Criminal Minds s11e20 Episode Script

Inner Beauty

1 [Traffic sounds, indistinct chatter.]
[Cell phone rings.]
Woman: What? I don't know, maybe like 60.
How is that my fault? Business is slow.
What? Not you.
No, I ain't hiding nothing.
Well, hey, I got an idea for you.
How about you put on these heels and let's see how much money you make.
Well, until you start earning better than me, we got nothing to talk about, ok? Bye.
[Banging and clanking.]
Ohh! Ah-- Ohh! It's the ninth inning.
Bases are loaded.
Do you believe it, sports fans? On the mound is future Hall-of-Fame Kai Struthers, pitching to his own grandpa.
The count is 3 and 2.
Will Kai be able to handle the pressure? He winds up, here's the pitch-- a perfect strike! The Cubs win! The Cubs win! Yay! Kai! Now that you've won the World Series, I need you to go pick up all your presents, ok? Ok, dad.
Thanks for the mitt, grandpa.
You're welcome.
Subito! Subito! Subito! Come on.
Ohh, and he even speaks Italian.
Well, that's what happens when an American pianist marries an Italian basketball player.
Kai is so happy you're here, especially since Joy couldn't be.
Speaking of which, where is that wayward daughter of mine reporting from now? Sierra Leone.
She got stuck in customs.
It killed her to miss this party today, but, work, you know? Oh, I can relate to that work thing.
Ooh, she would kill me if she saw the house right now.
And I'm sorry-- no, no, no, it's my fault.
I should know better than to come between kids and cake.
[Doorbell rings.]
Go ahead.
I'll get this.
Oh, hi.
Uh, David's still here and-- Is everything good? Yeah.
We have an unexpected guest.
Hello, David.
Gramdma! Ohh, there's my little lightning bug.
Ohh Ohh.
I, uh I didn't know you were coming.
Neither did I.
Hayden, you told me that you weren't going to come.
I wasn't.
When I heard that David was coming, I didn't want to intrude.
Then I realized how foolish that was.
I suppose we should talk, shouldn't we? Yeah.
We should.
Come on, Kai.
[Kai laughing.]
29 years.
29 years you didn't tell me that I had a daughter.
You're right.
And when I found out, I called and texted you for a week straight and never got one reply.
You're right.
You don't have anything better to say than "you're right"? No.
I--I know we weren't married long, but This isn't like you.
You never did anything without good reason.
You are right.
Then what changed now? Why did you decide to show up now? Because I knew that I couldn't keep doing this.
That we had to get it behind us if we were going to be the kind of grandparents that Kai deserves.
So if you have anything that you need to say, say it now.
You never gave me a chance to be a dad.
Why? Because I always came second with you.
That's not true.
It is true, David.
It was always about the job, and you made that very clear.
The job came first.
So where would that leave our child? Still, you could have given me a choice.
And what would you have chosen? [Door opens.]
- Hey! - Look, look, look! Sorry, I tried to keep him in the next room.
Oh, that's all right.
Come on, show me what you've got there, darling.
[Kai's voice, siren.]
Stick 'em up! Ooh, stick 'em up.
Ohh! That's your voice.
[Cell phone rings.]
So, uh, hey, Kai, what else can that hot rod do, huh? Show grandpa.
[Cell phone rings.]
I, uh, I've gotta take this.
Go ahead, Hotch.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I just got a call from Sacramento P.
about two Jane Does.
What's the connection? Both were found in the same SRO water reserve tank.
Both had their faces slashed repeatedly.
Water burial.
Female offender? No.
Given the physical strength required, we ruled it out.
I need you to meet us in Sacramento.
Yeah, I'll be there.
Listen, I, uh Grandpa's got to go.
Already? Unfortunately, yes.
Um, we're a man down, and my team needs me.
We totally get it.
You want some cake for the road? No, no, no.
I'm good.
I love you, kiddo.
It's good to see you, David.
