Criminal Minds s12e14 Episode Script

Collision Course

1 Rossi: Previously on “Criminal Minds” Alvez: Mr.
Scratch, Peter Lewis.
Peter Lewis isn't just a distraction, he's a terrorist.
Scratch waged war against the BAU.
We need to assume that Mr.
Scratch is targeting this entire team.
His M.
is to drug his victims and make them hallucinate.
En el piso.
Rossi: Reid was arrested in Mexico for illegal possession of drugs.
He was severely drugged at the time and doesn't remember anything.
This has got to be Scratch.
He's been punishing the team.
Now his target is Reid.
Prentiss: Reid is in jail.
Rossi: And now he's being charged with murder.
I still can't wrap my head around it.
I know.
I, uh, I took a change of clothes to the precinct for him.
Did you see him? Uh-uh.
I left it with Emily.
She said he was finally getting a little sleep.
Now part of me's glad I didn't see him locked up.
I don't think I could take it.
Ohh, our sweet, sweet boy wonder.
He's strong.
He's gonna be ok.
We got a new swab from him and we're running it now.
Well, what happened to the comprehensive tox panel they ran in Mexico? With the red tape between jurisdictions, who knows if or when we'll get those results.
He should be here.
We need him.
His mom needs him.
His mother.
How's his mother? Well, she cried at first.
Said it was all her fault he was even down there.
But later she kept asking when Spencer would be home.
Well, maybe it's a blessing she can forget.
What's our next step? Well, getting the kid home on bail pending trial.
That's a good baby step.
I can focus on that.
And I'm ready, willing, and able to post that bail no matter how high they set it.
I love you so hard.
- [Text message tone.]
- Hmm.
Well, crime never sleeps.
We got a case.
Prentiss won't be joining us.
She's on Reid duty for the time being.
This one was referred to us by a fellow federal agency, the national transportation safety board.
So, last week, two separate incidents.
Two separate vehicles hit two separate pedestrians, crashed on the same stretch of road in Bradenton, Florida, just outside of Sarasota.
And they're sure they're both accidents? No, they don't think so.
Both vehicles were 2013 Meridians, and both drivers said they lost control of the cars.
The first pedestrian is alive, but the second one died of his injuries.
And it wasn't a vehicle defect? That's what the NTSB suspected, but they've done extensive tests and they've ruled that out, along with hazardous road conditions.
And they're saying driver error is unlikely, though the drivers suffered head injuries in the crashes and they can't recall any of the details.
Same make and model vehicle, two drivers saying they lost control.
It sounds like they're thinking hacker.
Could be.
Most cars made after 2009, regardless of make or model, are vulnerable to hacking.
Is there any footage of the crashes? Oh, yeah.
Middle school security camera caught the moments of impact.
Brace yourselves.
It ain't pretty.
Here we go.
No swerving, no braking, and an unsub turning cars into murder weapons.
That's terrifying.
It could be a whole new frontier for serial killers.
Well, Garcia, since your area of expertise is relevant on this one, I want you to join us in the field.
Me? Going wheels up? Sir, yes, sir.
Wheels up in 20.
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
You should be in the office.
I'm right where I need to be.
You ok? Yeah.
I'm ok.
How's my mom doing? She's doing well.
JJ's been by to visit every day since your arrest.
She explained everything to your mom.
Cassie's been great.
That makes a big difference.
I'm such an idiot.
Don't, Spencer, don't.
You were trying to help your mother.
I fell right into Scratch's trap.
He won't win.
He already has.
Just the battle, not the war.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You and I both know that doesn't matter.
All that matters is what the prosecutor can prove, and Scratch has stacked the deck against me.
Even the FBI's abandoned me.
I know.
But we'll keep fighting.
I don't even have a lawyer.
About that I have a friend, Fiona Duncan.
I've known her forever.
Her father was in the foreign service, and we met in Italy when my mother was chargé d'affaires at the embassy there.
After college she was a Rhodes scholar.
You'd like her.
Anyway, now she's one of the best defense attorneys in D.
I would like it if you would let me reach out to her about representing you.
Emily, I really, I appreciate it, but you helping me could destroy your reputation at the Bureau.
