Criminal Minds s12e16 Episode Script

Assistance is Futile

1 Rossi: Previously on “Criminal Minds” Alvez: They just charged Reid with the murder of Nadie Ramos.
Bail is denied.
Defendant will be remanded to federal custody pending trial.
JJ: He's in prison? You're going to give yourself a concussion.
Beats what they'll do to me inside.
Aah! Help! You, you need to show some respect.
Back off.
All right, inmates, go, out of your racks.
[Cells opening.]
Out! [Indistinct order.]
Reid: What happened? Delgado: Welcoming committee.
Reid: You ok? I am right now.
It's later I'm worried about.
Anything I can do to help? Yeah.
Give me some of that “don't touch the skinny white guy” pixie dust you got sprinkled on you.
Wilkins: This ain't social hour.
Get back to work.
[Indistinct chatter.]
No touching.
Is everything ok? It's not my mom, is it? No.
No, she's fine.
She's fine.
I saw her yesterday.
She asked about you.
Cassie said she was having a really good day.
Where did you, uh, tell her I was? Uh, the beach.
Well, she asked if that's where you were.
It seemed to make her happy, so Good.
How are you doing? I'm ok.
I, uh, I'm really happy to see you.
I just I kind of wish you hadn't come.
It's not a good idea.
You're stuck with me.
Garcia has us on shifts, and she of course took first dibs, but, uh, they needed her in the office for a case, so I was the lucky one.
A case? JJ, you should not be here.
The last time I saw you, I promised you would not be alone.
I am just trying to keep up the best way I can.
What's the case? What? The case.
I'm assuming you stayed behind unless it's local.
Is it local? No.
New York.
You really want to hear this? Yeah.
I'd love something to think about besides, you know, this.
Um last night they found the latest victim, which is the third in the last 6 weeks.
He dumps them in alleys.
All female, in their 20s.
Equal opportunity.
He crosses race lines.
Oh, and the media's having a field day.
They're calling him the Bone Crusher.
Prentiss: Gigi Stevens, 26-year-old waitress from Brooklyn.
Cause of death was loss of blood from all the compound fractures.
This one tore her femoral artery.
That was probably what did it.
But I did find a few postmortem fractures as well.
What about a tox screen? We found traces of alcohol and MDMA in her system.
It's exactly like the first two victims.
Any sign of sexual assault? None.
Breaking bones is what gets him off.
[Woman whimpering.]
No, no more.
Wait, you think she's only been dead 24 hours? Yeah, maximum.
Well, she went missing a week ago.
That meant he held her for several days.
He didn't do that with his other victims.
He abducted, killed, and dumped them all within a two-day period.
Holding her means a lot more work for him.
Oh, he was busy, all right.
He broke all her fingers and toes first.
But the big breaks he saved for last.
[Woman whimpering.]
Prentiss: So, he's a sadist who's learned how to prolong his pleasure by keeping her alive.
But the torture must mean something if he's willing to risk holding her.
- [Bone snaps.]
- Aah! Rossi: All of these women were educated and gainfully employed.
Totally low-risk lifestyles.
Alvez: Yeah, but they were all found at bars and night clubs, and they each had alcohol and drugs in their system, so they weren't exactly shrinking violets either.
But drugs and the alcohol are probably part of his ruse.
That means he has social skills.
I bet he charms them in, like Bundy.
I just keep wondering why a sadist would use a love drug that makes you feel empathy.
Well, we don't know for sure that he uses it, too.
He may want to maintain focus.
Well, if he's holding them captive now, he needs space to do that.
Not impossible, but that's not exactly the easiest thing to find in New York City.
He could even be using a small van or truck.
Excuse me, agents, there's a woman out here I think you should talk to.
Apparently she came in this morning, said she had information for the FBI.
So my guys took her name, number.
She insisted on waiting.
So when I finally sat down with her, she showed me this.
She said her son wrote all that.
She claims he's the Bone Crusher.
Reid: “To go against conscience “is neither right nor safe.
Here I stand.
I can do no other.
” Martin Luther.
Inmate: I'd love to get a piece of that, huh? [Laughter.]
- Guard: Hey, quiet in there! - JJ: It's ok.
Hmm? It's not my first time in a prison.
I can handle it.
I don't want them looking at you.
I know.
I don't either.
But if that's the price I have to pay to see you, I'm ok with that.
So, listen, um, there are some other things we should talk about.
We got your full panel tox screen results.
Um, they were negative for scopolamine.
How are we gonna prove that Scratch is behind all this? We'll find another way.
Look, it was too late by the time we took that blood test.
You must have metabolized everything.
He's gonna get away with it.