Maybe we can do this again some other time.
Take care, Hayden.
[Rap song playing.]
Dani, baby, where you been at, girl? Around.
Hey, slow down.
I said Slow down.
How's about a little, um, quid pro quo? I'm off it.
Girl, like you ain't never gonna be straight.
- Let me go! - Or what? - Enough.
- Hey! [Laughs.]
Oh, she's your piece? Ok.
I'll see you around, Dani.
You all right? No.
That guy's a jerk.
You need a ride somewhere? Hey, no strings.
Just a ride.
My van's right up there.
I'm good.
Uh, just be careful.
I passed some guys like your buddy a few blocks up.
Wait, uh You swear no strings? Yeah, I mean, I already have a girlfriend.
So Oh, sorry.
I forgot.
Front's full.
Would you mind, uh What the hell? [Muffled scream.]
Criminal Minds 11x20 Inner Beauty @elderman Rossi: "I imagine one of the reasons "people cling to their hates so stubbornly "is because they sense once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.
" James Baldwin.
The two Janes Does were found in an SRO reserve water tank in the Oak Park community of Sacramento.
That area has a high crime rate, 115% higher than the national average.
Yeah, it's known for its drug usage.
And from the track marks on our victims' arms, it's apparent they were familiar with the needle.
So this could be a drug deal gone wrong or an angry pimp.
And given the surroundings, it's possible these two worked as prostitutes.
We should also consider that he's a moral enforcer.
He could be a vigilante trying to clean up the streets.
And Oak Park would be a target rich environment for him.
All right, when we land, JJ, meet Rossi at the crime scene.
You two go to the M.
, and I'll get us set up at the precinct.
- Agent Hotchner.
- Detective.
- Thanks for coming out.
- Of course.
We've amped up patrols like you suggested.
Anything? Nothing from the units, but we did manage to I.
one of the victims.
Debi Leitelt, 22, living on the streets.
10 separate arrests for solicitation and drug possession.
Her fingerprints were in the system.
4 of these arrests involve Isaac Henry.
We need to talk to him right away.
- I'll get on it.
- Thanks.
You're with Oak Park police? I don't think so.
I'm Agent Hotchner with the FBI.
FBI? Ok, ok.
First, I didn't know she was a minor.
Second, the sign saying we crossed the state line, it was like this big.
No warnings, nothing.
What's your relationship with Debi Leitelt? I can't say I know a Debi.
That's not true.
September 3, pandering, September 18, pandering, October 5, November 14.
All right.
All right.
So what? So you two worked together.
Did you ever get violent with her? I didn't have to.
The drugs took care of that.
Why is it the FBI's problem how I treat my girls? It's this department's problem how you treat them.
But when they turn up dead, it's ours.
Debi? And I thought she was gonna make it.
Make it how? She want--she wanted out.
She got herself clean.
I never keep my girls on the street unless they want.
God almighty.
Is that how she normally dressed? Yeah, why? Because we found her wearing this.
Oh, yeah.
This? Not her style.
Too square.
It's your friendly neighborhood tech analyst.
Garcia, I need you to look up manufacture and purchase history on the dress that Debi Leitelt was found in.
The blue dress? When and where it was purchased and if anywhere locally.
Dress history.
I'm on it, sir.
I don't get it.
If it's not her dress, whose is it? The unsub redressed her.
The question is whether it was pre or postmortem.
Why would he do that? It's part of his fantasy.
Garcia said the current residents checked out.
Just your run-of-the-mill "leave me alone, I'm feeding off my own misery" type.
Well, it's probably less crowded at night, or at least the unsub draws less attention.
Everybody agrees to look the other way.
Getting in and out with a body would be extremely difficult, though.
Ok, so the question is, this building-- why pick it? You know, Rossi, I think we need to get off this whole moral enforcer theory.
How come? A moral enforcer or vigilante would display his murders.
He'd want to inspire fear.
This unsub is going in the other direction.