My battle, my choice.
Please, let me help you.
Tell me I can reach out to my friend.
Thank you.
Spencer, listen to me.
We are gonna get you out of here, I promise.
Prentiss: “The illusion of control makes the helplessness seem more palatable.
” Allie Brosh.
Not to be critical or anything, but this place could really use a splash of color.
Really? I find the neutral tones soothing.
Yeah, and they're a great background for when you're on the big screen.
You mean I'm the splash of color? Stop it.
[Cell phone ringing.]
I've got Emily calling in.
How's the kid doing? He's hanging in.
I'm meeting with an attorney today.
I'm hoping she'll take his case.
That's great.
It feels weird to not be on the jet.
Well, we've got everything here covered.
Garcia's keeping your seat warm.
You just stay focused on Reid and get us an update when you can.
Will do.
All right, let's get down to business.
Garcia, what have you got for us? Just this.
Two drivers and two pedestrians.
Well, the victimology on this case is going to be difficult.
It's just hard to know who the unsub's intended victims are.
And the drivers, the D.
's considering murder charges in both cases, not to mention the psychological damage this unsub's inflicted or the pedestrians, or both.
Any connection between the drivers and the people they hit? Just what we already know.
Both drivers have the same kind of vehicle and it happened at the same location.
Besides that, nothing.
So what does the unsub want? Well, he's causing death and destruction while exerting power and control.
And creating a public spectacle.
Maybe there's some paraphilia there, like an arsonist who likes to watch.
If this is about voyeurism, that might make it sexual, and if so, he's not likely to stop.
[Cell phone rings.]
This just in.
One of the drivers, Marta Calderon, she's agreed to an interview.
All right.
JJ, Luke, Garcia, you head to the crash site.
A special investigator from the NTSB will meet you there.
Tara, Stephen, and I will go straight to the Bradenton P.
There's not a lot of good news in this file.
Well, that's why he needs you.
I'm so glad you're here.
I was surprised you settled down in Washington.
Yeah, I guess I got tired of wandering.
And D.
's always been home.
And after law school, you know, I realized all I wanted was to come home.
I'm glad you did.
Spencer is being framed.
It's a long story, and I will fill you in, but I need you to know he didn't kill anyone.
Nonetheless, the circumstantial evidence is compelling, and for better or for worse, this trial's going to be about what can be proven, not what actually happened.
Spencer said the same thing this morning.
He's a realist.
That's a good quality to have in a client.
Does that mean you'll take the case? It means I'll be happy to sit down with him.
Let's see how it goes and we'll take it from there.
He is innocent, Fiona.
That has to count for something.
The fact that you have so much faith in him counts for a lot with me.
Thank you.
We had the NTSB coordinate with the Bradenton P.
and we shut down this whole stretch of road.
JJ: Good call.
Don't see any skid marks.
There weren't any.
Not for either accident.
Well, if the unsub likes to watch, the question is, where is he watching from? Yeah, 'cause this is too open for our guy to be able to comfortably watch from outside.
We could canvass all the shops and homes along this route.
We can, but anyone with his organization and hacking ability wouldn't be careless enough for that.
Everything about this unsub is one degree of separation from the destruction.
Right there.
Traffic camera.
Those cameras are closed circuit.
Florida DOT has hundreds of them.
They only provide real-time visuals of current traffic.
They're everywhere.
And they can be hacked.
So he can hack into any one of them and watch in real time.
Yes, he can, newbie.
So he can control a hacked car like a remote control toy.
I thought you all might want to look at the vehicles.
We've got them in impound.
The boy I hit, he was only 23.
I have a 19-year-old daughter.
I can't imagine what his family's going through.
Marta, I want to try to help you remember by doing something called a cognitive interview.
It could help dislodge memories that are stuck right below the surface.
I need answers.
What do I have to do? Ok.
Just relax, close your eyes.
I want you to walk me through that day, exactly as you experienced it.
So you leave work to go get in your car.
It's parked in the lot outside.
Is it where you remember leaving it? Yes.
Do you notice anything unusual as you start to drive home? No.
I turn on the radio to listen to the news.
[Sound of radio playing.]
I'm almost home.
