Criminal Minds s12e15 Episode Script

Alpha Male

1 Rossi: Previously, on “Criminal Minds” Prentiss: Reid is in jail.
Rossi: He was arrested in Mexico for illegal possession of drugs.
Now he's being charged with the murder of Nadie Ramos.
Your client presents a flight risk.
Bail is denied.
Defendant will be remanded to federal custody pending trial.
[Gavel bangs.]
: 8361 in the yard.
Transport detail, stand by.
[Man crying.]
No, please.
Please don't make me.
I'm not I don't want to go.
I don't want to go, please.
Please don't make me go.
Please Hey, man, shut it! You're gonna give yourself a concussion if you keep doing that.
Well, it beats what they'll do to me inside.
I'm Luis.
What are you in for? I'm innocent.
Yeah [Bus door opens.]
Me, too.
Ok, ladies, listen up.
You will exit this bus in a neat and orderly fashion.
You will speak only when spoken to, and you will do everything that you are told.
Follow these simple rules, we'll get along just fine.
Let's go! Keep moving! [Indistinct order.]
Hurry up! [Buzzer.]
Line up over there.
Hold up.
You, you, go.
You, back in line.
Something wrong with your hearing? No Back in line! Gate! [Gate opens.]
Let's go.
Left, left.
Gate! Back to back rovers in black, everybody I'm wishing them well back to the spot where they bury your hope and they wish you fell grew up around too much and maybe I had a good deal it's an addiction, I'm tippin' the scale live in the system, kill or be killed your number's hell either you know or you're listenin' well flip it to hell, turn it to victory be still can't stop, got to move while I'm here raindrops on the tattoo can't top what I do, what I do, what I do [Indistinct.]
And I've been goin' back and forth forever, it's on me it's super number 7 in every category if you try to stop me, know it's mandatory you're just another body added to the story I unload it and reload it I unload and reload and unload it I unload it, then reload it then reload and reload and reloading [Song ends, door clangs shut.]
You think Reid should have taken the plea deal? Absolutely not.
Now that it's off the table, he's looking at 25 years to life.
So you think he should have? No.
I'm just saying, 25 years is a long time.
And as we know, juries are fickle.
I still can't believe the judge denied bail.
Did you guys see the look on his face when they led him out of that courtroom? What are we gonna do? Oh, newbie, oh, newbie, I'm gonna tell you what we're gonna do.
We're gonna send him letters every day, we're gonna put money in his commissary account, we are going to send him puzzles, magazines, books, whatever we can think of to make sure those gorgeous gears inside that boy wonder brain are lubed up and in perfect working order to keep us on track.
I took the liberty of making a chart.
Good idea, Penelope.
Yes, I couldn't agree more.
Also, if you've noticed, there is a visitation schedule.
Why do you get to go see Reid first? Because I made the chart.
And if anyone has any problem with that, tough noogies.
What's all this? Uh, well, miss Penelope here is keeping track of our correspondence and visits to Spence.
Very colorful, Penelope.
Thank you, sir.
Oh! And that reminds me, I'm sending the first batch of letters to Reid in jail today.
I'm going to need you to pen your upbeat, articulate missives and give them to me no later than 3 p.
, sharp.
I'm afraid you'll need a new mailing address.
What's going on? Early this morning Reid was moved from the police precinct to the Millburn Correctional Facility.
He's in prison? How is that possible? There hasn't been a trial.
You can blame overcrowding at the D.
I know this isn't great news, but his lawyer is doing everything she can, and she promised to give us updates.
Right now, all we can do is put our faith in the justice system and follow Garcia's chart and work the case we just got.
Oh, yeah, the case.
Oh, boy, I'll go get the files.
It is with a heavy heart, I am telling you, Philadelphia, aka, the city of brotherly love, is in sore need of some lately, because last night, two people had acid thrown in their faces in two separate attacks.
They are Colton Davis and Neela Travers.