Ted Bundy, Green River killer.
Each kill was at separate times, but they both hoarded their victims in one spot.
And in their cases, committed necrophilia.
That's not our unsub's M.
But revisiting could be.
So he puts them in a tank for safekeeping.
Speaks to a certain level of organization.
Only he doesn't think it through.
Decomposition would clog the pipes.
It's only a matter of time before they're found.
So, why this tank, pal? There's thousands of tanks in Sacramento.
Why this one? You know, there's one other thing this guy shares with Green River.
What's that? When Washington State police found the first 5 victims in roughly the same spot in the river, Ridgway was forced to find a new disposal site.
Our unsub will do the same.
Hello? Hello! [Door opens.]
What are you doing? You can't--you can't do this to me! Do you trust me? No! No, no, no, no! That's why I have to do this.
Ohh C.
for Debi Leitelt was exsanguination.
Jane Doe died from sepsis.
Both bodies tested positive for large amounts of opiates.
Lab is still running a breakdown on the specifics.
Debi's been clean for a couple of months, but given the statistics for relapse, it's quite possible she fell off the wagon.
Or the unsub injected her himself.
Am I reading this right? Two different blade types were used on the victims' faces? Correct.
The postmortem cuts are facial slashes made by a precision blade, something like a scalpel.
A scalpel's an odd choice for disfigurement.
The antemortem wounds were made with a jagged tool, something with a serrated edge.
Ok, so, two distinct tools for two distinct goals.
Which are? Unclear at this point.
Jane Doe had hydrofluorocarbon and dimethyl ether in her hair.
And titanium dioxide.
Those first two are commonly found in aerosols.
Titanium dioxide is a white pigment found in a wide range of products.
Like spray-in hair color, blond to be exact.
That's my presumption, yes.
Most of it washed out in the water, but there are still trace elements on her scalp.
Someone who used this type of cheap hair color all the time would be more skilled at applying it.
She wouldn't get it all over her scalp.
So the unsub did it.
Assume these victims are both victims of opportunity.
High-risk lifestyle, possibly prostitutes, definitely drug addicts.
We see this victimology all the time.
Easier targets.
It takes a while before anyone notices they're missing.
That part he's smart enough to plan for.
If he wanted to kill them quickly, he could.
Instead he spends time with them.
He puts each one through a unique ritual.
And he redresses one and he gives the other a sloppy dye job.
And then he tears their faces apart.
He remakes them so he can destroy them.
They're surrogates for the woman who's the real object of his rage.
And his anger manifests itself as a sexual release, and when he's done, he wants to do it again.
Gardener found her this morning.
Noticed the jacuzzi lid askew and went to fix it.
Any witnesses? No, neighbors didn't see anything.
Well, we profiled he'd find a new disposal site.
I just didn't think it'd be this public.
What is it? Oh, first a water tank, now a covered jacuzzi.
It's not just the water that's important to him.
He wants them enclosed, like a sarcophagus.
How long was she in the water? Well, based on body temp, the M.
thinks she died two days ago.
But based on when the family went to bed last night, she's only been in the water 6 hours.
A real blonde this time.
Exact same dress as Debi.
He's combining elements, turning the surrogates into the women he really wants to hurt.
JJ, look.
It's a suture.
Now, why would he leave that behind? He probably ran out of time.
That would explain the two different types of cuts.
One of them isn't a cut at all.
I don't follow.
Ripping out sutures would leave a jagged edge, kind of like when you tear a shirt at its seams.
That's why it looked like the unsub was using a serrated knife.
He was actually trying to hide what he was doing.
And if he was sewing that in the face, then the postmortem slashing could be a forensic countermeasure to hide the surgical component.
Good timing, boy genius.
I have the 4-1-1 on our second victim.
The Jane Doe is Belinda Cameron.
She was brought up on shoplifting, solicitation charges, but she recently entered rehab in an effort to turn her life around.