He's gonna get away with it.
We're not gonna let him.
We're gonna get you out of here.
I promise.
And we are gonna get that psychopath and we are gonna clear your name.
Just, please, keep your head down, and focus on that.
Ok? Ok.
You'll have to forgive me, Ms.
I mean no disrespect.
But we have very limited resources.
Look, I know you must get a lot of crazies, but I swear to God, I'm not one of them.
You saw what he wrote, about the girls he sees on the subway and on the train.
How he followed them, what he wants to do to them.
And there's more.
I couldn't bring it all.
Plus you should see how it is.
Please, come look for yourself.
You said you lived in Kingsbridge? That's not too far from where I grew up.
I could come check it out.
I'll go with.
He lived down here, but I finally had to kick him out.
Alvez: Why? Because he came home one night with blood on him, but he wasn't hurt.
And he wouldn't tell me how it got there.
Rossi: How long ago was that? About 6 weeks.
When he didn't come back, I decided I'd clean out some of his stuff, you know? And, uh, that's when I found Have you moved or touched any of this stuff? No.
I left it exactly as it is.
I'll call Prentiss.
What's that? It's a present from Henry.
So that is you, and that is him.
It's from that day we went to the park.
Tell him it's beautiful.
Tell him I love it.
Wilkins: Visiting hours are over.
Inmates, line up.
You stay strong.
Let's go.
[Distant siren.]
[Indistinct police radio.]
“Her legs were perfect, like a dancer's.
Sinew and tight muscle.
I'd love to hear her bones snap as they rip through her flesh.
” But this is more than just sadism.
This bone-breaking is some kind of psychopathic compulsion.
Can you imagine if it was your kid living down here? [Thunder.]
Sometimes he disappears for days at a time.
I don't know where he goes.
This is all my fault.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, this isn't your fault.
Yes, I should have gone to the police sooner.
You can't blame yourself, for any of this.
You did the right thing by coming to us when you did.
Listen, I know this is difficult.
Ok? We need you to focus right now, ok, because we all want the same thing here.
To find Danny.
And so let's just start at the beginning.
Why don't you tell us, what was Danny like growing up? He was a sweet kid.
Normal, you know? Until his dad left.
Can you tell us about that? He ran off with our next-door neighbor.
He's not seen him since.
And how old was Danny when his dad left? He's never been the same.
How so? He's just so angry.
Always getting in trouble at school.
Rossi: When was the first time you knew something was wrong with him? I mean, really knew.
I guess about 10 years ago when he was 13.
Why are we talking about this? Like, how is this gonna help find Danny? Mrs.
White, we're not We're not regular policemen.
We don't just look at fingerprints and evidence.
We look at behavior.
So even the smallest detail of something might be a really big help.
I wanted to paint our old apartment after After his father left.
We couldn't afford to move.
And I was painting Danny's room [Soft music playing.]
Uhh! I fell off the ladder and broke my arm.
Danny was there, but I didn't see him come in.
Then when I asked him to help me, he just stood there, laughing.
[Danny laughing.]
Is it possible that Danny may have pushed you off that ladder? Ohh By any chance, do you remember the address of that building? [Telephone rings.]
What do you want, newbie? Still with that? Come on.
You need some new material.
Ok, whatever you say El Nuño.
Hunky Newster.
New kid on the no, that one's too much on the nose.
All right, whatever.
I need you to check out an address for me.
11637 Woodycrest Avenue.
It's an apartment building in the Bronx.
Any criminal activity that might relate to Danny White.
Hold yourself.
Searching now.
Just your garden variety vandalism, drug possession.
It's all pretty standard for a condemned building.
Wait, it's condemned? Mm-hmm.
Has been for months.
It's scheduled to be demolished, but, uh, something's holding it up.
Permit issue.
Thanks, Garcia.
You truly, you are the best.
Really? Available.
So, the apartment building Danny White used to live in is abandoned.
Do you have a hunch about something? Danny grew up in the neighborhood and up until recently lived here with his mom.
So I'm thinking he wants to be at someplace familiar.
We did profile he'd need a space to do his thing.
An abandoned building would do the trick.
All right, you two go ahead.
Keep me posted.
[Gate clanking.]
She said it was 6C.
[Muffled crying.]
You hear that? Yeah.
Got some bolt cutters in the car.
[Crying, muffled shouting.]
It's ok.
It's ok.
Is there anyone else here? Everything's gonna be ok.
JJ, voice-over: So that is you, and that is him.
It's from that day we went to the park.
[Indistinct chatter.]
Hey, you.
What's up, my man? How you doin'? All right? Inmate: Don't play that.
