Criminal Minds s12e17 Episode Script

In the Dark

1 Rossi: Previously on “Criminal Minds” Alvez: They just charged Reid with the murder of Nadie Ramos.
JJ: He's in prison? I'm Luis.
I'm Spencer.
What are you in for? I'm innocent.
Me, too.
You were with the bureau in Detroit.
Right up until I got arrested.
It'll be hard at first.
You shouldn't fight it.
You just gotta learn how to survive.
- Hey.
- They're gonna kill him.
He can't stay in there.
We gotta get him out.
What happened? Welcoming committee.
You ok? I am right now.
It's later I'm worried about.
Well, Calvin, you're right.
I don't know prison.
But I do know how to stop a psychopath.
In here, we're all psychopaths.
What's up, snitch? Help! Help! [Muffled yelling.]
[Birds squawking.]
Hey, you ok? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm I'm fine.
Well, you don't seem fine.
Look Really, really, really, I'm ok.
Just go away, please? [Closes door.]
I know I may not be the someone you want to talk to, but I can't walk away with you like this.
Hey, I know you went to visit Reid.
Is that what this is about? He's hurt.
How bad? Like really bad, like he should be in protective custody bad.
I told him I was gonna march into the warden's office and give him a piece of my mind But Reid said not to.
He said it would just make things worse.
[Cell doors unlocking.]
Alvez: Prisons are run on cultural alliances.
Does he have any friends that he's made in there? Yeah.
He said he had a guy named Delgado.
And there's another guy named Shaw.
Shaw was able to get him off a cot and into a cell.
Did he say Calvin Shaw? I don't know.
All Reid said was Shaw.
All right.
Look, when I was with the fugitive taskforce, a lot of my work involved talking to the Bureau of Prisons.
I'm gonna see if I can get an extra set of eyes on Reid.
And maybe maybe Prentiss can talk to Fiona, see what she can do on the legal side.
- [Beeping.]
- Well It's gonna have to wait, 'cause we have a case.
Well, look, I'm gonna talk to Prentiss now, and hey, listen to me.
We'll get this done.
We will get Reid through this.
That's what I told Reid.
But the way he looked at me It was like we both knew it was a lie.
Won't be.
[Door opens and closes.]
Luke is gonna join us in the field.
Let's get started.
Ok, earlier today, outside of Burlington, Vermont, 50-year-old Bob Joplin was found shot in the woods while hunting.
This is the third hunter shot in as many weeks.
Bob Joplin joins Ron Carini and Jerry Hornsby.
JJ: Wait.
Burlington? We're consulting with the state police on another one of their cases right now.
Reba Wilson.
She was stabbed 4 days ago.
And 26-year-old Pearl Roberts was found stabbed in her home last night.
Completely different MOs and victimology.
Looks like we have two unsubs.
We've seen multiple active serial killers in larger cities like Los Angeles, but Burlington has, what, only 40,000 residents? Yeah.
Two unsubs in a town this small seems unlikely, but it's not impossible.
The Burlington consult just became a 911.
Wheels up in 30.
[Loud music playing.]
[Music ends, knock on door.]
[Doorknob rattling.]
JJ: “Life, of course, “never gets anyone's entire attention.
“Death always remains interesting.
Holds us.
Draws us.
” Janet Malcolm.
No known connections between our two unsubs.
Doesn't look like it.
First one is a cold, clinical sniper.
Well, he's turning hunters into the hunted.
Could be a disturbed animal rights activist or eco-terrorist.
So the woods unsub is long-distance and possibly political, the exact opposite of our other guy, who is as up close and personal as you can get.
The woods unsub started before the home invasion one did.
They could be feeding off of each other, like the baseline killer and the serial shooter in Phoenix back in 2006.
Rossi: We also can't rule out the obvious, that the two killers don't know about each other.
Garcia, where are we on any overlap between our victims? Nothing yet, although now, with 6 victims, my Venn diagram is starting to look like a Jackson Pollock painting.
6 victims? Yes.
The Vermont state police just called.