Garcia, what about our most recent victim? Is there anyone in the system with a red rose tattoo on their left wrist? I'm on it.
Why, yes, there is.
Leslie Schellin.
She was nabbed on possession of a controlled substance.
And looky here.
Her current place of residence is Changing Lives.
It's a halfway house.
Thanks, Garcia.
Well, it looks like rehab is the connection.
Let's deliver the profile.
We believe the unsub we're looking for is a white male in his late 20s to early 30s.
Reid: He is a surgical sadist, operating on women he finds in and around the recovery community of Oak Park.
The fact that he's able to earn the trust of the women in this victim pool leads us to believe he may be a part of the recovery community himself.
Detective: So he's operating on these women just to kill them? Death isn't the goal for this unsub, pain is.
JJ: He cuts these women to inflict physical and psychological scars that won't heal.
Detective: So who is victim zero? That brings us to the other part of this unsub's psychology.
He's putting these victims through a transformation, most likely before he starts cutting them.
He's dyeing their hair and changing their clothes.
We believe they're surrogates for the woman he believes wronged him.
This woman might be a first victim we haven't found yet.
His anger toward her wasn't sated after hurting her.
We think this woman, victim zero, has had a personal connection with this unsub, and finding her will be the key to stopping him.
Thank you.
Ohh [Whimpering.]
What What did you do to me? Now do you trust me? What did you do to me? What did you do to me? What did you do to me? What did you do to me? Ohh What is this? [Sobbing.]
It's phase one.
Maybe victim zero was a junkie who got clean and rejected the unsub.
Rossi: Hmm.
Or maybe she fell off the wagon and he was furious 'cause he worked to nurse her back to health.
Rossi: Mm-hmm.
Or maybe she was abducted by aliens.
Yeah, maybe.
Ok, this ends now.
Let me see.
Oh, my goodness.
What a cutie.
Wait, is that Hayden Montgomery.
Ex-wife number two.
A lot of water under that bridge between you two, huh? 29 years worth.
Too much to get past.
Is she unreasonable? No.
Is she selfish? Not in the slightest.
Well, what was her reason for not telling you about Joy? The job.
This job.
What? Nothing.
Jennifer, what? Ok, look, I'm-- I am on your side, butI get it.
Because you're a mom.
Because I know you, David Rossi.
You told me what you were like back then.
Nothing came between you and the job.
Yeah--yeah, but I might have put it on hold if it meant I got the chance to raise a daughter like Joy.
Well, yeah, it's easy to say that now because you know who Joy turned out to be.
But 30 years ago, would you have really put your career on hold for diapers and teething and all-night crying fits? Look, Hayden had to make a call, and maybe it was the wrong call, but don't pretend like you don't understand why she made it.
You know I say this out of love, right? Yeah.
I do.
And thanks.
I have weird news and weirder news.
The M.
just finished the breakdown of the drugs in our victims.
Morphine and meperidine.
Those are pain management drugs.
Yeah, not exactly the street heroin they were trying to kick.
Then this isn't about addiction.
This is about trying to make them feel better after he cuts them.
A sadist wouldn't do that.
Well, that brings me to the weirder.
We found this in the right cheek of the third victim.
Is that saline? Yeah, some kind of improvised implant.
Rossi: There were no implants found in the other victims.
He's devolving.
He's starting to get sloppy.
JJ: It looks like the edges of the plastic have been melted, like a vacuum sealer.
We got Garcia on the case, but do the math.
Pain medication plus implant-- gives you what? He thinks he's helping these women.
Take these.
They'll make you feel better.
I'm trying to kick.
It's necessary, I promise.
Now drink.
That's good.
Are you ready for phase two? [Crying.]
Are you gonna keep hurting me? No.
Look at me.
Never again.
Never again.
It's ok, I'm just [Sobbing.]
It's ok.
You're beautiful, Sarah.
You're beautiful, Sarah.