Both are being treated at the burn center there.
Rossi: Neela was attacked outside a gym and has severe burns on her face, neck, and chest.
And 30 minutes later, Colton was ambushed as he left a bar, and in addition to being disfigured, he was partially blinded.
This comes on the heels of two other acid attacks last week in Philadelphia.
That's right.
Harley Macafee and Simon Wells.
Harley was attacked right outside of her apartment and Simon while on a run.
Both happened on the same night about 20 minutes apart.
Simon is still hospitalized, but Harley died from inhaling the toxic fumes.
This unsub has no gender or race preference.
Any witnesses? No, but a surveillance camera captured the attack on Colton Davis.
Oh! The unsub didn't stick around to see the damage he'd done.
Hey, Garcia, would you mind backing up and freezing on the unsub? Sure thing.
We're saying “he,” but it's hard to tell if the unsub is male or female.
That could be a woman or a man with a slight build.
So are these coordinated blitz attacks by multiple unsubs or the act of a lone wolf? Either way, we could be looking at a spree in the making.
Wheels up in 20.
Guys, hold on.
I know it's gonna be hard not to think about Reid in prison, but we'll get through this.
And more importantly, Reid will, too.
[Indistinct P.
[Overlapping chatter.]
What's happening? What up, homey? [Indistinct.]
[Chatter continues.]
When you hear your name, find a bed.
Uh excuse me, officer.
Um, I don't belong here.
Gee, I never heard that before.
No, I mean, I think there's been some sort of mistake.
I'm supposed to be in protective custody.
There's been no mistake.
This is exactly where you belong.
You recognize any of these guys? You probably put some of them away, didn't you Fed? [Door clangs shut.]
Garcia: “Strong men, “men who are truly role models, “don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful.
” Michelle Obama.
The victim from the surveillance video, Colton Davis, moved to Philadelphia last year to attend medical school at Temple.
Neela Travers works in social media marketing.
Simon Wells works at an ad agency.
And Harley Macafee, well, she worked as a trainee at a brokerage firm in center city.
No obvious connection other than being 20-something and single.
Well, the primary motivators behind acid attacks are rage, jealousy, and revenge.
And sexual rejection is often a trigger.
In South Asia, particularly Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, acid attacks are used against women for refusing sexual advances and proposals of marriage.
Rossi: The mentality being, if I can't have you, I'll make sure no one will.
Neela is of South Asian descent.
Maybe she rejected the unsub.
Well, political and religious beliefs are inciting factors as well.
Well, in some countries, young girls have had acid thrown in their faces as a punishment for attending school, or women for wearing clothing that was considered immodest.
Hello, my Sorry, it appears my internal salutation generator is broken due to this morning's gut punch.
All I can come up with is hello.
What do you have, Penelope? The burn center says that highly-concentrated nitric acid was used in all 4 attacks.
Well, the unsub could have access to it through his job.
I did some digging.
It turns out nitric and other corrosive acids, of which there are, oh, so many nasty ones, are readily available just about anywhere.
Well, there gotta be tons of DIY videos online.
35,000, to be exact.
So this unsub could have made his own concoction.
Garcia, compile a list of acid sales in the tri-state area New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Also, anyone buying those ingredients to make their own.
Ooh, it's gonna be a long list.
If the kid were here, he'd probably rattle off every acid known to man, their chemical properties, plus their sales down to the milliliter.
When we land, Tara and I will coordinate with the locals.
The rest of you head to the burn center.
Are Colton and Neela able to speak with us? They'll be a little groggy from the pain meds, but yes, they are.
What about Simon? He's in the O.
right now undergoing another skin graft.
How extensive are their injuries? The acid ate away skin, fat layers, and in the case of Neela Travers, dissolved some of her underlying bone.
Colton's in danger of losing sight in his other eye, too.
This is Colton's room.
And Neela is over there.
Agents, if the person who did this wanted to inflict maximum pain and suffering, they got their wish.