They had another stabbing earlier tonight.
I have sent you all the deets.
Hit me back if you need anything.
It's the first time the home invasion unsub's killed a man.
Walker: It's also two murders in under 24 hours.
He's not even taking a night off anymore.
When we land, we'll set up at the state police department.
Later we'll need to split up the crime scenes, see what each one tells us about each unsub.
First hunter we found, we thought it was a hunting accident.
Happens from time to time.
When we did a search of the perimeter and found two more bodies, we called you guys.
Easiest shot to take is center mass.
Yeah, this guy went straight through the heart all 3 times.
Takes time and patience to do that.
He's a hunter, a good one.
He'd have to set up.
We found some evidence of a temporary hunting blind structure, but he also followed the LNT rule.
Leave no trace.
That means he probably didn't leave any DNA, either.
3 crime scenes, we haven't found any.
We're still looking.
We're hoping to find some trace evidence on the hunting blind.
Well, many hunters will relieve themselves near their hunting ground.
The theory is that it will attract wildlife.
Maybe he did it out of habit.
That's what we're thinking.
This time of year isn't usual hunting season.
But all 3 victims came out here anyway.
Could they be poaching? With the caliber of gun that each of the victims was carrying, we believe so.
Could speak to this unsub's motive.
He feels justified in pulling the trigger.
That explains this killer.
What about the other one? [Indistinct police radio.]
Victim's name was Mike Hood, 34.
Girlfriend found the body when she came over to surprise him.
Unsub's prints and DNA were all over the place, and he didn't wear gloves.
Even left the knife behind and the back door open.
Yeah, and no forensic or criminal sophistication.
Prentiss just sent over the initial M.
Only one stab wound.
All the other victims had multiple stab wounds.
Why stop at just one this time? Uh, Mike Hood died almost immediately after being stabbed once Through the heart.
The hunters were all shot through the heart.
Different M.
, different victimology, but a similar signature.
The other home invasion victims had multiple stab wounds, but the final fatal wounds were all through the heart as well.
We said it was unlikely that there would be two unsubs.
It's possible there's only been one this whole time.
20 minutes.
Finish up here.
Looks like you took one of the beatings meant for me.
I mean, does it still hurt? Actually, it was not that bad.
Well, uh, thanks for Uh Thanks.
You would have done the same for me.
No, man.
Actually, I wouldn't have.
Well, now that they've picked us out of the herd, they'll keep coming back.
Then we keep fighting.
They don't work like that.
Next time, they'll come to us with demands, and if we say no, ain't going to the infirmary.
We're going to the morgue.
Prentiss: What else can you tell me about this victim? Same DNA at the scene as the other stabbings.
It's the same killer.
And the most recent hunter? Unfortunately, no DNA's been recovered from the woods yet.
But I can tell you that he was killed with a Winchester 30.
Hunting rifle, which is consistent with the other murders in the woods.
High caliber, single-action.
Shot right through the heart.
Some folks around here would be surprised that Bob even had a heart to shoot.
Are you saying he wasn't well-liked? Poachers aren't too popular around these parts.
Also, Bob was the kind of guy who'd pick a fight with anyone that looked at him sideways.
What about the other two victims from the woods? Frankly, none of those guys were ever gonna win citizen of the year.
They were all fighters? Fighters, drunks, grade-A jackasses.
Mind you, that's my personal opinion, - Not a medical one.
- [Cell phone rings.]
But it could help explain why he's choosing these victims.
Excuse me.
Hey, Fiona.
Hey, I just got your message.
Spencer didn't tell me he'd been injured.
And my fear is that if he's been beaten up once, it's going to happen again.
Is there anything you can do to get him moved? I already filed the protective custody transfer, but look, the wheels of justice spin slow, especially once you're in the system.
Agent Alvez is on his way over to the prison now.
Is there any way you could follow up with a wellness check? I'll clear my schedule.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
I appreciate it.
Hey, has Reid ever mentioned an inmate named Shaw? No.
Who's that? So you're stuck, huh? I told you, there's no upside to being a hero in here.