Hey, where you goin'? They're gonna kill him.
Sit down.
Sit down! No, they won't.
Teach him a lesson, maybe, but they won't kill him.
Be too easy.
How do you know? 'Cause I know how they think.
They're testing him.
Want to see if he's going to float or drown.
The rules in here are different.
You don't have a badge or a gun.
Stop fighting it, man.
Ok, we got an I.
on the victim.
Name's Serena Adams, 25-year-old grad student at NYU.
Exactly his type.
How long has she been missing? Since yesterday.
He's moving fast.
Looks like he was living here after his mom kicked him out.
He's even got food and water back there.
This guy is somewhere in the city and we're gonna find him.
Lewis: Daniel Allen White was a demolition contractor.
Which was obviously his way of sublimating his desires.
But it also means that he is highly familiar with condemned and abandoned buildings.
Uh, we can double up on patrols in those areas.
Especially your unmarked units.
We want to catch this guy, not just deter him.
This geographic profile covers the entire city.
He's used all 5 boroughs to either abduct or dump his victims.
He grew up in this apartment and it took a concerted effort for him to come back here and use it like this.
So, location is important to him.
If he sticks to his pattern, she'll be in her 20s.
He blends in, he appears nonthreatening, and he's attractive, all traits that immediately lower most people's defenses.
Because of his job, he's also physically strong.
So not only does he have the tools to manipulate his victims, he has the strength to overpower them as well.
We also think he uses MDMA as part of his ruse.
As you know, MDMA is a popular drug, lowers inhibitions, makes for easier targets.
Daniel Allen White will strike again, probably sooner rather than later.
We need to find him before he does.
Thank you.
How's it going with the case? Everything ok with the girl they found? Yeah, I don't know.
She's still in surgery.
Oh, how's boy wonder? He's good.
What? No, he must be terrible.
What do you mean? Tell me everything.
No, don't tell me everything.
I don't want to know.
No, of course I want to know.
Tell me everything.
Tell me everything.
He can't stay in there.
We gotta get him out.
We will.
We will.
Come here.
We'll get him out.
[Distant siren.]
His face is all over the news.
Every cop in town is looking for him.
How has no one seen this guy? We just gotta keep the pressure on and hopefully he'll make a mistake.
Serena Adams is still recovering from surgery, but she had MDMA in her system and was last seen at a night club with friends.
We should talk to them.
And we should also talk to Miranda White again.
She's our best lead right now.
White, thanks for coming back in.
You don't have to be so formal.
You can call me Miranda.
Ok, Miranda.
Are you ready? - Yeah.
- Ok.
I saw on the news that you found another girl in our old building? Yeah.
Is she gonna be ok? She's, uh, she's with her family.
She's going to be fine.
But she's just gonna need a little time.
It's right in here.
Have a seat.
So when did you and your ex start having problems? When didn't we? He was a drinker, among other things.
I should have left that marriage sooner.
Can you tell me more about that? [Music only, no dialogue audio.]
But what about Danny? Was he a drinker? No.
Maybe he did drugs? No.
Why would you even think that? Drug use is something we always have to consider.
Ohh Not Danny.
Are you ok? You want to maybe take a break? No.
I'm gonna get us some coffee, all right? Ok, here you go.
So we're looking for a location where an imprint could have been made.
Somewhere Danny maybe used to go with his friends.
Danny never had friends.
What about a girlfriend? God knows, never.
Never had a girlfriend.
He could never talk to girls.
Cute as he was, he was just so awkward.
And sometimes inappropriate, you know? Like he had no filter.
That doesn't make any sense.
How do you go from being awkward with no friends to socially skilled and manipulative? I don't know.
The guy's got no online presence or social media.
Maybe it's just some kind of self-help thing and the guy got some confidence.
I don't know.
He's 23 and up until a few weeks ago living with his mom.
What if we were wrong and charm's not part of his game? I don't think so.
All those victims were smart, attractive, and out in populated areas.
I agree.
He found a way to get close, and it has to have something to do with the drugs.
Hopefully the media coverage will make it impossible for him to charm anyone without them recognizing him first.
[Music playing.]
What can I get you? A shot of Jack and a beer.
What kind? We got like 20.
Whatever's on draft.
See, I'm lonely see, I'm sad see, I'm crazy you see I'm mad smilin' for a day Keep it.
Thank you.
She didn't try Woman: You're never gonna make that shot.
You're really not cool.
Let's get it on.
Trust me [Conversation continues indistinct, music grows louder.]
[Woman laughs.]
Thinking of you sinking in wine Woman: All right, I'm ready.
Unromantic here.
[Conversation, song overlapping.]