Colton, I'm Agent Rossi.
This is Agent Alvez.
We're with the FBI.
Alvez: Can we ask you a few questions? Did you see who attacked you? No.
It happened too fast.
What do you remember? Just the pain.
It was like I was on fire.
Neela, did you notice anything about your attacker? He was short.
He had a black coat and hat.
And gloves, brown.
And you're sure it was a man? Yes.
Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt you? No.
Did you get into an argument recently with anyone? Um, classmate, one of your roommates? No.
No one.
You ever been to that bar before? Every Tuesday night.
What's so special about Tuesday nights? My buddies and I, we have night classes, and we meet up afterwards.
You take the same spin class every Tuesday night? Mm-hmm.
I like the instructor.
Does the name Colton Davis mean anything to you? No.
Why? Did he do this to me? [Sobs.]
Neela Travers? I don't know her.
One last question, and then we'll let you get some rest.
Did your attacker say anything to you? It sounded like a foreign language.
Do you remember any of the words? I'm sorry.
I'm not helping, am I? Oh, Neela.
Neela, you're doing great.
Neela's description of her attacker appears to match the unsub we saw ambushing Colton in the security video.
And they both heard him shouting something, maybe in a different language.
If Colton and Neela kept a routine, it's possible the unsub knew where they would be.
He could have stalked them.
Which may mean that the victimology isn't random.
The unsub could have a connection to the victims, even if they don't know it.
[Indistinct muted chatter.]
What's your problem, perv? [Indistinct chatter.]
Excuse me, did you see what happened to my things? They were Hi.
I, uh, I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, but I believe those are mine.
[Prisoner chuckles.]
I'm pretty sure they are.
You callin' me a liar? [Laughs.]
Here we go.
I'm not I'm not saying that, but those are my things.
How they got here, I don't know, but I'm gonna take them back now.
Excuse me.
Just gonna grab this stuff and walk Ooh, damn.
Hey, break it up! Break it up! I said, break it up.
Get lost, inmate.
Am I gonna have to write you up? That inmate stole my things.
Guess that'll teach you how to keep track of your stuff.
Well, aren't you gonna do something about it? I just did.
I saved your ass.
Now step back, inmate.
Or I'll let everyone here know who and what you are.
Here are the reports on the earlier attacks on Harley Macafee and Simon Wells.
Thank you.
There were no witnesses to the assault on Harley.
Unfortunately, she never regained consciousness before she died.
Simon described his attacker just as Colton and Neela did.
A man in a dark coat and baseball cap shouting some kind of gibberish.
It looks like the same unsub is responsible for all the attacks.
- [Cell phone rings.]
- Garcia, go ahead.
I'm going through the social media sites of our 4 victims.
What'd you find? Oh, the usual selfies, pictures of food they've eaten, really adorable pet antics.
Uh, also, here is a nugget that might float your boat.
Last month, the first two victims, Simon and Harley, attended singles nights events at Manayunk at the aptly-named Brewerytown.
Those are popular neighborhoods with the younger crowd.
Lots of bars and music venues.
Were they there at the same time? No, different nights.
But the unsub might have been at both events.
That could be where he started stalking them.
He could have picked out any number of people to stalk, which means at this moment, he could be targeting his next victim.
Do you want to try that new Thai place tonight? Sounds good.
Are you cold? A little.
Et disperdam illud! [Screaming.]
Like his other victims, the unsub targeted a man and a woman, but changed his M.
and attacked them together.
And this time he attacked in broad daylight.
He's getting bolder.
Or reckless.
The victims are David Turner and Brandy Moore.
A woman walking her dog nearby said she heard a man shout, “et disperdam illud”" seconds before the attack.
It's Latin.
It could be the foreign-sounding language Neela and Colton said they heard.
My Latin's a little rusty.
It means, “I will destroy it.
” 12 years of Catholic school.
So, what's he want to destroy? That particular Latin phrase is from the Bible, Jeremiah, chapter 18.