But then I don't think this is gonna work.
Marta, what happened to you, it was traumatic.
And remembering it, going back to that experience, it's gonna be painful.
But this process here with me, this is safe.
Do you think you can continue? Ok.
You're in your car, you're driving home, everything seems normal.
You're almost home, and then Something happens.
What happens? There's something wrong with the radio.
It's changing stations.
I'm trying to get it back to my regular station, - But it stays on 98.
- Radio: 98.
2 I can't change it.
Then The windows.
What's happening? They're rolling up and down by themselves.
And the windshield wipers are going.
[Sound of windshield wipers.]
I I need to pull over.
Why don't you? I can't.
I'm hitting the brakes, but the car is speeding up.
What do you do now? I'm running a stop sign.
And then the car turns left onto Whitlock Place.
I don't know where I'm going.
This isn't the way to my house.
I was hoping for driver error.
This is a whole lot scarier.
Lewis: What happens next? I see him.
Todd? The young man you hit? He was just a kid.
I'm screaming for him to get out of the way, but he doesn't even see me coming.
I close my eyes, but I hear him hit the car.
[Horn honking, impact, Todd screaming.]
That sound, ohh I'll hear it for the rest of my life.
I'm so, so, sorry.
Listen to me.
You did not cause that accident.
You did nothing wrong.
[Cell phone rings.]
Hey, how's it going down there? Well, it looks like we've got a malicious hacker on our hands.
And he's got a wireless foothold to a 2013 Meridian.
Meridians are a popular model.
He's got a huge victim pool.
Well, we're working on narrowing it down.
Did you get Reid that lawyer? I'm on my way to the jail right now to make the introduction.
I'll let you know how it goes.
- Spencer, hello.
- Hi.
Fiona Duncan.
Emily speaks very highly of you.
You, too.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm sorry meeting under these circumstances.
Emily, this is an attorney-client meeting.
We'll need privacy.
Yes, of course.
Are you ok? All right.
I know you're aware of this, but I need to remind you that everything we discuss is covered by attorney-client privilege.
It's confidential.
Not even Emily will know what we've discussed.
- I understand.
Thank you.
- Ok.
So tell me about what happened down in Mexico.
I did not kill her.
I'm just asking what happened.
Sadly, I don't know.
That's a problem.
Because I don't need you to be innocent, but I do need you to be able to assist in your own defense.
There's a lot I don't remember.
I want to be very clear about this.
I'm not here to judge you.
I'm here to defend you.
My goal is a simple one To keep you out of jail.
But in order to do that, I need a narrative.
Your story.
If you killed her, I can work with that.
But what I can't work with is a client who lies to me.
Because those lies will always come back to bite us on the ass.
And by us, I mean you.
Lying to me could mean the difference between going home or spending the rest of your life in a cage.
Do you understand me? Yes.
Because I need to know everything.
I don't care how bad it makes you look.
I need to know.
Let's start with what you're not telling Emily.
You remember more than you're admitting.
I don't.
Honestly, I I told the Mexican police everything.
Well, that was very cooperative of you.
Too cooperative for someone who has intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system, even someone on drugs.
I wasn't on drugs.
I was drugged.
You stole a car? That's what they told me.
Did you know there were drugs in the trunk? I don't think so.
Was Rosa already dead when you took the car? I'm not sure.
She was stabbed.
She was bleeding.
Who stabbed her? I don't know.
Did you see who did it? There was someone else in the room, but Man or woman? I don't know because I was drugged.
It was all hazy.
How'd you get blood on your hands? I don't know.
Yes, you do.
You cut it.
How'd you cut it? I I cut it on a knife.
The murder weapon? I think so.
How many times did you stab her? - I didn't.
- Who did? I don't know.
The other person in the room stabbed her.
I did not kill her.
I think I was trying to stop whoever did.
And I'm trying, believe me, I'm trying to remember, but I don't.
And I keep pressing this cut trying to trigger something, but I don't remember anything, and I swear to God I'm telling you the truth.
I believe you.
If you remember anything, even if it seems inconsequential, call me.
Thank you.
Thank you for believing me.
Don't thank me.
This isn't going to be easy.