Well, here's the thing.
Luis said they would come up with demands, and that tells me that they're willing to negotiate.
There's got to be something I can offer.
I might be able to do some shuttle diplomacy.
What are you offering? Well, I'll do anything that isn't illegal.
You ever hear the term “heteroflexible”? No.
I meant I would, like, help them with their taxes or, like, teach them how to read.
You got a visitor.
I know you? No, but I know you.
I'm SSA Luke Alvez with the BAU.
We've got a lot to talk about.
The state police were finally able to find trace DNA in the woods.
They compared it to the home invasion kills.
It's a match.
So we have one guy.
That's a lot of work to be killing both day and night.
It's clear he has the motivation to kill the poachers, but what about the stabbings? And why start now? He could be having some kind of temporary psychotic break.
I mean, he's organized and controlled during the day and then chaotic at night.
JJ: Plus, he's mission-oriented when he kills the hunters, so you would think he would feel satisfied afterwards, but no, he becomes destabilized.
What if it's the killing that's destabilizing him and locking something worse inside of him? Dr.
Jekyll turns into Mr.
Hyde when the sun goes down.
Let me guess.
You're here checking out your boy Reid, shaking me down to make sure he's ok.
No, I'm here for you, Calvin.
Oh, we're using first names now.
Don't think you know me that well.
I know you very well.
You're revered by some at the Bureau, and abhorrent to others.
That's a big word for a mouth-breather like you.
'Cause, let's face it, compared to Dr.
Reid and the reputation of the rest of your team, you're slow, aren't you? I studied you.
When I was with the fugitive taskforce, you were exhibit A in the class on indicators of guilt, something you examine after a suspect flees.
I didn't flee.
I turned myself in.
Because your C.
for the Russian mob was going to expose some other deep cover agents on the case.
So you killed her, and then later you turned yourself in a whole year after you had killed her.
I mean, it's You had gotten away with it.
What made you grow a heart? I got a theory.
You want to hear it? No.
You got somewhere to be? [Laughs.]
I just don't have to listen to this.
That's your right.
You know, maybe I'll share it with your son.
Your son.
Your wife gave birth 6 months after you killed Elena.
I don't know.
I'm just wondering if that had something to do with it.
Only that I wanted to raise him with a clean conscience.
Clean conscience.
What? Yeah.
Well, go with me here, ok? Elena, your C.
, she was putting our guys in danger, right? I could have killed her, too, with a clean conscience.
But that's that's when my slow mind helped me out.
Because I realized I didn't have a complete theory.
So I had to do a little digging, and I dug into her autopsy.
They found a large quantity of HCG.
That's a hormone that women produce when they're pregnant.
She wasn't pregnant.
Well, we'll never really know, because one of the rounds during the struggle, it went right through the uterus.
Our guys weren't in danger.
That was never it.
You got her pregnant.
And you weren't gonna let her ruin your marriage or your career, so you did what you felt you had to do.
Then your wife gave birth.
And you looked into your newborn child's eyes, and That's when your mind started playing tricks on you.
And you couldn't hack the guilt you were carrying, so you turned yourself in.
How am I doing? That's quite a theory.
Let's talk about reality.
Reid will not get hurt in here again, ever.
If he does, I'll make you suffer.
I'm already in prison, dude.
There ain't nothin' else you can take from me.
That's not true.
You're very comfortable in here.
I can take away a lot.
I could take away your son.
Guard! [Beep.]
[Door opens and closes.]
Uhh! [Suspenseful music playing.]
Uhh! Please tell me you locked the front door.
Come on.
It's not even that bad.
You know I hate horror movies.
Look, how about we watch it for 10 minutes and if you still don't like it, we'll watch something else.
[Grunting, screaming on TV.]
[Knock on door.]
Think the pizza's here already? Good.
I'll grab my purse.
And don't hit pause.
This counts towards the 10 minutes.
Hey, babe, I can't find my card.
Do you have cash? Uhh! Ow! [Screaming.]