In it, it's talking about how God handles nations and kingdoms and that he can mold them as easily as a potter molds clay.
So maybe this unsub sees himself as a God, and these victims represent nations and kingdoms to punish.
“I will destroy it.
” Elliot Rodger, the mass shooter in Isla Vista, California, wrote something similar in his manifesto.
And when I was with the BAP, we were looking at it for any possible ties to terrorism.
Garcia, see if you can pull it up.
See if I can? You doubt me? Sir, excuse me while I bulldoze my way through 137 pages of manifesto muck and mire without even cracking my lip gloss.
I remember Rodger.
He became enraged whenever he saw pretty young women or couples together.
That's right.
He wanted to stop everyone, men and women, from having sex.
He was a follower of the manosphere.
What's that? It's a collection of websites, blogs, and Internet forums focused on male culture.
With a few exceptions, it mostly spews misogynistic and hate-filled rhetoric.
And Walker wins the prize.
The various last page, Rodger says, quote, “if I cannot have it, I will do everything I can to destroy it.
” So all 6 victims are young and good-looking.
Maybe the unsub feels the way Rodger did.
Uh, guys, there's a man-o-sphere site I think you should see.
It's called “no means yes,” and they have a weekly feature called “Alpha male bad-ass bitch,” where they post pictures of young, attractive men and women, and users are encouraged to mock them for their shiny hair, perfect teeth, washboard abs, and “the hot sex they are no doubt having and you're not.
” Look, guys, check this out.
Do you see what I see? The victims could be dead-ringers for the people in these photos.
This unsub wants to do more than mock these people.
He wants to destroy them.
In his mind, they're living the life that he wants but can't have.
It's time to deliver the profile.
We're looking for a white male, 20 to 30 years old, a narcissist.
He appears to be a follower of the manosphere, a real and often disturbing corner of the Internet.
In the extreme, it advocates for the overthrow if what it calls the oppressive feminist culture.
It also teaches degrading pickup techniques and envisions a world where women fear men.
But it also pits men against each other, labeling them either Alphas or Betas.
Alphas are described as dominant and uber masculine, an ideal to be envied or copied.
Prentiss: This unsub has feelings of entitlement, but at the same time is probably socially awkward and unsuccessful with women.
Walker: He sees himself as a catch, a true Alpha male who has been overlooked by women and is superior to the men they choose over him.
JJ: His rage may stem from incidents of unrequited love early in his life.
Rebuffed by women and feeling threatened by the competition, he's throwing acid on his victims to inflict maximum pain, both physically and emotionally.
He wants both sexes to feel as ugly, as unwanted, and as self-loathing as he does inside.
It appears he's targeting attractive men and women who resemble photos posted on the manosphere website, “no means yes.
” This could turn into a spree, with more attacks coming at any time, anywhere.
Thank you.
One girl won't do, girl, I need two girls come date me, you, girl guess who's In hot pursuit girl, I love all girls chunk, fat, any girls see, it don't make no difference if you with it I'll break you off, girl ah ah ah ah You got some brass stones, man.
What do you mean? They're gonna be gunning for you.
You got a plan? Who? They're coming.
What's up? Hey.
Got any bats? Bats? Cigarettes.
Oh, no, sorry.
No, I don't smoke.
Yeah, I'm gonna quit.
You ok, man? Yeah.
I-I'm ok.
Does he look ok to you? Nah.
Looks like he's gonna cry.
Or wet his pants.
Don't go.
We're just messin'.
Out of respect, you know? It's all over the yard how you stole from Milos.
I didn't steal from Milos.
That was my stuff.
That was a tribute.
Everyone has to pay when they join the group.
What group? You're kiddin', right? Take a look around.
They outnumber us.
So we gotta stick together.
In here, we're the minority.
I'm not interested.
Thanks, anyway.
Yeah, that's not the way this is gonna go.
Hey, Hicks.