What happens now? Well, you consented to a postponement of your arraignment so you'd have time to find representation, now that you have me, that's what'll happen first.
I'll get it calendared as soon as possible.
And I'll plead not guilty.
And I'll move to have you released on bail pending trial.
After that, we start an uphill battle.
The bad news is they have a lot of circumstantial evidence against you.
Is there any good news? The good news is they don't have a murder weapon.
[Music playing on radio.]
[Music turns off.]
What is going on? What What is happening? [Car accelerates.]
Damn! [Tires screeching.]
[Horns honking.]
Get out of the way! [Honking.]
Get [Horns honking.]
Aah! No get out of the street.
Radio: You are listening to Wuko, 98.
[Honking, tires screeching.]
[Romantic song playing.]
Move! Aah! JJ: It's a different make and model car.
It's newer.
A 2016 Schuyler.
Our unsub saw the new wireless foothold, and he's no longer confiding himself to one street.
I'm not seeing any traffic cameras here.
So how's he watching? Jennifer, look.
Dashboard cam and a mounted smartphone.
If he's hacking both, he could use the dashboard cam to guide the car to its target and simultaneously watch the terrified driver.
An escalation.
He needs more to get his thrill.
We got an eyewitness.
He says the car swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian before he hit the woman.
He's narrowing his selection criteria.
So he specifically targeted an attractive, dark-haired woman.
Penelope Garcia coming to you live on location for a limited time only.
Yeah, the most recent pedestrian victim What you got on her? Ohh, that's right, victim.
I make jokes to cover up the sad.
Ok, Meredith Courtelis, 22, raven-haired beauty.
She was low risk.
She lived with her parents.
She was going to school.
She wanted to be a physician's assistant.
What about a boyfriend? She doesn't have one.
Not according to her social media.
Looks like Meredith was her own girl.
Chronically single.
Friends kept trying to set her up.
All right, well, this unsub specifically targeted her over other available targets.
Is there a connection to the driver? His name's Mark Keeling.
Mm, I got bupkis on that.
No connection.
The one thing he's been consistent about.
That was the AUSA.
Good news? They're offering us a deal.
They want me to plead guilty? To involuntary manslaughter.
And the offer's 2 to 5 years.
I'll leave you two to discuss this.
Wait, don't go.
I want her to stay.
She can hear anything you have to say to me.
2 to 5 years.
Prentiss: That's a lot of time.
I understand.
But it's all about perspective.
It's a lot more than nothing, but a lot less than 25 to life, which is what you'd be facing if convicted.
You think I should take it? I think, given what's at stake, you owe it to yourself to carefully consider it.
I don't think I can lie and say that I did this.
Is that foolish? No.
No, of course not.
I don't want to see you plead guilty to a crime you didn't commit.
Or maybe I should cut my losses.
Well, the offer is so low, is that a good sign? Does it mean that the government thinks they've got a weak case? - Possibly.
- So that's good.
Well, not necessarily.
It could also mean they're trying to clear the case quickly with minimal publicity.
I honestly don't know what it means.
And I'm not in the business of second-guessing good offers.
Which this is.
But I'm also not the one who will be doing time.
What would you do in my shoes? I'm not in your shoes.
It's a decision only you can make.
Whatever you decide, I'm always in your corner.
We all are.
Spencer, if you want to fight this to the end, I promise you I will bring everything in my arsenal to the battle.
But what I can't promise you is a better outcome than the one they're offering you today.
I want to fight.
This unsub is what's known as a sadistic symphorophiliac.
Symphorophilia is a type of paraphilia in which sexual arousal is derived from staging and then watching disasters, such as fires, or in this case, car accidents.
JJ: Observing the destruction he causes is extremely important to this unsub.
Walker: He enjoys watching the terror of the drivers whose cars he hijacks, as well as the impact with his chosen pedestrian victim.
Alvez: In order to watch, he hacks traffic cameras or in-car dashboard cameras, as well as dash-mounted smartphones.
No! Get out of the street! Oh, please.
Please! Lewis: Now, so far there's no apparent connection between the drivers of the vehicles and their pedestrian victims.
Instead, it appears the drivers are selected based on the vehicles they drive.