TV: Searching for 23-year-old Bronx native Daniel Allen white.
White is currently wanted for the recent “Bone Crusher” killings.
3 local women have been murdered in the last 6 weeks.
Woman: Try it.
Oh! [Laughs.]
[News broadcast continues indistinct.]
[Engine starts.]
[Loud music playing.]
[Women laughing.]
[Women chattering.]
We have to get a selfie.
Oh, cool, perfect.
Oh, my God! Ohh! - [Buzzer.]
- Clear the run, first tier.
You go.
Open it up! [Indistinct.]
On the line! [Indistinct chatter.]
What did they do to him? He's in the infirmary.
Got a couple of broken ribs.
They could have punctured his lungs.
They didn't.
I told you, it's a test.
Are they gonna leave him alone now? I didn't say that.
You know, Calvin, you're right.
I don't know prison.
But I do know how to stop a psychopath.
That was out there.
In here, we're all psychopaths.
We have to be, 'cause it's predator or prey.
Which one are you? What do you want, inmate? Out of water.
I was just hoping to get a little more water.
There's no water.
Just go sit down.
[Reid whispering.]
26-year-old Lisa Jackson was abducted last night in Brooklyn.
Apparently she was walking home from a bar with a friend when a man in SUV pulled up, attacked them both with a hammer.
Friend wakes up, Lisa's gone.
He only took one of them.
He only needs one.
Plus, two is a lot of work.
Was the friend able to give a description of the attacker? Yeah.
Matches White.
She said she saw him having drinks at the bar earlier.
He's out drinking.
He's either arrogant or he's just not paying attention to the news.
Or he can't resist the urge to hunt.
Well, what type of SUV did she say? Dark blue, maybe black.
Said it happened pretty fast.
She got hit in the head pretty good.
I'll have our field office assist in canvassing the area.
Copy that.
This guy, he knows we're onto him.
He's not gonna wait long before he starts breaking bones.
Go sit down.
What was that? I was thirsty.
I helped you because I like you.
You're interesting to me.
But you keep this up, keep thinking the normal rules apply in here, then I cannot help you.
And that would be a shame, because I think you're the only innocent man in here.
Good luck, brother.
You're gonna need it.
[Telephone rings.]
Prentiss: What have you got, Garcia? Actually, it's me and JJ.
Hey, uh, so I was thinking, this guy's M.
is pretty sophisticated for a killer who's just started out.
Maybe our first victim isn't his first victim.
So I had Garcia compile a list of all the females with bone break injuries in New York City in the last 3 years.
We ruled out women over 30, girls under 18, came up with 112 names.
Did any of them have drugs in their system, specifically MDMA? Oh, so good, new guy, who doesn't feel new because your deep baritone voice comforts me.
The answer is yes.
But not all of them were drug tested, so we only have two that we know for sure had MDMA on board.
Who are they? Well, there is one in particular that caught my eye.
Nancy Santiago.
She's 22, she's from Long Island, and she died after she fell off a rooftop during a rave almost a year ago.
There any foul play? Inconclusive.
There was a thunderstorm that night, so the crime scene was compromised.
The police report says two guys saw what they thought was a male/female couple having sex in the alley behind the rave.
When those two guys spotted them, he took off, left the female behind.
When they got closer, they saw the girl was actually dead.
The coroner said she had several broken bones from the fall, most notably a compound fracture, super serious, to her femur.
Well, if there was sexual assault, do we really think that was our guy? I want to know more.
Send us everything you have on Nancy Santiago.
We got a problem.
I can't find Miranda White.
She's not in the building.
Did you call her? Yeah.
I left her two messages and she's not returning texts.
Maybe she needed some fresh air or she got hungry or something.
I gave her a sandwich.
She said she'd stay put.
- [Line ringing.]
- Garcia: Shoot.
Garcia, we need you to track a cell phone.
I'm surprised you came home.
You get my texts? Something I said? Are you ignoring me? It's just, uh, why is he like this? What did I do wrong? No.
Listen, Danny and people like Danny have an affliction, ok? It's like a sickness.
They either choose to fight it or they embrace it, and it's no one's fault.
Miranda, another girl went missing.
Now, we still have time to find her, but we need your help.
And you can help save her just like the other girl.
What can I do? I don't know anything.
You know more than you think.
Do you recognize this girl? Her name is Nancy Santiago.
Now, a year ago, she fell off a rooftop at a rave and she died.
How am I supposed to remember something that happened a year ago? There was a big thunderstorm that night.
That ring a bell? Remember how I told you I kicked Danny out because he came home with blood on him but he wasn't hurt? Yeah.