I see Tony O.
over there.
He's waiting for us.
Ok, my man, we gotta go.
No worries.
Catch you tonight.
[Indistinct chatter.]
[Cell phone ringing.]
Garcia, what have you got? I have a great deal of rage and sorrow over reading a whole bunch of sexist, racist, and homophobic rants.
The “no means yes” website.
And by that, I mean yes.
I am compiling a list of manosphere users and subscribers and cross-checking this “I will destroy it” phrase with acid sales and Oh, they just posted new photos.
Get them to us.
Let's hope we can be one step ahead of this unsub.
[Car remote chirps.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
[Door opens.]
Ok, settle down.
Settle shut up! Lights out! [Door clangs shut.]
Tier guard, lock down! It's party time.
Help! Aah! Help! Help! [Muffled screaming.]
So you're too good to be with us? We offer you friendship and what do you do? Spit in our faces.
Thinks he can survive in here without our help.
Uhh! You, you need to show some respect.
- Yeah.
- Do it.
Back off.
Untie him.
Get out of here.
Go on, take off.
JJ: Latest victim, Melinda Carroll.
Taught high school Math, lives in Chestnut Hill.
Garcia said she didn't find any connection between her and the other victims.
See you when you get here.
Prentiss and Walker are heading back.
Melinda is in acute respiratory distress.
She was put on a ventilator before anyone could talk to her.
Melinda looks nothing like the latest photo posted on the “no means yes” website.
Why did the unsub target her? And why risk being seen in a busy parking garage? Maybe his need-based compulsion was too great and he couldn't wait to find a red-headed look-alike.
Yeah, I thought the same, but the police said they talked to a young woman that was in the garage at the time.
She was a redhead.
Did Melinda routinely park there? It doesn't say.
According to a George Cunningham, they were meeting there for a date, he arrived late, found her on the ground.
Well, if Melinda can't talk, maybe her date can help us figure out why she was targeted.
What if George is our unsub? If he's desperate for love and affection, why would he attack a woman that was actually willing to go out with him? We profiled he's a narcissist.
Maybe he fed into those photos, thought that she wasn't good enough for him, that he can do better.
Or, she could have rejected him sexually.
Garcia, we need everything you have on George Cunningham.
We were going to the museum of art.
Neither of us had ever been there before.
Why not just meet at the museum? You know? Go up the steps, do the whole “Rocky” thing.
We'd joke about it, but Melinda is what you'd call directionally-challenged.
We were gonna walk to the museum together.
How long have you guys been dating? It's only been 6 weeks, but I think she could be the one.
Ah, that's great.
So you guys tell each other everything.
So then you told her about the, uh, comments that you made on a website called “no means yes”? How did you I didn't say You didn't write, “if the bitch wants a big wedding, dump her”? Alvez: Or this one.
Hang on a second.
“Be strong, learn game, get laid.
And don't trust women”? Or, there's my favorite Ok, ok.
I posted those things, but I don't really believe that.
Then why did you write it? I don't know.
I was lonely, feeling sorry for myself.
I wanted people to think I was a player.
But all that was before I met Melinda.
Did anyone else know about your plans to go to the museum? Some friends.
Friends, from the manosphere? Yeah.
We talk about lots of stuff.
Like what? Cars, sports.
Most of the time we just complain about being incels.
It's slang for involuntary celibate.
But now, with Melinda You're not a virgin anymore.
How did the other incels feel about that when they heard? Most were happy for me.
But not everybody.
I just chalked it up to being jealous.
How many of your friends know what Melinda looks like? I've posted pictures of us.
All right, we're gonna need their contact information.
There wasn't really time for proper introductions.
My name's Spencer Reid.
Calvin Shaw.
Guessing you already knew that.
Come on in.
Hey, coffee? Sure.
You were with the Bureau in Detroit, until 2005.
Right up until I got arrested.
Have a seat.
[Clears throat.]