This pattern of vehicle selection was initially limited to a single make and model, but he has since expanded his hacking capabilities.
We believe our unsub is a white male in his mid - to late 20s.
This unsub is careful enough to select drivers based on after market add-ons to their vehicles, such as dashboard cams or smartphone mounts.
Garcia: Workplace parking lots would be really good hunting grounds because he'd be able to see the same cars over and over, and once he's determined that that driver is using those after market devices consistently, bang, that's his next victim.
His first two hijackings were in order to perfect his technique.
And those pedestrians were victims of opportunity.
However, this latest hijacking reveals that he's refining his victim criteria.
He specifically chose a young, attractive, dark-haired woman.
Rossi: It's like this victim was a surrogate for someone the unsub seeks to terrify and punish.
This unsub may lack the confidence and social skills necessary to form healthy relationships, which could be fueling his anger.
We anticipate his next victim or victims to be young, attractive women with whom he has some sort of personal connection.
Lewis: Encourage drivers to protect themselves by removing after market dashboard cameras and to refrain from mounting smartphones on their dashboards or CD slots.
That's right.
If the unsub can't watch, he will not select that car and driver.
Law enforcement also needs to understand that the drivers of these vehicles are victims.
They are unable to control the vehicles they appear to be driving.
That's it.
[Cell phone rings.]
Everything ok? No.
I just heard from Jack Garrett from the I.
We have a problem.
Well, at least we got a heads-up.
Everything ok? That was Emily.
About Reid? She got some intel on the progress on the Mexican murder investigation.
They found the murder weapon.
It has Reid's blood and prints on it.
Tell your heart What's going on? Ooh, let's dance Whoa.
What-what-what-what-what [Tires screeching.]
[Song continues.]
Move! Move! Look out! Look out! [Honking horn.]
Aah! [Song ends.]
Did you hear? That's why I'm here.
How did you hear? I get a call Wait, no.
I withdraw the question.
It's better for me not to know.
How bad is this? Oh, we need to talk to Spencer.
They found the knife? Where? In the desert.
The theory is that you tossed it out the window of the stolen car during the chase.
It must have been whoever was in the car you were chasing.
But that car and its driver are in the wind.
The blood and prints on the knife are yours.
This is bad.
There's more.
The blade on the murder weapon is consistent with the blade that cut your hand.
[Rosa screaming.]
Aah! Ah! It means that the 2-to 5-year deal you didn't want want this morning is no longer an option.
The new offer's 5 to 10 years.
Oh, my God.
And it's an exploding offer.
That means that you have until the arraignment to take it.
If you leave it, there won't be any more offers.
You'll go to trial.
Prentiss: And if he loses, he gets 25 to life? [Fiona sighs.]
Do you remember anything more about how you got that cut? I'm trying, but I can't remember.
And I'm not taking the offer.
I understand what's at stake.
I'm not taking it.
May I have a moment alone with Spencer, please? Of course.
[Indistinct police radio.]
The woman, Veronica Perotta, she was pronounced dead at the scene.
She fit our physical type? Yeah.
What about the driver? Tim Dellinger.
He didn't make it either.
He suffered a brain bleed during surgery and died on the table.
No apparent connection between the two.
But we're not sure, so we can't be certain the driver wasn't in control of the vehicle.
[Music playing.]
Radio's tuned to 98.
2 Wuko.
That's our boy.
Please, just think about it.
Think about the evidence.
I know.
Scratch dots his Is and crosses his Ts.
We know that.
But a jury won't.
A jury will only see what Scratch wants them to see.
You think they'll convict me? I don't know.
But if they do, 5 years That's doable.
You are young.
You can have a life after that.
Not as an FBI agent.
I'd be a convicted felon.
But you'd be free.
The FBI is my home.
It's where I belong.
You don't belong in prison.
And if you play Russian roulette with this 25 years.
That is a lifetime.
If Scratch is framing me, you guys will get him.
I know you will.
Yes, we will.
I promise you we will never give up.
And we will exonerate you.
But what if we can't do that this week? Or this year? Or this Decade? Because I know we can't do it before your arraignment.
What do I do? I don't know.
But I'm scared for you.