Back door was open again.
Maybe he tried to sneak out.
Well, the victims' names are Jon Kreutzmann and Lyn Anastasio.
This is the first time he's attacked a couple.
Yeah, one stab to each victim straight to the heart.
Well, bloody footprints from broken glass, but neither victim was barefoot.
That means the unsub must have been.
What kind of killer doesn't wear socks or shoes? One who's going through a temporary psychotic break.
Lewis: He went after the girlfriend, he tore his foot up on the glass and he didn't even slow down.
And even if he was psychotic, you would expect him to react limp, something.
JJ: Ok, if it's not psychosis, what else would explain it? Our theory's off.
So we've got an unsub who kills during the night and during the day.
He hasn't taken a break since we've landed.
Then what condition does fit this? One that mimics psychosis but isn't, that allows him to ignore pain, that offers a temporary break from reality at night and return to control during the day.
An altered state.
We need to deliver the profile.
A sleepwalking serial killer? Is that even possible? Actually, yes.
In addition to sleep eating and sleep sex, there are over 70 documented cases of sleep murder.
Based on the unsub's injuries at last night's crime scene, he would be in immense pain.
But he didn't stop.
So he would only be able to ignore that pain if he suffered from such conditions as neuropathy or sleepwalking.
Rossi: And he still has great aim, so we can rule out neuropathy of the limbs.
And that leaves somnambulism, sleepwalking.
But additional contributing factors like depression, addiction, or OCD could keep his brain from reaching full REM sleep.
He will wake up more tired than he went to bed.
Lewis: Psychologically, that explains why he's killing at night.
He's looking for some kind of a release when he kills while he's awake that he's not getting.
And his subconscious won't let him off the hook.
Rossi: That's why these home invasion murders have been so messy and chaotic.
All of the control he uses to tamp down his rage when he's awake turns off once he falls asleep.
So how do we find him? We start by compiling a list of people with hunting licenses, and we will cross-check those with sleep disorders or common co-occurring psychological conditions like anxiety, OCD, and depression.
Have your troopers patrol for wandering suspects who looked dazed and may be limping.
This condition, mixed with his psychopathology tells us he will almost certainly strike again tonight.
Thank you all.
[Indistinct order.]
They told me what they want.
Frazier's got his personal supply coming through here and wants me to ensure its safe delivery.
How? Didn't say.
I I do this, then what are they gonna make me do? Then don't.
Tell them no.
Screw that.
Man, we gotta get into protective custody or something.
You can't take a break yet.
Thank you.
How you doing? I just got off the phone with Luke.
He's on his way up from D.
Good to hear.
But how are you doing? Luke and Fiona are working to ensure Reid's safety in prison so he can make it to trial.
But Stephen, what if he's found guilty? You remember that case we worked together in Auvergne? Yeah.
Yeah, that was a tough case.
Well, I thought when we took that one to trial, we were going to lose, but you told me to let the system work, and you were right.
So that's what we have to do now Let the system work.
Wait a minute.
That guy was guilty.
Right now we don't want the system to work.
I was hoping you wouldn't remember that.
That's why I don't give pep talks.
[Pounding on door.]
Uhh! [Rifle fires.]
Get out of here! [Cartridge shell clatters.]
[Glass shatters.]
[Screen door bangs.]
Damn it.
Alvez: Can you describe him? Young guy, maybe in his 20s.
He was wearing pajamas.
How did he act? Uh, I don't know.
Catatonic, maybe? Yeah, you could say that.
You know? But after I shot at the guy, he snapped out of it.
He looked confused at first and then took off running.
Then you say he ran through the house and out the back door? Yeah.
Guess he knew not to bring a knife to a gunfight.
Thank you for your time.
He dropped it on the way out.
Found it in the backyard.
How did he know the back door was there to begin with? He must have been here before.
You think he sleepwalked here before? No.
No, he came here awake.
I know what we've been missing this whole time.
You ever wonder how sleepwalkers are able to avoid crashing into walls or walking into ditches? It's because they have this location recognition.