That wasn't the only time that happened.
It happened last year, too, and it was raining hard that night, and Miranda, when I asked you about Danny and the drugs, it was like you wanted to say something but you couldn't.
Now, I gotta be honest with you.
The one thing that connects all of these victims is the drugs, the MDMA.
Something in my gut is telling me that the answer to where Danny is has something to do with that.
I just was trying to help him.
Help him what? Talk.
God forbid, smile, maybe.
I read these articles about ecstasy and how it could help people like Danny.
Did you give Danny the drugs? At first, just a little.
I mean, he was 21, and I could at least test it and make sure that it was pure and more safe, you know? And it worked.
He was so happy.
We talked.
We talked and we sat out here and we talked for hours.
Then after a while, it stopped working.
So that's how he went from socially awkward to socially skilled the drugs.
That makes sense.
His inhibitions would be lowered and he'd be emboldened.
But repeated use could mean addiction and a higher tolerance, so he would need increasingly larger doses.
His mother was trying to help him, but she may have unlocked the psychopath in him instead.
MDMA is supposed to enhance sexuality.
If Nancy Santiago was his first victim and he was high when he killed her, that must have made quite an impression.
And since it's never as good as the first time, he's probably been chasing that dragon ever since.
He probably needs to be under the influence himself to complete the experience.
Lewis: Yeah, but if that was him in the alley with Nancy Santiago's body, then why no sexual assault with his most recent victims? Because MDMA can cause impotence.
Maybe he can't sexually get off and that only adds to his rage.
Rossi: That's why he's been so violent.
- [Cell phone rings.]
- Torture is an outlet for that.
Yeah, what have you got, Garcia? I've got the 4-1-1 on that rave that Nancy Santiago was at the night died.
I've sent it all to your tablets.
You can follow along if you wish.
It is a roving EDM party called Reclamation, and according to their website, their mission is to, quote, “bring light and rhythm to places long forgotten.
” Which means? Sir, that's the millennial way of saying “we have illegal parties in abandoned places.
” I've seen this somewhere.
Right there.
Abandoned spaces.
We should go check out where this rave was.
Yeah, considering this guy's pattern of late, that's not a bad idea.
Garcia, is that building still there? Yeah.
And it's still unoccupied.
Alvez, Walker, Dave, go.
[Lisa, sobbing.]
No! No! Shut up.
No! Shut up! No! No! No! Aah! You're gonna break every bone in your body.
No! No! Alvez: Check it out blood.
Rossi: I'll call for backup.
Aah! No, please! I want to hear how much it hurts.
Please don't.
Aah! [Sobbing.]
Did you hear that, the way it cracked? Let's do another one.
Rossi: Daniel Allen White, FBI, drop it! Danny: No, no, no, back up.
Walker: We can't do that.
Rossi: Just drop it and let her go.
Back up! Alvez: Daniel, just drop it! I'll take you to see your mother.
She's waiting for you.
I'm telling the truth.
Her name's Miranda.
How do you think we found your old apartment? Look, I'm not going to jail.
Danny, don't.
I'll die in there.
Don't don't do it! Tell my mom I'm sorry.
All right.
You crawling back home and the rain came falling like a stone you walking all alone can't stand the night on your own all the time behind you left to find [Light hammering.]
Look inside for signs of waking [Hammering.]
Bring it all together Hey.
What are you hammering? Oh, uh, just hanging up my newest acquisition.
A “W”? Well, that's not just any old “W”.
That, my young friend, is a symbol of victory.
You're not a baseball fan, are you? Mostly hockey, and I do enjoy a football game.
Well, at Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs, they fly that flag after every win.
Wait, you're not even from Chicago.
But I lost a good buddy in Vietnam who was.
And, uh, since they won the world series, I thought I'd commemorate it for him since he didn't live long enough to see it himself.
That's sweet.
Hey, what's going on with you? Now that I've seen Spence locked up, it wasn't easy.
I guess I'm just a little down.
Do you know how long it's been since the Cubs last won the series? That's like 100 years, right? 108, to be exact.
Which means that generations lived and died without ever seeing a championship.
Can you imagine what that does to your psyche? Hmm.
But that city and all those fans You know what kept them going? Hope.
Until finally, one night, after over a century of despair, hope won.
And that's how we're gonna keep going, until we get that kid the hell out of there.
Keep it alive.
'Cause I'm afraid right now, that's all we've got.
Reid: “Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all of the darkness.
” Desmond Tutu.
What's up, snitch? That your girlfriend come to see you? She's my friend.
You never got any? What's wrong with you, man?! [Grunting.]
[Muffled cries.]
Help! Snuff him!