So am I.
There has to be some kind of connection between the unsub and Veronica Perotta.
I mean, he targeted her outside her home.
He had to have some knowledge of her daily routine.
This this was personal.
I'm looking through Veronica's social media now.
She was single.
She had recently joined something called Amorous Intrigue.
The dating website.
Is that what it is? Good.
Maybe I should try it.
Not that I'd want to join something you know about or I'd need a dating website, 'cause I don't.
If the unsub needed a dating website, it was because he had trouble meeting women.
Well, let's see if she was dating anybody on Amorous Intrigue.
Well, she was pinged a few times, but those conversations didn't go anywhere.
Wait, here's somebody.
Jonathan Rhodes.
He pinged her 3 nope, 4 times.
She ignored him.
She must have rejected him just off his profile.
Well, what's weird about his profile? - Can you pull it up? - Yeah.
Jonathan enjoys games of the video variety, mostly single-shooter and driving games.
Uh, he's into computers, and he was a sound tech engineer at a local radio station.
Let me guess.
Yeah, that's the one.
After she blew him off, he cyber-stalked Veronica for months.
Who else rejected Jonathan's pings on Amorous Intrigue? I don't know.
He didn't really put himself out there that much.
Well, that would only intensify the rejections.
Here's somebody.
Alyssa Miles.
Totally his type.
That's his next target.
Can you pull up an address? Yep.
Just sent it to your phone.
All right.
Grab your laptop, hotshot.
Let's go.
- Come on.
- I'm good.
I don't go with.
I don't.
I'm precious cargo.
Hi, Alyssa.
Who the hell are you? I, uh, thought it was time we met.
Do I know you? I won't be ignored, Alyssa.
No No! Aah! Please! Let me go! Aah! No! [Cell phone rings.]
Hey, Luke.
We're at Alyssa's house.
Car's here.
No signs of a struggle.
I think he abducted her.
The local P.
says he's not in his apartment and his car's gone.
So then why the change in the modus operandi? It's part of his escalation.
It's not enough for him to watch anymore.
What he craves is physical contact.
His confidence is up.
He was ready to step out of the shadows.
He needs to be a part of it, and he wants to experience the moment of impact, even if it means he doesn't walk away from it.
We need an APB and to figure out where he's taking her.
Well, in order to have an all-points bulletin, I need to have points.
And he has hacked into the DMV and deleted his entire account, so I can't find a car he's registered to, let alone a license.
Well, he's gotta drive a 2013 Meridian.
Those were his first crashes.
And he chose those because he already figured out how to hack his own.
That makes sense.
That narrows it down.
Cross-check all the plates of 2013 Meridians with named owners.
The one without a specified owner is our unsub.
Stop staring at me when I'm search engining! - It's weird.
- Sorry.
Uh I got it.
It's a vanity plate Wuko I'm sending the APB now.
[Romantic music playing on radio.]
Alyssa: Please let me go.
Just drive.
It's ok.
Just enjoy the ride.
There you go.
Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? Please just let me pull over.
Radio: when she left me I'm sorry.
She said don't cry I'm sorry that I ignored your pings.
Hey, I forgive you.
Please, the brakes the brakes aren't working.
The brakes aren't working! The brakes aren't working.
Shh How are you doing this? Don't, please.
Just enjoy the ride.
Don't look down.
Keep your eyes on the road.
We're going too fast.
We're going too fast! He's disabled the GPS, so we can't find him that way.
I need another way in.
Well, can you hack directly into the car? Well, of course I've already tried that because that's, you know, what I do, but he's put a firewall around the vehicle's controller area network.
Well, it looks like Alyssa managed to keep her phone.
So if she has it on her, then maybe you could Yeah, yeah, that's helpful.
You're helpful sometimes.
Uh She's disabled the location services, but I can easily override that.
They're two miles west of here, heading north on the Fremont Parkway.
All right, we got this.
Let's hit it.
I'm coming, coming, coming.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Ohh! Ohh! Slow down! Slow down! Slow down! Please slow down.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just drive! Where are we going? It's a surprise.
I've got eyes on him.
Up there.
You see? Do you have to be so lurchy? I get carsick.