You know why I'm in here? You killed your criminal informant.
Elena Olegnova.
She was feeding us information about shipments of heroin being funneled to the city by the Bratva.
Russian mafia.
What she gave us was credible.
But after a while, she began to know things she shouldn't.
My gut told me something wasn't right.
I always trust my gut.
She was working with the Bratva? Threatened to expose our undercover agents.
They'd have been tortured and killed.
I couldn't let that happen.
I had to make a decision.
You could have arrested her.
Then our guys would have been killed instantly.
Had to make it look like a rival to save their lives.
Wrong decision? Definitely.
Right reason? Absolutely.
What about you? You kill that doctor in Mexico? No.
Thanks, man.
Thank you.
You want milk? I'm ok.
So, how long till your trial? Uh, my lawyer says maybe 3 months.
3 months? You like to read? Mm-hmm.
You won't get library privileges while you're here, so if there's anything you want, you let me know, I'll get it.
First few months are the worst.
Having a book would help.
Have you read this one? It's about these fishermen in the North Sea.
Bad-ass dudes.
Warriors, really.
Storm comes out of nowhere.
It's a surprise.
They all drown.
They fight it.
This is our ocean.
One day it's calm, the next day there are waves the size of mountains.
It'll be hard at first, but trust me, you shouldn't fight it.
You just gotta learn how to survive.
Garcia, what did George's friends from the manosphere have to say about his relationship with Melinda? Of the 20 contacts he gave us, 15 of them emailed him saying they were happy that he finally had someone and was getting laid.
Their words, not mine.
And the other 5? Uh, one of them said that monogamy is evil and against basic human rights.
Do any of the 5 live or work in the area? Uh, two.
Jared Bahktra and Alan Crawford.
What's their deal? Jared is 29, he works as a barista in south Philly.
Ah Oh.
Jared keeps a log of his sexual conquests.
He rates the woman's face, body, and personality traits with a number.
By reducing women to numerical components, he may delude himself into thinking he's better than they are.
The unsub wants to stop people from having sex, not rack up his numbers.
What about Alan Crawford? Alan is 27.
He lives in Germantown, and Holy hole in a doughnut, he's a supply clerk at Tyrell Chemical.
What did his email to George say? Uh, it said that he couldn't understand why George had a woman and he didn't, why women give their sex and love to other men while he, Alan, is clearly the superior one.
When George started dating and having sex, that must have been the trigger.
Without his friend to commiserate and share his pain with, Alan must have felt even more alone.
He needs to be heard, validated.
It's like Elliot Rodger.
He could have written his own manifesto.
Could have and did, and it's a doozy.
Hold on to your capes.
You gotta see this.
118 pages.
“I can only take so much.
“I've been rejected, humiliated, and ridiculed for the last time.
” “All that pleasure they've had, I will make the animals pay.
” “On the day of reckoning you will know my name and fall to your knees in fear.
” “Remember my name, for I will live forever in infamy.
” He's planning a major attack.
Yeah, but when and where? According to this, it's tonight, but he doesn't say where.
He'll have clues in his writing.
Ok, I'll comb through the manifesto with Tara.
Garcia, we need Alan's home and work addresses.
Sending now.
He's not here.
Looks like he was busy before he left.
Rossi, take a look at this.
These are plans for how to modify a power sprayer.
He's going to destroy as many lives as he can.
So when Alan was 10, his parents went through a nasty break-up.
His mother gave up custody, and then within days of the divorce, his father married Alan's nanny.
He claims his new stepmother didn't want him around.
He was shipped off to boarding school, where he said he was bullied and lonely.
Prentiss: Alan's felt rejection his whole life.
So the first two victims attended singles nights in bars around the city.
He wrote something about events like that.
Let me see.
Um”it's where all the good-looking people gather and pair off like animals.
” He said something about bringing the animals pain and suffering.
He's gonna spray acid at another singles night.
Garcia: Bring it.
Are there any singles night events in Philly tonight? There are 3.