It looks like the unsub attempted to cut flaps in the right cheek and then sew them back together.
Look at his work.
This is the kind of medical knowledge you get off the Internet.
What's he trying to accomplish by sewing the cheeks up improperly? He's choosing to distort his victims' faces.
I thought you guys said he was trying to help.
He thinks he is.
Ok, so, we know these women are surrogates for her.
We thought he was furious with them, but we now know that's wrong.
He's in love with her.
Now, the implant is much like the dress or the blond hair.
It's part of the transformation.
But implants are supposed to make you prettier.
He's making them uglier.
Uglier according to conventional standards.
To him they're more beautiful.
Somewhere is his love map he obsessed over someone society didn't want to look at.
That's our victim zero.
He's doing all of this because he wants her back.
My name is Danielle.
I'm 90 days sober.
I got sober for my little brother.
I didn't want him to think I was someone who wasn't going to be there for him.
Um My--my brother's name is Ian.
I'm going to be at his graduation and I'm going to be clean for him.
I was gonna make up for all the times I wasn't there because I was too messed up.
My name is Danielle.
This isn't my dress.
This isn't my face.
Please, my name is Danielle! This is Me.
What have you got, Garcia? I got a hit on a Danielle Steinhardt.
She's been missing for the past two days.
Does she fit his victimology? She's blond, and she's been living at a treatment facility in Oak Park for the past couple of months.
Her brother reported her missing when she didn't check back in.
Where are we on the medical conditions that victim zero might have had? Nothing yet.
But if you direct me, I can be a much more effective missile.
Well, this guy's trigger happened recently, so look for car accidents, overdoses, suicides.
JJ: We also think his ideal may have some sort of facial deformity.
Garcia: Uh, no, still looking.
A neurofibroma.
Garcia, look up neurofibromatosis.
Uh, how do you spell that? Wait, never mind, auto correct has it.
Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue.
Ok, Garcia, look for women with tumors embedded in the nerves on the right side of their face.
That's where all the implants have been.
Ok, there's a rehabilitation center that specializes in that at U.
It's not the rehab we've been talking about.
It's the medical kind.
I'm gonna dig into this.
I will hit you back when I find a bone.
Ok? There's one last thing you need to see.
[Cell phone rings.]
What's up, Garcia? I sent a video to your tablets.
I give you Sarah Sherwood, 28, blond, and the poor sweetheart suffered from neurofibromatosis.
Rossi: She drowned herself at her parents' house 3 weeks ago.
Roughly around the time the first victim would have gone missing.
She drowned herself in the worst way I can imagine.
Her parents had a pool with a retractable tarp.
She held down the remote and she covered herself under it.
She would have locked herself in.
That explains why he chooses enclosed bodies of water for his victims.
And puts them in the same dress she wore when she killed herself.
The only person who would know that is the one who found the body.
Garcia? Yes, yes, sir, I am on that like brown on super healthy rice.
Uh That would be her boyfriend.
He goes by the name of Joseph Berzon.
According to police, he was inconsolable.
How is Joseph connected to the other victims? He works for delivery dining.
They deliver to treatment centers and the SRO where the first two victims were found.
That's how he got access to the pain medication.
The worse the rehab center, the more lax they are with the drugs and the easier they are to steal.
And according to their website, they seal the meals with a vacuum sealer.
Rossi: Garcia, where can we find Joseph? I'm sending you his work and home address.
What do you think? Don't you like it, Sarah? Who's Sarah? You are.
This is your room.
We decorated it together, for when you were ready to move in with me.
Remember her? She's your favorite.
You always said she looked just like you.
Maybe this will help you remember.
I remember.
You do? I do.
You Did all this for me.
I'll do anything for you.
Anything? Anything.
Just tell me what you want.
Let me go outside.
I can't.
After last time? I can't.
You have to understand.
I understand perfectly.
Uhh! Ohh! Sarah! Help.
Help me.
Help me.
Oh, my God.