It's a form of spatial awareness.
It's actually more than that.
It allows them to retrace their steps back to the places they've been.
So if they've been somewhere when they're awake, their subconscious will remember it while they're asleep.
Yeah, sleepwalkers have even been known to drive back to locations they're familiar with.
The unsub's been so careful to hide his kills in the woods, but when he woke up at Paul's house The unsub realized he'd been killing people he deemed innocent.
So he feels justified about his kills in the woods, but horrified by the others.
He'll do everything he can to stay awake.
We can't trust he'll succeed, and when he falls asleep, he'll start hunting again.
Boy, you better open up this door now.
Boy, open up this door.
TV: This exhibition will wrap up its 50th annual event this weekend downtown.
The search continues for a killer terrorizing the city of Burlington.
The community is on edge since state police confirmed that one man has been attacking both day and night.
Citizens need to be vigilant, as this man is armed and dangerous.
Due to the recent storm [Continues indistinctly.]
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What did I do? What did I do? I don't I don't understand.
How could you be so stupid, stupid, huh?! [Speed dial beeps twice.]
[Line rings.]
Woman: Dr.
Paige's office.
Can I help you? Hi.
Yes, uh, is Dr.
Paige available? Are you her patient? Yes, I'm a patient of hers.
She's not available.
You're not understanding me.
I need I need to speak to her today.
Is this an emergency? This is an emergency! Please, sir, calm down.
Calm down?! No, I won't calm down! Put her on the phone! [Line disconnects.]
Hello? Hello! Hello! Die! Die! Die! What are you doing? [Sobbing.]
I gotta protect them.
[Indistinct chatter.]
Good news, bad news.
Good news is I got your case moved to Alexandria federal court.
The rocket docket? Exactly.
They don't mess around.
We might be able to get you before a jury as early as next month.
What's the bad news? I can't get you into protective custody.
Something's blocking the transfer.
The BOP has absolute authority over where an inmate in their custody is being housed, and anything I recommend is simply that, a recommendation.
But Luke called me on my way here, and he told me that you should talk to your friend Shaw, the other FBI agent in here.
He says to stick close to him.
Wait, Luke told you that? Yeah.
He was here? Yes.
The home invasions are based on locations.
Those victims could have been anyone.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Lewis: The unsub's got to be linked to these locations somehow.
All of the houses are on the south side of the city.
South side could mean high crime area.
Sergeant, what are the crime statistics south of Flynn Street? Relatively low.
It's moved north, actually.
That whole side of town's been gentrified.
So what happened in those houses before then? - [Telephone rings.]
- My people.
I'm so glad you called.
I am compiling a list of patients with sleep disorders.
Garcia, new deal.
We need a full history on all of the houses the unsub struck.
Previous owners, arrest records, everything you can find to connect these 5 houses.
That is a new deal, and as fast as a caffeinated cheetah riding a lightning bolt, I am on it.
Hey, can I talk to you? We're in the middle of something here.
You just resigned.
Get lost.
Did you talk to Luke Alvez? Yeah.
When? What did you guys talk about? Your safety.
You didn't notice your new best friends are off your ass and you didn't have to exchange sexual favors to do it.
You're welcome.
And I'm grateful for that, but here's the problem There's no problem.
You're welcome.
Luis is still in trouble.
I mean, especially now that they can't compromise me, they want him.
Man, are you serious? Yes.
The deal is I save your ass.
That's enough charity.
All right, I'm gonna go to the guards and I'm gonna give my cell to Luis.
Since they can't touch me, I can help keep him safe.
Look Interesting.
What have you got, Garcia? Ok, my fearless, furry friends, we all know that these houses are small, single-bedroom bungalows in up-and-coming parts of town.
And they're really cute houses, if I do say so myself.
After some further spelunking, it turns out that up until about 10 years ago, all of the residences were either drug dens or houses of prostitution.
Anyone have multiple arrests at those locations? Cross-check arrests for possession, solicitation with the list of known poachers in the area.
Now we are cooking our vegetables with gas.