There's one in north Philly, one in Kensington, and one in Fishtown.
- Which one is it? - We don't know.
Damn it.
What did he say? Ok.
“I will wear my leather jacket.
I look good in that.
“Then I'll tap mac and a fitting final meal one whiz whiz next door.
” I I I don't I have no idea what that means.
Lewis: Ok, tap mac.
Uh, my roommate in college was from Philly.
She would say that when she needed to get cash.
It means going to an ATM.
Uh Mac.
Was formally known as the Money Access Center.
It was in the northeast, especially Philadelphia, from the eighties until the year 2000.
Most folks in the region still use that term.
Ok, and “one whiz whiz”? That is a cheesesteak with cheez whiz and fried onions.
Garcia, is there an ATM and a hoagie shop near any of those 3 bars? I See Yes! There's one in Kensington by the Federal Bar.
Rossi, we know where.
[Chatter, laughter.]
Burning like a fire we were hypnotized [Song fades, chatter, laughter continue.]
Man, I just came to watch the game tonight.
This place is lit.
Guess there's some singles thing goin' on.
Most of these guys are just wasting their time, poor bastards.
We all know who's getting the hot women tonight, don't we? Hey, beer.
Hey, you by yourself? And another one for my friend here.
No, hey, no, no, man.
Put your wallet away.
It's on me.
It's not really fair, is it? I mean, why do some people get to have love and sex and pleasure in life and others don't? They don't deserve it.
It's gotta be the worst feeling in the world not to be able to love a woman and be loved back.
Not to be seen for who you really are.
Isn't that right, Alan? Hey, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
I'm with the FBI.
And right now, several guns are trained on you.
You use that sprayer, and believe me, you will be dead before our drinks come.
They need to feel my pain.
And they will if you come with me calmly.
I'll make sure your manifesto gets out to the world.
Get in there.
Don't get too comfortable.
Door! Shaw: Welcome to the neighborhood.
Hey, Reid.
Yeah? Any chance you play chess? Whoo whoo.
The unicorn of Pony Express awaits.
All done.
That's everyone's letters to Reid.
They'll go out first thing in the morning.
I'm sure he'll be thrilled to get them.
And you'll be happy to hear he's able to have visitors now, so if you would like to see him Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
We're all on his approved visitor list, but you need to schedule an appointment first.
You can't just pop in.
No pop-ins.
Um, uh, I can't wait to see the boy wonder with my own nearsighted eyes.
Oh! Pawn to Queen's bishop 4.
We'll get you a board.
That's ok, I can see it.
You're gonna need a lot more than one book at a time, aren't you? It'd be nice.
I'll hook you up.
I might even be able to get you a job.
I heard they're looking for somebody in the laundry.
It helps pass the time.
Thank you, Calvin.
Tell me something.
Is old man Foster still running the firing range - at the academy? - Yeah, he's still there.
I swear, he was like 90 when I went through training.
He looks exactly the same.
How do you do it? Do what? Survive in here.
First rule is to accept that no one is safe.
You seem to be.
Last night those guys could have turned on you, but instead they listened.
Why? It's all about respect and alliances.
A favor now gets you a favor later.
Like, uh, like moving an inmate into a particular cell? Something like that.
And don't forget, once you play the game as long as I have, you get good at it.
Pawn to King's knight 6.
That guard Wilkins is threatening to tell everyone that I'm on the job.
That wouldn't be too good for you.
I don't get it.
Everybody knows you're a fed.
Yeah, but here's the difference.
You say you didn't kill that doctor.
I didn't.
But everybody knows I killed that C.
I admit it.
That gets me respect in here because I killed an informant.
A rat, snitch.
Lowest of the low.
Do what you gotta do, Reid, but the sooner you stop fighting it, the better off you'll be.
Your move.
Reid: “One of the many lessons that one learns in prison “is that things are what they are and will be what they will be.
” Oscar Wilde.