by eliminating anyone over the age of 70 and anyone under the age of 18.
But I still need more parameters.
John Smith has to be a pseudonym.
The guard said that Antonia wrote to different men, but what if it was the same man using different aliases? That's possible, but it doesn't hurt to keep looking.
Garcia, try single men who live alone and have a profession that requires attention to detail.
Healthcare, science, math.
Forging ahead with surgical precision.
Now that I have you alone, tell me something about yourself.
Such as? I don't know.
A little morsel from your childhood.
When I was 9 and my father was still in the army, we moved to Germany.
A lot of kids there had never seen a black child before.
One of the was a bully who used to follow me and taunt me in the halls.
One day I got to school and I saw he had drawn a swastika on my locker.
I reported him to the principal, and because of that, him and two of his buddies jumped me the next day after school.
And I was in the hospital for 3 days with a concussion and broken ribs.
That is a very compelling piece of fiction.
I believe you lived in Germany, but I don't think that story happened to you.
Why would a bully need two more people to beat up on one little girl? See, when I was a therapist, I learned that when somebody's story doesn't make sense, it's because they're lying.
All right, let's cut to the chase.
I need information that only you have.
So what do you really want from me? Now there's the real Dr.
Someone who's not afraid, who was never bullied.
What do I want from you? The truth.
I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself.
A version of that story happened to somebody close to you.
Who was it? You're wasting time.
I don't know how much longer those boys are gonna last.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Lab says the dried blood is canine and the stains are about 5 days old.
Rossi: So the unsub staged it.
Was it to impress Antonia or was it at her behest? Well, if the unsub did it, it would be a dramatic way to get her attention.
If she did it, it would be a way to get ours.
Adam's mother wanted to stay, and I didn't have the heart to ask her to leave.
I figured no one's using Morgan's old office yet.
[Cell phone beeps.]
Good idea.
Reid just broke the cipher.
I thought that Antonia had written the initials “CH” in my hand.
What he actually wrote was “C” plus plus, which is a programming language that uses hexadecimal code, or base 16, now, that means that the unsub is most likely a programmer or at least someone who works with computers.
Anyway, using an ASCII chart, you can translate between hexadecimal code and character equivalents, but the interesting thing is the entire letter isn't the message.
The actual message is hidden in a single sentence that's indicated by the number underlined in the date.
JJ: So the fourth sentence.
“When I think that truth alone “will never beat faulty logic, I bleed twice.
” now, if you count the letters in each word, you get a hexadecimal code which can then be translated into characters.
Kid, just tell us what it says.
“Atone full moon.
” JJ: Atone on the full moon? The full moon is tonight.
At exactly 10:36 pm, which means we have less than 5 hours.
The unsub's gonna kill those kids.
We have no idea where he is.
Antonia does.
We have to give her what she wants.
[Door opens.]
Get up! [Kicks.]
You, too.
Adam's sick.
He can die here, then.
No! He's ok.
Come on, Adam, get up.
Let's go! We're leaving! [Dogs barking.]
So is this the private jet for all inmates or just me? Well, you're not special, if that's what you're asking.
I don't want you to think that I'm ungrateful for this prison transfer, so I'm gonna share something with you.
The man you're looking for is trying to duplicate the circumstances of the two boys I crossed paths with.
Yeah, we figured that out already.
You told us you'd give us his location if we transferred you.
I don't know exactly where he is at the moment.
Other than mentioning the bluegrass hills, did she talk about any other connection to Kentucky? She told JJ she grew up on a farm.
She said she wants to go home, but somehow, she doesn't strike me as the sentimental type.
Why the transfer? What if that's where the unsub is? She wants to witness the murders.
[Loud rock music playing.]
[Vomiting, coughing.]
Adam threw up.
[Turns up volume.]
Come on, come on, come on, come on come on, yeah All right, thanks, Reid.
The unsub's on his way to Kentucky or he's already there.
What if the unsub is someone from her earlier life in Kentucky back when she was a social worker or maybe even her childhood? But the letters were sent to the unsub in Roanoke.
The package with the clothes came from Roanoke.
Well, it's possible that he moved to western Virginia to be close to her.
Look into all of her past relationships, professional and personal.
Garcia: Copy that.
You single, Dr.
Lewis? Why do you want to know? Just wondering if there was anybody you shared everything with.
I think you're like me.
Nobody really knows us.
Ich helfe Dir wenn die wahrheit sagt.
Wenn das alles vorbei ist.
He's bringing the children to Kentucky, right outside Lexington.
You found something? Yes, yes, yes.
I got a name.
It is one of Antonia's early patients when she first started as a social worker in Kentucky.
Claude Barlow.
He saw her twice a week for 3 years.
Then she moved to Virginia.
He followed her here.
He showed up at her new place of employment, the center for social services, multiple times, hoping to speak to her.
- And did he? - That's unclear.
The center filed a restraining order barring him from the premises for threatening and erratic behavior.
And that seemed to work, 'cause he disappeared until a month after her murder conviction.
Then, she showed up at the prison under the alias Peter Evans, hoping to speak to her but she refused.
This could be extreme transference, as the patient made a pathological attachment to his therapist.
And he couldn't move on after she terminated the therapy.
I'm guessing Antonia encouraged the dependence.
Not only that, he has a history of dangerous behavior.
She could be purposely fueling that.
Ok, Aaron, we're about to land.
Where's Claude Barlow going? Oh, good, you know his real name.
I wasn't quite sure what he goes by these days.