[Tires screeching.]
Like what's his endgame here? You know, previously he hijacked a car to target a woman.
Now he's got the target in the car with him.
Garcia, I think he's gonna crash.
Where does that road go? A crash site, literally.
It T-bones into a loading dock about a mile and half up.
Hang on.
Oh, my God! Notify local P.
I already let Bradenton P.
Garcia, I need you to hack it.
I'm in the middle of hacking it.
Don't tell me I need to hack it when I'm hacking it, ok? He's just he's very good.
He's not as good as you.
Ok? Now you just focus.
- Ok.
- And hurry.
Oh, God, oh, God, I cannot die in this car with you.
Nobody's gonna die today, all right? Ok.
Oh, my God, you gotta slow down.
You gotta slow down, we're gonna crash.
Garcia, we're running out of road here.
I'm throwing a second ecu into Boomtron mode.
I think I got in.
[Alyssa crying.]
No, no, no.
What happened? What happened?! No! No, no! [Siren.]
Hands up! Let me see your hands! Now! Let me see your hands.
Reid: “Loss of control is always the source of fear.
It is also, however, always the source of change.
” James Frey.
I'm sorry I'm so late getting home.
It's just everything got complicated.
No, it's it's not your fault, Mom.
None of this is your fault.
Ok? JJ said she brought the boys by to see you.
I know.
Well, she's gonna She's gonna come by and see you every day.
Not maybe, I hope so.
Look, Mom, all you need to know is that I'm safe and I have a great lawyer.
Yeah, she's she's great.
She's really great.
I know.
I know.
It's not going to be forever.
I promise.
I promise you'll be ok.
So will I.
Don't cry, Mom, I'm ok.
I'm ok.
Everything is gonna be ok.
I love you I love you so much.
Man: I'm on my way there.
I'm so glad you made it in time for the arraignment.
What did the kid decide about a plea? I don't know.
I'm not sure he does.
I can't stand the thought of him being in prison.
But 5 years is a lot less time than 25.
He must be agonizing over this decision.
Well, whatever he decides, he has our full support.
He knows that.
It means a lot to him.
We have to prove that Scratch did this.
We'll get him.
They're calling his case.
Case number 149-CR 0308, U.
versus Reid.
Duncan, your client is an FBI agent, correct? That's right, your honor.
You're charged with murder, which is a very serious matter.
Yes, your honor.
All right, Ms.
Duncan, does your client wish to enter a plea at this time? He does.
And how do you plead, agent Reid? Not guilty.
Thank God.
And as to bail? The people oppose bail and request remand, your honor.
Your honor, my client presents no risk of flight.
That's ridiculous.
The defendant was arrested after fleeing the murder scene in Mexico.
Duncan: Those were extenuating circumstances.
He'd been drugged against his will.
By failing to notify the FBI of his international travel, the defendant violated the Bureau protocol.
Duncan: My client presents no flight risk.
He has deep ties in this community.
His mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia and lives with him.
He is solely responsible for her well-being.
Additionally, he's been a decorated SSA with the FBI's behavioral analysis unit for over a decade.
And as an FBI agent, he has contacts all over the world.
Agent Reid would be willing to turn over both his personal and government issued passports.
If he wanted a counterfeit passport, he could easily get one.
He has no criminal history.
The defendant is uniquely situated to evade law enforcement should he flee the jurisdiction.
Your honor, he wants to stay here and clear his good name.
He should have thought about his good name before sneaking across the border.
I'm prepared to present multiple law enforcement character witnesses on his behalf right now.
The witnesses are here in the courtroom, all highly respected FBI agents.
Simmer down, Ms.
It's almost 6:00 and I'm not inclined to hear from character witnesses.
Actions speak louder than words, I always say.
We'd be willing to abide by a curfew and strict monitoring of his whereabouts at all times.
Too little too late, counselor.
If past behavior is the best indicator of future conduct, and I do believe it is, then your client presents a flight risk.
Bail is denied.
Defendant will be remanded to federal custody pending trial.
[Bangs gavel.]
How long before his case goes to trail? It's a complicated case.
3 months.
Spencer, I'm sorry.
I will come and see you as soon as I can.