I have 3 men.
Jim Ernesto Oh, he is wheelchair bound due to a car accident.
Samuel Gordon.
He died of a heart attack 6 weeks ago.
And Tom Pollack, who moved to California last year with his new wife.
Our only surviving victim said the unsub looked like he was in his 20s.
Well, that complicates things, 'cause all these men are in their 50s and 60s.
Wait a minute.
When did you say Samuel Gordon died? 6 weeks ago.
That fits our unsub's timeline.
Tell us more about him.
Ok, let me see.
63-year-old Samuel Gordon, poacher extraordinaire.
A history of drug use.
Picked up multiple times for solicitation.
His wife died.
He raised their only son Trey on his own.
His son trey takes a fruity cocktail of heavy medications for anxiety, OCD, and borderline personality disorder.
Those are all preconditions for sleepwalking.
This must be the unsub.
His father's death could explain why he started killing now.
Oh, poor kid.
It looks like during a police raid of a brothel, then 8-year-old Trey was found in a bedroom with a naked prostitute, and his dad was, um, busy, in another room.
That's a big stressor.
So when Trey's dad died, he went after any poacher that reminded him of the guy.
That must have not been enough, right? And while he slept, his mind pulled him back to those houses he used to go to.
Ok, I'm sending you Trey's address.
It's on your tablets.
The house where he was molested, has he killed there yet? That would be a no.
Ok, send us that address.
He may be headed there now.
122 Leon Street.
It looks like Janis Weir signed a lease on the place a week ago.
[Knock on door.]
Just a minute.
[Cell phone rings.]
Hello? Janis Weir? Uh, yes.
This is Emily Prentiss.
I'm with the FBI.
I need you to listen very carefully.
Someone may come to your door or try to get in.
Someone's knocking now.
Janis, do not open the door.
Do you understand me? Yes, I [Screaming.]
Janis? Janis?! He's inside! He's inside! Get out of the house.
He's blocking the exit! Ok, hide.
Lock yourself into a room.
We're on our way.
I'm in the bathroom.
Please hurry.
We're almost there, I promise.
Please hurry.
Please help me.
[Cocking weapons.]
Walker: One way or another, this is gonna stop him.
[Screaming, sobbing.]
FBI! Drop the knife! Still sleeping.
Trey? Here.
I'm here.
You know where you are? This is where I was This is not what I I I did it again.
This was not supposed to happen.
Please, I need help.
Can you help me? We're gonna try.
Trey Gordon, you're under arrest for the murder of 8 people.
8? You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law Lewis: “How blessed are some people, “whose lives have no fears, no dreads, “to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly and brings nothing but sweet dreams.
” Bram Stoker.
It's you.
How was Vermont? Vermont was, uh, was great.
I found, uh, this.
[Toy squeaks.]
For your desk.
And for those future stressful days.
- [Squeaking.]
- Ha ha.
I don't I don't I have this one.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
How are you doing? Uh, good.
Yeah, I just want to say, if I ever do become the someone you want to go to when you're crying, uh, I'm here.
Just, I figured, you know, after the time we chased down the unsub, and now with you opening up to me about your concerns regarding Reid, that, uh Well, maybe there was just a slight chink in your fluffy armor.
It was luck.
It was timing.
I cry all the time.
I'm a very sensitive person.
I am glad you're here, ok? But I am never going to stop giving you crap, Luke.
Hmm? You know, that's the first time Shut it.
You didn't call me by Let's be in the moment.
Stop! Stop! Nah, nah, no more orders from you, little man.
Maybe we can't get to you, but we can get to your friend.
Let him go! So here's lesson number one.
I know Shaw got your back, but I'm in charge.
In two weeks, my shipment's coming through, and you're gonna make sure it gets to me safely.
Is that clear? Delgado: Spencer Is that clear? Yes, it's clear, it's clear.
Lesson number two Never, ever, mess with a man's stash on the inside.
When you do [Delgado gasps.]
People get hurt.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's ok.
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
Guard! [Gasping.]
Help! Help!