It's always changing.
It's 9:41.
We don't have time for games.
There's no address where Claude is, but I can take you there.
However, I do have one more request.
Check this out.
It's a home business run by Peter Evans, aka Claude Barlow, in Roanoke.
Didn't boy wonder say he'd worked with computers? That's gotta be him.
I'll go check it out, see if he left any clues behind.
What have you got, Dave? Undo my chains, Agent Rossi.
Look at me.
I can't run away.
Reid: Why is it so important to you? A little taste of freedom.
Probably the last one I'll ever have.
And if we don't? Well, you can take me straight to the new prison.
I'll leave the heroics to you.
Stand by, Dave.
Do you have an address in Kentucky for Claude Barlow? Uh The house he grew up in has changed owners twice since he left, and I have nothing for Antonia either.
Dave, do as she says.
Don't get comfortable.
My Glock's gonna be on you the entire time.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
It's time to meet your master.
Well, you got your wish.
Where to? Take highway 60 and head east.
This is so exciting, I feel like one of the team right now.
You shouldn't.
Maybe I can replace Agent Morgan.
All right, thanks, JJ.
Peter Evans' place was empty, but it looks like he was holding the boys there.
And I looked into the New Days Clinic.
That's where Antonia first met Claude Barlow.
It's been shut down for years, but the building has never been leased since because of a Radon leak underground.
So it's empty.
Well, it has significance to the unsub.
It's likely he would take the boys there.
[Cell phone rings.]
What do you have, Hotch? We think he's taking them to 8879 Rincon Street.
There's a possible address for Claude Barlow.
8879 Rincon Street.
The New Days Clinic? He's not there.
They're driving in the opposite direction of that building.
She could be playing us.
Pull over.
We need to turn around.
You better keep going.
I'm telling you, he's not at the clinic.
We used to take walks during our sessions.
I'm taking you to his favorite place.
Guys, it's 9:55.
If you go to the clinic, you're gonna miss saving those kids.
Maybe that's been your intention all along.
Just ahead there's a dirt road on the right.
You better take that road.
If you all thought I was coming here to witness the murders, why would I be going to so much trouble to miss it? We're gonna keep going, Hotch.
You're ok.
You're ok.
We've got you.
There's no one else here.
He took Adam.
Show us where you would take Claude.
Lewis: Let's go.
There's a trail-- Devil's Backbone.
Wait! It's that way.
Barlow: Let's go! Reid: Claude Barlow, FBI, drop the weapon! Where's Antonia? Let the boy go.
Did you bring her? She led us to you in order to stop you.
Put the gun down.
Shut up! Where is she?! Antonia! Let me talk to him.
We don't want to hurt you, Claude.
Let Adam go.
He's dead unless I see her.
Hey, Claude.
You came.
I want you to listen real carefully.
I got something to tell you.
But first It was all for you.
I did everything you said.
I know.
[Scala and Kolacny Brothers' “Creep” playing.]
[Whispering, inaudible.]
When you were here before couldn't look you in the eye I wish I was special [Gunshot.]
but I'm a creep I'm a weirdo what the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here and I'm a creep Lewis: “No man really knows about other human beings.
The best he can do is to suppose that they are like himself.
” John Steinbeck.
What am I doing here? I think I smell the cherry blossoms.
Yeah, me, too.
You were never really gonna transfer me, were you? No.
But you knew that, didn't you? I hope they haven't changed my old cell.
Jimmy Bennett's father beat the odds and actually got off drugs.
He's petitioning the court to regain full custody.
There's still one thing I didn't understand.
We know Antonia told Claude to send the clothes, which then got our attention, but why now? The boys were getting older.
He couldn't hold them much longer.
And don't forget boredom.
I mean, she had a really exciting couple of days there.
Not to brag, but we are more scintillating company than most inmates and guards.
I overheard the arrangement you made with Antonia in German.
You promised to tell her the truth after the case was over if she helped us out.
You gonna follow through? Hell, no.
Look, of all the serial killer types, the ones I find most dangerous are the hyper-intelligent ones that get off more on the mind games than the killing.
They're like vampires ready to suck your soul dry and file your information away for a rainy day.
That's Antonia.
Well, we got what we wanted from her.
I say we move on.
[Door opens and closes.]
Agent Hotchner.
Hello, Antonia.
Well, this is a surprise.
You here to give me a medal for helping you save those boys? No.
That must be because you can't stand being ignored, is that it? That's not it.
I don't believe you.
You know what everyone in this world wants even more than love? Respect.
Claude may have kidnapped those boys on his own, but you set the events of the last few days in motion for a reason.
And you want me to tell you what it is.
Well You're gonna have to prove you got a little bit more going on than a fancy title and nice suits to deserve an answer.
When you were 14, you missed almost a year of school due to an unspecified illness.
During the same year, a 15-year-old boy on a neighboring farm was killed in a hunting accident.
I think these two events were related.
You weren't ill, you were pregnant.
And the neighbor boy was the father of your child.
Your father, the German minister, the authoritarian, punished you for breaking the rules.
He made you have the baby at home, and he murdered your boyfriend.
Go on.
At first we profiled you as an extreme narcissist, but that's just a cover.
You're actually full of self-loathing.
And every time you killed a runaway teen, you were killing yourself or your boyfriend for lacking discipline.
What happened to your baby, Antonia? I can't tell you that.
But as a reward for being so clever, I will tell you this.
There's a storm coming, Agent Hotchner.
And you're about to be swept away.