Are you-- what's wrong with you? I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Sarah, you can't be out of bed.
My wife just got out of the hospital.
But is she ok? It's just her medication.
She'll be all right.
Thank you.
I'm sorry we bothered you.
Why would you do that? You're crazy.
I'm crazy? [Labored breathing.]
Did you see the way he looked at you? He was polite, but only because he had to be.
Who else is going to love you the way I do? Who, Sarah? [Whimpers.]
That's right.
That's right.
That's why we stay inside, forever.
Ohh Hey, Garcia, you're on speaker.
I've got background on Joseph Berzon.
Lewis: Anything stand out? Oh, yeah.
When he was 11, his mother was in a car accident that completely mutilated her face.
She was then bedridden for 3 years and then died as a result of her injury.
He had no other living family.
That event must have imprinted on him and stayed with him all these years.
And after that, he was put in the foster care system, and then the group home he was in was busted on abuse charges.
Rossi: Sounds like the kid went through a lot of physical and emotional pain.
That's one hell of a stressor.
[Breathing hard.]
What shall we do tonight? Something's wrong.
Oh, no.
Everything is exactly right.
Look how pretty you are.
Reid and are nearly at Berzon's work.
Is there anything else, Garcia? Yeah.
I just found some interesting emails between Sarah and her parents.
What are they about? A month ago, there was an incident at a park.
What kind of incident? Well, Sarah didn't go outside much, and according to one of these email exchanges, she was really embarrassed about the tumors on her face, but Joseph encouraged her to give it a try.
That's when things got bad.
Everyone is staring at me.
I'm here.
We can get through anything together.
Do you trust me? I trust you, Joseph.
I left your favorite wine in the car.
Leave it.
Just give me a second.
I'll be right back.
I-- Garcia: He left her alone And she had an anxiety attack.
[Voices distorted.]
Two days later, he found her dead.
Then this isn't just about recreating Sarah, it's about rewriting the past.
He thinks he can get it right this time.
[Labored breathing.]
Darling, get up, please.
I'm dying.
No, no, no.
You're not dying.
You're gonna be fine.
You're going to be all right.
Everything is going to be all right.
I'll save you.
Rossi: FBI! [Banging on door.]
Joseph Berzon, step away from Danielle.
No! Stay away! Joseph, look at her.
She needs help.
I'm the only one who can give it to her.
You don't understand her.
Don't you love Sarah? Of course.
How can you ask me that? Then accept that she's gone, Joseph.
All you're doing is hurting innocent women who never wanted you to make this choice for them.
That's not Sarah.
She never was.
Do you trust me? I trust you, Joseph.
Joseph! [Labored breathing.]
It's ok.
I'm with the FBI.
You're gonna be ok.
I'm Danielle, right? Yes.
My name is David.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Rossi: "Since love grows within you, "so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul.
" Saint Augustine.
Hey, Shawn.
It's me.
I've got a quick question I want to ask you.
I--I hope I didn't wake you.
Shawn told me you were coming.
Would you like to come in? No, I--I should be getting back.
For Kai's sake, you wanted me to say what I needed to say, and I figured out what that is.
All right.
I can't wave a magic wand and change what happened.
But what I can do is understand why you did it.
You were in the trenches, turning what I'm sure was a handful of a little girl into a confident, beautiful woman.
And I'm sure that couldn't have been easy.
You have no idea.
Oh, I think I have some.
She left home to accept a scholarship and never told me.
Oh, I can do better.
One time she met a serial killer in a dark alley and never told me.
She what? That's a story best told another time.
Do you know what the biggest difference is now than when I was raising Joy? - What's that? - I'm exhausted.
I just seem to remember having so much more energy dealing with a 5-year-old.
[Kai giggling.]
Especially one who doesn't want to settle down for a bedtime story.
Shawn: All right You know, it just so happens that bedtime stories are my specialty.
So I've heard.
Would you like to stay, David? Yeah.
I would.